Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 6
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UtLJMTUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7. 1930, DECATLF SCHOOL HEALTH lllini Association Claim For $1,090 · ROOMS FILLED 1 Finally Settled With Check For $59 I FOURTH NEEDED (Cunllnued frnm pnft 9) "Attendance Limited To 25 r Pupils Because of Re- · quirements V *- " · SUPPORTED BY SEALS oi ii fwvth Henlth mom In stlnmM Itccutnn fipfiiiicnt' 'l'M««1ay whi-n Mchool Nuv**» lo eon- ' "*ultfttlon with li. r, O. N. Llndbisi-B.j ^llrnctoi of tiihci eulo*h work In tin- ton county, round thai with three Mm eh 1(1 Informing us of tlie ti en til ot the above named, 1 find uiion referring to our records Umt ww lH«u«d him jHilloy No. 'MS'^S under date of March W. 1628. Wo, however, regret to inform you tlwt there would be no indemnity duo tinder this con- tenet. 1C you will refer to Section (J under Additional ProvlHlona you will nnd the term begins on tho fifteenth tiny uttor date ot Issue uftalnat nccldent. The policy therefore was not in force March 15." Tlic auction (it tile polity te- teired to lead: "The toun of this policy bcglun at 12 o'oloeK, noon, titnndiiril Tlnu, on this 15th day iiCtci 1 Unto of Issuo ugnlnst ucci- iifnt:i, tmd on tile 31st day dtic oC Issuo uftalnjit disease, iMvrycr i)nflfiiiM Statement l/nwllllnji lo rumaln unpaid, the room* full, lh*ro still enough iti|ilM needlUK the Hoit!th room tidiitmenl If) jnitl/y n fourth room. ,, Children (ire ilftccd hi the Hnalth, \ w \ n i-ettilnud a Decatur lawyer to ·rooinw, rorintily known UK thn "oprn io]»u!)ont theni In further efforts to- »wlndmv" roomc. wlirn they «rt found ( Wlr ,| collecthm, Tho attorney gave It Mo he serloufly undftWdlBW. utidor. | u» hist opinion, judging from the ·nourlBhed. or in M uboreuloiiK. In t h f l ; wordlnu of tho policy, that no claim ·itiuiii tlu'y me v'lven xpceiul milk ' cwh\ b» collectcit. Tho only oppor- l|i!l. wurm r;»r*i fully f)nlniic«tl hnuli- "MI. nfld rcsiilm ritni ierlnd" t l u t l n f j «lh(- ilujt. IJmit Knrollnwnt " Pircdiiif' of ili-i ff'--l that ft-iu'lu'i'ii '·re cw|tilipl !' tMich ti svwitnr vnr- ;|fl of cut-in in I1w*i looiuii, the tunlly, tht lawytir Mdld. lay In the that uertnln provisions ot the ]M)ll;y nr contrary lo pub)ic liullt-y. and offend a chance for cnwl action. THn artmlitbU'ator dlr! not wo Into court. The iolley UUoti out by John A, policy in necldeni HIT lit (ill I" ·re In os or the dnto of iminber ot piirt» nccfptwl tu\ i-fti-n, Rodoltflc differed from R f "ixiom lian l.ofn MmllMl lo 2o. Thow n okl-llnc. In rcgurd to tho data of -rhlMron i i« dmwfl from nil civn 1 the its ttolnit Into offocl. Standard hwdlh »«Uy rmil ntlcml «li"«l In Wnshlng-',wul wcldeni policies »re in force, ton. ' - hi**|nl( HIP r»(:l Mini the Xcni-rtil ·tendency "I w-i|jlit In T J w u l u r -n-houl .childrrn U lift 1ci 1 tlil:i yt-u\ there 'me H ((lyjiii'i mmilicr "f clilliliTu "iirnteiy in writ c' fpi einl "'fitlh ^HKiin in Ivlletii'i limn In (in'vtiur ii-ni i. Ttil-1 l'i n i*:i«U of I h e iiiituriil "sroulli of lln- f l t y nml t h e d r l f t l - i ; ·if poniiliillMi d i n i n g ihi tlielr Iwiie. Agalnat dlaeaso, the standard poHelts uro 111 ottecl IB days itftor date or IsBU*. Tbo accident feature at Mr, Ro- dorlch's policy waa not of tuctlvo until 15 days subsequent to March 9, the date of Issue. The date of going into effect, therefore, was March 24. Consequently, there was no Indemnity duo on nccount ° f Mr , Roderick's death March 1C. Hud ha taken out a standard form of policy, with tho accident feature In effect as of the IB- auu date, his heirs would have received $1.000. " Statement by Mid-Stale The Herald haa been tuiltrd lo print th« following: Tho Mid-State Benefit association (a mutual benefit association) of Nooea. Ill, vrJaheti to submit the following figures taken from the report submitted to the Insurance department AUK. 31. 1630. Momberahl| of 2,31 and a benefit or reserve fund of $6,470.18 on deposit In the Cumberland County National bank of Neogs, Illinois. All claims paid In rutl. No ctnlma pending. THE MID-STATE BENEFIT ASSOCIATION. DAISY M, ROBH3ON, Provident CUFF STOTtM. Secretary. P.y the statement of the Department of Trade and Commerce, half 1 tho mutual benefit associations are in n solvent condition. The Mid- State appears to be one of the «ol- vcnt associations, Town Briefs liiii wl (iy Sctilt * l i M i i i i l n n l l r i n ' of \ - l n y |il.ili',i, In); *rn In Ihe Miicon Count v Tiilieiciili'.-!. I ..'.unitloiSimi In eon Junction w l i h H»' "' " \ \ n l U «r I'lwwi] hi-iillh d c f i n i l i i H - i i i i n ! ' TODAY'S MEETINGS 1 Dtiratur lotlyii No, OS, I, O. O, K. CliPi-nllot Knyurd lodge No 188, K of l. [H-c.itfli ('snindl N«. 21SH, K. A L. I' -now hfliin rumi'Mcd 1iV 1 'i . I'- · " I.lndhciK nnd (lediilir d l n t l ^ l i 11" lo ~(he ( ( tir-'l ut l i c i i l t t j nmrn fc- · i t l l l l p s lit the clly w i l l '.(inn l»- uvull- fihlc, " t-\r ycni'. ( I n - Miicun ' i m t i i y TH- "·tx-iculiwlit end V l d t h M - N m i e : ic'O- clnllon ti'i i (iliinei it'll iln- (··'InblNh- ' tnetlt of hcnllh i(«.uu In I lie -eliciol ·".lysuno Im'f. i«i} Ini: iiitt if i in- i x - ,.1,eiii(, ( r n i n l i U n l n l i i K Ihrin Mir(.tif,-ti the mlc ol I'liihttiiiiii l l i ' i ' M l i ^("il 1 ""l'ri'ininil"iiu lire tm« EI|HI, iiinvsu · _ t » ln e f f o i l Id tnetentie 111' 1 titlinuii cif the «lc IIU.i H'.ii Ln'.l '«· Iho "mil. hnntKltl In a l i n i i - dvei «oim : *; s * Chicago fiunmcn Held By Lts Angeles Police . M i l « . ' . . [ I'M " f'llU'Ai'.O, Oet. T IV.IIu- cl' Clik , *Bd nml llockfiird, were t n f o i i i i e n .. Tuci(lny of the enftui' «f l«*n rlil- I'futii fiiinmcn, Julin \ M e d n i i K h l l i i ' 1 find .loll n V. (Jivj'd-. li.v !.