The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 12, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1859
Page 3
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INSURANCE FURN ITURE S A J. M.ALLCOTT'SADVERT'T. the following «»t of BustoeM Ho r fe? B 'tt b Hl h ? entI -*? > *•">»« ptotanentln theirrespective line*of business aprSS, ' : '-•'-•;. TI03ST3E1IIS. NOYES, PLBRZHEIM Krst Class." old establishes an* proms* s*«m«f«a^i:"? J >'-r£ J ^-r*'''. ",->'>* > J.-;"">.t .--V '-'>. j . --.' - •' .-; J, M. GROSSMAN. I««Webw.£KU»*s} r «*' r«3»sb Ca»lW a«d farpl OOBPitt* «od American B«lr s>n4 Toath alwav* en band to imrfje qaant In the/ficaieititjrle. : _ Kanx and Speclflcatlonj for all kindj of Bulldlngi farnlihed'at short notice and on 0>t most liberal terms. HARTFORD INSVltANGE COMPANY, ??W»rf,-'- i; - Of Hartford,Connecticut, ~:-~- .'-.-fr.J. ;Vi ' Pure French if randyv Wines, liondon Cordial Ola, London Porter, Scctch Ale, Congress Water, Ac.,* INSURANCE COMPANY, Of»eirfork01tr,' : '- : ''' ''''''"- "Oaih Capital and8arpln»,..'.....,....$lX)J7,WO 40 BOOKS Is Lithe new and toUettowders, jut received by "HOWARD INSURANCE COMPANY, OfNewl-ork. =- : '35 •':•:"•.' INCORPORATED IN 181*. F U Tjll R E L I F OR, SCENES. IS' ANOTHER WORLD, LEASE FX>K SA1.E AT , r; Cash Capital and Surplus....,.,.... ...»8S8,»60 33 PHtENIX INSURANCE COMPANY, SHAVIHC CBEA and BagUu' Honey Boap»;Eou«aeli* Petere 1 COMPOUICl* CAKIPHOU ICE : WITH . • --..,., GLYCERINE, ' •/ - - - •; :•; -.,, A BOEK cure for Chapped Hand* and Fftbe, Bore OX Up», Snnonrn, »«., Ac n for/ule wholetale md re.-«. ALLCOTT, janl .. DrnggiatwdOb*mlit, 80S Cut Water it. bneof tbeouwtconiwolent the ci^.«ie owner lagolaf into ihe country lhaltto/ Vtrcb and UBretore-pSersHfor sale.:|i.«W«stt. f »t COM .;E2>A_j*_I>_- . S-'-'E'-E . A ERIVAl of mn entirely new and fpJendlil Stock of French,' Kngllih and American . Ofl*te«t8tylM, at A. B. TAW COTT'S, : Obr.,£ut Water and Witconein Street*. Having lately disposed of moBtof my former nock, 1 exercised myself ID searching at the Jfastern Market* for all the > £.'-- "' • ; : x ::' J¥eW Styles 'and Patterns, Which have been Imported and manufactured alnce'ih last panic. 1 have miso purchased a large stoctol " Ladies' ^nd ^OBatlBinen'* WatchM. With morementa acknowledged ai tbt mort tnpertor b; the American public. ; • DovSO. ., be required 4o;pwcha«, aome cxpeOeUt pr will trade* brick .bouse and :1 lo4;,Ui -BJTi We . : , corner k»_ «n WUwniln atreet.»:0orntf , Jot Inttrrt .Wan!,afflBe-r««ld«ice i Jlot l oii ITalker Of Hartford, Connecticut, -Oaah Capital and Bnrplus,.... ...... ... 4.AMAR FIRE INSURANCE OfNewTork, '» . CO., . il t: Itaai IndUTcrent atageo at Improvement, aad»y'»>leiy of property, all otwhMi we offer for sale cheap or win exchiage r*r«U»r3>roper»jr,« We can offer «xan« rare 1 Duucemenaaow IB real estate. JBO.B. WELD, --' ' •'~ f '" •--• M-WlicosalnitreeU- A. lot tn the e«j, ——™. In a good netsrhbortsnod, and. contaias J40 acres, veil watered and Umbered, a good house ausj liam and some frnlt trees. A vtjysuperior tract ol land, and wjllfce sold low, or eOKhanged for city property as above.— n -~' —'• ' JNO. U.\fKi,D, ' Here Is a rare opportunity. novla ,-. j, .-,.,. - .. . , 18 Wisconsin itreet. John JUNKAU Architect, BLOCK, Is prepared t ) furnish plant for all kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. REFERENCES : J. 6. Rimws.1 JOB* H. SIUULU, LcMaDn BaoTBia, W. THWAITS, 6. Puaj>, C. £. Dxxpoare, DlSVOETB t PC&ZIKB, LOCIB S. HlOC, C. Jons. feb20 MILLINERY GOODS. • 'C; ui Capital and Surplus,.. . ........ .S.|l£t,M0 83 RESOtUTE INSullANcE COMPANY, '•', '.'•'• Of New yorkfflty, ..Ca»h Capital and Sorplui^ ........... .<Mfi,88» M CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, > ,.. Of Hartford, Oonnectlcut, Cash Capital and Surplus ................. $308,231 48 ,1 solicit business for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merita and responalbUlty, ana t«fer to their prompt and liberal teUlemeal of aO Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies 1s- itted wrlhoat delay. W. H£NR? HOLLAND, Agent. Jon HoLiara, Aat*t. Northwest cor. Main and D. i>. MABSBAIX, Surveyor. Wtaconsin sta., Milwaukee. aepti GHk!>BiGE WOOD, j I . ACTHOB OF MODERN PILGRIMS, «tC. ' The; Ministry of Life, by the Author of Ministering; Children. ; JLIFK AM ca'U KA NOB. TRUSTEES OF THE Mutual Life Insurance Coinpanv, •OF THE STATE OF '^—' * Vett Gray, by M. J. Mafctosh^ . • Dora Deann aail Haggle Miller. Hie Julia, ; % Prince of Ute House of David—new edition. Llvingaton's Africa—, ediyon. For sa4« by j •.