Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 9
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 9
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iry ES el ss tremcly low included in tnoie. lator k-Jewel Cut ua Loraine e and colored re exception' Lai re: nn «!tl t [itijiiicnr ven- indivliluiil re- Inces .How i tiittt«r. Or II th«t i will i !g. $5.95 $5,50 ^. $9.75 $2.75 $7,50 frtne two DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930. -, I MASSES ffiOOPS TO NIP REVOLT SPREAD i Evolutionists C l a i m To Htve Cut Off Capital's Supplies I .1 RESERVISTS CALLED (Continued fr«i» TiiKi- OiM'l ;!!l^ri*t'"l''k''M In tr.lleh with ,,KT PIM( dinners. i HUM hnvi tici'ii cut OECATUR HERALD -n"! bolU'f heie huve pruelk-- . | 1H fn ' Hit n t h e l ffl1 ' l l " of i ' m ^'K 11 '" 1 '' 1 "- K '" 11 t f i r l l n f l ' 1 " U It. t h e lirmd" nwl Ihe K W provl"!"" 1 "^ "' f tl»' f 1 '' 1 "" 1 ' i ' -i. n i l - .·nnii.i.inllvclv LOHIE LINKS RUTH WITH CHICAGO GANG Independent Dry Candidate Says Vote For Opponent Is Wasted !! f u l f i l l Prv.1 1 CHICAGO, Oct. T-- A vote for tlulh Hnnnti MfiCormlck last April WAS ii vote for (ho "vicious city linll sung," ntiil election of this "machine." tlili fnll would brlOR "a vcr- Itahk rclBH ot terror." rattle Holnvtn O'Neill, liy Independent foi the Unllcd States Senulo Into Mondiw tfiUl n Fcnun mooting ot tho Chlengo Ctlv cluli. Mrs. O'Nplll. ort (lie eve of launch- Intt tier tUiwmttnto campaign, assailed th« 11 e| ub It con nominee's primary cnni|inif{n rxitriullttirtii and expicss. eil tlic opinion thnt "II N f u t i l e (o viile for Mil, MrC'ortntck. wlio uri- (incsllfinnblv \\-\\\, b c denied 51 H ettt In i l i e Sl'Hfllr," The Independent cnntlklaU ttted ihe resolution adopted In thn Sennit ( I n l i n e the Nrwlwiry case In which a .lent ivu( dcnlM the Michigan Scnnliu-rlerl. on nrrnimt «r expend- )ttii("t of $tO!OOrt In his eumpiilRn. which MM O'NeJM stiid "were HMgiit- Iv ttioie limn hnlf the n mount of MM. Meroi mien's cYpFndltui'ro" Conilomntn!,' the city halt nmclilne Mn. O'Neill iiilelMl t h a t "minola is In 111 i' thuiM of ix polllletvl upheaval Honest d t i / e n i air rising lo protest politics" I I C H h - M l M l f l l M OU lovnltv ll'i-v depend (lnlni KWKtl) M"ii C«l Ki,inl«" I I' ..... · ''·' I 1 '!""' 1 .HL ....... 4.' h,'hn.l - Hint tlv .-..iitlni; happMi If 111,, unrt Hi» fall tn |')lo th" ifvoliillon. lie | "tt'* Inue Iwrai" nn n ie,nlv l nitdi en Hie .Ji(il"l " n(l I"'I 1 ' 1 "* iat lei in*" | IL*1ie1 luKlm ( U i l i i i . i l Tue-Mlny ftfff mme "I"'' 1 " t'" 1 t fllt11 "' m M r vine luliuiiiii.' 11"' "»' I" n l l l l Til1 ' " , ,tir i «··!'