Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on December 29, 1970 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, December 29, 1970
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A-2 Alton Evening telegraph Tuesday, Dec. 29, 1970 Mediator says UE strike has minor issues A federal mediator told the Telegraph today that negotiations between Union Electric Comany and the Operating Engineers are "down to minor points now" and "both sides now seem ready to resolve this." The strike has kept about 4,000 UE employes out of work since Nov. 20. A previous agreement reached between company and Union officials was overwhelmingly rejected by the members. .Negotiations lasted over 5 hours yesterday and could run longer today, the mediator, said. The earlier stumbling block was the company's insistence that it be allowed to suspend two workers at its Cahokia plant which the company claimed tried to shut it down on the first day of the walkout. Union members insist the men were ordered by their supervisors to reduce power and the men should be allowed to return to work when the strike is settled. The strike may also have been prolonged because of two shooting incidents. The latest was on, Christmas Day when seven shots were fired into the control box of a substation in North St. Louis County.. Those shots did not interrupt service, but shots fired Dec. 22 into a transformer at the Mitchell, 111. substation did cut off service. The dispute was also heated last week when a union steward was hit by the car of a company supervisory employe at the gate of the Cahokia power plant. Christmas Day the wives of some of the striking UE employes marched to the home of company President Charles J. Dougherty in an attempt to bring pressure on the company. Some picketing engineers in Alton have told the Telegraph that they believe Dougherty is trying "to break up the union." $106 million in road funds for area (Continued from Page One) phase between Fosterburg Road and Powder Mill Road, should be included in a bid- letting soon, Kronst said. The state recently acquired the last parcel of right-of-way .for the 1.14 mile, improvement. The Rte. 140 re-construction is among <the state's safety projects which have a priority rating. Other Telegraph area safety projects in the 1971 road program include the dangerous Beltline intersections at Alby Street and at Washington Avenue. 'The Intersections are ; to be channelized for right and left turn lanes at an estimated cost of $325,000 each. ... , The Ogilvie road program for the Telegraph area ,also , includes: — A $225,000 intersection Improvement at 111. Rte. 143 at Wanda Road. • — A $210,000 appropriation for construction of a bridge over Cahokia Creek for new m. Rte. 140. . — A $270,000 allocation for three bridges on 111. Rte. 143, .east of 1-55. ; — Blacktopping of two lanes of 111. Rte. 267, north of Godfrey for $80,000. — A $10,000 appropriation for pavement reconstruction under the GM&O Railroad overpass on College Avenue. — Concrete patching of Wanda Road between Rte. Ill and Wanda for $10,000. — A $250,000 allocation for right-of-way acquisition of 1.50 miles on 111. Rte. 157 from Schwartz Street, Edwardsville, to the Southern Illinois University entrance. -1-; A $150,000 appropriation for acquisition of .4.11 miles of right-of-way for the Berm Highway, between the Jersey- Madison County lines and Alton. — A $100,000 appropriation for right-of-way for the Berm Highway between State and Henry Streets in Alton. : — A $385,000 allocation for widening and resurfacing 5.47 miles of Rte. 106, between the Scott-Greene County line and White Hall. — Wi dening and blacktopping of 16.5 miles of Rte. 108 between the Illinois River and a point east of Carroiltpn for $1,455,000. — A $35,000. appropriation to widen a bridge over a drainage canal west of Eldved on Rte. 108. — Widening and blacktopping of Rte. 108, 14.86 miles between Carrollton and Reader in Macoupin County for $1.2 million. — .A $1.7 million ap- pro p,r i a t i o n for concrete paving of 4.74 mile's on Rte. 267 on a dangerous stretch between Tunison Street, White Hall and Berdan Road. — Improvement of three bridges on Rte. 267 south of White Hall for $515,000, and a $67,000 appropriation for culvert work on Rte. 67, north of Greenfield. — Improvement of two bridges on Rte. 108 west of Carlinville for $110,000 and improvement of three bridges on the same route east of Carlinville for $215,000. The governor's road program only allocated money for right-of-way acquisition in Jersey County for future y construction of m. Rte. 16 between Rte. 100 and Fieldon and Rte. 16 between Jerseyville and U.S. Rte. 67, south of Medora There was no money appropriated for highway work in Calhoun County. Canada civil rights remain suspended MONTREAL (UPI) - Its 85' • day kidnap crisis finally e n e d e d, the Canadian government gave no immediate indication today when it would restore the civil liberties suspended more than two months ago. And it