Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 5, 1965 · Page 14
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 14

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1965
Page 14
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14 SUNDAY DEC 5,1965. Petrified Forest's Origin Is Mystery j JACKSON, Miss. (AP)—Mas- 'sive logs lie silently in the un- i usual petrified forest, near Jack- and more stable year-round cli-| turned it into a commercial male that prevails today in Mis- 1 tourist attraction in 1963. sissippi. Identificalion of cold wcaUier II. is one of only three privale- siles designalcd by amon r» (h e , dmo »l> llie j lowe y e ,. ( ru | e Ou | would; Missis- i ; Udall. Rolls-Royce Ownership lordly' Feeling Gives ALCONBURY, England (AP) around when on the ground. house, his wife, Evelyn, and. time together because of their their three children, and how to' mutual hobby. Estep, 26, is sin- ~ They call them "Their lordships." They're about as well known as anyone in these parts of England where anything different is appreciated so long as its orderly- Their Lordships —• two Amerl- can airmen — accept the alien- ! son—little like (lie Loblolly pines (growing about them and myste-j i rious strangers to (heir Missis-1 ;sippi home. i sippi origin—Dr. i^..>v. ,-, ,„*.*,.•,•. - - --„ --«•• .„, . ., . Interior Secretary Stewart. ^-! identified locally originated pel-i from Phoenix and, knowing the You vc got no idea how you r»»»nrl fie? U ... ' . . *^ - _ J? . .. ' . I „.*_ ,...!•»..• .1..». n** rtrtri „ „ n — J..! c:.. .1 f nr\I tit tin M ••» r\*wlrtt'f »«l MM ««t nrxn and Mrs. .Schabilion ! tion rnodestly but down deep get Each owns a somewhat antiquated Rolls-Royce. They drive their fabulous- looking old giants around the countryside, down into Huntingdon, and a bit further south to the university town of Cambridge. The glistening monsters transport them around. He went out first and bought a 1927 Rolls-Royce Phantom shooting brake, which Americans woulc call a station wagon. It's bigger than a truck and can hold a family much larger than tlu- Goddens contemplate. gle and is not a career serviceman, His stint, ends the day after Christmas. "I'm going back home to Elkins, W. Va.," says Estep, "and I'm taking my car with me." He has a 1935 Sedanca do The sergeant paid $476 for his VLIIe Rolls. The front part of the 38-year-old Rolls. | top opens up so that the chauf- Godden will return to tho I feur is in the open while the United States on routine trans-! toffs in the back are protected. fer in another year and says, j We'll take it with us. If things Dr. Duke's thesis 1 moved to fie state It years ago a big kick out of it all. Udall named the forest as a Registered Natural Landmark, one of 37 sites designated since 1 the program began in 1964 to i illustrate America's natural ; heritage. i Oddly enough, the 40-acre site i 17 miles northwest of Jackson, unlike other petrified forests in which some trees stand where they grew, never had roots where it rests, although its logs • once were stately trees — some i possibly of the Sequoia family. I Dr. Richard R. Priddy, chair- jman of the geology department 'of Millsaps College, noted the tree trunks do not have "orien- High'School'has'bwITcited by ^" but are aliped in all di- the" National Council of Teach- j rections. ers of English as one of the i This, of course, doesn't allow miktaiKHnp students of high; the possibility a prankster, school Knulish in tlie country. Bulled a scientific fraud years \ The d iU"hter of Mr and Mr* ag ° by hauling in petrified logs. 1110 Ouu.,mci 01 Air. ana ivii... A number of the logs weigh Jnhn !.;nvlnr. 1708 Ssevenlh .St.. m lons _ some are six feet in slv: is a 1%;, national winner .diaraeler-and are visible only in the council s annual Achieve- because of gu ni e d erosion of the menu Awards competition. • familiar red sands of what geo- Last spring a committee of logists call the Forest Hill for- MARY LAWLOR Tops in English LCHS Student Wins National English Award Mary Lawlor of Lake Charles rifled woods in Madison, Hinds, I spectacular 85,000-acre Petrified Yazoo, Rankin and Smith conn-1 Forest which is a national park ties and turned up species rep-. m Arizona, visited the site here resenting Mississippi trees of the j as tourists. i j ...... t * "XVrt *nnrt present, spruce or tamarack of cold climates and a species of palm of a tropical climate. All