(·» An«i-l(" · polh-c Aecfuilltttr I n nn-iangf! ii-ci-lvi'd "ftitdnR wlietliei' clthci i'f ilii- uien · were Mounted, thi-v wcrf ml'diifd In ,. (i llirRe nutomiilille bctirln^ im 1HI "tioln (lrent Iwnii'd I" K .1. M l t t » r "fini (Vi|1fi,'i avenue, IJneh'ii'iil. foi n · l''ont nmlor i-iil, OfflCCI-ll f o l l l M l fill' l " V c l v l » l I l l l ' l "ncwi-al nutomiilte |ii'ilt.]rf on i h e Hunt -Met,ntif,-lillu In -mid to In- Hie In-nlHei ftf I Sober I Mc!.i'Ui:hllu. Dii-i'lu'i- CiU '"eompiinv o f f l e l u l , iu\n of "Knl" Me- SI. m uii'il 1 ., ( No. 8S«. i u i i \ l l l a r , 1, A. M. li'iiipli) No. 137, I'. S. (urpB No. 4, W, K L 1 . r\;;ti'rf v i i l f l No. 43 J. O. D. A ctLiiip No, 4031. R. (ii-rtinn IfHlK'i Ni. Wl, K. P. O, K. .Huron ehiitili'i No 31. H. A, M. fit (Mini- \i''s.i N'o. 1". A F. 4 V. M M,ie.!l lotlt:' 1 No f, A. F A, M. MARRIAGE LICENSES 111. lcntur, IP. i''lf.yl Miller, U i ' l l i t l l J IV'CT rtnili · C WdoOnll, li'fia.1, K a i h i ii'i-- Itiibciti. It-Rill. i Hi Lulcnii", IS, .1. Hi-nnult. sr-. Pcian. \lny (''iiriy. ID. Clik'axo " DEATHS Mtl.T'ARl) I 1 , SJIITH .Mllliiiil I'. Smith illoil tn tli! c i i i i i ' f i n d Mtifon Criiltitv howpttfil nt 1115 o'ctitt-ii Mtindny nfurnoon, HIi Illtii'"-! wii'. brief nnd followed · ' l i u k i ' (!' ii)ni|)lt'Ky tiuinliiy aflei'ii' In (lie hiwlBi-iii dlstrirt. Mr, 9mllh \v\v 7| yciirc old. '"11" v.:i» Imra lit Ohlu In Apill of ISIti At ikh f f t i l y ;igp, hp caiun to Chi I: Mull county. JUInolf, with lili- fotlowlns children; Hoy E. Howard. Huston; George K., Harry Mclvln, Thomas H,. ,T. T,, and Junior Benson Howard, all ot T)«calur, She »lsio leaves u brother and sinter. Ed Pendelton, Columbus, O,, itnd Miss Blanch Pcndelton. Nnw Holland, O. Khn linn five ffrtmtlchlldren Harry Howard, one of her nons, fornierljr was conductor of the stage orohMlra In the Bijou theater. The lxily was tukon lo J, J. Moran ft Konu cltupi-l where It will icnwln until services tiro conducted (it 1;30 o'clock ht the rhapel. Boilal wilt be in Keller cemetery in Lovlnfilon FUNHIALS SMITH. Hllliird T.. 2:30 o'clock' \VcdncHduy afternoon In Leon M tin- son's chftpBl Uurinl In Greonwcod ccnuilury. Hotly remains In the chapel wliLTc fi'l^nda may cali, COl/LTKR, Mm. Francos, 10:30 o'clock, Wednesday morning. In J. J Moran Sena clia|(pJ. Burial in (iiccuwuod ecnwtery In Assumption. Fvlondfl niny cat! In the chapel. ENO, Mis. limliy. 3:30 o'clouli, Wcdneutlny ntlornoon, In J. J, KonH chnpcil. Burial In comelcry. ffrlcndd may call in ilie CONCRETE WILL BE POURED SOON FOR ROUNDHOUSE Excavators E n c o u n t e r Sticky Clay in Digging Big Drop Pit STEEL RODS IN PLACE The excavation for the big drop pit In the Wabiwsh roundhouse extension IB about ready for the concrete work. The re-on forcing steel rods have bean placed In the bottom of the excavation. Before the civilizing influences of mankind tampered with the site of tho Wabash ft ve a pom! or at the edge of a pond, according to old timers who can remember when. The pond had been tilled hi and lone u*ed as a, Ntoraffe yard before any one thought of erecting building* there. Probably the suh-gurfucc structure was such that even though the surface had been brought to a now grade the natural drainage had not been disturbed and them remained A tendency for sub-surface drainage toward the pond, tn any event after easy dry digging for a few feet below the «ur- tace, the excavators encountered