The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 20
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 20
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THE D E C A T U R R E V I E W *" Sunday Morning, Tone 28,1914. HOUSEHOLD GOODS CON.) FOB RUNT. HOU1B9--(CM.) (HELP WASTED--FBSIALE--OON.) y^*, IflfJl! » ar OKI Ullwis il ©ir Auto 11! If Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review Be per Jlne for first insertion. 2c per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. »0o SOc - £40 Minimum charge 20 cent*. S lines 3 times 3 lines 3 times , 4 lines 3 times » · a lines 7 times .....,,»·« 3 lines 7 times................ 4 lines 7 timee V! lines 30 times.,.,....,......! 8 lines ii" times 4 iiiius yO times. .......·*······ No advertisement accept** for leM t h n n two lines. Count »lx ordinary w ords to each line. Miscontinuance of advertising must bo In v. ruing. It will not be accepted by phone. This protect* your Inleresls as well U ours. If You Can't Bring or Send Your; Want Ad Phone. BeH Ante WANTED--Women or girl" to do light work in .pare time In exchange for piano lej- «ons. Call Clara Allison Mellon. 16S1 North Main. Bell 3397. T210 FOR BENT--Five room modern «ottag»:no children. Call 161 B. Center. Auto 4604. TZSO WANTED--Girt for general home work, 208 W. William. 7144 WANTED--Experienced trimmer at once and for fall. Hltchcook'i. 7M2 MISCELLAHEOXIS WAKTS. WANTED--Dressmaking; work; fane?. Bell 5427. plain or WANTED--All kind* of aewlng. Call Miss Grisson after 6 p. m. Bell 4041. 7311 WANTED--Everybody to know that Geo. W. Davidson, the pioneer piano and B*wlng machine man, ha« moved to 21 N. Main. second floor. 7271 WANTED--Boarding horses at 215 W. Wooi Reasonable charge... Best * care and feed Coort«ouB operators thoroughly with rate*, rule» and cl»i la- a»ill«.r with rate*, rule» ana ci»«i- jBc«tlona, will give you complete m- fcrmatlon. And, If you wish, they will aavlst you In wording your want ,«STto maii It most effective. Ada accepted br telephone to ·*- ·canmodate you If your nxme i* In the Mlephone directory. Home Has Use Review Want Ada Delivered and called BeU 307. JLuto 1807. for. Clint Bromley, 7288 WANTED--Btda for painting and kal«omin- IDK The Board of Education will receive bids for the painting and kalsomlnlng of various' school houiea up to and Including Julv 6th. 1814. Key. and speclflaMoM wll be found at the general office of the High School, whire further Information may be obtained. 7192 WANTED--Plain aewlng to So at hoioe, 1431 N. Water. Auto 4138. 7104 WANTED -- Your painting, paper hanging ana decorating; Hrst clos. work guaranteed. Condou Bros., Ben 268*. 837 K. WANTED--All farmer! to know they have dead stock removed free of charge Notifr William Price. 984 N. Monroe. Bel phone 2474; Auto, 3024. ° 18 ' WAFTED TO JtEWS. B BENT--July Tth. E room houML Wl «ad cistern; outbuilding!; Wt N. aullc Avo." $10. Reference* Call Old phone «6i ·OR RBNT--Modern hou« »t MS W. 1 art Inqulr. at 464 H. Water. a s FOB BUNT--Fir. room house, ISM North Church- modem eioept heat. Apply Jim Hen.7n.ys. Water. Bell 28Z4; Auto 19ML FOR KENT--One 4 room hoos. east end.110, and. 11 room house at 353 W. William. Inquire Johnson Dlmock, 7 FOR RENT--Seven room hotwe, 1898 Morgan; water, gas. toilet, electric llghta, cement basement Alien Jones, 113 Old rhone. 7156 See Chance for Bargains. REAL ESTATE. WANTED--To trade for auto. nation keyboard and electric piano playing 10, 15 and 20 tune rolls. Address F-ZWi, Review. top and slightly used household goods. Boll desks and sectional book-cases; new used trunks; platform scales; hay carrier; Remington pump guns; douhle barrel IZ and 1(1 gauge; all kinds of goods stored and repaired. 148 N. Franklin SL. S. E. corner Central park. 6411 FOR RENT--Strictly modern S room aTM»e. 828 BT'Cantrell. Auto phone 5979. 7100 FOR RBNT OS BAUD--New modere I room cottage, 861 B. Lawrence; one block from «r line. TO * 9 TOB BENT-FLATS. FOR RENT--Through. Jnly and August fine furnished flat, to party without children. 4O4 W. Eldorado, Bell 8*78. 7280 FOR RENT--Seven room flat; modem, with city heat and electric light; vacuum cleaner and janitor service. Apply Dr.. Brown 4 Jack. 13»IS« W. Prairie. 6528 FOE BENT-ROOMS. FOR RENT--Furnished or nnfurnlshed room In modern flat 132 W. Prairie, upper flat. 7 FOR RBNT--S furnished room, for eleep- Ing; ground floor. 97 B. William. 7318 Eeal Bargains. If you are looking for real bargain. In new or slightly used furniture, we have them. Call and be convinced that we can save you money. Satisfaction guaranteed. D. C. Holt Furniture Co., Bell 2778. 