Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 10, 1935 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1935
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX. IOWA CURRENT Qti^MENT by Robert Strong September 17 marks thc!48th finniversay of the adoption of 4?T Hie Constitution THE CON- of the United STITUTION States and finds that hitherto venerated document virtually If the dream of some of the country's leading metallurgists comes true and AMAZING the price of al- ECONOMY uminum through a much greater output is brought down mater- under fire from officials in high jially in price, it is likely to com- places. There is even talk of pletely revolutionize engineering proposing viding for tion of an amendment pro- a greater concentra- power in Washington, with a corresponding weakening of the authority of the This idea is being advanced for the reason that it seems likely the Supreme Court may declare much recent, legislation unconstitutional, because it goes beyond the powers vested in Congress as the Constitution now stands. In this connection it is interesting to note that many Democratic leaders, including two former nominees of the party for the Presidency— John W. Davis and Al Smith— are vigorously opposing what they consider unwarranted encroachments of the U. S. government on the rights of the states. This question may be the most im- practice. It has been pointed out that in the automobile industry alone the use of cast aluminum for cylinder blocks states. I would cut 35 to 40 per cent from 'the weight of the engine, thus contributing materially to the performance of the car as well as to its economy. The possibilities of aluminum cylinder block castings as well as its use for an infinite range of other purposes, both in the automotive field and in other industries, are seen in the employment of a Bohnalite cylinder block for the first successful Deisel-passenger car engine. This engine, an American de sign known as the Cummins, placed in a stock passenger car, recently traveled from coast to coast at a fuel cost of a little over $7. It has shown on tests portant to be put forward in the 1936 campaign. Whatever one's views may be respecting the merits of certain New Deal legislation now being attacked in the courts, it seems that every good American should desire, as all officials are sworn to do, to see the Constitution upheld as it now exists, until such time as the people see fit to amend it in the manner provided in the document itself. The right to propose amendments is undisputed, but any attempt to evade the Constitution by subterfuge or indirection would strike at the very foundation of constitutional government . throughout the country that it traveled for about one-seventh the cost of a similar gasoline- powered unit. This engine employs Bohnalite aluminum alloy for the cylinder blocks, cylinder head crankcase and other important units. A similar employment of aluminum in gasoline engines would .likewise increase their efficiency and economy, engineers declare. During the past twenty-nine months, 165,000 civil employees have beeen add- UNCLE SAM'S ed to the Feder- PAYROLL al payroll, making a total of about 730,000. The Army comes in for an increased quota of about 60,000. Then there are over 600,000 in the CCC Camps, 3,000,000 farmers who are receiving checks, thousands of veterans drawing penpions, and the total of about 3,500, 000, who will soon be working for the Federal Government on relief jobs. Shortly, the payroll will be increased by those who will receive old age pensions under the Social Security Act. Nearly all of the 165,000 new Federal workers ,'u-e outside of the 'C'ivil Service." These work-, ers were selected not through competitive examination, but through various governmental agencies, usually after the applicants had made satisfactory 'political clearance." By Act of Congress Civil Service employees of the Federal Government are not subject to jolitical interference, nor are ;hey permitted to be active polit- cally in purse or otherwise. Of hese employees, there were at 450,000 at the beginning of the Roosevelt Administration. It is estimated that this number has been increased but very little, under this Adminisrtation. "What is the significance?" many are asking. Why should they not all be placed under the Civil Service? The 1930 census revealed that in the United States 4.3 per cent of the pop- MANY ulation or 4,283,ILLITERATES 753 persons over ten years old were unable to read or write in any language. Add to this 8,000000 so-called functional illiterates — those who cannot read with understanding — and it will be seen that the United States has approximately 12, 000 , 000 adults who need training in the most elementary education. Contrary to the opinion of a great many persons, illiteracy is not confined to the thinly set- Jed parts of the country. Statistics gathered by the 1930 census in New York State, for example, show that 388, 883 persons over ten years of age could IS OFTEN BOUGHT, SOLD, RENTED OR SWAPPED THROUGH TIME TABLE WANT ADS! TRY IT! Ettttt As I am quitting the farm? I will sell at my farm 3 miles south and 6 W miles wes of Lenox; 8 miles south, 3 miles east andML mSe south of Corn | ing; 3 miles east and 1 mile north of Oakhill church B § 40 Commencing at 11:30 Head of Cattle ijs 3= The Time Table contains 5 pages of home print news week. Turn through and look at every page. AUCTION There are many reasons ivhy you should hire your local auctioneer when you have a sale. He has a wide acquaintance in your locality and always many orders for what you have to sell See me and get the advantage of my many years of experience. L B. Anderson Dates at Tune Table or Call 123 W n. i fi, v 5 ree ^- 1J freshen b y Feb - 1. 