Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 8, 1975 · Page 8
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 8

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1975
Page 8
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P«g« 8 * Frwport (III.) Journal-Standard, Tuesday, July 8, 1976 Stock Market Report NEW'YORK (UPI) - Interest rate concerns clouded the stock market today as prices moved lower in sluggish trading on the New York Stock Exchange. But Polaroid's prediction of a better- than-expected second quarter encouraged some investors as the market recouped some of its earlier losses. Polaroid quickly became the second most , active issue on the Big Board, gaining • 2% to 3914 on 101,300 shares. The Dow Jones industrial average was off 3.29 points to 857.79 shortly before noon EDT. It had been down more than six points in the first hour. Declines led advances, 781 to 330, among the 1,553 issues crossing the tape. Turnover during the first two hours amounted to about 7,000,000 shares, compared with 7,040,000 traded during the same period Monday. Generally, Wall Street was worried about rising short-term interest rates and fears the prime rate would rise to 71/4 per cent from 7 per cent. The Federal Reserve Board has tightened • credit following sharp increases in the nation's money supply. .^ Apco Oil led the Big Board actives, ' ;up i/i to 17 on 209,700 shares, including |-a block of 111,000 shares at 16%. Alaska ^Interstate said it will make a $17.50-a:-share tender offer for 51 per cent of •; :Apcp's shares. , Levitz Furniture was the third most V;active issue, unchanged at 5 on 79,000 •shares. The issue was active Monday. ;.-. Prices were lower in moderate trading on the American Stock Exchange. Damson Oil led the Amex actives, off 14 to 5 on 19,700 shares. Burgess Industries followed, unchanged at 4% on 10,800 shares. Syntex was third, up % to 38% on 10,300 shares. 11 A.M. Quotes Courtesy of Edward D. Jones & Co. 11 N. Van Buren Ave. Telephone 233-3118 American Motors Corp ...6^ AT&T 5014 Chrysler Corp 12 Golt Industries, Inc .30% Commonwealth Eflison 27% Commonwealth PFD :....18% Crum Forster bid 24 asked 24% 'Exxon Corp 90 Ford Motor Co 40% General Electric Co 52 General Foods Corp 26 General Motors 48% Goodyear 18% Gould Inc 281,4 . Holiday Inns /. 12% Honeywell Inc-. 37% Household Finance Corp 17 IBM 2047,6 -International Harvester 27% 3M Go ...,.'..64%; . Newell Companies 714 asked 7% Northwestern Steel&Wire .40% • RCA 19% Sears 72^ Sundstrand Corp 24 Texaco, Inc 26% U.S. Steel Corp 59% Westinghouse Electric Corp 18 Woolworth 16% Produce CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest gradable nest-run eggs: - Mixed; large 42, up 2; medium 34, .down 1. Livestock JOLIET, 111, (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle sales insufficient to Establish market. Hogs 1,300; 50-1.00 lower; No 1-2 200230 Ib 58.25-58.50; No 1-3 200-250 Ib 57 5058.25; No 3-4 315 Ib 54.50. Wednesday estimated receipts: 3,200 cattle, 1,200 hogs. PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 500; few sales steers and heifers fully 50, instances 1.00, lower- choice steers 49.00-52.00; good and choice 45.00-49.00; good 42.00-45.00' choice heifers 48.50-50.00; good and choice 48.00-48.50; good 34.00-42.00. '; Hogs 4,500; mostly 1.00 lower; No 1*2 200-230 Ib 57.50-58.00, some 58.25-58 5tf- No 1-3 200--240 Ib 57.00-57.50; No 2-3 240^ 260 Ib 56.00-57.00, 260-280 Ib 54.00-5600 280-300 Ib 52.00-54.00. /CHICAGO (UPI) - Chicago carlot meat trade: Beef trade slow; demand poor; no Funeral Services Set For Opry Star Veteran George Morgan .NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) - Funeral services are scheduled Thursday for veteran Grand Ole Opry star George Morgan, who died Monday after undergoing heart surgery last week to correct damage suffered in a May 26 heart attack. , Morgan, 51, was a 27-year veteran of the Opry. He wrote and recorded "Candy Kisses," which went on to sell more than 2 million copies, in 1949 one year after joining the Opry. The song, perhaps the best known of his career, earned him the nickname, "The Candy Kid." "When George Morgan sang, other performers stopped talking and turned around to listen to him," said Opry General Manager Hal Durham "He was a performer's performer." sales reported in choice steer beef and choice and good heifer beef; good steer beef 500-800 Ib 73.00-74.00 100-4 00 lower; ,cow beef steady. Pork trade slow; demand