The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 13, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1859
Page 1
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; r-;*v.s;..v;r;:^-.>^^^^^ .5sSJ-,iis» ! ^;l-i-*'<5^iir*''-'r«,' ! WV--•««/;*•>**•*>•••«-:•.. {• ' : ^H^•- : H5 v -.^H^ • ? r^M'''^~t£j^f?-- ! - * ir " ! ' w" 1 **'- - -"-''••> • • iW^.^H-? •^^IM^^^^^^^^^;^j JL E E Si|'M|li^ ,' M A V IH ^^^ jlVl/lX l«>, \!'-\fI'.KK' in; *i:ia ; ,,-6,06 . 1 ' Co. 8«npnth3.. 10,00 1 do. 8moBth».. l*rOO I flo. 4 months.. -15,01 1 ' "• ; do; '"9 monUa.-: 1«,00 1 do. 9jnonth«;^2fl,«> 1 do. 1 year.... 80,00 oiu n if s a n g: d o B , --. v - i ' - ADIT* IAS Kaudolp'h Street* iesttee'-JldceratcmtttUJbr thltOKd all -&t leading Papers of the KorOncest, and tart Vie OKLT and sx- eLnsirELT avUtorittd Agenltln Ote KorOaoeetfor a majority of them. mtr4 IN TOWN AND OtJT OP IT, M. »!.. POKKEOY, EDITOR. Meteorological lircora, for May, 186J ieptty C. H. OARD1NER i XJO, street.' r- : '•; ,-'= f\ '. £ "- • -rUaaiOXmSL ••'-- -:& ».-«.- >;; .- -8 MI. "-•. Tho-crow is a wry caw-lions bird. ' Messrs, teminnn & Herring are to start anew democratic paper at Mineral Point. DKSERTBRS -—Thirteen thousand siilors hare deserted .the service of Queen Victoria daring the past thirty years, leaving $100,000. of that Troy built, opan bug gy, has beeri adjourned till this morninE at 10 o'clock, at Hood's Auction Rooms • So less than 22 cases of drunkenege and disorderly conduct were taken up in the Police Court of Chicago on Tuesday. TBUNJJEE.—Yesterday a rain, thunder and lightning shower, paid ua a visit Vegetation started Tight along. LARGE —The propeller Globe, Capt. Pratt, from Bnfiklo, is now unloading at our docks. She is a beadty, 1,223 tons bunbcu. She had 72 tons freight for this port. Hoo CBOLEEA —This fatal disease is carrying away largt> numbers of hoggin the vicinity of Decatnr. It is said the Sangamon Biver bottom is covered with their dead bodies. JRg-'We learn from the Chicago papers that J, M McYicker was fined in the Police Conrt of that city yesterday, §100 for keeping open hu theatre without a license. LIGHT GCARD.—Wo never saw the Light Guard make a better appearance thau yesterday, whsn thej were out to welcome the ex- ourtionists from Detroit. ey has removed his News Depot three doors below his old stand, where he has all the New York dailies. Monthly Magazines and literary papers for sale. WHEAT AND FLOUR.—Thn Pearl is to carry flour from Portage City, says the Record, to Green Bay, for 25 cents a bbl., and wheat for 6 cents a bushel. ' PomeroT seems inclined to dote us with pone— Juneau Co. Argun. And why not, when the pnns of the Argus doze everybody else 7 ELOPEMENTS ExTEAORnisABT.—The Utica Telegraph chronicle?" the elopement of two young men aged respectively fifteen and sixteen, with two young women aged fourteen years. LOST FOB. THE«I WEKM.—A family, consisting of. a man and his wife, named Aiken, •were recently found lost in a swamp in St. Francis county, Ark., having been three Weeks with no food trove persimmons and acorns. ° MAD Doos>—In Janesville,parents dare not •end their children to school, for fear of their being bitten by mad dogs. If wo lived in Janesville, there wonld he lots of dead dogs about, or powder would fail to do ttg~dnty. •-..-•- ' & : —i —•*••»»— HABDWAEB.—A large assignee's sals of a stock of hardware commences at Hood's auction rooms this morning at 10 o'clock, and continues morning and evening the rest of the week. The Bafialo Advertiser says that as many as 200 young men were thrown ont of employment in that city on the t l«t of May, either directly, or In refusing to accept a largely "reduced compensation for Services. ' The Chicago Pret* publishes an item about the railroad terminus at La Crosse being nearly submersed. It's all gammon. The road islntij-1 v .-•.,•> iiM 0n , and the water occasions no trouble there whatever. K.—About ouo hundred and fifty thousand bushels oi wheat changed hands in Chicago, says the Herald, on Tuesday, at an advance of 10 cents ptr bushel over the prices of Monday. -Floor sold at an average advance of fifty cents per barrel. It would be cut lions if the refusal to play another match game of billiards should crest an III Phelan between the players of the late match at Detroit Seereiter would not, play with an *K Phelan, if he *Ts the gentle-' man we take him to be. ,' -The . jnent that Brown, their mailing-clerk, bid /or the county printing, is an unqualified falsehood. We were mistaken, and hasten to apologise ~ Brown is not the mailing clerk, but a subordinate of that officer. THE V«tr-WoK8T!