Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1941 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1941
Page 4
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STEELING, ILLINOIS Friday, October 17, 1341 Sterling Daily Gazelle Established 18S4 SERIAL STORY MURDER IN PARADISE By-Morguerite^Gahogon COPYRIGHT, KEA me "WiH vnu m* THE "TORY: «!«!•* b?romr«! anything but. Mm when «oj>hi<(itst»-d Herbert Cord i* mmrfprptl anr! hH hfdr di<- rovrrfrt bv Mmirtif C)'( nnnnr and npvrr *•* hnnrl. !:• ft hrok'~i! ?*;>. of hT jtirl- <-t»r rsri?" T nf r<srittniiin§ ?<•> !1r» h»fnrf rr--,rn h»«n1 A shutter feanfint dl«ns*lly .:nt M'.lhf «•*« iroma; to havej H " .«^'- said. »r,d h»r eyM ' with tppr< ' Who rould hftv* LEASE-LEND EXPERT to Ihrevietw Pets!* 2 ths; ;o 1? Whv I r«n' I 'm. h«! up nr< k. -rvrr hurt • »i«th!*r smilr ! r>:ur f» "if Grandon. General Manager »'fr «rh«oi <** ' trarhrr daughter. Mary. rf>riif •, onus; D W Omndon. Associate '" rnmanrr Cord I to of two Turn U; comio pftff* tat subscription! *nmmrr« rate* end other classified Inform*- ; whrn b« ta. rm^ngjn- mtrlln. Oa»U. | Jjf•-•- J-• J^/ 1 '"^ . . _""" '-_ ••—-; sn aijhj for Jpanir: int , ( hrt« Gordon, rltlerly I'araHi*r who Ht+ir of the ,,., . . M«rri«. Jeanie's Band? nf others in Illinois, wish UrW | 8ttn , „,,„ HrM .i s rd that scientific research would discover some use for the par,and p • ;ra cup .it t some ur.n>! ••'A wiio h^ri Ir.H ''is I.untine; of thfti lor pir! , "I And -V And th* ' :' .T"^dM in I-.T r.^>rr» sir th* r •: • • i r, *' f n -. her?. . i The Common Gar Sterling jfishfrmen, like thou- a d; b«fT1fd «« the Millie ;\nd I nirt ;i»v ar.di trunk I ;ttl« to h* thTn hut o ilif-rr for t find thrm. Flynn, old flaw of Mary's \r<u< rrportrr covering Ihf <•««.<•, 'jome pike considered by many of them Iwh* «*w* with Mury that Maudif She mu?i have tnk-r. them away." to be fish public enemy number *eem» to know morr than *hr i< tr- It seems to be a survival one. from prehistoric times, ugly, use-;'"""' less and destructive. The gar inr vralinn. InqunI srern* to on nangslcr Stti«.h fix the run- !,rr.r , • r-rn ft lot of steals bait, preys on other fish, devours their food. There must be something »cl- ence can do with gar pike, such as converting it into fish oil for, tankage, food for cats and dogs, I fertilizer or something. Perhaps! bealen bmJy in a boat. .Icanlr confide* t* Mary hew kind hrr avni ha* always be*n. Thr vm CHAPTER XI wind had whipped £* nRnRlnR down Blmost Vrrrttt. ', cliiinert nro'.ii'.d !•,<•:<• i --aid "And some nl thrm j'totiabiy hurt. One hnt''<; to ff ti'.r e'.fl T ays so." "Ye*, dm! s tnir It's even different from thr riay< when I was H little mrl and came here sum- Only Mr. .Gordon a left of old ilmtm.' I. gueas the luke thrjwas too quirt for. most folks." I' "liirl he know your aunt?" 'ids! "Yes. flltlidUEh »h* nevrr WM low i friendly with him I mpno-e ,«he up special tVeatment might cvenj rno!JBh to touch the trep top*. I fia.