Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 11, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1888
Page 4
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THE EYEirmG GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY, 1 1838. Jan. 10.—Mr. II. Sterling has been bnyinr? a good many lust spring calves aiid putting them on his farm. He has already seventy head of them. Dr. Arthur Palmer, who has been upending the holidays) in this town and Rock Fal's, has gone west and if a good location is found he will made arrangements to open a dsntist office and move there. ; Mr. W. H. Murray smiles with but k pitiful smile. Three bolls on the back of hi* neck at one time prevents him from "smollng" otherwise. Owing to the Indisposition of the teacher. Miss Lizzie Widrner, the school in the brick school bouse was dismissed this morning. Mr. Irwin Green lost a thoroughbred poland sow Sunday morning. George Detrick has so much work that he finds one engine inadequate for the business ahead and has engaged another engine, which has been taken to Stone and to be used in that vicinity, while hla own he will soon take to Sterling and run a feed grinder there. The Foreign Missionary Society of the Rock Falls Methodist church, which held their last meeting at Mr. Fred ITeoward's in the country, last Friday, waa a grand success. Much fun was obtained by coming out in sled loads. About thirty-five were present. About 6 o'clock a toothsome supper was prepared and all did ample justice to it Miss Clayton has been very low with lung fever. Bhe was attending school at Dixon College, and being taken tick was obliged to remain at home. "VYe hope for her a speedy (recovery. One swallow does not make summer, neither can a meadow lark make spring, although the Pfulb boys discovered one last week, which looked as if he was disgusted with attempts. A queer tlms of year for those birds surely. • Hollo Woods attempted to break a clothes line with his nose by running into it on a re',ent night. Of course the line ia uninjured, If the nose is ml-- nua a piece of the article. Mr. Chas Sumner, of Sterling, spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mm. Queergrain. Messrs. Elmer Sturtz and Itdl Scott did not return t<> Knox College until yesterday, prolonging their stay here longer than they expected. Dr. J. F. Anthony, of Sterling, has ""'tddecTl60~ acresi of laud to his fan which lies near the Bane school hous purchasing the quarter section of (lawyer Green for 820 per acre. This now makes him a farm of 820 acres, a very nice farm, and he has renovated the old buildings and built many new ones, putting everything in good shape. The weather happened to be very unfavorable for the lyceum at the Bane school house thus far. The roads are in excellent shape. Farmers are putting in odd hours in . repairing farm tools, ready for spring work. The farmers are enjoying a boom just now everything produced on a farm is commanding a good price. What other thing could make us feel more jolly. Mrs.'I. B. Emoaons, of Gardeu Plain, came up to- her daughter, Mrs. John E. Strond, laat week for the purpose of having a tumor removed from her side The operation .being, performed last Friday by Dr. J. P. Anthony and Son, We hear Mrs. Emmons is doing aa wel) as could be expected. The measles have been in Mr. Louis •Song's family In a very serious form. Mr. Charles Sturtz has been doing business In the way of baying hay, pressing same and shipping away during the past month. Buying only tame hay. As we stated two weeks ago religious meetings are to be held this week in the Sturtz school bouse. Rev. C. A. Bunker.of Hock Falls, will preach every, evening; he should be greeted with a full house. We notice Mr. Luman Wakeman ia back from bis trip to New York. Mrs. Ella Sweet, of Garden Plain, waa up last week to be present at the removing of the tumor from her mother, Mrs. Emmong. . Mn. Thomas Robinson, Sr., ia quite tick with some affection of the heart producing fainting spells. ; Alfred Worthlngton only threshed, but his grain Monday, the latest of any farmer this side of the river. There ia • one great; advantage, of threshing ia the winter as the grain la always dry. Miss May Batcbeller is not going to school in Dixon as stated by the Bock Falls News correspondent, as she is still In business In Ohio; but her sister Miss Mary has commenced to go to school in Sterling. •; The