The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 1, 1966 · Page 9
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 9

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 1, 1966
Page 9
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Tuesday. March" I, 1966 V* MR. ABERNATHY •y Frank RMgewoy <wd Rokton (Bud) ones X LIKE THEM ALL EXCEPT THE ONE ON THEFARV/ALL ARE V3U ENJOYING EPUC VAN CHIEF By Joe Dowley Court Records O—L: Roger W. Jackson to Robert E. Clevenger 53.625 acs. Huffman Subd. Anson Taylor Lg. O—L: William W. Phillips, el ux to Robert E. Clevenger 679.67 acs, S. S. Scherer Sur. A-413 and F. Ludlow Sur. A-175. O—L: Fred T. Fruit et al to Robert E. Clevenger 679.67 acs. S. S. Scherer Sur. A-413 and F. Ludlow Sur A-175. O—L: Dorothy Penland to Robert E. Clevenger 53.625 acs, Huffman Subd. Anson Taylor Lg. A-24L O—L: J. R- Jackson, Jr. to Robert E. devenger 53.625 acs, Huffman Subd. Anson Taylor Lg. A-241. O—L: James to Robert E. Clevenger 53.625 acs, Huffman Subd. Anson Taylor Lg- A-241. O—L: Randall E. NUBBIN By Jim Burnet & George Grandest! Robert E. devenger 53.625 acs, Huffman Subd. Anson Taylor Lg- G—L: Triphene Middleton et al to Robert E. Clevenger 615.6 acs, H & T C RR Sec 66, A-455. ^-L: Triphene Middleton to Robert E. Clevenger 160 acs. Jao Jenny Sur. A-164. O—L: Elizabeth Marion Briscoe Cyrus et al to Robert E. Clevenger, 53.625 acs. Huffman Subd. O—L: Billy Jack Weaver et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger 1 acre. Anson Taylor Lg. O—L: J. R. Cooley et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger Anson Taylor Sur. A-241- LITTLE HENRY By Car! Anderson BETTLE BAILEY By Most Walker GUESS EVERY NEEDS A EVER PlC< UP ANVTHSNS?.' YEAH, BUT THIS \e A BARRACKS O—L: Roy W. Turner et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger 6.068 acs. Aason Taylor Sur. A-241. O— it'. Mary E. Donoboe to Joseph K. Bruegger 2.285 acs, An- M Taylor Sur. A-241. O—L: Bernie L. Smith et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger, 5 acs, Anson Taylor Sur. A-241. O—L: Robert F. Neill et vx to Joseph K. Bruegger. 2.04 acs, Anson Taylor Lg. RELEASE O—L: Cities Service Oil Co. to Joe L. Lagow et ux. et al, 637.893. in Reuben Barrow Sur. A-3S & R. E. Booth Lg. A-34 and from Fannie Davis Crow 577 acs, Reuben Barrow Sur. In Chambers County Tinkler Addn.. to Town of Ana- iuac. DEED: John Poullard, Wr. to Matilda PouJlard. Lot 6, e. Jackson Jr. Briseoe to Tonight On Television TUESDAY NIGHT 6:30 & My Mother The Car Q Lyrics and Legends CD Daktari CB Combat 7:00 6 Tuesday Movie Q Spanish 7:15 O French 7:30 O Dr, Kildare O Arts USA CO Red Skelton tB McHale's Navy 8:00 Q Modern Math for Parents 13 F Troop 8:30 O Cineposium CD Petticoat Junction 43 Peyton Place 9 -.00 CD CBS News Special 13 The Fugitive 10:00 <® News fQ News © News 10:30 O Johnny Carson CD Late Show tB Far Away Places 11:00 © Theatre 13 12:00 & Merv Griffin 12:25 © Morris Frank WEDNESDAY MORNING March 2 6:25 S Sign On fH Sign On 6:28 © Sign On S :30 -O American Government Q—L: Texas National Bank of Commerce to Associated Oil & Gas Exploration, Inc., 87.98 acs por. of Lot 5 Joseph Lawrence Lg. A-168. O—L: Texas National Bank of Commerce to Associated Oil &. Gas Exploration, 87.98 acs. Joseph Lawrence Lg. A-168. O—L: Harriet Levy Bath to Associated Oil & Gas Exploration Inc. 3S3.70 acs, Joseph Lawrence Lg. A-168. O—L: Billie Bath Perlrnan to Associated Oil & Gas Explor. Inc. 383.70 acs, Joseph Lawrence Lg. A-168. O—L: Sidney A. Jones et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger 3% acs, Anson Taylor Sur. A-24L O—L: George D. Turner et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger, 1J)34 acs. Anson Taylor Lg. A-241. O—L: Leroy Edmonds et ux to Robert E. Clevenger 679.67 acs. S. S. Scherer Sur. and Fayette Ludlow Sur. O—L: Leroy Edmonds et ux to Robert E. Clevenger 155.38 acs. Lot U-C, Huffman Subd. Anson Taylor Lg. A-241. O—L: State of Texas to Associated Oil & Gas Exploration Inc. Trinity Bay Inlet No. 1, cont. 7.74 acs. O—L: State of Texas to Associated Oil & Gas Exploration Inc. Tract 26-27C, Trinity Bay cont, 