Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 7
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DECATUR HERALD - TUtSPATf EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930. DtCATUK MtKALU ·extremely low included in more. lator fk-J«wel Gai lmou» Loraine Ite and colored late exception- in (till mces How to»*l«f. Or It Percolator that 1V« nil) ronl-ch ;ES teg. $5.95 Ug. $5.50 teg. $9.75 l«g. $2.75 $7,50 two Ruth Repeats Dry Stand; Challenges Opponents WiH of Voter* on Rei- trendum Will Determine Her Position · 500 HEAR ADDRESS Major Partiu Differ Only On International Questions, She Avers « J«mei Hnmil- nrtd Lottie O'Neill to what they choose about her position on lh« prohibition referendum wan issued Monday nifjht by Ruth Hftitt»« MeCormick. before » crowd of 500 WABASH EMPLOYES ON FIRST GROHO PROGRAM MONDAY MOID than 400 person!, Masons, members of ttiolr families and their frltndK, attendwi the fltst Tall »ea- son ".Toy Nlglit" of -Zohftk Grotto Monday evening in tho auditor!tiro o( tho Masonic temple, C, E, Morrow and J. E. Roby were In charge of the program The nnlcrtalnincnt, cons la tine of imiMlc, stonpa, humor nnl movlea, wua Klvun by talent among enipolyca of tho Wnbauli rallwtty. Mcvlnc pic- turen w o t o shown o( a recent W*- Ixtnh Vctismna 1 rrunlon nnd n shoit talk in this connection woe Riven by Jl In ih« Y M. C A. Annex. "I uni ptibllcly. pilvtiKily. *ocl«ll» pdinMiHlly nnd kKully dry, 1 Uio I K - pttbllcnn nominee tor soruitur u'- elated. "*nil K*m "nil Whftt more tin you nsk?" Mr*, 41efi«i rnlck sitld flonntoi I.iiwls wmita vntcts til hullovc ihnt If he 1* olei'l'il tfM mine Klutzes of 1t«r will iippwr Ihn tmxt tiny, "J jtnv* ·!· H» m '" mtwh youHKtii- ttmn h* to**" »h* ntttlwl, "but lc 1« old MWHRll til ItlWlW "'I' 1 w111 n(l htl l'' P«n J. W, Knowlton Store opt Icon veterans' views ot hlNtovlenl t ullwuy photographs In Mi', Knowlton'y Woiutm'it Union I,nbe1 UVIKUC No, 26-t, IUIM ij id veil tin hoiit fr«m ('iiti)intinlty hull to 1C. ot C. hull. The first, mectlos In the n«w IW'IU] 1(11 111 tel'H will 1«J WuillieSllliy OVP nliijt. The itidiit! meets the uiui fotitth Wednesdays. Her i nl lie;* nl HD nut i) l' l.ewlii unit Mri. O'Neill were tltc «»ifr lively h||j of iin iidetiiitK which *m eniv linfrt lively in 11 ill ic nun Ion of tin 1 I .(Mi cue uf Nntlfti* nnd tht World Court, wliltli ittio denied nrn defktl ((SIKH {[(III! Ill* |W«tt, "Mv ilUilntoitihvtt, K'lllwnt, awl opponent lit\i been tunklnK '* it] In my hume u n i u i y , ' Mn, MiC'iiiinlek Mild, ''mill h« Im* bl'CIl SnvlBK Iht'Kt I. 1 tin ( I t f f l T M H (· Iwtwri'ii |lf|iiililliin» i i n i l D i ' i u i i K i i H t Vim luinw Iti tiiv Imme tnwiL'itilt) I l i f i r iiir ohlv *w» I'emoeinM left I-ml iln'y vuir tin- Iti'tiul'lluin tkkol. Aitutfur f i ( w l ' would luwe you bc- )IFVII t h n l HUM- then 1 In n" d l t C c i - ctii-n tiMwi'i-H tin- p n i l l c f , you should VI,(l Idli IV l!