—Mrs, P*rtington Joes not we the injustice of the law~of the Sickles case. She doe* not understand why a man who finds you after the commlBiion of a cer- , tain crime should shoot you, when if he bad caught yon mjlaffrant lufd v licked you., , •' f iST The Kilbonrn City Mirror says tb»t the mercury was'above 80 ° nearly «very da/ last week at that placed It'says that Vegetation ia •oif U forward as usual at this time of tbe *.'Jear. It has been an excellent time for fanner* to pot in corn and other spring seed 3 and well Jaav# they improved it. - , i the iuostof the winter, wheat ^ was -de- '. "agin to apring wheat • The fine wpiher'/or -'"TJbejjiMt twowieekfr-bMgivei} everything «v£oed "' f ! «tnrt,' x »vnd fte xwunfe-nancfl* »l the fanners tn- dleatettbM tbejr'are nl^&tA'miA^ look - }jf* ,"'- *-*jCi* "„ „ T-\ ^^^i^'flfe^ %*^V* i *^*^^ '' ^hjoroadj'that the people, every where he has beeDj are jubilant with tl»e pro^peot of ati abondant hiwTwt.-V'.- ^ ?--:^--••-'A ' --.> • <''•">"=.• • : Weliope 3"err>i eaitor of *he Berlin Coiirant will not,think .w«.do not consider himn^ood,, well posted editor.. We know better. Know him to be well aeqaaratcd~with all the establishments in Berlin—that he ooiild t»ll us where to get a coat cheap, or where to get a firkin made—better, parhaps, •than any btberman in town MISTAKES EDITOR.— The editor of the Berlin Cowrant thinks w« are anxious to tanti-1- lise him, and oaUs enemy. Not a bit of it. We take bigger guns for enemies — men to whom Terry Is no more to lie eompard than io' |.oUtoes iiill with a li^litea caridle stuclc ip it i» tojtie oompamd to mo«nit , Vegnvius when fall blast. A. co Terry of such uii-n would ntitamonntto more than a Email hill of baans were men as scarce as first class comets A Mr. Culver, of Fond dn Lao county, passed through New Lisbon, says the Jnueau County 'Arffut, last Thursday, on his way home from Pike's Peak. He started from home last September, and was one of a company of three. They started wKh a good rig—ran Irs, &c. They had spam all their money—traded the wagon and mules, and he was working his way home with a pair of steers and an old wagon—the whole of which would not bring fifty dollars. He has seen enough of Pike's Peak, and advises all to stay at home. FAEHVELI TO THE MONBY.—Yesterday we saw a gentleman mailing a letter with money in it, to some person In New York. As he sealed the document, aaid he, "good bye mon- y yon hare to pass the Chicago post office, and 1 never expect to hear from you again." Another case when; a man felt doubtful was as follows: His wife is east lie wrote her some time since to come home immediately.— She has not yet returned, uud he says her continued absence might create a coldness IxHwii' them were it nol for the fact that big letter had. a remittance in it ainl^rent by Chii-ago. CAPTAIN DROWSED.—Capt. Thomas Gentian was the man who got drowned off from the river schooner from Portage City, when it was opposite Clayton, Iowa. H« resided at or near lahkosh, and leaves a family. Tlie vessel 'as owned by him and it is tboucLit he had a partner in Ihe cargo, who resided at Osli- kosh The schooner started Ihst fa.l f roln 3ret;n Bay, and wintered at Portage. Cilj She was laden with lumber and wagons, and was bound for Mobile Bay. EDITORS FBOM AEBOAD.—• Yesterday w« were honored by a call from S. B. Warren, of the Drtroit Advrrtixer. W. P Isbarn, of the Fret Prets, H. 8. Barnea v of tbe Trilunt, and A. E. Gordon of the Grand Rapids Herall.— >Ve exceedingly regret that being.a cripple, ind drove with business, should have prevented us showing oar friends the speed of some of our fast horses, and the city generally. N«xt ime they honor us thus we nope to W 'around." our Mayor wHh having ertei »u decidifig «tlw Jast meeting 61 the-fioiirij of Cminbitors, that it reqnircc a mujorily of the wh(^le Board, to pasa'an or- "dinixtioe ojf resolution "P/* 'does nol-tjyapte > the'Major cited to sijsUin that. decision, and as we aric un4bl« to Uy.oiK hands apon acppy of the iis time, wo cannot gjve an opl*. ion up»injt*e MayoKa construction o< it. -Bnl >:' " ,raw wieher that bisioft wa« right erv wrppj?, becaase ho avows fcimself hoAtile to tbe pastage of the ordioacce which V»3 defeated in conseqiwnoe of it. lie seizes u pou i t *H a pretext for . Intbrailng -t be people that tBa democratid administration;) of 1855, . ia r >8 and 1857, wer* very «*lr»va^ont, and leavn us to infer .that the administration of 1856 was economical »ud >-xAh|iicry. Modesty alone, prevented big saying so in plain terms. Upon this pdint, however, the people of Milwaukee and '"P." disagree, as the late May or's own party preferred to let the election of Mayor go by default, rather than re-nominate koertain individual whoso initial is "P." "P" is merely wastiujj words when he expresses his oppesitiou lo the Water Works, as the public understand full well that water is not bis favorite beverage. An anecdote is related of "P" and the late Jndga .W r-s, which runs something in this Wise.; They met t'aJh other one morning on East ati r str«^t, at a very early hour in the morning, (they were early risers,) when the following colloquy ensued: Judge W s.—You are out rather early, Esquire P s, this morning. P.