The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 28, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Saturday, October 28, 1916
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Constitution. VOLUME XXVIII 4Page 3 No. 293. TEACHERS FINISH CHILLICOTHE, .MISSOURI, SATURDAY, OCT. 28, 1916. [at Excelsior Springs for the past ten ( d a y s . Afler a short visit here t h e i will return to Excelsior Springs lor '. lew claja beloje going- to Chicago "What a change m Chillicothe since my la»t visit," exclaimed Mr. Her SESSIOX JUST CI-OSEI) A.Y IXTER. maD ' after a ' s h o r t o\er tile Tli e Adilr JUist Xjglit on "Thinking Forward" AViu, Good. The 1916 session o j the Livingston County Teachers Association, which closed Saturday morning, was pro nounced one ot the best teachert meetings ever held in Cliillicothe, an.l those who attended returned to then nomes highly pleased -with the exce-- lent program which was prepared by County Superintendent of Schools, J SVI. Gallatin. During the three days' session sev ·era! Interesting t a l k s weTe made bv r.otsa educators of the state and also ~by the local school faculty. The pro- business section of the city;. One could not believe that so much provenieut couid be done in ere I i ru- th c di.l length of .time as shown he not recognize South Locust street, there was such a change, and in faci the entire business section to some ex t e n t has been, changed He priteeJ tho p e r m a n e n t improvement lUucn have been made during- the past fe-v 3 ears and commented upon the Handsome new residences which have beer, built and are under course of con struction. PRESIDENT PLEDGES GREATER PBOBBESS Laws Must Fit New Life Mr. Wilson Tells the American People. HIS RECORD OF DEEDS DONE 1VH1" AVLv AUE FOIt A 'O. 3. The p u b l i s h e r of the Constitution was called over the phone recently by the representatives, ol the wet in- sram ot Friday was probably the be»l | terests from Sedalia, making i n q u i r y of the session as there were more ad dresses on the program. In the forenoon D. W. Clayton of the depart- Incut oC education oE tlie State Unt ·versity made an interesting talk a^ did President Ira Richardson of tin Maryville State Normal. Friday at- -any price because we had always anJ ternoon the High school section ot the program was rendered and the following made talks: Supt. A R Coburn, E. O. Harvey, Miss Josephm- Norville, Fred Lewis, E. A. Sparling are yet on the dry end of the issue The C o n s t i t u t i o n is dry on genera] principles. We realize that John Barleycorn is the arch enemy of h u m a n ity. We realize that the use of booze and D. W. Clayton. The Fridaj · has killed more people in the world evening program consisted ot a vio [ t h a n all of the lin solo by Hiss Dorothy She reading by Miss Flora Hewitt, music by the First Baptist Quartette and an address "Thinking Forward' by Ur John P. Fruit of William Jewell Col lege. . , ; The Saturday m o r n i n g session was composed practically of business. THE \\-JiATlIER. Rain tonight. Warmer southeast and colder northwest portions Sunda;, Unsettled and colder. Probably ran, east and south portions. U. S. Rights Upheld With Honor, Farmers Aided, Business and Labor Benefited, Children Protected --Women's Votes Needed. Shadow Lawn, N. 3., Oct. 28--To the American people Woodrow Wilson today gave an accounting of tus administration as their President. He "balanced his books" so that the record stands clear. Promises tullilled, great deeds done! That, in short, tells the story. And yet tlie story is not finished. Ollim 1 chapters in the great Cook of U n m a n Piogrcss remain to be written. It rests w i t h you, American Voters, to say w h e t h e r the man who began tlie book shall finish it. Here, in the President's own words, is a plain statement of what he, as leader not only of the Democratic party, but of the nation, lias accomplished iii your behalf and of what he plnns for your Inture--a statement ni;ule not nlone to the thousands who journeyed here, but to you and the hundreds of thousands throughout the country vho celebrated "Wilson Day." THE P R E S I D E N T ' S SPEECH. "My Fello\\-citizens: "This _ is called 'Wilson Day' only because for six years, first as Governor of Xevr Jersey and then as President of the United States', I liave been permitted to lead (h-st fl great state millions of widows and orphans. It j ancl then n great n a t i o n a l part}; along has driven its millions or toiling I the wa * s ot progress and ot enlarged mothers to the wash-tub and broken countless of millions of h u m a n hearts as to whether or not we would consider using p.ud advertising lor the anti-prohibition propaganda.. We ans -.verod in the negative, and i n f o r m e d their representative that we could not publish anti-prohibition matter a1 our life and the life of the world. 