was not immediately clear how seriously the government's unprecedented • crackdown against the Quebec Liberation Front had damaged the terrorist separatist group. The confrontation, between the federal government and the Quebec separatists - both peaceful and violent - appeared certain to continue. Police Monday raided a snowbound isloated farmhouse in St. Luc, 25 miles south of Montreal, and captured brothers Jacques and Paul Rose and Francis Simard, charged with abducting and murdering Quebec Labor If you fail to receive your Telegraph by 5:80 p.m. phone 465-6641 before 6 p,m, and your copy delivered. Minister Pierre Laporte. The arrests climaxed the most intense manhunt in Canada's history, launched with the promise by Prime 20 injured in Chicago CHICAGO (AP) - Twenty persons received minor injuries Monday night when a Chicago -Transit Authority train struck the rear of another CTA train on the South Side. The accident occurred while both trains were detouring from their normal tracks because of repair work, a CTA spokesman said. All the injured were able to walk into hospitals unaided, and most were treated and released. The southbound trains, neither of which received heavy damage, were carrying a total of 60 passengers. Minister Pierre trudeau of "unceasing pursuit" of Laportes' killers. A fourth man, Michael Viger, 30, also was arrested but he was not sought in Laporte's abduction. The arrests of the Rose brothers and Simard appeared to account for the-last of the chief suspects in the kidnapings of Laporte and British diplomat James R. Cross, who was released unharmed earlier this month. In Ottawa, federal officials said the government had no immediate intention of lifting the emergency antiterrorist legislation, at least until investigation of the latest arrests is complete. The legislation outlawed the FLQ and permitted arrests without warrants, detention for up to seven days without laying specific charges and detention without bail for up to 90 days before setting a trial date. Quebec Justice Minister Jerome Choquette said Monday he was looking forward to a "return to the normal course of justice." Alton Evening Telegraph Published Dally by Alton Telegraph Printing Company * « President editor & ^sslslar, 1 to the Publisher. ' RICHARD A. COUSLEY Vice President and Classified Mgr. _ HENRY H MoADAMS. Secretary and Assistant General Manager. MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PKESS (The Associated Press li exclusively entitled to. the «se of publication of all new* dispatches credited in this paper en.ofo the local newt pub_ . . Itined herein.) SSSK rtw tePJ? rlM! B , y wrtw. 60c .weekly, B.M per calendar month; mall $J9.lKf a, vear, J8.8Q Si &>« in Ullnol* and Mluouri. « v»r, W8.00 si* month! In i»wr Males. «upscrlptlon» act accepted to ) carrier delivery if ' available. "Tfifliuasw*- 1 BONUS EAGLE STAMPS FOB SAVING MONEY... (NOT SPENDING IT!) BONUS SAVE STAMPS $50.00 500 $100.00 1,000 $1,000 Jo $4,099 3,000 $5,000 or More 4,000 and Loan Association 820 EAST THIRD ST. • ALTON • PHONE 461H483 by MEMB iJT J8UREAU CV QUALITY CONSCIOUS? BUDGET CONSCIOUS? SHOP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD TOM-BOY See Our Budget Stretching* \u INtv\» WedneAdii^! f Highway aid bill stalled in Senate Stormy weather As he secures his boat, a fisherman on the northwest Italian coast looks up at huge waves that crash against the shore here. Meanwhile in Naples, a 25- year-old cargo ship carrying 500 tons of iron sank early Monday in Naples harbor after heavy seas battered a hole in its side. (UPI Telephoto) By trouo THOMPSON telegraph Staff Writer A compromise highway bill providing at least 20 per cent additional financing for many needed projects in the Alton metroplex is presently stalled in the backlog of legislative action in the U.S. Senate. • Giving 70 per cent federal funding to all federal-aid highway projects starting in. 1974, the Federal-Aid Highway Act could ' release much needed mtffley for the long- delayed area highway construction. The compromise version of the bill passed the House two weeks ago, but is still awaiting Seriate action because of the stall created ICC urges expanded f*^ A VA/m.|*r •*.*.•.** vs* Saigon troops rail p lan (_^ > ' W WASHINGTON -(A •i-*^^" T*ttnM«4ri4-n OM*w«*M««4 repulse Reds By RICHARD PYLE SAIGON (AP) - North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops attacked a South Vietnamese infantry unit in Cambodia before dawn today and were repulsed in fighting that raged into midmorning, officials said. Seventy-four enemy soldiers were reported killed, the highest number claimed by South Vietnamese troops in a single action in Cambodia in several months. Artillery and flghter-bohibter attacks were credited 'with most of the -losses. ' The South Vietnamese battalion reported 10 men killed and 36 wounded. The assault took place while the Russia speeds hijack appeals By JAMES R. PEIPERT MOSCOW (AP) — Acting with unusual speed, the Soviet government