Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 8
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 8
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UtCATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930. OECATUR HERALD H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N E d i t o r i a l s Human nnliiri" does not ehimpl 1 mueh. lr any, down thfl Rtw «nl something seem* to tell ux trmt a f t e r the pimHn»l ""o hurl hoen home a month or in, u n i t ihi- f l t i i enlhiwlii'"m nf reformation had woin off. he h"K«ri to foue the oM peni1em«n's name on etiefks and run u p some uppulUng bill- Uphill. Some fttmllles eomplnln Ihiit ihev 'n't keep n lei-vunl n n v t i m e M nil, Othur", er a i f they the i;imr iiHf»" -riM'i- no more nucmi* with hushnnd 11 THE R-tOl DISASTER OHw-wli *re loath lo R u r an opinion *t to the tau'-c of (hr disaster of ih« British dirigible I M 0 1 until there h«* Wn .1 mM'ttig.ition. But int|uiries into the causes t»( jUMlion mishap* ire rtomrioiulj- tmMlnhrtory in result*. If the inve-ligator* ran tarn (rom the twisted framework rovcrinn an iicre of ground wlmt went wrong with the dirigible, tlwv w i l l perform a serwe, The mod re.^onnblp explanation i* that the (treat fabric, *vrtifh had been wiling low in n siortn, grounded, ripping o f f ibe exeunt! of il* Stf* ffntainer*. and ihttt the gas he- fame igniti-d iy 'part* from the molon,, Whv the dirt$i\i\? ((foi)itdfd n(ii)0f!y ^"-itn to know, and poiwililv nobodv will r\ci know. I'll" lull wliicii it ilrwlc w.u i.nlber liijl; nor ii!iu|l. It w,i tlr I l i O Jiid not ill'.' htl lliM CdU.-td ihu W . of lift- D i r t K i l ' l e j uwt tlu-ir linuy.incv lo ihe g«*. md lire cweiili.illv «"Ml tloMitm H" 11 bags. Fire is a menace, but 10 safe Iwt ihi R - 1 0 1 npnenred to I* from (irddent from ihii louree i h a l \\\r imia! |r»ttiliitiort against mokmn on bo-»rd tirid been wiihdrav.ii. It i- tntei-Mti(ij( to ncte llt.U llif I'niled Slftl« alone pt.^efie* in lurge (|\wnlitif« lirliiltn na». whirli i'non inflammable and non explore, I larl lbi kind of H* hern med, it i* prfiluililr lhat not a life would have been lo-tt. i he fact give* point lo ihe plea of Kear Admirrtl William A. M o f f c i t , tUl llii' country** restriction on the export of helium K-T "lioitld lie removed, \Vhelhi-r tin- groundiiift of lhe vessel wa due lo hick n[ n ^killed hand at the control*. uV f a i l u r e of machinery lo funclioii nr (lie utiftht of water from the heavy rain ti(inn me quciiinni tf be delermined. lloth the Graf 7cn- ·-lin .tnd lhe R 100, ti«tcr ship rf ihe H - 1 0 1 , \\n\t. ridden out V.OMP u e i i h c r lhan lh.\l which the ill fated *hip tn- i-ounlrred over Trid The heltlit ft f wmeihlntt Or nlher will I- 1 ' chwl «lii-ri l l m l i ichool m-ntoM nre naUefl i » " 1 i.o enlliu»l'iiU' |«nl In (tie eelehintlon (if I h c rv nf'Vlrcll. Htilili It, a |Knvcifiil Tnice. u n r l nNwMli.'Utindmi; the e h u n f t i ' j of ctvli- inul evervtlilnif. n ^ n r h ' nil Hie n l i e K i l l ' 1 of ' l111 ' neichhdtiiood M i l l "tt w i t h i h c l i h n e r ^ elouply ]irf'»» ( 'l (oci-tlier. COMES TOO DEAR Ne,ulv e\erv Monday morninR newspaper von pick up diSfhwe 1 - i h n l a number of preacher* have again been pro- lettinc agam'l lhe enoimoui prevaleivic of divorce. Nearly everv worih-whilp mng.i/me you rend ronlain* wine, article, ar.ively a n a l v / m « the iuol)lem* of unittible matrimony. It n riltur-'l impnuiblf nol lo form the im|irenion, lhat all Ihc wdild tint h' vl . or Mf 1UI rrffncnft to . th»rmi' parlner*. [i n a · tiole of pilileis r e a h t v . Kreaking in upnti thu ra«h aiMinii'lion, tlial our (omet upon a little nmv« ilem sent Mil om the \vire from our nciglibfrnig Dntiville: t » i n v l 1 l . Ill OH S Sjiii]inihli p ' 1 w t l h *he posl- i i d i i of i;r.