good; skinned hams' 14-17 ib 85.25 unestab- lished; 17-20 Jb 85.50-86.25 1.75 higher; 20-26 Ib up 81.25 1.50 higher; seedless bellies 12-14 Ib 89.251.25 higher; 18-20 Ib 84.75 5.00 higher; 20-25 Ib 80.75. High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug 46.20 45.40 45.47 46.80 Oct 41.1539.9540.2041.40 Dec 39.85 38.25 39.20 39.56 Feb 39.3038.1038.8038.95 Apr , 38.9238.0038.5038.40 Jun 39.5038.6039.0038.80 Live Hogs Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jiy Frozen Pork Jiy Aug Feb Mar May Jiy Grain CHICAGO (UPI) - Wheat, corn and soybeans were substantially higher at noon today on the Board of Trade. Wheat Jiy 3.22 up 20 , Sep 3.2814 up 20 Dec 3.39 up J9% Corn -Jiy 2.84% "up 7% Sep 2.66 up 9% Dec 2.51 up 10 Soybeans Jiy 5.36 up 20 Aug 5.31% up 20 Sep 5.26^ up 20 High Low Close Prev. Wheat Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Corn Jiy Sep Dec Mar • May Jiy pats Jiy Sep Dec Mar May Soybeans Jiy Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar / May Jiy Soybean Jiy Aug Sep Oct Dec J(an Mar . May Jiy Soybean Jiy Aug Sep Oct Dec Jan Mar 322 304 322 302 X 328i4 310 32814 3081,4 33934322 339% 31934 3491,6332 3491,632916 352l,£336 352% 332% 287 276% 287 277 266V4 257 26614 25614 251 2411,6251 241 258% 248% 258% 248%. 264 254 264- 254 266 258% 256 256 159% 154% 158% 153% 14514 140% 1451/4 13914 14614142 1461414014 148 143% 148 142 14814147141481414214 536 518 536 516 53114 512 53U4 51114 536% 509 526% 506% 526% 508 526% 506% 535% 515% 525% 515% 54314526 5431452314 550% 534 550% 530% 556 539% 556 536 Oil : I . ; . ,'>,! ,. , .•„ 24.20 22.60 24.05 22.73 22.80 21.75 22.80 21.80 22.00 21.00 22.00 21.00' 21.32 20.40 21.32 20.32 20.50 19.75 20.50 19.50 20.20 19.50 20.20 19.20 20.10 19.30 20.10 19.10 19.90 19.90 19.90 18,90 19.80 19.25 19.80 18.80 Meal 128.90 122.50 128.20 122.20 132.50 124.60 130.80 124.80 134.00 126.00 132.50 126.30 135.00 127.00 133.70 127.80 139.00 130.50 137.30 131.00 140.50 132.50 139.00 133.00 144.00 137.00 142.30 137.00 Agnew's Son Charged With Trespassing In 'Peeping Tom' Incident BALTIMORE (UPI) - The 29-year- old son of former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew has been arrested on a trespassing charge stemming from what the chief witness against him says was a "Peeping Tpm" incident. Police said Timothy Frye, 17, told them that he saw a man, later identified as James Rand Agnew, 29, of Parkville, peering through his bedroom window early Monday morning. •y.v-v. Weather NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS Fair and cooler tonight. Mostly sunny and less humid Wednesday. Low tonight in the low 60s. High Wednesday in the low 80s. . Official 7 a.m. Freeport weather readings are taken at the city's wastewater treatment plant on South Hancock Avenue for the National Weather Service.) TEMPERATURE Unofficial noon temperature 86 Past 24 hours: high 86, low 65 Year ago today: high 98, low 65 Records for date: high 103, low 44 PRECIPITATION Past 24 hours 0 inch Month to date .95 inches Normal for July 5.34 inches Year to date 17.09 inches Normal to Aug. 1, 24.05 inches Sunrise, 5:27 a.m. Sunset, 8:35 p.m. CHICAGO (UPI) - Weather: Extended Forecast: Illinois: Partly cloudy with a chance of showers or thunderstorms; only minor day,to day temperature changes Thursday through Saturday. Highs 80s Lows 55-70. 56.30 54.80 55.80 55.60 53.20 51.5.0 52.40 52.50 47.5045.8546.7546.70 46.9045.3046.1546.00 '45.6044.3045.4045.15 42.3041.2542.1042.90 42,65 42.50 42.50 42.80 Bellies 84.0081.6083.8082.67 82.10 79.50 82.10 80.85 74.40 73.40 73.80 74.80 72.75 71.62 72.10 73.10 71.60 70.52 71.20 72.10 69.70 68.50 69.20 70.00 Robert E. Roe, production manager of the Freeport Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. plant, Is being promoted to plant manager ef the parent Goodyear Corp. plant in Americana, Brazil. Freeport. K-S plant manager D. E. Lilya said Roe expects to leave His local post at the beginning of August.' Roe and. his wife, Shan, will take a quick course in the Brazilian native tongue of Portuguese and then visit Goodyear plants at.Danville, Va., and Topeka, Kan., for technological briefings. The Roe family of seven will leave for South -America in early October. "We're all. eager about the change," Roe said about the shift to Latin America. The Americana plant is near Sao Paulo, about a four hours trip from Rio de Janeiro. Built in.197 1 !, it is being expanded to, approximately the size of the Freeport