The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 1, 1971 · Page 11
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 11

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 11
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Governor's Wife Dates Open House Address CLEARFIELD — Mrs. Calvin L. Rampton, wife of Utah's governor, will be the featured highlight a special program noting the facility's fifth-complete year. speaker at the fifth anniver- DCriDI c 1K ,w, T cn s£y open house at the-Clear- PEOPLE INVITED field Job Corps Center Satur-1 Invitations to the open house jhave been sent to the Job Corps headquarters in Washington and the regional office in Denver, local, state and county officials and to civic organizations in Northern Utah,, according to James G. Bradley, center director. , In reviewing plans for .the j event, Mrs. Rampton said, "I'm jvery impressed with the steady j growth and improvements that ]have been made by the corps-, i men and the staff. j | "The value of this center can; seen in the support Utah The annual event will be open to the public from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m, Mrs. Rampton will address an expected 500 visitors and 1,000 corpsmen at 3:45 p.m. to Intruder Flees With Goods As Couple Returns CLEARFIELD MRS. CALVIN RAMPTON Open House Speaker ^ We/come Wagon Uiui^AJU? iJ&ULJ — A Ui.CcU uciu ***- -w- — —— ~~r£ - ; " . couple surprised a fleeing bur- ^es^and ^gencgs now give Hosfess NameC f ,/IA,, T"UfiTT/l*sii- at- tJ-iDir tnfmllP , ._-_•_ - ^ ^!ii__ »» ~ni—T-)- Green Belt Inaction Criticized Standard-Examiner. Friday, Oct. 1,1971 11A LAYTON—Air Force 'officials don't want to define precisely what -they favor in the proposed Hill Air Force Base,,-." green "belt" because they hope to halt development there, a prospec : tive developer told the Layton City Council Thursday, night. •vate property without just compensation. ..'.':- . Mr. Beesley, who said he had served in the Air Force legal department, asserted the .military could solve the whole problem, by'condemning- and .taking over the' • approximately - 3,200 Beech Adams, who has a tract acres involved "for less .than which he had'the cost of one of their smaller of 31 acres on asked rezoning from agricultural to residential suburban, agreed to study the possibility of using present zoning to pre- one-acre home building The council said it would put off action on the rezoning request to give "Mr. Adams time to check cost and other factors. CURB, GUTTER pare sites. 'fighter planes." He- said their'lack of action in defining 1 ., what would be acceptable under the green belt leads to a deflation of land values there, which .the Air Force wants if it intends later to take over or obtain some kind of easements-^on "the. land.. HEARD HINTS Mayor Lewis G. Shields said 'both Layton City, in which .about glar Thursday at their mobile home, but not before the thief training in our cities," Utah's first lady, added. CLEARFIELD—New Welcome nome, OUl noi UGJ.UIC "«: u:*ti nrsi lauy auueu. I ^j^.^«~~. escaped with over $300 in cash! Following Mrs. R a m p ton's; Wagon hostess is'• Mrs. Eldon d eoods -i address, a-free drawing for door | (Bobbie) Holland, the Chamber Mr" and Mrs. Louis^eUan ^"J^^ who reside in the Harmony in C i u d e fiberglas canoes, a gar- "munity by providing fam- Trailer Park at 75 W. 250 N., den shed, flower boxes and -aL^ w jth civic • religious and told police they returned tojnumber of plastic items, all, commercial information, their mobile home about 10:15 fabncated at the center. Persons interested in PEN SET " ' - -- -. their mobile p.m. Thursday to discover aj . _ Persons interested in having service, or firms wishing man running out the front door. Clearfield Police Officer Richard Davis said the