young folks are expecting a big time Wednesday night at the party at Mr. Joseph Spear's and no doubt their expectations will be realized. We are glad to report that Mrs. S, A. Murray who has been quite sick for some time, is much better. The Literary has been discontinued and the whole attention will be given .to the .Lyceum at the Golder school house, as It was thought' that two meetings of a literary character in the same neighborhood could not be maintained aa each ought to be) Success to the Lyceum. The first of the series of meetings •wb4cU |re to be held this week at the Sturtz school boose was held last night, and was very well attended, and was in all a very Interesting meeting Jan, 18—We clip from "Louisville .Oottrler-JouroaJ 1 * Geo D. Joha, JPenro»« Woiteaida county jUllnoi* under date of Dee. 22,1837, writes; -Please excuse me from acting M your local agent bore. I am a Republican, and not par- ttouiftr? aaxloo* to circulate Democrat- io iiocauasuw. I take the to keep posted in politics. My family cannot do without it on account of Talmage's sermons and its general excellence as a family newspaper; your tariff teachings are Instructive, and keep me thinking. I wish you well but cannot help to swell the circulation of the Courier-Journal." Superintendent Plummer and lady of ;he 0ixon shoe factory attended Friends Meeting in Jordan last Friday morning. The factory he tells us was moved to Dixon from AUegany city Pa., over which he bus been In charge.stnce 1882. Abel Mills from Putnam Co. haa been lere on a religious visit. He preached in ;he house of Edwin John on New Year,a day, and in our town Hall, on Monday evening. Professors Marwell and Shirley from Rock Falls and R. S. Cowan of Sterling ;ownship, addressed the Jordan prohibition club laat Saturday evening and carried home with them a vote of thanks. Mr. Zlgler offers a five dollar bill to enow who erased a letter from the beautiful motto in wreath, the property of the W. C. T. TLi hanging in our town hall. John Barnhartwas ever to spend the evening at his brother George's, who; is choreman for R. C. Williams, one of .hose dark, evenings, a short time ago, and started home about S o'clock and ook a short cut across the fields to save ime, but be lost his bearings and after climbing fences and stumbling through corn-stalksjand over ploughed fields for a couple of hours he made up his mind ,hat he was lost and so steered for, a ight that he spied away ahead of him, bnt before he got to it the light was deadened and was no more "a light In he window for thee, brother," so be ;urned around and beheld a light away ;o the west of him, and he made for that as fast as his weary feet could carry him, before that light ahoujd grow faint as his weary limbs were fast growing. But he got there—at Edwin John's, in Palmyra, where he got thg points of the,compass correct and sailed back on paths dlredt. John says he crawlod over more hedge and -barb wire fences that night than he ever knew was in Jordan and Palmyra before. '•'.'. • The Temperance Unions that were to meet at Mr. Zigler's last Thursday evening was like the lyceum on trie next, barred by the storm. A social of some kind wjilboigottptrup by-the-ladles soon to take its* place. . "They say," that the Standard correspondent don't live in that little ville at all which accounts for his wide range for gleanings and would then more appropriately, .come under bead Of from "Whiteside, Ogle and Lee." Wilbef Johnson hjs farm trail-from Dakota ate his Thaukagivlng goose at Sykes Wilson's, and Christmas pie in Iowa where he attended the wedding of Win. Myers the son of Joseph, formerly of Jordan. Our, young folks reading ring at B Millers last Saturday evening got on a swell, now numbering fifty souls. They meet weekly at private houses, coining tolyouricorrespondent's next, where they will get reported by— GEO Somewhere in Georgia there is a church, which is called "The Sister's Church;" all the members are women. The chief work of their missionary society is to send Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup to the Indians, who suffer largely with coughs and colds. Keep your coal under lock and key; the weather.isn't so cold', then. Salvation Oil, the greatest pain cure on earth, is guaranteed to effect a cure where it is possible for the seat of the disease to be reached by'a liniment. Price 25 cents a bottle. Chickens protest against this weather. Their^ays, so tuneful .in'warmer weather, now cease altogether. Electric Bitten. This remedy is becoming so well known and. so popular aa to' need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of prais.