152 E. Main St. Auto S01T 1337 WANTED--To trade for a small store business. Addres. F-778, Review. CHAMPAIGN CO. LAND FOR MDSE. 1451--This 40 acre farm is located V, mile from station, 4 mile, from Champaign, % mile from school Black loam sol with clay subsoil; level surface, tile drained. Fine BUOBOll; l e v e l · *..~ -- - -- --- -- - piece of, land, all In crop, which Is looking fine. All fenced but no Improvements In corn belt of Illinois -Price J10.400. subject corn to *5,500 Owner . . consider merchandise C. A. BUEKS. 328-3S4-325 Citizens Bank Building. BICYCLES AKJ APIOS. Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level, black, well tiled Macon Copland, or will trade on SO and pay dlf- "Lotl'nd will furnish money to build hou.e 640 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or will 30 acres ready to plat In lot.. Frank Godwin, 118 Merchant St. TS07 FOR SALE--A good couch; pracltcally new 580 E. Olive. 7167 FOR SALE--Household gooda, 608 B. Marietta Call mornings. 7195 FOR SALE OR TRADE-- 60-horse power road racer; also Cadillac touring car Al condition. Lock Box 190 7297 FOR BALE CHEAP -- Practically » new Jewel Gas Range. Bell phone 2063. 955 N. Bargains. Folding beds, $3 up: center tables, 25c up; gasoline ranges, ?2.50 and up; bedsteads, SOc and u p ; bed springs. SOc and up; 12 inch electric fan cheap Other bargains too numerous to mention. Eldorado and depot car. stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel. 742 B. Eldorado St., Auto 1561. 63*5 The Exchange. WAHTED--To rent 6 or 8 room thoroughly) modern cottage; all on one floor; In good location: to take powetlon about Aug 1st Beit of reference* Will «ign long lease. Addre* 1MW2. Beview. FOR RENT--Furnished rooms: modern home. 1065 N. College. Bell 4752. 7321 FOR BENT--Pleaaant sleeping room; moa- 10ST AND WANTED TO BTTY £|K**_pocketbook containing two Ore AA- lar and six one dollar bill.; also Ott dol- U r l n «Sver. Call Bell 1325; reward. 7S34 LOBT--White French cplU poodle. Return to Glenn Belnhart, T« N. Main, Howard uJST--Knighto Templar «h«rm, w black rfcbon, bttweea Parlor market and 1400 Block W. MBXOB. R»ww4 M Parlor Marked SOtJND--A buadl* at oa»h register kes Call Wanon Studs* Phototrapheri Brtr, Call Wanon Snds*. ordinary. ,,,, .-u Guhard's. Oebharlf! or Stewart's, pair goll rim reading glass** Call Bell *7«6. T2U LOST--Wednesday, small puree with Compliments of Jno Fitz" on it. containing locket and chain and $10 bill. Reward U returned to Ottillle Keck. 71!*) SITUATIONS WANTED. ^--Permanent pof?!tlon by young man. educated; good w o r k e r : varied experiences; good references. Give me an Interview. F 3«0 Re\iew. ·WANTED---By colored girt, to ao light housework and miriine. ITS W. Decatur. WAf*T8D--ITo boy cvol« WRH a. 34 1M4. a gocm second hana bi- or M Inch frame. B»ll 7280 FOR RENT--Two front rooms; ground floor, modern, unfurnished. Also__larffe WANTlBD--To buy two or thnt second h»nd show »«es: first cl«M.:_ mttabl. for ,dry EOOd* storo. Call Auto 1«0. i'OR RENT--Liarge front room, suitable for husband and ivif«; board If detlred. 030 B. Eldorado. Bell 1878. 7234 Wanted to Buy. »j th. bJgi»s± o»h prlow tor u«*d !?!!** and rdftiserajlort, * wffi thlce foniltur* ta first payment on new. f*OR RBNT--lArge cool rooms furnished or unfurnished. References. 4BS N. Franklin. 723B Home Outfitters, JL«o phone 1841. FOR RBrrt 1 --Lirtit, alrr Wont room, alcove 3SS W. Eldorado. 7196 *70t FOR RENT--Room In modern house; private fami Iv. Board Bell 4187. 7211 BOAKDEBS WANTED. WANTED--Young man to boar and room. on car line. 14g7 N. Water. 7103 WANTKX--Boarders a^id roomftrs by *3ay or week at 261 E. Main. 7079 TOR BENT--HOUSES. \VAXTED -- Position w i n g ^r*mnn nf i h Ctit.on Bell ,"12 (Turing vacation e^ years' college e ~ "\V '. N1 KI--1«\ niid.l't- sgred lady, position as h-ii-«.-k--e-,v r or rare nt an Invalid Elde 1 K r peoi'u r:n erred IVsi ot rffrences. "BeH I'.tT 74^. W. Frain- 721" . r K r - -- D a v wo-k '1 u 1 *^*. Antrv -17"' Can give references HEIP WANTED. \ X T R D - -o i^5 ,1 H a / - ' r i £ : ^ , i i - i n n n.r-d o i r \ pickers. Auto I on t m i l e s north on Bloom- j- oon 1,1 ' V K K N M E N T JOBS open to men and u u m , .1 I'H, tt Sl.