-nin t; Knwv'r, ii ««li"(iinin. t" whom I n - hem n i«li;n'''l (lie imh of t m l n i t f'" 1 *«'" »lv" and l h r r - r i l i l l i h f n -r\ n ^nlnrv of $S'J ,"(1 n week (··iiwvi'i «'«« r l l v o i c e r l f i o m hi* ( l i f t u'lfe nn\ two l i i n n ' h ' t « l « i '""!( n '"·'·otiil. Kemeinlier tint it i» ihe immual llini milker nem; that iherr ire r f b i l m b few F''.i«^cri .ilicmptmft an im)o^ibte (eat, .iiifl a crcat under*i,\n(lmg About ihe current situation w i l l fnlloii-. ['here is. il happen), a rfiflor at worlc apntn^t duorre. IIIMI* e f l e i ' l ^ e t h a n n n y \nw, and po*iilly more c f f e e l i ^ e «ll the -entioin. T h a t factor i* the t|uile 'iniple one of eeonnwH'*. I here are more duorf?* lodiy t h a n llierc were 20 years ago, it i« true-- ihete are levedi! hundred times more millionaire*. [ h e eticrmoin buik of the population, however, ii bemgnantlv preierved from lemplalion, by elemen- t/irv piiitlriifr and the inexorable realities of 'Ic ^.^ge senle. M.inv of ihe c o m f o r t ' once enioyed only by the. nch are no« c a l l a b l e h e \ e i v h o d v , hut duorce ilill remain* a luxury. P i n h l M i i u n I 1 !! i't t n f \Voodcoek Is golnir (o n i ' i k p n linn of eii'i'v : t « t e In the I'nlnn, aori fi'om n i l g i i i ) i e t i r n n i ( i n . thi-rc Ii, lomethlnc for h i m f o i^e in In i - v i v s t i i t " of Hie I'nlini, i e ( i M r l n R CHpeclnlly to i h e H t i i t e of tni'lii lai Ion Om l.ltiden i^eniic KL|IIII| ItlKhH mid llcilm I H K n^-jdriiiMnn |i l a l k l n u u h o u l t a k i n g slop," o( one sort or Tnotliei I n f i n d out w h e t h e r II IM m e i e aceldent ihiil hmUcn i-iine* In t-mii'-sented siieet enrs n l w n y i o. mr at ]u«t i h e hF'lj:ht tn * mi if a. sluHdnfr. WORLD WIDE PESSIMISM Rve.ulhnes in rilie* u i i h wheat so cheap that farmer* cannot m a k e i IIMUK are iimonfi the remarknble phases c( a remarkable vear Rut it was ntily one contribution In that ft»«imi,*ni nhic!! *hndov,et! the lenion of lhe Assembly of the League o| nalmiu. I h e n*e of f i i i i U m in Omi'itiy, Miuignry's fhrt.ition \ \ i i h t r i e re-eil.ibli'-limetil of inon.irchj, the growing economic power of Soviet RMV,I. dnineitic trouble 1 - in Ciredt R i i t n i n , (lie aloofite** nf the L'nflcd 5lales and ihe tontmuinft tin- agreementi between France and Great (Britain on the (|UC!i- tinn of guaranlced peace -.ill thet 'thing) lionbled the slnteimen in t i f n e v a , M. Hrmnd'.* I'lftfi lo; ft t'nitrd Stalej t( F.urnpc received liille cue oil rag cine nt. In time* like ihe^e the t«n- deiuv i* for every Rovernment to pioiect it? own interests. , unmindful of the rest, It wns e^dcnt that the governments subscribing to lhe league were not ready )o write into the covenant t\\t Kfllofls pact barring war. Lord Cecil of Gte*t Britain, one of the d i a f t e r s of the covenant, warned lhe delegates thai a mere agreement to refrain from war -was not going to end war altogether, WAT, Vie said, wa» buttressed and supported by vested interest) of ttll kinds^tn tlie whole mass of literature the praise of war existed, while %*VM islonishin? lo find the number of teligieu* and morartcacher* that U (ended the tntlitv lion of w«r ; at the tame hrnt (here VMM wry Uit* material 1NEWSFAFER: interest) thill would be