Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 13, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1959
Page 3
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Cabinet Will Decide On Cuba Casinos HAVANA (WH — The cabinet, under pressure from Cuba's un ions, is expected to decide today whether to let Havana's multi- ! ARCHAEOLOGICAL UMBRELLA-A steel canopy protects the ruins of ah Indian earthen tower dating 1torn the year 1350. It is located at the Casa Grande National Monument near Coolidge, Ariz. The tower was part of a defensive wall around what was then a village. The canopy, 69 foet,high, is built to withstand 100-m.p.h. winds. Good Looks And Shorthand Demanded On Capitol Hill By FKANK ELEAZKU United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) — Every House member can hire eight helpers, and in some cases nine. Kor a few days here recently thing. both these beliefs were rudely Anyway, girls, Halpern's pay opened to question when a local roll now is filled, and with people i I •V 1HHV ••• ••• •£•• •••i^B ^••IH ••••• V^MM MH^^ ^^^— w r VOTE FOR COURTESY i 51st 1U& PAMPA DAILY NfiJ\VS Yeaf TODAY, FE6RUAHY 13, 1959 r'fr 3 LET'S MAKfc PAMPA THE FKtENMJEST CITY IN TEXAS! I million-dollar gambling casinos re- 1 open their dobrs. : The answer is expected to be. "yes," and the casinos have made arrangements to reopen within 24 j hours. It. Is probable, however, \ that they will operate mainly as night clubs until tourist business picks up. ' An all - out advertising campaign, directed mainly at U.S. 1 — tourists, is ready for immediate I release. i™ Meanwhile. Defense Minister Auguslo Marline/, Sanchez announced that Cuba's reorganized armed forces will include 1,000 Marines recruited from among Fidel Castro's guerrillas and 2,000 mounted police. Martinez told a news conference that the marines-to-be have already been brought lo Havana for training, while six Canadian mounted policemen have arrived to reorganize the present rural police force-. The defense minister said Cuba plans to recruit Its armed forces through voluntary enlistment "be- I I f vole for the following t of the awards: , , "Friendliest, Most Courteous" WOMAN E 5 Name Place of Business "Friendliest, Most Courteous" MAN EMPLOYEE— Name Place of Busifies* Clip out: fill In; and please mail the above to "Friendliest, Courteous" Employee Awards, at The Pampa Dally News, Pampa, Texas, or deposit In any one of the 4 ballot boxes located at Citizens Bank and Trust Col, First National Rank, Pampa Chamber of Commerce, or The Pampa Dally News—voting ends on Sunday, February 15. Announcement will be made in the February 22 e 'illon of The NPHS. Store owners or managers are not cllgiblft. Vote as oflcn as you wish; use only the award voting ballot, which will be published daily in The News. Mainly About People Mhdtefct** »fr. arid Mrs. M. A. fchoafe, 628 N. Somerville, have returned from I Marsh • Truth About Famous Ride After crossing the Charles River, under the very bow bf the British warship Somerset, Paul Revere, a Boston silversmith, mount- j Graham where they visitfrd with ed Ms horse Sheharezade a. n d: relatives. During their ftlfty, rode toward Concord to warn the ;choate gu ff ere d a heart attack, patriots that the British were com- j wag con fi nef ] to the Graham HoS- I ing. I pti for two months, and has just 1 Members of the Pampa Noon 1 now recovered sufficiently to fog Lions Coub Thursday heard t (i e | brou ght home. Mrs. Choate's moth(true story of Paul Revere's ride j er Mrs Carrie Miller, Is now A from Cameron Marsh, principal of'p a ij cn t in Worley Hoapitfll. Th« : Pampa Junior High