Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1941 · Page 7
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1941
Page 7
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I Friday October 17, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERUNG. ILLINOIS Seven Finding Jobs for Discharged Men Proving Hard Tisk Employment Boards Are Being Set Up x In Every Draft Board Whllr Til-.vims rirnft rvfTiriaK snvr j nf rp!».--rn aifT.tinn 'oriav to thf ra.'k of flr>rj:r>2 rr liian !oH< for of .-o'ri'.T'- "-non to be from trnmintr ramp* iirtrtrr th<> ••hardship' rrtnlntlon and 28-yrpir- old "ftrr.fiidmfnt the Rirrlina .vlrr- tivr .tcrvirr boim! is without nn.rm- plovrrifi-- rhftlrmar. Gommnndrr O^rc' 1 Fnc^l of Sterling p<vt. AIIIT- irfin Ix-stion who w- appointed, hflvint tlrrlmrfl to qualify EmplovtnmT rommiitCFs of onr or more prr.von for wli of thr 3fil lorsl draft board* in thr Mato havp hern appoints! h> Pnnl O. Ann- mone. director of .-.plertivr srrvu-r ArmMmne. in a .MatPinem appealed to employers to ns.«.Ut the di.vhurRed drafters in re.MimlnK their former rl- vllinn employment. "The selective service system itself hn-« taken the primary re«pon- isihiliiv in this re.*i»ert." ArmAUoiiK'?. utaU-ment **ld. "Earn one of the 361 local boards in Illinois now has worklmr with it « wmploymfnt commit teftnan whow function U to a*sbt yotina men returning from the wnlc* to reMimr former employ- mpnt or find new iota. -WP consider it thr patriotic duty, however, of every citiren to aid in thts most Important endeavor." The state draft headquarters reported several thousand Illinois men irould be released from duty before the end of the year tinder the war department decision to return to civilian Hfe mm whose military **r- vice involved unusual financial hardship, or hardship for other non-military reasons. Men over 28 al*o are belnpc dtechanjed. with priority beinu given on the basis of »(?e, dependent* and related factors. Silver Wedding of Cowplt Observed ot Garden Plain Hall j Miss Grace Decker 'AndE.R. McCoy Wed 'Aug. 19 in Missouri rvensrn Mr- McCoy honored at ] Mrs. B"rt Wif bents. nv-rouaneoiJs Former Minister in the 1 Netherlands Tells of Invasion by Germans 7'hf larer rr.nin auditorium of the Mormon Eb?nr7er Reformed rh'trrh -< f>5 filled with person^ Thtirrtay ^venine to hear the talk hv Or John Vnn I onkhiiyreii. who recently re- •>;rr,pri to this rountrv with his fam- i.v afrrr RoinK throiiRh the German •.mn.Mon of the Netherlands ; It her! previously been planned to hold thr meeting at the Christian Reformed rhurch. but was rhsneed to the iRTRer church to seat the an- rripflted attendance The Rev. M. H Faber. pastor of the Christian Re- formrd church, presided at the meet me and introdured the speaker. He explained that the speaker was an American citizen, out hod preached in the Netherlands for 25 years and left berniiw of the possibility his cimenMiip minht cause trouble for his family in case of trouble be• tween this country and Germany. Dr. Van txmkhuyzen told of the lone trip necessary to leave the Mr. f*nd Mrt. Henry Klo^'T erf near En* 1 were honored if » *ur- prl.