injured if war were really abolished, Ho cited I he steel mAers wlw had their man in tlw Geneva naval parley. Everything considered, it was remarkable that lite assembly ended as cheerfully as il did. Satisfaction was expressed thai llic league existed, thus giving an opportunity lo governments to lalk over tlicir difficulties. The btiilnc*) and industrial depression which is world wide, undoubtedly contributes to (he feeling of pessimism, which ii likewise general, But il is lo be remembered that (lie year 1919 when everything was booming, was one whk.h mfnt of us were heartily glad to we come lo an end, The next year brought a financial erasli. bul people generally Viere in betler spirits they had been when they were m.ikinR money, If things are ncvei quite a good a' they eem lo Ire, (Key arc never quite »s bud, , Some problem* have a wav of settling themselves We are passing through a period of despondency and foreboding. Sooner or later we shall snap out of it. Bathers urn proteitlntt In 1 en use Ilic census Inn mil toea not list thorn under Ihc clnshifiration of "professional NWvlce" but nwvbe a compromise can he effected by putting them In vi-ith the entertainers. All mil' Mfn wn've rflul ntinut (he "RilSBlrtn Rem" without h n v l n c any inldine whal It meant until we learned '.hut this was tho villain of ihn wheat pit. T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 25 YEARS AGO TODAY FROM THE HERALD OF 1905 Tlie JKlimun ntante) fiicforv, newesl necntur Industry, l,i now wo'kfiur ^till cttpHcliy, w'llh 17f men employed, and is C h i p p i n g out a rut load of finished work every da,y. It (« sltit^d I h n t Bt lea^t 3d additional skilled workers would he iimployed If i h c y could hn found, Eac-h diiy, between 12,000 iin! 1.1.000 feet of lumber Is woik«d tip Into finished products at the plant, Mrs, f'nfiell began her Friday nlfiht aiiembly dunn.H lti«t cvfiilnjc, fin- the w i n t e r aeaunn. Mis, Cnisell has ftn- other targe eliisa of pupils this season mid all are taking iciedl Interim In their wotk, The sitiFille^t oio^d of the .icnson hi-»nl Hie ronf-ett hy Din liiiiHliium luuul at N i n t h Mum and William stteets liisit owning. (Inn to the chilly wcnthwr, whle.h wiui nnconlfort- able even for thoso with wnipn. The bund boys were pretty well « o i n iut, hnvlntr r c t u i n e d only an hour before from their three-day sojourn lit lhe slate fall. The Crttnp (,'rusoo club met lust ivenlnf," in the home ijf Mlsi Suianne Imboden, 242 West N o i l h nlreel The e l u b (p eooipos»d of a group that enjoyed n wi-ek'y c-arnpinK 1 together nl Rmlth'a mill l;ipt ivutimcr, Mr, nnd Mrs. C, M IttwIdeiH r e t u t n e d jealfrtiav from t h e l t five woeks' tour to lhe Fttrtfn roait. They visited point-. In r«nridn also, nnt nlteiufed the PoilJJind fx|intl- t ] n n , Tfi.inl: I. Suffern. the jiliino deoler. arrived hfmi yes- terdtiy froui Arkansos, wb/-ie tie hag been looking u t t e r hii land interrnti CREAM OF THE JEST AT T l f K TOP h'ninee hnldc ihn men's lenntit hnnipion,bi|i E n c i ^ n d (be wonn i n'*i Am^rlea re^mK i n he in nf liolriinK Ihr hop, · Pfttibuffjh, Poat- RACE IS Up lo jirfKs time lhe fllllnif stallons weie lust 17 aheid of lhe Tnnt Thumb Kolf roursea. The rare h liflhl* lo lag frit the f i l l l n E ."tatlons are hard put for cm-nets, while Din Tom Thumb golf rrmi"!e.i find d l f f l c u l t v in loon I Ins e n t i l e Mi.