The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 20, 1975 · Page 22
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 22

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1975
Page 22
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Acreage for Sate* IPS , J Mftt *M HMM. ftMMf H MM KM)* M pMI Hut Hi'tfiAi WBti tf WRMtit $fMir. AttPwHO MALTY T«XA« Vlt I - U ttn\ *** Ut tttr,t ***4««, *•*« MM. lull ttr*.' >troi>t> HIALTT tt*At ttJ - H tern n»«r «ct*M. ! ItwtKiM •»«*«. tkwMMc* »t »»">• tt AntnttM rnn IIMM, ««k. wti •cm. Tirmt. ALFORD fttALTY M»1)11 tn*tit>1 tft ni) n Irwrt HI C*. *«, UN* f*r »««. IMILtf wvHltf t»|l>*iv» Kn, - tM« M«|| ItnA Ottnt Mm t*r »tr» - I.I AC»U M tttr Hmm - SMftlUM Aofttltn. I«M« Mr JDjTOWN & LV.COUNTRY ACREAGE-LOTS •RAIOKIA. «*MI«I«KI| tfluK 1 ntm iwott. »}»« HOUDAT SAwn. U.N*. HILLTOP L<««t. I >•*>. OTJTSU Crn*. UN «nrn. TRIASUKt >Vt*4. I1JM OLINWOOO •««.. ll.W tt-ffff H»nn. ItJN. COLUMIIA Utn. U.N* tL OOKAOO, 1 tott. ALMOST 4 Km Ml t ACHCAOt i« C. »d 4M. U.M4 297*3051 •BBi Farms, Ranches for Sate log IOM HUNTKJ - n *c««» tt«mtm»ftr< Mobile Home Lots For Rent 124 • RA1OS rrtrrtM*^ W«lw rod >.<:Ut>H H. O.H K» »•« (Hwr ll»i 11) Mil LAMPLIGHT PARK. M»yt lh«mt p«rk I. Hwv Mt-<»4. MOWAVAILAILC A toe CM*<> riolal tall In IM "t«ntr •< . Ml . CMH WT Ptu* rvrtf ftww* <r MOW TIAILIR !«<». UO MM PMC*, truwx WHtf >M W Rwmifl 1>K Ml" •*>*- Mobile Homes for Sale 125 im lun •UlLTtWMf. 1 M*Mmt. I tattt. urntH. ItaOt HI. oM M** •rattr »MI. T.I.I tlLMI, n CHAMPION, 14 > M C.H 1U 4MI $535 DOWN Nr-1 »»«»«• wtlt OMrU Aw BETTER .MOBILE 11UMK.S t« >M4 FHA FINANCING ICTTEI MOCILf HOMO M< UM INSURANCE In mated* Mm* *v«**tl l»r* III, M JM kt»f>c»« Wt »*4 1IJ« LA CASA By Mmt. M > n. 1 tw»o.m 1 Ml*. »»nt fvnuiUM Euvl, If* tlOM ntMIM ' MOBILE HOME TIE-DOWNS Tt«r n« CWM nit »IA DOWN Til DOWN CO I4MU4 MOCILf HOMt HIM CMCrttt Ulk toctiM M Hil« MI t> MM, CrM Tlrrtu H41 ] M4TOMIII, 1 WON. UMr.ll »,i t r i f iiim. llt.M TAP m' 14* MAfllCTTE nwfcll Mm<, kt.ll !• Micfefta. 1 MOrMou. cntnl k«l , PAJI ACTIO* »ul M> «• w mutt tof AM Oiauf >«» IWB»UMI«»>. 4 1 lull b*t». i..«n r«wn, tniut 1114 )«>M IfAKIlW Ml«f»l|k«l, CH4A. tu^MMU, KMl M«IM/ !<*• tviWiaf. fwUl «M «»«!»« IMI NWtr- I*U •* Hr<M»1l ^ HM-M UM up M»0)»U». UWX. _ IOT HAltt* «*«. 1 MrirM*. i Ml lr«l k«ti M4t dr.MM «M| 1W WArtlOf »O»IL* HOMI, Mi M. Mr tu*» «rl»t»»» wrt tor fWtW iriWM w MMW SIMM ««•>> * fall *& TM6 MAlOtPOMt FACTS FS6EPORT, TEXAS, THURSDAY, NOVBMBtR M. Texw UMft BITTER WINDS battered Texas today as a storm triggering cold Iront swept past the coast into the Gulf of Mexico and skies cleared quickly in its wake. Although rainfall was general across Texas, there were only a few traces of snow and none of the miseries which plagued neighboring states. State police reported the nearest trouble spots for travelers were on U.S. 87 between Clayton and Raton in Northeast New Mexico and on U.S. 287 north ol Boise City in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Ice or blowing snow blocked both of those routes at times The last of the showers and thunderstorms which spread all the way across the slate from the Texas Panhandle tapered off in Southeast Texas and near the coast. Clouds disappeared as far south as a line from Tyler in East Texas to Del Rio on the Mexican border by this morning. Turbulence stirred up with the unruly weather also subsided after generating a couple of tornadoes in the Texas Panhandle. One unroofed a house at Spearman and another moved a farmer's tx>g pens JO feet near Perryton. Tornado watches stayed up much