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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
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Thursday, February 18, 1897
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rf m?p •^H-^flVv ^ n t. r. Feb. 17.—SenatOT Cfefiivtllwr'8 »peeeh in tb»-senate Tuesday in advocacy of bimetallism was on* of the notable efforts of the presets! session. The early part of the tpeecti was a presentation of the principles? of finance, the senator arguing SRsitsst a single standard of cither m«tal—stifer-'of; goia; He ifBeM.'tfie gradual demonetization of silver, the closing of our mints against the silver dollar in 73, the efforts to restore silver and the serious blow struck by England against silver in closing the Indian mints' But it remained for Secretary Carlisle, the senator declared, to strike the most fatal blow at .silver In issuing Jiis order that the government w,ould redeem its paper obligations in gold only. By that act Secretary Carlisle etruck out of use a vast amount of silver and drew on the_de- the final blow to silver. From the effects of this lo.w depth to which it has been reduced by the demonetization of silver, bimetallism must now begin its toilsome struggle upward. Mr, Chandler took up the fall of prices—particularly In farm products— "resulting from silver demonetization. The senator declared that within the last twenty years there had been a steady fall of prices of all classes of property. His own convictions, that silver demonetization was at the bottom, of this downward movement.'.In prices, caused him to seriously doubt whether the era of restored prosperity was near at hand. He was led to the' conclusion, he said, that prices had not, yet "touched bottom." This shrinkage In prices had been most'serioua since 1890, The value of property in the United States waa *.,'t <-rjlj ll* W {;•".? (>f '^-tfn^ r ,-; h"-,n a r ?*»r-^n* *!•{>,* ft>? HI* js<Md ' -inftard Sg»Jfrfs>t frpft stjypr, Ri-pr^cnt&Uve- McTUwi <ArJt.>, frtwsk- i-? f«r th« BfracxraUe ra<*rnb<*rB Of <h« commtttfi, s*M Hmt- ff thft policy P'lvoeated by the Hepnbllrftfts w$a pursued the Democrats would be entirely content. They had no ftesire' to hamper tfae majority in any attempt to carry out its principles. Mr. Quigg fend Mr. Brewster (N. T.) urged that e*tioa be postponed until President McKinlej* could indicate the definite policy which he undoubtedly had under consideration. , „ Mr,-.Quljff.«ad-Mr^-Bdew»ter- (N, T.) announced that some of the largest money-tenders in the country desired to appear against the bill. •'. Mr. Towne said it might as weir be put in the minutes that every large money-lender In the United States was opposed to a conference, and that the agitation would never cease until the, question was finally settled; so that the sooner it was settled the better. WITHtJFAW HH5* FRO!"? ORFT"-:. j«,n: C>, P*-, 11. *^ rf MAJ, .tlmated at $49,000,000(000, a shrinkage of 25 per cent since 1890. • Our debts had not shrunk, but remained an in-',, esorable charge. Deducting them, the value of our property was cut down to $33,000,000,000. Can this proceed, asked the senator, -without widespread bankruptcy? He was of the opinion that the gradual tendency was to leave debtors without the power of paying • their, debts until by a gradual revolu- Mion the assets of the debtors were ab-r j jsorbed by creditors. If it had not been for the fortunate 1 ^balance of trade in <our favor during the last year, he said, there would have 1 been abusinesscataclysm In this country which would have prostrated all in-. - terests and produced infinite misery in •our business and domestic affairs. It waa because gaunt famine stalked through India that trade was favorable, 'to us, for this horror of the orfent had iproyed a benefit to_us L •_ •_*• lA sensational epTsoae~7ollowed , be- tweenMr. Chandler and Mr. Pettigrew. The New Hampshire senator said Mr. _ Pettigrew had been sent to the St. Louis convention on a pledge that he FARMERS' ALLIANCE. of th« at Washington, Feb'. lj,— The annual meeting of the supreme council of the National Farmers' Alliance