~" n i n n t h Write for H*t Fr n M i n I n s t i t u t e J i p p ' t . «i'*o, Rochester. N Y 7^-c, ~,VA.NTCD--Agents Fend for free sample; Wonderful Washing pr«p;wa.tJnn, w h k h without a r t \ e r t l « i n K or effort h n n K B orders from thousands of sniisfied customers, purp- y -vegetable, guaranteed won't fade or injure delicate goods, no n i b b i n g , flxetusive territory. Caulfield. IfilO "U t i g h t Bldg:. St Louie. ~171 POUR ROOMS 31300 "forth Side $1000 Iv'orthoaat $1250 Xorth Side. $12 50 Northeast 526 00 ^s'orth Side $.S^t^ East SMe. FIVE ROOMS. $25 OO North Side $1S (to West Sirle SiOt'O Sc\uthea-Ft $1500 Wr^t S'dc ;i7 "it ;North« esc North Side six ROOMS. . 54000 Went Side SHO.OO North Side ?ri5 CK East Side $'ift rm West Side S 15.00 West Side $2ftOO Northeast. $"5.00 West Side ?30 (K) West Side SiOOu West Side. *23 00 Wtest Side. Close In. S23 50 southeast. 31 00 NorthweT S.ii'tio We«t Side S42 uO West Side 345.00 West Side' 32300 Southwest SBVEN BOOMS J1400 Northeast ?2500 CloM fOOOO North Side i^.'i w West Side. t2r f*i Northwest $:noo West Side, t.':o(t» Close in |24,00 Xortheast S3000 West Side $27 5ft West Side $""] Q West PSde ·*L*7 50 Sou-theaat. S Oftu Xorth. S4-. -0 West ·2i' '" West S2300 West S25 CH! Close In $.15 OO W Main $'2Z5Q NortheaiL Furnished houses RIGHT ROOMS tn 00 West SMe. S2.TOO West Side. S22.SO West Side Sift00 Close In. JWOO Kortheajtt ·_"i 00 North Side positions are easy to secure- pa.y big ealfLTte*. offer lifelong work, r( g- ular promotions vacations with pay, scrimtv from strikes and Imanrial troubles K\n mi- nations to bw held sonn in Docatur. [nfnr- tafttlon tree. Why n ^ t p*t a position t h a t ·wttl TWT you the Halary yon arc worth Pox 2a$, C*dor Rapid*. In 7101 $22 SO WMt. fJOOO West. sr^iflo N o r t h ?35.30 Close in SS700 -West 326 00 North 530 XI West. *S2f,'oO Southwest SIS 00 Northeast. furnished apart- WANTED--Oovemrnent positions are ' i = y to set. My free booklet Y. 270 relln hnw. ·Write today--NOW. Karl Hopkins, Wn»h- Ington. D. C. 4742 WANTED--Ix»ca] Bcpre^Antatlve; no can' vaesin^ or soliciting, good income assured. Address National Co-Operative Realty Co., y. 867, Harden Bia., Washington. D. C. -- a n or woman to sail our fine and coffees, baklnff powder, extracts Bud Bpicee. 33st offer and premiums, write us *t once Attiletlo Tea Co., 711 Lucas ATC . St Touis, Mo. 7 258 HELP WANTED-MAIE. WANTB1-- Hish-ciaes stock and bond saloa- m^n to eel! stcK-k ia local grolng concern. Cood, pay nnd e v c i y help to tne right men. Give experience in detail. Tou can make money on thi« proposition. F 302. R«vlew. KAI-LROAD firemen, brakcmen, $120. Experience unnecessary, fiend ag«, postage. Halfway, F-195. Review. WANTED--One good barber: Union Scale guaranteed. Call or phone J. Baurnirnrdnpr. Wsjrrenstmre, III. "275 and ments on the west and north sid* front J180X to MTT-O We 1-iaAe some that are vely s l r a h l e at $22 T-0 and $25 00. \Yhil* all of the abo\e houses ftre wel n o i t h a'l the money asked for thrnn, ws con- "Mcler t h f fnllov. nig exception ally " 1243 W D e c a t r r St , "with barn $H ftf 521 W. Lnvision St , 6 room, modern $!S 746 E Tdifr, 6 rooms, modern !2 ft "firt W pucatur, 8 rooius, modern $2."i ft Iir.7 N Clinton, S rooms, modern... .$22, l'JM W. Decatur, S rooms, modern. ...J22. r_Tf N. r i i n t o n . S room?, modern $JS.O JIMt Cottaije Hill a v , S rooms, modern. J20 or Ifi,i9 T \ \ a t p r . S rooms modern flirt P Brn-idnay, 6 rcomp, m o d e r n . . . .$22 01 1837 W. Marcm. S rooms, modern J3 1W5 N. Main, ft rooms, modern $fC* 1705 N. College, 0 rooms, modern $2O 0 701 N Morgan, 6 rooms, near depot. .J15.0C There nro from, f i f t e e n to twenty-fi changfB on our list everv riav, and the be wav to get exactly the kind of house yo desirs is to place your application with as fai in advanro as potslble, so that n Ly keep you advised. We have about f l f teen houses now for rent that are still nipied and are the most desirable -we hav for rent. Ona on Powers Lane will be vacant July 10th and rents for $23 "SO, there are a number of others on West Main. W. North, N. Main, and other prominent streets. You had better place your apn'icatlon with us now. Meridith Rent Co. era, gentlemen only. 444 W. Wood. 7319 'OR RBNT--Large furnishsd room; alcove and closet; modern, email family 753 1. Edward. Bell 4007. 7301 oom. 430 B. Eldorado. Auto B898. ·leeptni 725S FOB RENT -- Furnished room. T« All modem conveniences, 332 W. treet ry co Willi Furniture Will pay mo-n for ..lightly used Pianos, Furniture. Carpets, Bugs, Stoves and Re frig- era ton; or will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Sell phOO«s: 406-413. Auto: 1»48. 820-350 Cerro Gordo EL 1768 FOR SALE--Brush runabout in good running ofder AlTo single Excelsior »otorcycl« Bargain, for q u i c k sale. 323 E. Main. Auto 3641 or 4687. Bell S26. 