- • ;' (febl»J 4- V » TKRRT * OO. A NEW SUPPLY. N ATDRt and the Spiritual, by Dr. Bushnell The Land and the Book, by W. M. Thompson the Power of Prayer, by B. }. Prime. Memoir of Sioddard. Bitter 8w("ec, by Holland. POT sale by E. TERRY * 00 feb20 167 East Water street. JUSTljUE UOOKKTS, M ANCrACTTJRED expressly for that purpose onl of dm qnalltv paper. K. TERBY t CO., • .'»*• '< '< '« «»»t Water's! f.'oimty Ail prepared to furnish the- dtljens of Milwaukee dally with COCNTltV MILK rent Ihe well known Dairy of M. BARBER, Esq., at a fair price and in quantities from a pint to a puncheon. Those wishing to be supplied, can leave their orders with Messrs. Hunn A Crosby, opposite the Wai- ker House. T. P. AUliOTT, Yankee Uukman. URE! AMERICAN CORNET BAND! OAPT. AA.EX. SCOTT, I.E AOrit. KKADY TO KDRNI8H ANY , number of Instmmeota, from one to 4 twenty-two, for Balls, Parties, Parades, 4 1 Ercortlonm, Ac^ Ac., at reuooable ' rales. Ariply or address Capt, AIJT Bcorror it Hempsted'i Music Store, 178, East Water it. aojll Tin A « alvanlnca MooHug. E VERYTHING required for aifull and assorted stock for a first clan Wholesale and Retail Drug Store b kept by Harrington, and of the very beat quality.— "Briceo as low as any other route.' 1 O. HARRINGTON, 151 East Water atreet, Directly opposite the Auction Room of the feb8 Eicentrlc and Celebrated OALU WAU. RIBBONS I JlIBBONS! RIBBONS t TO MERCHANTB.MTLLINEKS, JOBBEKS, CKAIiKRS IN RIBBONS, aULUNEitf GOODS, AM) CASH ens EES IN ALA SECTIONS OT THKCOUNTRT, THE CABH RIBBON HOUSE. 11C CHAMBERS STRBIT, NJCW VOEK. ..... JRO. FARWKLL. IRABLISHKD 1868. We hare originated a new principle— anew era In the Ribbon Trade, whereby we make this business run, B»ru,'jiu> EffxpLfAsraaror aaowi snunias. James H. Knowltoo, John J. R. Pease, John P. Dixon, Joseph A. Sleeper, Edward L Dlmock, David Noggle, H. W. Collins, John 0. Johnston, J. H, GORGES & CO., Give nolioe to their business friendj tbftt they hsve removed tlieJr 'Wholesale Grocery BUSINESS BACK TO THEIK OLD STAND,! Near corner of EAST WATER AND DETROIT STS., U'herr they will continue the same as heretofore. nov28 WK BUY roa CASH i We are aattofled .with 0 raa cm r-aom. Aak no Second Price. Have all our goods marked In PLAIN FIGURES, so that man, woman and child "buy alike," and receive the same value I«r their money. Our Prices for best Taffeta Ribbons, all colon, are No. 1 18 cU per piece, »o. 4 KJf oil per piece, « IX IS - •• "6 74)4 " S | " s so* " * «• » six " B S6X " «• " 18 »10 No. 16»1.4IX per piece. WE OFFER FANCY RIBBONS "ALL 8TTLE8," "ALL COLORS," U ALL-QDAUTJE»," AT PKIOE8 UEFTINO COUPETUION, AND FOR CASH ONLY. H.OU-ES tKENTKD, VTTTLL1AMS A RODWAT will gire attention to the T" renting of Bouses. Parties having Honaet to Rent, or wishing to procure tenementa, will please cal at 19 WUeonBln street. For Sale Cheap for Ca*h. TEE Dwelling Bouse, with leaie of pround, situated on the north east corner of Blddte and Milwaukee streets, one or the most desirable locations In the city, (riven. Enquire of immediate possession apr8-d4l GEO. 80UTBWELL, Jr. JUST KKOEIVEi) .AT HU1VN & CROSBY'S ANOTHER ENTOIOE OF CBOICE PRDTT, 1 /~1OMPRIBrNO 100 barrels Apples, Uenftad Fruit); 20 \_y boxes of Oranges; 10 boxes Lemons; 1,000 IDS Raspberries; 1 case Fresh Figs and 6 barrels of Dried Peaches, ali<of which we are selling at prices astonishingly low. fe»16 Doctor C. Lander, H ATING located himself In Milwaukee, offers hl> services to the public. Dr. L. hat served hi the British Army for fifteen yean. In India, Burmah and In the Crimea. gF~ Surgical cases promptly attended. £f~ Office corner Buron and Van Buren sL }an80-d8m RIBBONS, ' "" eBOtr8 °' • ttractlon '° r "ttulck Sales," "Light Profits," and "flood Value," for Cash. ROUCHE8! ROnCHESI! New Styles and Patents, at a saving of 80 PER CENT. PROM CREDIT PRICES. Examine our •ample*, and be convinced. BLOND LACKS, QrjlLTINGS, *0., *C,, Oar line of these Goods always full. We Import and "Job" them at oncw (or 6 :per cent advance. Marked prices OL all Goods "in Plain Figures." A SAVING OP 4. PER CENT ON THESE GOODS PROM CREDIT PRICES. Our Intention is to make the Ribbon Trade as staple In regard to prices as domestic goods, to do this we must sell ONE MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OP GOODS PER ANNUnI . r We are Union Men. "Ho North," "no South " We BoUeH tht patronage of -Merchants, In every section of the United States, and are the servants of all who favor us with their trade and patronage. JNO. JARWELL, CASH RIBBOK BOOSE, 1JC Chambers street, New York, near the Hudson River Railroad Depot. Wm. A. Lawrence, Morris C. Smith, Joslah V. Wlllard, Holomon Bntson, Benjamin t. Plxley, Charles Norton, lames Mel, Meaes Pilchard. for HUwa-utt*. Anson Cldred J. B. Marti*, B. H. Camp, H. L. Donssnan. for Madtsfm, Charles H. Knehn, Simeon Mills, L. }. Harwell. for Badne. Jam.