School. choates wish to'express apprecia- I William Dawes, an actor. Ieftj lion t o i| le j r f r jends for the many •• Boston disguised as a d r u n k e n ; car d s , gifts and flowers sent 10 I ; Yankee peddler and succeeded in! lnem Curing Choates stay in ' getting through the British lines. | lhe Graham Hospital. Revere left later, after two lant-. Valentine dance al Elk* Lodge • ems were hung in the steeple of! Sat Fen u f or members and On The Itocord i waiting with Revere's horse. Not Guilty Pled Entered model agency, charm school and employment service ran this help who can type and take shorthand. The lovely, charming voice nat- cause compulsory military service breeds bureaucracy." Senators usually can hire about twice that many. Most of these turn out to be. female, and the outnumbered male staffers claim the girls are getting prettier. There has been a theory that this judgment results simply from! the fact the men are getting old-; i wanted ad in a local newspaper: ; U rally wasn't too happy at the Receptionist: Congressman seeks lovely, charming girl (o way things turned out. However, it said filling congressional jobs er. It also haa been widely as- grace front office, show visitors j was nothing new for the agency. around, handle appnts. Short- ! Previous requests, It conceded, skills first This Is more "fun" than job. Salary open. A Snort Ex-Pampan Pleads Not Guilty To DWI Charges of other good points, also could take shorthand and type. COURTESY (Continued 1*1-0m Page 1) tended to put office and charm second. At congressional pay scales, of course, there Is no 'reason why! Anna May Riddle, formerly our lawmakers can't have both.;Pampa and now a resident of one House member : House members can pay up to] Westcliff, Colo., entered a plea of it sounds like a sena-; $13.344.62. The top pay in a sena-|i°t »P''Ity lnls morning to charges the initial reaction'tor's office is $18.300. aid say, tor's among qualified observers on i For that kind of dough, where Capitol Hill wag a snort. i s the "Baloney!" snorted Lacey take shorthand? j Sharp, one RU fh qualified obscrv- ! ,er. Sharp is secretary, male, to Hancock. Sullins Plumbing. :Kep. \V. H. Pou^e ID-Texas), anil Thelma Malone, White's A u t o ( | llrin} , tilc ,.,,,.,7 nt election 'lurn- Store; Doris McClure. M o o r e'.s over .,,. u . ( , , 1S uno ffj,.j a i one-man Beauty Salon; Lola Medkeif, fill-: Pm ploymeiu agency for some 500 bert'a; Dale McKeon. DHVU Flee- (ii S |,|; (( . tH | roiii'rcssiona] h"lpers trie: Gerald Montgomery, Cili-; .. B , jin ,, beautiful never hint sen's Bank and Trust Company: . inylx]i , v . mMln(( ,, (M . p/ . Rharp Kenneth Melson CAM Televisbn: , inct| ; ,, But R| , lne glrls j knou , ^ Jjn Mackie. Shnmrock Products ,,., v , ( , (0 work wll(?)] (ho app]j . nf of dnmken driving following a col lision in which her car struck three pa rke 'l cars - Her bond has bcen set at S150. The collision, police said today, occurred at 2:27 p.m. near the Ram Houston school on N Krost st. HIGHLAND (JKNKRAL HOSPITAL NOTKS Admissions Alfred Kendrix, 518 Harlem Mrs. Helen Danford, Pampa W. E. Jordan. 200 N. Faulkner H. D. Riley, Lefors William K. Rodgers, McLean Walton Barnett, Skcllytown C. W, Brister, 1137 Neel Road Mrs. Claudette Caldwell, Stinnett Mrs. Tressa Patterson, Pampa Darrell L. Yeager, Skellytown Judy Chase, Pampa Bobby Gotcher, Pampa Ear] T. Williams. Panhandle Mrs. Ina Seuha, 237 Ann St. R. E. McCain, Pampa Quotes In The News United Press International the old Christ Church. On the oth-; gues t s . Music by Bill Ridgeway er side of the river, A patriot was < Band.