-- S'lorlita Times-Union. TIMKS WIST JiK HARD Jn A t h n l n . aecordltig tn dispatches, a new Cnu- pupremiiev (ifBiinljinLlein Is hclnK r n t m r r i You wouldn't thlnlt those fellows would be needieg monev this anon again, t'level.ind Press. EVEN THE DICTIONARY IS SINFUL M l n i i e n p n l l H Jnunml The ecinipilntion of jecyjies for non-nlcrthnlk coe and other d r i n k s liviied hy Mis. .lames M Orjinn, wife nl the former pinhlhltion commissioner, falls under the e i l t l - elsm of tln head of t h e Kansus City W, C. T, tf., who ob- Ject.t in thi' tetm 'encklnll" ai a label for any bBverttfte, Idi-ltlcm or otherwise, She wlno puts her foot down on "punch." Ta K''t her I n d n n e m f i l l , apparently, « lemier- ane^ d i l n k must n n t even sound like the other kind. Is'o eocktiiil! you, bin just "frullade," she stiy^. w h u h proitipts \peruln.t lou as to whether £he evtr has an oyster- adc w i t h her dinncir. Bui, si-rioutly, how IB (tie obi loufly praiseworthy task of pvrMiiidmK ho«(e»M"i to i c i v e JdcklcHi d r i n k s K oin K lo he achieved If the tempeinnce women themselves be^ln fuxMiiK ahout th ntimi's to ho nlvon such Innocent pola- Kor 1 ''.' i 'nil a Rln rlt'kpy a Kin-tide nnd 11 will jotl the d i t n k e r Just Ibe xtinir. fixuTrsely, cjUllnp a n i l x t u i e of np- ppltitjnf.' h t i t Innocent frtltt Jilices a cocktail docs not pill a slick In il. (Oven us ardenl a ptohlbltlnnlJit a,s the la"W l l l i n m .lentilnCH Bryan duhbed his fnvorlte grnpe-Jui'-e libation a cocktail. No doubt, then" U loriin fui ft t"ient d;nl oi' mHslonmv wruk nuioii^ !i«sle.jjios who obey tho law In einty oiher rcipi'rt but t h i n k their dinner 01 hildpe, puosts will be disappointed hv the scivtiiR of non-aleohollc liquid refreshments. n should be iippnrenl that t h h work will be hampered, If the women dolnc It R f l lo quarreling omorg themselves over mere Mmes nf drinhi. Why shoot al sijiili rels. flrlf, while hon« are t i m n l n g oroiind? ALBERT, KING OF DUNKERS - St. J. on la Poi.l-Dfc'IKiteli. Klntr A t b e t t of Beljiliim il/ps his brcud In hta co/fei whenei'ei he Beta the ohance. The Queen doesn't like it. he admits, but she leLs him d^i It only "when theie Is none, ptesenl hut the funillj " \ es. nnd we'll wuiirr htre and tiovs- I h u t .'Mlji'ila d u n k i n g Uii't the only Indulgenee allowed tuiib.Kul kltij'9 hv (lielc Queen wives In the privacy of iiivnl famllleii. Who can't Imagine Huakon VII sitting atouml In his sblrt sleevei In the Norwegian palaun. or A l f o n s n XIU, holdln'.' a meaty drumstick to hia mouth at t, Rpanlah «bleken Ivy? Or Victor Emmanuel slnplnj; at the lop of hl.i lungx In It«tv'a first bathroom? If Christian X. Is like some men wo know he hasn't any conscience about Kas»!n£ up the Ianlsh palace with imoke fiom a hair-raising black pipe, Tjlko as not George V, shlee from the crown and robe every now and thtn ond winders about Ihn gnrdcn In » worn slouch hat and easy corduroy trounerfl, Kings m»y be Kings, but they are also men. and It ta 100 to 1 they aak foe a second helping; of candied iweet pot*to«t, *t)q\i«tto or not, As I View the Thing ·BY 5. A. TUCKER"A 1 MERICAN working men want no dole," proudly doclaics Secretary Davis of trie Department of Ijihoi. President Grcnn of the American Fed- einlion nf r^bor Is equally poBlUvn. Every good Ameilcun uapltnltal Ihut has conui bask from a visit lo England In the last 10 years bus benn eloquent In speaking of tho hideous) I n s t i t u t i o n of the dole. The citncnt Issue of a mine- ftilne published hy the public, u t i l i t y companies righteously; "Wn.s evei a more repugnant word tiian dole? ' And here, al, we, feel that somebody Is gelling