1 "Four years ago there were two parties in the Delcl \\bose programme was conceived under the influence of these great forces of progress arid ail- justuieut, the Democratic party a»K the Prof-iosive party. This year there is but one, the Democratic party. In the p r e s i d e n t i a l election of four years ago some fifteen m i l l i o u voles uere cast. Of these, nearly ten tinci a h u l l m i l l i o n s were cast for I h e cim- ! ilithitcs ol the two progressive parties. I only three and a h a l f m i l l i o n s for the candidates of ihcj HeyubilcMii party, rhe party \\hicti liaaered in [he old ways and fell nouo opthe now i m p u l s e ot ii new day. Mop; than two-thirds of the voters o f f the United Suites favored t h e n , afiil favor now, n pro- gramme whose object is to serve tire changing needs of humanity and progress. "The Democratic party was entrusted with the task. These po\\crlul COSTS MILLION AND A HALFFOR HUGHES TETK HEPUJBIJCAXS SFESTD THAI MUCH IX HIS B1SHAL/F. DEMOCRATIC SPEAKING AT COURT HOUSE TONIGHT Hon. James P. Boyd, Speaker of the Missouri House ol Representatives, will speak at the Court House at 7:30 this evening on the political issues. No one m the state is more competent to give the true history * i and facts dealing with state affairs. Democratic Congressional Cojiunltlet I He is an able speaker and he has aa MILLION DOLLAR EASTERN AVOMEX RET01lXIXG*|l AFTER TOUR OX COAST. Spend .$41,38S IMu-ing Cumpajyu. tlie forces of tlie new age n ere put under its direction. And antler that direction what have they accomplished? "They h a v e pur both the business i the country upoa wars, pestilences an 1 rnuiu, j j catastrophies in the world's historj combined. It has either killed 01 ruined for life m a n y of my warm friends. It deceives and blights that which it touches. It has made untold and the now looting Financial Credit Released. "They have released tha financial credit, upon which commerce mid prod u c t i o n alike detjeml, from the control of small groups of financiers and hankers nt tlie sieeulur!\e centers. l U y U u i l v i l ITcsw.i Washington, Oct 2S.--The demo .ratio congressional campaign committee today reported expenditures and obligations o£ *4i,3ijJ and contributions of bat !j.25,646. Contributions to the republican national campaign tund total $1,. C 6 7 . 7 5 7 to date, it was announced m the republican national committee's headquarters today. H. P. Whitney headed the list 01 contributions with $ 3 0 , 0 0 0 ; K T | Cranco, Jr., ol Chicago was among those giving $ 2 3 , 0 0 0 ; a nd Clarence i'ackay donated $20,000'; Julius ilosenvrald gave 5.35,000 Among those contributing $10,000 were Coleman DuPont; MortmiKi excellent record as one of Missouri's irost progressive legislators. Everybody is invited to come out and hear him. "They have reloased the commerce .intl i n d u s t r y of the country from the d o m i n a t i o n ot those who \veie building up their power by sellish and u n f a i r methods of competition. "They b . n e supplied those \vho \\isheil to conduct their business In conforiiijt) with the spirit of the l a u s with f n e m l l y guidance and delivered them from a nervous fear of the courts. "They have released our foreign trade from tlie shackles of a tariff contrived in the interest yf special groups ot tavoreil producers, and have created a Tanlf Commission Intended to s u b s t i t u t e p u b l i c for private influences, facts for theories and · " IB to a s t a t e m e n t by the treasure! pretension-., m all Cutui-e le^isla- I o l Ule committee. The c o n t r i b u t i o n s SchiIf; J. p. Morgan; Louis Roth child; Cornelius Vanderbilt. j Among the $ 5 , 0 0 0 contributor j I were Robert Bucon; Vincent Asloi) P ' ,f oy £ of James A. Patton. A statement Iro tional commiUeenian last night announced contributions to the democratic campaign of $ 1 , G O O , 2 S 3 . Expenses to date in the campaign t 0 elect Hughes totals i f l , 5 7 8 , 9 3 4 . C o n t r i b u t i o n s to the republican congressional campaign committee t u n d have totaled $316,930, accord DEMOCRATS GIVEN WARS! SOME IXTE1WCSTIXG TALKS. The democrats had another biy meeting last night. Before the speakers arrived at Farmersville the build., ing was filled and a few were stand, ing on the outside. The meeting was called to order at 7 : 3 0 and George W. Beckler of this city presided. Mr. Bcckler introduced the candidates, who made short talks in 'behalf ol their candidacy and the entire demo cratic ticket. Following the county candidates John C. Leopard of Galla. tin, democratic nominee for judge of the Thirty-Sixth judicial circuit made a short talk in behalf of his candidacy Following Mr. Leopard, James county, spealcei of the House of Representatives, way introduced by the chairman and he made an interesting address on state j issues. 