--It is the early bird that catches the Judge W- a —Have you had your worm I atu just going to Lake mine. THE DETROIT EXCURSIONISTS — \', morning at 5 o'clock, the steamer City of Cleveland, arrived from Qrand Haven with a parly numbering about 300, from Detroit and vicinity. Among the party, were C. J. Bryilges, the great railroad itian, and Managing Director of the G. W. Railway, the Mayor and Common Council of Detroit, Thos. Reynolds, Esa , Vice President of tbe Detroit and Milwaukee Railway Co , the editors of tbe Detroit free Prest, Detroit Tribune, Detroit Adrertixtr, and Qrand Rapids Daily Herald, and oilier distinguished gentlemen. Iu the afternoon, our citizens placed carriages at the disposal of the gat-fits, mauy of whom availed themselves of the courtesy, and ppenl several hours driving about the. city. At 4 \t ni. the party look dinner at the Newhall, where the best of thu market was set out. Quite a number of the party went on 10 the Mississippi, and the rest returned last evening well pleased I n-iih their trip to Milwaukee. Several ladies were alone, adding by i eir jjrace and lieauty, much to the good appearance of our Detroit neighbors, with whoiu wv huj.» to U-U-tU-r THE PIKE'S PEAK GOLD HOMUCC.—This new centre of attraction is turning ont to be iessworthy of the title of the 'New Eldorado" than the Frazier country. The latter has even a more hospitable climate and richer placers. Pike's Peak is situated in a v«ry secluded spot with deserts on almost every side. A letter from Barclay's Fort, 200 miles south, n New Mexico, states that tbe emigrants Vom that section have returned with stories of lard labor, no gold, no food and inclement weather. Some of the miners were making §3, on which they could scarcely live for the high prices of food, while a majority of the men who were digging would not earn over $1 50 jer day. A number of the gold suckers were already fitting out for Arizona, either on a Uibnsturlng or plundering expedition. BET. EDWABD COOKK, D. D.—We have already announced the appointment of Rev. Dr. Cooke, for several years past President of the Lawrence University at Appleton in this State, to the pastorate of the Snmmerfield Methodist church of this city. The following compli. mentarj allusion lo Dr. C. we clip from the Appleton Crescent •: We learn tbat Rev. Edward Cooke D. U., who has for five or six years past officiated as President of the Lawrence University, and ex. pended much labor in building np a Literary Institution whioh hag attained a* favorable reputation throughout the length and breadth of the State, has resigned his position, and is about to remove to Milwaukee, to enter upon the discharge of tbe duties of Pastor of the Surnmerfleld (M. E chnroh.) We understand that Dr. Cooke will not remove, permanently,.,.to this oily, until after commencement at Lawrence University, which occurs sometime daring the latter part of next month. He occupied the pulpit of the Snm- merfield church, however, last Sabbath, and will do so again, we learn, on next Sabbath. WAWBS ITEHS.—The Tiattt says that trade is reviving there, and business is brightening up. B. C. Dodge has opened- np a lumber yard, and constructed his office so as to move it around to the shady side of tbe biggest pile of loarda,. £.. C. has a level head. An effort Is being made * to* pardon. Long, who 3TM convicted of poisoning a well near Whitewater some years since. It is believed he is ihe victim of a conspiracy. . terojr Church.Bditor of the Cfrru. ttan Times, kt Chicago, writes home to his paper from Madison, nnder date of May 4lh, w follow* • On *nr way to this heauttfnl city we passed * d»y at Milwankee. W W e glad to iearnthat there i«» alow -recovering f rom the general prostraUonofhnsinegs. Trade and confidence is being restored While mer chants complain of hard times, yet they almost -invariably say their trade is improvine UinceonrlaK vidtto Milwaukee, th« post offlce bnilding, * fine Athens atone structure lias been completed, and also the NewhaU louse. This ia -ono of the most epaibiona and best hotels in tbe country, 1\ would be a credit; to any city in the land, . v Dwxuura Bonn BukvxB.— A-lew days he dwelling house of Mr. Jamei M. Moora,jBf Poj*land, was deftrojed by tte, to-' eetber with, most of it» vtMaa^—Watertmmt , and»guU»»teMiiJWTuimtng4o thU port, a». tired oa'WMn'VdB/. Ckpt. Wild iafonns n» liat the Pearl will be in town twioe »' PABTI.VU WITH ore OUEBT*. — Last t-v^iiiui; at ii o'clock, a coUl eollatioD of ham «;»nj- wicbua nud iciii clmujj., t^nv was sprraJ iu Uiu CommoQ cral of oar l Coiumon CouuHl, L. 1(( ut Guard tic., un plojusiiee. Several ucut iiDproiupta n-eiv made- liy tlic De'lroit g.-nls, which were responded to by onr citizens. As tbu hour of departure nrrived. we f«ul<l only u-ll tbtiu to rooui, lo which article ts. our il 3 • Ilie Xaitt IVight ! MA;Y;l8 t 1850, EI,L A ft ' • '. - . . • I ; ---- — . e celebrtleJ «ml OrigtDil W C-K ; I,.I5 I'. J» ' AD]EB3 AMD ETHIOPIAN Bnrleaqae Opera Txope, : In cxioncctioD *llh M'r««. JUJJiA GOULD, j / The flrat AmerijMi Prlm» Ronn» . Hi's Troups It from liiK-llej'., Open llaiue, !