· "iW *" '"· fir""" M i t n i l I'liriilivtm. nU tilom; NORTHERN METHODISTS TO VOTE ON DRY LAW Wrt.M UTTC. (! t, 7 More limn Cii iitiitfii" In tht' Rock vlvei- ponfei run- of tltinoU Method IMII weie i n i n n f e n e d in new ehurifea under n n p i i l n l n i P i i l t if.vl It outlay ft I the n m i i i - I n u nf t h n i\x tlnv ronferrwi* William Franlei Me- Hoover Invades Textile Region WtthRed Defy {Continued from Tugt On«) own selfish Interests la u destruction of equality of opportunity, Govern in business, except In emer- , is also a (InstructIon of «qua timl tho Incarnation o tyranny Ihiough buieaueracy. ""Tendencies of eommunlties t stntoi to shirk their own rcsponsl bllity or to unlfmd them upon th fodoral covernmcnt, or of the feder fil government to cncrmtch upon thi responsibilities of tUo stnte.i, arc dr slruellvp of our whole pattern o Heir-government." «f Tlie licueCltH ot American ship then wote pointed out by th President He f»Ul this cotmlry hn one-fourth move cliililien in gind wchools than Ihe most advance' country of TIuio))^; »lx and ono-hnl ttniM as manv in college* nnd wnl NCI ".Hies; more slmlentM of hifthc learning Ihnn nil the lest of th world: twice the number of home owned, four itmee ns much cleclric Ity used: ievon times us ninny milo mobiles; four times «s ninny tele phone 1 - ntid radio set 1 ; nnd -propor tlrmntrlv onMwtntt*th ns many people In the poor houses. N l n r l v p r cent of the men high stntlort now -were poor boys, continued, statlnK: 'l\vn iri(!uttoni wen 1 fldnptcd ti}' the Too nilnlitefs nnd Inymcn "f the rrinti'ifiicc nt Ihf r i n n l hu-iliitHi no* ·iSnn, our eondomnlns the :»ntt-J«ilooii Ihr si !!· i iiicvloiNv i l i i l t n i - U h j tfs tnitti""'li»iil i i mi' "In i l i n n r t t ' |n Sill. Minn* Ueviii-H. SLinta ('(ith. trlM unit CBKIII-I, "II In It'" u n i i M i 1 Jtilto c;in"ii. in i-im illicit,' Inlimd 'wrltwy ;mil I'enininlnicii, n ·''"- I l l l i ' " ! Mlt" "t»l" f" th|1 ( '"-' 1t Up ir ihi- Miitith A m e i l r d n con- i;io (iiniiil, ! Siil. M i i i i i l i e i i i i i i n d f |K- |.|iHIIIM"l llll'l lillllt'IHII lf li« ifi(il«(l"ii, wnv tin 1 wcin' nf In m . i - l t n l M i i Tm itlnv 'M" 1 r'-hrt-i inn in h.iv.i id Win nieii under in nti (I Mi i.llii'isf rdit'ititntly 111 tll« " VIM" ("f H" 1 ' 1 l r l V I ' "" i « f U M .mil « « · riml" Tri I l l - n i l « . t t l l l W f " f " "l (1 K i ' t e i n - ii'isi I n - ( i ) l l n i n t '«ve«il w i i r - i t i l i w In tt\ l i n i ' l ' i l « l i l i li-dinw " f t Ihi' («nt i l l I t i i - -il i l l ' ,irnl h i 1 ' l nli|ilatii' wi| nail time l i t fnild All-Kin. M'hl'IC thli KV(1lflJ"n llhilli, lr|)»ilr(l Id IWIVB i«-l(illl''1«'(l j'u ii(n.l'lniiiil i'"*etnmen(, Trin'|n Orin fur 'ii|itln[ Sniih of (lie ( . i j i l t u t , fitnl tciw-ird the ntfitr- llqimr nnd (lie olher i-iiilniilnc Iho fin- titioiiiploynienl n-llet spontuirc-il by (fovn IKK Iioiil-t t-. Kmnierson Action In tin- r.i!MM of tho Rev. Jnmt'M A Wlljmn, Mcndotn pnstor. f i e e on f»iiti! iiendiiiK » tlow ( l l ! 