'Mr. Boyd held the closest attention of the audience lor two hours. Following Mr Boyd, James C. | Mrs. Rogers to .Lead Choir. Many will be glad to learn that Sirs. Blanche Rogers is beginning her work in music in our city. She woll known to many, having 'been reared in this community and having been active in mu^ic circles. She has beeu We see its blighting effects before our very eyes day in and day out. It has caused innumerable wrecks with i a. countless stream of loss of life thru j the drunken engineer at Ihe throttle of a passenger train or at the whee 1 of an automobile. It has sent, its teeming millions to insane asslums- and poorhouses. These suggestion? form but a brief outline of the dia3- trous effect of "booze" turned loose among the people in the form of the engaged to direct the music at t h e , open saloon which is sanctioned by and regenerated l i f e which our peoph had so long sought and so long been held bad; from by the organized power of selfish interest, and because the great honor lias fallen to me of being chosen once more spokesman and representative ol tho men \\ ho mean to hold tho country to these ways of peace, h u m a n i t y and progress. It is of these forces that I shall speak and not of myself, who am merely their servant. "What are these forces? Whence "What have they ac- what is their pro- services ot the local Christian church and will begin her work t o m o r r o w , when she will sing at both services. A Jlig Weinio Hoast. A new form of celebration followed the local business college^ victory yesterday. Shortly after 7 o'clock the students gathered at Chapel Hall and ' a w or by the despised bootleggp-, who lowers himself to the very brink of groveling creation to prey upon the poor, u n f o r t u n a t e user of alcohol Hence believing as we do, what dif. fcrent position might wo he expected to take other than the side of prohi. bition. Ves, we are supporting the j Third Amendment, and "we hope to see headed by the college band, formed , 6very voter j n Livin g ston colmt y sup . a snake-line to the athletic field where the students enjoyed a "wcinie roast Outdoor games of various characters ·were enjoyed and an Oklahoma In-1 port it. We hope to drive booze out of the great brewery factories in St. Louis and elsewhere in the state and [immediately following it, for the dry dian dance, headed by Chief Hancock i torces n thg state to ^ K actiTe ^ was a teature of the evening. j r ,- osUiTe sllpport to t h e owners The celebration was held about m a m o u t h bon field. 3 re in the center ot the Firaymei- Girl. Edward Ij. Hamilton of Kansa; City and. Miss AHa M. Woolsey ol Braymer were married at the home of the oride's mother, Mrs. Lane Woolsey at Braymer, Rev. Frank J. Mapel of Excelsior Springs officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton departed Saturday afternoon for Kansai City where they will reside Mr. Hamilton is secretary ..treasurer of the Success Heating and Plumbing Co., of Kansas City, and is a bright and industrious young man. His bride ·was born and reared in Braymer and is a favorite in the younger societv circles of that place. Mr. Hamilton the brewery buildings in 01 a propagan. fla to locate in them great factories of legitimate merchandise t h a t there may be no loss to the owners of the brexveries and for the purpose ol giving employment to those who misrht be thrown out of employment by reason of the shutting down oE the plants. KAISER XAR.ROWTA- KS- CAPEO BOMB KX!'JX)SION . do they spring? complished, and gramme and purpose for the future? It is pluin what they are. They are the forces of humane, righteous, and patriotic purpose which have sprung up in our clay in the minds of those who perceive the shortcomings of the law ns it lias burdened in America and who look forward with purpose and conviction to a ne\v ajre in which government shall be indeed the servant of liberty and not of privilege. "These are men