gobby, soft clay and a constant scoping of wdtur Into the hole thny mad«. That olny stuck to everything it touched. A clam shell was used In excavating. Every time the Jaws of the clam shell were opened thfl load did nol of Its own weight drop into tho wnitins truck. It was necessary to maul the shell *willi a heavy hummer of atwl bur to jar loose the ntlcky mess and often every man within 15 feel of the truck \vau spattered with the mud. Greatly to the delight of the excavation contractor all of that Is now a thintv of the post so far BB the big drop pit In concerned. Extensions for the more shallow pits now tf belngr miule and while evidences of the pond arc encountered in that ^ worlt, the depth required Is not; circuit-It to can,TM a repetition of the! handicap occasioned hy deep dig mt Issue of School Directory Distributed; Information Complete WAITZ, Mrx, CathuiliKt, S o'eludt. Thm-Hdny attcinuen In J. J. Motati SHIM chapel, liurlal in 'Grncclunit cpraetcry. Tli* body' will rt'nialn In iri7(l North University Avenue, where frlnnd.i may call until service tlnie " BIRTHS " THOMA3--narn to Mr. and Mrs Elmer Thorvmn, 170ri West Grand av«mii', Oct. S, iv daughter, Shi- has been nnnwt Nora Fitinfcs. CHURarNOfES Nurihwcwt Trivial on to Meet The Northwfst division ot the la- dins' aid society nf the First Moth- odiitt church, will meet Thursday nTt- ernoon In thr. homr of Mrs P. F, Holler. 1062 West Packard street LOCAL linfilnrer W, L,. Kline of the north end jiassenBi-r pool prefers an aj- t as engineer on . local frfllpht to one «s cnutiicci- on n1j;ht posscneer (lain,-), He lias taken n local frclfthl run between Forrest and Landers tint! its a result all sin- siynmcnls In this north end pasticn- j;cr poll ara open for bids. TIIl'I BOAK1 Thtoujfh freight crews were called »t Dcetitnr romidhouso Monday a? follows: four nfirth. flvp siiulh, j,U tMl und ti!x wesl, -tint of tin- Irtlior it wtirk train. Directory of Iho Decatur Public schools lor 1030 and 1031' were Itmued Tuesday morning giving u comptelo list of Decatur schools subsiJInry departments, otticlala, teachers and workman, Parent-Teacher awwcte- tlona n.nd their presidents uluo arc Hated whilo an alphabetical Hot ot teacher* nnd of janitors complete Iho hook. t The school calendar (or Die current yoar Is slven on the Inner cover of the directory Mlimvlng school opening on Sept, J, the impanding Mu- con County Teacheru ItmHlulo on Wednesday, Thursday anO Friday. and the following future dnics: November 21--Hltfh school conference. November 27-S8~ThftiihsgfvlnB vn- cation. * Dec. IM-Jan. '2 f Inclusive )~CIrW- mas vacation. (School will clone nl the regular time on tlic afternoon or ARTHUR MAN'S CAR WRECKED IN CRASH ON TUSCOLA BRIDGE ARTHUE--A. J. Mom-nf, of Die Monroe Mfg. Co., of llifi clly v-'ivt forced off the pavement tin Home 36 late Saturday evening on Hit over, head pass at Tuscola, nnd hi a seven passenger Nush automobile, occupied by himself, wife «nd daughter Dorothy, and /Ivc Hitrh school fiJrlc, tumbled down a ;lO-fxH itnbnnknienl, Tho cat turned end over