-,<,«i' h;m hoped I h«d left JfHnif Morris, |)eoi>|p. TliBts happier mood'" than the.: do. MMJ know. make it fit for human consumption. Once it was known to have commercial value it would be what with trades*he used to in weather displayed. I think per- SOUKht in quantities and its end! haps 1 had. brcnusr the smile didn't that tugeed at thp corner of hrr when wa>n't BS <,trninp<l when she A description of the gar mentions Its protective coat or scaly fermor plate that will turn aside light caliber rifle bullets, unless the hit is a square one. Perhaps that is a hint as (o the lirie of the gar pike's usefulness. That tough hide might come in handy In some form of military equipment. Thty Likt Shelters "He's hren here lor agrs. She like him. thouch. Once wo went therr for some- IhiiiR I •iTinemhcr they hnd a when , quarrel I didn't know what it Aunt Per- llp« snid goodby as it had been I arrived. |\vns about, but I innember I wished thai. Tod Palmer would ' Mllhr «as \\\i\\f wi;h anger. fn: 1 a tumy ii'iprnfion " I told her. Ri-.d then sdd'r! flnrl von roulrt ! K.T. e }•,»•:•,> Yn ;:IB Tod Falmrr' wri'iid enjoy i: j She fVr-!-.r<i I «md nirr perynn. Hin r-.<-* are '. o P-.P: Thine ai.d fc, I !••;; ha<! a h.vrf ::mr batMine wrh tiip hra\y ri"' ; r wiifn she o,'>rn<xi it for mp to >a-.P. The rold wind whistled anrir.ri thp house and I T •.::<•! l5;ow:;u: ! -ra-.ii'-t hrr. I 1-.'' T'.'d FnlmT, o: ;>r lirrr urh )irr ri K*rk exr;.,iu- !-.o-:: iTo •~ »;i riaht i I. knew r> he «Mirk ;:-,r niBht. }'!•'- •.!\>;f rftr*" i t ;or crim- :r;f t'rind- .-,• k frock ,i:U \OU11Z :"- \\o\ild rlio. r Ions,, Continued! drop In the gloomy old house hap* he ovevrharseri her. Little that evening." Jeanie needed nome- thing more than feminine companionship and without Ml*x Millie there chape roh to net as 1 believed a glowering Tod could bring more than a ghost of a smile to the girl's hp«. "Aunt Millie never had much une for the boys around here." Jeanie had confessed while rocky- i faced, stern, old Lira Holmes During the past year the peo-, brought us tea In heavenly pap«>r- ple of London have grown so accustomed to air raid shelters that a great many of them still apend their night* there, even though there is no particular clanger at present. It appears that a sort of underground community life has been created. There were games organiMd and the inmates of the shelter! learned to amuse each other. When the danger passed, many of them missed their old associations and diversions of the dugouts and went back. The war, It «e«mi. la changing people. Colonel Pinfold Quits Coionel Penfold, head of the Balvitton Army In thic district And well known tn Stttlhiff, lag ntirtd. Colonel Ptnfolt! has •pent 38 years in the service of the Army and will be greatly ttiiKd throughout the entire Peoria area. He and Mri. Penfold have visited here officially on a number of occasions. thin china cups. And after Liza thlnga . used to mtunate her. but anyway she never bothered to and she to him from then on. ne\er wen", there again forj anything." "You'll be nlone, now except for Liza."