*S BroailWlv, Wor:d iltat pe.'fbrai 'ork, atid Is the only Co i ABJrts-jos—i'afqaettaSCc. Q-lK-ryS5r. No ri-' tcl'brgi; for Boervid Scati f# DOOM open nt 7. cnnnmnci; at 9, p .eejijlyi • ff for partlcuUri sec ttaall bills of Hie day uisj-13 -^ ' i -ATY DUNG'S HALL, Qraud Perforiuanc of Tableaux 1!V TDK TUHNEIi SOCIETY At Young's Hall, TnfgdayEve, Mayl?. • , PAST I. 1—Neptune and AmphUrite. il • Mbsarlon. 3-Bsttle of the Amazons. B.BT II. 1 —Til- Pods »j( the Otympisti Ouuu. •! 2—St. Ueorge Bght ng the Dragon 8—Uattle of Tlierniopj-ln.- PiHT til. 1' The Deluge. If—Laocoon. 3—Htrman vsnqulshlDg the Romans in th.- T^utnliur- bt-r Prtrrst. PIRT n . 1 — )i*rfl aod . g — Battle of Banker Hill .1 — VTaah Ington croBslcg Lite Delaware fSf* A fnll B«nd of Uunlc will |>lay lanabie iile<-es during (he )>erfonn4Dce,and fill out the Intermlssloua. AI.M1SSIOH— Pai^u'ttp, &0c.. OaJler/ 25o ; Children 25c. Tleket> lo bo bad at U, Nlrderben It ('o.'a, A B Van Oo>l'«, H. N. HempKe 1't, L. Ura-iri'i. Ni-whull . anil &t the ilour iopen at7o'.-lock; performance commences it H. {tantlbftls explftltiing ttiu aiture of th« Tablca IK Trill be distributed grat s at the dall, on the evrnio^. maylS CITY Con mou.GR'3 OFFICK, i Contract Depai tm.-nt, Milwaukee, May 12, Is'il) | . S '*EAI.ED proposals will be recelrt-il at tnia i-rti- ^ until Wedneailay, Miy llth, at 'J r. u , (or Krajinr : the established pradi- that imrtiuo of PraDklin i>t , in the First tVarJ ofthe (Jity of Milwaukee, In Irnm of t^e public tquare. K. L'll. OAKUI VEK. Com] t ClTt (VniPtEOI.l.Kh's OfFI K, ( CcSIBACT UtPtkTMKST, Mny Ki. '5'J. | f>roiH>Hftb mil l^ rucrlreil at ttm ofpr-, uii Ul 1*liur«(iaj-, Way Ivu-, mil* u , t.* gfaJ ( - t,, Uie estat> is.'ied ffraOr, the unfin.sli il port. on- o' K l.-j running tlir-mch W«. k IS-* in the 4D, v\ »rd ^f the; C.u ee; s'-M »ork urml to y ih r C.-mjH r»lVr. Cl>f ,'nK r*TKuH.«R > '> O»MiK, ( Cuntrvot D*-i>artm»-nt, May |R, IH^ f p ojHJsala will te received at llm ..fli. r, UN Hi Haiurday, AJ fl y u'lat, at lOt.n., for (uru tU,rv,c he cltj wlili tvo Kcnlrii k. r wcigMnif Hay, ilmilfr t., he one now in use ID U.»- Seventh Wird •paylS-dti K. L'H (i A UUI.NKU, r.,i., ( >i . ..:l-r. i -aril ol Councilors, ocl -5, 1: 3oari] of AIJt-rmin. NOT. 1, ltJT> maj-13-dtt ' K. L'H t) A I ? TVCMt W)H! ! Agfclt man jf learn til tre nbes hare lieen -written, explaining the orl^n o% ana clualfyln^ the warm i generated lo thd ham^n system. Scarcely a.ny topic of incdica) science hS3ellWl?tl morj acute ob^fTition an.l profound research ; an 1 yet plijslclana are rery murti jdivldcd In opinion on (he til jvct. It mast be admitted, Jbowercr, that, after all, A mod? of expelling rbesp jworm«, UDd purifying the bo'y from Oi-*ir presenre, ,. jof more v»tce than the wisest Jistjoiaitions ss u> th<> orlfflQ. The exp«lUa^a^tfut had «t length lieeo fouD.I- J£>r. J/'/"N«4'« Vermifuge, prepairJ by rieml^ir Br t 3 the much nought nrtersp? -ific, t has already »aj»er if<!rt! all . tlivr irorm medic nea, in tUicicy being uni yer«)illy acJcnowledKed t-y medical practitioners. ufil.aters ir-11 he careful to (Uk for I)R ANL'S rElEBRATCD VERVUFUUr. manufacUir *y FUJ1 1 NO BEOS, of PitUburKh, IV All other niiru t» In comparison ai« vrorthleiut. I r. il 1 Lane's f olm- VtrtnifuK ,aUo ItLi cei- Uraft >M iv> r P I'*, can i be had at ttU rt-si>ect*ti <- lirutr. sl<>rv. Vent- •. uint irilhout the ,iymilnrt «j [1] LI j-rj-dAwlm KLtMINU HHo*. B U <J K B K K K, AT BEST'SBEER HALL, Market Street, A'or<7i of Ridllle, ON K K 1 1> A Y K V K N I N ( , . AM) ALL DAY :>ArURD.iY Eer 0»ll anil irv. maj>l?-j:Jt K HK1.NKMANN «iVl.l i- I U^l I I I It I . A T Hooi's AIII-.IIOU K..OIIIH, N.. . , Thursday morning Mjy rJtli it 1" "l.i .-ales Punitive. Terlu ajFl'.! ,1 a<;l.,rt:ii-- nt .if l, J Hiioi), t.i . STOCK OF HI HUM » U I AT AV.fTlON. W ILL be S" 'I 11 AttL-tion it II ,,|', ku.-ti..,, it,,..,, . No «, .-,.r n-' .fre.l - ..i,.,,,,.,.^,^ ... K-I.I... murm niT, ill 1 1* .i'rl- •''' , 31 'I .-"til i.,ii ,r, tf i r j > . ,, ,, anil :*itlunl i > 1 1 " [i i UK ii ml -V' inn/. lit.- rut n .. ,>,., ^ II iril-var.. (A burr >v,m. rl i- ,,r Tti'- «to,-k embrace* r-vt-iy , -i >,-i-, • ' *l..--r II. .-l . i, Ill . ' WHICH id the grea'tr- ^H* a'mu3t it artc-*»iti!e tt erica, and added larK tl^r, thi- of *• r h.-U -^iie lion i>I tinman sufftrin^, und m Ms ma German Diltprs, known in t^<- /ml t v pry .u Ji-r [ill 'ii 'i Lilim-i ^1 t ] lluilili-M Hani- -ti-. . Carpr ,irr'« I' . i- I Gilts , to 111 ik r u i :t w.-li SH-I.) l^'l 4"i.*li an.l Cutler, . 1 . J :»M I . I' i l^nv^r/ .1 j" -.1. J11H N V < I. ri N r lo our nt!iii:ni|.hiral koowl- ( j Uonn l u ,.t,.,ne,r lot atlei turn to the mitl^a- j U t I l ' I I'.SA I I . .A\ l>. A hile the m.e \\.\* .-ip'u nu.uuuuii ret "Hi ni .