1 t "" imimlt r l i n r t J f i nnrt John A, T.i)jr'» n W n n v n , u n f i n i - U w l pnitor of Dn- HI (dfi'i-ied u n t i l peiKltufr l l ^ a l k i n In (lotfimlncil. The l e j i i U i l I n n rirmnndlnje tliut the ilimn Icticiif rocntnlder lit for non-liHiUctpnllnn In i h e n fntcntluin itt((nd nil !I,VM I n v n t a n n tlir iiiieitlnn. Tho Icnwiio liart con- leudt'd Hint Hu referendum wn! tx wel iiKH'cmcni. nnd hod nilterl t h n t i l i v Milni i l M l l n " t" expio»i I heir on lii' i i h l t n t M'in'ln)' hy the prt-Hlilcnt, hpenmo et- luitiki ami the higher tirade sichofils. A detdchrtent of Rli do Janeiro ·rljite jintlc'c rn|)tiirff) ItO stnto police nf MlmiJi Clemen nttec a dounler at- l i n k nr Rln f i e l o The town was l a h r n In' the federal police who cap- l i t r e d rebel nmchlnc guns. In the ml'representations o ,eiy, thece are today mor, for yountr men to rise, am for yrntno; women too, than ther ueio' thirty rears npi. "We shall not have [nil pqualil: until we have attained that mtlmat pcuil of oveiy dfrht thinking citizen -Hie abfilltlon Of poverty Of mm nnit home." Tlir npeeeti wns the concluding iiddiena In H icrles nf 'our made 1) Mr Hoover In the paf-t five days R hH indlioct i«n-t tn the Republican C\npn»wlon;vi entnpalKn Keystone of Northern Armies Defense Falls I l l n I l l l ( , : | f'l"«1 ·! SHANGHAI, Oct. 7--Chinese tlotiall'tt doopa have captnnd_ Chow, alratecic point on the llntifcan- rnUwny. (rom Lho northern fureei the R o v o f n m e n t announced Mo n tiny. Chenn-Chow la ronslderod the key- of the defense of the -northern In the PelpinR-Honkow area O'MHI.l. AIDK'S CAB STOLEN i fill !·»((, it /·(·«. 1 URNTON, Ort. T.-Police searehod Hiindny foi tiacf of tho car ot Itev J. t^iwrance Connolly of Gnlcsburff campulun Hide ot Mrs. I^otM* O'Neill Imlependent- dry candidate for the United SbUci Senate. Connolly's car was stolen while pm-Ked In n street nenr a hotel hem ('ampalgii tltcrahiro wni packed In the rear of (lie automobile. ' r \ . t! iniinlni-nl llo(«l«hed Snunit («l- ntl rnhinnii him 1 t n v u d c i l the rchrl jrtnincc of Minim (lemon nnd »r«- Wine fi-i llic "Lit'' rnpldil, Hello , une nt llv |Mnrl|»il wit* Ps! tlfi at Cm ii.icMin nnd fnlmvi'it. a i w h l i h He In tltt- inoiintalripn**- (h, i o n i c , i n i ' en|M-i-(ett nt t-iit (ii the o|p(»liu' nrmlcs j f l w I h l f i l I m l l l i - f i n i i t Ii Ihouwftflfi 1 (ttatlct to Mm d o i t l i w e u t In t h e Tn, jN(tii riiS)cr-|unfhii inir J u i i K l i 1 loii'l- ! P,un lien) I l l " fedi-Kil forcrs 'inpertfd In K'H'einnn'ni dliipftieh- tin haii, |,i|t d n.n I n l l l i i l tebel nt bin Til., U ' M . l H l l l . l l l ' l t H I K l V l c e j , |«k) hrn'c H l i l u l i i i u n f i m t t thi- vleln- ... c.iiiltal t" Hdi-ntilhen t h e