The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 3, 1973 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 3, 1973
Page 6
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THR RRAZOSPORT PACTS /Means heads north to aid Canadians By.MIKKSOWKU. AN KAHI.Y morning trenkfaM wnvmntnw has ttmml into n mc*l ticket to Canada for Bnunspcrt hwnl ctwrti J<* M«uw. M«H», wtw Is preparinR far his sevowt s*«wn a* coach of the bxpertm. was in Oik-ago last January lor tlu> American Vtathall Coaches annual inert inRwhw he ran into Jim Sjwvttal, the former Oklahoma A&M Uww Oklahoma Stale i wuti who is currently coaching the Wirtnip<rg THue Howbers or the I arwttian Kbothall in the }*urk of hi« uiiwl, (wising it off a* jail kll«? talk. » one <Ui> a few *wlu a^vi «» early rvttitng (fan* call interrU|*etl Meall'* MJJUXT "HKV. HI U. >ou ready to gu'"' the voK 1 * «m the iHh*r end of She- Urn* liwmeU "\\}«> i* this'*" Meuiv* answered Hie vallet was Spa\ ital, who hadn't tornMten the topic < THE TWO had known each oihw sine? the I960'* when Means «-;» candling at Phillips High School ami SjMvital was rrcniiting the panhandle area "We had hreakteM. visited ami talked about oW turn's," Means rwalird "Then Jim iiinkrd me if 1 1 vcr hat! any mitre*! in working with the pros I admitted I dul b*« I Jux»w \wi tWi't jw« go trom high srtKwl ball to pro ball'" MKANS HKTVKNKD to Km-vtwt ami pu,<*x'd UK- am T1IK WISNll'Kli cuavh informed M«An.» that hi* team an nuatly brought in iivt» w »i\ a\*-r«-i to *wk *nh th* Hhw HtmitviV rwAtr* ihiritvj! the (>rw«r,M«i jiravtlce camp. VmiuilU vultnte eaathet art 1 selevtei! lor the X* ton tktrdutt \Vi.Ht »i lirwunvttKi «ttl 1* making hw wx-oml trip north tht» Mimmrr ami Sjvu ital vt antttt M*MM u> join him to wurlk with Ow "I CAN'T h*>!}i but txmrtit (i mil u . MftMM wul I jttit .u I curt lit-tp thtm as much «w Hit) twty fnc 1 *m,t io G/rfs Rebek whip Squaws FIIKKIHIRT — The Kefcels took a 33-U ikcbion over the Squaws in a recent Intermediate league bat lie Sandra Weidig picked up the win with the loss gwng to Kris Am«ig the httfer* for (hi- winners were Dawn Stcphe«xwM). Lori Kibosieaux, Pa! Bilbo. Susan Morton. Pam Carlsotx, M.irwl Kibode»at. Gayle BASS, Sandra Weidig and Tararny llawley, Hitting for the kwcrs were Donie McAda and Mabtrom. Lakers drown Rangerettes l_\KK JAC~KSOS — The l-akers collected 3 14-8 win **ver the Rangeintes Sere Wednesday in an Intermediate league lournampeit haute, Sandy Hall picked up the win « iUi the kcsa going to Terri included Hall. Judy Brady. and Doma Hichardsoo. while Sherrt Smith. IXawn AiUnmi. and Robin Skactak led tlw: hitler* for the lowers Whiz Bangs win LAKK JAl"KS4).V — Tlx> Uike Jacksoa Whi* Bang* picked up a li-lJ win over ttn* Chile Teeivcltes in the opening round of the i.a)te Jackson tntertnedwte Tournanieti!. Tarn Cowfcil hurW the *u> «ith the loss going lu Nornu Caret* Hitters lor (he winners included l.aura Motlitt. PefLgy Drapella. Pam CotiiaS. ShannuR Bond, KhontJa Hrafcuu and Mairty Cushion U-adin^ the Tw*««i «w- Kathryn Midge and Susie the Tr^j* t"H> i'i ti«i< S}t;K'k> tis j t.v ii count 1'Ttjh li^wi-lt collected the \vm ivilh tht* ttx« v'utnjt to TVrry (irteti Hitters for the winnuT* iiv.-tiKfe-d Metttvut ZiwlU, Pam Kirth jivj Jansce l.yno l.KMdmx the Texa* City »ere tirten Almre llecky S Aces whip Raiders l.VKK JU'K-SOV - Ttw e*» U-at tfce n Kaid«r> here (n ln!#rm(fdiate Tf jcy Tt:orT»a^ pw-ilrd up trx Kitten for the winners Chargers take win LAKE JACK.SUN - TV* Lake Jackson Intermediate league twirnaroent tound th«r Cwdy Kr«r !)i!!iivs[: for the *mner» wrft t,<-iifc Ann Kites, Betty AlcjU. S'jra Cibtuo and FP CHARGERS SWEEP FOUR; HOST COMETS Iron* 4 liw G T«-»i»«». the the KuuiCDfi (.'iwni-t.i 4! SJrpJxMi r'. Aintin 1'ifk lhl» * Oturgwm the Titiara Jj-s ! * 2 41 S*'A 1%M» m lh* (tfiS game 4B<i t',»«f*ttj? Uurrftte* Itxli Vtsr •*tn the Tif.t4.Brt IJJ with Little jgate th* hoow ruca {a that SPORT 7O SPOHTBO They're "RIGHT ON' WHEN THEY'RE ON YOUR CAR 70*1 up fronl..^^ on Ihf rtar wntttt... Playmates... thty put rnort fun into driving and t*li tha wholt world you know tiro*. •oth aro track provon 4-ply nylon cord construction. Rtvtrti molding (an Indy first) gJvos thorn thoir wiolo, low profile (up to 2* wklor for tho IVt, 4" for tho tfft than a fogulir tiro liko tho Dayton Flyor). Yos, horo's a combo that has it all... that can put practkaUy any rocont car into tho hifh-porformanco class. Tho Day- tonas aro "right on"—on your whools. Thf 70'$ Md MMMOt/flM* U* W* CM go It tton* on til 4 mhnlt on many ttcont cut. D0p»ndt on »/>••/ mtll c/« v«nc«. COMPARE PRICES & SERVICE AT... Mar ma ITS TIRE SERVICE, INC. HIGHWAY 288 • CLUTE • PHONE 3654500 Hie iLvtignmrnl wwil t* a vaciithm, • I II ram my kwp, " Mwiivi tanl We'll hi! Ibe «rowi>a tiinx ii< *(<( m the ntutnutg ami we wiyi'l tw through until •bom it so i4i nii>ti( Katft day *«'!! have two prat-tic** ot twu hew* " yet 4 the <*tit ami iwvtvrth man la "It -ST11.1. huh '!>!«• tiinp twst Jy«< Ift Juiv I T»Mfi» the OJkw! lV)(nUr« thru |*rtttt»rft wr«*!M»f i»aij V[ca:w JrtwiM IB til'«tUt)K<t t»>'tn (jrrjwrsw^ tot !h June Tides JIM: ! Might at * >M a KJ . » «1 p KV IM** M I! » am t*) .' JMhi ji ; oi j tn tup tn h.w» j« 1.' tJ p m , It \ liistjs» jt r w 4 «i j .tt ^ «. tjj^ j( | as p , (v * Ht^ft.* a' 5 J*i A In , \ *JJ IJS J *TS a* JJ »>{ ,» (;i i M . *f I (« ? fX (r R3 }» ^ m S4 S>.