735.149 acs. O—L: Marguerite E. Slade to Atlantic Refining Co. 39 acs. B W. Douthit Sur. A-83. O—L: State of Texas to Sun Oil Co., Tract 75, Galveston Trinity Bavs, cont. 640 acs. O—L: State of Texas to Sun Oil Co., Tract 64, Trinity Bay cont. 640 acs. O—L: State of Texas to Sun Oil Co. Tract 66, Galvestoa and Trinity Bays, cont. 640 acs. O—L: Selma Roos Levy Schep to Associated Oil & Gas Explor. Inc. 383.70 acs, Joseph Lawrence Lg. A-168. . Blk 32, Townsite of Stowell. DEED: W. S. Edwards to E. L. Hill Lots 0, 2 A 3. Blk 76, Stowell of Tcwnsite. DEED: R. L. Hall to Louis O. A. Chapman et ux. Lot 22, Blk 1, of Oak Island Subd. No. 2. DEED: White Heron Resort Estates, Inc.. to Major T. Callihan et ux Lot 14, Blk 4, White Heron Resort Estates Inc. Sec. 2. DEED: Bennie Eldred et ux to B. F. Strawbridge et ux. Lot 8, Bayside Resurvey. DEED: Edith V. Anderson to L. W. McBride Lot 95, and 95. Seabreeze Subd. of HT &B RR Sec 101. DEED: Alice V. Carlson et al to L, W. MeBride Lots 95 & 96 Seabreeze subd. of HT&B RR Sec 101. DEED: James H. Paulk et ux to John E. Welsh et ux, Lots 12 & 13, Blk 5 Double Bayou Estate No. 2. DEED: J. J. Johns to Juardta D. Long, 20 acs, F. Valmore Lg A-26. BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By Fred LassweH FAMILY REUNION IN VIET—Marine Pfc. Kurt T. Barnes, Battle Creek. Mich., chats with his father. USAF TSgt. Franklin Barnes, at Saigon, their first get-together in South Viet Nam. Barnes also has two other sons in Viet Nam. a Seaijee at Da Nang and a Navy corpsman on the U.S.S. Repose. The father is stationed at the Bien Hoa airbase. Teenagers Running The 'Ulcer Derby 1 GLORY BE!! YE ear A NEW PAIR OF SHOES ? X BEEN BREAKIN'IN A NEW PAIR OF MAIL-ORDER SHOES MAN SNUFFX DIP JVHAT ARE YE SOAKIN YORE FEET By Mort Walker and Dik Browne Hi AND LOIS DON'T HANG UP/ DON'T HANG UP/ CALL>OUR- NOW LOOK,X3iJ JUST HUNS UP ON ME TWICE AND I'M CAU-INS DiSTANCE/ PLEASE CALL MDUR MOMMY/CALL VDUR... BYE-BYE BYE-BYE BYE BYE— DON'T HAN6 UP/ DON'T HANG UP'' By Paul Morris BRICK BRADFORD •SADIE! KIT! £r A FOR <?lf=.IA\ CUEAN UP U^ST-MlNUTE WE'U- SOON esrree A STATS. OF ANIMATION FOfZ, THE 8y Alex Raymond Sunrise Semester S3 Cadet Don 7:00 O Today Q) Weather, Surfing, Fishing tQ News 7:05 CD News 7:25 Q Weather 7 -.30 O Today ID The Morning Show IB Cadet Don 8:25 e News 8:30 O Today fO Captain Kangaroo 13 Kitty's Comer 9:00 O Eye Guess UJ I Love Lucy © Jack La Lanne 9:25 O News 9:30 O Concentration 01 The McCoys © Girl Talk 0:00 & Morning Star Ql Andy Of Mayberry IB Super Market Sweepstakes 0:30 .O Paradise Bay ffi Dick Van Dyke {B Dating Game 11:00 !0 Jeopardy Love of Life Donna Reed 31:25 CD News 11:30 O Let's Play Post Office CD Search for Tomorrow fB Father Knows Best 13:45 CD Guilding Light 11:55 O News WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 O Midday with Ginny Pace News at Noon Ben Casey 12:30 .Q Let's Make A Deal <CD A S The World Turns 12:55 O New s 1:00 O The Days of Our Lives ID Password 4B Nurses 1:30 O Doctors CD House Party O A Time for Us 1*55 <3 News with the Woman's Touch 2:00 O Another World CD To Tell The Truth <3 General Hospital 2:25 fD Dowlas Edwards News 2:30 e You Don't Say CD Edge Of Night CB Young Marrieds 3:00 O Match Game CD Secret Storm CB Never Too Young 3:25 O NBC News 3:30 O Marijane's Magic Castle CD Early Show CB Where The Action Is 4:00 & Sunset Strip CD Kitirik's Karrousel 5:00 O Chris Chandler CD Walls Fargo (B Kitty's Corner 5:30 O Huntley-Brinkley News CD CBS News CB Leev* It To Beaver O—L: Texas National Bank of Commerce to Associated Oil & Gas ExpL Inc., 383.70 acs, Joseph Lawrence Lg. O—L: Adelene G. Meyer et vir to Associated Oil & Ga s Exp. Inc., 383.70 acs, Joseph Lawrence Sur. O—L: Blanche B. Goldman to Associated Oil & Gas Expl. Inc. 383.70 acs, Joseph Lawrence Sur. O—L: Robert Lee Smith et ux to Joseph K. Bruegger 5.11 acs. Anson Taylor Sur. A-241. DEED: Joe Lawrence et ux WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. (AP)—The 16-year-olds in this typical upper middle-class suburb are engaged in an "Academic ulcer derby," poring over their books mainly because