i r [ink. A mini!,· i i*iii.,ifi nient l-i t h r f f i i e n - j ^ t i m tile wciiti-m lmnli-r of Itlo I drtnde no SHI where fcili'rnl forrcii to! (hi ivltiMi Hie n'viluHon broke M ' Cliilin* (·iinlllrllni; ( l i * M i [ l t ( l - n l l , In Hie fm-c of con- Wtom, nl t i n riiitiouritH'e Nlri-nj;ll ''ihn Muni nn(i K'lx'l iirinlei. The li-ili'inl ^'ni i nmi'nl eiin put WlKW InliM-d tiiMi Itidi [In- f k H IE **· Mid lii'i,. liv |,i-i HUH In elivie Vh wiih t:t i / i t ' - t tuilltitry t i f f n l r i i hiini io tiavy IO.- In tlie imnih nloiip. v m tiiln^ u p ilfatlllv ie«i-i\i i It l'i unl I -- i I In \ I ( *» Hut niiintu i n't ""' tcM fetcc 1 1 fnXi leierslil-i SAFE for COLDS from Prompt relief from HEADACHES, SORE THROAT, IUMBAGO, RHEUMATISM, NEURITIS, 'NEURALGIA, COLDS, A C H E S a n d PAINS Does not harm Hi* heart BAYER limucent . . . . . , i"i ih" n i u i x , h n n t h h i K r"M Acc«piai\li/" Bayer" package which cont«insprovondircction9.Handy"B«yer" · i ^u,: ;.t ','':''::',. ! v. u .r: ,, 1 ^ ^« * » ****· *» ***· * ** ** «*^B ^«^ ill (He weie n i ( , | n i i ( i l fur N Ricut Ihrrtdch fh* Ihe tiinlliwriitl in flKhl]ii K in Mlnii-i rd-ing; Uic rchct* fruiu wv- towtit ncnr the Itnpoitnnt hk.ii f11 * H(iliil " ?TM Jwilo. M i w w d e I* in MORANl WEDNESDAY SPECIALS MARKETS, INC. 146 MERCHANT ST. TENDER STEAK PICNIC HAMS \H 15£ BEEF BOAST 15s FreA Fith Butter £gg* Quality Merchandite FOR LESS BASEMEN Wednesday--Great Values Offered for the WHOLE FAMILY! New Silk Dresses ^^ 350 Entirely New Frocks, Copies of A ^ cw 0 nc New York's Most Popular Styles If It Rips! One Price Buys Two A Dottar and A Dimt Lewin 777 Union Mtde O'alls $1.10 CHIFFONS--GEORGETTES CREPE CANTONS- LACES TRANSPARENT VELVET TRIMMED CREPES Lovely Dinner and Afternoon Mod«U! Theater Frocks! Ensemble* Tailored Street Frockil Sports Stylei! Frocks with tier*, peplums, tunics, boltvo*, flounces, pleats, cowl necklines, lace collars, velvet bowt apd tiea, ballon sleeves, . .Black, . .and your favorite shades of brown, blue, green,, red tire here . . , TWO NEW FROCKS FOR $ 1 5 , , .Think how many more frocks this mle makes it possible for you to buy. Or if you wish jint one, they are $7.95, The Nationally Known "Dr. Daniels" Arch Support Shoes Dnnw in ,trv »u a nnlr nf thnso caintnrtnl]« "Dr. Dan- trf» rl Arch Shwit. wear them 7 diivs and nt tho nxnlriitinn of (hi* time tr VJiii aru not 100% snti(*tlfd--such a* cnm- fnri. nimlltv. tit -- tvo will chnorlullv refund vour munov or · now rmlr elvcn. Tho famous nationally known "Dr. Daniels" Arch Support Shoes are built over « ·pedal moulded last, steel arch braced, combination last, developed in the softest kidskin leathers. Their common sense leather heel assures perfect comfort plu» style, fit and appearance. Men's Dress Shirts --Men 1 * drew ahirls of broadcloth and