- 1 sum Mnally. "But then she's been here a long time, hasn't ahe?" "Yes — she's '.ike the furniture. She belongs heir. my aiint. You that — I mean that she would care And she adored wouldn't believe 11 had deposited the thin jelly Band- j for anyone, but it's true Just the wiches. Jeanie continued, "She same." Suday School LIUOI By Vtrffltaai & OUr*y, D, a Ntw Birth for Chrittfoni Mtom Lift Of Pcact, Low «nd Faithfulntss Text: John ^S-S; AeU 1:1; BttMaaa l:M-28; GaUtUn* I:U-M Voice Of The Prtts JAPAN NOT 80 CONFIDENT (Jolkt Herald-Nowa) The world has never Mon a fiend- Uh n«*rit to match the slaughter and destruction the Nads are directing against Russia. How long or how well the Russians will withstand this U not poulbla to deter- AUhough Hitler hai given repeat- 0* notice that the Soviet power has keen crushed. Japan, his axis part* HKV to not convinced. There U tlg- niticanoe in that for Japan haa a ; tood «ye for the main chance and U ooking out for her own intertaU flnt and last. ' H»e Domei news agency, which k etaeeJy linked with the JapanMe •ovemment. has recently urge* Mit- br to end the Russian campaign teat th* German military strength be drained so he cannot far* England again. Domei expresses the ytaatmisiic view that the Naat divi- will be shattered in Muuia Japan will be left alone to atttle matters with the United SUUs and England. Japan U apptehtnatve. Italy Magry. The conquered countries an wrathfuliy obstructive. Great •rttain ia organliiatg Maw unite the commandoa-^learly in- for invasion of tht oan> ' at the opportune time. in Italy grows M th* or- .lor rationing all sorU of oa«V ittes incwase. .tilt purge effort* in farta have it a new roundup of nearly freach to face th* Nail in. Th« repeated revolt* and •aa> executions indicate tfet MMUtaot menace the, conquered •Me the conquerors. KiUor has many naUont but he has m victorioi yet, itxa* atay he th« 4*w«to vM| the This lesson, consistim* of four ,paa»ages of Scripture, begins with mystery and ends with plain, practical teaching concerning enaracter and daily life. Tha my+ny is th» mystery M 0w N«w Birth, wtflttk Jtau* «M in HI* jcanvtnaUon wKfc Nlt«i«at» could not be explained. Nicodemu* could not understand such a thing as being born again, and very frank, ly aald so. Jesua replied to him by the illustration of the wind. "Trw wind bioweth where it liateth." Ha aaid. "and thou canst not tell whanca it cometh and whither it goeth. 80 U every one that & bom of the apirit." ..We feel the wind and Know ita power. There it no doubt about ita reality, but we cannot explain it. 80 it is with the Naw Birth. We cannot explain the power that makes a man new, but there can be no doubt about tht experience. "We know that we have pawed from death unto life," says John, "becaiua we love the brethren." Then art other unfailing 4nark*-of-ihe-Naw-Birth. that U of the new life in Christ, that men feel in themselves or that they see in other*. With this my&iery of the New Birth I* associated the baptism of tht Holy Spirit. We cannot undtr- atand the mystery of Ood or the naturt and relationship of Father, •an and Holy Spirit; but wt aea tht tptraUoru of God'* spirit in human life an4 we know, as the early dia- ciples knew from practical experience, that the Holy Spirit if prttent with, men -to be their guide-helper To come to the plain, practical tide of all this mystery, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is not In some miraculous thing that men can claim to havirexperfcnced that has no relation to daily llvinn,! Wa Man haa bean baptJied' of rtfc;*wf "pint and tht Spirit of GotfAtt him. the frulW of that indwelling will be seen in his lifts and character. The fruits of the Spirit of the Apostle Paul has