The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 20, 1975 · Page 23
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 23

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1975
Page 23
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TUB SftAZOU»0*f MCM WBRPWTT, tfXAf, tHWMBAY, WOVtMiM *»#*_ meet new County takes high bid C. M. O'Neal Jr. Service* for SJMT 4 C, M, O'Neal Jr., »f Hr.wria. will tw h<f!tl Saturday <Ne,v ». IW») ot I p m at s« Paul Mia«i<*u»ry HnpUil Church, Hr«w>ria lh«' iu-v (;*WK* SmglHon. pastor of Iht- dwrch, will Hurul will l» m si. Paul's Community A v».tkf will br M<l Friday night al (he Mcf'oy (tnd Him unit Funeral flwM?, 28)7 Nagle Stir*!, Houston o N>al<Jn-<I a« hi* hotti*- in HdtMN-ru, Germany, Nov. til* , , Mil tsi'lir M*SV AUrtfrti In<m Noil Corn- Mnrrtw. father < M (fNi-s! Sf t<f(?!hm, Hrrtwrt U'N'eal tifHnutilMi. t, t O Seul trf Vi.iB-liii^toit 1) ( , Ijfttti O Sc»! i,' l > i-::rs.» > !-.a!;j < i atv\ VU |'rr*ioti O'Neal O f Frankfurt, f 1« ffi,i.',;, si*'.»-fT) MiWml H'tttrii and Hartwa Collier <;? \tf, \fiJtJrir* ,nfj.i AilA MrnliM) vt Surf Fof rtatwr* Tmt Z6S-22.51 1st TIME IN BRWOSPORT YUl BRYWER ULTIMATE WARRIOR 2nd FEATURE FIST OF FURY BRUC£ LEE COMING NEXT "SEVEN ALONE" jl 'v U FIASCO VLLHOUU FEA™E F TIMES 233-2304 DOUBLE FEATURE ADULT MOVIES Both Rated X STARTS FRIDAY WEED STARRING DAN PASTORINI -i traffic safety coordinator for Sheriff's patrol cars Don W. Fl«nc?r wa> introduced to the Com missioneri Court a» th« new traffic (safety co ordiriator for llratona Count by County Judge K K. Mrewer. Judge Brewer isaid an office had (**•« created at Iht* Armory for the traffic co ordinal (*r FlMflif told the corn miMMonws that he has the duty to co-ordinate anything that concern* traffic safety "tilts is a program of bottom up planning to make traffic Row more wifely," Klrtwr Mid, "in order to prrvent the loss «f lift? and injury to '*hifh work clowly with !)»«• '.rfftcr of traffic »4frty wtl! *-wrk in all A r f « i* including w)th the ctlle*," Flesner uild The program, which will be financed for two year* by «(«t« «nd federal funds, can be continued the third year on a 50-50 ha*i» hy the county The fourth year it will lie supported entirely by the county unle.s,« some of the cltiwi «kci(J« to participate, Fle*nw wild Utitkg figurwi from a report by Jim Taylor, d»»utct manager of the Governor'.* Office of traffic Safety, Flesner showed Bra«oria County has averaged 4i traffic fataliiie* ov** the past four yearn, with. 51 fatalities rworded last year Flevwr i* an ordained mimrtw of the American ! either «n Oiurch and he twid t)te ««rt that he is still carried <*» t)>e pastoral and "A10>.-At&»> 1 hftve him! Jj) th«" c«Jrity, 1 will \tr .ivaitiit*'! 1 Ki IN- C'.x.fc chaplaincy (raining m CoJorado am) vi«rk™ f</r u while with the rrifnirwill) tn&«ir.c at a s'flU- }><»p)Ul After ad- Appeal of award... limit had run f/ut on .Ti Mai! tract !,'M- l.hi.tfi'-! A!!/' • l :s> Uaylc > it* a ppr */•«•<! l/> !h< Corn t r. s s * i o n tr r » ' our!, >• J..nirnsr.ft "'Oiat i-c*!«pany UAifth! that iar.'J l<i-r t?.,VH ;.«-• atjp and k.ri«-» it »<ti i in .So* i. forn- !<• vot<-d rwAU'.:!^ jtarrxU '.r. ,'*• a( . 4 , fiiS : !hc award to She ;i(».»;.;, .tamivmft and a ! ,th<ju.)Ch he 28* i.i.i ^.-..Bvjtr,' '(• 56 ix-.-nir. :i.i;i'T,r,-!i .ir\-«-j>: 'j-,c ^i*.in;i. Corn UJiMiiant-f Uuic Hfown c-!ja";K<"() ftl* f!^r,(i and Escape... iliUrif*. &\'.-".r.-r? '.-:>; r^n- .--.