* Mr. acid Mrs. Ronnie K. Afnrtln are the parents of a son born Feb. 11 in Highland General Hospital, weighing 8 Ibs. IVz oz. He has been named Ronnie Michael. Ronnie is also welcomed by maternal Paul Tollison. Pampa, charged•• grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F. with aggravated assault by h i a' McDonald, igu Chestnut: paternal •* Iwife during; a quarrel Monday, rrrandpaients, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mrs. Emma Lee Bradford, 2239 ni * n V entered a plea of not guilty; Ma ,. tjn HOUth ot the city. i to charges in county court mis ; F()r , llle . n. c .,,..ft i chest type Dismissals morning. His bond has been set; GE freezer phone MO 9.9875 after at $500. Mrs. Tollison, S. Dwipht. alleged Tollison struck Dogwood Jodi Pool. 93B S. Nelson Brenda Ann Hall. 1128 Sorroco Mrs. Zinnie Bailey. Wheeler Mrs. Norma Lucas, 827 E. Denver Kelly Brown, White Deer A. L. Michael, Lefors Fred Hueston, Pampa Mrs. Paul Johnson, 600 S. Somerville 6 p.m." who lives at 937, Kor ,, Equity In new 3-bedroom home, never lived in, 1942 Nelson. Call MO 4-6125.* arrested Thursday. Radar Gets Seven Police Officer Dan Lewis, work- E. L. Hargus. 1310 E. Kingsmill j ing Thursday with the city's one- Mrs. Ruby Olson. 533 S. Russell i man radar unit, wrote seven speeding tickets and two warnings. The unit was stationed in the 1200 and 700 blocks on N Hobart. I the 1HOO block on N. Duncan, and ion E. 17th St. During a 35-minute Miss Pat Sims. 70S Bradley D''. • vigil on E. 17th Officer Lewis re- Mrs. Minnie Erwin, 420 N. War-i ported only two cars passed by, Mrs. Mary Moore, White Deer Mrs. Julia McCabe. 412 Cook O. G. Miller, 416 Purvianre Mrs. .HlUn.n Gores, White Deer V. K. Raines. 234 N. Wells D. L Company; Wanda Maneus. Me- Lellan'.c: Sunny Mimrnnf. Citl.. cants answer that, art I hot they since n rm.nlv and Borger died early Thursday >-' HAVANA - The barbers' un- on in a resolution urging the end of hfiinls ami loitf; hair for Fidel i Investigating officer., reported i L'aMro's supporter*. iMi-H Riddle's 19158 Plymouth sid,- " Th « ponl-revolutionary n-'w i .wiped, in quid; succv.wion. a 1957 >"<> k should ^ .smooth rl,ee!,s and i Foul station wagon, a 19." Vans- i'''"PP»'ii "»"'• lliall sedan and a 1P5B Chevrolet 1 ,.,„,- ' „. ., ^, 'reach. Damage* to the parked NEW > ORK - \\aHress Mrs totaled $250. The Riddle car Anna Thompson. 3?, explaining and w 'hy she lobhcd one hank tel'cr nf $1.000 and then tossed the mon- ars wore owned by «'>' intn thf> ra K e of """th^' M]pr: "I wanted lo spp how easy it out of the ren Jerry Hayes, 103fi Neel Road CONGRATrL. \Ttn\S To Mr. and Mr?. B. J. Sftiln '-'^,7 Ann St.. on the birth of H 'laughter at 7 'JiH p.m. w ll.«. both within the speed limit. Hesfruthr Set In Canadian f '° nt left side set. at $125. to bank." Directors Will Meet are told, 'sorry, that job has boon morning in Pampa. She was zen's Bank and Trust Company. f||] , R , ^ signinx up .„., '=,„„.., ,,., . hn „ , .'^ , The parked Johnny Pitcock, Simmons Serv- f . * " Mis. Beaid had been staying in H L Holl ]31fi Dnn can; Dr. Kd in. <?t3i'inn' Inanita Perkins Fab- >"HIM HI inn luu . Pamna at. the home of a daugh- ,,,'.,,.' , ori , ,~n,«,.i 00 O .,,i i R ice fctauon, .nidnua. i pinin.->, i an j o ^ rcadv when somethin" Pise \t Q n . r 11 < .Williams. 