|Kin 111'* IlleJ 1H dt U l C ni i nl I (hi I e- 1 He "itiys he I H ttic bent n, r ,ii M i i i E i t n K foi aciiiilur niul 1 uan't l l l ^ ' l l t e U l . l t '* Differ nti interim I In it n I Ti|ri- M i * McCiiruilrh ili'Cliiiwl Hin J M I - mnouut, illffeitiii' i 1 tlfi h lit t h c l c p lintlnnhl inwllniL. Tim Li'iifiui; "t tvtill'ilix IH »' t n t i l l t u t \»»\\u todliy til* « « l l l , H t It W I I H w l l l ' l l W o W l l U W Wllioil h T ' ^ U K h t I t l u M ^ v e h U h t oC ttu [.HijIiKi fuiek fn'in P'tittr, "MWMtt'W l^wla win ttio u i j i w l l u uf WHsonliin Menu tticii. n i K l t linvu buoit HHltlm; him Mn l l i m - H I""'!' ilnv ilurlni! tills riKitliiilKii wlii'tlici' he I IKS A nnvy lFil«i WIT i1 In 'hill Imw mtmy i r yen n-inrlicr I l i M hli(.( I l i n i ' i nf t»(M "nil 1W"' ''"· dltloriM I h e i i n c i i - n i n t h fi'Mi 1 ( h n n now The (Hi'ii-iil ili-piPi'ldii Is* i* wmId whle r n i u U l l c n nol flic i cii- fltied ti. ttn- ( ' l i l t e d H l r i t e M i i l r t i e " A t t i I c i i l l m e inevHil-i u inuliU'in n lutiMi'ii! nf iitiil)i" lit it dlr"el re-1 null of InflnUcn i h n l i u : tlic win-, mtd the tuodi'tn nmelilne HKC I licdr 1'it| ([tiiii)(in itiihiHl. why don't we d c f (01 net hint,' for I he f tumor'' I tell ycni| thM th« Mniivcr tulmlnlntriitlon h n j doitn exndly whnt wo i)l»»l){el o n i - Mlviw to dn for t h e furnici " | Ml" ifeCdrtntek (Itnn {(liTicd to tnn\K of Tivitdetlt Hoover "I w«" t(t«lHT) In C'hlTM» I'y wli« pollllc- li»n« not In nirnlton frt-Hlilcnt Htinv- *r (Untnit my duwtiitliite lour." *tip mhl. "It enti'f 1m t i n e Unit my ('III- cujttt ndvlti'M coneetly eillnitited itntlincnt dnwnxl-Mi' "t kni* ymi t i n l l » i t l t u t t'ri'ul- dfnt Hi'itvcr IMH luiil x l(l ' lt(11 ' l'ri'*- )(m!i tv f«rn In llii l(int (wo yonm thdn imv nther thriM preotdrntit tomhlnpil In Ihc h W o r y of (ht 1 Waited at«tei He h h M worknt t l t « - Iwily. novi'f liiklnx *H mtieh n« it t»w houc vii-titlofi, nnd I inn SHIP that n vein 1 from imw you nil will Iw iwidy (o eel i««ix on your knees iind thank (!od I hut Hoover wn; preuldftnt ilutln^ tills Mtn)lnl«lr!iUun Mo IB riioliiK the yfcutost icsiKnisit- blllty for uny human t» th« work lodtiy," SbiiulH Fnr JOnforcomcul Al the cluse ot lief adtlre'jd, Mra. McCotrnltk related hcv position on prohibition Us covnpnrcd to tho posl- tionn uf her opponents, "Senatot* Luwlsi |H wet nnd Ullu you he will votr for tho rcponl of tho Elgh- iccnth ti n i end me nt, togatdless of how you I'otc on the refercntlum quostlons of public policy, Lottd; O'Nnlll li d i v nnd tella you she will viitii t l i y even thmitiU the. voteru of tho n t d l c fnior tepciil of the nnlend- ment 01- niodlfkatlon of tho Vol- Mteiid Act, I tell you Unit I believe In niajottlv Mile tmd will vote In ue- o i c t a n i r with the will oC the voters m cxinesM'd In thi l e f e i e n d i t t n "[ itnnit Cor thi a l i l i l e s t enforce- tticitt of tliv Volstcitc! A f l Htid fvny law on (h« booUs We IULVO no riRht lei dlseitnmiiiye