7270 For Sale. New K room modern bungalow, east side, $2400- good 6 room house, fuH lot. west Bide. $100 cafh, balance by month; 6 room modern north part, S2550; 6 acres well improved to trade for ecatur residence property, v*j. 0. L .Millburn, Phonea 1498 401 Walt Bldg PEOFESSIOHAL. BELL 3987. ADDRESS i MAIN ! o HARMAN Bath Parlors. OPEN EVERT DAT AND SUNDAYS, 8 TO U A. It. EicperU -«d Lady and Gentleman Attendants. DECATtJH, ILL. Pric $1.00.; FOB SALE--Maxwell runabout, top, shlsld. speedometer, 1" good condition. Bargain. Address F-241, Review. FOR SALE--Five passenie' Ford, In good running condition; Atwnter-Kent Ignition. Fresto-HU tank; J200 If taken at once. 2Ji North Main. Auto 1016. '-* fast , bar- FOR SALE--Locomobile racing car; light, powerful car; will be sold at gain 204-5 Citizens Title Trust Bldg , Delatur. 111. 71liS FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton car; QUlet, smooth running; f i n e condition; a bargain of the season. F-140, Review. FOR SALE--Indian motorcycle, 1914 model, 7 h.p , 2 steed 501 S. Main. 7127 Furniture I buy, sell or exchange new or slightly used turnlture, stove*, rugi. eto. M. A. Peabody 131-» E. North St. 4741 FAEM LANDS. 'OR RENT--Coolest furnished room In city: private, modern, close. Bell 1129. 7164 FOR RENT--Unfurnished rooms 3rd floor. Merchant St. T. T. Springer. 124 Merchant FOR RENT--Furnished rooms Modern, private entrance. 640 W. Main Bell ^' LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR RENT--3 room furnished cottage for light housekeeping. Auto BS97. 7315. 'OR RENT--Two furnished rooms for light houseeeping or sleeping. 239 W. Prairie. 7253 FOtt RENT--Two fum'shed rooms, light house keeping, front and IMVCB: entrance, no children. 1411 N. Morgan. 722S FOR RENT--2 Furnished rooms in modern house for light housekeeping. 535 N. Edward Bell phone 4S33. '222 FOR RENT--Nicely furnished modern roomi for light house keeping. 1209 W. Macon. 720S FOR RENT--Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping; ground floor; telephone ser- Uce. 845 E Orchard St "2fli BIG MONEY IN R A I S I N G HOGS.--Land and sowa to begin with; easv terms; ask about plan. Tozer, 117 E. Main. Phone, Auto 3217 7J09 FOR SALE--By owner, 485 acre, well Improved, tvell located, rich loam upland in S E Ark , }i mile to postofflce, store, school, church Price $30 per acre. Easy terms- 160 acres at 120, G. R BIgler, Seima. Drew Co, Ark. 72S7 FOR SALE--Small 4 c Under Hupp runabout. reflnished and overhauled. Will sell cheap If taken at onoe. Call Auto 1010, 258 North Park street. '"'* MUSICAL GOODS. FOR SALE--Fine piano or trade for vacant lot; also Quick Meal coal range and gas inge Call 1440 N. Church 732o FOE SALE-MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE--15 foundation stone*, inches thick Call Old 1703. 12x18 7286 For Sale. New 5 room bungalow, corner lot. electric lights and furnace, concrete basement, window shades furnished, newly papered. On east side, close to shops, J300 cash, balance $15 per month; or will consider vacant lot. Have three other completely modern houses for sale on easy terms. Bell phone 18. 6454 Auto phone 1931 PEGEAM COMPAQ. 415 Citizens Bank Bldg. «401 Terms All classes of loans, to suit borrower. First- class house for rent. Choice Lot on West North Street. for sale at a bargain If sold at once. Also 7 room modern house, slate roof for sale at a bargain If sold at once. 520 S. Crea St. E. S. Bohon, 134 E. Prairie. «467 FOR SALE--A lot of good hard brick. C Weston, 749 W. Decatur St. . E 7199 FOR SALE-A cabin on the river. Rent on ground paid 14S7. . to Jan. 1. 1915. Call Bell BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manufacturing. 1W South Water street, Decatur. I1L Herman Spies. Magazine. bound vnam ; stamped In gold on books, pocketbooki and memorandum books, toilet cases, etc. JOTOTBY. BIRDS AND PETS. FOR SALE--6« acre (arm. two sets ot good I m p r o v e m e n t s , sold separately or t o g e t h e r ; 40 timber, good black, level l a n d , coal and oil r i g h t s go w i t h all these f a r m s , a'so title guaranteed. $80. 300 4 miles south of Steelville. Ills . 1 m i l e from good market, 100 timber, rolling, clover, clay, barn. 52~Kl. good G e r m a n neighborhood Good house cellar, a bargain at 575. ISO stock and genera], 50 miles southeast Saint Louis, on M. O. R R . 