1204 diaries; anu J. fj. ric Center: Ronnie Payne. , Dun- o s ,„•., ' ' " ' - 'er. Mrs. Sally Mathis. Tatum, 1631 Dogwood, lap's. ' Funeral services were to he held Beverly Russell. Highland Gen-' " Nn RUch thin «'" RHid lhe !ov °- today at 2:30 p.m. In the Pi-ingle fit-al Hospital: Mrs. Boh Roberts. '>'• ''na''™'nK voice gracing the flf . hor , ]i w)tl , lno Rcv A | an For ., Levine's; LDI? Reid, Highland P nonp at thp mnflel a?cncy. "It's his. pastor of the Morse Methodist General Hospital; L. O. R o e n- a sure-enou ? h job offer. We've iC h»rr-h. officiating. Interment will feldt. Overton Clinic; Buddy hft(1 a number of girls in to tJilk ;bp in (hp Ln( - !?0 ,-cmetery at Bnr-.' Reamer, Citizen's Bank and Trust nho >"- it and have picked two or, Rcr ,, n< -, pr f ij re ction of the Minton 1 Directors of the Pampa Cham- Company. Bob Roberts. Santa Fe [hl '™ ve O' 'lesirahle candidates funcral nornp !bej . of Commcrce will meet with Railway Express; James Robert-; who wl " b< - sonl ,, to St ' e lhe co "-! M rs. Beard, who died at 1:45 the Agriculture and Livestock children." Bon, Dixie Parts and Supply. igressman shortly. ja.m., had heen a charter member, Committee Monday noon, Warren Wanda Smith, Fannon Supply.. Wi'll-Traiitcd Voice p as t matron and life member of Hasse, C-C president has announc- Company; Dorothy Sradcr, John-j The voice naturally was too tne stj nnc tt Eastern Star. ed. Arrangement will be made for son's Cafe; Libby Shotwell, Red well-trained to name the member Survivors include three sons, a livestock sale at the Top O' Cross Office; Guy Smith. Ward's involved. It dropped only the odes. Amarillo; Sid, Stratford; Texas Livestock Show March 2-4. Super Market; C. L. Sandfoid, merest hint, which Rep. Seymour anf j r /( >x. Morse': four daughters! i The Top O' Texas Rodeo Asso- Ideal Food Store Number 3; D. ;Ha!pern (R-N.Y.l promptly de- Mr , Sallv Mathis, Pampa;" Mra. ciation will be ho?t to exhibitors Scott, Post Office: John Spinks, ; nied. Kunice Eiland, Loner Beach,; in the. Junior Livestock Show, Western Supply; Roy Sparkman, A11 | 10 d^j saif | Halpern, speak- Calif.: Mrs. Vela Matheson and •• Mar. 2. Security Federal; John Schoolfield, infr tlirotif-h a secretary, male, Mrs, Mary Stout, both of Amaril-l Directors will also hear a re- Lynn Boyd Lumber Company. w . la nm ^ K H ca.stiitl inquiry of the lo. Other survivors are eight port on preparations for a Fourth Glen F. Thomas, Pampa Safely a cr,, n (. v al the suggestion of a grandchildren and seven great,of July Celebration. The Cham- Lane; Alford Thompson. Buddy's f r j enf( ' nn(1 wllon (u , foiln(1 it dealt grandchildren. : b<?r has high hopes for a fireworks Super Market; Jay Thompson, ; mo ,. p in models than secretaries! - — : ;display and program to be held he said he dropped the whole j Head The News Classified Ads. ;in Re-creation Park. get money LOS ANGELKR -- A fanMly friend of executive Louis E. I'ur- mort predicting Purmnrl's m->th- er would forgive him for ohtnin- ing a court order banning her from his wedding: "Mothers always forgive their PAMPA NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS GETS RESULTS MAYOR ON SPOT MEMPHIS. Tenn. H T PI) Mom- phi.M Mayor F.clniund Orjpll was turned tuv.iv fioiu thf (mils isi a special ftanir and fish flrirtion. H',' wa-i iui:ibl<» to pimliii e a state lum'urvj-fiHhing lici-nsf, voter receipt to j)r<tve Ins residence in ivgistration ctwd or current tax receipt to piove his residence in CANADIAN iSph Funeral the city. services for Mrs. (Ilerui Ho?tutler will he he'd at ?, p.m. Saturday in the f'.em Church. Mrs. HaslutlT died in Memorial County Hospital Thuipday morning, following n lonqf illness. She was born in the Blue Ridfre Community on June 2fi. 1909. She wns married on Aug. ~^. 