- R. Doollttle, George 0. Northrop, B. J. Oilman. for BtloU. Matthew H. Carpenter, John Haekett, Lucius G. Pisher. for grant County.—J. Allen Barber. for PlatMOe —John H. Rountree. for StouQhton. —Luke Stoughton. for Ntw .Muffin?*.—James B. Earnest. for Whitewater. Augustus H. SoovlUe, S. 0. Hall. for ShulMurffh.— George W. Lee. J. A. SLEEPER, President. H. W. Ooujxg, Secretary. A. OliHiK, Vice President. H. G. WILSON, Agent, septSS 2! Wisconsin street, Milwaukee, Wls. A NEW BOOK by John 8, Abbott. • , The Empire or Austria. Life of Douglas Jerotd. The Minutry of Life. Meta Gray. Downing* FrniU,a n dFrnUTre«. ReTl>e d Edition. The House, a Manual of House Architecture. -« * ' E. TfiBRY, ""^ _ 1«T East Water .trcet. MLJKKAY, PKIOK & CO., Seaman's Mammoth Bouse Furnishing block, BUKON STREET, MAsiCTAOTcaxaa or, asm 04 aLxaa i» STOVES, TtN, A GALVANIZED IRON ROOFING Gutter and Conductor Pipe. Also, agenu Tor Collins' Celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Oap«, Hot Air Furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, *e IST Order* thankfully received and promptly aliened to; mrtfl A: Steam HIpc fitter. EVER OPPEP.ED IN THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, FOR THK NEXT SIXT^V D\YS THE STOCK IS 11K \ V V, A N l> TI U* T It I, 218 and 220 East Water Str .till. W,»l KEE, aprS-i!2mo RAJLROADS. Mil., W at A Baraboo Vail, I INROAD- O Nand after Monday, April lih.anil u tlceaPusenger Tram will leave H «od street.f ntil further u,,- e Hllwauk^i- frnnj , Hnrtlno.l RAILROADS Ka<-itie A .?liM»i«*ijt»i j? " P F. i x , I' 0 I) I .14 Ml,t fr,,,n &•,*!„ ON AN!) ACT Kit MON 1>A V . l)Kc :. ill r (,„]„», m r Chicago K ft. L» Crowe i Mil a B , and Mil. < M| s K. K., or by Boat. can proceed tn the abnv. jlares r V"V!m tl0 t n V' l! ma ' l<: *' Wafertown »ith .tagp, (, La«e Mllls,J,!fl*Mnn, Waterloo Hancri rie, l.ottage Oroy. and Slijiaon. tville, Sun Prul»l l.'olumhu LIFE INSUKANOE. / T HE Trustees of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of the State of Wiscomtn will meet at their office In the city of Janavllle, on Monday, the 18th day of November next, at 8 o'clock r. v. Section 18 of the charter provides as follows: The operations and business of this corporation shall be carried on tn the city or Janesville, at such place u the trustees shall direct, s« far as the same can be done, al a principal office Dated Janesvflle. Sept. 16,185S. By order, JOHN 0. JOHNSTON, •gpt 88 - General Afect. MILWAUKEE CITV INSlIRAftCE CO., OFFICE; In nilrhcll Bnlldtnsr, Ifllcbltran. •!. Wisoorsoi. T>ORX RTJMVS, In store, for sale. *• M «" i LATTON * PLAHglNTON | NEW HOOKS. P ICTURES Or OODTJTRT LTFE, by Alice Oarv Lif , Th « M S«;»,'U»t. or Incidents andCharacter/fro, "J In the Baltimore Oonfrence, by M^FIetcher. Por sale by nxarfi No TERRY A OO V 167 Ban Water street. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! \l/t are prepared in our Bindiry to Bind Magazines, Vf Periodical! or anything vise In the form of a Book, In-neat and durable styles, at low rates. Ian20 STRICKLAND * CO. SCHNCECKEL & IIRUNOTTO, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Real EttaU and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, M1LWAU8JX, WISCONSIN. Orna* —No. t Market Square, .opposite the Old Pot- Office. mar27 AT D. OOR80N, TORNEY AT L AW BAS removed to (Office, No. 6, State Bank Building, earner ot East .WadEr and Michigan sueel, ClUwaukee. mariO-dSm 1ITV I\UR*EKY. D IANA, Concord, Union,Tillage, Rebecca aod Delaware Grape EooU. Lawton BHckberry's, and Button- Raspberry's. HcAvpy's Superior, Peabody't, Hautboy, Wilson's Albany teedlingB and Early Scarlet Strawberry*, at wholesale or retail, on corner of East Water and tils street*. Orders sollc'ted and promptly filled by OHA8. R- 80UTHUAID, apr2u-dSt* Ag*t Elm City Nonery. CAPITALISTS VTTILL find at my