<-e part-, sr -he Garden Plain :r-c>.' nisht In hcmnr •a'-rinmc anniversary. *« < i ninird ivith B^rr,'"; •-::• g *n Henrietta V'n- Kr:ir- Klonstrr. who r r:;r r < : to the honoree. gv ' the present a' ion ple was precept- town hall T'; of their 2.V The evenlr.g i with h"nor< rma and M: pre'.pnfd th- Mino Kooi <peech and th' r.i ed with r» fah> '.tmn. Hrnr> Kir^'"'* 1 : and Katie Venema th» The mnninge o! Or.i' T. H McCm. hoih whieh rook pia^e r> Methodist rV.'irri: ,T I on Aucurt IP Af!': 'h ro'inie took a. tr;;> thto H iij- Mrs MrCo- h'.« » 'he Morrison ro;i-n.', •,h» lorsl schools *'.:<'. nine vesr.'- hfs h^r;; s ioral cafe. Mr M- c>r Mrs. C V. MeCc Inn dn<i hs 1 - rrMric for the past 10 \car.« • home at 205 Lincoln-' the\ ha\e furnished n-'krr He Netherlands. throMRh France. Spain and sftiline from Portugal He sair! that his fumsij" was allowed tf> t-ake *-Hh them onlv That th<*y coiiM carry in * suitcase. The .npf.«)r»r told of the German invasion, thr homblnc and bumms of cities, the flood ma of \\r- !<rv- !ands and the ruthl's.* slaugh-er "f soldier* snri ci*:r»ns Kc told ho-r the 'fifth rolMinn:*ts' crippled rrrirh defense w-orfc and that the Dutch armr harbored manv of th^in. He alvo told how rrar.v of t'heir. were haneed dro*-n-d and killed Mr.ce ^r" married Or- 17. 1916. h th- invasion Rpx M F K^'T. paMor nf the He stated tha: »t prcvnt th" pen- First Reformed church of Fulton at pd ln , nr j nM iran< c h pie of the Netherlands are not he- 'he home nf •;-.«> bride's mother. The couple left. Thui.«riav on a tr;p C ine grossly mistreated hn the in- Mrs. Gertrud' VrnTna. The couple to the Great Smokv mo:jntairji ::; :: vftriers. instead they »re trvmc to «rc the t>arrv.'« of twin daiiRhtrrs. Kentucky and Tenr.rv.rr and upon ': win their coope'mtlon through ' Dori.-. Geriniri' and Gertrudr Doris. ' t hfir rp! ,, rn vl || rc.Mric in the;: ? friendship, and soldiers violating the Those wh« a'-rnried the eath- reRiilfttions ure severely punched hy eririe *-ere Mr« .'t'nnie Klooster and their officers family. Mr. and Mrs John Venema The Germans have tAken h'lee and family. Mr anrl Mrs. Georice .1. quantities of food out of the coun- Venema and famih. Mr. and Mrs. tn. btit ration cards have N-en is- Mino Kooi and family. Mr. and Mrs sued and each person is allowed lust .Tolin Essin?- ;r and son. Mr. and enonRh for them to live on and no Mrs. Georse B'jikcma and daughter, more. : Mr. and Mrs. George D. Venema The .speaker had a number of reels stiri son. all o' Fiilton: Mr. and Mrs. of motion pictures taken of the in- Cornell Wllkins and family. Mr. and vasion of a number of countries, of j Mrs. Lewis Van Zuiden. Mr. and battle*, gun*. uhlpB. and planes in j Mrs. John Wijkins. Mr. and Mrs. .)»- Home Adviser from State at Meeting and M Mrs onr «» n rr' % ^c n norni^ r . ' r'pt c.'ent ed : r-d'. I'-ory cotin- ( .;.. r . r ; nr j n ([..,. :; the count'. 1 -.'-. fir.nK't and ~X'r\r ^{l^. Arr^ H R Pfund- ! H C; Abbott F.^.n, Morri-on; i Mrv Fnoj Mrs '{ aw- ! Alex M( - I Farl Mar- | Fred nf I,yn- : r Mrs R nv Smaltr ar.d .^^r^ Lo;. - ] Citr:!-fi!i of the MCUII* Pleasant' "*\ uiii*. Mr* Far! Young and •~* LT T;^n:np-^n "' the tri-uni': .' F. H. AirUr; o Tt'T Aci: r :i ,Td T. cf I'ju'-ri Gv.'>' 1 <-\ r -r\\ and M:< *;•: of t's'iek; Mr<n:.d Mrs, H. B. Lynn »nd Mrs. Y«ser nf rTcyDhrtttown: Mr*. R. C Martin and Mrs. Harry Wftde nf SteTittie: Mr«. N:m G<y?ney and Mrs Kftro'd Plautj; of Tsmpico: Mr«* Brmsrd I>rf '-'.». Mrs. John B ?ts-.