Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1949 · Page 26
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1949
Page 26
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*•••• CHy OUW-OaMtU. MM.nCity. U. Russia to Return American Cruiser Washington, (ff>) — Russia has promised to return the American cruiser Milwaukee to the United States before March 1, diplomatic officials said Tuesday. A Russian crew will sail the 26- year-old warship to Lewes, Del., when Italy hands over to Russia the cruiser Duca D'Aosta as part of Italian war reparations. Under a wartime agreement Russia must return the Milwaukee and 12 warships borrowed from Britain as soon as it gets 35 Italian war vessels awarded to the •oviets under the Italian peace treaty. HOLD STOCK Washington, D. C., (U.R)—A total of 10,878 lowans hold stock in 362 of the nation's top corporations, a survey showed Tuesday. Lists were compiled by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. PATTERSON'S AMBULANCE JAMES Phone 1140 GOP Rolls Up Deficit of $228,938 Washington, (£>)—The republican national committee rolled up a deficit of $228,938 during 1948. Its year-end financial report, on file Tuesday with congress, showed a total income of $2,507,396 with expenses totaling $2,736,334. The report did not say how much the republicans had on hand at the beginning of the year, or how much—if any—was left in the bank when the year ended. The report from the democratic national committee last week did. It showed $315,367 in the bank when the year started, and $180,914 left December 31. Lakota Woman Dies at Daughter's Home Lakota — Funeral services for Mrs. Charles A. Winter, 81, an early resident of this community, will be held Wednesday at 1:30 p. m. at the Presbyterian church in Lakota following a short service at the Jerry Heetland home. Mrs. Winters died Saturday at 7:10 p. m. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jerry Heetland, with whom she had made her home the past 2 years. Apply for Vets' Bonus Application Blanks to Be Sent Overseas DCS Moines, (U.R)—Several hundred lowans still overseas have made preliminary application for World war II veterans bonus payments, Bonus Board Chairman Chet Akers said Wednesday. Application blanks will be sent overseas as soon as their form has been decided, and as soon as the legislature decides how the $85,000,000 bonus is to be financed. In Iowa, the forms probably will be distributed through veterans organizations. Akers also announced that Martha McCord, Albia, secretary to Gov. Robert D. Blue, will be employed starting Friday as secretary to Ed J. K a 11 e m y n, executive secretary of the board. Akers said the board will try to set up the processing of applications so that only one copy will be necessary. That may not be possible, but Akers said "We'll try to cut out all the red tape we can." The application probably will have incorporated within it a certified copy of the veteran's discharge. Kallemyn and Office Manager Kelly Greenwalt will visit Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan next week to study bonus setups in those states. Make Request for Rutledge Extradition Des Moines, (U.P>—Gov. Robert D. Blue Wednesday asked Gov. Phil Donnelly of Missouri to extradite Dr. Robert C. Rutledge of St. Louis to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to be tried for the murder of his wife's lover. Blue signed extradition papers Tuesday for the 29-year-old physician. Rutledge was indicated in the hotel-room stabbing of Byron C. Hattman here last month. Donnelly refused to sign extradition papers last week. However, he indicated that extradition would be granted if a grand jury indictment was obtained. Lovetf Soys Soviet W;///'ng to Wage War If Necessary Condition of Rockwell Girl Reported Improved The condition of Miss Helen Hobbiebrunken, 21, was reported improved at Mercy hospital Wednesday. She had been in critical condition since an early morning auto accident Monday southwest of Rockwell near the home of her parents. She suffered a fractured thigh, frozen feet and exhaustion before being discovered nearly 5 hours after the mishap. The first school for children of pre-school age was founded by Jean Frederic Oberlin in 1774 in Waldbach. POWER TOOL Also Savings on Other Hobby Shop Needs Just Look at the Big Saving on This Fine RBFTSMflM 7-INCH ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HB^^^M^^^H^^HIMMM^MMi BENCH SAW Here it is—our finest 7" tilting table bench Saw. Rugged heavy duty type, built for the man who likes a rugged tool. Table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees. All hand controls are conveniently located for ease of operation. The massive cast iron base completely encloses the mechanism. Table locks in angle position and is grooved on both sides of the blade for mitering. Has removable insert for dadoing. Self aligning rip fence may be used on either side of the blade. 