K-S plant. It produces tires for automobiles, trucks and off- the-road machinery. Roe, 45, came to Freeport in April 1971 as personnel manager. Since September 1974 he has been production manager.. He has been active in the Freeport Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce. His career with Goodyear started in 1958 in Tppeka where in served 10 years in a variety of supervisory positions. He was at the Akrori, Ohio, head- ROBERTROE quarters for a year and was then personnel manager of the Goodyear plant in Windsor, Vt, tw? years. Roe attended schools in Topeka and graduated from W.ashburn University" in Topeka in 1957. He was a naval-flier from 1951 to 1955. The Roes live at 1145 Oakhill Drive. They have five children, Joe, 21, a Highland Community College student; Liana, 19, a K-S payroll clerk; Daniel, 16; Tyson, 13; and timothy, 11. M , l 2,'J lrl ? < ? ple of Am «1can Justice that an Individual k always presumed Innocent until proved guilty and a report that anyone Is charged with an offense cannot be construed as proof that he committed the offense. r Accidents An unidentified vehicle hit a -parked car owned by Regina Bruce, 110 N. Sheridan Ave., in frront of her home late Monday night. While Robert S. Crego, Stuttons Bay, Mich., was backing his car into a parking spot on South Chicago Avenue north of West Main Street Monday afternoon, it hit a stopped car driven by Dale A. Brown, 1031 S. Chicago Ave. Michael R. Mcllvanie, 1645 Hilltop, Place, was turning his motorcycle in the 1500 block of LaCresta Drive late Monday morning when he looked away and the cycle hit a parked car owned by Jack Erigle, 219 W. Stephenson St. Arrests William A. Mertins, 1330 Empire Court, and Scptt J. Pearson, 561 Brad Mar Drive, arrested Monday night on charges of possession of between 30 and 500 grams of marijuana. Police reports indicate that about 80 grams, of marijuana was found in the car the two were in at the time of their arrest. Vandalism William Zartman, who owns a warehouse at 302 E. Stephenson St., told police that someone broke a windshield at a truck there Monday night. The winshield was valued at $150. Thefts^ Darlene Brooks/ 114 N. Sheridan Ave., told police that while she was on vacation last week, someone took $84 in food stamps and $4 in quarters from \her apartment. Bankruptcies Thoma| B. Price, Fenton, filed a bankruptcy; petition in Federal Court here alleging liabilities of $17,314.79 and asseifc of $12,257. He is employed , by Chann&g Communications Cable TV, Syracuse. N.Y. Wilburn, Lindsey, Rockford, filed a petition alleging liabilities of $5,213 and no as- '•• GM Car Price Hike Could Spark Buying Surge TMTtrtm/^kTrfi /¥ TT^TX y-t _ -' « ••. . . . . T. . ' - ^^-' DETROIT (UPI) - General Motors' decision to increase prices by as much as $300 a car when it introduces its 1976 models this fall could spark a late-summer buying surge. The price hikes are a certainty following GM'a disclosure Monday it notified dealers that fleet purchasers can expect up,to a 6 per cent increase on cars and Jight trucks. While the notice affects only those buyers who purchase more than'10 vehicles, it is a clear indi- ' cation of the hike the average car buyer can ^expect. .In the past two model years, prices have jumped an average of $1,000 a car. . The federal Council on Wage and Price Stability has begun an inquiry into costsB.utomakers have incurred in the past-year to determine if .price hikes are juustified. v Auto executives have said they must increase,, prices because of unre- covered costs of around $500 a car because of Inflation, higher material and labor costs and price controls for almost three years. GM wats..^ first of the four U.S. companies to put any solid figure on price increases most executives said would, range between 3 and 6 per cent -$150 to $3jOO a car. Last year, at Presi- dent Ford's insistence, GM rolled back on a planned $500 price jump, finally settling for an 8.6 per cent jump -a record $430. Some dealers said the GM announcement probably will trigger higher sales in August • a'nd September before the new models debut. "The higher prices may scare some people into buying now, but it's going to.take.a\yay from our fall sales just like last year/ 1 -said Joe Girard, an East Detroit Chevrolet salesman. "The price hikes in the fall are going to knock a lot more people out of the car buying market because they can't afford the payments," Girard said. "People really don't ask the full price now, just how much are the payments," he said. "That's why we're going to four-year car loans. • "It's the only way to get customers. FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS Hearing Tests latteries FREEPORT OFFICE WOJAK HEARING AIDS Galena Av*., Fre*port Tra<J*-R«pal THE CREGAN AGENCY ATTENTION KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS r,/ . . . All members are requested to attend services for our late brother George W. Adams. Rosary services will be held at Schwarz Funeral Home at 7:15 P.M. Tuesday, July 8. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, June 9 at 9:30 A.M. pt the Funeral Home and at 1Q:00 A.M. qt St. Mary's Catholic Church. Bartl<c Display Features "i$ef Uses The, Stephensqti ^County Beef Auxiliary has a display of beef by-products in the main lobby of the F.irst,44ational Bank. Not only meat" biit medicinal, clothing, chemical and fertilizer uses are shown.: " • , v '-' < On Wednesday Mrs; Joyce Watson of Macomb, a home economist for the Beef Industry Council, will be cooking shish kebabs and giving out samples. Miss Catthy Ross, 1975 Stephenson County Beef Qiieen, will be present. , The display was assembled by the Leland Wenzels of Kent, the Lowell. Bickers of Baileyyille, the Leonard Flacks of Shannon, the Ray Niemans of Freeport and the 1974 county Beef Queen, Gayle Nesemeyer, ./. ' Boy's Arm Amputated After Farming Accident Kevin Bardell, 9-year-bld son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bardell, Freeport Route 5, had his left arm amputated Monday night after a farming accident. Sheriff's deputies reported they received a call about 9 p.m. to go to the emergency room of Freeport Memorial Hospital. When they arrived, they discovered the boy was being admitted, a deputy said. Bardell told them his son was on the Bardell farm when his left arm got caught in an auger. A hospital spokesman reported the boy was in fair condition this morning. Van Buren Bridge Closed For Repairs The North Van Buren Avenue bridge over the Pecatonica River will be closed Wednesday and ^possibly foj a time on Thursday so repairs can be made, according to William turner, city street superintendent. sets. He is unemployed. James Fair, Rockford, filed a petition under the wage earner^ plan alleging liabilities of $2,772.89 and undetermined assets William Hopper, Rockford, filed a petition under the wage earner's plan alleging liabilities of $3,831.56 and undetermined assets. 'People Accountable' Legislation Sponsored By Cong. Anderson WASHINGTON, D.C.-Cong. John B. Anderson of Rockford cosponsored four new legislative proposals last week which he termed "honest attempts to make the federal government more responsive and accountable to the people." The group includes bills to allow .7 Congress to veto regulations proposed by agencies in the-federal bureaucracy and to extend and improve the Revenue Sharing Act, a resolution designating "National Family Week" and a reform aimed at making the. Congressional Record more accurate. Congressional,reins on federal agency actions would follow if regulations are not consistent with the actual intent of Congress* >, ',...'.„ , "This is an important step," Anderson said, "since bureaucrats often distort and overstep the bounds of Congressional intent in formulating regulations to implement legislation." The Revenue Sharing Act measure would extend the program five years. "My bill would strengthen public participation in determining the use of revenue sharing funds, increase the flexibility in reporting requirement to take into account local capabilities and strengthen civil rights enforcement when there is evidence of discrimination," Anderson said. The "National Family Week" resolution would designate Thanksgiving Week to honor the'basic family circle. Marissa Mayor Dies MARISSA, 111. (UPI) - Funeral services will be Wednesday for Mayor Cornelius Bollmeier. Bollmeier, 53, mayor for the last 15 years, died Sunday. He was the owner of Bollmeier Bricklaying Co. JOHN EVERS John Evers Assumes President's Post Of Rotary C/ub .John Evers was installed as president of the Freeport Rotary Club for 1975 : 76 Monday noon at the Germania Club, succeeding Everett E. Laughlin. The new president reported on the 66th Rotary International convention held, Jast month in Montreal^ guebec, .Canada. ' '"" —•••••'••••>•'• Other officers installed were Ray Wine, vice president; Welby Holt, secretary, and Homer