-iffer ar.d Mrs Claire" Schutt of The Rirer Homemakers. Mrj Frank S Mr* ,T»eob Potts a.nd Mr' Dir'? of South Mor.tTrrrertcy. Mr- H G Abbo-'. count y ch?>ir- rrsr. pre-id'-d \<Ir* Frrd Btermnn ^?s in c'narse of r-ineiriR and rrr- resti-r and Mrs Frsnk Plmpsori repnrfd on ;}i.e mfmivr^'au' 1 wnrk. Hri^n Th"ma-- h^nr- ad-, r^r Tnaric a few remarks on atti'Md^s rm or- c.nniy.ation work and ;r.trr>duccd Mrs. Therm of Ror'nford. 'ho ^poke hrlefir. Change in Funeral A chance has b*»r n rr^-ie m the funfrai ffr\ ices for the late Dewey D:- kJ'rs and the tinier ";11 b^ held a' 2.15 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Ebenejor Reformed church of 7.10 as had b^fn pre- ioui- at th* at 13 30 o"c}ncfc srsd a vJrf »t <h» 8 ' M rhTsrrh »!. I p. m b?fcr? e to th s Mfrrirnn ch'trch. Pastor Receives Call To Cincinnati, Ohio H Reformed a rs!! to r»«co?ri* church. h?<- revi pa<te>r rf *!"- ch-irch "f Ci'-'-iTTi^M. O He «y] b» eivn tl-.ree r<-«-rics m which to ar.- cent or retrc! the offer A short tim» atro he declined an <~'fer to gn to Grand Rapid' Mirh lanned Ther«- w>:! a .'•hnrt G. WALTKR ZKRR Lawyer Orer Court-»o-C«a*t St«T« PHONE 223 MORRISON Pick Chairmen for Homecoming Dance At Sterling High Confessions Signed By Two Chicago Boys < Who Stole Automobile k ; Two_boj-i. _Donald Edward Brieske ~", indT Edward Anthony Swartz. both of Chicago, who 'were arrested here «arly Thursday morning in pofise.*;- alon of a Mercury car owned by John ' W. Boinskt of Milwaukee, signed con| fessions Tue.«sday. Thry are cUll confined in the city Jail. Chief Curtis G. Bucher notified the Milwa\»kee police and they wired ' him lat« Thursday that the case had been turned WWJT to the F. B. I. It k ' is expected that »ome one from that f organ l*«t ion will arrive today to Uke the boys back to Milwaukee for a heating. 1 Jean Hoffman and Bud Burketi have been chosen as co-chairmen to head this year's edition of Sterling ' Township hiRh whool 1 annual homecoming dnnce scheduled for Oct. 25. This affair, which Is jointly sponsored by the Girls' Athletic »s- jsociation and the "S" flub of the 1 high school, is open to both present students and alumni as well. ' Other RenernI committees for the ! dance which have been named arc as follows: Publicity. Paul Herbann. chairman: Janet, Cassens. Paul Weyrauch and Helen Walker; Iloor show. Neil Puckett, chairman. Betty Fadden. Helen Becker. Charles Miller; decorations, Janet Swartley. chairman, Betty Darnell. Orville Hunsberger, Wayne Friederichs. Dean Dahlgren, Helen Glfason: refreshments, Darda Lubben. chairman. Jean Davis. Bill Adams. Ed Radke; tickets. Bill Benson, chairman. Marjorie Lange, Dan Troye. Norma. WeHter. — -—-! action and these w*re shown by j C0 b Venema r.nd family, and M«r- | Perry Buikema after Uir talk. The. J jorip Houwnca. nil of Garden j closing prayer ww s«id by JRke,pi B | n: M r . an d Mrs. Charles Gwrts I Doorenboa. an d family of Round Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Siert Drolema and family and Henrietta Venema. nil of Morrison. Thimble Club Ladies The Round Grove Thimble club met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Westendorf with 18 members nnd three, guests. Mrs. Jay Bristle, Irles Westendorf and Marjorie M«- thcw present Janet Mathews had Will Yorger Becomes New Scoutmaster of Troop 