near n t r u t h . All tilts pious AmcHenn consternation, all this pussionaU Indignation among conservative employers and iat labor lendeis alike., la occasioned by a word, a mim«, "When an Englishman Is cfit of a Job, and the government given Jifm a few *hlllln)f» a week lo keep him and his family from starving lo death -which would be, after all, a painful spectacle, even tor the rnosl comfortable members ,ot a soeltty--Ihnt la n ilole. It lit a v e l y shocking and wkked Ihlna In the eye:i of mewl Americans. Abusei of Ihn system IIIL oaiy lo firiit. Nalutiilly, there am tt tfoud ninny Individual!) who get.lhti hublt of reducing lh«lr wants to llic bure minimum that cim bu provided by the few slilllliiKS, and ltiir«ul!U'i do not t i y to find wrji It, vt have no dule In Anmilui* Wlit-n s widespread, und there Is suffering in evi'tv direction, soup Is dUhcd out In large cltlCH to the stinKHllns lines of the Jobless, Community cheat funds are qiiti-hlv Mehniisli-d, by reason of iinusUKl numbers of f«rn- Ihes Ihnt. have to be (riven assistance, lo keep them f i o m stnrvntiim. K v e i v county IH compelled to Increase Its appropriations for poor relief; a spcfln! oftlcer, In DeeaUir HS elsewhere, h hept bxiHy, Iw.iulHK orders for e,oal th«t tlie Jobleai mny not freeze; issuing ordei.i for clothing, that they nitiy not go nuked: httuing: orders for food Ihiit they inuy not slaiv«. Tli.mlc goodness, we have no dole In America! Hfcr«, we do not ptiLiperirp our working classes by enabling them to keep from starvation wVion they ar« unomploved, It Is Irue. u n f o r t u n a t e l y , Unit certain Individuals nnd certain f.imilli'fl do develo|) a habit o( calling repeatedly upon relJpf or(;nnk8.l]otiK :ini( county officers, but Ihls tendcnei ciinnnt be due to a dole nynl(!tn, becuuse we have no dole. We hiite the word "dole." Thunk goodness, we do not hate q u i t e us much the i-enlily It stands for. Odilly enough, indication agalnal Ihe Idea of dole? for the poo i in not cnrntHl over Into Indignation ngftitlFl (he Men u t ilules for lite n e b . The cvM of th* dole, we nre given to umlei stand; the reason II l.i to he looked Upon "S a c o r i u p t e r of tli« brncflMnrles, Is, t h o t It is money not worked Tor. It I? something for nothing, and for an unemployed workloRman to receive something for nothing is understood to be \ery bRcl for his morals, * More prosperous cK-i.tsea of our cuiuiti 1 )' fonstantlv ar« lecelvlns money for no aervjcej! of any sort -that IM lo any, doliM--without occnalonlng any protest at all from the mor- nllit'i who wn shocked by lhe woiklngnuin'a dole. Just ona example; A telephone company, utter some years of profit, nhle opemtlon piiyinn resular dliiditnds al a satisfactory rnte to the investors who pro\tdoil Its working capital issue? n stock dividend. That lit to say, the company,. »ji newspaper headlines report the m u t t e r , "rulji a melon. 1 ' Direciom of the fomjiany promptly Irike Isitie w i t h I h l i description of thn trjinsncUoti "A iloek dtviflcnd," thev point out "monns only the tsuie of more sbsres, to repie- Xfnt (he ?nme a i n n u n l nf nrlttn! properlv as before. The s l o r ' h h n l d e r p who lecelxe the additional shares receive nn ltdiiIIlonnl pioperty, they rire therefore nol one renl. rtchej or pooiei t h n n before " All ot which H perfectly accurate in Ibeoiy. However, at l i m o pn^s^s, Ilic telephone company prenenls n demand for Inr'iensed rnles. In support of it? demand. |t cites the fart th;it ils plui rcrio liters n i c nnlltled