office a Register, open to their in- TT specUou of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securities for sale, may find it to their Interest to file with me their applications or statements. C. SOHLEY, vI6 Opposite Walker House. BOO KS . O UR stock Is the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can famish to order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as Issued from the Press. jaoSO 8TRICKALND t 00. WREAT EXCITE}?]EIWT ! The best assortment of the finest Wntctooa, SUrer Ware, Jewelry a»d KA.NOY OOODS Ever brought to Milwaukee. Just the thing for BoW day presents. Just received very cheap for cash MATt-ON A LOOM1S, Wn. DR. H. W. REDOEA1>, VETEHIN.AHV SUKttEOIV, FORMERLY OFCLETELAND, O., respectfully Informs the the citizens of Milwaukee that, having located In thli place, he intends practicing his profession. All diseases to the liorse treated la a most scientific style, and general sat- factlon warranted. In con. necUon with Us practice he will Prick and Dock Tails In the most approved style; and, to fain the confidence of the public, he refers to the following gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Redhead many times professionally in the course of ten years. We feel justified In saying lhat his practice Is superior to the general run of Veterinary Frac.tioneen. CHARTERED CAPTTA1., - - $200000 Cash Paid in, $ieo,OOO. Dl RECTORS U.I. Fauna, 0. D. DAVIB, W.t.pumg*, E. Towrreran, B. a OO»OT«», H. EULUUOHT J. B. Ksuxooo, J. Btmraan, Jusirxt BILL J. S. B-taais J. B. Coicts, Jig, Mcun ' OaiB. Onssina, 0. Uoiurroot, Qs» DTS» K. TOWNSEND, President. „ . _ A L. WALRATB.Secrelar. B. L. Piuria, Attorney. sswr Fu-e and M»rine Rinks taken at onrrenl r«'-- WISCONSIN STATE DIRECTORY —ANI>— O- -A. 25 El T T 13 3EJ H. FOR 1858-59. PKUE TWO 1»OI.LA~KS. THIS WORK CONTAINS THE NAME AND ADDRESS OF EVERY PERSON ENGAGED IN BUSINESS O N his own account in the State of Wisconsin, from the Wholesale! Merchant and Jobber to the small dealer. Representing both the Mercantile. Manufacturing, Mechanical and Professional bianches'ST bun- ness alphabetically arranged and CLASSIFIED riVDKR THEIR APPROPRIATE BCSIXEAS USADIXOS. Information relative to Banks, (showing their capital date of organization, circulation, kind and valne of securities deposiltd,) Railroads and other incorporated companies. ^ Agricultural and Manufacturing Statistic* of the State; a Sketch of the Stale by Counties; a Historical Sketch of the Slate, and a full and comprehensive Appendix. Advertisemenu of the leading busineo house, conspicuously (jispijyed oo tinted pages, interleaved through the body of the work. The Book Is of full octa,>« «u», handjomely printed containing about ill hundred pa#e». The advantage*' the business community must derive from IU eeneral circulation as a book of reference, throughoul the Stale, and the principal Eastern Clile*. affording as it does, a true exhibit of the growth, history, resource* statistic*, wealth, In fact, a perfect mirror of Us bu.i' ness, is of inestimable value, and cannot be too ifener- ally appreciated. B»T~ The Book Will be sent bj mail, free uf |.o«ta*e on receipt of ' TWO DOI.LA'RS. Law and Library Binding, |;2,60. Ad *[?* > STRICKLAND A Co marZZ Booksellers, Sllliraukee, VViscomin SIXTH WISCONSIN For sale al febl» ISAAC KINOSLKY, «iAS &. STEAJ1 PIPE EITTEIC, NO. 291 EAST WATER STREET, . WBOLSBALI 1»D aSTAIL, OAB AND STEAM PIPE!", o.ii-paia OAg, STEAM AND W ATF.B OOCKa, GLOBK AND OUEOK VALVES OUAttE COCKji, 4c., Always on hand, a lar?e auortmenl r,t •. A a F i \ r i K F i Wor* done In a n-orkroanllkr manner, al st.on none, widjowet prices. je»-dlv »«Vi j- I, *""" "" u aiaui»nn. Ai»,, at i.'oiumhin ' -tr for Lorti, Slertmac, AUego, F,l| H|v,., Lt .^,., Corner , . , r H»m,leD, L.-.v,lle, Dekora, York. Arlington. Brtslol ,„., , ,,for all poinu toll,.. «•„, an j North w , nl *" B Passenger! arriving a ihe Jlin.-li» n tha »hov- ir places make ci.onectloru h the Mil»,,,ke* * Ml,.,,, , «ippl K. R., for Jannville, \latf1,,,„ ., u .i rV,,ri«.".|n i.hien in.! al Mi]»aak*e, »lth r,,a.|n ;,, n,, .^,, u tn *•-.! *n<i y,, rln . ' ; fort Wayua a Ca.cago lloriroii K. K I STKAMBOAT |1HS:ONLY ROUTE hy »h,c-h I wantec reach KurtJc.i. it I..INE. p«s,n«r, Milliard. .Tlaiiufncturer. BILLIARD TABLE .nAlVrfACITOR V WIL.HK1.M K1KMKH, Fifth & Prairie ,t., Kilbnurntown Cor. B --—-—- •-»- sa- "•••».