-( *A? ^;i! •f?'.»;r-».--i>> that »*rvinx Harris> •*!i4'r. ':• Quarter system... clrvlssr M-TO f^ ! ' T '•>''! While siiiii uiidrr !}if setnevU-r ^y^',^'I^. ir.vtj. f«ir lirnt-.', a >t-ar. lh<T<- arc novk t,nl> Idrrt* rrsaisr rvam [X'ru>cl» S\e you uw\! to havt- a Iht r,T» sys.'.fjn. adMiir.i«!ta!i>r> h.i\e M-nd nut a pr»>;ri-s,s, r<"(x>rt d>r ex'i-ry Mudent on divcipltixf, attoidarvfC and »choliiMK progress.' nf thr Vflnr',) uf ct-pur^ra has Ufn. in it* fust >«'iir at Itf Au«',p.>r!, a prttblem fw high sthiMl principal. arctirtiirijj (<i Hourjcwss Ikiur^foi* s-iiul that the quarter h>!>ioin tfivt-s more tune to traiherN (or in- Mructiwi ri 1 thi'rt- had Ixn-n an f\rs\ tune Argonaut... from l> LIVE ENTERTAINMENT DINING ROOM OPEN 11:00 AM til OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK CLOSED MONDAY 233-5466 The 'cradle.' idea also cxprwsws the heritage and horunrw of the nsu.seuin SIIKV it.', birth in 1*64, as Ihf BramsjK-rt Youth .SiuM'um. the museum's )j*al has always IXH-M to nurture ytnith in natural wimce ^iixsitioii And althmi^h in l%v the inuseuin grew to pro\ iile cducattonal programs for all agt-s. tht- museum still extends its arnu to youth through special natural sciwwc classes, tours and exhibits, Mrs Tale said In 1976. Ihv museum's "I'radli- of Natural Science will be carrn-d to the chores of the Brujospurt ('allege campus, where it will come to rt>st in jhe new Center for the Arts and Sciencvi "Tlus new home will provide an opportunity for dltlonal chaplain training al St lake's Hospital in Hmwlon, flenncr ikerved a pari«h at El Campo for five year*, The p*s! four yearn have been devoted to the equipment leaning btMines* and dUlribuiion of petroleum product* at ffouxton. Me Mid he is still active in family coun- selling and church activities HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS A.S(,I.KI()N-I)AMU;i5V(;KM-:KAI,HO.SI'ITAt, WKU.SKSIIAY Harvey Miik-r, flute John Houston Ijifigrwr, We*t Candidate withdraws from Clute judge race CLLTE One af the figJi! carKLdates for the (Million of Municipal Judge here h«s withdravi-n from ih* 4 rat«- and thrown hi* fcupport to another Alice Turner, Bobby Smith, M C. Mooman. M K "Gf.iH-" Music, J, A. "Buddy" Collins, and Johnny Hodge In a alalt-mtfi! issued Thursday morning. Kufj'-rif M Bright Jr with- rfrf* ar>d i* a».km}{ his ».U|>{wrter-« So back candidate R K "Uo-b" G-cer i'ngji! '-aid he made the <J«iM<jft after talking to v a r I « u N r f * m rn u n ! I y leadtrs ;<bou'. !h(r qaalilic stJ'Ts.i. of ali can- <lid:i'>tr! C.Jt-w ivairf thn ir.orrur.g Uut JM- had u!k<-d to Bright wv<fa! diiy* a^o it.rt',1 lingh! thf-fi ir,-r!ica',«J hli JXfSHK*! "! am f;i(r*: f/>nor«-d !h;»t h<- !wh that 1 Am qtiahfit-d to IK- ci'\ pdtfc. G«rr ."nrf-m Orafting Cu N a l<« ^ M:H-finplo>i?d and j < |> r nnr\ -it- t^*t J'a'.r<:-! r-hillip- and i.t !h«r Ci-u;' C'oas-! SELECTED STOCKS Commissioner* Court accepted the highest as best bid on 28 cars for the Shcriff'8 Department on the recommendation of the bid committee Wednesday. Russell Robinson Ford, Inc. of Angletoo was given the bid on the vehicles with a total bid of $130,953. Rugeley Motor Co, of Ray City had bid a total of $227,716.42 on the 26 BUtOS. The bid committee included Sheriff Robert Gladney, County Engineer W. H. Hershey, County Auditor J R Gayle Jr. and Commissioner Dixie Brown Discussion in the court indicated the delivery date influenced the choice of bidders Commissioner John Gayle