who perceive that American law has not kept pace with American sentiment; that our law has been holding us rigid and immovable, until class has bogun, in free America, to be arrayed against class; until what was legal has begun to play a more important part in our thoughts and determinations than what is h u m a n and right; and u n t i l America has begun to Ing instead of lead in reconciling what is with \ \ h a t ought to be. Dawn of a New Age. "A new age had dawned upon ns while those who were attempting to l i o n «ith rejimd to duties and restrictions on imports. "They h a v e made provision for the i m m e d i a t e a n d s j s i o n n i l i c development of our carrying tiudc on the sens. "They have" at List supplied the means by H h i c h the n a t i o n may be b o u n d together, i m i l e r m l l y mid spiritually, by a n e t n o i k of sood roads upon wlilcti both commodities and sympathies may mo\e Cicely from community to c o m m u n i t y . "They have put the farmer upon a footing of perfect equality with business men and men of all other callings in respect of ins access to commercial c r e d i t ; · h a \ e placed a great bureau uf the '-Uovernrneut at his service in seeking and f i n d i n g his best m a r k e t s ; h a \ y protected him by the establishment of do/mite standards in the sale of his products, uml have put the s c i e n t i f i c knowledge ot llie \\orhl nt IILS disposal by practical demonstration nt the expanse uf the Government upon the farms themselves. Have Emancipated Labor. "They have emancipated the laborers of Ihe cotinny from the unjus- titied restraints w h i c h the courts had put upon them by mistaken ayplieu- tions of old l a u tu new circumstances and condition^. "They h a v e released the children of the country m large part from h u r t - ful l a b o r ; luise sought to safeguard the lives and the h e a l t h of our laborers in dangerous occupations; ami have put agencies of the Go\ e m i n e n t itself at the service of thtjs-e who seek employment. And most ot these Had Been Visiting Western .States In. "91 structing Women to Vote for Itefent of Wilson. At 3; 48 Saturday morning a spe.__-?l cial tram de luxe passed eastward , -;5 thru Chillicothe over the Burlington." '£% It was a million dollar special train''' 1 ?? traversing the West^vith the wires', i|-| of Wall Stieet multimillionaires. The -3§ special train left New York City s eral weeks ago on a tour from, the At.'- f«S lantic Coast and back again for the , t: 3|l purpose of instructing the women off "-"'£% the West how to vote, believing- th ignorant of knowing how to cast tlieir,',*,|ij| ballot. Some of the well known' fe- 1 male politicians who desire the, feat of Woodrow Wilson, who were members of the party were Mrs. Mary ~"7^i; Harriman. Humsey, Mrs. Robert Ba--con, Mrs. Bernard H. Rider, Mrs. W H. Crocker, Mrs. Daniel Guggenheim"/ 1 Mrs. Cornelius Vandebilt, Mrs. Harry '';5;SI| Payne Whitney, Miss Maude Wetmore- Mrs. Alice Roosevelt Long-worth and others. ' Already it appears the good women of tho West do not receive this van v :uard of the leisure class with unmixed enthusiasm. A leading attor- in Idaho writes concerning this Raney made a fifteen minute talk j n | s c n e m e: were Irom 2 , 0 7 3 persons, an aver age of $152, be said. The campaign f u n d s to the republican national committee this year have come- from 2 2 , 2 2 6 contributors,) the r e p u b l i c a n statement announced, while f o u r years ago only a little more than 2,000 names were on the contribution list for the e n t i r e campaign. An average of about 500 checks for 'SIO each reached the treasurer daily the statement said. A high record for sma.ll contributors was made on October 13th, when 1300 checks for f l O each were received The demkicrajic statement given out last night showed 41,832 con- t r i b u t i o n s received. I'rolubitiim Tonatioiis, Chicago, III., Oct.- 2 8 -- C o n t r i b u - tions to the campaign f u n d of the P r o h i b i t i o n party amounted to $"44,- ·behalf. o{ the democratic ticket and especially the county candidates. It T^as eleven o'clock before the meet adjourned. Dennis Wolfskin and his orchestra was there and entertained the crowd at intervals during the meeting. Among those who were from here to attend the meeting were Z. B. Myers, H. B. Hewitt, George W. Beckler and J. E. Watkins. GER.VAX STKOY1XG X BE- O D D according t o 5 statement made public by the national coni'Tnittee hero today. FAST MIJTX I B v Unlln] rn--«. Minneapolis, Minn . Oct. US -- First grade f l o u r reached $10.65 per bar- iell on the local market today. a Constitution Want Aa. Iy United Proti.l I London, Oct. 28.