scheduled a hearing Wednesday on appeals from the 11 defendants in the Jewish hijacking trial. The speedup in the proceedings was seen as an attempt to end the worldwide furor over the severity of the sentences. It appeared that the death sentences given six Basque nationalists in Spain Monday might help the Kremlin achieve this, much as the British-French invasion of the Suez in 1956 blunted Western condemnation of the Soviet repression of the Hungarian revolt. Normally" an appeal ot a conviction takes six to eight weeks in the Soviet Union. But the two Jews sentenced to death and the seven Jews and two Gentiles facing long) terms in labor camps were ordered to appear before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation only six days after their conviction in Leningrad. Some sources suggested that the government was speeding up the process because it wants "this uproar to die down" before the Communist party congress in March. unit was camped for the night six miles southwest of the rubber plantation town of Mimot, near the Cambodia- Vietnam border. South Vietnamese troops sweeping through the U Minn forest in South Vietnam's western Mekong Delta said today they had killed 30 Viet Cong troops in scattered contacts. South Vietnamese losses were five killed and six wounded, "military sources said. Fifteen, enemy troops were reported killed by government forces, 'elsewhere, and U.S. troops reported killing seven in fighting in Binh Tuy Province, -80 miles, east of Saigon. One American was reported killed in fighting between the 101st Airborne Division and North Vietnamese forces southeast of Hud. No enemy .losses were reported. The U.S. Command also said a U.S. Navy A7 Corsair II attack bomber crashed from unknown causes, during a mission over Laos! The pilot was rescued in good condition, the command said. Faith is good. Faith in action is even better, Read how a group of concerned citizens in Alliance, Ohio translated "love your neighbor" into an attack on very real community problems-bigotry, racial injustice, Inadequate housing. , Send for our free booklet. It could help spark your own faith. Into action. ••»••» —* ~r- — — •— —».— m* mm «_•«•. w ffrmf •» >*mmm mmmm*frrmvm N Religion in American Life, 475 Fifth Avenue New York, New York 10017 Please send me your free booklet, "How One Town Put lt« Faith To Work. Name Address- State- I The Adv»rtl«ing CeunJcil,, Btllgion Fa AmTricM UfMod tofln»wnjlifln»)Nt**p»pffAdyirtiiloiE M 7uu^,, WASHINGTON-(AP) - The Interstate Commerce Commission urged Secretary of Transportation John A. Volpe today to make six key changes in his proposed national rail passenger system plan, . in its review" Qf Volpe's Nov. 30 proposal, the ICC said it generally agrees with the basic plan, but called for' —Preserving rail passenger service along the West Coast between Seattle, Wash., and San Diego, Calif., linking some of the \nation's largest metropolitan areas and hopefully helping ease "the notorious highway 'congestion and air pollution problems of this region." —Maintaining thrice-weekly passenger service between New Orleans and Los Angeles. The ICC said "omitting service across the southern tier, the preliminary designation effectively precludes 'transcontinental passenger service for the entire southeast as well as for millions living in or near the numerous large cities of the southwest." — Running Chicago-San Francisco trains over the Western Pacific's Feather River Canyon route between Salt Lake City and San Francisco and the Denver & Rio Grande Western's Rocky Mountain route between Denver and Salt Lake. City. SPEG^L LING Known for 91111 lily nt sensible price*/ by a filibuster on the SupetsoUlc transport. The new financing project would exclude the interstate system, tor which funding should be complete. Present federal financing for non-interstate highway projects is 50 per cent, but through a complicated for- ntala. the state often ends Up paying more than its 50 pef cent share. Highway officials are cautiously 'optimistic about the hew Ml, but members of the highway safety committee of the Greater Alton Association of Commerce are showing open enthusiasm. "The way it looks to us, this bill will pave the way for renewed construction in the Metro-East area," Robert Schrimpf, chairman of the, GAAC committee, told , the Telegraph Monday. "This bill looks like the answer to many of our problems. If things are worked right, we could really get the ball rolling," he added. Schrimpf said his committee is setting up meetings with the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council, Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan Planning Commission arid the highway department to see if a uniform highway 1 plan for the area can be established. Also, Schrimpf said, GAAC is seeking to work with the Wood River Township Chamber of Commerce on the plan. "A coordinated area plan will carry more weight than a lot of small projects,*' tie said. Extra 'money from tfie federal