-A purer medicine does not exist and it la guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Electric Bitters will core all diseases of the Liver and Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and otl er affections caused by impure blood.-Will drive 'Malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all Malarial fevers.-For cure of Headache, Constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bitters-Entire 'satisfaction guaranteed, or-money refunded.-Price CO cts. and 81.00 per bottle at Strickler and Boorse's Drug Store. Lamar didn't bring the Senate to courtesy; I* Consumption Incurable f . , Read the following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newark, Ark,, says r" Was down with Abscess of Lungs, and friends and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's New Discovery for Consump-i tion, am now on my third bottle, and; able to oversee the work on my farm.< It is the finest medicine ever made." Jesse Middle wart, Decatur, Ohio, says:' "Had it not been for Dr. King's NeW Discovery for Consumption 1 would have died of Lung Troubles. Was given up by dcotors. Am now in best of health." ? Try it Sample bottles free at Strickler and Boorse's Drucr Store. ' . Stick to it; the dam. To ALL MEMBERS of society: Kemp'a Balsam will cureyour distressing cough. We guarantee it. Price 50 cents and 91. Trial size free. A. R. Hendricka, druggist. OK Merchants are in good humor; their accounts of stocks snow' balance well on the side of profits. Bneklea'a Arnica Halve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands Chilblains, .Cortis, and-all Skin Eruptions, and poatively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded Price 26 cento per box. For sale byS trickier & Bocrse. The open winter prophets are all dead, we suppose; haven t seen one for a month. FOB DYSPEPSIA and Liver Complaint, you have a primed guarantee on evr-ryi bottle of Shiloh'* Vilalizer. U ueverl falls to cure. O.A. Oliver A Co. a EMfe. like (M 19 Bailroad decapitations continue. To err Is human, but you make no mistake if you use Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic for dyspepsia, costiveness, bad breath, piles, pimples, ague and malaria, poor appetite, low spirits, or diseases ot the kidneys, atom ache and liver. 50 cents. For sale by O. A. -Oliver,. . ..'••' Attend the dam meeting to-night. Terrible are the ilavnire** Upon the system inflicted by diseases of the kidneys and bladder. They •wreck the constitution more speedily in some cases than consumption and other maladies of a fatal pulmonary type. As you value your life, arrest a tendency to debility' and consequent Inactivity of the renal organs, should yon experience any such. lufuae viar- or and activity into the vitally important secretive action of the kidneys with that salutary diuretic, Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters. The proper degree of stimulation is imparted by it to the bladder also, when that organ is sluggish. With this timely check, flriglit's diseas, diabetis, catarrh of the bladder, and other kindred disorders, may be prevented. Liver complaint, con&tipa- tion, nervous ailments and rheumatism, are likewise conquerable with this sovereign household remedy. Agaulst the effects of exposure in damp or otherwise inclement weather, it is a benign safeguard, and revives strength after undue fatigue. mwf The dam meeting to-night. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 ots., 50 cts. and 31. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Continue to repeat the words, Dam it,—the river, of course. A NASAL INJEOTOK tree with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 60 centa. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Subscribe all you can for the dam and then double your subscription. "HAOKMETAOK," a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents. O. A. Oliver &,Co. 2 A pleasant dance last night. , ARB YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dliziness, Loss of Appetite. Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vlt- alizer is a positive cure. O. A. Oliver &Co. 2 '• Cold as an Arctic iceberg, fresh fallen from a glacier, last night. WILL YOU SUFFER with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint ? Shiloh's Vital- Izer is guaranteed to cure you. 2 Congress is getting ready for campaign speeches. SniLon's CATARKH REMEDY—a pos Hive cure for Catarrh, Dlptheria and Canker Mouth. O. A;Oliver & Co. 2 Will Lamar get there? SIIILOH' CUKE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. O.A. Oliver & Co. 2 Darwln'i Boylih Credulity. I most hnvo been a very simple little fellow when I first went to the school. A boy of the nunio of Garnett took me into a cake shop one day and bought some cakes for which he did not pay, as the shopman trusted him. When we came out I asked him why he did not pay for them, and he instantly answered, • "Why, do you not know that my uncle left a great sum of money to the town on condition that.every tradesman shajild give whatever WBB wanted without .payment to any one who wore his old hat and moved [It] in a particular manner?" and he then showed me how It was moved. lie than went Into another shop where he was tnutad and asked for some small article, moving liia hat in the proper manner, and, of course, obtained It without payment. When we came out be said: "Now, if you like to go by yourself Into that cake shop" (how well I remember its exact petition), "I will lend you my hat, and yon can get whatever you want If you move the hat on yonr head property." I gladly accepted the generous offer, and went in and asked for.aome cAken, moved the old hat, and waa walking out of the shop, when the shopman made a rash at me, so I dropped the cakes and ran for dear life, and wa» aatonUhed by being greeted by ahouU of laughter by »ny telue friend OMtwH,—"Boyhood of Psurwln," by hlui- •clf, ia Popola* SetaM Monthly. CONDENSED NEWS. . Two cruln elevators, containing over (50^000 bushch of wheat, were daatroysd by flr» at New Rockford, D. T. Dr. CroM wns fannied at Cork Tnwrtay for poisoning bin wife in order that he might marry a younger woman, A reduction of -t cents per hun'ired-wolght on provisions, and 2 couta on flour to Liverpool from Chlcigo went into effect Wednesday. The British pilgrims wore received by th* pope Tueailay. who expressed gratitude for the Interest trtkon. by Quoen Victoria-In her Catholic sulij^cUi While trying (o break in at the door of a disreputable bouse 'In the suburbs of Providence, R. L, Charles Schneider was shot and killed by one of the fern lie Inmate*. Rev. John la 'vther, an English clergyman who had Ixnm accus 'd of indecent assault upon a Bervnnt girl, committed suicide by shooting. Ha was a cousin of I/ord Lon«- dalo. On Christmas day in Bonora a bund of Apaches, supposed to b» a remnant of Qw- onimo'a parly which escaped at the time of the surrcmdt>r, attacked four prospectors, and killed one of them. Railroad managers and steal rail manufacturers are at a deadlock on prices. The former refuse to pay more than 130 per ton for rails, nnd the latter hold tbs price up to 133 and tS5, and have shut . down all their mills. It 13 alleged that Tilman Justice, a moon* •hlner, who was hangod for murder inTowni county, Gv, a few weeks ago, Is now alive and well. He is believed to bar* been cat down by friendly officers of the law whil» still brenthlng. The Wisconsin snprema court has affirmed the judgment of the Milwaukee municipal conrt convicting and Eentoncing Paul Grottkau, the Aimrcuist who was tried in that city some months ago on the charge of inciting riot Orotckau's fwutenoe I* ona year's imprisonment Sixteen leading member) of the First Baptist church at Jackson, Tenn., and three newspapers in different parts ot the state are defendants In an aotion for (50,1)00 damages brought by Rev. Frederick Howard, pastor of the Central Baptist church in Jackson. They are charged with making statements injurious to his character. J. C. Talmage, son of the la Us A, A, Tal- mago.of Bt, Louls.shot and killod C. J. Tidd, • telegraph operator, at Brunswick. Mo., Monday night The men had quarreled over a night message, and Tidd had TaJmagn on the floor and was beating him when Talmago drew his revolver and shot his antagonist through the heart In lion of death by electricity as a substitute for hanging, a Frenchman has written to Governor Hill at Albany, N. Y., proffer- Ing a chair in which the condemned man sits and has hl.i spinal column Instantly broken. It is claimed that 10(1 persons per day can be executed in this