91 Boy Scouts * Will Yarxer. civil engineer with the Erie CCC camp, and a Morrison resident, has accepted the position of scout leader of Morrison Troop'charge of the entertainment at 91. left vacant by the retirement of Jack Wylder. when he moved to Villa Park. . According to the announcement of the scout committee composed of Dr. J. A. Marshall, Dr H. J. Rendall. A. W. Collins. Supt. E. H. Mellon which honor? were won by Mrs. John Ewers and Mrs. Allan P. Mathew. Undergoes Operation In Decotur Hospital Stuart Baker of Sterling who entered the 8t. Mary's hoiplUl in De- eatur last Tuesday, underwent an operation for appendiciU* Tuesday. Mr. Baker is salesman in this district for a taking company. Mr. and 'Mrs. Baker went to Decatur last Saturday for • vUit with his mother. Mrs. Etta Baker. When he is discharged from the hospital he will spend several weeks at the home of his mother, recuperating from the fflects of the operation. It probably will be six weeks before he will return here to resume his work. Delightful Evening For Elks and Ladies ! Elks and their ladies gathered at the club Thursday evening for another delightful picnic supper-card party. Mrs. P. J. Peters and Maurice Wingate were the winners with high scores and Mrs. D. P. Boydston and J. K. Galloway with second high •cores. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bickford. chairmen, were assisted on the committee by Mr. and Mrs. George Oer- des. Mr. and Mn. R. W. Bease, Mr. and Mr*. Maurice Wingate. Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Dunnebeck. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Wlnn. Mr and Mrs. P. J. Peten and J. K. Galloway Goes to Fon du Lac, Wis. ),. Oswald J. Horn, motor car re- pairer for the Chicago and North —Wt*t«rri railway."Jeft today lor hUt ' new hone in Pon du Lac.* Wis, where : be Join* Thomas F. Conlon for his ' duties there. Mr. Horn came to k ' Sterling three years ago from Chad- r ron, Nebr. and made many friends • here. Local employes of the road ' bad* him godspeed. H«rori«g$ Oct. 28 |! Judge H. J. Ludens in Whiteside ' • county, court-/Friday morning, set - October 31 for the hearing* of objec- , taona to Uuwe. The hearing wilt be I OBSBaini*e*d »t !• a, n. ; ~~ Genesee Unit Meets Mrs. LcRoy Woessncr was hostess and F. H. Shuman. regular troop j to the Genesee unit of the Whlte- ' side Home Bureau at her home Friday afternoon. Mrs. Herman Pilgrim had charge of the study on "All in a Nurse's Day." Hoy Fever Sufferer Home from Michigan Mrs. Fred R. Stoddard aSid daughter. Mrs. Guy Coats, are home from Eagle River, Mich., where Mrs. Stoddard is forced to go annually for relief of her hay fever. They have been spending the past two months there. On the way home they stopped at Friendship. Wis., where they spent a week, having discovered that conditions here were not the best as yet for hay fever sufferers. . . This is-Mr*.8toddard'» third year at Eagle River, which is the only spot where she can find relief. The Great Barrier Reef is. a chain of coral formation along the northeastern coast of Australia. INSURANCE to 41 (to •II FOR ELEGANCE Two enormous loopr emphufcw UM ahouldcr line of thit flntly detailed wool coat with slim hipped silhouette. Choice vroup of Fur-Trimmed COAU . . . Aak to aee our Sport. Tailored and Reverdble