The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 1, 1971 · Page 9
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 9

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 9
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3 U.S. Agencies Enter Land Fight WASHINGTON (AP) — Three federal agencies spoke in opposition Thursday to legislation designed to settle disputed land claims along the Snake River in southeastern Idaho-. The Justice Department, with the support of the Agriculture and Interior Departments, instead proposed its own version of a bill allowing citizens to sue the government for clear title to land they occupy. In testimony before a Senate Interior subcommittee, ' Shiro Kashiwa, a Justice Department official, criticized three bills introduced by Idaho Sens. Frank Church and Len B. Jordan as being too broad in application i-nfl * i 1^/«vViT>n- *ar?ofm2to cafft-l guards to protect the public interest." The Secretary of Interior should be permitted to retain the land and reimburse owners after 'litigation, -he said, or sell it at fair market value rather than the $1.25-an-acre token payment proposed in the Church-Jordan legislation. At issue is ownership of about 15,000 acres of omitted lands along the Snake River between St. Anthony and Idaho Falls. The government resurveyed the land in-1965 and determined that an 1880 survey was in "gross error" in measuring between the river's meander line and "lacking adequate safe-j- and the water's edge. 1,600 Utah Workers Join Strike PRICE, Utah (UPI) — Hundreds of Utah workers today joined strike. the nationwide c o"S 1 38 SALES The government consequently claimed the land as its own, and has conducted 38 sales of a total of 1,950 acres. All but five sales were made to preferential land holders. Declaring that legal precedents determine how the land dispute should be' handled, Kashiwa said: "We're just trying to enforce the law." • Jordan responded: " We're j just trying to rewrite that lawj to mete out a little justice." Church added: "You ought not come in and quote the law. We're trying to change the Believe R or Not/ \ > Ti. * I. "" V * ' - ' . M iMJrf Ogden Standard-Examiner, Friday, October 1, 9A THE ..LIVING MEMORIAL A BOWEK OF TREES NEAR LAREIU BELGIUM, 2.OOO FEET LONG AND CONSTRUCTED 60 YEARS ASO B/THE OWNER OPTHE' ESTATE TOXOMMEMORATE HIS FRIENDSHIP TOR A LADX NAMED OWRMIUE ~ THE FKEUCH NORD "'! SfRFRAWCIS SALTON, FOUNDER OF THE MODERN SCIENCE Of- ,, FIWSERPRINTING-, COfJTAIHED MS OKfJ FlHGERPRitlT iLfKlNG.ALFONSOSI 'O<M3-I£B3> OP PORTUGAL • WHO WAS DEPOSED'IN 1667 AND CONFINED .TO HIS CASTLE AT CIWRA, BECAME SO FAT THAT HE COULD NOT LEAVE HIS BED CHAMBER. - BECAUSE HE MSS-TVO BROAC* TO -fASS THROUGH JTS DOOR ilaw." A spokesman for the United Mine Workers Union here said - about 1,600 Utahns stayed off - the job beginning with the midnight shift at coal operations mainly, in Emery and Carbon . Counties. A check of Utah mines show. ed no picketing—the workers - simply stayed home. It appesr- ' ed the walkout would last at least through the weekend, In some small Utah towns the strike put most of the popula- ; tion out of work. I 430 PEOPLE I In Dragerton, a spokesman - for Kaiser Steel Corp., which ^has Utah's biggest coal opera- rtion, said the walkout involved - 430 employes at three mines. ' "There are no pickets. They - just didn't report at midnight. ; The strike has been very ord- - erly," the spokesman said. A personnel official for U.S. Steel Corp. said the strike involved 250 workers at the com'. .pany's Geneva Mine in D'rager- 3 ton and a coal cleaning plant in - Wellington, in addition to an- other 180 employes at a plant ~ in Somerset, Colo. The senators contended that government surveyors made the error but that property buyers who developed the land and erected buildings on it are being made to pay for the mistake. WALLET OF BREADMAN KILLED IN ROBBERY FOUND ON OVERPASS SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The wallet and checkbook belonging to a bread delivery man murdered during a Salt Lake robbery last month have been found^on a highway overpass. • The Salt Lake County sheriff's office sent the items to trie FBI laboratories in Washington for analysis.' Michael P. Brown, 22, of Woods Cross, was shot and killed Sept. 2 while delivering bread at Natters Market jn Salt Lake City. . . A woman clerk, Carolyn Kingston, 32, remains in serious condition after also being shot in the head. ' _ Sheriff's Capt. N.D.