to a fair if turn upon t h e i r investment. The ne«- shares arc Indistinguishable f r o m the old one);-Ihev, too, nre entitled lo dividends!. Thereupon rnte.s n i n increased The stockholders recehed tlielr dole in the form of ndtlltiooiil shares; the. public has I be privilege of paying them additional dotes permnnently. In the form of dividends upon the udtllllonal pdisro*. Doles of t h i s sort me hljjhb* agreeable to (ill of us who happen to o\vn sliBies. We feel no resentment whatever toward « svsli'm t l i t i l gives IIB money for nothing, nor do we /eel I h n t we nre in n n y wny corrupted hy the praeti'e. On the tiontrarv, wo eon#i'uttloli ourselvec upon our «fi)- men m hd^ns bought thn right stock. The hublt of diawintf UUIe dlBttnetlonti of this sort, H not HI rig oin mindu with definitions, li common, A few wccltM ago news (mini out of J J .na»ia (hat Uic Hovifl had u n m e i T l f u l t v »lmt a n u m b e r of individuals found Ruiity of speculating In tood s t u f f s . All the rest of lhe woi Id, ready enough lo be shucked at any news of bnrbarlly In Russia, solemnly expn'H.ied Its horror. I,ust week Mussolini marie n ihnrfu teilstle apvech In Rome, attributing the acute f i n a n c i a l depression of Italy lo spcculntorM. and announcing lhat sp( 1 oidntIon at (.he future -will bilng down upon this guilty nn I m m e d i a t e 311111 mom lo face lhe firing «(|UUt Roeause. of some subtle difference in popular hnblts nf thought, the Institution tit capital punishment for upcciilu- tlon in J l n l v did not bring out any expressions of horror froai TM,|tltdli»t speakers, Mnsnolini's Hpeech goea un notked Ouihlde Ilaly, lhat Is, For unvbody who bus been do- Intr ft little spemiliitlntt. piobnblv It will appear as uncom- foi table lo be shot by tt squad of blackshlrls as to be shot by a ,-iquad of Reds. Hor Is thli the flrat evidence of slm- lltii llv. to convince us Ihnt life under a. dletatorshlp would W utterly intolerable nnd destructive of human value 1 ;, re- Kiirdleaa whether the dictator happened lo be named Muisotln! or Sialin. Fill people are f u n n y , und consistency id not a iiuallty lhat HIP experienced pei.ion ought to expect In this world. Thn bolshevik d l c l n t o i s shoot speculator* at how*, and lake dyers in wheat in Chicago, Mussolini abhors holnhe- vllil, and proceeds to follow their pinoedure. American capitalists continue to be hoi rifled al noMiovlkl, to a d m i t s Mussolini, and to practise speculation without any consel- entlous dcniple. when It seoma to piomlsc a profit. F u n n y world! 1 SHALL NOT CARE When I am dead nnrt over me bright April Shakes out her rain-drenched hnlr. ThnuRh you should lean above me broken-hearted. 1 shall not care, I shall have peace, us leafy trees are peaceful When lain bends down th« bough. And I shall be more silent and cold-hearted Than you are now. --SARA TEASDALE. THE CANNED FOOD AGE By Ding __ , ft TM'"'" I ,, _._^ fe'SlK _ .n^J" 1 ~* L^w *$L-~t-jft-'$ji \ ~SrT?.^f... itr, ..^ J.R. i. / ·"£/ "^^L ' . t'J V * ' ****lf'i' I i "-.-Hll^ m*\ ^£^ :. Some Speak Only of Roses - St, Jjouls Podt-Dlhjmtch, Thsl PHI rent Shaw's fi.irdcii bulletin, tn (IlKrUjHiiijt Ihe pi njiii- jiro- niinrlallon of such f h j ' v r 11:1)111' -i- dahlia, wisteria anil plndlohis, sue- \Vlnlnr, an.I tlv ] n n l i « in ei'eds m a i n l y in ^tinfii.^!]!^ i l n l * f i n ' , r ilwji*'S stiv ^'iHtAtl.'i ;ind ib-ii 11^ The Bnlbh, who cull fi l;ij 1;;.. m- li.if-tctittj hi u dt f« ilii- i u i f i i bbvlously wi-oojf, b^cui^e ihtu pi o- ,tu* nin'iimp4inp who niid,ri F i^.