defined and listed in an unmistakable way, and with detailed fullness. -The fruit of the Spirit," he .says. "Is love, Joy, ptaco, long-suffering, kindness, goodntaa, faithfulness, metkness .self-control." Against Paul says, there is no law. They are the positive expressions of the good life and th* Ood» guided life that all who seek God's guidance can develop without limitation. Here there need be no restraint, and if all men had this experience of the New Birth we should have no need of laws, or of law officer*, except >to direct tht normal ways and rtla_tjonshipii of man. • • * ; The higher one rises in till* new life in Christ, and the more conscious he is of God's presence and guidance, the humbler is his spirit and attitude. Men of the world may glory In their wealth or sucoaaa. but Die richer and better tht Chrtktian btoomta, the less will he boaat about It It to in this spirit that Paul admonished the Christians at Galatia, 'Let us not become vainglorious, provoking one another, envying one an- Strvicts li Starling Gburchis WEST .JORDAN LUTHERAN Sunday school a'. 9:30 a. m. Morn- !g worship at 10:30. Rev. P. C. Boy•n will be in charge. EAST JORDAN O. B. Sunday nchooi. 5:30 a m. Alexnder Anderson, superintendent. loming worship at 10:46. SACRED HEART Hieh msv<; and Benediction a! 8 m. l/ow mass a: 10. Wpek day asses at 7 a m. Rev. M. B. Knig. uior. FREE METHODIST Avenue K and West Seventh ClftACF. FP1SCOPAL Nineteenth Sutidav after Trinity. Holy Communion at B a m. Holy Eucharist and sermon at 9.30 a m. The church school lor smnll children will be In connection with this service. Patents may leave the children with Mis.<- Helen Taylor or Mrs. E. E. 6mall at the 0:30 service. Rev. H. A. Berncen, rector. CHURCH OP THE NAZARENB Corner of Thirteenth avenue ant Fifth street. J. W. Silvers, pastor. funriay school at 0.30 n m. William T., superintendent. Classes for all apes. Come study God'g Word wlti) us. Morning worship .reel. Rev. U. P Jonet, pastor. ' at 10.45. Evangelistic service at 7:30 unday arhooi. 8:45 a. m. Morning; p. m. Praver meeUnj? Wednesday orehlp. 10 45. cia<* meeting, 12 xjn. K^*enln2' worship at 7:)0» ST UARY Uawes Sunday at o. 7:90. 0 and a m. Conicsssons will be heard evening at, 7:30. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Kenneth C. Becntel. minister, Cl :rch school nt 10 a. m. Henry J. Brubaker, superintendent. Morning ; the regular hour, Rt. Rev. A. J. I worship at 11. Sermon subject: urns, V G, L, 8. T. pastor; Rev. T. Smith, assistant pastor. FIRST CHRISTIAN Second avenue at Sixth xtreet taude t. Cummins, minister. Bunly school with graded worship and struction by departments at 9:45. irl 8. Fine, superintendent. Morn- g worship and Lord's Supper each inday at 10:45 a. m. . ". . : FIRST OPEN BIBLE CHURCH Located at 3M Fifth avenue. Mate U. Pottinger, paster. Sun»y Khool at 9:90 a. m. Morning arahip. 