they see a dollar sign on every page, a sociologist says. Dr. Arthur Barron with the University of Chicago conducted a six-month survey of all the 16- year-olds in Webster Groves — 688 of them. He said they are "too good for their own good ' and that they have an overriding fear of losing their families' financial security. Barron says the youngsters in the St. Louis suburb are typical of 16-year-olds in well-to-do - areas which have achieved "the American dream of affluence and security." But he says they are paying "a terrible price because of the enormous pressure on them for good grades and success in later life." "We were staggered to learn low much the pressure of get- ing into college bears on them," Barron said. The study showed that 54 per cent said they had cheated on exams, indicating the pressure that was on them to get' good grades, he said, noting that 86 per cent of the 16-year-olds had signed an honor code not to cheat and to report any cheating. Most are high school Jun- what went into the makeup of .a ***"*» Supplemental Feeding Needed AUSTIN (AP) — Field work far the greatest their out-of-school to Henry Ahlf and wife Wilma Anna Ahlf 1.983 acres on Trinity Bay J. K. Allen Sur. A-31. DEED: Olga Stubbs McKay to Andrew J. Lannie 5.02 acs, F. C. Rector Sur, A-210. DEED: Belvieu Enterprises, Inc. to David T. Searls, Trustee, 16.3 acs, Tract 6 in O. Z. Smith et al partition. (Consideration of 530,0000.00). DEED: Clint Banks to Bernis Wilridge et ux 97 - 100 of an acre, Chas. Willcox 2-3 Lg. DEED: Lester A. Elliott to H. M. Guthrie 16.337 acs, Lot 38, Theo F. Koch Subd. DEED: JAMES H. Boykin et ux to Thomas N. Pevito 4.80 cs, T&NO RR Sec. 80. DEED: Richard B. Thurman t ux to W. K. Davis Lot 1, Oak sland Subd. DEED: Armand Leger to R. J. _eger et ux, 2 acs, part Lot 3, Blk 62 Winnie Su bs. DEED: Elda Jennische Fitz- Comapny, 1.6843 acs, Wm. Blood- ood Sur. A-4. DEED - Vivian Maddox to Guy C Jackso nJr. Lot ID Blk 6, lors. The results of Barren's survey which began last September, will be used by CBS-TV Friday night in a special network program. Barron presented the results yielded by his questionnaires and interviews to school officials, teachers and students Wednesday. The president of the student body agreed that the analysis of his schoolmates was accurate. Barren reported that the main goal in life for 77 per cent of the 16-year-olds he studied is "a good-paying job, money, success." In virtually every category of the study, knowledge is considered at best a by-product ranked last And when asked what is es-| jential to success in adult life, the pupils ranked "getting along with people first and intelligence last, even below compromising your principles." "I fear that genuine intellectuality is being lost in the shuffle," Barron told the school administrators, "despite some of the most remarkable teachers I Save ever seen. 1 ' The materialism of the youngsters, Barron said, is due to "pressure to achieve a 'grades ticket* to the, kind, of life their par^nts^want for thtem. ' Barron contends that the general concept of the teen-ager does not apply to the Webster Groves 16-year-olds. He said they are not rebellious, very few have been in trouble, homework takes by amount of time, and they have very conventional attitudes about drinking and sex. "These are good kids," he said, "committed to the values of middle-class society, orientec to success, materialistic, but faintly anti-intellectual. "And they're living for the future," Barron said. "There is very little idealism. They think happiness is a big house, two cars and a lot of money." Barron, who holds a doctor's degree in sociology from Columbia University, chose 16-year- olds for his study because thai is the age at which youngsters can drive, drop out of school "and the age at which many seriously begin to question themselves." The study was made in Webster Groves, which has a population of 30,000, because Bar ron. and the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center felt it to be typical of the upper middle - class suburb which is becoming so numerous in this