Wolfensberger, treasurer. . Directors are Robert Roe, Paul Gould, Thomas Ennenga and Terry Bobzien: George W. Adams Funeral services for George W. Adams of 902 S. Walnut Ave., who died Monday morning in Swedish-American Hospital, Rockford, after an extended illness, will be held at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in'Schwarz Funeral Home and at 10 a.m. in St. Mary Catholic Church. The Rev. John Kraemer, pastpi 1 , will officiate. Burial wifl be in Calvary Cemetery. Friends may call from 4 v to 5 pirn, and 7 to 9. p.m. today at the funeral home, where the Rosary will be recited at 7:15 p.m. . Mr. Adams was employed by Micro Switch for 31 years, retiring in 1973. He was a member of St. Mary Church and Father Mazzuchelli Assembly, Fourth Degree, of Knights of Columbus. Born Nov. 13, 1908, in Freeport, he was the son of Benjamin and Josephine (Mahoney) Adams. He married Coleta Dower on Oct. 13, 1931, in Warren. Surviving are his widow; five daughters, Mrs. Edward (Mary) Gundry and Mrs. Ronald (Patricia) Loring, both of Freeport, Mrs. Dennis (Karen) Downing of Elgin, and Misses Linda and Susan, both of San Francisco, Calif. Also, two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Lowery. of Chicago and Mrs. William (Vada) Hying of Robertsville, Ohio; and nine grandchildren. He was preceded in death by two brothers. Mrs. Joseph Hennihgson STOCKTON-Mrs. Joseph (Irmadel) Henningson of Beaumont; Tex., a Stockton native, died June 28. She had lived in Beaumont for the past 35 years. Born in February 1920, she was the daughter of Albert G. and Elvina (Beyer) Xoepfer. \ Survivors include her father of Pensacola, Fla.; and two brothers, Clifford of Waynesville, Mo., and Mernice o,f Stockton. She was preceded in death by her husband in 1970 and her mother. Burial was in Beaumont. FUNERAL DIRECTORY BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME Cor. N. Walnut and W. Galena FEC Votes To Ban Media, Public From Finance Meeting 'WASHINGTON (UPI) - In an unexpected move, the Federal Election Commission overruled its chairman today '• and voted 4-2 to ban the news media and public from meetings where it decides critical questions affecting the new campaign finance law. The move came as the commission was scheduled to begin debate on whether the Republican and Democratic national committees could accept free services from cities holding national party conventions. The new commission has held all its meetings in public so far, except when personnel matters were discussed. Zenith Co-Founder, Radio Pioneer, Dies ' EVANSTON, 111. (UPI) - Karl E. Hassel, a rad\p pioneer and co-founder of Zenith Radio Corp., died Monday at Evanston Hospital following an apparent heart attack. He was 79. Phon* 232-0613 | .... . -THURSDAY i •• HOGGATT, Robert G., Sr.; 10:30 a.m. at the Funeral Home. Friends may call from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednes day. A memorial has been established In his. memory for the Heart Fund. SCHWARZ FUNERAL HOME 816 South Gatena Avwtu* Phon* 232-9017 0> T. Schwarz, W. R. Cram*? WEDNESDAY ADAMS, George W.; 9:M a.m. at the Funeral Home; ' M a.m. at St. Mary's Catholic Church. Rosary, 7:15 p.m. Tuesday at the Funeral^ Home. Friends may call from 4 to 5 and 7 to ' p.m. Tuesday. WALKER MORTUARY 321 West Main Street Phone 232-2136 WEDNESDAY KALOW, Carl; 1:30 p.m. at Park Hills Evangelical Free Lnurch. • Friends may call from 4 to 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Mortuary, and at the Church after l« A a.m. Wednesday. A memorial has been established In his memory for Park Hills Evangelical Free Church. , OIL CHANGE • tf qt. AU Season (10W-30) • Filter • Lube Automotive Specials COMPLETE BRAKE JOB 12 Point Brake Installation »Install shoes • Inspect cylinders • Rebuild cylinders • Arc Unings • Inspect bearings • Repack bearings • Inspect hardware • Adjust Pkg. Brake • Inspect Seals • Turn All Drums • Add brake fluid • Road-test car WHEEL ALIGNMENT Car Shake? Our 8-Pt. Front End Inspection Checks 8 areas for looseness wear to prevent major repairs. TUNE-UP SPECIAL 4-M Cyl. Engines Here's what we do: Install spark plugs, put in points, condenser and rotor. Set dwell and carburetor. And time your,engine. Most U.S. cars, pick-ups. Plus 2 Sets Of Shoes Listed BRAKE ' A* AA ADJUSTMENT ONLY $O.UU 106 W. Exchange St. . Across From The Courthouse Open Moo* & Fri. 8 a,jn. to 9 p.m., weekdays aad Sat. 8 a.m. to .

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