belweuu luw^. We place t h e m on Ihc .itnluU book!!, ami Uelween I hi' i u i i - | W t j m e tettponalblc foi Ihclr obser- IIHi-H tipoit I n t e r - , iFiinct 1 d'ltl Hit-it enfoicement IK' fc re n (I urn Vn Inn bin "IJuL tin' ittiitMtc iHovldlnj; [or n ( e f c i e n d n m on questlfinii of public p u l i c l i ^ \* ft \uluuble Inw and ^ on- illlcd to obsci'i'Hnte, Ttie Anil-Saloon k'[i(,'UO. not' HO other £Uup, has 11 t l K ' H to uny I h n t we mus( not vote Ui 11 l u f c i c t n l u u i , We haven't solved out liquor ((ueillon. Wo bcllcvoil It vvheti we adoptee) the nmriiElinctit nnd passed Ihe Volsteml A c t , but we hnvo Icain- ed o i h e r w l a e t nm ilellyhlert to hnvp nn ( t | t t i i t i l l y to voto on the ()tU"f- Udi; In it !t'/t'(cu(]l!(i! and to hiive o|ipin ( u n i t y (u liuve youi hle.m PX- piei4Ld ^' the sunn' runnnci " Un thi* spcaketH 1 p l n t f o r i n wllli Ml i Mr( 1 cii mil k vv*t;i e C'laienee P. Hnck. citidldnte l u i white t i u n s u r e i ; Illelinttl Y (i t c :i eonct'osjinian it I I I I K P ; *'otijt' C'htntei AilklM, (1 (' MJiiiln Wll'inn, ciindldntc fot H b e i l t l ; Mo I 1 ) A. I'nltciMf'H. uoun- ty d e i k , r, !·'. Cofftimn, c-andldnto fot *(iiinty trpniiii'vi; W, C, T'Uyno- w - t h n n d John M i l l k . INemlN'M ')f (lie t f u H t M U u o Mia ficitlia Htiffjud. t ' h n t i t i u i n oC tlip- county r u n m i l t t " v women, nnd J. ti. Deck, who jHesld. cd. Illicit Crlvtm Till It Mi: Duclc nmtlo a n h u r t talk In w h i c h )ie wld his p r l n f l i m l pnit In the ennitiiiiKn H "keeping ii]i with ((nth " l',tn\K\ Minmn Atlklnn fliwho iibiult tlu- ini(;p nj.i])ri(ii[liitlonH foi c n n i t i u c l l o n wiM'h which rangieau to Imrc-att 1 cmployntunt, Yntei tuatti 1 a rhar- nelerlBtle Hperch filled with Htorloi. The Otilety ( i i m i t e t Mqng ^^^ HWCTHI to none, did UK'' »nil i flvr ' t n v week [ot i- n r i i i n i K 'I' 1 ' ItiltiK 1 * M l " k inn "In 1 fitvuri She 'fiy «lout l i M d H n u ' h mid AM' lA1tMKNT, Mi-tCit "r WontMt'H, Clntnnl A Vrwwwl f I, KAN Hits, INC. 1'IIONU K)HI COAL We Garry the Best Grades of Illinois Coal Are Exclusive Dealers for BLUE FLAME A .Superior I4inr» ZE1GLER COAL BRAZIL BLOCK COAL . . PRIMROSE W. VIRGINIA COAL RED PARROTT W. VIRGINIA COAL Sol* Dbtrlbtitom for Oennlnn KOPFKB'S Chtengii Cuke ILLINOIS COAL LUMBER CO. Main Office 000 1'wtrl-- 1I, fi!33 Bunch Yurrtu 701 N, V»n D-ke~Tol, -l\n SSOO N, WaUr-- Tel. MM3 - "WEDNESDAY $95 Victor Wilton Rugs --9 x "t 2 jacquaid ·woven Wiltons, Rich new Fall patterns, Wednesday! Drirect From The Mill 1400 More Pairs of These $1 To $1.95 Rollins Silk Hose 67c -- WEDNESDAY-$9.95 Congl'm 9x12 Rugs -- Genuine Congo- leurn* for all rooms. Many new patterns. --WEDNESDAY-$1,15 Printed Linoleum 69c --Kitchen and bath linoleum, 6-ft, wide, printed on cork, WEDNESDAY Kriss-Kross Curtains $1.00 X 555 -- $1.25 values. t ored with cornice VcOnnce. ^ Kms Kros* --WEDNESDAY $1 Shadow Lace Panels 89c --2,i yards long, use one to window. Lovely quality. --WEDNESDAY-- '2,-*2iSI Rooms Wallpaper $1.39 A rss -- Enough sidcwall, ceiling ftnd border fot room 12x14. WEDNESDAY Prn'cs Peggy PAJAMAS -- New tuck - ins I Cay, fast colors. Contrasting trim, --JHott of the iery in this tale is perfect. --Rol)in# $1.95 full. fashioned sub - standard fancy heel hone, Fall colors. Small sizes. 