country. n supplemental , — U.S. Department of Agriculture reports. The department's weekly crop report said heavy snow, rain and sleet put farmers farther behind in preparing for spring crops. In the western part of the state, however, : fields remain extremely dry, the department said. Cotton planting in the Rio Grande Valley remained at a standstill. Com and sorghum, planting have been delayed by cold, damp weather and wet seedbeds. Rio Grande Valley vegetable larvest was slowed by the cold, wet weather. An expected freze was avrted by cloud cover. of education, only vaguely necessary for success in life. When asked wnat worried them most, the majority listed good grades. But when asked Natives of. South America ea the eggs of the iguana. Thes eggs are considered a great dei icacy. KWBA KWBA 1360 MONDAY THRU FRIDAY MORNING 6:00 Johnnie Ford Show (Country Music) 6:15 Lifeline 6:30 Mutual News 6:36 Wink Lewis Show (Country Music) 7:00 Headline — Tom Evans Weather 7:30 Mutual News 7:35 Texas Local News 7:45 Heaven and Home Hour 8:00 The Morning Chapel Hour 8:30 Amazing Grace 9:00 Johnnie Ford Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines-Tom Evans Weather on the hour Mutual News — on the half hour Opportunity Knocks-10:45 Report from Wall Street 11:35 Back to the Bible 12:00-12:30 NIGHT 1:00 Joe Ladd Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines-Tom Ev vans Weather on the hour Mutual News OR the half hour Opportunity Knocks 3:45-3:47 Bill Stern Sports 5:05-:14 6:00 Fulton Lewis Jr. 6:15 Lifeline 6:30 Mutual News 6:35 Don Ard Show (Country Music) Features: Headlines & Weath er-on the hour Mutual News-o the half hour Opportunitj Knocks-7:45-:47 Three Texans Die In Viet Nam WASHINGTON (AP) — Three soldiers from Texas were listed by the Department of Defense Monday as killed in action in Viet Nam. They were Sgt. 1 C. Viera F. Bonilla, husband of Mrs. Chicko Bonilla, 307 Prather Drive, Kfl- leen; Spec. 5 Charles A, Southard, HJ, husband of Mrs. Paula L. Southard, general delivery- Fredericksburg; and Spec. 4 Joe C. Lvle H, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Lyle Jr., 1404 14th St. North, Texas City. Spec. 4 Donald W. Smith, son of Mrs. Effie E. Smith, 609 West Page, Dallas, was listed as missing in action. START SMAI.L. Grow Fa«t Man or woman, part time. II200 ca«h invest. Plus excellent credit can yield up to ?20Q per mo. spare time for £ hrs. per week of supervision. No overhead,, no selling. Factory sets everything up. Man or woman can handle equally as well. Write o> v inB phone No. to Dept. 11-A, Sox 8301, Universal City. California. SPECIAL! Cotton Now Is No. 1 Surplus CORUS CHRIsn, Tex. (AP) —A joint meeting of the Texas Federation of Cooperatives, Texas Co-90 Ginners Association and the Houston Bank of Cooperatives heard Monday that cotton has become the nation's No. 1 surplus commodity. Claude B. Freeman, chief; f the policy and program an- lysis division of the Department of Agriculture Stabiliza- on Conservation Service, said 1966 cotton crop would be 25 per cent less because of in- reased participation by farm- rs in a new program designed o cut acreage. He told 1,700 persons attend- wig the meeting that as a result of previous cotton programs there are 16-5 million bales now n the Commodity Credit Co portation inventory. Under the new cotton program, farmers will be paid b-5 cents per pound on cotton acreage retired from production. A farmer may divert up to 35 per cent of his cotton acreage. _ Your Innerspring Mattress Renovated Baytonian is Associate Of Houston Realtor Wilton Roper of Baytown is now an associate of W. C. Lip- scornb, realtor whose office is located at 2307 Caroline in Hous ton. The firm specializes in acreage and industrial properties Both men are engaged in th U. S. Steel land purchases in this area. Lipscomb also participated in the Jones and Laughlin land transactions and has worked it the Baytown area. All of th Lipscomb staff are members o the Houston Board of Realtors. HOUSTON CA7-OH1 PICK-UP AND DELIVERY Sanitary Mattress Co,

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