thief made| Ther. „ , off with $300 'in cash and twcj corpsmen between 16 and 21 coin collection sets, valued at years old _ enrolled at the-Thio$10, after ransacking the trail- kol Chemical Corp. facility^^ er's bedrooms. I The Bettens could provide no! description of the burglar, but Officers Davis and Steve Hill today were investigating footprints left near the mobile home. . _, Police said the man gained i entrance through an unlocked j side door. Each adult guest also will be I to .have their message carried given a pen set, Mr. Bradley personally into private homes, 6 •' • may contact Mrs. Holland at currently 1,200! 773-0595. iw assistant,. Mrs. L. J. Mock, may be contacted at 825- 4C52. SCHOOL OFFICE HOLDS KEY TO PART-TIME HELP CLEARFIELD •— Business firms having need of part-time office Jielp are invited to contact Mrs. Pat McFerson of the Clearfield . High School Cooperative Education office. The office can provide high school girls who are trained for all types of office work and who need "on the job" training, according to Chamber of Commerce officials. More information may be obtained from the chamber , office, or by contacting Mrs. McFerson at the high school. Interviews can be arranged. Open 7:OO p.m Show at dusk PLUS CO-HIT lvt , . "THE LOST CONTINENT" Sat. matinee 1 p.m. BOX 7:30, SHOW 8 P.M. V-*-* 4 4 • 4 A poll of the council brought wwm ^t*j w*- —"-j, **- _-—— —. agreement that for the one-acre two .thirds-of the proposed green lot development, Layton wouldjbelt lies, and the developers are insist- pn curb and gutter, but -"victims of the situation- and accept'a lien waiver on side- ------ ^^^^^^^^ j walks for the 200-foot frontage lots proposed. Mr. Adams and his legal counsel, Wilford Beesley of Salt Lake City, said they felt .concern about the government action in proposing a green belt south of the main runway at Hill because it would limit use of pri- will '"have to tread lightly" until it^is worked out. • The mayor .said he had -heard within'the .past week .of .hints that something definite may be coming quite, soon from -federal sources on the green belt problem. . He added that if the .Adams request for rezoning were approved; other requests would almost certainly come to the council for similar action. -The Layton -City Planning Commission had recommended rejection- of .the Adams rezoning petition citing as "reasons that the 'area doesn't meet noise level-requirements and that there is.'no evidence of a need for rezoriing in the -area. : . < It also recommended making .a study to' define needs in the William Day ""* noted that the planning commis-1 Councilman Day said'-Jlr.e sion over the years has favored;council had agreed '"a-'-while the low density concept for the| back » tQ hold to prese nt' zoning land just south of Hill AFB,_but!- ^ area ^ that would that he favors a more realistic agricultural zoning than the present one. .- Mayor'Shields said he understood the 1973 Air Force budget may include funds to get eass ~— j ~~ —-- ~. ,— . °., .cnanHes .uvuj. i ments for the green belt area. cultural__sUtus. I in the area and that woulo permit one acre sites. ._•••"".'. Councilman John A. Baker said the green belt tract is directly in the flight path line and "he would be opposed, to .changes from thcv present agn- Idaho. Finance Chief BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Tom D. McEldowney, a veteran of 13 years experience with the department, has been appointed i commissioner of finance for< Idaho. Councilman D. THE MOVIE : HOTEL BEN LOMOND Open 6:45 Shows 7-9 •* The runaway bestseller is on Ihe screen. 