manner, and the Inventor describes the process as "beautiful" • The Wells-MoGtoooh Cue. MADISON, Wis., Jon. 11—The Wisconsin supreme court Tuesday rendered a decision in the cvlebriitoJ case of Daniel Wells, Jr., against Peter -Atc-Gooch ..which grow -out of the failure of the famous lard deal In Chicago In June, 188.1 The decision reverse* the judgment of lha county court of Milwaukee, and instructs the lower court to render judgment against McGeoch for 1181,040 with 7 per__ ceni Interest from July 17, 18^3, to date of judgment. The lower court decided against Wells because McQeoch pleaded that the transactions were gambling. Scott's Miners Vote to Strike, PITTSBUBO, Pa., Jon. 11.—The mass meeting of BcotL's miners at Industry Tuesday voted to strike. There were only three dissenting votes. The Knlghta of Labor and Amalgamated association miners promise to pay each striker $4 a week, and each bead of a family 50 cents a week additional for each child under 15 years. This support will b* given for a year if needed. They Vindicated Baldwin. NEW YonK, Jan. 1L—At the annual meeting of stockholders of thu Fourth National bonk Tuesday O. D. Baldwin, who lately resigned the presidency, was among the directors re-elected. This id accepted aa proof of the confidence of the bank people that Mr. Baldwin's action in reporting aa part of the reserve a memorandum reprosentlng $800,000 secured loans was only a technical violation of law. A Veteran Stenographer Dead* NEW YORK, Jan. 11.—A. F. Warburton, one of the oldest nnd bost known stenograph- en in the country, died Tuesday ot pneumonia at the ago of 00 years. When he began business in Now York there were bnt half a dozen shorthand writers in the city, and he accumulated quite a fortune. He was prominent in Episcopal church matUn and in many charitable institutions. The Pun-Iiiuidle Freight Bobbers. PnrsBuno, Jan. 1).—Next Monday the Fan-Handle railroad freight robbers, against whom the company refused to enter a nolle prosse, will be called upon to make a defense in the criminal court Only seven or eight men, and they the ringleaders, remain tobtt tried. The trlnls will take a week and a hot fight is anticipated. Poat Drivers of South Siberia. The horses on the post roads in southern and western Siberia and Russia tiro a very different species from the Yakoot animals. ,• They are more like the horses of other civilized countries. Their special peculiarity is that the moment they see a hill rising before them they become almost wild with excitement ,and ambition, and dash at It full speed until the summit is reached or their strength Is exhausted. The post drivers are also a wild s«t, and. make farmers and other travelers give them a clear road. They turn out for nobody less than a government courier. Their heavy tarantrassea (coaches) in summer and the still heavier covered sleds in winter give them all the advantage. Nothing seems- to delight them so much as a collision with the sled of a poor, farmer, whose wife is on the way to market with a load of. truck. You hear a yell that would scare an Indian, and a dim vision flashes past the little glass j window in the door of your sled, of straw,! backboards, bonnets, shoestrings and eg?s, a muffled scream from amouthfulj of' snow, a/fow corrugated Russian oaths rumble up from the- driver's beard, as if, it were entirely somebody else's fault, and i all is over. You are safe in the weight j of your sled, which Is furthermore pro-vided with heavy wooden bars on each side, about a foot above the ground, and: sloping outward from the front to the; rear of the sled, which serve as fenders, i and prevent your cumbersome vehicle! from overturning, which otherwise would j be probable ou Its narrow gauged run-, ners.