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IS • *^ 95 16-Ptece Socket Set Sears Famous Craftsman Reg. 1 8.95 Super-Tuff, precision broached steel sockets for sure, non-slip gr'ipl Set includes 10 sockets, 5 and 10-fa. extensions, ratchet and 18-m. speed wrench, flex-T-handle, flat tool box. f^ff --•-•, / v ,_: f f •• Fine Hand Saw Reg. 4.29 3.98 Crotscut or rip saw* o* poli*h«jd Wgh carbon »t«^, »ap«r ground two way*. !•«* «xp«rtfy J*t, carv«d hardwood handles. 26-in. long; Carpenter Tool Box Craftsman 7.50 , 30x8'/2x9-m. Holds complete i«t of tools, including hand taw. Heavy 22-gavg« steel. In crackled machinery gray fVviih. 48-Piece Socket Set Craftsman Quality 38 95 Anode of Super-Tuff steel, heat-treated for greater strength and wear. Contains complete assortment of 14, % and '/7-inch drive sockets and parts. With hip-roof steel box. HARDWARE DEPARTMENT 1st Floor, 23 E. State Ph. 380 By MORGAN REYNOLDS Washington, (/P) — Undersecretary of State Robert A. Lovett was quoted as saying Tuesday that soviet leaders would go to war whenever they deemed it necessary to attain their communistic ends—and whenever they felt they could win. Lovett, who has resigned effective Jan. 20, reported on the general world situation to the senate foreign relations committee. Members quoted him as stressing that Premier Stalin dominates the 14-man politiburp which determines Russian actions at home and abroad. Would Do Anything Further, they said Lovett expressed the belief that the politburo will take any course necessary to retain power and perpetuate communism, including war. Ho said that this contrasts with this country's policy of doing all possible to avoid a resort to arms as a means of settling international difficulties. The committee had called in Lovett for an up-to-date estimate of world conditions on which to base legislative plans looking toward settlement of problems barring the way to universal peace. Lovett i:> to be succeeded as undersecretary by James E. W»bb in the state department shift which will bring Dean Acheson in as replacement for ailing Secretary Marshall. Any Witness Chairman Connally (D.-Tex.), said the committee is willing to hear any reputable witness who asks to testify on the Acheson- Webb appointments. While there appears little opposition to Webb's shift from his present budget bureau post, some republicans have been critical of the Acheson appointment. Senator Vandenberg (R.-Mich.), the chief GOP foreign policy spokesman, however, is reported to have cautioned his colleagues against stirring up a fight which might lessen Acheson's usefulness in future international negotiations. Acquitted of Murder of Negro Lyons, Ga., (/P) —A jury .Tuesday acquitted William L. "Spud" Howell, 32-year-old white farmer of the murder of Negro Robert Mallard, who was slain from ambush on the night of Nov. 20. The all-white male jury deliber- erated only 25 minutes. Immediately after the verdict, the prosecution asked that a murder charge against Roderick Clifton, 32-year-old white farmer, be dropped. Judge Robert H. Humphrey granted the motion to dismiss the charge against Clifton. Defense Attorney T. Ross Sharp objected to dismissing the' charge against Clifton, for reasons he did not wish to reveal. He said he wanted an acquittal verdict in Clifton's case. Judge Humphrey said however that it was the privilege of the solicitor general (prosecutor) to ask that the charge be dismissed and that therefore he would grant the solicitor's request. Says Dutch Acts Violate UN Charter Lake Success, N. Y., CU.R)— United States Delegate Philip Jessup accused Holland in the United Nations Security Council Tuesday of "open defiance" of the UN and outright violation of the UN charter in an effort to wipe