asked, "What delivery date"*" The county auditor, who reported the committee recommendation, said the bid gave Dec. !5 as delivery date and Robinson Ford in discussion with the sheriff had said. "II IK/ then at leajtt frx-ffjre Dec. 31." Gayle wanted to know what could be done if delivery was not made by Dec. 31 when the current auto lease contract runs out. Hershey said that Pinto Bean Ford, the leasing firm, has said they would extend the lease. Auditor Gayle said this lease amounts to $10,470 per month. «U(xr«lar Kllon John K IfKurrd at Lhr Pintail Wi/ard In "Tommy." «rfren virHon iifirri by Thr Who. tVvt ilarrinK .Ajin-Margrrl ami Roger STARTS FRIDAY AT I.AKKII II«W Jfrflf-v \frirr, \;tt'l fn*. \inrr 7 t, i Dow Kofd Mrrt*<r t'n (- refill Im l.ifr Inv. t rrrport NtinrrjU Lull Oil llou A l'o>*(-r Hrrti Vil <ii\ M9.« "'» SOS ^4 W 42'18' *»-»! 4S» 21 23 «'» ForYour Pleasure... JOHK KATHARINE HEFBURK ROOSTER COCBVR* Kruftrr *<|-I« (.U*- 1 ^,,.^!,*.,^,^- I«J-?^W, LAKE I 6:45 & 8:45 PC The K r r <• ! i.-!j;j!piem»i.. bro*ji Uuii jod biue c*y(«, !*»'• ;>.'j.ri'-S t'nitii from the Hrazona County .-»* K.v. inj; .1 S' ( «.-r:!f - Iv-piirl-nier.t and TIX! are txnr.g fiif ino t>i;j<- a.sMju-0 by cits units from Joo«i Crc-t-k. Krwpf.rt :in>d l^ake JaclLson. Helicopters irwn the Department of I'uMic SaMy. HouMon District and the C«a.s! (iiwrd also have tx-en pressed into the search officials s-iud HACD TIMES LAKE BRAZOS TWIN Hindi. Food crisis looms for turn of century A vcii-nusi for !x-» 1,'SA this we*k told a conference in KngUnd that the world is facing a VTIOUA food t)r Cleve A I direxSor of plant science the muM'iiiu to jirow into a professionai Duality dlucation.i! institution that will be an invaluable community asset to cituens of all ages Mrs Tate said John Kay. prrtidt-nt of the museum's board. rxiUti. hn\iie\er. that the horizons to which the museum grows and live bwuffitj. tliat it can offer to tin.* community will depend entirely upon the support received through memberships Therefore. the nmseinn's new Argonaut emblem made it's first app«$trance, as a logo, on a recent letter sent to several hundred local citizens soliciting memberships, Kay said. The museum invites anyone interested in natural science to join its membership role by calling 297-7711 rt-search and development, mack 1 ihe statement in an address to the British insecticide and fungicide conference in Kngland Goring is predicting that food production will have to increase thrtx,- times by the year 2COO in order to fevtl the world population In urd«-r to increase pnxiucttoii. (k>nng said the use o! pi-ilicidirt vsould have to be increased five limes Tf.e nii-fr i^i the unit ui ii-niHh Uu- gr.iir. thv unil of *i-;,;M tin- titi-r Uu' »••( _, ! ~^ j ^j; -•**• * 10:15 | BRAZOS TWIN PLEASURES tfe. -?Mi . -j»-v*"» «. IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE. WARS Will NO LONGER EXIST OUT THERE Will DEO wmm PLUS BOY. HAVE WE GOT A VACATION FOfl YOU... INVITE YOU TO ENJOY THE MUSIC OF "MOONCHILD" Thursday Night 842 Midnight DANCE WORLD OPEN DAILY NOON TO 2 AM NEW LISTING 849-9928 # The fabulous Jl DV C.VMJ* is entertain >ou as usual wilt) golden tones and personality plus! JUDY CAMP Kiijoy Judy and the forever popular, "one and only " HAWK SHAW entenainlng in the Beachcomber Club Friday a ad Saturday evenings 'til the fir it of the year. HAWK SHAW ON THE bKACH AT SURFSWR

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