three time. 1 -. Fortunately no on«- was icriously In. Jured. The accident hap pencil when a cat driven by a man from ncui- Vlcnnn, III,, attempted to puns the M on rot car and met another car conilnpt nl high speed down tins brlilKo incline. To n void it hciut-on colll.'Skm the Joimaon county driver cut in ahead of Mr, Monroe, his rear bumper tangling witli (he Nazi's front kfl wheel anil h in Hi n ft It off the slab, through the Centre nnd down the bank, The top wns totn completely off Mr, Monroc'H car and It wag otherwise badly wrecked. Nnjllier of tho other nutos that figured In the n|ill) w*« damixi;!il. Both men had their ours fully Injured. Mr. nnd Mr*. Prank HimsnkPr, after a week's visit In the home of Mr*.John Jonea here, returned Sunday to their home in Kpilngfickl From n. few rows of pntalacs In his Doc, 23 and will r*open on the moitilnu ot Jot, t at regular time), January W~ Close first semester. Janttnry liO-Opcn socond aemeiUr. Murch 2J-Meetlnfi of South Ctn- I ml division Illinois State Teacher* njwoclnlion In Springflnld, March IW-Aprl) 3 (inclusive)-Spring vacation. June S-- School closes, BecRtiM* of exli'omo weather «if- fcT»d duiing the spring vacation InM year whftn the city WIIH snow bound and ehiWron mid liiHCherH wete mi. tthlf In l u l i tlif- jirMMM-l AIi'nniii|[« of (he vacation bmnlMse Ihwy were j won fined in homm. th" Brlhwl txwrd lias SCI i in- tM' for thai fatfi'iii In- ii-f Lhl.- yen i. P!aoii;; li i' 1 I ' l - t r f - t ii' Mar ' n ,d (lie l''i;'l nf 1' r!1 i tii-l-l- !. -I t! -i| il i" I I" 1 h' '· ·:·''" i'i:ii «!"( ·! , ,,.,! ·.,,· ,y[l| (,-!!/, (,...() bl*'jll'll |,y It"* (lint; · VA"G *r, r BATTir n i Ih', Viiinit'-:' rli i »·!'« re;i"ili*il di ' O.j« Nnvy Di'i-nMiDfitt Tucj-lny. by t Admiral t,'lie,i)"!t 1.:, M«Vnv. Jr. lie -ji'ld IJ\. rniici) Sintcn Jfunlwot ; faun-' Ivid linn f)V'[ utioti TU'i'd!\;. ' b y Chine"! "(.!«» pi mistlit" from ilic bun': uf the THiistw rivet-, l^c i uiilea Mow Havin: Roc];« Poultrv Men Ask U. t. Aid In Marketing Group '% I ' n i l r r f '·!· · CHICAGO, dot. T. The Xatl*,nt.l Pijiiltrj'. Btilicf and Ejifc uSHoelntlon tuloplcd (i tevilutlon Ttmsdny i»Kkin!f members for conncrted nctltm aunlnBt )CK|K)IHV measures dcHigncd to ei-eittc niarltctlng machinery within tlie federal government. Mcmbem were asked to co-operate tn perfecting an organisation "will! preatigfl and power sufficient to campaign against radical leginlnlion directed agalnet our buslncts and the federal marketing act tn particular." Joe J. Miller, n local Amluh farmer, reports thot he harvester 30 bushi'la, This Id encouraging when it 13 known thai mont Central II line to faimers do not raise enough spnd.t tn foed thfir families during the winter. ,, .Cleveland TO Spend I $200,000 To Aid Idle l-iml I'lty i-i.iiii'-M Moniby nl^lil. up- rprmi'il ii v^ilHitKi Imnil itrdltiiiuei' for ,, Unertirlc.viiK'iti n-lh'f, I'Viwn IW) fci ,'iMO men will l.i- n l v t n work cti imuili't- ."pal imiii'(!