of the night for the north half of Northeast Texas but no sightings were reported in that section. Winds still gusted close to 40 miles per hour in the Panhandle this morning and Galveston had a 47 m.p.h. clocking as the front passed through before dawn. The temperature tumbled to 21 degrees at Dalhart in the Panhandle and a sharp chill was fell everywhere in the state except the extreme south. where readings at the same hour still were 67 at Brownsville and 68 at McAllen in the Lower Rio Grande Vallev. Among other cold spots were Antartllo and Perryton 26. Wink 27. El Paso 29, Lubbock M and Midland-Odessa 31. Top marks Wednesday afternoon went no higher than 37 at Dalhart while the mercury climbed to 87 at Cotulla and McAllen in the south Although clouds were disappearing, fortx-asts promised more cold and windy weather throughout the state. Tew (Xftek SATURDAY THKOl (111 MONDAY NORTH IKNTRAL AND NORT1IKAST TKXA.S: Fair Saturday through Monday Continued cool Saturday and Sunday warmer Monday High in the 50s Saturday and Sunday and in the 60s Monday l^jw mid 20s to mid 30s Saturday and Sunday and mid 30s to mid 40s Monday. SOI' Til CKNTRAI. AND SOUTIIKAST TKXA.S: Fair and cool Saturday and Sunday Partly cloudy and a little warmer Monday Urn. Saturday and Sunday mid 3CS north to mid 40s south Low Monday low 40s north to mid SOs south High Saturday mid 50s south. High Saturday mid 50s north to mid 60s south High Sunday mid 50s northeast to near 70 south High Monday low 60s northeast to low VOo south NORTHWKST AND SOUTHWKST TKXA.S: Mostly fair with a slow warming trend Saturday through Monday. Highs upper 4CK to m:d 50s warming to mid 60s to upper 70s Monday Lows teens and 20s warming to 30s and 40s Monday Hearing Aid Specialist To Hold FREE Better-Hearing Consultation PARKER MOTEL |»:»OA.M.T05:WP .M. KRUJAV.NOV.JI MK.JUEGEKAC1 Factory-trained Beltone Hearing Aid Specialist will be at our Better-Hearing Consultation. You'll have a chance to sit down and talk about your hearing problems... get your questions answered . ..and find out about modern hearing help You will be able to have an electronic hearing test which could very well ease your mind about your ability to hear. If you do wear a hearing aid, it will be cleaned and adjusted. BRING YOUR FAMILY WITH YOUI Frte QtfU • Door Prize* FRESH BATTERIES ONE-HALF PRICE If you are a hearing aid user and come in during our Better-Hearing Consultation, you may purchase a package of batteries at halt-price- limit one to a customer For in-home service, call HEARING AJO SERVICE Kenneth H. Uenou, Dealer County delays contractor payment* By GORDON R1LEY Payment of *9,W7 to the general contractor on the Welfare Building protect by the county was held up by Commissioners Court Wednesday after a subcontractor complained to County Judge E. E. Brewer that he had not been paid for services. Judge Brewer said a subcontractor who supplied sand for the construction on the new Welfare Building had called him and reported he had not been paid since July Judge Brewer told the court he had written the architect a letter in regard to the matter. Sawnie Robertson, of Hedrlck Architects and Engineers, told the court the contractor had completed much more work than the partial payment represented by th« 19,607 Judge Brewer, after extensive discussion that the contractor was bonded and a 10 per cent withhold on completion was in the contract, said he would like for the architect to check other subcontractors Commissioner Dixie Brown said that until the sub contractor files a lien, the county