opened here Tuesday. The report of President Page of Virginia recited that during the last year, owing to the intense political excitement throughout the country, very little consideration had been given to the upbuilding of the alliance. He said the government's first duty should be the protection, of the citizen against the oppression of corporations, He strongly indorsed the 'scheme of establishing co-operative' unions in various states to assist the wealth producers in disposing of their products and to overcome "the stagnation in business caused by the present system of a contracted currency," .and urged that the council further and- promote thesa, enterprises. He opposed th'e idea tf dropping the word '^ X*mdan, Feb. 17.—A dispatch to the Daily Mali from Vienna nays that it Js reported the powers have addressed R collective note to Greece demanding the withdrawal of her naval and mill" tary forces frcta the island of Crete within fortnight hours; falling "la "w*toa',""th6: port of "- PlrSOTS WH1 Uo~ blockaded and general hostilities commenced.", ' " , . ". . ,.. •,','' - ' ' A dispatch to' the Times from Ca-; nea, [dated Tuesday evening, Feb. 16, says 'the eotntnandere of the fofelgt* ^squadrona sent a joint note to Ismail Bey, the newly appointed governor of Crete, successor to Prince Qeorgl Be- rovitch, resigned, informing him that they 'had addressed on ultimatum to the commodore, of the Greek fleet requiring him to withdraw from Cretan waters. They requested the governor p^Mtir? hy ^nfs"ts* f ng tnis U«Mn^««« to r>«"W exccutfis* d^partrAfTitx, Th«» department of ^omtnerr*, -rh^ctt wff»iSf? have chareo of th$ tertff, wo'114 have n secretary, wtso wouM be a member of the cabinet. PreKid&nt-elee-t McKinley, while in conference with President Peck of ths National .Business Men's league- the other t?ar, said that he would favor the creation of a tariff commission, auxiliary to*he department of commerce, to which all tariff fsmies fend atlona rafght b UNION. MO, Child ffaffcrt X>«>afh cm th* tli* BOkrd of Tr»iJe. ; Chicago, Feb. 16.—T8i« following ta» bis ehows the range of quotations on th« board of trade today: 1BTICI.SS. *> r money," And iyet within two weeks that senator had repudiated 'his pledge, •and. • bolted McKinley and a •. "sound inoney" platform and soon thereafter liad come out as a supporter of Bryan. Mr. Pettigrew, with explosive empha- sia, replied: "I brand, that statement as -wfcolly and unqualifiedly false in every part I have made that explicit denial 'before, and have placed It in the Hecord, BO that the senator (Chandler) Should know it la absolutely false." Mr. Pettigrew declared that he had made his position perfectly clear before, the. state-convention prior to his being chosen as a ;delegate. ME. Chandler, resuming the thread ,of Ms remarks, spoke of the opportunities ahead of the -Republican administration in checking the money power and limiting corporate influences. In conclusion iesald, • * "I declare my belief, that President McKinley and the other leaders of the imrty in their advent to power may, by wise designs and virtuous deeds, indefinitely prolong the ascendency of the Republican party in this country. This can emrely be done by making it the true-party of the people, if this Is not done, and,jtjie Republlca'n party t ehaH, content itself with seizing .and enjoying the fl^oile of office/ surrendering unreservedly to thane money power which so effectively contributed to its regent victory, acquiescing permanently in the existing gold standard and treating: WmetalUwn as a 'juggling humbug* and the* promise to promote Jt as a pledge never intended to be f ul-. filled, Kepubljcfuns will .speedily find .the tide of political battle once more turned agaijost them, and they will ~ . _" wittt their now j wad prostrate foea." . Itt4iaa .appropriation 'bill was »p, t&e bankruptcy bill giv* - - Wita»ojit ad&» oft tte Indian bju, s* 3.