1 mile to Houston. Condensary good market, 4 miles to Sparta a t o w n of 4000, 100 acres of bottom land, 40 timbered pasture, 25 or 30 permanent blue grass, all fenced for Jtock 100 rods hog wire, water the year around; level, good soil; up in good condition, harn 60-40, machine shed, silo, all new. 7 room house, cellar, lots of shade, 2 welle. cistern, good orchard, wagon scales, hog houses, any kind of church and school that you want close to any of these farms; all within the township high school district. W E. Lott. Sparta, 111. 721S FOR SALE--Indian Runnerl Five white and tin ducks and one drake Call Bell phone 90S, ring 12, noon or evenings. 7243 FOR SALE--TWO purs bred English pit bull pups used to children Call 1145 N. College or Old phone 410". '*» FOR SALE--Three pure bred Collie pups out of working sires and dam working, black and white. Inqulle Wilson barn 240 W. Wood. B31i WOTTEY TO IDAS. S3000 to loan on city residents O'Mara, 227 C i t i z e n s Bldg at 6%. J» $300 Cash, Balance monthly payments, buy« a 9-room modern house on B. Leafland, near Water J1300 r takes' a large lot on N. Edward St It Is a bargain. W. F. Pickle, Main. Bell phone 2376. Auto, 1735 IM9' --$200 CASH-and $25 per month b u s a good 7 room houre on North College street, close in. nouK u _ |30W CASH-and assume mortgage of $4.000 buys 63 lot near interurban shop ard only 3 blocks fron city car line, n o r t h part Money to loan on i-ity property at J Also contracts for loans, maturing in a t months for 5% loans repaid monthly. ' N". T. Watson, SIS Millikln B i a g . Tel. Auto 1287 Multigraph Work. " Letters, specification*, o£fc« form* card*, etc.. Imitation of typewrltlsj. 5084 .Violet Boi Public Stenograrier, Bell phone 332. 706-^Jlilllkin Bldgv Drs. Alsip Rovdybush, Dentists,! i Stine Bldg., over Hilligosg Drug Co. i ' 3965 Entrance either Main or irchant St. Bell Phone 3177. Hours I to 5 p. m. Dr. Hugh A. Vaighan Dentist, i 402 WAIT ELDS. Auto 1991. I «95» No Drug* No Osteopathy. iNo Knlf«k Office hours 8 to 12. 1 to W to Sundays. 10 a, m. to 12k. I Landgraff Willlms ' Chiropractors' LADT ATTENDANT. \ Auto phone, 1290; Bell pbonxn Roomi, 214-15 Moran-Corbett bullng. Cor, K. Water .nd E. North. Decatur. I. Mot SPECIAL NOTICES. FOR RENT--Three nicely furnished down- stair* rooms for light housekeeping; modern conveniences. Bel! 2S66. 1229 W. Macon. 7189 FOR RENT--Suite of 2 especially nice roomc furnished for l i g h t housekeeping; modern Adults only. Bell 5149. 71S5 FOR RENT--Nicely furnished roomi for light housekeeping; two bloclcs from Water reet Three from depot. 527 N. Jackson. 7121 FOR FOR RBNT--Farm Shcllabargar trick house farm of 160 acres, well Improved near Boody Cash rent; good security and references required 453 N. Franklin. I- JR SALE--Farmer uvaA $12,000, bought farm B days before the bank failed, bargains )n farms that are farmi. will raise good crops of corn, oats, alfalfa, potatoes, clover, etc. Bargains In Nebraska. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana farms and ranches. Meet me face to face, I w i l l h e l p you plant dimes where you will harvest dollars. "Write ^ hen you can come, I will arrange to meet you. State where ymi wish to inveit or locate, I w i l l make you money. W. E. Patton. Fairmont, Neb. " TOA ' 7201 7238 LIVE STOCK. FOR SALE--Seven small shoaU. Dunham. 1075 North 72S5 FOR SALE--Extra nice spotted pony, 800 Ibs; perfectly gentle. 558 8 Webster. 7267 FOR SALE--Team of pood heavy bay norses weight 1700 Iba each Sell c h e a p If taken at once. 3 m i l e B northwest of city. Auto 7 on 23 H C. Goodrich 7261 FOR SALS--Gentle driving tiora*. 9 years old- also -wagon and harnesi. Sell cheap 1C taken at once Owner leaving: city. 837 E. Condit Bell 2564. 7221 FOR RALE--One mare, bugrffy and harnesn, and 1 rorrell surrev horse about UOO Ibs. W. H Hill. 723 N. Monroe, 7209 FOR SALE--A good family horw, mrrey and harness. 1341 K Prairie. 7109 FOR SALE--Good gentle poay, weight about 700 Ibs Second house west of Cowford bridge. "0"2 WANTED-Bell toy. Apply St. Klcholu hotel. 7255 CANTED--Man to leorn barber trade. Fm- par* In few weeks. Earn -while you lea i n ft ola el-en. Jobs waiting. Big demand for our barbers at surprising nvo^es. Write today Moler Barber College. Chicago. Ill, 7172 WANTED--^Department managers for department »tore. to fake chargo of Linens. Domestics. Men's Furnishings, Cpholstcrv, Millinery and Advertirement. Only first class man rmtl women wnntcrl Oi\ f» ref^rem 05 Address Tierr Company, Molhie. 111. 711(3 "WANTED--By manufacturer, manager f o r branr-h office. D c r n t u r or i l c l n l t v . 5100 cash security required Excellent opportunity. Kex, 1000 Caxton Bids., Chicago. 