-Hayward said the discovery of the wallet and checkbook was further proof for this theory that the killer was passing through Salt Lake City and stopped long enough to rob the store. - • _ IN WAKE OF 6 DEATHS ; "No picketing. No problems," "he said. - At another of Utah's bigger "coal operations, U.S. Fuel Co., I -is Hiawatha, about 200 workers ' joined the walkout. And anoth- - er 217 went on strike at the ; North American Coal Co. in - Castle Gate. Nursing Homes Given 6 Months To Install Automatic Sprinklers SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) — He added there will be no ex-1 type of construction of • the Hunter Lost 54 Days Tries It Again HEYBURN, Idaho (AP) Robert Bailey, .the hunter who >vas lost 54 days last'winter in ihe snow-covered mountains c£ central Idaho, says he's going back to the same area this weekend for the opening of Idaho's deer hunting season. Bailey, 29, and Joe Conquest, • his hunting partner, were stranded in a blizzard last November when they took the wrong road and their truck stalled on a deer hunting expedition. After spending nearly a month in the truck, Bailey began a 25-day hike through one of America's most rugged wilderness areas, finally stumbling into a ranch near Sun Valley Jan..20. His partner, whose'feet were ' frozen, >was later .found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in the pair's truck. Bailey said he didn't plan'to take any special precautions this year, other than "take the right road." He said he and his parents would hunt in the same mountainous area he .and Conquest were headed toward last year. The only injury Bailey • suffered during his ordeal was a frostbitten- foot. "My foot is just fine now, but it does bother me when I get cold," he said. . VICTIM OF NUCLEAR AGE? Falcon Near Extinction, Doctor Fears PROVO — The peregrine fal- chemicals induce enzymes in ™ TYKI-U- ho oYtinr-t within is the bird's bodv which hydrox- con may be extinct within 15 years. This fear is expressed by Dr. the bird's body which hydros j'ate the steriod hormones, up- Betting their normal sex be- Clayton M. White, assistant (havior. professor of zoology at Brigham | Dr. White has observed in Young University and one of!Alaska that when this occurs, the world's leading authorities on. falcons. He has studied the All nursing homes in Utah are being given just six months to install automatic .water sprinkling systems under a decision by the State Fire Prevention Board. The board will give home op- jac ciuuvu UIGJ.G »»iii wv. iiv ^.. i-jj-— — : emption on the basis of age or [building. erators April 1, 1972. to comply with the ruling made Thursday. At a hearing Thursday morning operators protested the cost of such systems but agreed to go along. 6 KILLED The action came in the wake Pre-Dawn Raids Net Drugs, Knives and Guns; 4 Nabbed SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) — said all the guns were loaded m-nntinv nf fi^oT-c ctncrp^ .Qimnl- anrl "r@adv at hand." Narcotics officers staged taneous pre-dawn raids at two homes today, arresting four persons and seizing drugs, guns and knives. One of the officers was sheriff's narcotics agent Joe Gee who was the target of an assassination attempt Tuesday. birds for 18 years from the Western United States to the Arctic. Dr. White was involved last year in the first in-depth study of 'peregrine falcons in the Aleutians. This was in connection with the planned detonation of a five-megaton nuclear weapon test, known as "Cannikin," scheduled in early October on the Alaskan island, of Amchit- ka. The bomb test has caused ecologists and zoologists great concern as to the damage which will result to wildlife. . But it is not the bomb that worries Dr. White. RARE SPECIES "Radiation is really at very minor consequence, as the shot will be contained underground," he said. "It is the concentration of chemicals which are not i breaking down in the environment which caused Jhe peregrine falcon's death. "It is now considered one of the rare and endangered sps- cies." He explained that chlorinated hydrocarbons cause thinning of the eggshells which results in] breakage or the improper cx-| change of leases across the I shell, and the. young die in j either case. i Another problem is-that these' the adult birds return to nesting sites but merely loaf around the cliff. They make a slight attempt to buildi a,nest but nothing more, as they have lost the desire to breed. Dr. White's specialty includes avian biosysl^matics and evolution, ecology of raptorial birds, and problems of environmental pollution. He commented that the falcon is just one of the species which have been drastically affected by pollution, and its decline tells us there is something seriously amiss about^ us^ The evidence all ""*' i " '" manipulation merit. THEY DISAPPEAR The decline of the peregrine falcon .was first noticed in England around 1958. In 1960, Dr. Whita observed that