-60 p. m,, o» jBofion of Mr. Gorman, aftoato w^nt lato exe^atlye seasloa. «3t0eati¥« aeaaioa wa» brief aad egaloa was yevuned at 4:15 p. m, ! Tfeg IfrKBSumytey bill ««s taken up .3Sfr. Hoar 8iw>ke in favor 6f it. • R. A. Southworth of Colorado, recommended that a morfcgaige-paylng feature be started during this year, to redeem every home in the membership In twenty years, by simply paying 8 per cent interest for about ' sixteen years. This, It : W' stated, will reimburse all expense and leave 25 per cent more in the treasury than haa been drawn out. _ '.. -~r~ The Kentucky- Senatorial -Fight. -------Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 17.— The four new Republican state senators : have been sworn In by/magistrates, for fear that the Democratic majority in the senate would not permit ticm to file their credentials, take the oath of office or be allowed to vote until the other tlhirty.-four senators shall havfj •passed upon their qualifications. The •Democrats have a majority in the sen-, ate, and, if possible, the Blackburn men ' will prevent the election of a Burgenta of tfila fact,'and of (Bunimoh- Ing them to yield up their arms, also of informing them that the powers had taken measures to prevent Greece from Interfering In the aairs of Crete. An Italian gendarmerie officer . was also dispatched with a flag of truce to the lines of the''Insurgents of Akrotlrl. He delivered the message, but the chief of the Insurgents replied that they would maintain their present position and' send a definite reply" In behalf of .the revolutionary assembly Monday. Their action will probably depend upon the course .adopted by Col, Vassos, the coxnjhander of the Grecian forces on the island of Crete. • , The Athena correspondent of the. Standard says that the insurgents on the island of. Orete . are • everywhere swearing loyalty to King George of Greece. Five (hundred troops started Wheat—Feb.. May...;.. July.. .... Sept....... Corn—Feb.. Way I. — _—^- --._-• f, f ,, -Sept.. — -.—. Oatg—Feb..;. May'. July Fork-Fob... Way turd—Feb.'! Bh'tr'bs— Feb 'May,..,..., July. High. 7.95 8.10 8.95 4.05 '4.015 4. IS .28^ HJf 35% :'** 8.00 a so 4.00 4.00 4.10 Closing, Feb. 10 7.90 4.00 4.10 Feb. 15 7.95 8.05; 8.20 8.97^ 4.00 4.07^ ,4.10 4.20 special session. The' majority is obtained, however, by counting five gold Democrats who opposed Blackburn before and -who are not likely to vote in hls-intercat-now to vote or vote with the Republicans, Blackburn's last hope" is gone: , Hit the Railroads Hard. Bismarck, N, D., Feb. 17.—The house of representatives considered In committee of the whole the railroad bill introduced Saturday by x the committee on. railroads, and after a two hours' debate the committee recommended that the bill pass, and that report was unanimously adopted, which virtually passes the bill. Both houses passed a^ concurrent resolution declaring that railroad properties in tails state~must be assessed • at' not less than $5,000 a mile. This resolution passed both houses unanimously, and it Is said that the railroad bill will also pass the senate and become a law. ••'•• To Annul Gold Contracts, . ,'•• Lansing, . Mich., Feb. 17.—'Populist, members on Tuesday gave notice of bills'declaring null and void all contracts calling for the payment of money in gold, and requiring registers -of deeds to keep a separate record of all mortgages and discharges of mortgages on farm property. A bill iwas also Introduced whidh is designed to stop the practice of assessing property far beyond its value so that the amount of money raised' by taxation may be inc/eased wjtbout Increasing the rate. In some cities the bonding Itailt fixed by statute is exceeded in this manner. > -' -ll-l -IT—Jii- ...__' , * ' - ' Another Big Triwt Formed. BoBtojj, Masa., Feb, 17,—-A trust which will pet prices on rattan gooda the world over was formed here today. The concern will have a capita) stock Oj $6,000,000, Negotiations to,this enijl foave been In progress for soine time, the comqpanies which wl«. consolidate being the Heyarwi Bros, & Ca and the WakefleJd Rattan company. The new concern will be known as the Hey wood Bros. & Wakefleld •company,' Of the 18,900,000' capital 14,000,000 will be preferred and the remainder common stock. • Florida Buuk Ooe» Op. Jas*sonvllle, Fla., Feb, 17.