-^William H. Gilder, U. S. N., Ini The Outing. Audiences do not always give actors ', credit for the courage anil endurance ] necessary to the performance of some parts, and are apt to count everything on the stage aa u trick or deception. Actors are not Infrequently lamed by Uli;h leaps, bruised by kicks, blows nnd fulla, bitten by trained ilugs, burned in fire] scenes auci injured by pistols, swords and j knives. There ani Incidents, too, that do \ not expose them to (lunger but are try-; Ing to the nurves, like that in an English i melodrama that rv<|iiiE£s the leading lady I to stand close to tUe. muzzle of a gun when it ia fired. In the "Arabian Nights" I a lively boxing scene Is introduced, ln : which Richard Golden has to allow lilm- •elf to be wverely mauled. After getting • Bound thump In the «ya he walks to the footlights and nova |^r»vely r "Some people think that the*- thing* ou the (tag* ain't but thty ara." Absolutely Pure. This powder novar rarlos, A marvel of pifritj strength ana wholesomeness. Mart- economical than the ordinary kinds. and cannm; bo soU In competition with tlie multitude of low test, shorl weight alumn or phosphite powers. JnPSJj.Vy* 1 "!: £°' r "' BAKINO POWDER ., 108 Wall street, Nnw.York. Jr-n.ild-wiy Ten little Indians standing in a line One went to Mexico—then there were nine. Nine little Indians for General Mile? laid wait, One wu Kill to Florida—then there were eight. Eight little Indians Some farming lands were given, One went for Santa/ Clam Soap—then there were seven Seven little Indians iheir wigwnms tried to fix, One washed clothes with Santa Claus Soap—then there were Six little Indians by industry did thrive, Santa Clans Soap 'made one a dude—then there were five. Five little Indians washed blankets, chairs and floor With Santa Clam Boap till one was tired—then there were four. V Four little Indians used Santa IClaus Soap, you see, Une washed kettles, poll and pins—then there were three Three little Indians found Santja Claua Soap so true Une went out to buy some more<-then there were two. Two little Indians out washing In the «un, Said Sanu Claus Soap will quickly get it done. One little Indian—^you all can plainly see _???t« _9?"S«. Soap has made him « pale CheroIcM. — N. K. FAIRBANK ft CO., CHICAGO. MARK DOWN SALE - ——€>35* NEWMARKETS AND CHWENS' CLOAKS At one-half former prices. A golden opportunity to secure a great Bargain. M All s and Drawers, 50 Just one-half value, would be cheap at $1.00. BLANKETS AT $1.00 PER PAIR. .V- •_•- Ooods ^Lll IVew. 3>To Old Stock. CHEAPEST DrtY GOODS HOUSE IN STERLING N. CARPENTER & CO. licauty or Peasant Women. One sees ininiy very, benutiful women among the. Crontians ami Slavonians. It is quite surprising the number of lovely faces that nro to be seen in a gathering of Croatian pcanunts. The beauty ot these countries inclines X) the passive, .that madonna like style of loveliness in w]iich flgnre dreamy, gazelle Ufee eyes and an expression of languor that tofls of gentleness personified. In Servia and Kcnimella, too, one finds this type of bejiuty prevalent, and in' thestt Balkan stiites, so recently dominated by the Turks, the women still possess a tlmli retiring disposition that causes them to go about wlUi half veiled faces. The legacy Of Osnmnll dominion imparts to the Sert and Konmclian maiden the additional charm of myHtery. One sees two heavy braldH of dark hair descending, perhaps, well nigh to the ground, and a pair of large, languishing black eyes lighting op features that aro half concealed behind •> veil of tulle.—Thomas Stevens in Courier* Journal. "The best on earth" can truly be said of Grigg's Glycerine Salve— a speedjr cure for outs, bruises,' scalds, barns, sores, piles; tetter and all ikiu eruptions. Try this wonder healer. 26 ots. Guaranteed. O. A- Oliver & Co, THE INCURABLE CURED! , r., Feb. M, IS7T. Gentleman— Seven years ago a §or« derel- • *pe<l on my now from a finger n«il«cr*tcfa. I tried ft few simple rernedlea, but the .tore •would not I ffrew won«erei77C«r for »«vtn j «?ar*. Muny thought I bna t% cancer. OvtT ft year u«o I commenced taUaf a a S.. aiid two dozen bottles entirely cured me. vi'hen I began wtta Swift'* Bueclflo £ wua In very poor health, and coulu hardly dm* about. After 1 had flnlalied the count of 8. 8. S. I wan strong and buoyant, and had a good aniwtlte. X mrard It aa a.moct valuable meUlclae for ladles In weak, deli* • cato health. It la ft hoowbgld medlctH* • with me. XOUTB n-spwtf uUj, , MK&. R. W. wtLSOK. BriHTAHBDno, 8. <X April S, 1BHT. Ohmtlfimen— For twenty years I have had ;a tore on my left cheek. It had gradually been grow lug wurme. The many physicians • whom I had consulted were unobl* to do .me any good. Loftt fall * year ago I began using B. a. 6. At tlrst It liUlamed toe sore, • aud It became more virulent than ever ; so much RI>, Indeed, thftt my family Instated that I HhouM )t>iwtti>rr the mtKllclnc. I per- i sis ted In using Ilia 8, 3. S. At the and of two months the sort- watt entirely liealed. Think* ' Ing that the ovil was out of my oonultutlon, I left off the medicine; hut In Kovembtr. (en mouth* after, u very slight breaking out .appeared. I at once began again on B.B. 8., aud now that Is alto dldapvoarlug." I bar* *\ery faith In 8. 