4 SeanConnery The AndersonTapes V-*-•*••*•••••< Adults $1.25 Today thru Tues. Clint Eastwood "THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS" G«o. C. Scott, J. Woodward SHOWS TONIGHT 7:00.9:00 Matinee Sat. 1 p.m. Richard Boone "Bis Jake" A CINEMA CENTER FILMS PRESENTATION TECHMCOOR 1 * PANAVI$ON«A NATIONAL G£NEBAL PCTURE3 ttUASE NATIONAL GENERAL THEATRES KNOW SHOWING! LAYTON 96 NO. MAIN "WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A NAKED LADY" (X) plus "THE STATUE" (R) Box 6:30, show 7 p.m. Special kids shows Sat. 1 p.m. Ladies' Nits Thursday's BUNNY O'HARE These are the Daughters of Darkness . . . They are waiting for you — Open 1 p.m. Sat. and Sun. 6 p.m. weekday* "LITTLE BIG MAN" Dustin Hoffman 'MRS. POLLIFAX—SPY" Rosalind Russell If you think these ladies are something. Wait until you meet MOTHER, she's something else! RESTRICTED Under 17 requires cutompnnyin Parent or Adult Guardian JAMES H. NICHOLSON .-o SAMUEL 2. ARKOFF n.tH»r THE/R FORM /$ Wecknights from 7 p.m. Weekends from 1 p.m. Open Week ends. Continuous 1 p.m. Qpen 6:45 THEATRE Weekdays. "AIRPORT" plus "MRS. POLLIBOX SKY" Tuesday is Ladies Night NORTH STAR II '• DRIVE-IN OBIGHOM CITY MI-WA» Box Open 7:30 | "Bunny" 8:00, 11:15 "Mama" 9:40 itipimi&$Aite s^iiM^wmm^m^m^m^ WAN A » j-u 4 or ROBBERY MOB The INCREDIBLE'SAGA of. "MA" BARKER- SHELLEy WINTERS-Bloody N f5]<ftz< PAT DON DIANE HINGLE-STROUD-VARSI Opens 7:15, ihows of 7:30 and 9:15 Sat. matin*« opens 1:00 p.m o o "c .c: o "' Joseph E Levine presents a Mike Nichols Film starring Jack Nicholson LAST BIG WEEK Carnal Knowledge' \s one of the best It is-o very funny and very cruel and very sad film. Mike Nichols uses the screen as it has rarely been used heretofore. Arthur Garfunkel and Jack Nicholson are Superlative. Unlike too many of today's films, 'Carnal Knowledge' lasts beyond the watching; .it sticks to the mind-ribs and bears long retrospect. The film IS brilliant." —Judith Crist, N.Y. Mogozme CQ CD CO to Q_ 0) CO CD JU rr o CD O -o CO 03 O o CL Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson, Candice Bergen, Arthur Garfunkel, Ann Matgret and Jules Feiffer. Carnal Knowledge. 'Carnal Knowledge' 1 have experienced only three or four movies that I was genuinely sorry to see end. 1 was sorry to see 'Carnal Knowledge' end!" —Vineenf Canby, N.Y. rimes O) c~ en CD JO UJ 0 CJ <fi o •5"' 0) CO CD o CD | CD a. iO CD SHOW TIMES: TONIGHT 7:1 5 and 9:30 SAT. 2:45, 5:00, 7:15 & 9:30 Phone 393-7276 STARTS TONIGHT! O GPJt«Si BSS-- CrMRLTON H6TON WJLTER SELTza«™,»c»- S T«« ANTHONY ZERBE'-ROSALIND CASH SCREENPLAY BY PRODUCED BY DIRECTED BY '.JOHN WILLIAM and JOYCE H-.CORRINGTON • WALTER SELTZER•• BORIS SAGAL PANAVISION^TEGHNIGOLOR' FROM WARNER BROS. A KI.NNEY LEISURE SERVICE 9 Orpheum 4 * Open tonight 5:41 Shows at 6:00, 8:00, 10:00 Open Sat. and Sun. ot 12:45 Shows from 1 p.m. i North Star « .Box .office Open 7:30 "Omega" 8:00, 11:50 "Harper" 9:50 CO-FEATURE AT NORTH STAR ONLY PAUL NEWMAN LAUREN BACALL "HARPER" (R) Starring Robert Voughn—Burgess Meredith—Telly Sovolns John Morlcy and Tom Stern in "CLAY PIGEON" ACTION CO-FEATURE "Cloy Pigeon" 9:35 "Get Carter" 8:00 • North Dome Theatre , Shows—8:00 p.m. . Sa1. and Sun. matinee 1:00, 4:45 p.m. > Oncofth_ most honored picture of all time... WINNER _. . ACADEMY AWARDS f>TP5i j**^ including \3&T BEST PICTURE! S*-'- v '' 9**^ •M,. ALEC GUINNESS • ANTHONY QUINN • JACK HAWKINS -JOSE FERRER'- ANTHONY OTLnj CLAUDE RAINS • ARTHUR KENNEDY* OMAR SHARIF ",• ..„«"*, PETER 0:TOOL£..-- u ™«r ' Utii^Ur 'r SOBERr BOir F,a mlt , SAM 3PKGH. o«c!« t, DWIO UAN Fh,i^,, p nMi.SUPEfiP*»AV]SION70» > Hurt. FiclnniiTEMICOLON* ' } wendm*mP HIGHWAY 91 ON WAY TO ROY fr PH 39*2566 A BOT AND GIRL FACE THE CHALLENGE OF THE WORLD'S LAST FRONTIER. .1 st Show 8:00 p.m. Walkabout •Co-Feotore in Color 'ESCAPE FROM THE PLANET OF THE APES" 4 • 4• • * 4 * • • * 4 -4 4 4 -$ >4 -4 ~4 :4 -4 "4 4 ^ 4 ••4 4 4 4 .4 -4 ~4' -> -4--4 iTf J»3 4 * > »

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