—There is considerable excitement here over the ejosing of |he floors of the Merchants', National Bask. J. L. Marvin la president aad H, T. Baya cashier. i* Stead. Wiliaingfcaa, Del., Fefe. 17,—^lae ^roaiiw'a euffmge jaoveeieai ia dead to tU» state, lltiQ poastltutloiial ooa- ' of i the l8lVhd~of r CreteT6day (Wednesday).; Great quantities of stores, provisions, and munitions of war are also being dispatched to Crete. The foreign ministers, the German representatives excepted, have collectively advised the government, to recall the fleet and troops, but this Is not rgarded seriously. An unbroken stream of refugeea continues to arrive from Crete. The Constantinople correspondent of the Times thinks that the ppwers have decided to occupy the Cretan seaports in the northern and western portions of the island, leaving'the Greeks to enjoy, themselves in the mountainous-regions of tb- interior. He believes that the Turks are sick of Crete and are willing tO'Surrender that unprofitable possession to Greece if Greece will bind herself to assume an attitude of quiescence in Macedonia. ;••; 'A dispatch, to the Dally News,from Rome eays that It can be,positively fltated-tbati^the" ~" '—~" • Modcrtt Woodmen »lot. 4 Clinton^ Iowa, Feb. f?.—Fulton, a small town across'! the -river, 'was n scene of wild excitement'early Tuesdaj morning, caused by an .attempt of Rock Island (111.) members to gain possession of the equipment of the head lodge' of Modern Woodmen of America; now at .Fulton, A riot occurred arid"some blood WAB shed.- During tha melee the mayor of •Rock Isl- in time to go-home., iiditor Eagan of.the Rock Island Gazette spent the night in jail. He ia now: out oji $200 bonds.'No' person was seriously hurt, but manjr were bruised and'had .their clothes torn. ' ' A receivership may be asked for the whole order. • ' . ... .t'nSoa, Mo., Feb, 17.—S>r, Arthur Duestrow, the young millionaire, who. shot to. death his pretty wife and infant son in Si Louis, Feb. 13,1894, was hanged In thi« .city Tuesday, precisely at 1 o'clock p. m. But lie. did not die as Duestrow, He died as "Cotmt von Bramleatoirg, -commanding-general at the United States army," trhSoh nfeme he Insisted on being called to ^he last He walked to the gallows without a tremor. He mounted the steps to his doom as though he was goltfg to his bed at night. There was no -cringing in the voice In .which he said farewell, the voice In which he told of how hs was dying for another man had all the gentleness of a woman's, so low and calm it sounded, The prisoner looked like a walking corpse, save for the light in.the brilliant dark eyes, JhatjttotJaveft r thiconfln6nient of nearly forty-monthg could dim. - ^ ^ T-- ^-He was clad as he waa when he left the St, Louis Jail, In a black suit, -a turn-down collar and a soft hat. If Duestrow was calm on the scaffold, It was the -calmness of resignation, for his conduct since, 3 a. m., up to a fe* minutes before he started for the-scaffold, bordered on hysteria. It waa the hysteria of rationality, however, f?r he flung off the long and well-worn insanity inask and bemoaned his fate mot/t;- bitterly. Between sobs, as he looked out on the gallows from the narronrwindow of his roomy cell, he exclaimed: "Yes, yes, it IB true; I did kill my poor .wife and my darling child, but I did not- know what I was doing. I was not responsible." Aa the dawn of the cloudless day broke through his window, and he gazed on tha scaffold, below he pointed down to It'and said: "They* can't hang me; -on that. I" «?on evrry leff^I fhii» far; but w fwt «* 'S^» fPTOored jaore are thrown Jft S^* **? by the Ramsay atterneya. It is f«8»f that, tfeSs le«*l ju«clin« can *i p* 1 ^ lem®ed for a lifetim*, and la this n«r eshaiiist the rescmrcea ef This is the si»at!on that Is »,.~^ ».»-., on th© unfottunate depoaitors of the 8g fuftst^ Ramsay bank. The «i8*in«» & orphans, blind and* A f2tf,0~" tms teailt by funds takpa frofti ®f$ bank's deposits. A business block ^fsal erected In the sanr» maaael-. W^fe Raansay died, he was a defaulter to lh& state treasury of'Illinois in the Biiafi of $478,638. ; The citizens of C&rlyle end otftw cities the state -have determined' W have these Ramsay loans fully Investigated. A resolution -will be Bu>bmitt$ft io "the XLtfhi general aseembly of Illi* nois asking that the matter be pushed. upon the' three' following points: First—to maintain the Joint occupation ,of Crete' by the five powers under the command of the Italian pfficers. '••'• ... Antl-ScalpluK B1U .Reported. Washington/ Feb. 17.