•*<. ,-nli. n i.f llif U„.,„-.n M ,:::^^' 'PAPER WAREHOUSE en niaokiti.l. t)vKi>«pdiii, Liver Couij.laiiii anj Nerv ntliility ar. up-,, it.lj- ;ir..l i<n uiaQrnily ami by i reinrtly For kale by ijruyjri*t< »i.,l J.a'r-n in tncdlcinea every»hefe, may 1'2-dawlm iitd i>--r rti, Binrkiiin rr A. < <>. (LATK Htaanov iiiipon •. v . . 598] SHKHIFf S sAI.F. ^\ -STATK OF WISCONSIN, I rcxilt Court, Milwaukee County ( I Joa#|>Ii ft. Treat, a 1:1 mat on.J.t A. L>L«, i*Mr .tiDf J Lyi.e John II. W.-i R A. Pulien, |N virtu*; t>f and pursuant l.. i -U-. r^- r-ti.t- m. iadt Court, m tK- ah., v ^ t-nut If I ;*•-' I--M, -I tlr .1th •!*) "f March, K't'. 1 .1, ill expos,- I^r tA.rAi,.! ..-il -il j.ubt.c ti, at ll.t- l'.»-[ Oflii-i- in 11 - jty .! VI iJ raukee, <>n Mil ii i dn y, the £ci du> of July. i'.y, at ts t - f,our >.f 'J r- M ,,r day. J.r foiluirint! prrn>i<tnn, ur in uiurti l^ur-nf IL.^ I 1A KKISl >N. II \ N r- > ' I : I > A < ' '. IH NCy ACTr RKII.- l , H AVK op^c,! »1.1 Alhuuy bl,,,-». «,. i,, B »,, ,ir,-. l. fxa'l- N-wl.all Ilous.-, i .,r-..-i -I , ,' \,1 ..'. i.f.l'ler /' 11-,-' s / lh,- VVI... I » L-r ina-]>- - f >«uts \ pt* may be n'T«»tarv t" roents, interest atiil ajr, to wit : "Tbe onrth one J.alf o' \--IA number ten <!» and twelve ( ^). in bUrk number \»r\y » v t 46 iu the Kijrhlh Ward of UM- - ud a ty .if M.l^a k-e, beintr on WuJser'* I' -int Ad.lmnn to ..i, city, in the County u( Uil«&ulitre, Siai^ .,l \; i Dated ShrriU 'a ullj.<:, Mii w.iuk.-<r. Apri rscUK*. l.ysng A MII.LKH. t A J I. A N ' l ^ O H T 4 V , t'lsiutiU'? A> ». )" ^llt•r II .M.I L'. , \V.». n|.rl .'hiil.iijw Mil ICIJ l"> ^ »l.r.. > c « r-TATK OK W I.Ji'uS.''IX. ^ Circuit C'Uiri, .M tiu auiii-,- C'i. I LATEST STYLES !tlihr:i.iii lUru.t-i. n. Kr.,1, Rr- u i..n \ i A i ... ll> .n. Finn, r, P !.:..!. II..:. L [ ... J.i.r L-n ., - i ttul •• un. I K l.ra.n M.K n.rr, ,.i,.l j. ' • J 1 1, ;.-,,- x- fnr-.r* .1 ! i ,• l.iit will in. I l^i^iiN.-rii ..' A:l*..n l^-«.» ilrr..»», I, »l»rlh^ L-w<, Sar»7i !.-«.. Mil) UTTON'S! Wi! .inn J Uu- ,, I. la J.i.. ,«:, »u. I ,,i,.rrui.. !...»:. hi'ri.f .Mil-nil l,.-«li,.|^ . -u'-.l. ml I. h»l... i Sr-niJ. I N t t!u^ >r iD.l [.urMiiiit ;.. i ;u l^i-i'-u'. r.-n Utr * -\ in .! C'.M. : I. If.- si., v,- .-'.I.;.. I 'v^ ..,. 1.1:,-, | \l^ f , I, .Mil. IN'.J. 1,1..., n,...i- ,i|. -i.. -.-II -i: Pil.'i. ucl.' II. :i! l.'.r f ..... I 1 !...-, ,i l.,r I' 1 . .,: Nt.i .. |.| * .-. >n *llllir<!n). lln- ?iid du| nt Jill) lir»l|.| l;i.l Prt.t J I Man .1 ti L..'irl. M 11 ' • * I i* tir-. l>. ' 'U "' < r IN . •( u \l I ..,».- T- ' ' I CTT C«n»rTKoL! ica'f* KAt HD yiroit«ft » • E-« l.I*U WKln ^. May will sod in U,r l Un> office until . M., to K rt>.if i.. >or[iut.8 of \\ eMs nnl and |.Unk cut and again, wh-n our will strive to make Iheir visit uiore pli-asam than the weather w«uld permit us to yesterday. . — Yusterday looming at half past ten o'flock^oiieof onr citizens telegraphed to his wife, visiting in Pennsylvania, to return Lome, and at half past one in the atternnon she arrived by the Chicago train The- distance is about 1 200 miles, and the lime, three hoars, (or a message to go, tnd the lady to reach this city, beats all tha telegraphing we everjheard of. LOOK AOAIS.—Tlie editor of tlie Waakesha Democrat gays tbat we have rnisrtpreseoted him- There must Iw some mistake in this, we think. Will our oolemporary look again ? BUCKLET'S SBEKNAOEHH.-To-morrow nigbt is tli« last cbanou our citizens trill have of hearing this famous band of Ethiopian Serun- aders. The crowded houses they have had speak well indeed for their abilty. eorge Reed,Esq., of the Oslikosli t'ou- riir, is in town, lie baa purchased new material, and will resume tbe publication of his paper 8t Cnoe. BKKLIS ITEMS—FBOM THE COUBA.VT.-T-AI the meeting of the Common Council lant week, the Berlin City Covrant was designated as "official paper of the city." The lovers of fun in this city have Introduced a new method of making sport for themselves and the crowd, on a sultry afternoon Filling a little engine pump with water they take turns in thoroughly wetting each other down. No offense la taken anr? uo row created. We were ahown the other day, by Mr. L». fler, a pair of steers which he Had recently purchased of Mr. Wakt-flVld, which nix- little tb i nicest of any we have seen in this part of tbe State. They are not yet four yearg old, but their weight is estimated by good judges at from 3,600 to 3,600. They are a picture of fatness. Pigeons are very plenty, and are a great annoyance to thu farmers. Large flocks hover around and light on the uewly sown fields and Boon pick up all the seed scattered over it. We heard one say tbat be bed to sow a fine lot of several acrei over again on account bf their depredations. Those who are fond of hunting have no diSculty in shooting all they wont. An; place where grain ia put in they may be Been in any numbers. The air IB full of them flying from ona place to another.