The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 1, 1971 · Page 8
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 8

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 8
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8A Ogden Standard-Examiner, Friday, October 1, 1971 QUEEN1E By Phil Interlandi "Well, thank you, but I lave all tie relatives I need —I don't need any 'Mssing cousins'..." NOT YET COMPLETED Gates Are Opened At 'Disney World' ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) - DiS- ney World opens today although only three-fourths completed. It would have taken magic to get Kingdom in full the Magic and .Tomorrow Land on-t be ready until tomorrow. Nonetheless, crews worked around the clock the last few days and met the Oct. 1 corn- Sent for unveilingDiaiey World, a $400 million tribute to a 40-year-old mouse named Mickey. The project was six years in the making. Although the formal opening won't be for three weeks, the Florida Highway Patrol canceled all leaves and added extra troopers to the duty rosters in anticipation of 28,000 visitors today. will travel a distance," said Tatum. "and that will be the criterion for us." A family of four can easily spend $25 a day. for admissions, rides and attractions. Lodgings at either the Contemporary or Polynesian Hotel will go for ?20-$42 a- night. 'Tbie first three weeks will be like a shakedown cruise," sad Rogers Opens Visit To U.N.; 2-China Prospects Im UNITED - NATIONS,. '. N.Y. ton want the West -and East ^j.*Aju.u.fc^ *• »*•» *••«.«* '•»» j. • -----(AP) — Secretary."of State William P. Rogers,plunged into a series of meetings with -foreign leaders amid official U.S. opr timism about 'seating both Chinas in the United -Nations and other major issues... . . As Rogers today launched a week's visit to the U.N. General Assembly opening during which he expects separate talks with some'70 foreign ministers, U.S. officials told newsmen: —Despite some predictions to the contrary, chances for victory of the U.S. move to seat both Communist China and Taiwan in the United Nations are improving. MISSILE CURB —Prospects are good for a U.S.-Soviet missile curb agreement, though it may not come by the end of the year. —The U.S. diplomatic in- Germans to agree as soon as possible on procedures to carry out the new Big Four agreement on Berlin. Rogers has met three, times over the past week with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko, winding up with a two-hour luncheon session at the Soviet Embassy in Washington Thursday. BETTER HOT LINE The two signed: agreements to modernize the Washington-Moscow hot line by linking it through communications satellite systems, and to cut the risk of accidental nuclear, war by prompt notification in case of nuclear accident. The pair of accords stemmed from side discussions at the US.-Soviet strategic arms limitation talks—SALT—and Ro~ WQRD^A-DAY }^ : ' . By-BACH: ,; A THAT'6:A NICE COIFFURE,) | \ SON, BUT-,1T WOULD LOOK BETTER ON A GIRL/ coif f tire ^ , (fewa-fur ufpc/v :A HEADDRESS, ORMA'NNER OF PRESSING THE HAIR To Pass, Backers Claim WASHINGTON ,._, „ sors claimed enough votes to adopt'today a Senate resolution directing; the .Nixon administration to spend up. to $180 million from, a special fund to provide lunches for needy school children. 'The resolution is designed to counteract new school-lunch regulations announced by the administration in August which, critics say, would deprive approximately 2 million disadvantaged children of free or — Spon- reduced-price lunches. ,tliey need 45 cents per meal. "r" ,,_ ____ 5 — ,, ,,„„„„„ T, ot . -.;' Talmn^iro'i: rosnllltinn WO1 "Irreparable damage has already been done because some school districts have been forced to cut back or.-eliminate their free-lunch program," said Sen. Herman E. Talmadge, D- Ga., in a speech prepared to open debate on the proposal. Talmadge, chairman of the Agriculture Committee, is sponsoring the resolution, which his committee approved Wednesday, 8 to 5. Talmadge's resolution would require a 45-cent payment and direct Secretary of Agriculture Clifford M. Hardin to take extra fund A TRAGEDY Attorney, 6 Inmates Indicted for Murder SAN RAFAEL Calif. (AP) — The indictment against Bing- Attorney Stephen M. Bingham.ham and the others were re- . . rt ,r\ j.:_ T>_;ii«.