The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 27, 1916 · Page 13
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 13

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 13
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1'JSJK OHlLU-OOXfiA OOJNJ-m'i'UT.iOt'* '· FRIDAY, OCT. 27, 1916. WO": CONTINUE L\CX: .N'b complete repulse or all French attack^. Berlin also reported rhc repulse of heavy Russian attacks, ono IlTTSnC ' agreed with the allied war ofico th a j_ | |j||_ | there were no d d . !spni_uts i | Macedonia. AiC.Jj'iS AJi'5 !:V- YICTOUIOCS. Off f i A R G K S T 8UXK luuium.s C o n t i n u e Heavy Atcii-k- on tiie TiMnyivania Front-- French Batteriu;: :ic Ve.-uun I'repared Month A.R». London, Oct. 27 --Palling 3er renewed hammering bae:; blcv,s a? UnlK-i! Pri-Mi.) j London, Oet 27.--T.i^ Jr.linson j liner Rowanmore, fiym7 the Uritigb j flag, has been bunk. The Bo wan more- | is one of the largest British l u i e i ^ l sunk since the beginning of the war. i French JJlter A lire. ' New York, Oct. 27--'.Maritime Ex_ | chango received message- today rc- A bllAr.P I'.Vj.AGni.TXT I X1GILT JX K:«.HSH CHAXXEL. T\\ o German Ue^tiMyei-b bunk Ki.^li^h 3;i,at J^o t and Kear J~or Another. stroyers were sunk and the rest driv. en off. "The British destroyer Flirt is missing and it is feared she is lost The de-troyer Nubian was disabled ind waT toice'l to ground. One and m Macken-sen's armies, the defeat-1 porting tho French liner Clueag-o Russo-Rumaniau forces have re- ated more than 20 miles north of Az.orei. i Cemavoda-Constanza railroad fire at sea and speeding toward The German war otfice announced 5 afternoon that llackcnsen's tore- are approaching Har«ova, twenty Ics northwest at Cernavoda in ir pursuit of the enemy. An offi 1 statement from Sofia claimed CHICAGO FS ITRE HKr-.iT.D AXXOVXC- I,F IN PA VOH OK HE- OF IVOOBKO'H' \VIJ.SOX (ESv r/i:lU'il Chicago, 111 . Oct. 27.--The Chi rywhere in flight, evidently plan-j cago Herald, of which James Ke to evacuate practically all Dubrudja providence. "he Russian war office ad miter! tiler retirement toward the l i n e of ri-ova, paralelling the Cernavoda- nstanza railroad at a distance oi nit 25 miles. 'Jn a large part of the TransyUan- front the R u m a n i a n s continued avy attacks against the Austro- rmans, tho the German wai ce claims a repulse of their at- iks and announces further pro- ?ss in the invasion of Rumania m the west The battle on the northeast fi-onr Verdun continued with great vio- ce last night with Ft. Vaux as the lective of the French in heavy at. ks The French war office an meed today that the Frenc'h had de progress both west and south Vaux, taking 100 prisoners, hut German war office claimed a ib editor, today declared cditon''ill\ for the re-election oC \Voodio\v Wil- London, Oct 27 -- English German destroyers clashed in e sharp naval nns?gemcvi in the En glish Channel last night, the adintr. alty announced this aiterno"dn. 1 The German warslhips advanced ( u n d e r cover oL darkness. Two enenv\ dci3itroycTS were sunk. Pear that one of the British destroyeis \va L lost, was expressed and the adnvr. alty added that another wag disab! ed. Tho naval fight last night was the f.rst engagement of warships in the English channel since the war begun ® THEATRICAL. ·? * * f. J .| J J, £ fy : Q. $, 4, Q BMVirc's Fine Show Tonight. Tonight at the Empire Theatre the extraordinary photOD'ay, 'Hall A Mil lion Bride," with Hj.milto:i RevclK and Marguerite Snvw will he present i ed for the benefit o[ the Eastern St3- Shows at 7:15 and S 30. Trices E and lOc. farce 'Fair and Warmer' is a legitimate apex to the careers of Selwyn Company and Avery Hopwood. [1 will hare, in addition to its fine cast a singular? beautiful production. "Fair and Warmer" will he at the Majestic Theatre Wednesday, Novem ber Sth. dependent, hut as usually supported tho republican ticket. The Ladies Woiking Society of the Prcsbyteiian church will hold a mar. hot at Gill Ryan's Saturday mo.-n, ing Everything good for Sunda^ dinner--Cakes, pies, butter, egcr^ chickens. 25-3 The Herald declares itself in. ( P x c e p t submarine activities and was the first serious clash between BrU- ish and G e r m a n warships since the great battle of the Jutlauid on IMa 31, 1916. | German destroyers and fast cruis- | ers have made several daring raids j in British waters, approaching no n j enough to bombard tho east coast I towns and dart back lo port at the ) approach of British warships to Teutonic destroyers have also de- Having "otlce. sold my grocery store Holly Carr, will kindly ask that all parties knowing themselves indcbt ed to nie, please call and settle ai once. I also wish to thank all my customers for their past patronage. 