1!HI. Rev. Fanford Cole will condiict the services. Inteniient will be in Canadian Cemetery under the direction of the Stickley Funeral Home. She is survived by her husband Glenn, one son, Glenn Jr.. one daughter. C'narlene, her mother. Mrs. C. R. Cook and two brothers, Frank and Claude, all of Canadian, and a third brother, Detui of Canvcn. Watches-Clocks Repaired • All Work Guaranteed • *0 Years' Experience • Day and Niqht Service • Get Bettor Work for Less ROY HARPER BO!) X. Kussell MO fl-9275 brighten up faded fabrics with The modern way to bring back color to faded sofas, chairs, draperies, car tops and interiors, canvas awnings, etc. Easy and economical, too! 12 oz. sptuy cun $2,95 14 Jfcartttor t ECONOMY KIT Indudsi Quart Fab- jpray, BAF Cleaner, Brush...$4.59 BAF Cleonor. 1 % ax....2Se (makei 1 gal.) PAMPA GLASS AND PAINT NOW IN OUR NEW LOCATION 1431 N. Hobart MO 4-3295 SIMS ELECTRIC COMPANY Commercial, Industrial and Residential Wiring FREE ESTIMATES, Phone MO 4-7320 FULLV INSURED LICENSE aud BONDED BUI Sims, Owner 601 Lowry. Pampa C o m- Land Pampa Tent and Awning pany; Olenda Taylor, Hi Drive Inn. Virgie W e s n e r, Montgomery Ward; Margaret Washington. School Tax Office; Robert Wright, Furr's. PILOT (Continued From Pnge 1) clotrcnz one! a blanket, put her in the cabin of the plane and set out for shore. There he broke into a cabin, but was trapped there during an aJl-nlght blizzard. When he returned in the morn- Ing, his wife was dead from her Injuries and the killing cold. The next four days were spent In a frozen hell as Worth stayed beside his wife's hody through the daylight hours and trecked back to his cabin refuge at nightfall. Children SIMJIK! Alarm He took an old bedstead and a flag from the cabin and spread them on the ice to attract search planes. But, back in Robbinsdale. the coup'e'-S three children. Melvern, 21, Marlene., 18 and Rosemary, 18, waited unconcerned because their parents often staved over a couple of days on fishing trips. It wasn't uniil Tuesday evening they notified authorities The search began Wednesday morning. Civil Air Patrol planes spotted Worth's signal late Thursdav and a helicopter set down to rescue the shivering businessman. Worth angrily refused medical atd at Bemidji, Minn., near Leech Lake, and was flown to Minneapolis, where he was met by Melvern. Check Your TV Tybes FREif We Hove Complete Stock of TV Tubes If Replocement Needed Miller • Hood Fhormacy un . JJO i 8i69 fabulous Valentine-notes from Cupid's jewel-case DIAMOND PENDANTS BY ZALE $ S Symbol of everlasting lo\c is this graceful heart in 8 eternally brilliant diamond* set in UK gold. $1 i« Weekly To accent * lovely die*s. wear this superb diamond in itv clf^am UK white (OKI mounting <11 7C II 00 Weekly >l !•/> The sublime fire of 10 fine diamonds in I4K i;old make* this. mmiA- turc cro^s a thoughtful f 1.00 Weekly $29.75 to wear at her throat,.. or as a bracelet bangle A glowing cultured pearl and a fiery diamond iire united in this irrcr.i.siible fcndant SI 00 Weekly Eiquiiite is the word for this diamond heart within a heart. A dai' iling diamond mounted Sora* lucky girl will »<w (hit Uniruting clovcf leaf pendant lUrnng 4 magnificent dumonds set in 14K. Gentle curve* enhance the brilliance of 5 dumonds mounted la luiirous UK gold mikiq| i chtrmiai $1.75 Weekly NO MONEY DOWN! EASY WEEKLY OR MONTHLY TERMSI her enchantment Hbcn >du ^}ve her thifc resplendent pendant wiib in 10 fitly diamonds to UK white gold »a O »r Jl 15 Weekly H'-'i Illustrations enlarged to show detail Prices include Federal Tax 107 K. Cuykr, Pullman & Valentine Sever We Have To Make Room For Factory Purchases Due Next Week! QUALITY! QUALITY! QUALITY! We Are Traders-Make Us A Deal APPLIANCES & FURNITURE The Store That Guarantees To Save You Money! 125 N. Somerville * PHONE MO 4-3511

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