The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on June 28, 1914 · Page 19
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 19

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 28, 1914
Page 19
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Sunday Morning, Jtrae 28,1914. ' T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W FOfc. THIT H/VE WE JUST To THAT . WOULD LIFE AS IT AH rr I'VE COORTEO PAME. FORTUNE pots, Pipry or EVEEVTHING ANO MV FOETUME IS" I'VE VANPEP is Reports from nearly all directions tell of fine roads to nearby towna for Decatur motorists. A brief sammary of conditions follow-: Clinton--Fair but rough. Immediate vicinity had heavy rain Friday. Shelbyvllle--Fair. Particularly good toward Pana. Sullivan--Dusty and Inclined to be a little rough. Tuscola--Fair ·nest to Decatur. Slishtly muddy south and west. HltopoHs--Fine b^t dusty. All roads out of tawn graded w i t h good double tracks. Bridges and cuKerts In good conditions. Monticello--All roads fine. Mt. Pulaski--Fine Very little dust. Roads hard and firm. Bridges ana culverts In fine shape. VANITIE WINS WITH THE RESOLUTE OUT Oyster Bay. N. T . June 27 --With the other scores were: Haskell Indians 4: Missouri university 11; Kansas university 11; Kansas agricultural college 1; unattached i. SPOONING CRIME AGAINST WOMANHOOD Chicago, June 27-- " 'Spooning' Is a crime against womanhood. 1 John J. Alexander, a director, today told five hundred young Vomen attending the older girls' conference of the International Sunday School convention. "Pass the word along to girls who love to 'spoon' that it is the most degrading thing they can do, one of the most degrading things they ma permit. "Make the boys cleanmlnSed and wholesome by the way jou dress. Young men take a girl at her own valuation." Miss Margaret Slattery of Boston made a. similar talk at the older boys' conference. Using a ffower as an emblem of womanhood arid tearing It apart, bit by bit, she said: "No person on earth can make that flower whole and beautiful again. clean and be jour sister's keeper" When Are Banana* Ripe? One o ters of Frede: Be Chicago, June 27.--Temperatures: Current Highest Lowest Boston 72 73 64 Buffalo 62 70 62 New rork 68 78 65 New Orleans ....84 86 7S Chicago 77 78 67 Detroit 68 78 62 Omaha 72 78 64 St. Paul 52 68 62 Helena 66 72 46 San Francisco ...66 72 46 Winnipeg . ...r. .70 74 60 BUNCO MAN IS SENT TO PRISON Los Angeles, June 27.--James M Byrnes, leader of a band of bunco men which operated a swindling campaign among tourists In southern California, was sentenced to ten years In San Quentln prison today He was convict- Extended by Moultrie County Bar Association. Sullivan, June 27.-~At a meeting of the Moultrie county bar Saturday afternoon resolutions of sympathy were passed for the members of the late Jud geW. C. Johns' family and committees on resolutions and flowers were named. All county officials and members of the bar were urged to attend the funeral in a body. P.esolute retired for ten days tor re-| Cont l u pairs, the Vanitie and Defiance raced P a S« company ) today on the sound again in the lightest of airs. The dltflculty. Vanitie won -nithout At ofie""fime the Vanitie was nearly two miles ahead but a slight increase In the breeze late in the afternoon en- aBed the Defiance to regain some of thi lost distance. On corrected time th Vanitie beat the Defiance seven mhates, 42 seconds. KANSAS CITY A. C. WINS TRACK MEET |nsas City, June 27 -- The Kansas ' Athletic .club won the annual neet of te western division of A. H. here today by piling up a " 86 points while Hi nearest op- the Columbia Athletic club of "Lessons Taught by the Banana." Mr | Adams discusses, among other things, the curious fact that so few people realize that bananas are not "ripe" until the ekln has begun to turn brown. Mr Adams says: "There is a popular delusion that the banana has ripened when It turns from Us original green to a golden yellow, end those thus deluded decline to touch this fruit when dark spots appear In the yellow skin of the banana. "The banana is not fully ripe when it is yellow. This change from green to yellow is the first outward appearance of a chemical process Incidental to the ripening process. Not until a considerable portion ot the akin has turned to a deep brown has thl* ripening process sufficiently developed to give the fruit Its greatest value a* a scored only 21 points. The jdelicious, and healthful food." lire Washington, June 27.--Stirred to action by the apparent freedom with which the doings of the foreign relations committee In consideration of the NIcaraguan en« Colombian treaties have been published from day to day, several senators today agreed on a resolution asking for authority to subpoena senators and Washington correspondents to an Inquiry to determine how the proceedings of the committee, which are supposed to be especially lecret, set out v . ' % ', NOVIA SCOTIA FUR BEARERS U. S Consul Reports: The Province of Nova Scotia contains a fair supply of game, of which the moose Is undoubtedly the most Important The number of moose killed during 1919 was a trifle less than In 1.112. due largely ti the unfavorable weather conditions v.Mch prevailed during the greater part of the season. The pro vincial game commissioner states that the. moose are increasing in number, as a result, of the protection of the cow moose during the last five years. Next to the moAse In Importance l! the Virginia