— Watertown Den. Some fields of winter wtieat, in this portion of the State, werr so nearly destroyed, that tbe fanners have plowed them "over again and re-sown them with spring wheat—by far safest variety to raise in this climate, as experience bag proved. Other pieces have done better and are green with tbe rapidly growing grain. If tbe crops yield well, enough has been pat in to produce an abundant harvest And once more restore prosperity to the people. With deep solicitude wo shall all watch thft signs which. Ml us that there shall be gathered a hundred fold from tbe bounteous oarth. — Watertoum Dent. •• '.' .'.--• - ''.'-"•;• .— It seems we have -tbat most infamous of all things among us— au infant killer.' iwt Afternoon some chll- dren, if bo "won pujrtog near Blancbard'i brloi mill, jttoidentally. Discovered the body of aa jnfant floati»g JB the race. They gave • tbe alarm, ! and on it* being taken out it proved to be a fall grows fiut^neWrbarn-cbild,; which had all the appearances of having been fir«t •trangle4 And lh»n throwa into th«:water as the belt way of hid ng Ihe ib»me and ooDOMl- oftheanthoM of •aflend- ' falT* , A mare,be}onging to Jonathan Pound itt llw tovaof farter l»;thia county, was last nl«Ut ^ellyer^d of two •dll*;hoth-^p«{fcii^ Qtomu «J the other about oaa half ol the larger^ .T^BHn*. tttt uf the Cil.v Kn<iurt-r, un hlr ii er'i Oftte; s&ld work having l*«en ci Jrrc , Jam 12, l-a&", und o^c U>ard «f Aldtrman, J ur»t 1-4, JS5* K L'll tiAK.I>ISKH, C T» C.iMirao. HA'- 1-rni.s, i -1 We-Itursdaj. Maf 1'. l^'J. at II «. « . I t the follosrirjfr Dnlin>«hni «,.rk i.o r-ixcti >t n t •- H i. Ward, bttirt-eD Sycamore and Cljtxturn atr,. 1,1.1 cr*Af, ureel «T.Yelled. •IJ.-wnlkf [ilmtc . .r.n Butter p»Vrf,afltOb«!laa> In nc<-,.r,l«r,ce with I!-.- -.tunat* « frlio UltJ »BKlDe-rr. un file In tfils office; s uj <rnr« liar ..Will. r-l'r t-^ll tM,': t •.-.. I.- -A • ••TI-- --...U. Ii i.l '. . t i... ...i- ' ' I I. ck liunibrr.-.l II, .^11 ,-v.-:r ..; i* ir I .',[,(••, ... \l.. . , ,<, . r .. ri M-IK .1.1.. :IIJ 1 .-I ll- • » -. - •, ' ul^.l .-'.^r ::> Oil M i*^.il,..r. M..r.-i, ; i. I - . K^KK>ll Ll'll../ \ J L *.Mt rt U!'. I 11^ . PI'C<"AI;'>.. \ .-i.'ii M i .. u . ) I I .1 ,( 1 1 i > N I \ .11. l il i. Of III {'I re u 1 1 < on r l. M II ti it ti U . i I on n l > . li<- II. - I : ^ M ... l M : , .1 . r- - • , . I T ,»u..». :• . ., »i , • .t i , ..• .1 . •-'• ii.'. i. II ;<.. , „ . :.. „ ,-, - ,.' ' • - - •.'. in I . - •-'6, [ \>rei. orilered l.y lh(- Board of Cwunnli.ra, J u 1 conr-urrrtl Hi oy Uie U -aril .>f Al.le 11:1.1. J-./ •dn K L'H. UARUINKK. C»3i|.t ru l.rr ClTT ^'.'lirTlc'll.LJ-B'5 Lll , I. t ( , I onttlut IlrtiarliueDt. Maj I:'.. ]V,J f pruposalt will b^ r reived at tins ..tti, r ui.iu O Thursdftr, .May 19 KiQ. at 'U * M , f r '!.. n*: ih^ followlnc uDflnlsh«M work en Wixtli «l , 4ili VVarl.fioui Spring to H'ells n , r i. Thr .tre.i &M| . ji-« nd- , lo be trailed to the eslsb Ished pra.K, >..i- alk, furl ••A and plar-ktd gu't-.r* p«rtd, aceurdiuK t-j iti' «.-^- tima eol the Cliy Knglneer. »u flir In l'n» ..'tire. ^ald wors haTinjt breli urilerrd by ihe B^*r.l ,.l i:..ui.c:i ot.. Atig. IS, IS58, and concurred In hj t 1 e H.unli,r A. derman. An . ^ L, IS&a ra»yl3-dtl per |i ••'•.. ' -• .. ». I...I »1 I .ia ... I.:.' •! |.r--.,. -• - I « . i | l 1 • .r. , , „•.,-• • ' . '.I,,, i ill, tn . I...1 - - I.....i . 1 ' ... .1 . . I'. \:i. -'.. >• . -. i -. ,. •',• .11.... H H I Mi . •>uini'- r DRY LrOOD.^, i.C IN IM}\ I!' i.1 ION 5:> j-_ ;i i i» ~ in !<r\ i.i>,. I the II ,, r-.. M t. t - i ^.. pub- -ii- i n --i l r l.f tllr -.Ml,-!-. l - M..1 .T>|. J ,r. Ihr I'-.-t-tl ' . .1 r- • .1 O \i.| j i i- ., HI . 1' ,111,1 1 . M . - , - - l (Vui J ll - ' . ' • K. L'll U AUDFN > tt. C..m^ir. ll.r ' Crrr Contract Department, Milwaukee. May J4. .-* Or FICK, i prop) Hals vill be received at tins i-lbre un- i3 til W«dne»rt|l>, Mty IMh, 'i t v L.r Ji.inp ihe lol- lowing anfintsh.Jl purton<of the Fourth Warll, (rom rifth El. vis : The sldev/lks U) be curbed and planked, and pui ters paved, accurdlnff to the estimate of C ty Kn^inerr, OD file tn ihls office; nald work havmR leer. oriivr,d t,y the Board of Coonclloi,, July 4S«1. l*it. and cuncurrej In by the Board of Alderman, July 26th, lb£>S. msjlS-dtt^ K. 1/U. OARDISKK, Coroptr ill.r i IH.CCIT OOUBT, l County of Columbia. ( John Furlong ami ) Morgan forlonp, asjalnst John B Vliet, i Josi f i Billri, I Caroline C. \iiet, t sjninmns - fur Hi l.rf Wisconsin River My- . "(t'lm ml ierv,-,| | ilraullc Company, , EJward gpauldln)!, | Nelson Jojr, | Joilah A.Noonan, | Peter McNab and | Anjlcr JaCkloo J State of, I.. K.Iwaid ^paul.llU^,-, Nil^ou Juy and Anjler Ja / ksu.