7174 WANTED--We are about to appoint resident district agent* in this locality Contract direct w i t h the Compiny for Life Insurance If ou want a ROOI] proposition, address with references P h i l a d e l p h i a Life Insurance Om- piny, Philadelphia, Pn. 7173 POR HENT-- fc-ro lege Enqulde phone 249. , iw modern houw; W. Col- 1105 N. Edward. Bell 7320 FOR REJNT--5-room partly modern house; Has stove furnished, *t 1055 N. Clinton. Call 1059 N. Clinton. 72S7 FOR REXT--n-'-oom modern «otag«. 770 Johns' ave FOR RENT--8-'oom modern house. 1287 W. Decatur r W. Sleeter. Bell 3416 72SS ?-oa RTCNT--fi-room house, newly papered; 510 per month, at 924 W. Olive. Enquire first door east. 7305 WANTED-FEMAEE WANTED--A housekeeper; just two of us, Jim and I; washing sent to laundry. C M. Allison, at Home Mte. Co. 73.11 WANTED--"Will pay reliable woman $250 for distributinr 2000 free packages Perfumed Soap Powder In your town. No money r* 5 - qulred. Ward Co., 216 Institute P! , Chicago "7J, W A N T E D -- A laundress. Mondays ami Tuesdays of each week. Apply PL Mary's Hospital. ras WANTED--Girl for general hotel work; no washing. Ironing. Call or write Atuno-1 Hotel, A. T. Gross, Prop 7241 WANTED--Girl that plays piano by ear to travel with theatrical company. Address F-250, Review. WANTED -- Experienced salesw omen for ready-to-wear dept.. Also experienced cor«etlere. Address W. Lewis A Co., ChaTn- ·paJgn. Ill 7240 WANTED--Two colored girls of pearance at Dreamland park good ap- carn 1 val 923d Free Renting Agency. Pleasant people to dea! with. 0 rooms, modern, Cleveland St ..$2150 5 rooms and bath, E. Center 16.7D 0 rooms. B. Marriotts. 18.50 7 rooms strictly modern, N. Fflth.,,... 200 r, rooms, 3S5 B Packard St , 900 rooms N. Main St, .*. ( S rooms, modem, W. Decatur St 3000 0 rooms, modern, E, Center 20.00 We will do all in our po'wer to help find you a house. Come In. 7001 Leader Furniture Co. FOR KENT--Three room house 509 North Stone; party without children, $7. Apply 31S N Church. 7"J FOR RENT--Six room partly modern house, in good condition. Apply 1412 E. North. "2*5 FOR RENT--House Strictly modern, eight rooms hath, pantry and gas stove 1387 W M.icon Call Bell 4M2. 7210 FOR RE"T--Eight room modern house. Inquire 1C28 N. Morgan. 7240 FOR REXT--Six room modern house, 457 S Oakland. Auto 5313. 7236 FOR RENT--A STRICTLY MODERN FIVE ROOM COTTAGE IN FIRST CI^ASB CONDITION. P A V E D STREET CAR. FULL LOT ;,4? E DIVISION. WE M A K E ALL CLASSES OF LOANS PEggAgl _£ COMPANY · BTTSINESS OPPOKTIJSITEB8. GOOD OPENING--For younK man with Jl.OOO, in well established business In De- .itur, guarajiteed salary. C. A. Burks, 32S- 321-325 Citizens Bank BldR. T328 FOR SALE--Lunch room and furniture, E Main. "272 FOR SALE--Farm bargain in Osweso county on account of sickness. General purpose farm. 100 acres. Dairy, fruit, poultry, very pleasantly situated, near two villages: railroads and lake; good buildings, plenty wood nd water; for »2.SOO; SI 500 cash down, rest on easy terms \Vrite Mrs. C. E. Sargent, R. D I, Cleveland, N. Y. 7132 FOR SALE--Fine Yaroo-Mieslsslppl delta plantation. $2000 to SoOOO per acre. Known far and wide as the most fertile soil on earth. This land will probably go to JSOu per acre after federal government takes over levee system, which It Is prcparlne: to do. Sura speculations or good homes. Fertile upland stock and grain farms. S10 per acre up. Correspondence from responsible parties solicited No trades considered. S. P. Stub- blefleld, Yaioo City, Mississippi. 7181 FOR SALE--In the corn, wheat, oats and blue grass regions of Indiana, where values are increasing rapidly and land inv«stments can best be made. Farms from 40 acres up to 1,000 acres. Knox, Indiana. FOR SALE--(Jood Kansas wheat, Mfalfa and stock land.. IIOOO to 140.00 per acre. J. p Worthington, 702 Commerce building, Kansas City, Mo. TM 1B FOR SALE--Central Wisconsin tarm, acre farm with, good home, nearly new: two barns: 75 acres under plow; price »50 per acre; will consider small stock of hardware In trade. For further particulars write A J. Oleson. Montfort. Wls. 9se6 IF YOU hive a lot. J. A Adams will f u r - nish money to build you a house. Ml N TVater. Bell 4800. ' loS Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illlnola land; loans made without delsy. Call or writ*. 8795 J. E. Patterson, 401 Mlllikin Bldg., Decatur, 111. FOR SALE. New 5 room cottage, N. Church; 4 good 6-room cottages N. M a i n ; one acre, 7-room house. $900; 8 room modern, W Decatur, $3,100. Money to loan. Seven room house, 8700. A. C. ALLEN, 118 S. Water. «!*» PUBLIC SAIES. FARM AND CITY I/OANS--Any amount. 