\t-iiiini! tu-Kt wei-lt \ V l t h l t i B t h e next few «t-ek'i d f f i f l u l i luipe KI In- nlilf to iirm-Uli- pnH Mint' Join fi« (IIOIT Minn l.OCNi "I the i-lly ' mocl T heecly litli All of Ilir w d i k will In- il'ine In dry | i n r t i ..... I wl'l liu-hulo Inj-lii" "«llewnll .. ('niv.llllillli,: I'Ulli! 1 . K1':Ul- M IIIK. Inndse'iplnj; tinil i\ [,eeeiitl c-liinii-. Up of p n r U ' i end i h c l p l i d i i l M n i i l "t.ltllc Of lilt? Irtlilll'V will lie «peH1 nil " Ml i (.ilw.i ^iinrtrrsi. muini^'i ot MIC ·\Vi-ilfvn t'nldii biiiiii'li dttln- 111 MU* uolji (.Viilttil "IftMun. lini rvturm-d lo |ic!iitiu nfli'i- it vl-ilt ( .f Miti'f wi't-hi * tvllh her purenl-! In WIUl tdn-ic, Col » t.ynn VV. C'liirk J!nliliiy li'TI Pfi'ii- " HIi for llhllftn. Tex, to aHi'liil " i-ci* * venllon of in ·inain't- lifohoiv. » Wr«, Trt'ini. Ni'ii«le df liei-iitiir imU Lilian liuee VVlilllinv of m-itr Ni'K" » mlJi wcro otilled t-» f v t i l n Siirulny I n * riiuxo of tin si-ili.Hi ci'inlllUin c( '. their »ldlcr. M I - I . (.'. J. T u i n n o w of * T-cwimown. Mr" Timibow wn» lu »n *. nutomolillo n w U l u n i in I'ekln m . Mcpt. 2H. »nil rlb«, u hwkcn oollur lione, and ~ t«rnnl tti- lit.- tn Lli-i-filiir, Of lati- vear-t he uvii(e 1)1; home ivlth a 'itcpHou. WIU llntn f.iiilwtn Mr. Srnltlt for 3fl yt;nrj wiii i i n Mini-love i| the Lyon Iitimbn IM t f n ntlvnili-d thi b'trst Mcihodlsl i-luinh Ml', rtmllli I'-nves n brnthet. Sol- oumli Smltli itf OUtiiliOma. and n ·i lot IT, MI-H J.ino Smith of Lo-t Anpte- Ic'i Mtf. iJniitli ditd Sfpt, 4. ID20. Tlir tidily ivn t takon tu Monsiin'j, lioiiif l''unfrnl arran.tfincnta iin- to b" nnii(iun«(Kl MIIS, ,|OH,V T^HOn AB1) id-' .foliii T Kownril. citpil tn h!f tuiiin lit (WT Wu^t trn(li\n(l nvcnui' »l I'J ·!,'· ' liM'li Ttumday inornlnR; aft)'i h-ivini; liwa In fnltinfi liwilth for . i - i ' i i i l yaii Mill- luid beon acutely 111 i m l v sh«'i- ^cptcttibur S :!«· wns born on Nov. 10, 180, In tlcisi. 1-in.uily, O. She 1iad lived In IVrnUlr foi ,'!(! ypais, ami «-ua u i-urnl" i t'f tlu- Oi-Hrc Mothodlst I'hiiii-li nnd ot tlic lailltd' aid sociuty In llml I'tiiin-h, Sh- l - n i - i lii-t lntJibuiul and tlie YOU S A V E IN B U Y I N G tho devotions. Miss Virginia rr-au will be the principal upctiker, ItiHK to Meet The Wtmuin'a Blblo elass or First Mnthodldl church will have an till day mcictlnt! WndiiMduy In the homo of Mr*, W. R. CutiUn, 33S North Church street. A pothieK dinner will he Mt'VMl at nuon. ' M. flllll'N «»t» tl. The Sigma R!HM of St. Paul's Methodist church will meet ul 7:30 o'elock Tuestlny evening In the home of Mrs. J, A, Miller, U1B lEast Htreet. Indoprndent Sewlnc Circle Mrs. Malfssn No Itch I o will be hostess lo nicniberi o( the Independent Rowing clrele Thursday afternoon, In the home of her daughter, Mrs, Ij, C, Cloyd, 1005 .East Main street. STORK nonju;i IV. E. Adams company, 120 South Monroe street, reported thnt their store vrm entered, Plumbins duck cout, and a pair of rubber hip liixits were dtolen. SPI5CJAT, Wl-JST Sunday nlplil Oct. 12 - tilt- Wabnsh v.'ltl Iianille u apccl'il fmsacu^i'f train of 1! ears fi'oni New HILVI'II. Tnd., in St. tjniiis. foi' fBc iH'coiniii'Hldtion ot a pnrty of Les-ltinnaire. 