out the Indonesian republic. Jessup angrily castigated the Dutch for their refusal to heed UN Security Council orders for a cessation of fighting and the immediate release of captured Indonesian leaders. "No excuses can conceal the fact that the- Netherlands authorities failed to comply with Security Council demands, both in refusing to cease fire immediately and in refusing to release the prisoners," Jessup said. "T h e representative of the Netherlands in this council has failed to relieve his government from the charge that it has violated the charter of the United Nations." HADIATOK EXPLODES New York, (U.R>—Truck Drive* Michael Walsh, 33, was throw» from the cab of his truck and received minor injuries Tuesday when the radiator exploded. Police said the truck kept going on without Walsh until it stalled oa a hill. The cornerstone was recer.tly laid for the new University, of Caen in France which was founded in 1432. Would Reduce Voting Age Des M o i 11 e s. (/P) —A constitutional amendment to lower the voting age in Iowa from 21 to 18 was introduced in the state senate Tuesday. Sponsored by Senator George Faul (R.-Des Moines), it was the same proposal Faul had offered without success at previous legislative sessions. .. "The senate also received a constitutional amendment in the form of a joint resolution by Senators Faul and John P. Berg (R.-Cedar Falls), to provide for filling the office of governor in case an elected governor dies. Under the proposal the lieutenant governor would succeed to the office and in the event of his death succession would go to the president pro tem of the senate, then to the speaker of the house, and finally to the general assembly itself if any of the foregoing offi-r cers were unable to serve. The last legislature voted to submit the governorship amendment to the electors but through an error it was not published and the proposal did not get on this year's ballot. May Ease Soviet Shipping Policy Russian Manganese Is Wanted in U.S. Washington, (U.R)—The United States may ease restrictions on shipment of non-war goods to Russia in an effort to keep Soviet Manganese flowing to American Steel Mills, it was learned Wednesday. Informed sources said representatives of several government agencies have been conferring about reports that Russia is trimming her exports of vital manganese and chrome in a "cold war" move. Manganese, a hardening agent, is used in most steel products. In these conferences, it was said, government officials have discussed the possibility of letting more goods go to Russia. Many of the conferees are said to favor such a policy, they they shy away from specifying just what goods they would release. There were indications that this government might alter its interpretation of "war potential" goods. Under congressional pressure last year, the commerce department listed numerous items which would not be approved for shipment, to Russia for fear they might build up the soviet wi>, 1 .machine. As result of the restrictions, U. S. shipments to the soviet union dropped off considerably. REPORT QUAKES Rome, (fP) —An earth shock, the 2nd in 15 hours, shook the area of Viterbo, 50 miles north of Rome, at 9:01 a. m. (2:01 a. m., CST) Wednesday, dispatches from the city said. Many spent the night in the open after the first shock. No damage was reported. * Mr. Chameleon ... (7 p.m.) Even the cleverest criminals find they're no match for that crack detective, "Mr. Chameleon," when he uses a daring disguise in "The Case of the Dance of Death." * Dr. Christian . . . (7:30 p.m.) Dr. Christian and Scrapper Molloy, his newsboy pal, hook the "big fish," a myth among River's End anglers, but it slips off to freedom in "The Big One That Got Away." if County Fair On the Radio Beam WEDNESDAY NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC—fi:30 Lone Ranger; 1:00 Original Amateur Hour; 8:00 Texaco Star Theater; 8:30 C.roucho Marx Show; 9:00 I'hllco Radio Time; 6:30 Meredith Willson. CBS—fliSO Bob Crosby's Club 15; fl:J5 Edward R. Murrow With the News; 7:00 Mr. Chameleon; 1:SO Dr. Christian; 8:00 County Fair; 8:30 Harvest of Stars; 0:011 Times a Wastin;' 9:30 Capitol Cloak Room. MBS—7:30 Can You Top Thla? 7:30 Hifh Adventure; 8:00 Gabriel Heatter; 8:80 Family Theater; 9:00 Manhattan Playhouse. NBC—7:00 Blondle; 7:30 The Great Gll- dersleeve; 