^ 1 - 1 ]^L nunelnllon derives f i o m n. ml^aken crirtcd i h » m IJul t l i o Shaw'. t ; a i l,.n linprettslon t h a t the plant wan named inn h i i i l c t l n s.n- N u i i u l t , wlii minni - n ' I s ! r, ) in!,-, 11 ^ :).· i i,iilly n:i))|{-Ll l h' intmi-, |h-tle,| li 11^,1 \ the {t\vi-ii i h t i o t i i n l " i . A n d i e i l Tlin i m t i f i 1 - MIV N i t M H l l didn't know I But w h ^ i i - dii-u ihfii )/- j i\e how i^ xiiHF. dMil intf*nrl f i fLO on e vtbrt r.ill 11 t l i l J l ) . n,'jit)"|v "i-iylrif 1 w l » i A f d l 'o evervone'n n n n t v - ·ly everyone'' Npi\h''i' 1 Tin 1 ":i stiii 1 " in «]nii« of iho liljiiorlelty unit iM cii I n i i i i y hi- Jji un,| 11,01 f )i|rEii.ilijj xoim,i r|f wlr^l Ml JA. a WM* u.itii"! fi! f*.iti|i i ( i h i i - l - o t i i * » th* [Ui'foifd p i n HIM titm' i 1:iii'ii or 1)1 if l . n ' l n n*m*. i ( i i l i n h ( i v ii'"' 1 by liMltld on* mi l i n i l i y a* n v p l t n . i l n l n K tlmi Tfr»ni'»i S;H ?^v r - n · . ; f .*V:i S*: STADIUM STYLES . )"roj.ii) I n « t , Box Toe, I n v i s - /·,ilb*i Hcrl. to the tonthnll n cnrcful otiMivfr. mmMs in rnotwcni 1 will find Oxford,*, such nt( wf. frcsft»l in tliiit nrt- mnikM hy t h c t r Mijirrior Myl- intr, I heir dioitc iinpml*d nnr) s, mid their ^kiUrd c r a f t s m a n ship Rns'in Licft Oxford, V.trsily L.i f. t Invr it))c Individuality is clinriictoriHlic in BoMoninn*. style exprct*rs excellent Riod ln*l^--««ch linl Kns fin* fiditiR qunlitic*--rneh elioc i» f nation · «tt from the lincsl mnterinls "Wt Fit Th* Hard To f i(" 148 E*it Mftin Street DECATUR, ILLINOIS tionifts C iv« Cat (Mi Supplie iERVISTS Irwn Ffadfo Htitllonit wl UtlonllU to keep i fore** over gr · m»ny of the f ft teleirraph lines K .. . k. -.1^ t* a - ')· J fit* immediate fo Food Htnrn* 1 _ en pi IE' d«P en(J | 0 Grand* do R' the state of 'milk *nd veK"i I* in w l t h ptnvlslonlnft I ,f)tfl Of th* 1 fPdel i (ttate* of Ri" f ·ulo. objcel lw nro eompf* ft on the con republic, thou the Im'Re nmll loyalty they A lender. Jb« hi'' received JUon there In cau; Jerahle nnxidr. happen If Rl" fall to Join th( 1; ft hnve 0000 rr |b on the capita *rm»." leaders cli» more states hi ; t h o to were said i and Pdrnhyba, hern eonm, .. prevloit jiurrrectlonlsts F .«), MlnBK Gerttt , «nd Parana, at Gros«o, nn cr ami Pernai illy Important ct; ot the So'iih MniM for I , tirandc Do ^n 1 ··volution, wei tl I to have 40.000 tv nK ot I the reserves for 1 and Sao P I Ititad off this fo OK collected s Hly loaded with j of the stale on rirplnne nqundroi _ Alegre, where ire reported to V provliitonal gov . Drive f( ,rth nf'th* en pi to nearer lo It, t? nuilsent bloodsh [columni have In L ,nce of Mlnaa ( ling for lhe stat nte, one ot th« feel ilrenftlh. itl*» «t Barbaeet . i which lie In th' Jlong the route, [moment M the ' third battler re |ll)t« lo thd nortt- rubberpro4ucl »f Para. Here tt Reported In irovcr i hovn put do\vn The rcvolut t withdrawn : th* capital to Ii. i the western i Do Sul, whei ; flM when the Ctalnm Con M difficult, In : claims, to ob BM« of tha comr a n d i , .1 trained men ! wUd here by i with Cranll's psvoktlonleta cl prm«d troops in "I miny more coi I th* reaoi'vea. I *ver. that they · that number, e 1 ftbtt forces, i.noo ncrvlee lr ·The official d the ai the r lt« Inter the ln«virit( «d th« attack the Intei brhf r*1d toWM to the n forces i * '· (iBhtinst . driving thf l towns ne 0 orla JWdt. MlBBJ! ·Wit north tm nro, M mUonal * M i l f c o m . OS SFAFERl

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