1 ! returnlnp lo their homes in the wesl. The tnihi !: hchcthilml to nirlvn In fit. T.nnls n t ; 10 c'clock Mori(la.y morning. NO'L'ttS K. H. Shlmcf of ilm U'nlmt,)) Hi'ltfl · office is absent on Ipfivt- urn! .'!ydf Hctts of the roundhauiie office tji scrvlitg scccncl trlclt while D D Wnt- don servei the first trick. Chief nespfclXT F. K. Pollcr today begins his nnnun) vacation A trip to MltBonrl Is one of the pof*i- bllltiea but lie tells tlmt timytio, Mt- wlll simply Ntny al homo nnd sleep. TiogtT c;, Flaherty locomotive on-' glncetl on tlic tmllannpolta i l i v l h i n n ' 1st t h n ranking senior anitms t)in[ W! Ponn sylvan IB omployos rt-llrful Oct. 1 Ho hnd beun in Pcni^ytvanlfi service S3 yea.TM nnd 4 months; of (ho Octobir ri-UH-mcnta nine had ·vert GO or more turi anil 3-1 hml aervpd -IS or moio ytnrs. Division Frelghl A^enl !, f. Hosi. of Die Waheah wonl to Cincinnati Sunday in response lo 'l message announcing: the donlli of his father, Springfield division lucl inecttr will hn convened in] nt 2:'.W o'clock Friday, Ont, ]0. Fireman Cnx of thn Wahnjth Is absent on sick leave. COUNTRYlfbRE NEAR ST, ELMO DESTROYED ST. ELAIO--Tne country store o( D. M, Dlveley on Sefton township burned to the Bround Saturday morn ing abut 3 o'clock. Loss was Mtl mated at about 17.000. Too much ACID Mirny ncoplt, two hotin aflcr eat- iiiH., wffcv imli^slioii as they call il, 11 is usiudly excess and. Correnl il With ;iii jilkiili. The Iiesl wiiy, tfie (iiiich, liannlcss tuid dtit'ionlnnyji Phillips' Mil It of MugiiMM. U IIOH reiuuilu'd Tor 50 yentii (Uc ^UmdanJ with jiln'^i'i;iiis, Ours t-poonfut in W»UT neutniliws many limes Us volume, in iloiuisdi nnds, ;mi] at iiniic, Tlw symptoms disuppeiir in IKts minutits, 'You will never use crmie tuclhoris \ilicn you know (bis licltei nicthot). And you will never MilTer from ev wws ;ieM when yoi! prnve mt this easy relief. I'li-asc do thai--(or your own sake--now. Be sure to gc.l the genuine, nm- acnbed by ioc.iM, for conditions due to CXI'«PS (w-iij. It is uK-nys n tiomd; il rnnitot be made in (n(|e,t form. I-ook for the name Phillips' and the word genuine in red. GLEAMY WIIITK TliliTH 1 AND''\SWEKT BBEATH Try Pliillips Denial Twith-pnstc Jiiiil cure uixl sec f.r vunrwlf l»ow wliiU yijur lecomi!. Write for u free Icn-dny tube. Address The Thillips Co., 170 Variclt St.. New York; N. Y. You uvt in KCUttLESStUct kijK priced brindt, MEATS BEEF BOIL IQc g-^/ BEEFSTEAK 17c BACON SQUARES 17c HAMBURGER 17c PORK STEAK 18c MAIN CASH MARKET Roy Santa, 233 N. NUinSt, 2-1051 Doer South of Herkkt WEILEPP A STUCKEY CLOSING OUT DRAPERY STOCK *jt » SAVE 1/2 AND MORE Entlru dr(tp«r' atock Id befngr sacrificed in u. fraction of Itrt true worth) Coine--cx]wct unusual auvlngs--you won't be disappoint (ret! Colored Dotted Glazed l%urel Ruffkd chintz Silk Curtains New f i g u r e d Net« 2t yai-do lonr, i^ttcrns tn all Choice of Ivory »nTMT. «'?*' BhndeH : former or «reni nh*tles. W e s - n o w a P''le. 11.36, now f o r m e r price pair, iwr yd,, $:! 