--A wireless dis- | l.atch Irom Zurich today said that lead us were stumbling along with j things h a v e been done w i t h i n the their heads over their shoulders,' in- I br |«f li , l " lt -, s .,° c .? s ' n s'e administration, tent upon preserving the conditions of a day that is gone. America had changed and the whole \vorld had changed. Our commerce and Industry hail grown to such a bulk that the domestic markets of which our former leaders were always so solicitous | were glutted and we were bound, un- [ less we were to burst our Jacket, (he Kaiser recently escaped d e a t h / to find a free outlet into the markets when an aeroplane bombarded his train. The engineer, the dispatcher said, was killed. secured, the necessary legal doc\i. meats o£ Recorder Harry Gilbert. Colorado for AVilson, Miss L-izzIe Bryan of this city" received a letter from Mrs. Frank Cani- yor ixmcATii! CH? 1 U n i t e d rrCNN.i Washington, Oct. 2S.--The Interstate Commerce Commission today instituted a nation wide investigation eron of Colorado Springs today, s t a t - j into the ear shortage situation, issuing t h a t Colorado would certainly mg a. call to all carriers to furnith give "Wilson a tremendous niaioritv j complete int'oVmation ot the condition The Camerons formerly lived in t h i S j t i J o a their lines. city. Mrs. Cameron said: "TVUliam Jennings Bryan spoke here the other evening and we \veni plenty early too, but could hardly ,get standing room. People kept coming' in such large crowds that the police closed the doors for safety. As n any were turned away as got mtc the hall. Cars were 1 ined for Vocks each way from the hall, ^sd- dv- was here yesterday morning", stopping at the depot for a short talk Only a few went to hear him. irany prominent republicans here are com- Cavil o£ Thanks. The kindness ot" our triends in our of the world. The time had come when our commerce needed freedom and would be throttled by further restraints. "We had acquired foreign possessions, had been drawn into the politics of tlie world, had begun to play a part which could not be played by provincials, but must be plaj efl by citizens of the great world of nations. And yet we had not altered our policy or our point of view. The great European war has served at least to show us this one thing, that the world bereavement will be a lasting: memory, and we wish to liow our appreciation. We are sincerely t h a n k f u l to all of the friends of the family lor the beautiful a oral offerings. W. p. and T. J" and families. Patterson CARLYJ,K BIjAClOVEXL AT THE MA-IESTIC TOMGHT I or else disturb the lives and ernbarra itself has changed: that it had be-| come at once too big a world and too little a world to submit its des- i tinies to the hostile rivalries and am- j bitions now of this and again of that member of the great family of men; too Compact, too Intimate in its contacts, too universal in its way of intercourse, to make it any longer possible to limit the effects of any nation's action to a single, separate "Ami stilt tlie great work is not niiislu'd. It C f i n never be roundod oil' and concluded so long as circumstances change and the fortunes and r e l a t i o n s ot men shiu and alter. The question you liuve to decide one ^ uek from next Tuo^day is \\htitlier it shall be prc'maturely interrupted, perhaps for a generation to eome, and all tlie generous forces of the age and of the world thro\\n back upon themselves In discouragement and confusion. "The programme remaining is as great as the programme accomplished. The procedure of our courts is antiquated and a hindrance, not an aid, in the just a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of the law. We must simplify and reform It as other enlightened nations have done, and m a k e courts of justice out of our courts ot law. We must seek and find the means of bringing capital and i labor to a clear u n d e r s t a n d i n g of their common interests, which arc no other than the interests of tlie nation itself as n community. We must release our great undevelopedv natural resources upon some sensible pltin of use and conser\ation. Need Votes of Women. "We must recruit the votes of forward-looking men by the votes of women so that we may have a fresh insight in ail matters of social reform and move more certainly and never again he sorvetl oy nggrosslon ; the interest of no nation or group of nations can ever again he sorved