•* •»•_ c< TO I* ILLIAKD TABLES With Dime, Triangular an.l Cushioas. Bllltarii Table' Ones, Balls, *c., always on hand TOP .ale n-cou . hand Tables repaired at low rates. w^T" OFFICE—Corner of Unelda and opposite Wetsteln Howl. myl8 llootsj 4t.~~~. ." N. " & Co., (iKiswor-u LADIES', GENTLEMKN-8 AN,> CIIILDRKNtS BOOTS SHOES A.M» I. All Kit H. U A S U .S s T K K K T , O ]> p o n I I e t h r V\ a I k e r House my-Jl only route by hich paast-nntr. 4c., reuch »lii»au lr., TRAINS LKAVE Al 7.20 A M. »:,<! i.15 P M.. anil ARKIVK AT MILWADKER *l 10.4(1 A.M «DH 4. iu P <a. Ask for tlrk^U t,y Ml]w ta Berlin Ml]w»uk^« ,o,l Hnr JESPER VLILT. ,<u from >tll '« Jt,,rt~ I»T Th,. ! !->,,:.t<, n <-.,n a«llro«d Til)ri,K, u If . K. l,i -SUM MKK f 8.19. A It K A N C i h-.\l K N ami ^ [.X '-I:- — G. Western (Canada j Railway rll A W K I N K K REPORTS STRICKLAND i CO, 134 KA.I Water tlrert. i 1'KAK. _ tie Route to Ik, Oold 1 gloos In Kansas, just received by STIUCKLAND a CO., 124 East Waur itrret K N N • JlHCrAOTVRKa A«D DKALXa !• HOOTS, SIIOFS A.\U HAITI US NO. ^4 SPR1NU STUEET, Opposite American Motme mjll Ilool ~ » I A NO. 4- FAST IVATKIf .« 1 If JOHN i'HKJ.AN, KKKHS always oo band joo.1 cuil,,m made Boou an.] All liOJj of Ladles' and Uentlemen's Boou and Shoe, made to order In the latest itrle and warrat.le,! i,. ,-iv. satisfaction ., ,.,^ S:i») p. TI.-NI, a- fun.U, TI.-Nt.W f. >' i'« MI.U \ n.,s. .-i * KK AN,, H,f It IN KXi'Jir. I. 0 D 1 S K A K S K K GESTLEMK.NV & I.ADI IW BOOTS S ANU tlAIH: TO OK III-: No. 210 L,,. SUuE.- AilMi,,, 4. r U.I.U.. ... V , rl loadi auu - ' I N i: I S N A T I I-IU.-.- , t »,.. p ^il<l^H^ry n u t > i r E Uardwarr, I>»U,K... . . KKNST IT l.ASCHK. mi d.kji.i »T»trr Blun K. CloUi Prr.jlnif in j I -U9 rilH A L.N.. A laiE II\M RA I „ undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Ui>n< and Fire Risks on i reduce In store. In the North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at M low rates as by other reliable Companies. The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitles I tto public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, °°va a.t office of H. A J. r. Hill. BY STATEAUTHORITY, WISCONSIN OENEKAL INSURANCEAGBNOY C1IAHTEK OAK FIRE I!VS. CO., Bartford, Coun. CASE ASSETS |*tl^5« 9S ROBTH AITIEHICAN FIRE 17(8. CO M Hartford, Conn. CASB ASSETS t8S4,8CO 0« SMOKKD H.M.MBUT C HOICE Smoked Ualllbat at m * rin HUNN 1 CROSBY'S. O. I-. OK 1858. DVEK A 13G EAST \VATEIt NTHEKT, tflLWAVKfS,. :.: .......... WJSi ami/aavrm and WholumU and Bet,iil titaJfr. $)!«, Wool and fancy log, C«ri/eU, W an«i Oleaued in the bejilBtjIe. t&T~ All klndi al old Wearing Apparel i.iyl, Irusiti " 'luiiii JOiSEPH HAtriij NAI>UI i . nAH-^KXS A MANUFAl.'TI KbK A CAICKUur. l<> KintfsLt > i i . i . > n . \ i . i l Ai,K I'K: i M Ut-lruil A: Hi i. KaiUva>. r «., 8 do er Unuse, JOHN W II O I. F N A I. K It I N K TUIMMLi ii ,,r ib^ W ilk r- * .1, !>,- Old iili 1-: It u I t. John O. Brodhead, Wm. Jamison, Murray, Pryer A Co., CLXVKLAXD. Judge Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, u Andrews, " Vtlden, Docl. B. A. AcHey, '• M. L. Wright, " M. L. Bewlt, | " Resner. Jno. Klrkland, luom. James Kelly, OQIOAOO. J Wm. D DCTBorr. 0. Bradford. N. A. firowu, James Foiey4 Lrvnr «E> or OLXVKUHD. W. J. Oalns.5 White A Newel, Oeer A Harrington, C. B. Seymour. School Books. KBKBIX8 Or THS nOBSI BEIIDSs's BOOOtTf. J.K.Curtis, Wm-Patts, BllasMerchant, Wm. K. Adams.' |y Office, Klrby's Livery Stable, Main street. ap-16-d«wtf WESTERN 1W4SS. FIRE IWS. CO., Of Plttsfield, Mass. OAIB ASSaTTS , $205,6W « CON WAV FIRE INSCRAJVCE CO., CASH ASSETS Of Conway, Bass. 41 HAfflPDEN FIBE tNlHIHAWCE CO., Sprlngfleld, Mass. CASH ASSETS $228,000 GIRARB FIRE INS. COlviPAJVV, Of Philadelphia. CASH ASSETS • »284.78» T8 J. H'. Grain, Agent, OFFICE, NO. a, MARTIN BLOCK, UP STAIRS, jnar29 Milwaukee, -Wisconsin. liEDYARD'S ADVERTISM'TS ODL1) respectfully announce to their c.ld custom- eia, that they still continue to keep the lir K e.i and best selected Stock of Qoo.1, m ,he,r l,n- to b, found In U.e State, and will condnct their h n .,o«u u heretofore, with the Intention of giving latltfaclion _ To as many new customers as may feel Inclined to «v, "orV^d" *° tt " 1 "* T ° n<! " "" arm re "' 1e " '" ^" ' a '<f C ^ T ' "' f 00 ^* ">»> C * D not be excelled. ' We are*!! ! all times ready to takfe advanlave of Eastern Mart«< i » d /*T e "S" """'^ " r <*" cc •*• p*™ «'^SS, kinds of goods, whlctt we -hall continoe to sell al the lowest prices In Westert, t. rketa. ' We art conslantly receiving additions to our stock, and will keep It se complets as to be able at all times to fill orders for any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trimmers' or Trunk Maker.' Stock, and will do soln a ma™- ner to gtv. satisfaction In respect toqmi,,. Int p ™ t h n , *> 'I ' "n>«ny «n hsnd, or wm make to order, any kind O f Coaeh, Car riage, Wagsn or Team Uarires.. ""MB, uar Call and see for yourselves. no NO. b:. KA.ST \VATKK STKKKT, Celebrated Union works Cylinder Glass, *ianufaclare<l at Cicveiand, S^w V rk 1 m..