« i« I 4-,-,-^r^AA offar» 9rt "hoiTPC flT r.PSTI- XHC U w uipjviiiajun; •"••» LCH-IWA.L v*»"«j »^.-™-— itiative for Israeli-Egyptian ac- gers and Gromyko acknowledg- cord is very much alive. And if I ed the main SALT aim, to re- an interim Suez agreement is reached, the United States would like U.N. mediator Gunnar V. Jarring to. play .an ac- strain the superpower arms race, is yet to be achieved. The U.S. officials said that in the main SALT negotiations re noT V. UaiAlIig LU- yi<?-J' ail *»v- m<- m-m**. ~ , . ,? ;—fi tive role in seeking an over-aH-cessed at Helsinki last week, Middle East settlement, ..- the U.S. and Soviet envoys fo- —The Soviets are interested I cused on developing an antioal- both in their proposed--European security'conference and in talks about mutual force cuts in Europe, a negotiation preferred.- 'by the Western allies. And both Moscow and Washing- 1 i s t i c missile—ABM—agree- ment. At the SALT round starting in Vienna- in November, they said, the negotiators will be able to deal with offensive missiles, too. . Low Cost Low Polluting Engine Designed by Electrical Engineer ..CHICAGO, HI. (AP) — An electrical engineer says_he has designed a low cost, internal combustion engine with only two moving parts which may be the key to development of a low polluting automobile. my source, . . UV hotel iiVlightweight and could supply] Rjqht TOf Snake hopefully will be completed ana i & I^OQ amount of torque neces-1 *•'•.• . . .,. .„-„ . .. i DENVER (Ap) _ TWO t eie- Disney spokesman Kidgeway. HOTEL COMPLETED ^ During that period an $80| bi million contemporary hotel [j efuUy will be completed and, a j - e ,the rest of the grass will be L in planted around the 2,500-acrej wmiam park- j- t Disney sources predict million visitors the first . but were reluctant to project an| opening day crowd figure. I - t -; "People come at their own ^ convenience," said Donn Ta-, levei turn, president of Walt Disney Productions. "We will have to •wait and see." -• Two main attractions^—the Space Flight and America-The Great Circlerama—aren't ex- The engine, its inventor says, Thursday. by Northwestern University. Powers said he and the university have contacted -the automobile industry, but-have not received a definite response. Powers demonstrated the working model of he engine could -also be applied to aircraft! and marine craft because it al- j lows continuous rotary power to >e developed from any source, His engine will produce less pollutants, Powers claims, because: "This is tragic," he said of ,,/ie new regulations, "it is trag- c because last year Congress jassed a law which required hat every needy school child in he nation receive - a free or re- duce-prico lunch. "It is tragic because when 'resident Nixon signed this bill nto law,'he promised•'to.put an end to hunger among American school children. and six San Quentin Prison inmates were indicted on murder counts early today in the violent outburst at the prison Aug. 21 which left George Jackson and five other men dead. The Marin County grand jury returned the indictments at 1 a.m., naming Bingham, 29, whose father is a prominent lawyer and probate judge in Salem, Conn.; Hugo Pinell, John- Spain, Fleeta Drumgo, Louis Talamantez, David Johnson and Willie Tate. Jackson, a 29-year-old black revolutionary convict and author, two white inmates and three white guards died in the eruption that began, authorities said, after Bingham smuggled & gun to Jackson. They said a guard killed Jackson in an abortive escape attempt. FIVE COUNTS All the men are charged with five counts of murder, eon- iurned after 20 hours of testimony during the past two days. Arraignments for the six inmates- was scheduled Tuesday in Marin County Superior Court. UNLAWFUL FLIGHT Bingham is being sought on a federal ; charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for murder. He is accused ol ;here money from a derived from special import duties