10:45. "Overcomer's- neet> ga for j-ounp and old at 6:1B p. nv h-angelUUc sen-ice at 7:90 p. m. WEST STERLING* MIBSION CHURCH Gruwold avenue' Sunday school 11 a. m. Regular preaching eer- eea Sunday evening at r.Oflpel ngt. iible atudy claw every lifee- y evening at 7:30. Special Invi- tion to all having no church home .shop D Q. Lapp, paator. <^i ^^^^^^^^^^ PRESBYTERIAN Chester M. Irwln, minuter. Bible tool at 9:30 p m. Morning wor- Ip at 10:45. Sermon : "One For 1 and All For One." Choral an- em. ."O Love That Wilt N.0t Let » Oo." Solo. -A Voice In The ildamess," iScott) bv Jean Rus- 11. Nurser> - for small children. ring this sen-ice, Christian En- avor, 6 p. m. i m ICIENCE RIOQK MENNOKTTR Bishop A. C. Good, paator. Twe d oa«.halt milea north OB Six- nth avenue. Sunday •rvicea: aacbJngal •:««,», — Sunday loot at 10:45 a. m. Howard A. filinger, superintendent of adult partaant: Mrs. John Nunemaktr, parfDUmdent of junior; Mra Har> Witmex, auperintendent of prim- r; lira. C. N steiner. aupexintaa- at of beginners, and Mra. O. W 04. Mipermrendent of hone dt~ rtBMDt Vounv P*nnl«'« " "Walking With Clmst." Fall communion on Sunday evening at 7. Father-son banquet Thursday evening. 8uc6t speaker, Rev. Paul Miller from Mllledgevlllc. Come and enjoy spiritual and social living. CONGREGATIONAL Second avenue and Fourth street. R. Morris Wilson, minister. Church school at 9:45. Morning worship. 10:45. The sermon. "People that Got Can Use." Chester League. 5:44 p. m. Members to bring box supper. Thursday. Oct. 30. church family supper and pre-annual meeting at •:JO p. m. Sunday, Oct. 26. Consecration Sunday, baptism of children. ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Sunday school at 9: IS a. m. Worship service at 10. Sarmon topic: "That Idle Word." Rock River Federation Lutherj League meeting at the coliseum ilfr,lh« 'fcfterno^n art! evening. The congregation and community are invited to the evening session which consist* of a play by our Luther League, beginning at 7:W. Announcements for the week: Choir rehearsal Thursday evening at 7:90 p. m. Brotherhood meeting Thuriday evening beginning at 1, Catechetical class Saturday • morning at 8:90. G. H. Doermann, pastor. _ ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN Rev. Albert H. Keck, jr, pastor; Dr. E. C. Harris, pastor emeritus. The Sunday school meets at B:JO in all departments. The chief service begins at 10:40. Sermon by the paator. Anthems by the senior and junior choirs. The Luther leagues meet Sunday evening at 6:30. Edith Eykamp mission -study -class for- all young women Monday evening at 7:30. Class 10 meets Tuesday evening at • :30. Senior choir rehearsal and Troop 90. Wednesday evening. Seminary Campaign Rally at Dixon Wednesday evening. Catechetical class maets Saturday at 9 a. m. Junior choir rehearsal at 10. We cor- if tAliu tnwit A «»m* tf* **>.rt*wt*i»t *M^I 1 Dogma, 8 Ditch fpl.). 12 Adjustment. 15 Pa id publicity 17 A Jon*. ]fi Ceremony. 19 Concern inf. 20 Vim. T2 Row <vf 24 Through. 25 Pin-tail 27 Assert. 28 Tried. 29 Ornithe.fogy (abbr.). 31 Female saint (abbr.). 32 Weight nf British India. 33 All. 35 Banff h frorfl ft country. 37 Exclamation. 3R Harness. 39 Danger. 40 Sloth. 41 Stalk. 43 Impresses. 45 Narrow inlet 47Termfn»l. 48 Tribunals. 49 Sun god. Si SJsin. 53 54 Tndisn. 56 Compass point (abbr.). 57 Symbol for tellurium. 59 Donated. 61 ConMnent fsbbr.). P2 Clear. 67 First nam* of 28 vertical, fifl Grease. 69Cookirxg apparatus. VERTICAL 1 Snare*. 2 Continent 3 Ri'ter vefch. 4 Horse's Rait. 5 Angry noi'es of a h'':5t. 9 Number. 23 Grade. 24 Horreback «a mo. 26 Riddle?, 28 L-ersd-I^n** fidrr.;n;*tr»K!? pictured. SOWrn'h. 32 Earth. 