^ . •entirely bf frtiel. ,t ,;, |f ,r r .., ,,., ,, , n< bles me Uj leu al k,w ralea I • ,*. ^ r ..\.,,-. , r ranftrr.enis lo tell Ihu l-rali f ,-f i,.^.< • . ., ••. m r23 J,,,|N .10 K 1, 1> K S JL- H A" I. r-,7 " (6'ucc«*<»-< lo A 11. (Airliner,) WBOI.CSAl B ASt) aiTAU. Daj LSSS III Plkiolk, NporiiiiK App»ratii«. rUlilliK Tnrhlp, Ac. Clr. ,:i rv Mar Liut- I ' f u I ion T. EJJ-.^ ?T«AM T'l ALI Pi ft.* |.-.»-rtul , .,„ -i..., MAI TUliiki. rp-Y >HV, U Mr UK. K \M, * Ht<> of Packi-ts. : I- l I I N r- M>, t l.t \ Line or icrew Steamers •&~ •f » » J H:NI. r.i Krii n i I H 1 ;'.v,,. 1 K i I. 1.1 \ t>. JVO. la «IS(O-yM\ Single Uid^s I S K t t3f~ Double »nd Gans Repaired. M. c\ COOK r o .n n i .s N 1 1 > is .M »; <o., u A > paoy, . The Milwaukee i Superior Rail- SALK Ale, IRON FOUNDRIES. TJETE havi • . Tf them w w Jan20 ; < :.,.ol Book-inilemand, and s< e or retail. STRICKLAND A OO. A. II. LORD & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, Comer Spring, and Third ttreeU, MILWAUKEE.. ...._... -..; ...WISOON8IN. f 11HK subscribers execute all kinds of Marble Work A for Buildings, Tiling for Floors and every description of " , ....... • onwAinENTAi/ MAHBLE WORK.L We have In bar warerooms MARB1JB MANTLKS Of every description comrtantly on hand, at prices '- rangint fronrflo and upwards. ' > KONTniENTB AMD 8TATHART of all kinds executed • at toeanoiiest notice. fcb6-dljr • •- ' . A. H. LORD A CO. EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MACHINE WORKS TIJIITON ii 8EUCOMB, Proprietor!. Ne*. 286, 298, 3OO, 3O2 and 304 WEST WATER STREET Two blocks below the La Orosst K. B. t BTEAII EKSINBg, GRIST A BAW siLLU, UNI SHAFTING, • •• , INCREASE OF BUSIIVESS. HORSE POWCRT niit DRIVING MAOniNES, , BKtDQK, RAILROAD and BTZAXBOAT 0 ABTIHQg. IRON OOLUMHS, for Buildings, and every variety of, Job Work, In tb« best manner, and «a the mostlibersl terms. The attention «t HTJl-owneri and owner Power, U particularly eaUed to the AOENOY FOK THK — or- Sand»' Pale Cream liBICA GO, ....... . .............. JLLUfOfS. I BATE constantly on hand, a full supply of this celebrated Ale. Orders from the Country and Private Bouses most be accomplished with cash for ALE AND CASKS, On the return of Casks, the price paid for .them will b» refunded or allowed for in account. JOHN W. LIPTARD, Grocer and Win* Dealer, margj _ 161 East Water street, Milwaukee. C?H4[HPAf.I\E WINE. "HIOET & CHA.NDON." -f f| CASKS of this Celebrated, In quarts And A V pinta, Just received by ^ JOBS W. LEDTARD, Grocer and Wine Merchant, 1O Fast Water street, lanW __ ^ TN quarts*, halves an J. receive^ at JanM AI8IN8, iole boxes, a large lot just JOHN W. LEDTARD, Wine and Tea Store, Ul East Water street, Milwaukee. owners of Water- WTlflB WHKEL. As being by -far the ioost powerful, durable and economical Wheel ever Invented— not liable to cet ouUf order, not affected brie* or backwater, and using less *at«r In proportion to the nower produced than any tlher Wheel In the snarket. A descriptive circular fof warded upoe. application, free of enarge, '--' '•' "' ' "' ' ' ' TURKISH L.ATAKIA TOBACCO TOR MEK'RSOH AU M PIPES, M AND»ACT0RKD expressly for the London Clubs, a superior article for Smoking, just received and f0 I i ^S b £ JHQ. W. LEDtABD, feblD Grocer arid Wloe Dealer, 161 gait Water st. N EWARK CIDER, Ohampagne Older, tn quart bottles, better than haU of tie Imported Champacne, ftVAa n»±Jlrtmmw* . ' •-- " .. • -• • • ^ price J4» per iloien. feb!9 ^J»0. W. LKDTAHD,' Grocer and, Wine Dealer. ?'