government fn iffl'4 Is based on the allocation funds for th6 interstate.' highway system by then, freeing a .large section of mtfftey. for other projects^ '' , If \ the monty is 1 not available by then; District 8 ch i e f highway engineer Robert Kronst told; the Telegraph today, the stale will actually get less money. • ' "Last year "we got $33.7 miiilon from ,the,. federal government under the 50 per cent plan. But first we had to put up $ 33.7 million in pure state funds," he said today. If the 70 per cent plan were in effect now, Kronst said, the federal government still would only have $33.7 million available for Illinois highway construction and the state wouldn't have to put up as much money. "Of course, if the interstate funds are available for other use in 1974, then we would have a lot more money," Kronst said. Kronst said the 50 per cent federal funding now is "an illusion" because the money, by the time it gets to the ' district, is f a r below 50 per cent. "If the new 70-30 plan gives more money, it will be a great improvement over the present system," he added. Important Public Notice RESIDENTS OF ALTON 65 YEARS OF AGE The Homestead Act, which provides for a reduction of $1500 on the assessed.' valuation of real estate, for residents who are 65 years of age or older on or before January 1st of the assessment year, has been challenged .in court and declared unconstitutional. The decision has been appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court. Pending a final ruling from.the Supreme Court to the contrary, the Alton Township Assessor's Office will accept filings on Homestead Exemptions beginning: January 4, 1971, through February 1, 1971. The final date for filing will be February 1 unless extended by the Board of Review of .Madison County. Stated below are eligibility requirements and recommended procedures for filing: Eligibility Requirements: / (1) You must be 65 years of age on or before January 1, 1971. V (2) You must be liable for the taxes, and be owner of record of the property, or -have legal or equitable interest therein as evidenced by a written instrument. (3) You must occupy the property for which you seek the exemption. Procedures For Filing: Forms are available at the Township Assessor's Office located in Boom 106, City Hall 1 , 101 E. 3rd St. We are prepared to assist you in filing. IF YOU APPLIED FOR HOMESTEAD » EXEMPTION DURING 1970 you are required to file a "Certificate of Status of Exempt Property" in order to maintain the exemption. The "Certificate of Status of Exempt Property" must • be signed in the presence of the assessor, deputy assessor, or a notary. You ^re not. required to furnish a copy of your deed or any other instrument; however, you may, if you choose,' bring your copy of the application filed last year to assist us in completing the "Certificate of Status of Exemption." . . The "Certificate of Status of Exemption" must be filed with the Alton Township Assessor each year during the month of January. If you fail to file this certificate you will lose the $1500 reduction on the assessed value of your property, which amounts to approximately $70.00 in tax dollars each year. If you have sold the property for which you obtained exemption for 1970, you must make "Application for •Homestead Exemption" foir the property which you presently own'and occupy. In this instance a written instrument must be presented.. IF YOU DID NOT APPLY FOR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION DURING 1970 but you are now eligible as set forth above, you may make "Application for Homestead Exemption." Please present a written instrument evidencing that you are owner of record or have legal or equitable Interest in the real property for which the exemption Is sought. Examples of. written Instruments are: Warranty Deed Trustee's Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Contract for Deed, Title Guarantee Policy, Will, Affidavit of Inheritance. Please present a copy of one of the above (or present the original and we will make a copy for you) when making application at the assessor's office. If you have any questions as to your eligibility or If you have problems that may prevent your filing please call the assessor's office, 462-0671 and we will advise you. GEORGE J, CAMPBELL AJtpn Township Assessor important Public Notice TO OWNERS OF REAL PROPERTY PRESENTLY LISTED AS EXEMPT UNDER LAW (Churches, Schools, Munjejpajjties, Non-Profit Organisations, Etc,) Law now requires the pwnws of all real property presently exempt from assessment to file a "Certificate of Status of Exempt Property" January 81 of each year, with the assessor of the township Jn which the prop. A% JSMi Rftfwl* ^ property may be returned to the ta« rolls fully assessed, Forms for reporting such 1& tw , s SP J^ffi? k^ |n , th ? CIt y of'Altew may be obtained from Alton Township Assessor, Boom 106, City Hall BWg. We are prepared to assist you In filing*

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