33 Exclsrrulirr.*. 34 Esch (abbr.). 3!-Sag. 3fi It i« fr^e'..). 42 I:r;-Td. <M R-n-k -f nc;k. 46Thr;f.y. 48 Gro-.irv 50 E-,'-c--« I--..T;- ). «*rt luncheon *t the horns of Ml*. W. K. PnlmiT on Wedtir-ulfty. SECOND AVENUTE LUTHERAM (Missouri 6?r)od) Corner of P?rond av?no» und R»«t Tenth ctreet.. Elrtor Mueller. r"** f -or, '•!("» j "• •> " i: < ! a •. a f : \'i ar.ri ;'.. .nn < Condi >-. T. I T^:i • i ''i o. rr, : f7S. »\pnue. phone -irtinn for all chi "Th* C'nri«- • Toward Hi* F^iiO*- 3 R-12 Sunday ff'~o^l ,:hf p^rl'h hull. Cho.r • ~hf!M -ftl Tue.sddy ?•.<•> in thr (" I <•."•(•! H'r* f-rn\r.e .it 7.30. Ar- for Holy Comm\sn;cn it' 'he R:45 FPrviC* en 'i! b* 1 received n?xt ***ie :ir>on from 3-5 and in -,i 7 to f> You ftr« in- :»i-,ip wi:h us. 58 -jy 11 Metur 13 Bevrt a 14 PITMM rodcnb. 10 Prove. 19 Atonement*, 60 I'.-'.nir (a'rbr. i. (pb'rr.). P4 ThU'. P.") Jumbled type. 66 Toward. UNITED Corner of ttitt Fifth tutr^ and Fifth avtnuc. W. V. UonitQbaugh. mtnUttr, loa KMt Fifth itrtct, Rock FkU*. Church school tt 1:45 a. m. A da™ for ail MorrU Johnson. Guptrintandtnu Morning worahip at 10:*5. Junior church at 10:48. Evening worahip at 7:90. Mid-week »er- \ ice, Wednesday, 7:SO p. m. A welcome to ail atrvicts. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST •CIXNTIST Church tdjrtoa, Ktt nrat avenue •uaday ttrrtet at 10:44 a m «ub- Jtet. "Doctrine of Atontment." Bun- achool at t.-JO^ Wednesday evening 1 mttting at I. In con- wlth tht tburch edlflc* a Is maintained, Tnt room It tptn from 1 tt 4 p. m Biblt and all Ohrittiah Bdtttet Ulaiaturt, including the ouarterlr. may fet rtad or borrowtd BETHEL REFORMED Located at the comer of Fifteenth strttt and •aoattd tvtnut. R. W school, 9:30 a. m. B. Y. P. U. «:30 p. m. Midweek proyer srnlce, Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Some, Join with us in the worship oi Cod, and In His service. FOURTH STREET METHODIST Rev. Albion J. Tawnner, minister. "I consider it a privilege to (Allow Allan Blllman AS pastor of the Fourth* Street church, »nd will do all in my power to be worthy of the high grade leadership he has given to the church and the community. I really will feel at home, having been raised on a farm 31 miles north of Sterling, adjoininp the Brick church, United Brethren."—Rev. A. J. Tavenner. Sunday school. 9f30 a. m. Morning worship at 10 ^ Ser- worshi ct,'"O mon subject/"Our Chief Concern," The Oxford club will meet at 3:30 I>. m. Meetings throuth the week EVA.NOEL1CAL Cnvtier of Tilth R WHIP ind Third •-•IT- ,'o!in H. Bouldm. p«M cr r-\ i nftn s\rnup, phone 189W. Wrirnmr :o Trinity church where| •!'.e mr.^acr of the rhanfirelew* Chrtst is Mjr-arhrrt to nn ever rhanftn? •i\p'id. F-.indnv school, 8:30 i>. m. v;!h rla--«e'» tor nil ftaes. Abram lie-., fiprnntriulcnt. If you want to ;:\p ns ,1 Christlun join un in Bible «t!idy. Dr,me worshij). 10:30 a. ID.( with to;.OUR ronsreRRtlonftl sinfUif and sn anthem by the choir. Ths • rinicn will be preached by Ret. C. p. Mormon, under whose mmUUT the church hft.s been grently stir-mi during the«e Injt two weeks of «vac- enistir meetmas. come and the blenMns of the Lord. •spruce at 7.30, the closing §ervic* r£ our -Spiritual Advance." The revival rholr will alng. sermon w-ill be broiight by Rev. Mmr- 5011. Come And rejoice with u«. lor the wwK: Wednesday. practice. 