the falcons had disap- points to mail's of the • environ- I peared from me Wasatch Front in Utah, where they formerly nested in a density of one pair to every eight miles frpri Springville to Brigham City. They fed on, the birds in the marshes that occur along Great Salt Lake. Since the British banned the use of certain harmful chemicals in 1965, the peregrine falcon has returned to its old nesting sites. And, if the chemicals continue to be flushed from the environment, the falcon should become plentiful in England again, Dr. White said. WANTED MEAT CUTTERS EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY WITH A GROWING COMPANY FOR POTENTIAL MEAT DEPARTMENT MANAGERS JOURNEYMAN MEAT CUTTERS 1ST & 2N9 YEAR APPRENTICE MEAT CUTTERS PLEASE APPLY AT PERSONNEL OFFICE 931 WEST RIVERDALE ROAD, OGDEN, UTAH 84403 OR CALL MR. D. ANDERSON, FOR INTERVIEW APPOINTMENT OGDEN.394-S776, SLC 359-3348 SMITH'S FOOD KING SUPERMARKETS WARSHAW GIANT FOODS MARK IT DISCOUNT FOODS SMITH'S MANAGEMENT CORPORATION 931 W. RIVERDALE RD., OGDEN, UT. e acon sassm auon au.empi xuewiay. of a fire at the Lil-Haven Nurs-jp olice wou i<j no t say if today's ! ---- i. i — i — ------ n*~ +^ ing Home in Salt Lake which killed six residents injured 12. Experts have testified in Washington that no one --••Jarrests had any connection to al ?d the Gee incident. The Raids were staged at 4 a.m., by police and sheriff's THIEF GRABS EXPLOSIVES : SALT LAKE CITY (UPI) Police are investigating the theft of a large amount of explosive gelatin—enough to blow up a major building— from a local warehouse. Eighteen bags of the highly explosive substance were taken from the Buckley Powder Co., Wednesday. An explosives expert said that much gelatin is "enough to blow up any building in the citv." would have been killed had the narcotics officers, agents of the home been sprinkler equipped, j Federal Bureau of Narcotics The rulinff is based on nation-1™} representatives of the coun- The ruling is based on national fire protection standards. Fire Marshall Robert A. Tanner said "Any facility licensed by the State Health Division may be placed under -this regulation—even homes for unwed mothers or orphanages." 136 HOMES The regulation covers all facilities housing two or more patients. There are 136 homes in the state, 41 of which nave sprinkler systems and. all having detection and alarm systems. Tanner said extensions will be considered if extraordinary difficulty can be demonstrated. representatives of the county attorney's office. Police said the narcotics seized were worth $8,000 to $10,000. The drugs included more than 400 containers of heroin and assorted pills. Other items seized included hypodermic needles, officers said. - Police said they found five guns and three knives. They LINGERIE YOU HAVE TO SIE... TO BUItWEl "BOUTIQUE 21 3870 Wcuhington Blvd. Black* Desker* 19 99 1/2" COMPACT DRILL Compact model has trlplj reduction gears •for aooca torque. Side handle. i^^^™™™™^™" • ~ " — — YOU! CAN SAVE NOW!! ON 17 NEW 1971 OLDSMOBILES ® 2 Torcnados » 2 Vista Cruisers • 2 98 2-dr. Hdtps. • 1 Oust, Cruiser • f Dei. 88 Gust, Cpe. • 2 Cut, 4-dr. hdtp, • 2 Dei. 88 4-dr. HT * 6 Cut. 2-dr, hdtp. • 5 Del. 88 sedans SAVE UP TO $1100.00 On these cars plus the 7% excise tax when repealed * PLUS * 6 COMPANY-OWNED DEMONSTRATORS • 1 Toronado • 1 Cusi. Cruiser • 1 98 4-dr. hdtp. • 1 Vista Cruiser • 2 D 88 4-dr. sed. OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC OPEN TILL 9 P.M. 28TH a WASHINGTON 392-7521 . Black & Decker 8" Compact Radial Arm Saw with leg stand Now! Radial arm versatility for- less than $100 with its own leg stand included. Features powerful 2 HIP motor... cuts a full 2 7 /s" deep. Will perform all the basic saw cuts; crosscut, rip, miter, plough, bevel, bevel-rip, bevel-miter, and out-rip. Greatest value for home workshops. (#7701) B/ack & Decker 71V •'—• saw Oufstarsrii-i value. 1 HP burn-uut protected motor and 7!4" blade to handle big cutting jobs with sase. Quick.bevel ind depth adjust- nents. Was E24.88 ... save 54.89 (#7301) 199 SPECIAL i95 Blade guard extension allows greatsr blsde coverage for safer operation. Roller head rides on ball bearings for accurate .cutting. Safe, convenient up- front key-switch . _ prevents accidental starting. Up-front bevel adjustment. Exclusive up-front elevation control. Large warp-resistant NOVAPLY work table. •^AW^ >j »* * ^ wr- i *~$ tsa? * Black & Decker Jig.saw. Cuts corners or curves wherever you draw the line — in ; wood, metal, plastics, "and other materials. 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(#7410) ROY LUMBER CO. 5540 So. 1900 W., Roy-Phone 825-16^9

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