u in a ticklish legal area withholding payment to the contractor. Robertson said he had not received «ny legal notice of failure to pay from any sub-contractors He said h« "did not know why the sub contractor had not been paid " Judge Hrewer asked that the matter be put on the agenda for the court's meeting next Monday. "I'm worried about the other sub-contractor* ami don't want to go through going to the bonding company." Judge Hrrwer said CommiMloner Brown asked County Auditor J Ray Oayle If he "thought th« county might have a suit if we don't pay this request for a perils)?" tiayle said it v*a* a legal question and he had "no recommendation " Brown then said he was going to move to pay the bill but later withdrew the mutton after Cum miHkmvf Ju* Hrtgaiwe "it i* not going to malt? »vv difference between now and Man day " Commissioner Billy (iriffin ftaid h« would tik» to know where th* county* stood from a legal *»*w point i Tfw County Auditor uia he would tumult the (Msirkt Attorney betww-n now and Monday'* meeting I'ofkrl I'nnripjliu Slightly tiiullrr ihun Ihv (iHtiivt nt t'ulumbu the pnrt ripahiy t;f (jrrhii'ftttrm »ri lh<- I'pfwr Hhine b«l*r>fi> AtHtrtJ jntl Swil/rrtjiiJ IUM bi-rn indt'prfklvfU <irwe liKS It rrceni'U irHli-pj'fiijfnct 1 wht-it ihf (irniiun t'unfr«,l*f a lion Hat ifivjijin-il in lh.ii > r J r but r f in j ( rt f ii in i'<i>mmm" union with Au.Xru unlil 191* .Sinn- J92i> oh ! r-n < ti- 1 n ANNUAL TURKEY SHOOT PLANNED BY BOYS CLUB FRKKI'OKT Ttie.iecondiinmtiil turkr> thuot tor memU'r* of the Briuurtii County ii'iyi t'lub ut Bra import is *la(«-d for 6 su \i\ii Tu«^«tt) jt tt* clubhouse, 7W-: Caldwell .S{ Kxev'Utise Director L^rry Ouur|r> wul .Shintrch Inc I* providing the Iurk*')5 rtiw) hanv* (Fut will t*- jsrk'stntetl to thi' first ami i^-DfwJ plav vnn»«rf< in each of itx? fuur flrtjiwra tt*r>* chiMM jrtr !trt up .u'vofiltn*! to 4»f" »'«! tiicliitk'» through 10 yt-ar oUtt, ti ihr<xigh 15 4f».t 14 and older Tt\t-t« al.w will t»> ar, oprn cl4« (,)< tm>i Out (>r«-((.T to bring Ifseir iv*o ;ur n(!(-» Jur •I-M- \ t t 'Fresh Water Fishing Texas Style" f BUILDING SUPPLY CENTERS Shop McCoy's Daily 8 a.m. 6 p.m. in tim sto<0 no! )>(•»! •viJi".;i-i' *,K}*C i!efn.» VV« invite you H> •^x^c.-i-'B ff 1 * coat ol you/ <!"!)((. ft ( .,.!,.|,f,j i>J .' : «C! u.Mill.H Hf ;<}» ;«,(, !. ; f ^'Ai'if. ?' A.'ii i. i'i-'.i tui •Ai*iDO : .VS ifiSui A f i f f ,«.»Ci*i!"i S'L iiif.Ai o von Sat. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Ti. You'll be... Warmer in winter, cooler in summer Owens-Corning Fiberglas Insulation EASY-TO-USE ROLLS " thick sq. ft./roll pcs./roll m sq. ft. cost/roM 23"x56' 6" Thick 15"«32 1 23"x32' 70 10733 40 6133 14 14 95.00 95.00 174,50 174.50 6.65 10.19 6.98 10.70 McCoy's WALL PAINT 12 colors and white 5 33 OAUON McCoy's HOUSE PAINT 9 colors and white 5 95 GALLON DOORS Interior '"i Hollow Core THICK ».«• rra-r t.u rrar 1.44 Exterior Hollow Core FLUSH-ALL >'. THICK ?8"«6'8 ' or 3 0 <63'Witte o PLAIN ONI LITf 18 44 INORDI Air Flow Door 2'8"x6'8" x 1 3/8" Glass and Screen Included 39 88 I Barbed Wire • 1S'-T gauft " • High fcniilt • 10 rod r««l Picket Fence • Gothic f»oin,t4 • T.iit.d Wirt 36" x 50'Roll 26" 48" x 50' Roll 3Q M SANMD PLYWOOD 1/4 595 3/1- J •/r ». 10" '"* ''• * " ii. » M BOARD 3/4' Galvesron 7500 Broadway 744,3401 *: iJ * P n ! = LaMarque 1 Main St 935-2426 GALVESTON11« MAWJUE * 8RA20RIAt WE8SK8 (2|*BROWIWOOOtWfCHirA FALLS LUBaOdt • WiWH t BCLION » WEIMAR Brazor'ia Webster 1'AMi. S/FM521 NASAl&Hwy3 7982148 332^2731

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