2 7 - 2 - Chas. Egbert. · strojcd Biitish shipping oft the Flanders coast, taking ships into tbn Zcbrugcc. "Ten destroyer's particlpafed in the attempt to raid the cros-s channel trans-port service last night," the admiralty statement read. ·i.£iyone aorinn- r to tmy gouc? dr 1 i "The British transport Queen wa c Tk.n-i v,-ood. ?4.00 ner cord, phono isunk. The crew of this transport I-: nr IKTT; · .TM-w was saved. Two of tho enemy de Billie" Burko Here Toniijht. The second number of the select series of the Gloria's Romance cinema attractions presenting the star supreme, Billie Burke, will be presented at the Masestic theatre at 7.15 and 3:30 tonight The interest in the showing of these pictures no doubt will tax the capacity of the local play hou^e for both performances, and the local management is seriously con tomplating the arranging for an afternoon- Showing on Fridays in order to take care of the large number that are following this series The eight piece ladies orchestra will render a.n excellent musical pro. gram in keeping with the pictur story. ' "Fair twitl Warmer" Coming Soon. With a uniform and excellent ca^ of Broadway favorites, "Fair and Warmer " Avery Hopwood's cyclonic farce-hit, will he presented here this season for a limited engagement by Selwyn Company. Sewlyn Company produced 'Wiilh- in the La~w,' 'Under Cover' and 'Twii Beds,' and are, therefore, entitled tu authority in the mailer of recommending plays Avery Hopwood, having 'Seven Days' arid 'Nobody's Widow,' is entitled t~ keen anv ticipation when he writes another FOR YOURSELF V»h:c!i is Jietter--Try an Ex-pertaent i.'r Profit Iry- n Chillicolhe Citizen's t^xpeileuce. Something new i s ~an experiment. : Must be proved to be as repre-ent,- ed. Tlie statement of a manufacturer PLENTY OF JOffiYS Fi TIML IRADE DTS-VL/EllS SAYS NO CAVSIC FOR AliAliJI. Ko Cvedic Iho Holid is Given tlie Ita.nors tivxt y Finvl.s \Vijl Cuiiun.i:id The rumors afloat to the effect that the Thankagrving turkeys this year not convincing proof ot merit. ) will go on the market at an advance Bui the endorsement of friends it ] in price of 10 centi over last year Now supposing you had a bad back, A lanie, weak, or aching one. Would you experiment on it? You will read of many so-called cures Endorsed by strangers fioni far. away places. It's different-when the endorsement comes from home. Easy to prove local testimony. Read this Chillicothe case: J. N Ridgeway, retired farmer are not given credit by Chillicothe poultry dealers. There are plenty ot holiday fowls in ihe country, according to one dealer, to supply the local ^demand and who £ ays there is no cause for alarm m the part of the turkey-eating public. Tho turkey crop in Missouri this year is practically the same as last year, one-half crop, while Texas and Oklahoma has an abundant crop of the fowls Poultry on' tho market now ij bringing prices which are about live Chillicothe, says: "I had a weak and j cents in advance of those at a COITS. nainlul back. I suffered from sharp! p o n d i n g period last year Turkeys pains through the small of my back ' last Thanksgiving brought 17 and 15 and it was a hard job to do heavy | cents on foot andi frO'm 22 to 25 cents work of any kind. I was weak, tired ' dressed. The rumors are that the out and nervous. Doan's Kidney Pills always removed tho trouble in good .order and from the oenencial result? they brought me, I highly recom raend them." Price 50c at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy --get Doan's Kidney Pills--the same that Jlr Tiidgeway had. Foster-Milburn ,Co , Props., Buffalo, N. Y. Welcome Tlvi.-, Tiinc. Wito (2 a. ml J--John, there's a burglar downstairs! Political Candidate--Go down and entertain him. Tomorrow's election --Puck. live birds this reach price of 23 cents with the dressed fowls selling at a corresponding advance, which would place tire holiday luxury quite out of the reach of the average consumer. These rumors, however are put to rest by the state, inent of the local dealers. Turkeys will begin arriving on the market in nunibers in a week or ten days, and especially the two weeks preceeding Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now is tr ti-me to lay in your coal for winter. Before buying, sec E. P. Lake, or t /one SIS. 17-tf Published at Columbia, Mo., Missouri's Best