8:00 Dufly's Tavern; 8:SO District Attorney; 9:00 The Bit Story; 9:00 Curtain Time. Good Listening On KSMN tftnn W»tts Wai 1010 End Official Canvass of November Vote Des Moines, (U.R)—The official legislative canvass showed Wednesday that Republican William S. Beardsley defeated Democrat Switzer for governor votes in the Nov. 2 Carroll O. by 119,46B election. A joint senate-house committee also checked the returns in the race for lieutenant govsrnor, won by Republican Kenneth A. Evans. The results: Governor — Beardsley, (R.), 553,900; Switzer, (D.), -134,432; Marvin Galbreath, (Proh.), 2,458; W. F. Leonard, (Soc.), 471; C. E. Biederman, (Prog.) 3,570. Lieutenant Governor — Evans, (R.), 490,746; Tver Christofferson, (D.), 441,355; Lloyd Keller. (Proh.), 3,548; Ernest A. Donelson', (Soc.), 585; Charles W. Hobbie, (Prog.), 3,720. Ancient Romans used much incense, offering it daily in private to family gods and in public sacrifices sprinkled it on the heads of victims. WHAT BECAME OF THE BLACK BAG WITH ONE MILLION DOLLARS? Iowa Registers Newborn Babes for 2nd Year Des Moines, (/P)—While most states are just getting the system under way, Iowa has begun its 2nd year of numbering newborn babies under a universal birth registration system. Effective Jan. 1, 1949 every state in the union began using a system under which every baby born in North America is assigned a permanent number. Under the uniform system the number is in 3 sections and it designates the country of birth, the state in which the child is born, the year, and the sequence. State's are indicated a|cording to their alphabetical placing in the roll call of state. Thus "14" designates Iowa. The first Iowa number to be assigned for 1949, when the state health department' makes up its list for January, will be 114-49000001. The "1" in the first section of the number stands for U. S. A. The "14" shows.the child was born in Iowa. The 2nd section of the number—"49"—designates the year of birth. Woman Loses $6,000 in Movie House Cleveland, (/P)—She dozed in a movie theater, said Mrs. Hazel Albright to police, and when she awakened, more than $6,000 was gone from her purse. She told Detective Arthur Gerding the missing money was what remianed of $9,000 she withdrew last February from a Pittsburgh bank, following the sale of her home there. The 42-year-old widow said she had been carrying between $6,000 and $7,000 in a wallet inside her purse since arriving in Cleveland last July. "It isn't that I distrust banks," she said. "I don't know why I didn't put it in the bank. Time and time again I was going to put it in one." Thursday A. M. 7:45 Music*] TNT, Outlet Sto'ro 8:00 News, "Chuck" Lennan Bakery 8:15 Musical TNT. Iowa Shoe Brokerage 8:?n iVirufo'l i:\T, B. F. Goodrich «:'<5 ivmsicai TNT !(:()(! Musical TNT, Raizes Dept. Store 9:15 Music*! TNT, Clear L»ke B»kery 9:30 Musical TNT 10:00 News, Iowa Soup Co. 10:05 The Alfona Hour 11:00 Kitchen Kwli Klub, PfaCf Bakiaf 11:15 Music for the Mrs. 11:30 Parly Line, Gamble Stores Thursday P. M. 12:00 Noonday Serenade 12:10 U. P. Commentary, Capitol Sales 1S:1K Noonday News, Eggert & Thomas 12:30 Rural Roundup 12:43 Rural Roundup, Harold Motori, Inc. ]:flO Charles City Hour 2:00 Brill Hour M:30 Iowa Falls on the Air :i:(IO News, Iowa Soap Co. 3:05 Iowa Fails on the Ah- (Continued) 3:15 Pipes of Melody 3:30 U. S. Navy Band 3:45 Roquestfully Yours 5:00 Sign Off HEAR . . . Governor William S. Beardsley's inaugural . ceremonies— 2:30 p. m/ THURSDAY, JANUARY 13 Ship to Arrive With War Dead San Francisco, (U,R)—The army transport Sergeant Jack Pendleton was due to arrive at the Oakland army base Wednesday with the largest number of war dead yet to be brought to this port. Army officials said 6,516 Pacific war dead will be aboard the ship bringing to 41,000 the number to come through the San Francisco port since the program began in October, 1947. KICM ON YOUR DIAL 149O Wednesday P. M. 4:00 14!K> Club 4:4.1 The Story Lady 5:00 Adventure Parade 5:15 Superman 5:30 Capt. Midnight 5:45 Tom Mix 6:00 Fulton Lewii, Jr., Newt 6:15 Sports Hi-Lltes 6:30 Robert Hurleigh 6:45 Hospitality Time 7:00 Hillbilly lilt Parade 7:30 High Adventure 7:55 Hy Gardner Says: 8:00 Gabriel Heatter, Newi 8:15 Mutual Newsreel 8:30 Family Theater 8:55 Rill Henry. News !):IIO Comedy Playhouse 9:30 Can You Top This? 10:00 News 10:20 Trio Time 10:30 Henri' Jerome's Orchestra 10:55 News 11:00 .Jack Finn's Orchestra 11:30 The Dell Trio 11:45 Nora Morales' Orchestra 11:55 News 12:00 Sign Off Thursday A. M. 5:00 Farm Frolic Time 6:15 Jerry Smith 6:31) Newi and Marked 6:40 Farm Frolic Time 7:00 Newn 7:15 Reveille Rhythms R:00 Now» 8:15 Tell Your Neighbor 8:30 Poole'a Paradise 8:55 Today in History 0:00 Lndy Next Door B:I5 Moments ol Devotion 9:31) Kitchen Klntler 9:45 Waltz Time 10:00 I'asiinif Parade 10:15 Fashions in Rhythm 10:30 Gabriel Heattcr's Mallb»f 10:45 Lanny ROSJS 11:00 Kate Smith Speak. 