4 yr. old Shorthorn bull, |t= /i. old heifers, 4 yearling steers, 3 1-yr. old steers, 3 1-yr. old heifers a I j| 9 spring and summer calves, 4 small calves «eue is , & 115 1 2 sows, with pigs by side; 1 sow to farrow by sale-day. !@al Horses 4\ not read or write in any Ian- i guage. Most of these were in, New York City Two years experience in operating the Federal Emergency Relief Program has revealed a most hopeful attitude among our Illiterates. It shows, according to a. statement issued by Mr. Aubrey Willams, Works Progress Administrator, that illiterate men and women from sixteen to eighty-two years of age eagerly grasped opportunities to attend the PERA classes, conducted in southern mountains, industrial centers, and in rural counties. Adults whose academic background was above the elementary school level not only were j villing and eager to continue their education but generally learned faster than children, j this was accounted for by their | greater power of concentration , and a conscious need for further training, which were evidenced m classes in art, history, econom- Its, mathematics, polit i| c a, 1 science, philosophy, the natural sciences, foreign languages, English, sociology, physchology, engineering, and other subjects. SMTe11 mare > *° Leach>s Belgian sound, wt. old -.\v Machinery tractor with new sleeves and pistons; Little Wonder Tractor :jf * 10 ft'JohnV^i c f ivat0 ^ 2 row hector lister; MoHne hay loader; .1 ft sod hottnS So haiTOW; Jol i n Deere s ulky plow with stubble and ig 1 w^^b^JSf'LSto; 01 ? D eere corn planter; high wheel T H harrow 5n vf • «?Jii g u- . y ra &> a good one ' 3 section harrow and iji nanow cait, single row cultivator; 2 row cultivator; hand corn sheller Deere spreader; wood saw; wire stretcher; 2 wheel trailer; Mc^k-Deering cream separator; tank heater; one set 1 1-2 in ha?B trough^ 5y srarssi 1 !»«ni^^^^ 300 and fjf Lunch on grounds by Lenox Cafe Terms Regular f KMm mn HMH FOOD) > TO SAVE US MONEY o in iscuupiiK TO SAVE YOU MONEY TOES and Tons of We bought the items here advertised in prices. We then put the boys to work lent sized packages for you. You get me np rel price at the United. Buy here Ind save! BUTCH HAS GONE ONTHE BULK CRAZE Choice hand picked navy 10 Ibs. 3! Peanut Butter 2 Ibs 29c Kraut, lb. New bulk 5c Pop Corn 2 Ibs ___. Jap-Hulless—Sure 21c Pop Coffee,3Ibs. Flavorite __.. Compound, 2 Ibs. 33c 22c Cheese, lb. Nippy .__ The kind the editor of this paper likes FRESH FOODS Best Quality Black, lb. A full barrel of pepper er 1! Raisins, 4 Ibs. Choice seedless Coconut, lb. 08 F'cy long shred™ Cabbage $•* .25 Kraut per 100 lb. •*• Onions, 10 Ibs. -| f\~ red ___________ li/C Sweet 10 Ibs. Potatoes _____ Grapefruit 5 for 25c Crackers Loose Wiles Sun Ray, 2 Ibs. 1 Cocoa, 2 Ibs. The finest bulk A full barrel 22c M ACARONI, 500 Ibs. in one j big mass. Prunes 3 Ibs. Mex. 2'/ 2 Ibs. Chili Beans 4 25c Lima Beans 3 Ibs RATE—10c per line for firs insertion; 5c per line each in sertion thereafter. Display clas sified, 25c per inch. For Sale APPLES-AlHhoice winter .var ' etles ' 75c to $1 per basket Pour miles south of No. 34 or No 25. Phone through Ken or Lenox, jwjr. Trlpp. 2 -tf APPLES~^~5a~ nd thans, Delicious and Grimes at farm 4 miles east Bedford on Highway 3, 75c per bu. Jas. J Anderson. 2-2 ° r $L5 ° hundred rooms for rent G Bryant, phone 140- M 2-tf as You are doing it now. Ads - boar. E . E. Chester Reynolds. FOR SALE— Pure Poland China l nearly new, FOR SALE—1 wagon complete; Nancy Hall Sweet Potatoes, $1 bu. Ralph Reynolds, Phone 8-M l-3p FOR SALE—Hand picked pears, $1.00; windfalls, 50c. Edwin Butler and Bruinning Nursery. 53-3p For Rent FOR RENT—7 room unfurnished house. Mrs. Carrie Bruington. 2-2 People read the Classified Ads. You are doing it now. Legal NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 4044 In District Court November Term, 1935 State of Iowa Taylor County—ss. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: You Are Hereby Notified, That an instrument of writing pur- sorting to be the last Will and 'estament of B. H. Clayton, leceased, 'dated February 18, 924, having been this day filed, pened and read, the 12th day f November, 1935, is fixed lor tearing _pjtpQf or same at tjie County or the Clerk Court, and at ten o'clock j of the day above mentlr persons interested ar notified and required and show cause, if i have, why said m should not be prob: lowed as and for the and Testament of saidj Dated at Bedford, tober 9, 1935. FRANK HE (Seal) Clerk of "NorTcT OF PROBATE OF W No. 4040 in District C«rt August Term, 1». TO ALL WHOM IT an instrument oJ porting to be the w Testament of E. »• baugh deceased, aatea her 9th, 1918, and to, dated JanjMf' having been this W ened and read, tw November 1935, t hearing proof. < Court House in before the Distil bounty or the Court, and at ten of the day all persons by notified auu pear, and show they have why -s^^ „*- • if. •'*SSif-i . »p^«iW(».w» f afore tfee,}^^ O&ijrt of (Seal)

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