grew, of course, at widely spaced intervals of geologic time. We made a couple of trips," Mrs. Schabilion said, "and were bothered that the wood was being carried off and broken up, destroyed ... we felt it should be preserved." Finally they bought 160 acres Federal government recogni- including the petrified forest, tion of the site—the only petrified forest east of the Mississippi River—came because the Robert J. Schabilion family moved it into a pleasant park through which a nature trail winds—all with the accent on preservation. feel when a pedestrian steps | back out of your path, or 3 policeman waves you on, or 1 a car pulling out from a side road sees you and stops respectfully," says S. Sgt. Kenneth K. Godden. "He's right," echoes Airman Duard Estep. "You feel like you're floatin' on air." Their Lordships are airmen at the big Alconfaury base which houses the U.S. Air Force's 10th Tactical Wing. What makes them different is how they get roadside pubs. Inside, their Lordships probably are hoisting a pint of English beer and taking the locals on at darts. Godden, 32, Is a camera repair expert in the tactical wing and has been in the U.S. Air Force for 10 years. Born in Eastbourne, Sussex, he followed his parents to San Francisco, met a girl there, married her, and became Americanized in most ways. Except his tasle for i motor cars. Transferred to England, Sgt. Godden looked around the Alconbury area, pondered how to This is Estep's second Rolls. He swapped the first one in for racier-looking Sedanca model and altogether has $1,120 Sn- lle and Eslep spend a lol of 1 vested. can often be seen parked at| qe t rough we can even live In T sm roadside nuhs. ln s kin. ihnir S -' g ' \ the rac SALESMAN Large Sales Organization Needs Agressive and Ambitious Man to Quality For Excellent Sales Position. Draw and Incentive System. Expenses and Qualified Leads. Write Resume to Box 33, Care nf American Press, Lake Charles, La. mation. More lie underground, ; such as one three feet across j struck at 75 feet, recently by wa- : ter well drillers. ' . " The .y have ™ "»Us, nor dpi have * ma « cnes, English teachers from the high school nominated Mary to rep- ircsenr Ixike Charles High School in the competition. The nation's schools nominated aunc.t 8.500 students for the citations. Of that number, 837 finalists were chosen. They & fey jhe n)bl) : Q; , ree represent 620 schools from 50 ^ stripping away all but. states., the Distnct of Co urn- lhe trunks y ^ bia and American Preparatory Concentration, because isolal- Schools abroad. e d petrified wood is common. In announcing the winners, ma kes the Mississippi Petrified James R. Squire, executive ' p ores t noteworthy and is one of secretary of NCTE, said the ' the great secrets it holds. Prid- comicil recommends these stu-, dy suggested a massive logjam dents for college scholarships O f some ancient and terrible in 1966. flood. The names of these students Pelrefaction followed, preserv- are sent to even- college and ing the trunks in far .tinier de- university admissions officer, tail than the countable growth- in the country. In previous < rings because of a delicate bal- years 99 per cent'of the awards i ance of nature's chemistry, winners entered the college of 1 Silts and sands covered the their choice, and about 80 peri logs with a blanket porous cent of those applying for schol-1 enough to permit groundwater arships received "financial aid. I seepage to cause replacement of The NCTE sends scrolls of ; the vegetable tissues:at the pre- rt-t-ognition to all winners andjjse speed at which the wood runners-up and honors their | , c ^ cf ;: high school English depart-: rnents with certificates of mer- ; it. Mrs. C'elia Spoon, Mrs. Eliz- aheth Sanger and Iris Murphy ; o r w 'ood"reraaTns'' today! have been Marys English in-: Age a , so is a queslionmar k, Charles High ; a i (nougn t h e Forest Hill forma- . Dissolved silica bleached 1 > 55 structors at School. tion is of the Oligocene epoch, a period of 10 million years centering around 38 million years ago — a time when dinosaurs were long since extinct but when man was millions of years in the future. Priddy, who refuses to designate any age for the rock, said: "Once petrified, that stuff can move around a great deal, and .TtMr™r. n . • erosiot: of ori^inr-' underlying -'LLttOOD - Cash prizes materi als -could have caused it will be awarded liiree top win- , to ^rop " ners in the annual Maplewood- Tne owners sa id the Smith- Hollywood area Christmas light-: sonian ] nsl i tu ti on identified it m« contest to be judged at V ; tentatively as having Oligocene prn. Dec. 20. a p e Prizes will go to the best! rj r , t'laj-e Brown of Louisiana Decoration Awards Planned , overall decorations as viewed state University, a botanist spe- from the strett. cializing in petrified woods, has A special prize will also be sai d one log might represent the given for the bast decorated mighty Sequoia family, and that door Tins will be a shrub from u lived for 1.000 years and was tho Maplewood Garden Club, p ar t O f a tree n'it-ei in diame- sponsnrs of the contest each ter. year. In a 1959 masters thesis at Plans for the decorations • Mississippi College, botanist Dr. should follow either a religious . George H. Duke Jr. identified or Santa Claus theme but should j maple and fir-trees of cold cli- not be mixed. , mates— as two species from one- Persons interested in enter- 1 sixty fourth inch across sections ing the contest may register at j cut by diamond saw. the Gulf National Bank, Ma- i Duke, Priddy and Brown agree pk'M'ood Branch, Maplewood j that the logs came from some A£P Food Store; Dave's cres- \ distance by fresh water, possi- cent Drug Store; or by calling ' bly from the Appalachian high- Mrs. J R. Coulon. lands, and were from a cooler Don't Let Something UNEXPECTED Spoil this Holiday Season for your family Be Sl'ItK ^ »u Are Insured 'Hiis Possibility While you connot keep it from hoppening, you do not have to be financially crippled. Check today to see that you have adequate MEDICAL INSURANCE For Gifts That Give Lasting Pleasure. * • Kelvinator "Wife-Saver From Honeycutt's Kelvinator Portable Dishwasher Why do dishpaji duty any longer? Here is a gift the whole family will enjoy for years to come. Rolls to the table for eaf.v loading. Normal and Double Power Washes Fan Circulated, Hot Air Drying Porcelain Enameled Tub Self Storing Hose and Cord Tilt Back Top Rack for Easy Loading Double Detergent Cup Holds 12 Table Settings Easy Rolling Casters Kelvinator "No Frost Refrigerator - Freezer Don't buy any no-frost, refrigerator tinlil you compiire it with this one. Kelvinnlov pivcs you more usable convenience fesitiirrs. • 100 Lb. No-Frost Freezer • Double Row Egg Shelf • Handy Butfer Keeper • Twin Porcelain Crispers o Never Needs Defrosting $279 With Trade ONLY 169 \« Down Paynn'iil. Easy TrriTis! SKI DOWN, F.ASY TKUiHS! 13 Cu. Ft. Kelvinatoi "No-Frost" Freezer Now you can enjoy the convenience of an upright freezer plus no defrosting ever. Compare these quality features. • 460 Lb. Frostless Storage 9 Giant Rollout Basket • Deep Roomy Door Shelves • Removable Shelves, 1 Adjustable • Built-in Lock • Interior Floodlight & Warning Light No Payment Until February Fabulous Foodarama by Kelvinator Completely "No-Frost" Now Only $ 269 EASY TICK .MS NO NEEDKL You serve better meals, have more fun entertaining, and save lime with Foodarama's huge fresh and frozen food storage right at your fingertips. At the same time, you save money on food hills by having room for specials. Frost never forms In the frervcr or refrigerator. No defrosting ever. Live better with this 12 cu. ft. refrigerator and 5 cu. ft. freezer in vour kilt-lien. Only 41" wide. Now Only $ 459 WITH TRADK NO UOWN I'AY.Ml'.NT—BALANCE 3fi MOS. Kelvinator Golden Touch Automatic Washer With Kelvinator's exclusive Golden Touch wash action you get the cleanest and gentlest possible wash. Plus all these features: • Normal and Small Load Cycles • Automatic Pre-Scrub • Agitated Soak Cycle • 3 Temperature/ Settings • Porcelain Top, Lid and Tubs • Beautiful New Styling Kelvinator 3 Cycle Electric Dryer Normal for last, safe drying of regular and heavy fabrics Wash-Wear that removes wear wrinkles, but keeps in present creases for Hulling, airing and dusting- PLUS * Wrinkle-tree cool down at end of each cycle * Kxlra Quiet Operation A L'asy to clean lint trap $ 189 With Trade No Down Payment! JSasy Terms $144 With (luIf States Certificate No Down Payment! Easy Terms! Available l.i Gas Slightly Higher It's Not Often You Need Us But It's Nice To Know,,, We Have Our Own Service And Parts Dept 28 Years Of Dependable Service We Carry Our Own Accounts 712 RAILROAD AVENUE Lake Charles 1278 E. NAPOLEON 611 MILLER AVE. Sulphur West Lak«

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