by aggression. The contests of jealousy are as bluer and us dangerous as the contests of arms. Must Press Reforms. "The world mijt henceforth seek the means ol accommodation, not Uie means of arresting quarrels merely. The nation we love and serve must be among the first and tnrcmost of those that rise to the new ideals with^sjjirit and well directed force. "Such is the prospect, such is the programme, my fellow-otiKcns, to which \ve look fonuird, to which it is oiar purpose to move forward with enthusiasm and irresistible ardor. We will not pause in the midst of our task. We know that we stand at one of the most critical junctures in the SEVERE ACTION ON All BATTLE FRONTS nUSSO-KOJAMAXS ARE STILt IX irOPEl/KSS FMGHT. French. Cttjum Successes on the Ver_ dun Front--Cannonading in the Soinnie Region. ( B y UulU-41 l*rc»N.) London, Oct. 2S.--Continuing their six days retreat in Dobrudja, the Russo-Rumanians are .showing signs of demoralization under Gen. Macken- j sen's swift pursuit, the German war i office declared todav. The p u r s u i n g armies have brought in 500 stragglers, cut from the main Rnsso - Rumanian columns, several m u n i t i o n columns and a quantity of baggage. The defeated forces are offering lit. tie resistance and apparently are re. I heating in haste. la statement says. The engineer of The Bulgarian war office announced ^e train speeded up when he saw the "I read with deepest interest in tha preparation of the silk stocking poodle dog feininine brigade that is soon ' to start on their million dollar special across the continent to^. awaken the enthusiasm of the mothers and women who are carrying the burdens of our national greatness on their shoulders to vote for their idol, Hughes." · The early hour prevented any of the local republican, friends from be-; ing present at the station to greet them, however their visit probably" would have been resented as the jt'nketles -were in slumberland at that time. SHIPS. . London, Oct. 2S -- Nine Norweigian vessels have been sunk by German submarines within the past 24 hours, said a Christiania dispatch today in the campaign directed against Norwegian shipping and as a protest against Norway's decree refusing submarines admission to her waters. The Christiania newspapers are urging the government to stand .firm and not be coerced by the German threat. VILLISTAS ROB PASSEX. GERS OF MEXICAX TRAINS, (JIT United l'rc»«. El Paso, Oct. 28.--Four passengers-were killed and many wounded when s. Villa band fired on a train at Mon. terey, which arrived in Juarez today, the capture of Herzova, 213 miles north, northwest of Vernavoda. On. the Transylvania front Falken. hayn's armies are making fierce attacks at several points, the Russian war office officially announced this afternoon. However the Berlin of- flce claimed only the capture of a R u m a n i a n position on the heights of Gronstadt, tho unofficial returns from the German capita! said that Falken- hayu is nearing Sanaia and Campo- lung. Bitter fighting went on. both the Somme and Verdun front. The Preneb war office reported the capture of a quarry northwest of Ft. Bouambunt, ·but the Berlin official statement re- banilits approaching and Bring fol. lowed. Another train ahead had been stopped and the passengers robbed, it wag stated. sphere where the rest would be un..touched." "An inevitable partnership of interests has been thrust upon the nations. They are neighbors and must accommodate their interests to one another, more promptly in the solution of the The big double show at the 'Jlaje.i- ing out for Wilson." I tic Theatre tonight will present Carr?. Cameron are r e p u b . i l y l e Blackw ell and Ethel Clayton in Mr. and ^Vt licans, but both -wiU cast votes for "Wilson. Kesident on TTore. a -wonderful five act Brady feature picture entitled 'His Brother's "Wife" r. beautiful story with a thrill in every scene and a happy ending that will Sidney S. Herman, a former well; bring you back to sunshine. la ad- knov-n Chillicothe young man. now · dition an entertaining two reel com. the fortunes of men everywhere. No wonder that in such an age men in America should be cried awake and feel once more, as they felt them in the days when their great republic was set up, the compulsions of humanity and of justice I Squaring Laws With Life. "There are the freshening \Amds blowing out of the life of mankind of the Washington Park Garage Motor Co. of Chicago, ar- *Nrived in. the city Saturday mornina He was joined at edy picture will be added to the everywhere:, that have brought on a week-end program which will start at 7 : 0 0 and run continuous until eleven wil' i for a short star. He -was jomea *·» o'clock. The admission prices 1 noon bv- Mrs. Herman, -sv-h 0 has been | lemain ten and fire cents. 