*' o'Milwaukee, i tr1c , Coort for th J h rf^n^'.n . f District of Wisconsin. Johann C. A. Allerding, , in r qn1tr . Christian Hahm and I Gottfried Wootsch. j TN pursuance and by virtue of a decree made by the o? wSrnL 000 '' K' '"i" Un " ed 8t » te> ' "" ""District of Wisconsin, , n the nineteenth day o( March 18i» in the above enti ltd csnte, 1 iball sell at Public Auction on Tuesday, 2nd day of August, 1S59, al 8 o'clock In .t o,. n " on ; "om the steps of the Cnstom Uoate in the Ulty of AUlwaukee, all and singular, the mortKaKert premises mentioned In th. xbill of complaint to sal* cause, and described as: "All the following, present and In future to be acquired, real a»d personal prTper- .nS 1 ). M ^ t ?,°' *' " ld defe ndant, the Mllwaukn E&tiXS^l^'J^&S&'S.?. ffiJ^'S^^ 3 ££££•?£ tance of one hundred and twenty miles. Including the Hft JV't?" llod *" :ca Pled by said first division of laid dtfenduu' ^ rlgh '' " " '^"^ ***"* "" ^"^i 1 " °' li. 1 */' of th * ni ' ' ms » h " e n » d »« Se toe of making S.U) decree, ,to land npon which said Railroad Company i,as located its way, and for which no compensation has been made to timm,) together with the superstructure and track thereon, and all rails and other materials used fljereon, bridges, viaducts, cu 1- ZfS'i ??' e< l Qi P Inen }«. necessary depot grounds and blnldings thereon, belonging to the said Railroad Com- tany.and aU rolling ; «tock, engines, tenders, cars, tools, materials, machinery, fixtures, and all other p£ sons! properly appertaining to said flrst division of said road, and all right* thereto, and Interests to'be ao- qnlred by said delendsflt, the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company, ,together wJth the name aad functions appertaining to the said flrst division of said road all tolls, rents and Income to be had or levied there- from, and all corporate and other franchises, rights and privileges of the said Railroad Company In or to or concerning the same," Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April 6,185} M. i. THOMAS, United States Marshal, District of Wisconsin. EMMOHS, VA> Drti A HAMU.TOS, Oompl'ts Solicitors. aprai-dtt ; it < u A > r iW> WBOLffiAU DSALSJU H J, IX HID- O» FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC KHUITS. Also, agenu for the sale of Fire \i ork«, NO . t 0 W I S C O N S I .N S T H K E T . " Docwstic fruits of every description received 1 aprts TO P»S Ihir i CU Th - \> ,, ••"P r«A',s.), r f ^ or, .•^,i *ur^..-i)a fnr apply l.i P. J Tun . i "' advance of all competition. Vegetable " H. SP A A M,.~ ~ ~ STALLS .A-.ll, SEVENTH WARD J1AHKST HOCSK VEGETABLES of all kinds, fresh every morning, Je llvere<l free of charge to any part of ihe eltv and i, Steamboats, or other place*. H. Spaan will sell cheap for cash, and will t,av f on hand always the best and earliest vein-tables thai , .r, be found ,n this city. mvVJ I'nlnlera. & AHMHTKONCr & IJONNKI^I.Y P A 4 N T K K «, <; it A I * i: ii s , 01LLK&S ANU SHJX H'A/y^A'i, Chlcag-o «t,, bclwccn Naln <V \Vatcr. , i* Particular attention paid 1., Ralsomlnemir Oeil- ">?•.• my 19 Harper Brother**, (KutabliOuil in 1S4S,> QODEJE SIGN, SHIP, CARRIAGE ANT) ORNAMENT »I Painters, Clazicm i Papcr-IIaniffr* IMITATORS OF WOOD AXD S1ARBLB, NO. 30 ONEIDA s T U K I; T , AfKWDOO'RS XASTOf TBX HASKf7 HOF&S Jys Wine*. f.lrjnor* SUMMER tfri hy Un a I n ^ ^..,,.,1 .v |( . , ^. 4r . : Hal,la* an 1 -U J,i>ii.^ \* in- ^- L .t,i l I«,,THY i',R\i,r. .K- n' I H.1J>. ARRANGEMENT A: XX Ale, In pints, a fresiflotlust LEOTARD'S Wine and Tea Store, District Court of theUnUed Stslesfoi the District of Wisconsin. In Equity. The f amun Loan * Truit Company, ; The Milwaukee «' Superior RaU- road i ompany, OltyoiMhnSiee, John Stewart, ' , Johann C. A. AUersMng, i •Jarlstlan Babm and Gottfried Woouch. . •1 T baving been referred to a Maiwrof this Court, by a X decretal order -of rtfcrenee made In this cauje on the nineteenth da; of March, A. n., 1869, to take an account of the outstanding bonds Of the Milwaukee and Superior Railroad Company defendant, secured by a certain trust deed on mortgage executed by the said Baflroaa Company defendant to the Fanners loan and iTrnst Company, In trosti bearing date ficst day of Jannary, i, D.; 18JT, and which are a lien npon theroon- Kaged premises described in ths said mortgaes; and of the number and holders of said bonds; cf the araonnt due thereon for Interest and principal; of the number NELSON WKBSTKK, (Lotf Webittf A AvtreO,.) NO. j96 WEST WATEU .STREET, WHOLsaaia nainais "V^TlMios c3t» IL.ica.-u.ore AUK), distiller of Pure Spirits aod Whiskey, aprffl Real Inaurnnr i & General Land and Insurance Agents NOTARIES PCIII.IC, At:., OWIOB, come* of Reed and Oregon streets, Meyrose' • Block, Fifth Ward. Win atteid t(> the boyvag and selling of Real Estate Insuring Goods and Buildings in responsible Comi>a nles. Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making >u 0 £&?*•, Mor *S«e», Contracts, Leases, *c. sUlCoUections made on accounts placed In our hand wnl be promptly pal j over. A. 0. JOMS..I JyiM. aossav WBIT«HSU>. .< ofCcos TEAS; AND E COFFEES, & RETAIL Rpber. Gncney's -WESTEUJ* TEA. STORE 174 EAST WATER STREET, Retail prlcef'trom 10 to 85 pe»».Jower than any ' ii aow caUed to the best TTALIAN UAOOARONI, JL received H very superior article just LBDrARD'S Wineand Tea Store. SMOKED SALMON, Just received a. ' ' ' -*---./. LEOTARD'S » ..--•-. -..-i Wlna and-Tea PREMIUM W' , ; W *«st"Water street. f/ircry & Boardfug Sfablr, and amount «f Slid bonds, which are pledged or held as O PPOBITITHIJAIU . collateral security for debu or obligations of the said EailroadO<nnpany,and»he ; amount of principal and tot«rei*dn«'n|)(»th» JB«,l*Mr obligations for which Life, by Bcardmaa. FRfiflllCtf. & PIPLOMA, | - • «t the Wlseonstn State Fair, October 8, theiaersof jQch bonds, anv ana any witness that nuy be- IBtcrestM iBiaU Cosnp»u/de- - or creditor tiVJfrJor-ln jPiano......';;.., In and by-t&'e'said or- ll persons, ubjdlng or claiming to herd HB« 'oi. nnaersfgneawUIswUhii House;sun ixjt, no* safttA as a Xavesi br hlsa, situated on Main st, Es«ihe,WlsMnsln, near the SteaanboatLandns; and tie X.'* MTjU^S/lepat. *he «««.»1» looWeoVc-n the ^:*S***'*N •**«*• *«»»-«.J*eU*» fteidbM, * PLANKK, - , alth,- ;<*** coJIAteral appear before said M; MASEEJ) STREET NEAB • 1IARTIN "awn, MdLTdntoir .lone efteap. Wanls' an,«te-sJ385*^»«tt«. •«* ta^»WTo 13&~Planoi k*bt coturtanUjr dn;li»n4 for sale. be heard upon U>« matter of snchacjpoun^ And the matters ence baring been given Solicitors (o thy under flontpr-Oielot.-wouklanswer for any braocbofooak th|sald order of refrn ge by the CompUlnail's *f the NctleeUttarefore earned tbat I, tat nni such examination and '• jci iitr! «pus«jr,»i IO0« tiMbeatIn Whlctwe offer to the trade at wh6feiaIe;M,to-ia« pnb- vrty-*o«TaU«. , , ,.j .',... ... , * 00. . liOAl). Till: SHORTEST r\Pf.OITIO« TO La Winona, Read's Landing Red Wing, .PRSSCOTT, 8T, PAl'L AND ^T ANTHONY C'bnnccof Tim«'. Monihty, April t. I S ill. IST THAI* MAVK.H MH.U IFKFI: 1!:0« \. M., Arriving «t J»n«svil „ : Jii P M \H,,,,.. n •I -IS P. M . Priine .|,i i:hi,'ii i.-iln P \l Connecting with Ui^ Prninc Jn Phirn ,,,,1 St. Pml Pi.-kt-u, »oj C h i»*>e Prain^ .in Clnen on tho imval j( ihe v-nii P M r-i o. AIX I.KAVR.S nil.\V«IKF.F S.JS P VI 'I i M» an ker A: ^o Is 1 P. M., Arrlvintf «> J*nv«ifTill li>-|»l I' M Far. l., all pmnts on ih- Mlnuulnpi ftiv,rr low lu any other Koutp WILLIAM JKaVlS, 'P 18 Ofnl Uuperlntt-aiienl. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAIl, 1«)AI>. HPKINO AKKANCifciMKNI. tiKEAT NOUT1I-\VESTEH> IMT1 II HTATES iTIAII, A: KXPH K.s s AND OX-LT ALL RAIL ROl'TK TO I.A OiJ^tlic I'l'PHK On and after Monday, April '.is Two Through Expres* Trains Daily, L.KAV r K MIl.WAUKKK, FROM DEPOT FOOT OF CHESTNUT STRKKT, »* rotlows: *58:4« A. M. and ta:4.5 P. ,n Trains arrive at Milwaukee at 9:3O A. M. AND «3;8O H. M Close connections are mad« at LaCrosae. Twreo daily each way with the'dim. liesota Packet com puny,, New and .>plendid I nitcd Stnt<-< Mail Lint' of Steamer* io& from St. Paul and. intermediate point*. BsT" Pasaengc-s, by takinfthJs route',, will save loo miles In distance soil 13 hour* time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to-La Crosse or 81. Paul,'over any other route. • - : •Mondays ezcepted. t3und*avs ezceDtetl Milwaukee, April 84,1869.. * P - - EDWIN II. GOODRICH, api34 -.,-,- Manager Luiuber for Sale. Scuaoner Fashion, 2i4 tuns. Schooner D. NewbaU,190 tuns. Scow Schooner. Kagby. US tuns. The above vessels will be sold at very low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. • ...... TAYLOR 4 JKWETT, febxs ; FAMIJLY, /•tort Hills floar; constanuy O n haadl at J»W*r . , HUMH * GIOaBTtV ^l MM Kit AKKANl , K.M 1-..N 1 T 1 III:-ID ». rf._8 «n i iliMHai .uiu-llon, ',, r r>n [tint Lint' til Trim | t -uv. ; » »i s ;lli i!ht lorw»rile-.l .lih l,,, vniiL-r rrmn» ie»v- (JI. ,, h We* at 9:00 , „. lisu P ». auj i: 15 , OOOK TO ,».. B. VVN t)D 'S a e Id 0 r 0 K H H. RUSSSLl. K E M B B A C E * rv,,.lH*K Pt ' D '« ""tCl^ Paper and v D »7.2 bubllslu aent, which we offer at price. 1 "' "'""tatar-a for ^1 to »y a*. ^*925 ot »• psjr «U a» tfaanfaatnn's price. HARRINGTON.

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