-i. Y OU are hereby Summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which will be hied in the olfice uf the Ulcrk of the County Court, -County ol Columbia, at the Oily of 1'ortap-, and to nerre a iCo t >y of your answer Lo the huid complaint on the subscriber at his otlice, In tbe C'ty of Milwaukee, vllhln ninety days after the'serrlee of this summons on yon, exclusive of the day of su--h service ; and If you fail lo answer the said conrplalnt within the time aforesaid, the plalntlns In this action will apply to the Ooart for the relief demanded lit 'he complaint. [L. S.] Witness the Hcui. Lt tnerS. Uixon, Judge. bated ipnl 6,1859. J. V V. PLATO, maylS-wlairCw Plalnuff's Attoruey 4G4] SHEKIlr'S SAI.I . [><•»« STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Coorl, Milwaukee C,,. Wlniecrled, Johannes Scbmuti, Frederick Wrhmntl and Christian SclimuU. against Joseph R. Trul, James W. Steirna, Uenjaniln t. Sliki, The President of thi Banners A Millers-' Bank, l>ei- Ur B. Brlttoo, EU W. \Vheelock, Horace U rrecman and Elliabeth, his wife, Caleb II. Patterson anJ Patttnttn, hu »He. JadRment Voreclosare. I N vlrta6 of &od pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled aoilon, dated March ft, 185», I sWll rtpose for sale and sell sjt Public Auction, at the Post-OIDee oa the corner of Wisconsin and MUtranked rtreeu. in U>e City of Milwaukee, on Sat. urd-f, tlin ntb day of 8c*tcml>er, l«>9, M tbe honf of i r. v., of that »ay the following described mortgaged premises or so mach^thereof as may be necessity to) raise the suaount of silld Judgment, Interest and colts, together with expenses of tale, to wit; "The sooth west quarter of section number fifteen il&l, in.township nnmber seven [1], north of range number Iwtnty-one IZl]«a»i, excepting nineteen and 12-100 acre hefelofore sold by Christian Wlmenrled and wife to Thomas U. Bldd e; said nremlses kelng situate In Miiwao- k«c County and Bute of Wisconsin * Dated Unerlff's Office, Milwaukee, March 10, E. BPIKOUBIKO, I marlO-lamCro-lsst Cwlsw eon SHEItlFF'S SAI.E. A.J.LANaWOKTBY, Sh'iT. MH. Co., Wli. - [Noiv "> » , ' ( Olrcnlt Court, Milwaukee County, i ' • Jame» 8. Brown, ' : against Ernst V. Hertberg, Joslah A. Noonan, Peter UcNab and *ndre»S]Keye. • ' Foreciorjir?. : . " ' IN Tlrtuelof and pursuant to a judgment renOered jn J. tald Court, In the fliove entitled action, dated January 13, 1863, 1 jhall expose fur sale and sell it public auction, at the Post Office lii the' city of illiwankec, on Aat«rtinrv tbe 2«* day of Julr. 1849, at t*e hour of 2 r. M. of that day, ihe following dncribed mortgaged ipremjsts, or. so much thereof sj may be oe- o ka|se the/amount of said judgment, interest snd.costi, toteUiiT with tbe eipenst j at sale, to wit: "All mat part of .the west ha'f of .th« sooth„ -cst quarter of section number nine (9), lo townsl Ip seren (T)i of, range tweat'-two (,22), boonSid "'TWlows, to wn:.eammenctnx at the soath;f eit corncrofrtid west half of the sooih- West qnarter o'section nine(9); ronnto* thence -. •east ni- Die «o«t» Oat ^bereptr-teb (It) chains; ttieice ftorth ten <10) chains; thence west ten (10) ebklia to trie'«e«t line ot the said onirttr •eottor, ani t*ence tonth Urn (10> chUns to the ' pl»ce«f beglKnint, eootmlolnfr Mn (Iu) acres, ' . soWecl, uoirettr.U ooe JwlT thewliih of a •fuajl,-<oll»e-»oinl»tn4wMtbonndarfes thereof, - 'Mid M ad: *eSut one, cgale IB width." • Pated R aiSf oAceV NUmukee, Jprtt 1,18W. i-.l n.1. ^l J -«;.:. .-III. 1 II J - ..-..nrt- » H -i. i i i \Vlltl«li' I* V 'Ut L . !>• In. i ' - ,' S ,-tate ! ^ ,«•-..-i» . 1 : • ll. • , .1- l I- I , '.- KJlab U. J M : at, , I'., .. tia U J.-J..II Y 'Ot' lire heret.v <<.ne-l 1I..I rr,,u.i..l I., ... swer ll.e ,-uniiu.i.M tn tin, a. -....n a-. I. * -1 '• tiled in '•!.• .ft..-e ••' '..'.e CL-rk ..[ i',>• ' , u 1 C ur: Court f-ir tin.- relief .|.-i;ianJe.l in Hi.- -.,ui|.l.-».-fii listed April H, 1 ^'>9 t" I'll AM t liKAH »M, l'..-».ni.i:*. Ai:.,rn^>- The »b.,ve n,e,,l , miplmut n ^, ni.l Af.r.1 DalrJ April il, IvVJ. CIRl.'L'IT CtU'RT. i Milwaukee Cnunl v . { Mamui-l 8. II. LPI1AM i irttAUA.M. ['Unit II'' Alt irne^* t, PUnil ri, ileriry M iller. Jul.ana XI.her. hnwil-. N ni k .re .-t -01--bus, ,»r Naiii e HtrMilena. Kphrum H. 11 irt-ll, I> I» U ill i am on. Jr.. Tri-a«urrr, J*i'.,,li .-. ln.rii'. N, Ulihnel B wrr. John Hlakely, William HUtclr. Uenry Ma,11 rd.Frcderwk Aitl.yi. U.-rman Berlin*!.. U,.nH v.thor, Charles Allhof. J,.lm H «an-«*«n, JMDM Kneeland, Nnvtl'y Ruhtw-r C.-m ;.:ui, . inj John U. A. Kern, DelVnd ml* The State uf Wi&copsln, to the above n.-vra.-.l .jefendaols Y OU are hereby guraTiimpil ind re^uir--,! t., wn-'wer the complaint In this action, which M tile,) ,n the ofllce of the Clerk I the Circuit C urt, for Milwaukee Conniy, and to serve a copy of yuur :»n.-iwer tu »aid complaint on us it mir ortli-e,-n Mi'eliell', Fn Mint, rrirner of MIchiuaH and • Water «tr#ei5, n ihe C t/ of Milwaukee, within twenty day* after the servu-e hereof, eicluslve of tlie day i>f such »erv,ce. »n I f *uu full to answer the complaint ss aforesaid, ihe plani- llflwUI apply to the Court for the relief demanded In j the complalnt- WltDe.s lion ARTUUR Hi ARTHUR, Ju.lj.