11:15 Kate Smith Sings 11:30 Luncheon at Sardis' Thursday P. M. 17:00 New* 12:15 Mid-Day Review 12:Srt Radio Farm Jo«rnal 1:00 Queen. For a Day 1:30 Llnten Ladlei 1:45 The Little Show '2:15 Grain Reporter 2:20 Newi •t:W Governor Beardtler inane Krai .1:15 The Happy O»nr 3:45 Two-Ton Baker ... (8 p.m.) "County Fair" the audience fun-and-frolic series with Win Elliot (above) as emcee, presents its 2nd broadcast of it* new night-time period. •k Portrait of Salmon . . . (8:30 p.m.) .How a wily Dakota farm wife made it possible for her youngest son to become a doctor is told in "Portrait of Salmon," dramatic vignette to be performed by the Harvester Players on ."Harvest of Stars." * Music and News . . . (Weekdays - 7:30 - 9:30 a. m.) If you like music in the morning, along with news and time and temperature reports, you get it starting at 7:30 on "Keep TimeWith Damon's," followed by Holsum Headlines at 8:15, Piano Reflections at 8:45, Bing Crosby at 9:00 and Coffee Time Varieties at 9:15. -k Home Town News . . . (11:30 a.m. - Mpn. - Fri.) Sponsors of this neighborhood news roundup, Nash's Coffee, are offering coffee urns, silverware and china to organizations which are in need of such table service. Listen to Julian Hoshal's Home Town News for complete details. Doily Schadul« F«r KGLO + KGLO-FM Wednesday P. M. S:C"> Clear Lake on the Air, Clear Lake Merchants 5:15 Spotlight on a Star 5:20 Lefi Dance at the Surf, Surf Ballroom G:30 Herb 'irlner Show, Miles Laboratories, CBS 6:15 Sports Gamer*, Haion City Olakt' Gazette (Suter) 6:00 News. P. G, tt E. (Kew) 6:15 Postmark Ma<on City, M»fOn City Chamber of Commerce 6:30 Club 15, Campbell Soupi, CBS 6:15 News, Edward R. Marrow, Camp* bell Soups, CBS 7:00 Mr. Chameleon, Bayer Atplrln, CBi 7:80 Dr. Christian, Cbeiebronjh Co., CBS 8:00 County Fair, Borden Co., CBS K:30 Harveit of Stari, International Harvester Co., CBS 9:00 Beat the Clock, CBS 9:30 Modern Concert Hall 10:00 News, Fir«t National Bank (Kew) 10:15 Friendly Time. Grain Belt Beer 10:30 Great Moments in Music 11:00 News, CBS 11:05 Elliott Lawrence's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Tex Beneke's Orchestra, CBS 12:00 News, CBS Thursday A. M. A:00 Newi 6:05 Morning Router 6:30 Farm Reporter, Stile Bran* Creamer!»., Inc. (Hilton) 0:4.1 News, Mid-Continent r«l»l»HB Corp. {Harrer) 7:00 Rhythm Roundup 7:15 On the Farm, Allld-Chalmers C«, 7:110 Keep Time with Damoni 8:lfl Ilolanm Headline!, Holsnm Bread (lioshal) 8:30 Yesterday's Muilc, Cool Sprint C»a- ninjr Co. 8:45 Piano Reflections 9:00 Bln£ Sings 9:15 Coffee Time 1>:»0 Bible Broadcast, Radio Chapel 9:4.1 Kitchen Clnb, Ferfez 10:00 News Digest, Jacob E. Decker and Son« (Harrer) 10:15 f'Taler" Quiz, Hiland Potato Chips 10:30 Grand Slam, Wonder Bread, CBS 10:45 Mid-Morning Varieties 11:00 Wendy Warren, General Food*, CBK 11:1 A Betsy Ross Serenade, Pfaff Baklnr Company 11:30 Home Town Newt, Nash Coffee C*. (Hothal) 11:45 Harvest H • « k-Up Time, International Harvester C«. Thursday P. M. 12:00 Today's Market 13:05 The Man on the Street, Prltchard Motor Co. 12:15 The Old Timers, Osc* Druf 12:30 News, Wcrmhoudt Home Insulation Co. (Hilton) 12:45 Farm and Home Toplo Tim*, St. Paul Livestock Market 1:00 The Secsnd Mrs. B«rU», Central Feeds, CBS 1:15 The Friendly Philosopher 1:30 This Is Nora Drake, The TosU Ce.. CBS 1:4.1 Mystery Meledjr Game 2:00 Arthur Godfrey Tim';, Chesterfield Clfarets, CBS J:M Annt Jenny, Lever Bres., CBS 2:45 Today In Osaf*, Os*f« Merchant* 3:00 Hint Hint, Armour and Ce., CBS S:55 News, Holsam Bread 3:30 Your Lucky Strike, Lucky Strike Clrarets, CBS 4:30 Arthur Godfrey Time, OlMe Wax, CBS 4:1& Arthur Godfr.y Time, Nahlsce, CM 4:30 Hilltop HOBM, Miles Laberaterle*. CBS 4:45 Kent Review

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