« i Hl^M of. tt Jt>* Hi . tfj tjfcflt l.jyv'4 5 M-i^h:* At !*> fe>4 fts . t,«***» 4$ t Qft 4 ct i ^s e ft). * Itij5?it 48 !i il j »ji . J^ V" d «> l*v»i jj ! iK j :;• i tl Hiitfu «! > ?J 4 «•, , tt t* -JL as . L^w* *t i H 4 m J t J lli^'i At I !'•> * m t.i.1141 js * i*r j> w* I! IfitfFi if i «>« m hi* « » t) p us t j !ii.grj,«. * i: 4 if! i*,m AI •» t: p t» t r Hijj!) «. .' !* i i;i t.u-w JJ ! i -^} js «v !•> High at •! 14 J KJ .11- ll/tifrj it !t iff J JTJ i t!) ^ ff. . S.jlw^ JS tl »i « -[! .'.: Hi«s» .31 •» i>it ti •» :r. j> c.-, tjj^-jat i r, 4 B1 j •'» :n ^ in t.v.vs -it s t: .j fl., .; ^5 j, , ? . y, HvA« »• : tj ,1 «-, !*} u ».m . tww-! a; ; >» » m it: v ;.' j rp ;:*,({> m t«w-s IE jij s: 4.jti > 3t*w j>-. -> n * (•:, ; -« p tn iwt a ts .".« i «-, . !* £! p fit S>> f> (ti 4 H p its. Little League Indure > 5 .J Ufa? &'.4£k*t hrfe fmcsrJ^ (t!«f IK S Hi;(«-ftj4^5 Jcftr. L Kta* M ttf htU Wltft tS«f tlws U>n rub Babats " T^ ijjjm ra^ «*** ttw |Whc»t» fc»»* f to A mjtjnr \faf Kirtw Hu»«4r>l wm with ih# Us* <«*f(rnaf!. Kcrx'twio* purikr<i hiU (er Else [aetttt Hawks zip Eagles CMMIVHV - 'Ttw »U «v'.h R*it«f. H!oi»H Sir* Aft her? on s,V Mi * Braves md« Doolfio « t VTK TV k^ -««> witft Hillrfv for th« iiKluded Bobby Troy Wii&tnu. Hvai; iUrncd. Stok*-* and Bruce . »hik tfcc ltd by Kcnrwch 1 jrry * (514 JMf i pilclwr tof th* »*« 5l«vf< XrriunVi Hitler* f«><- th* Jo Jo ACWn nip Caiih DAMit-RY - Tfce picked up « lil wtn «v«r (Iw C»rduub h<rc rccmilji u» * miner league conlrnoUtMa Wmninj pttch-er tut the Kakom WM John Jitcvc l^rg« uttfercd the flillsr* lor (he included Jim Noc«k. John Woods, and Abet Ikl^do. with David Kulhanck and Anthony UeB^ry ka<J«m Die billcf* lor Uw Itorf? hkl la lifl|tn td|t The f»o crf( with t Ul «»r th* (iunit b«t* fccrnllj in an important nuje* fedf Jf»w Siuwrun *m with iJw> lot* Attwrt While Millrr* (or lh« Included f'»rr> Jen* SUntroi. I'Ull, awl Uatld The Miter* (or ttw included Kevin PttU and MtU Ttrry APPLY NOW W« Mtn Ai LIVESTOCK •UYERS «rt will !>*"> Fof * l<XJl >n!s<»nw, writ* wlh y« unu IUYWS, INC. 4«20U««H« KMMI Ctrr. M» Mill HUNT HARDWARE M <MU,O,S (a.A»8 WATER HEATU ' 59 (H K FMIvK WAHMANTY M A K E 8 T H K 2U FUNtAHON UMIVE UII lAttSON ^^'^^^^ ^^^^^WWPOWWW Volleyball champs play here Monday * * 1 i « v* I V •» i I « jt t * S ! ft *»* ,»t>J f,»;n« htefaft ?-S«!V 4,1- 'A.r .-it.- ,,i'is:ii. nr nijiuJS tt g; Ititftttu J. 4ls<: (4sK x* sSn icuuvrJklU H '-t; 1 1*/.: : JVi> j'.-,m Jim' ^'ni-t-.i' v *^ umjftirt ~. •IMET'S Mil N MITCH UHt Stan *m iW I* Mixiers VAfSI !•• 9m Mil, apt «Mi a Of 9Mf b H200 CtKCkC W«f §Hi Jwl i

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