5 and 6% interest. D. D. Hill. Attorney, 313314 Minikin Bldg., Decatur. «347 --TOn CAN BORROW AN! AMOUNT-None too large. None too small. We lend money on Furniture. Fiano«. Horses, Carriages. Goods in Storage. Cattle. Grain, Growing Crops, etc. Easier terms than other brokers Also we boy NOTE Telephone No. 134. OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CUT, e«- tabliihed 1882. A. T. SUMMERS * SON. 110 -forth WMer St N«lt to Milllkln National Bank. LITTLE BY LITTLE you can renay a loan--or all at one*. Cara- fully explained before you tike the money. Pay only for the time you me It We land »10 and up on thi equarett terms Imaginable --private, too. »w Fidelity Loan Company 3t5 Cltlnns Bank Bldg. Bell 370: Auto 5S83. MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan, 110 and up. All buslnesa private. Decatur Loan Office 204 Crtiseni Bank Bldir Pho»»: Auto, 1118; Bell. 3370. S16 TON. IOWA. GOOD SHOE STOCK FOR FARM. 1390--This shoe stock Is located In one of the best cities In central Illinois, with electric lights, college churches, etc. On paved street, good location. Ijocated In brick building. 25x80 with full basement, furnace heat; rent $40 per month Fixtures consist of settees, safe, desk, etc Enjovs good trade. Old established business. Price $12.500. "Will consider good farm 7205 C. A. BURKS. 323-324-895 Citizens Bank Building. FOR SAT,E--120 acres Improved land. 8 mites northed of -Windsor; bargain If taken soon T! U. Thompson, SM Sontn Buckeye. lola,' Kan. saK ' CITY PROPERTY. FOR SALE--8-room modern house, Leafland and Illinois. Auto 1594. MOVING PICTURE SHOW FOR SALE. 1345--Located In town of 900 in eastern part of Illinois Consists of machine piano, steel machine booth, wire, lamps, fixtures', 5 h.p. gasoline engine for light plant. Fine fixtures, everything in Al condition; doing good business. No competition Film service excellent Oood town. Nets from $30 to MO per week. Price $1.000. 72*4 C. A. BURKS, 323-324-825 Citizens Bank Building. FOR SALE--Saloon in Springfield; fine location ^4 block from square on South Fifth street Reason for selling bad health. Call on Jack Young at Sheriff's office, DP- catur. 7202 HOUSEHOLD GOODS. STORAGE FURNITURE FOR SALE. 12 Blssell's carpet sweepers ........ fKc each 300 glass fruit Jars ................. 2c each 25 iron beds ...................... ?1 °0 each 2o bed springs ..................... 50c each 25 settees ........................ U O O each 12 gas ranges ....'. ............... WOO each 25 dressers ...................... §3.00 each 12 sideboards ................... *5-00 each FOB SALE--New S-roem cottage, food location, cheap, on installment plan. BeU Money to Loan On beat poss'lble plan. First the t t lowest cost, second the payment* $ » are arranged to suit the borrower » J and can be made either weekly or * * monthly. And last, but not least. » S everything confidential. When you t * come '" us for a loan, you can 1 J have the money within an hour or » * two. Any amount from 11000 op. » I You pay only for the actual time I f you keen the money. Call and » * see us when needing a loan. Room* * * T and 8, Conklln Bldg. Half block t S north of Transfer House. 144 North J » Main street. Bell phona 2041; Auto. * I . , 159S. f f Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. Hello, Central; give m 80. ; la this the police headquarters'! Tes This Is J o h n Smith f r o m Boody. I hav« lost my wife's sold handled umbria and the rest of my hair if I don't find 1 You had better see Dayton, the ropri-* etor of the Illinois Rubber Stamp Ubre :a Works, at 223 E. Eldoraao St. By heck' I remember I left It tre to be recovered Thank o u : good bye. 7"13 City and farm loans made at lowest Johnson Dimock DECATUR, (Over Post's Jewelry Etore! Auto *V Thursday, July 2nd, at 2 o'clock p. m. at "City Garage," corner W. Main and N. Church Sts., Decatur, 111. Matherson 5-passenger, 6-cylinder, 50 horsepower. E. M. F. 5-passenger, 4-cylinder, 30 horsepower. These cars are newly painted and in good condition. 2 Rambler trucks, 22 horsepower, suitable for delivery. Will demonstrate forenoon of sale day, July 2nd. Terms--Cash or bankable note. Your opportunity to buy a high-class car at your own price. Shaw Son. Jno. R. Bradshaw, Auct. 7304 PROFESSIONAL MONEY TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowot «to ot Interest: no cjni- mlstlon. , J 005 Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bank. 1489. 