—The senate committee on interstate commerce held a epeclal meeting Tviesday and agreed to report the anti-scalpiag' bill with amendments. The most important of. these provides that the purchaser, or a' ticket in good faltJi fqr personal-use in the prosecution of a Journey shall have the "right to; resell it. Another amendment makes it Incumbent upon any railroad company < to redeem at a. pro-rata rate the unused portion of any ticket purchased.frdm it,-' ..:•/.,. /-...•: i discussing definite arrangement guided' by the general Interests of Europe, i Third—Without provoking graver troubles to take Into account the legitimate desires of all peoples interested. Tanntei -Close Their Doors. Chicago, Feb. 17!—Five hundred-tanners and curriers employed by W: N. Bisendrath &'Co.,'at:the foob'of'North Sangamon street, went on strike yesterday morning against a cut from 10 to 20 per cent in .wages, and this morn- Ing 1,600 more are out of Employment because. the; other, leading-tanners in- the city have closed their doors against their workmen until ,a. settlement is made In the Eisendrath establishment Before the close of the week It la said that other tapnerles may be affected" and that 1,000 more men,may be added, to the list of the idle. The trouble is over an announcement of a cut in •wages and a return to the ten-hour Vork day. '~ , Eckel* Speaks in New York,,''..';" New York, Feb. IJ.—Comptrolier Eckels was the chief speaker at the underwriters' dinner in this city last night. He discussed the current questions along well-known lines and was frequently'. applauded. In paBslng he advocated the adoption of a system for Injuring the poor, as In vogue in Germany and Belgium, , , •':•• Appointment* bf Gov. Tanner, Springfield, 111., Feb. 17,—Gov, .Tanner has made the following appoints menta of trustees for the hospital for the insane at AnnaV James Mitchell, of Marlon, to Succeed John Spire; Samuel Hastings, of 'Cairo, to succeed Thomas W, Gannon; L. Krughoff, of Nashville, to succeed Scott Matthews. to Con»lct Striken. ' Milwaukee, Wls.^ Feb. 17,-7-After being out three days, ^he Juyy ia the 6430 of the atreet car utrlkerg charged with shooting Motorman John B. Breen on the evening of June 4, 1896, came into court Tuesday, having been, unable to agree. "Cleveland, Oluoy & Vbl," Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 17,—It IB reported that President Cleveland, Sfee- retary Olney aad Ambassador J3dwin F. TJW, now in Berlin, will form a law partnership, with oflteea in New York, when tb,e present administration Agalost Womon Topeka, Koa., Fefe, 17,-^Tba of tie state legislature has feillftd tii« bill giviog w^wa tfas rl^Mf to for , . Think Spain I». Bankrupt. . . ; , Havana,'Feb. 17.~The news that the government. Is willing to extend to $30,000,000 the issue already "made of|.J20,- 000,000 in bank notes has created a such a measure as meaning 1- the total ruin of the country. 'Tbe Issue is considered as the first signal of the baat-~ ruptcy of Spain, to be followed by a' general suspension of payments, known here as corte. de .cuentas. 'This policy during the last;, war ruined thousands o Spaniards. .';.'*. ' Tranivaal Bald Inquiry-Begun. London, Feb. 17.