2S. now, $2.25 75c 89c rittte ait initt a /tie of Hit »jrp«uti(i iMrrmlni. BUD fan trtttrtm ntv «,i »m'r fdr Mfftrntr. 1ilcAbrbicte?j ^^^^r ^^^^^^^f^f^^^^^^^ ^^^r^^^^f^^^i^^^^^ ^^^^^a I* F -j» ~ftoqn Qffifitfwwtort «t ?9*»*o/i*4/» ^«c»j P^ fUr^DT*T.t n ^ A i n . 1 JL*V* n n *w*t. NORTH MAIM AT PRAIKIK NEWSPAPERflRCHIVE*... Extraordinary LOW PRICES on Floor Model GAS ANGES liveiy floor model CM Range is offered »t extremely low pritts. DOII'I dchy--only a limited number included in tliia Mile. When they are *old (litre will b« no more. lively rnnKe i» equipped with an oven regulator. GAS RANGES With Lorain Oven Regulator Included ti this sale ar« floor aamplc CWk-J«wel CM Ranges, Every rang* i* equipped with the famoui Lorine Oven Regulator, You hnv« your choice of white and colored enamel range*. Don't miw thi* Kilel Here are exceptionally fine value* in Clark-Jewel Can Range*. LIBERAL ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD Kitchen Equipment Extra Added Feature: LOW T E R M S We nr* equipment, you s llhwsl *llTiw»Dce for yoiiv nW liUclicn As an ndd«d nttmction we ait Disking the down puyiuent very «nd 1h» terms may bo arranged lo null your Individual re- 2 «» 1 SALE .Of Electrical Appliances BUY ONE-GET TWO-- Here's How Kuy .init Ht-etrtc tron for HUM Mid yoi f« » ttt.M t«mtrt«r, Or If vtui hiij' un vicctrie tron (or «S.OO *nd w*M k Cotfn, rwcotatw ttat vliH f»t $7.00 p»y KM dlffcrmw Mr the PwwlMW. Wo wHI m*t«h jutir doiiNr on any Mull »pptlwi*« for wtc, OTHER APPLIANCES rlotpoint Waffle Iron ............. Ret. $5*95 Egg Cooker* .................... Re|. S5.5O Grill. ......................... Reg, $O.7S Corn Popper* .................... Reg. $2*75 Space Heater* .................. Reg. $7.50 Pjiy Ike above price for one and Ul» awm two Power , Ruth C crcndwn v Her i 5MHEA Mijor Parti On Inten lioni, A c Ion Uwi§ M y wh«t the) position on th endum WM M by Ruth H( speaking Hefo tn th* T, M, C "I »m publle. pftiwndlly and ntibllctn nomli r]»rtl, "ind I Hum «d I- 011 What more cm Mn. McCot he In will app hno w S. Ham 1 h* looXB," "he ·nough to kno pen." H«f aalHeB c Mrn, O'Neill * hits or a-n ad- fined largely t League of No Court, which IvitueB from th "Uy dlstlng anmilng oppor oddrti»cti up Mr«. McCorml been waving t IIP I we en Repub You know In thcr* (ire onl; i'nd 'hoy veto Senator between t vote solely ur man runnlnK I that " Mrs. McCon hinount d l f f e i i tl*s IB In ihet notional qiie..-! NftWonB IB us th* Naid, DS U WHflon h rough League back Idea* lh«n, at him four tlm* campaign wh hi* views." X navy B« pensions, nnd labor wt'ri' a McCorntlok i U!kKl briefly ·gvlcwllute. "We have (tolng througV "but how ma bard times c dltiona then r»w. Th» pt world wide ( fined to the pri "Agvicultiir n pi-obtem of ·ult of intlatl the modern i quftittlon ask lomtthlng fo that the Hor don* exactly Mlv«« to do Mr*. McCo lral«« ot Pr ·dVlBed in C km not to n «r during m Mid. "It can cogo advlte ·uittment dt "I know dent Hoover IIUM to fact than any combined It United State Uiily, nevei two hour v that a year III

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