madras. Collar attached. While and guaranteed fa*t col on. Si«» 14J to 17 fl ..,., Rayon Lingerie --Non-run rayon fabric and fine deluiterized rayon pantic», bloom m, vesti, briefi. In flesh, pink, »nd green. Wednesday , Pure Silk Hose --Women's pure tilk fashioned hote in all the new fall colon. Size* 8J to 10. Wednesday they ·r« priced at Boy Pants, Elastic Tops $ 1 .95 88 54' 54' --Boys' elastic top corduroy pant( in blue and brown. They're full' cut and have wide bottoms. Sizes 10 to 16 1 Outing Flannel, Yard 15 e Children's Hose, Pair 17 C --Short length* of heavy 36-inch shaker outing flannel, attractive colors and design*. Priced spe» cially just when needed --Children's combed yarn camel brown ho*e and Allen-A boy'» hose; Black and cordovan. Reinforced knee and foot Children's Lingerie --Children'* panties and bloomer* ot non-rim rayon. Tight and open bottom. Elastic waist, full cut. White and pink. Sizes 6 to 16 3 Pound Cotton Batts --3 pound near wool balls. Unfold* to full comfort size. Made of processed pure china cotton . . . . --or iirnvy S«t lilitf! Im. Miuln with hlb rtmtlnuoiiM hnrb, !»( li« two mitwlln piielutti, Itar titfkni. nlm^ to 41, O'all Jackets H.10 Lows Lcwin 777 717 i|««Hfv liit itcn I m. Trliitu ctl Hurt hftr Ist-krtl. A llnur on» If It rip* , . $1 Val, Chambray Work Shirt --Mm'* Hpnrtumaw itnd Itle Yank wvk #Mrt* nt hhtn rliiimliray, t\ \n\up*. Kiwi* 14 li* IT. Husking Glovea --Two thumb Itimklnr e'WM (hut, witr very 12 Blanket-Lin*! Jackets $f 95 --Union miulp, 33d Inchod lined Mllli plHltl flnntlel. rdeal fur Ut"W lrdn(y mornlne* ...... I Men'* $2 Value Flannel SHIRTS $^49 -- Min'pi Heiivy nnnnrt «hlrl*. SfMi^J) In IT. Cut. nra, groy liroun nnd tun, nt ...... Men't Zipper Front Coveralls nil*. mine* Hickory «trlp« Bnr wckwl »i»(t tri|lo Pitched. Kiw pair frrti H they rip For Wording Men Rivet Pants IMiwt FrwiUt nt MO 8»- Im, They'r* triple illtthud Mid h«v* four $t SJ to 42, $1 Balbriggan Union Suits -- Men'n »nlnn Suit*. Kent ruhirM. H pound. I»nf *tf?vt» anrl t* M. It 74 WEDNESDAY GROCERY SPECIALS PUMPKIN..3 cans for 25e Pinost PI* malwlal. Large 2j can COFFEE.-2 cans for 70c Do] Monto Brand. 1 Ib. cans COFFEE-_-_llb.pkg,29c Gushard'a, Our special Shop Here DAILY TO|LET T|SSUE 3 for 26 C and Save! Sootts. lOOO sheet rolls Malted Milk I Ib. cans 39e Thompson's Double Molted BEANS--3cansfor25c Michigan Navy, Clean SARBINES 2 cans fer I9e Del Monte. Lftrgc ov»l cans SALMON... 2 cans for 23c Alaska Pack. Tnll can -IStlACD'S BASEMENT Unadoertited Special PRUNES.. Ml pkg,2lc Ltbby's Fancy snla Clara Peanut Bitter 24ft 2 Ib. far Tastty Brand PEACHES...6caisfer$l Llbby'sorDelMonln. H«*vy syrup, L|f. 2[, Shop Hw* PINEAPPU..4MMfor$l DAILY Ltbby*. nlked, heavy syrup. 1#, 2) cnnit Ami SlVtl BAStMt

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