on farm products. Money in the fund is pledged for other purposes. Talmadge said the deficit, estimated at $150 million to $180 million would be made up in a later supplemental appropriations bill. Sponsors of the resolution estimate 9 million disadvantaged children will receive free or reduced-price lunches if i'i passes. They say that is about 2 million more than would be covered under the administration's 'regulations. __ small wonder that a credibility gap in Phone Coin Box : Yv^iiicmx T. Powers, an elec- 1fi I tries! engineer at Northwestern 'University, says he designed as "part of a mental and claims it "is ^ij- to produce a lower of- pollutants than the Great pected Circlerama—aren'. _ to be completed until UCU1.5AA >.v *~ W-.-—X" .mid-November. That's when ihe big influx of visitors is expected. . "That's when' lots of people standard Powers said it would take at least five years for his model to be developed into a working en —It is a rotary engine, which runs smoother with richer mixtures than any present day automobile reciprocating engine and results in a significant re- 'duction of nitrogen oxide emissions. The remaining emissions, he says, are easier to control. —Combustion can proceed further prior to emission because the burning gases spend a longer time inside the engine spiracy to commit escape by force of. violence, conspiracy to possess a firearm in a prison, and conspiracy to kidnap correction officers. In addition, the six inmates are charged with conspiracy to join Bingham, who disappeared after the incident, and .Jackson in those felonies. smuggling a gun to Jackson The charges are based on i, state law which makes an accomplice as guilty as a person who actually pulls the trigger, year. Prison officials said Jackson pulled a 9mm pistol out of a wig minutes after Bingham left. They theorized that Bingham got the weapon to Jackson in a tape recorder. They said Jackson forced a guard to unlock 26 other convicts. Within minutes the three white -guards and two white inmates were dead with slashed throats, officials said, and Jackson ran from the building but was shot down by a guard. America when the federal government makes a commitment and passes a law which requires that every needy school child be fed and then refuses to make the money available to carry out his commitment." The August regulations fixed federal reimbursement to the states at 35 cents per meal. The administration said this was the maximum possible under Golberg Accepts University Post WASHINGTON (UPI) —Former Supreme Court Justice Arthur J. Goldberg will join the American University law faculty here. University officials said •Thursday that Goldberg, who also served as labor secretary and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will teach the $615 million voted by Congress for the present *-'•"'' courses- conduct seminars, and State school-lunch directors school'give university-wide lectures!. He will start teaching Jan. 1 , ., a longer time insiae uie phone repairmen worked for 90 j than present day models. minutes before removing a two- foot water snake from a pay phone. The snake was lodged inside the coin box ,of a phone at St. Andrew High School. —It has a higher theoretical efficiency than present models—60 per' cent compared to 40 per cent—thereby needing less fuel. Powers estimated that a Drumgo is one of the so- called "Soledad Brothers." He, Jackson and another inmate were at San Quentin awaiting trial in the slaying of a Soledad State Prison guard. Pinell, Tate, Spain and Johnson also are charged with, assault on prison officers DJ's SPECIAL "DJ'S SELF SERVICE YOUR NEW . . TEXACO DEALER! Use Your Texaco Credit Card at lowest Servo Yourself Prices!" 2204 GRANT Serve yourself and invt DJ's SELF SERVICE with the title of professor of told the Agriculture Committee law and-diplomacy. iiarew XUKII ouiiuui. * un~*w ;. , Its owner, Ray Mondragon, working engine based on his de- .__ * *.,< * • j _: - .jU •nfj-.i.