or white-talled fleer Thli animal was Introduced Into the Province some 20 years ago, and has been protected continuously since. There are but few caribou In the Province. with the exception of those found on the Island ot Cape Breton. The lynx, wildcat, fox, otter, mink, raccoon, skunk, and weasel are the fur-hearing animals most commonly found In Nova Scotia. The fur-farming Indus 1 stry attracted Increased attention during 1913. The most Important fur-bearing animals now bred In captivity are the for, mink, beaver, raccoon, and skunk. There are now about 250 fur farms In the Province, few «f which are more than a year old, - - -^ HOME GARDEN AND CANNING SCHOOLS Under Direction Educational Department Illinois Women'n Clubs. Prof. 0. H. Benson, of the United States u apartment of agriculture, specialist In charge of Garden and Canning clubs, will visit Illinois during the third week In July and spread the gospel of his work of conservation. What the Corn club Is doing for the boys ot Illinois the Garden and Canning club will do for the girls. The educational department of the Illinois Federation of Women's clubs lias secured Mr. Benson as Instructor In their home garden and canning schools, to be held at DeKalb Normal school, July 13, 14, 15, and at East High school, Aurora, July 16. 17, IS. Mr. Benson will tell of the Importance of home canning and Its relation, to the food supply and health of th« people. Of Interest to housekeepers will be the demonstrations of cold packed method of home canning of all kinds of fruit and vegetables, greens, sweet corn (on or off the cob),-fish, meats, meat Juices, etc., by the use of homemade canning outfit and four distinct types of commercial outfits, a.11 of which afe portable ana available for use In the hack yard. It Is estimated that 1,500.000 cans- of tomates were put up last year by members ot girls' garden and canning clubs. The average cost to the club members ot producing and putting up a No. 2 can of tomatoes was c trifle less than. 4 cents The average girl with one of the modern, labor-saving devices In borne eannlng can put up about 100 cane s, day. The following speakers will also appear on the program: Mrs. Freflericfc A. Dow.' president, IlKnoIs Federation Women's clubs. Prof. Fred H. Rankln, extension department, University of Illinois. Dr. John W. Cook, president DeKilb Normal school. L. D. Seass, Institute talker. Mrs. W. H. Hefferan, president department school patrons N. E. A. E. C. Hanien, et Evergreen -Park Mrs. S. E. Bradt, Mothers' congress Mrs. Lena Stevenson Mann, prasiden department household science, nilnol farmers' Institute. Poultry, dab. HINTS ON BREAST STROKE SWIMMING Outing Magazines: Use th« arms _ guides and balances, rather than a chief means of propulsion. The powe of the stroke should com* from the legs, especially at the time of snap ping together Palms of hands should be sllghtl} turned In. making tha arm stroke and not brought back flat against the wat e.- as an oar would be used In rowing This is for two reasons: CD Less effort Is needed for the arm stroke. (2) The slightly turned palm helps to keep the body up and on the surface. While legs are together In the 'glide" position, feet should be extended and pointed In order to lessen resistance, t The extension of the feet Is don4 at the time of snapping the legs together. The foot should be fixed and as broad a surface as possible presented is hen extending the legs. It has well been said that the breast stroke is the hardest stroke to master and should be put last In the list to learn, but the stroke has many excellent points in Its favor, and should have a place In the repertoire of the expert swimmer. Once mastered It be-comes a source of pleasure and usefulness to the aquatic athlete, who has In mind the acquiring of all-round ability In the art of swimming. A Wine Child. Housekeeper--"Willie,'- sadly said a father to his young son. "I did not know till today that last week you were whipped by your teacher for baa behavior." "Didn't you. Father?" Willie answered cheerfully. "Why, I knew it all the time." 1 Beer (or Nothing. American Home Life--A man whose chimney was smokin»r was looking; for someone to stop If from doing so. An old mason went to him one day and said: 'I will tell you a, way to stopping your chimney from smoking 1C you give mo a glass of beer." The man, pleased with the otter, »ave him the beer. When the maun was finished the other asked blm what be seouia do stttfe QM cWmoeji to which the ma*on replied: "Naver put a fir« In It." Good A*rto*. Americas Boy: A reverend gentleman was addressing a school «laa« recently, and was trying to enforce the doctrine that the hearts of tha little ones were sinful, and needed regulating. Taking out his watch and holding It up, ha said:-"Now, here Is my watch; suppose it doesn't keep good time--now goes too fast, and now too slow. What shall I do wltn It?" "Sell It!'' shouted a flaxen-haired youngster. S pedal Styles for Portraits When We Make Our Portraits of Your Children The naturalness of ·xnreMtesj l» manifest In the pCctim. The hp»y little ·mile, the Umooent look*, that you know e* well, are * pur* of the portrait. A pleasure In the present and hnppr reminders o( baby, 'hood In the rears to come, (hall em pleated to make a special «»polnt. meat for a alttiac. The Rembrandt Studios Bath Phraea UK. '~~ 314 N. Main. NEWSPAPER! ,,. NEWSPAPER!

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