8. B, It has done ma mons good than all the doctors and otbur medi- <claca 1 ever took. Youi? truly, X R. Stun*. \nssroir. jr. a. APIH 12, isar. Gentlemen— Two or threo ycura ago a can* •car came ou my face. U eiron grew to b« •quite large. It wore on me, aud my general health \v 04 very poor. *ju*t benttmtwr I began o course of B. 8, B., which I have continued tn I lie pn-cnl time with tho bappleat ) result. The ctmctr liaa entirely disappeared, there being uo evidence or symptom of a> •canceruus character left. My general health la if ood now, aud utjr appctltabeturthan U has been lit year*. I am 82 years old, and to-day I *m working la tb« field planting -corn. Yours truly, JONAS JJMUiAca, Gentlemen— I had a (tor* on my upi>er Up •(or eight jtitra. b^vcn different doctors at- temutvft in vaiu toht-al It. One gave me A small *laj fur UvauoLUrs, which wad a "certain cure.'* H la needles to say that It did jo* no good. About twa yean ago I becaxn* •Quito unawy, as -people thought! bad a can* •eer.aiid I took ftcour**of tlgbtocu boltU* -of B. ft. a. The result has b-*n acomplet* Tfe* ulcer or caucer healed beautiful* Bvlug auaroely a porctiptlble BOOT. Vron day Ihave be«n fn excellent health, tfa* lito havlug purlfl>t my blood thorough* IT, incrvk&xod my appetlia «'td pufected my 4i«B*i.> u. lit a w.»rd. £ fuel Ilka a new vomaa, aad, betl ot *Jt. th* djrbt y*ar ulo-W J* *v«it eaUruly. Yyur» slnce^lj. Tr«atom Todd Co.. Ky^ /cU. IX MIT. Notice to Land Seekers! CA lew choice tract* of land now in the hands of F. B. Hubbard, located In Iowa and BoutUern Minnesota, with TITLES WARRANTED PERFECT. While many of the lands now owned by specu lators are under a cloud ot title. These land.- are sold with PKHFECT ABSTRACTS. BICIOES FROM BIX TO TEN DOLLARS FBU AOKB. I hare also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For pale cheap, on which a good property In Sterling or Hock Falls will be taken m part payment. Now Is the time to get good bargains. MAPI* AHO BJEMCRIPTKONtt Can be had at my office; and cheap tickets to show-western lands. Delay* ar« Dangeron* oa These Bargal**. • F. B. HUBBABD. Land office opposite Mannorchor Hall, Sterling. Illn. WHEN YOU TRAVt, Tik. th* Ln« ctUcttd by th« 'United SUt*t Government to c» th. M>il,-ttii A* H U tn» Un. njnning Through Ttiint to «nd from th. following citi.i ind towni on IU own LJn.i : BHIOAiO, AURORA. onAWA, >TRIATOR,IDHFDBM>BDI«. lAHUSS, IT. PAUL, MINIEAPOLIt, ; MER80TA, PEUIA, flAUSIURB. ST. IOUI8. OUIHBY. KEGKUX, RURLIR8TOR, WASH1R8TOK OHAlttaSA. DEI MD1IIEB, CHABITOHi CREiTOH, ST. JOSEPH, AT8HI88R, EARS** 8ITT, BHBWKA 8ITT, OMAHA, CflUIIClL ILUFF8, lIRGOLHJl DENVER, AAaking Direct Connection ' TO AND FnOII REW YORR, RAITIMORE.WAIHIRBTON. dlNeiHHATI.PHILAOELPHIA.IOSTOR, BEW ORIEAHI, L001SVIUE. 8AR rRAROtlClj IDS ARfiEl El, 8 AIT LAKE CITK , 80LORADO AN i n^ CKA8T lESBRTS, 8ITY OF MEIICOj PORTIAHD, OREI9R, MARITOIA, VIBTORlAAROPQBETSOUIB PO:RH. Oood Equipment, Good Service, Oood For fnfomutlon concerning th. BurlAl^on Rout*, *^jm to lh« Mini! Tlckit Aj.nt Q« DM C, B. It Q. W coci. i>octtng raitfoftd*. >.CNKYII.«TON8, f AUt M ILL. tUNNINO THREE WAGONS! i dt/. Biwcliitr ot L,ine IVo. 1. BWIN McMANIGAL HAS HTABTKD A new dray, and ta prepared to do allklndaot ullf. Moving household goods and ptaaoi aspeolalty. Loave orders at Melvln ft Sen• aiidHenrj Jntmuon's grocery, sapaot' ™ Wonders exist In thousand of forms, but aro surpiusfd by fie marvel» 'Those who are In need of ^.nt.w- 'ose wo are n need of E"" 1 ^ 1 * WS that C8n *« do "e while living at P p °t? 1 £'p'l ou i??. t , 011 ?'» en1t ltneir address to ' flfi. etc & Co., Portland, Maine, and receive free, full Information how eltht-r sex, of all ages, can earn ° a ? d «Pwardswherev"r c »P |tal n °t >^- E. B. FACET & CO. PLUMBERS, STEAM & GAS FITTERS, ln 8to< ods, pumps. as and win mechaule ure too well known SSneKm' SHOP AT THE OL,1> STAMO FAOEY BLOCK. STERLINe. ILL S; M^BEECHER, PLDMBEB, &TMM — AND— GAS FITtEB. Iron, Lead, Culvert and Server l»ipe. A Fall Line or Brass « O «M!», En B U» Pumps and Pump Bepalrs. Gas and OH Flv lures. • HOP OPP081TK P« 8 OM FOVBTU 8TKKET Co., Portland, Malii?. nut QAZiTTf.

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