-e of said Circuit Cour r , al Milwaukee, thiq lith day of April, 1S33. Witness Uie seal of said Court MATTHKW K.KKNA.N, Clerk PlLMEK i tfTim. Plamtil 's Attorney, .MilWiUkre, Wisconsin aprl«-la»fi« U.ROUIT COURT, I Milwaukee County, ) William P. Lymle. John Cumni'ni'S (John C. Gooilr <-h, John F. Birchard, Duncan C. Reeii.C. t. Fo te, D.rld M. M sner. John Cummlngs, Trustees of M Iwaukee Lod e No. 'i, ol the .-Independent Order of Odd Fellows,) ltreir>r Meniel, Abraham B. Wamer, Peter Kem-.le. The Olobe B&nk, William Smith, Uenry SenfUeben, Abr»- hsm Stelnbart, Lewis J. Claude, George W. Peckham, LealsB. Mack, Uermao 8. Mark, Leaoder M. llubby, Arthur Hughes, Samuel 9. Lester, Badger jtate Hank, Robrrt 11. Bell, James l.oniiworth. Char- leg Knap, John W. Butler, Henry Carter, JervU Lanplon, Samuel W. Uarnaril and David Al. Mlsner, Assignee. The State of Wisconsin, tu each and all the defendants al ore named, except the JcfenJont-i, John Gitniruluga aod- John 0. Goodrich : ' Y OT7 are hereby summoned and reqairetl to auBsrerthe complaint la this action, which was filed ID the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of the County uf Milwaukee, ou the 21st day of April. lb5U 4 and lo serve a copy 6f your answer to the said complaint, on the sub- scilbets at their office, Mos. 6 and S Albany Building, Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service of this summons on you, e-xclasive of the d.ty of such service; aod if you fall to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff tn this action, witt apply to lh« Court for the relief demanded In theicomplalnL Dlttd April 21, IK9. > FINCHES, LYNDK * MII.LEB, spr'iWawSw PlalntlfTs Attorneys. UO2] AllKHIJFI^S SALE. STATR OP WISCONSIN, I \\nlrr ! , .- t , • .1 f !NT C I '. - 'III. \ •> - I i , ,N I I- ,,.i I i I i, M I'll I K U \ . SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! J. IL..- 1 7 ^ l-',a: MIL" ll KKH-. > " '• - "•' j ., ..I-,I. i- • i" 1 - Latest Novelties ! THE I.AKi.KST A\l"l ST "\- i If .% Clrcuil Court, Milwaukee County . Aloazo Potter, ' ,, against' Jonathan Taylor, jcbabo i Smltli, The Farmers' ami . Mlllfrs' Bank and Oeorge W. Pecltham. .Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In salil Court, In the above entitled action, dated Oc- toberS, 1338, 1 sliall expose for sale awl sell at Public Aaetldn, at the Post-Offlee, In the C ty »f Milwsuikee, on Salitraay, lUc 2d day «( Julf, ISE». at tbe hour of 2 r » ,of tlat day, the following described moatg^ged premises or so much thereof M may te necessary to rtlse the amount of said judgment, interest* and osils, together with the t-ipenses of sale, to wit : "tot number t- o (UJi In Woe* numbertd eigbty- seyeorflj.'iathetourtfc Ward, of U»e Clly of Mllwaukeir, In lh» County of Milwaukee aad Elite of Wisconsin." - • DisJd Sheriff 'sJOffice, Mllwa.aee, April 1, 1(S». B»ow» * Ooo», ) A. J, LAN&WOHTHY-, ' I . BJwrltTMJl. Cfl^ ,>' M > r K UKKSS Is very full and ittriotiv^, eonliinin.- BU,%i «n.l < cy Mlks, Tl»sue». B»r«les, l)el»iren. Chit.Men, i^u Roh« •»' Quill, Brilliance. »•' . i - i N i K White Woods & Litien Will be fooni Urtir. Linens. Linen U:im:..ik. N»im n«Table UlotllS, SiMh, 1'oyV,, t'lUllhr'.M, J,. .i.etL-- C.iontrt panes, Kfabroiderle.-,, Kuri.iatiiiij II... .!». 4.- Ij ------ IN TIIK CLOTH DEPARTMENT la a full stock of Pr«?nch »nd Oermaa Cl.-th:*. C**!ii meres, Vestltua, L'oUonades, Denlmn, Summer StulN. Jeans, Ic. ^ IN Oil U ami i ,•• '.Nil I'KOTl! > \ i) ro M 3 K 1 * N !> Di3tiibution ni 7l) M.itfuirirnar Pnzi-s. MILWAUKEE CADETS ALBANY HAL.L. > 5 M-iiir. - n .i> -*7|!i t 1* 1 Hi H ,< I / J , 'l--l..r ' 4 I '••'.- 5 i 3 \ 15 f.f K JH AKLto .\ ' '1 K KIT ( A ii>() \ ; ' IL. I F* Ii ADVENTURES KIT CAliS().N. Th*? V»(t r ol th«' KtH'ri> )3(Hiii(.tiii N' ' i 1 ( r. J' ri I I \ s •• I- I ill,. l» t A hl'nl \TK|i iv -. • ' M . ,,i, • . . l - llex»r- J ..'.n f-in in: • -." !• . ML. .vi., -i t.l ,..i . . - i. \l i« i k-.-, M i v : V...I I a We tare a flnr assortment irf Brocha, Long ami Square. Silk, Stella. Pi Ir Fancy Bardcr, Cashmere, Ora t o SUawls, Utoth Dusters, Lace and Silk Mantiiu.i --j We h»ve also a fall assortment of j Hosiery. «lbve*, Ynniifc Not.o ,-, HOOP .SKIMTS. 13 OOO ' ,,UK«ub..-r.ber .if.— i '••"- '•'•'""' Xi ' r " I lndlH|>uliil> e. I'hey <r».|, 4 OUR JOBBING DEflARTMENT IS 0M05D1U.T SUM. OT AM- V»"S nt DRY GOODS AND YABHjEE NOTIONS, WWch wer «« offering to Merchanta, CH'EAP FOR CASH. J . L . U A V I S . . lit K«st|Ws.ter street, JIUw.altee. Title pi-rf.-i-l. Wurruin I $-J,3ll |ier *^r- »,l.l UK. i K. NOW IX* "l.iui-1 U'i'iit. ' !• >»• H »"•! i ;(-.>; t<> KK.N'l W K h.-,ve -ever ll llrl.-u .ml Kr-i-,,e II.,,,.-, on ™ry r.-,i,o,ml>,... term,. W ., l^ .-,!,. |r . >,. *al**, linpri>v,-l sm«l unimproved I'arros, .Sulni,.! L.nni> ic ^Vo li;l*e -W aiTc-* lit! ir Chi- City, ,v:Ch tli.u^t-. ItAru A . r.T the -mull r«nt ,>f $r,ll -vnd luxes. (HIKtiOBV k CO.. „,.. 1 -K4 Kust Water itru-l

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