—The conjmittee ap. pointed by parliament to Inquire into the l*ransvaal raid met Tuesday/ In Westminster hall.' While the general pubUc w^ex<aurdedrt^e~,T^rwa8 crowd- ,wlth members of parll^nent,-counsel, ladles, reporters and otherai interested In the inquiry. Cecil Rnodes,. -w*hen carfed, read a long statement, which, be said, covered the whole ground, and're- el ted the grievances of the fprelgnera against the Transvaal government. ,; Governor jiay BotVow ' Money. .Springfield, HI., Feb. 17,-r-A bill to authorize the governor to borrow J250,- 000- with which to pay'the current "expenses of the state came up as'a special: order after the reading,' of the -Journal Tuesday," An amendment providing that the governor, ; treasuTer, and auditor ;shall'< issue certificates of indebtedness instead r of;. bonds was adopted and the bill was 'ordered. en- groused for 'third, reading. ! ^ I am General von BrandettbUrg." When Duestrow was led to the scaffold, Sheriff Puchta asked i /'Arthur Duestrow, have you anything to say?" "I am not Duestrow," woe the quick rejoinder, lowly, spoken. , - '!Have you anything to say?" repeated the sheriff, ; • "I say .that 'we have war," said the man. ."1 want to say that I am dying Illegally; I am not the man who killed that •woman. ,It isr 'all a mistake. I wish that soriie of you vrould give my kind Vegards to Governor C. P. Johnson. Say.good-by also to the Countess von• Brandenburg, . ; ' ".•'. ."I want to say'furthermore, while I cannot comprehend all-Chis, there must be something wrong. It Is beyond"*rea- Bjon. I Save tried to do my : duty all my life,,-'! have obeyed orders to the best of my ability afld done what seemed to me to be right" . ' hesitate* a moment and the cap. on his head. He nodded'a little Impatiently, let the?; faint trace of a smile, flash over'hla face, and then cried out once more: "Say farewell to Gov-' ernor Johnspn.!'^ Springfield, 111., Feb. 17.—•Re&resent- 'ativ'e Revel! of Cook ia preparing a bill whiqh provide^ thflt all jega) hangings shall take pla<se within the wi^ia k>f either the Jpllet or, Chester pe^Iten- tlary., It further providea that no'one shall be permitted to witness the execution excepting; the sheriff, the Jury, .the state executioner, and a representa- of tha Associated Presa. • l/t4»h'a BentitortjU Kleellon StautS*. Salt Lake, U^h,'Feb. 17,—In the state aesata the ^ideout resolution for investigation of ihe recent ssaatoria! elation waa put upon its passage and waa lost by a vote of 6 to 11, I| was charged that the influence of the Mormon* church elected the new States senator. • AU«»d for fUorportttion*, '" gpringfield, ill,, F^b. 17.-^eaator Muaroa's bill, coioneJIin corporations exercising the rigbt of eminent domain to pay tfea-delen^&ur^ cost* in. case do y&t tako' tb* property, waa a noose .was slipped arounid his neck by the sheriff. A minute later the, trap fell. His neck was not broken, and It took twelve minutes for him to strangle to death. ^ . • .;. •', . . :. .'"' •*•• -• • x" 1 ~ " . . M»J, McKinley Improving. Canton, Ohio, Feb. 17.—Dr. Phillips at. 9:30 - o'clock on Tuesday night said: "Maj. , McKinley , is d,oing: well. He" is getting along • very Batisfactprlly." He has been able to ait uj>, part "of' the day, and is quite comfortable tonight. He will be able to be about in- eeveral dayri,-;burwill .~nqt' be able to. Bee callers; this^week. He ma^ be able to go to, Cleveland the latter part of this week if his condition continues favorable." / . . , : Cltjr. of Lincoln's Issue of Gold Bond« Invalidated by the Snprtrmtr Court, ( ' Lincoln, Neb*. Feb, 17,—The supreme court Tuesday rendered an opinion 'in the, case of'W. J. Bryan and others against Eliiejr B. $tepUenson, in which the Judgment of the lower 'cotzrt 'is affirmed.. This is the case whore the proposition to Issue gold bonds by the ' city council when the proposition sub-' tnltted to the voters did not contain, the gold clause was objected to. W/J. Bryan and othefr, citizens made a test- case of It and enjoined the issue of the- bonds with the "payable in gold" clause. The order was granted in the district court, and Stephenson, who'is the broker negotiating the sale ol the bonds, brought the case to the supreme court. The highest court has .now re 5 affirmed the decision of the lower court. > "TlteigQUTtigld-iiotptSgUjPoetiy. on, -fcha— validity of the gold bonds, but merely on the technical features of the elec- ' tlon at which t/he refunding bonds ^ors voted. ; Educator! Meet at Indianapolis. •Indianapolis, Ind., Feb. 17.