'SPAPERflRCHlVE® _.,. many new problems of society with w h i c h the law must henceforth deal. We must u n i t e the Americas, North and South, in a new sympathy and co- oporjuion. "Y*e muvt sccU justice and the right ' through every channel chat offers; j tintl \ve ninst put America in all its j force, in all its wealth, a l i k e of phys{ icul po~\vcr and s p i r i t u n ! c n t h n s i a m , | iit the service of tlie oilier nations of the \\ orhl v\ I t r n peace comP.S on the other side of (he scn=;, to ruuUe th:it iiermaiiL'ni by osUihhhitii; it on the everhi'mrHj fmimlntion* o1 n^ht, cooperation, equality and justice. These things we must do and all else that may serve m a n k i n d . "And our motto must be CO-OPE-RATION, the union, not the hostile rivalry, of the forces of society within the nation and within the family of na- history of the wor'ld. when all hopes forferi the repulse of French attack£ on the Verdun front. The German \var office also mentioned violent French and English, attacks north of the Somme tho both the, British and French war offlceb declared there was only cannonading on the froni (last night. The Russian war office admitted the loss of positions on the Bistritza river heights to the enemy in a sharp fight in G'alacia yesterday Berlin also announced this victors and claimed the repulse of Russian attacks west of Ft. Lutzk. Just received new pattasns in picture moulding at Sauer Book Store. hang in tho balance. "We -will suffer no man, no body of men, through timidity or fear or jealousy, to delay or hinder or embarrass us. Reaction can have no place of tolerance amongst us when all the world waits upon those who plan justice and progress. "I summon you, not only to sustain, hut to swell, the hosts that have their faces now set towards the light, their eyes luted to the horizons where the dawn of a new age begins to brighten; anri I summon you with confidence, with a certain expectation of the part America and her great people are to play when the dawn bioadens into MEXICO KNOWS OF COX- SPIKATOHS IX EL PASO.. Washington, Oct. 2S. -- Louis Cabrera, chairman of the Mexican Peace Commission in a statement issHed today thru the Mexican news bureau, called on the United States for stricter enforcements of the neutrality laws and the deportation of Mexican conspirators known to both the Mexican and American officials. VILLA AXD JITS MEX MARCHING ON SAXTA KOSALEK fny United El Paso, Tex., Oct. 23 -- Villa with a large part of his force today is marching on Santa Rosalee, atont SO- miles south-west of City, after cutting the Mexican-Central railroad line near Ortiz yesterday, hinder pursuit, according to advices to- American authorities here. 5 i S i SSt$ ) S'S'S' i ^'^ S 4 : J J S S ' : S ^'* DEMOCRATIC SPEAIttXG BATES. new Jay in American politics. We have looked once more very critically at our own faws and our own practices and have set about to square them_ with the .actual conditions of tions. The interests of m a n k i n d can ' fS'^-S'^ 1 ? S '5''3' S c S'£ i 3' ( ^5 J '*-' ( S Q^- · The folio-vying dates are for County Candidates. Wolfskill's String Band will b e present. Leaton School House, Saturday October 28, at 7:30 p. m. Hon. James Boyd o£ Monroe county. Speaker o£ State Legislature, will also speak at the Sturges, Farmers-fine and Leaton School House meetings. Hon. Roy Rucker -will address the voters of Livingston county, as follows: Springhill, Monday, October 30th at night. Sampsel, Tueaday. Oetobei 31st at night. Mooresville, Wedneday. Xovember 1st, at night. Hosman School House, Thursday, November 2nd, at night. BETJC1XG13T5 ,rVKY NOT AGREE OX A AT5KDICT fn-v United Pr»"«iO Newark, N. J., Oct. 28.--After 22 hours deliberation the jury that sat in judgment In the case of Mrs. Margaret Claire Beucinger, charged -with the murder of her wealthy husband, this afternoon reported its inability to agree and was discharged. ATTEMPTED TO ASSASSINATE PRIME 5HXISTEB HXTGKES. Melbourne Oct. 28. -- An attempt s made early today to assassinate Prime Minister Hughes at bis horn/.' in Kew, Victoria, but the attempt tailed. A man forced a window in the Prime Minister's home and fired a revolver at Hughes. The saot missed the Premier. The man leaped to the ground and fled. SPAPERf

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