67c --Rollim $1.00 ptrfcct quality »emi * fathioned hott with French h*e)i. Silk to top and Mtvice. --ArcW $1 perfect quality chiffon hose with French heels. Of fmeat Japan silk. $1,50-$1.95 Fine Rollins Hose $1.29 fim fun-fashioned ehiffon. 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SPECIAL! Regular $2.35 Dyer Kiss Sets $1.00 -- GOc box powdrr, Jl. SPECIAL! 17x17 Well Filled Rayon Pillows .00 $1 Fashion's Head U Turned .By These Beautiful Fdll Hats New! Intriguing! $1.85 --There'll be no need to urge you to buy, once you've seen thesis hnti, Obviously so faahionnjble. and whnt values 1 Felt*! V*lrr*»! Muck! Wirw! Green! Urownl Captivating New Hats at $2,98-$3.98-$5.00 WEDNESDAY-SECOND FLOOR Distinctive Arch Shoes Kid One-Strap* -Mn« bluk lirflii. --C B in li law- Iliin )B«lf|M, lity Shoe --Knllrelrrtlftrr- fitt Anrfr vlMtr* --Sirup* null I In tit fcinwnt nnd Arch M»k*r* -Hrrh tiro fi» flue lihirlt ktrt. --An t l . » * -- Rich brocadef In Fall color*. Filled -with cotton, Hou»ekcer'$ SALE --42x36 hand torn, hemmed cate», 15e. --MxM all-linen lunch elotht, 11.00 --SflxM aU4lned net*, 4 napit, TBc --3*-tn. unhle»chrd muslin, y*ri, IDc --M-in. wtft Weil, oiuilln, yard, Iflc --9-4 bleached sheetlldg, yftrd We --Full «Jie mattresn cwerw' for fl.M --RGxM hand torn, bwn, *heeti r Me "4 '«-'«·-- ttiiiowd, p^ir, JI.»5 $2,50 Electric Irons * 'lilt --Heavily nletceled troni complete with cord and plug. A JS.flO value 11.10. WEDNESDAY STAR VALUES Basement Store Special Croup New Silk Dresses m $3.98 -Kv»ry Hlnftta mi* of n tilth Inn wicwitx. I'rltmM nnd NUhN In all UIP new Fall buy any 'III! yn Fine Lisle Hose nrni|4 ttt rh*M*T IfTHil**' 1 vk ^^ Women'* Un. Suit* _tV V n p f\ ·nyiif, it rl|iF Mrli. Kl |/» »)rcn'tc\-, lieIX linw \^^rw Girle* Drecses flrn*r« In fn«1 i tutirlr. nlriw .1 In It Chinchilla CoaU --l.llll* elfin' tint) Mil' 3 to K Merit Broadcloth Dress Shirts 59c brondflolh Nblrl» In ft rttii*i l pr'tty Collar attitfhi'il, H tn )?. Boyt' and Girlt' Fancy Sweaters $1.49 --What tinappp Indt wlMi thVy Ml .VlfH. nil utt tiU|i-ovr Twill Plaid Blankets $1.00 -Hill nil*, (will , b4*nhtti In pretty vlildtt'irf rive (talon. Women's Bloomer* *-- UniiHiiiV *frl|iHt m- ^ ^^ «N irnry liliwmrn in ( K||« --AlV ^'M!*?! .'..'.'.'.".'.', V V C $1 Costume Slips --IJclit tlHIriF* lii nr- / t/C iMt Itam. M t* 4t ... ' " ** Boys' Overalls Mr tMhrit (H*«ll *f En. fl In l« , , , , . . . . 79c Men's Sport Coats --Mm'* tMrt nan! 1ml- lon npMt nwl* In *f* MHl mvira. ^MKM M i* 4V .. + . H * $1 7 Children's Oxfords !· ·ml ll. «*K| ll'i lo'i EWSPAPE

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