729S FOR SALE--Ba.rsa.ln for two week. Fine home in 700 block W. Macon St, W ft frontage; modern; would consider part trade for caulty. Special purpose in selling. Call 360 TV Prairie or Bell phone 130S. '232 FOR SALE--New Cottage, 6 rooms and bath; two bloclw from Pugh school and car lint. r ,all 1005 N, College. 7104 FOR SALE-- 82,600 for 8 room, house, north part Bell 2903. modern 6S23 FOB SALE--Gooa 7 room modern house; Oood location. Bargain. 1088 N. chu TM FOR SAI^B--At s, bargain, my 8 room residence No. 11T8 West Eldorado. Sea me Immediately If you want a bargain^ O C. KeyT 1178 West Eldorado, or 1058 N. Dunham. 6080 TO EXCEAHGE. SPECIAL NOTICES. purrs" DRESSING, swltcnes, puffs, cufTT wigs, bangs made to order, scalp treatment a specialty. 137 N. Water, 2nd floor. 730S HAIR DRESSING, switches, puffs, curls, wigs, bang* made to order: sealp treatment specialty, 137 N. Water 2nd floor. T123 Automatic Eyeglass Holders. Chain (raards. hooks hair pins ami loops Flusror piece mountings, expert : ex»mlnatlon« lenses of all kln.1s N clip to fit any nose Frames to ,11 features. Are a few of the eye h-lrs of(» by Dr. Mary Nosbitt , Mlllikin Building. Seventeen dollars per toi hop feed, scratch feed, brar. hominy chop. Straw, 3 bales fo. $1.00 at 539 W. Green. ' Bell 317; Auto 1382. Wl THE EXCHANGE BANK,' 508 N. Water street, Infltes you to open · , SAVINGS ACCOUNT . with ONE DOLLAR or more. We allow 3%, SloTc. and 4% Interest dependinifupon th« tlms to run «» 7JO N. HOSRM Poundmaster and Scavenge. Will remove d-«a stock anywhere In CIT OR COONTT. FREE OP CHAROB. Ca. Bell uhon« 2688. Auto 4MB. W» To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans N e t t i n g 1% In amount* frem 1380 t« |2,«V Security four times the amount of lollti principal and Interest payable her*. H E N R Y D. SPENCER, 220 E. Main, ^^ Decatur, Illlnol" Vtm LEGAL NOTICES. EEA1 ESTATE. A 12% Investment. (MX) to |400 down buy* · sice R room new cottage on oar line; newly painted: full ba»e- ment; corner lot; electricity: gooa well. Price »1250. Come and «ee th!*. Rents for $12.50 per month. 58» E. F. Drobisch Son., Bell 4612. Auto 1077. 159 E. MsJn. Meridith Storage Co., 320-350 E. Cerro Gordo St. Furniture For Sale at A great sacrifice--Dining tables, sideboards, buffets, kitchen cabinets, rocking cnairs. Iron beds, bed springs, mattresses, every- t h i n g to furnish a home, at 215 South Park St. New phone 1334. 7322 SPRINGFIELD PROPERTY FOR DECATUR 1209 -- This two story 12 room frame duplex residence is located In city of Springfield, on lot 80xl«0. on paved street, walks. etc :asement. brick foundation, front and back porches. Oak floors, bath, lavatory and water closets on both floors: 2 mantels, gas ranges, electric lights, clothea closets, steam heating plant In brick building on rear of lot. Located in one of the best residence districts In Springfield, southeast of Lelacd hotel. Barn for 2 horses and buggies; I block from car line. Would rent for $80 per month, or can give posseslon. One front lot can be sold off; also one side lot. Price f!5,000. subject to $«,00». 7 C. A. BURKS. 323-324*325 Gltiienj Bank Building. 7288 North Water St. Seven room house and store building: house all modern, but bath; located at 941 and 943 North "Wate 1 - street. If you are look- Ing for a house and to go Into buelness see me. Will rent for $50 per month, Fj«c* 16.500 7089 J. M. Pickle is now open for business in our new location at 305 Bachrach Bldg. Entrance on E. Mam »t. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Bids for the remodeling ot the ooil«r rooni and the installation of a new boiler in th« Sfacon County Court House. Decatur, 111, will be received until 12 o'clock nonn, July 3, Iwlt, Plans and specifications can be obtained at the office of Brooks Bramhall, Arch* "proposals are to be addressed to John Pw Strauibaugh, Decatur. III., or Brooks H Bramhall. Use Review Wsuraft AcSs amd Geft Best Resdlt*. 4S7 1BT7. Citizens Bank Blag BeU 1088. FOB SALE ON PAYMENTS. FIT* room house, built three years, with half acre ground. In Elm Park; 6 room house on corner lot, northeast part, flow; 5 room house with barn, N, Church St., at a bargain; PO acres three, miles out. good Improvement* at »I7S per acre, several tract* of three to eighty aerei close to Decatur. MILLBURN * STOUFFE3, SCOTT'S MESSENGER SERVICE AND FLORAIJ SHOP i i Under new management. All -work «trtctl| confidential, fait service, careful; light M livery ««p«clal!y. Calls answered dally »n Sunday from 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. I 107 E. NORTH ST. Bell. 1315: Auto. 2012. i

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