Farm Paper A 5-Passenger Auto, $100 Victrola or Edison, $50 in Gold, $25 in ^Gold named for Grand Prizes. $30 in Gold to be giveu as First Special, Ending Nov. 22, 8 p. in. The Candidate who collects and turns in the most money on Subscriptions to THE MISSOURI FARMER, up to and including Nov. 22., will be awarded $15 in Gold, Second, $7.50, Third $5.00, Fourth, $2.50. Start Early and Win One Of The Gold Specials. The Prizes offered are for the Single and Married Women of Livingston County. Only Daughters and Wives of a Farmer rill be permitted to enter this Campaign. This campaiga to be conducted different to any other similar one. 25,000 Votes will be Given with each candidates First 5 Subscriptions 10,000 Good for 10,000 Votes Nomination Blank 10,000 THB MISSOURI FARMER'S CAMPAIGN I hereby nominate Nam« of Candidate Town ,R. F. D. As a candidate in The Missouri Farmer Snbscr'rption Campaign Semd this to Campaign Mffr., Chillicothe, Mo., Box 264 Contest Rules and Regulations EXTRA VOTE PERIODS FIRST PERIOD ' 50,000 TBXTRA VOTES FOR. EACH GLUT! OF $]5.OO OAX,'- IjECTRD TO THE MISSOCKI FARMER. SECOND PERIOD-3.-5.000 EXTRA VOTES FOE EACH CJL17B OF $15.OO OOL- t JjECTED. THIRD PERIOD-10.000 EXTRA VOTES FOR EVEK TCLUB OF $lo.OO COLLECTED. XO EXTRA VOTES tAST TWO DA1TS OF CAMPAIGN. Firsl- by clipping ihc 50-vote ballot which win appear in Chillicothe newspapers. They will counL 30 voter each when cut out and sent to Cam paign Mgr., Box 264, Chillicothe, Mo. Second: getting people to subscribe tor The Missouri Farmer, a twice-a- montll issue, published at Columbia, Mo Votes allowed as per schedule for periods named As soon as the subscriptions are turned in to the contest departmenl a ballot good Tor number ot votes allowed according to the schedule wil' be issued to the one favored. An official receipt book will be mailed to all those who -w'sli to participate m the great proflt-shari-ng campaign, which will authorize you to collect and tender receipts for the same. All subscriptions with money should be turned m eacn week ot the campaign The Campaign Manager reserves the right to decline any nomination for a just cause. A number ot disinterested business men will canvas the votes and award the prizes t o the winners. The contestant who polls the highest number of vote= will be awarded a 5-passenger Auto." S Q c- oncj, S100 Victrola or Edison Third, $50. Fourth, $25. All non- winners will be paid 15 per cent on all they and Iricnds may collect. All are to be paid for an effort All questions of dJspute will be settled by tho Campaign. Manager with no favorites to play n the event of a tie between any two or more candidates, the value oi' tile prize of prizes so tied for will be divided among those being. The contest is NOW open and closes on Saturday, December 16, 1916, ait Sp. m. In event of disagreeable wea-ther we reserve the right to postpone the contest one week. All special prize period votes count toward the Automobile and other prizes No votes once polled -ind listed shall be transferable. No candlid.ite can drop out and'transfer her voces toanoUher. All nominees to receive 10,000' votes'"when noren. nated. Ninety thousand votes to be given and credited to each contestant during the first voting period ending Nov. 22. Both single or married women who are wives or daughters of far. mers or farm owners ·and residents of Livingston county are eligible to be contestants. All contestants must abide by these rules. THIS BALLOT IS N O T GOOD AFTER NOVEMBER 1-fih 50-- GOOD FOR 50 VOTES --SO FOR E..P.D State TOWN Good £or 50 votes when filled out and sent to Iho campaign editor. The Missouri Farmer, Box 2 6 4 , on or before the expiration of this ballot. No ballot will be altered i'n any way or transferred after being received by the contest editor. Address MISSOURI F A R M E R CONTEST EDITOR Chillicothe. Mo. (Pleaso cut out neatly around margin) MISSOURI FARMER NEW AND OLD SCRIPTION VOTE SCHEDULE SUB- FIRST VOTE AND RATE PERIOD ENDING Nov. 22/15 . ; Price Votes 15 months ,.'. . .*1.0H 2,000 3 years 1.50 5,000 3 months 1..50 5,000 SECOND PERIOD FROM Nov. 23rd, to Dec. 4th. Price Votes 15 months $1.00 1,500 3 years 1.50 4,000 5 years 2.00 9,000 JEWS PA PER I THIRD PERIOD PROM Dec. 5th to Dec. 14 Prico Votes 15 months . . . . ? ! . 0 0 1,000 3 years 1-50 3,000 5 years $2.00 10,000 FOURTH PERIOD FROM Dec. Dec. 15th to Dec, 16 Pries Votes 15 months . . . .51 00 1.000 .J years 150 3,000 5 years 2 00 8,000 ., NEWSPAPERS 1C

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