7:30 p. m. Thur«d*y, wrck hour, 7:30 p. m. Bunday, Ori. 36 will be Trinity Advance an important day for all. FIRST METHODIST Broadway and Fifth street old E. Olson, minuter. Churnt •rhool, 9:30 a m. Classen for *± asex. Leo Blair, nuperintendtsn. Divine Worship service, 10:40 a. •». Begtnnnlng th« new conference Mr. Olson will preach on the U "A Neighborly Church: A O«ar Misr-fatv-onne McNeil will ofttr a solo on the organ, "Reverie," ly £. V. Slagler. The senior choir wH sing "Ood So Loved Tht' W0rt&. from "The Crucifixion." by Sir Stainer. with CloydMyeri a* tor and Miss Ethel Blair a rompanist. Miss Blair will a,lftO p«r "Andante." by Cnrclton Drew aae ••Postlud? in E flat" by Lerman.' Methodist Youth FelloSshlp meet for the first Bunday evt meetlni? of the year at six O'C in the church. This is for all people of ages 12-23. The C. 1 C. class meeting at 7 o'clock for picrur .supper «nd study and worship prr- gram. First official board m*etin« rf the year meets Monday, 7:90 p. in the church. All trustee*. st ards, other officers, president* organiiatlons are expected present. Tliis is an Important ing. W. 8. C. S. meeting, 2 p. m. in the church. All ladiet vlted to attend. Choir Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. M the church Willing workers class meets at ti« home of Mrs. .Frank Hunibaffe. M t:» with us. worship Vandt Bunta, pastor. Morning war- hip at 1:90. Bubjtct: "The Soul'a Crtsls." Bunday Khool at 10:45. You art invited to worthip Ood with ui Evtning worahip at 7:30. Subject: 'Running to God.* 1 This U tht second sermon in a series on the Book of Jonah. Announcements: Tutt- day tt 7:30. Mtn'a Lttgue. Thun- day at 7:30. prayer meeting. Saturday tt 1:10, Bible school. FIRST BAPTIST By Central park. *tr. j. s. Rot» comb, minltur. "When Ttmpttd," »nd "Tht Forerunntr- will be tht irmon subject* for the morning nd avtning strvictt rttptctlvely at 0:45 a. m. and 7:JQ p. m. Tht church choir win aing in tht morning atrvict, and tht B. Y. F. U. chorus in tht evtoing Church IB japan ahould cause optimism in this country and fetenninatton to spaed COAL TIME! Visit Our Store! / FOOTWEAR tftm't* Tna beautiful Unas, amortnoat and oltf ant in UMM now Draw ARCH RBT Shoot bring you Ift* feotaraar you'vo always rrltbtl lor. wallo •xcluafcra to-tho-fooi loohuot provido tbo comploto fool comfort oad frojeoful pott* you always lot. BROS Children'* Wear! 'MTUUIMi LILL-MAR SHOP COATS - Set Our Windows! RIGHT NOW IS THE N TIME TO SELECT YOURS! NESS MATS! VMT OUTS! *22 M Ttmrraw Spend! Dress Values Each dress a smart fashion, Junior Sizes Misses' Siies Women's Sizes $3-98 $4-98 $7.88 NEW SPORTS WEAR! JackeU — Skirta — Sweaters N il M trira tut! include Boy Ccout meeting Tuesday 1001 Eighth- avenue. Tueeaay evening, and the Fldells circle del- hing. 7:80 p. m. BEHER VISION . BETTER HUNTING LIU-MAR SAVE IltfMfe* WMT! It'ii mort important to chtck your vision than your gum and equipment, Wore you Itavt on that hunting trip. WEIS8ER ft COBB will examine and will tell you tht exact condition of your eyes. 50c or $1.00 a week will pay for your glasses if needed. 1127 fOK AN OptldtM •TKBUMI,

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