Coats, with Zip-Uu. f1.N •* $ 16 .95 NEWtUT FALL COLOBS! New Fall Drenses-Just IB! A truly marvelous telectton F»U Dre&Ms has jvut arrived in Woolejw and Silks. You must •** them. TAKC ADVANTAGE OF OUB CONVENOCNT LAY-AWAY ItAN! •Mart OMtfiftM*. Grew Pullover*. W OuUwtn fH toaoUfully. n*« 14 to 40. BEGULA1 HM VALVEg $1.00 AMESZSHOP W. T«IMI> STB1IT week meetings will begin next Monday evening hi the basement of the Presbyterian church. The leaders of the three scout patrols are Robert Collins. Willard Bradley and Donald Shuman. In addition to Troop 91 Morrison also has a cub pack with Rev. J. 5. Chapman serving as cubmaster. The cub committee is composed of Irvin Whistler. Anthony Burman. Claire Meakins. Cornelius Akker and Walter Huff. Individuals who will sen-* as captains of the various teams for the finance drive are Mrs. C. L. Austin. Mrs. M. B. Potter, Wilma Lucas. Mrs. Edward Bent. Mrs. H. J. Rendall.. F. H. Shuman. Dr. H. J. Rtndall. Albert Collins and E. H. Mellon. • The Morrison scout committee, Scout Leader Will Yarger and Roy Willard. county scout field executive. met at the Shuman home Thursday evening and outlined plans for scouting activities in Morrison during the coming months. Ladies' Aid Meets Mrs. Harry Nelson was hostess to the Ladles' Aid society at her home in Round Orove Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Paul ICier presiding. The members made plans for the dinner which they will serve to the pastors of the Rock Island district at the meeting to be held .here on October 17. The Rev. Harry- Johnson .had charge of a Bible study at the meeting. New Arrival Born, ft daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Housenga of Thomson at their home on October 14. Ecoaoavy Store n W. THIBD ST.. 8TEKUNC FELT HATS Variety «f Lalmt ptflorvn. m an4 tatton •tylea, •NDICOTT- JOHTN80N $1.69 5c Tobocco, 2 for 5c Jadkrit leath- , knit e«Uan r«ffs. W ^^^^wi^^^v Dms SWrts Varitiy «T pat- m^ A\ wMtea. QUALITY MEBCHANDI8B —LOWEST w MM^P ^Wfc^b^% ^P v^M^VMNP SPECIALS! Blankets VihM. U $5.50 A wonderful selection *at truly bargain prices. Pai*t wool, single and double blanket*, full size. W$ : urge you to buy them now. • llliEIS OF JACKETS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY ! Men's, Women's and Children's Jackets in Wool, Part Wool, Corduroy, Suede and Leather. Sizes from 2 to 52. We believe this value is unequalled, anywhere. Buy .now! if f euu sww SNTS I14.W S«lls far MM awtto lawa*. AH Mai a*4 Chatee aatan aw $1-69 tf $7-95 WCAB1NO AM»ABU, MMI THC KNTUUE FAMILY AT U>WUT MUOHI worn MIUW ABOUND. iAltAIMCEMTEB Sterling's Qreatest Assortment of Smart Topcoats Now is the time to select that topcoat while the selection is so complete. These rich tan and brown shades so plentiful in our stock today, we cannot replace regardless of cost. Here are all-wool topcoats suitable for year round wear, in the popular covert shades, firm elastique fabrics, popular fleecy fabrics, in all the best shades. STUDENT SIZES tf eit'i and Young Me*» Size* 19.95 22.50 19.9525.0030.00 1 Emerson Hats Off with the oM, on with tfc« now. Em«fwMi Mt k«H of count. Soloct from ovr intotostiiif slock, band trtotmtntt, new brim stylos* now sfcopsi moks thtst Hots ontstonsliiii volwos ot 4.00 SULLIVAN'S

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