—More than,.500 men and women, most of them widely known In educational • work, are here attending the meeting of; the department of superintendents of .the national association of education. The'report of the committee appointed at ,the Jacksonville meeting-, one year ago to investigate and report concerning', methods and course of' work 4n primary schools was submit-' ted by W.. H. Hallman, superintendent. of Indian schools, for the government The recomone.ndatlon of the committee % was: "That 'a special committee of " five be appointed to be known as the committee on the vital connection o( school'studies • and educational devel- duty it to collect and ._ „ data on this subject In accordance with the suggestions of, the above report,, and to report the results of their labors to the 14epariment-<)f-H8Uperlntendenta-- tn the year 11899.' Bank In Jftfawoari VU .M, St., Joseph. Mo f , Feb'.. 17.~The Stffte' National Bank of this city, capitalized at '$500,000, will go Into voluntary liquidation,-the present offlcera of the institution remaining in charge to wind up the bank's affairs; A-new bank will probably be organized,' with, a smaller capital stock. • The officers cla,im busijiesa has fallen away-until it la. hp longer profitable to continue in business with sd large a capital. Oppo&e the Peace Treaty; • Topeka, Kas., Feb. 17.—By a unani- m»ua vote t3ie senate adopted 'the con-' current resolutions proposed -by United States- Senator-elect Harris declaring the propoaad arbitration-i • treaty* be-" tween Ma couatry end Great Britain to be neither aeoasaary nor wiae, and inimical to.the best la|ere^» of this government; and also- reqijeetiiiK *&# Kaneaa senators in congreas to »Mnu- "~~'~ °W>o«e tJte meaimrei, V , « • Women Flock to the Capital. Washington, Feb. 17.—This is vro- ~ man's week lii Waahingtpn. *The Gea- eral Federation of Women's Clubs is now in session, presided over by Mrs/ Ellen M. Henrotln of Chicago, The sessions ai-e executive and are devoted to a discussion of the buslnecs methods of the general federation an'd of ' the federations and,clubs which are its component parts. Miss Frances E. * Willard ih^a written that ehe •will-be unable to .come, but the _WorQan's Christian Temperance Union will |»~ represented by Dr. Mary Wood/Allen ' of Ann Arbor, Mich., superintendent ; of the National Woman's Christian'- Temperance Union department of work' for the promotion of purity, and Mrs. Jessie Brown Hilton of Evanuton, in.. secretary of the mothers' meetlnga will' ~" * ™*" — Butter-Maker» Meet. Owatonna, Minn., Feb. 17.—There waa a largely increased attendan<ie for the second day of the butter makers' convention. The report of E, Sudendorf ' secretary and 'treasurer, ahowed a- gratifying condition of the ^association. At the^clpae of the last convention at Cedar Rapida there were 284 memberB whlcih increased during last year to " 373. The secretary atronKlv wp«ft« f b* eatablishment of J employnS h«! ^,. for butt ? r ^ker^ Thetreas,' Cheyenne, Wyo., • Feb. > 17.-r-In. the Wyoming legislature the sepubUoans by a full party vote, defeated an. unqualified freesilver resolution Intro- duo^ by d*sawrts, aad eubstituted- a resolution Instructing the Wyomiiig delef atlon to congress to vote and work for measures whioh nUg^t seow* free coinage of gold and silver by international agreement. *fr ,-;-' . ...'-• /• ^A.»'f,l%u' r-""''" - ^ l ' Boston, Masa., Feb, 17,-r-MlM Jane Adfiams of, Chicago was given a reception, this afternoon by the Maseachu- setts Woman 8afyage A«gc«;iati<j», Misa Addaajs spoke 0{ woman tbe wuatry, g»a «a4« tt wag • f , ^^ - '. -r ******* — *-M, fl, i ,1 j ate Tuesday passed the bill to jnto an indeterrainate^rtoa*^ w bill paeses the hw & 9 ^ ^^^ law Judges of courts t^rou^oS tt! state win be authorised to paV Jwoe- terminate senteac^j on prteoae>r8, aad all wch prisweuia yttl be seat to tftia 4 penitentiary. . ^^, W .^ Frankfort, ICy,, Feb. ^7.-rThe emortoaa fixed Saturday, March 80, for the execuUoa 1 of both Jaoksos, a»« •.Walliag, ' An effort was o»d e to Jmxa separata daya for the execution Wall- Ing to- IaUi?w Jackson, so fee latter could coafess if he wanted &> 6a ve WaJllttg, but the governor declined to Ittt tb« state to the extra ; l^eb, 17,— A

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