-fVi *»Vk/Mi4* s\i"ia 15, who because "as with any de-Mi, and . "said iTe'was "with a friend'- sign would weigh about one half of a present day automo- to sign experimental work will be needed to find the otpimum chamber dimensions, operating speeds and methods for gener- ating'compressed gas." The engine design is owned snake would stick .its head inside the coin return slot. bile engine and would cost manufacturers "about the same | or even less" once production i adjustments were made. Smallpox Vaccinations Not Needed, U.S. Says 'WASHINGTON (AP) - The j review their Pja <mreeon-seneral has rec- A spokesman surgeon general u«> ommended the states stop requiring routine smallpox vaccinations for children because of significant gains in the fight against the disease. • Dr. Jesse L. Steinfeld announced Thursday he has ac- challge cepted recommendations, of the .^^^ Qn nization 7 Practices, a group of wiping out for Steinfeld in immuniza- OCU^ Wlw *~«—"•&" ^^ --- tion policy was made because there have been no smallpox cases in the United Sates in 22 years and because the WHO campaign against the disease has been "very successful." "The Western Hemisphere is the threshold of academicians and medical and health authorities. 'The committee recommended that—rather than giving the inoculations to all children—the adding that the hemisphere had 7,380 cases in 1969, 1,795 last year and 19 cases in the first six months this year. Worldwide, smallpox cases .to- countries where smallpox has not been eradicated. - Steinfeld made Ms announce- .inent to representatives of 29 •Western Hemisphere nations taking part in a joint meeting of the Pan American Health "Organization and World Health Organization. APPROPRIATE FORUM "I think it is a particularly appropriate forum for -United States to make the • umteu. »JKM.^» w A«™.— change in smallpox-vaccination •wlicy because of the success PAHO and the WHO programs •ic eradicating smallpox," Stein- said. Twenty-seven states require TsmaUpox vaccination prior to a 'child's entry into school, he -said. "The federal government "can change its requirements for ••travelers and Quake Rattles West Turkey ISTANBUL (UPI)—An earthquake of medium intensity rumbled through Western Turkey Thursday causing alarm anc slight damage, government officials said. There were no immediate reports of loss of Me, the officials said. Damage was reported minor. Istanbul's Kandilli Observatory said the quake measured 4.1 to 5.0 on the richter scale anc was centered in Burdur. 236 miles south of Istanbul. Burdur a town of 30,000, was struck bj another earthquake six months toaoa were killed. See our complete line of ... * TYPEWRITERS * ADDING MACHINES 5 CALCULATORS * COMPUTERS reminDer OFFICE SUPPLY INC. YOUR 'OUVETTI AGENT FOR NORTHERN UTAH City, Utah 14302 40 South Main Ogden 421-6925 3937 Washington Ogd.n, Utah S4404 Brigham City 723-3131 FANTASTIC fake for splurge! Such affordable magnificence! Rich Persianne with contrasting thick, polyester pile collar, front facing, cuffs and hemline—all so opulently fur-like. Cinched with a flippy belt 100% acrylic face / 100% polyester back. Rum/Brazilian, Brown/Camel, Black/Beige. 6 ' 16 '- $65 Bettu Rose Styles With . Charm 2342 Wash. Blvd. CHANGE-OF-MOOD JUMPER STYLED BY "CRAIG BYRON" 7.99 Slender smart lines to zip into, and add a turtleneck sweater, a shirt, a fluffy blouse. Whatever the mood of the moment this versatile jumper matches it. Coloray rayon bonded for shape, with 2 fake pockets and a self belt. Blue or purple, sizes 12 to 20 and 14V 2 to 22'/2. BUDGET DRESSES, LOWER LEVEL SERIES $399.95 NOW ONLY BEAUTIFUL ACCUTINT THE GENTRY EQ46SW picture Matching roll a bout stand, optional/ •xtra. REG. $429.95 NOW ONLY ... OGDEN AND SALT LAKE CITY MAIL AND PHONE ORDERS FILLED on items indicated. DIAL 392-7565 in Ogden area, Zenith 986 m Bngham City area. FREE DAILY DELIVERY to surrounding areas. Mail orders to Box 1459, Auerbach's, Ogden Utah-add We postage plus <M% sales tax in Utah. SHOT-MONDAY AND FRIDAY 10 AM TO 9 P.M. — ALL OTHER DAYS.(EXCEPT 'SUNDAYS) TO 6P.M. ./ .: STANDARD ELECTRIC CO. "Full Line of Whirlpool Appliance* To Choose From! 2268 WASHINGTON 393-4344 "Acron from Ion March* and North of Wolf*'*." ',*;

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