The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 21, 1971 · Page 68
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 68

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 21, 1971
Page 68
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THE DOCTOR LETS YOU IN By Arthur S. Frve*« Arc You the Fainting Type? Fitntmj can Kc an imj»c.»l»on of lorocthinj; vcrux" and ihuiiU rxn he igmwrJ Hut in ihc rrunwit) ol c-tK>. fainting (i tx»<hitig m»«<" thjn 3 rcjt,l«>n to tome ufi' pleaunl event t»r tiwulilKin. wxh A» »h»x:i w a HUfT* fivwn If >v>u Hj»c 3 Jamfinj psoNcm. >ixi \houM vcc ynnir ikxlt* Hut pcrhjfn )ou"I1 be aWc to approach him «»>ih )rv» tlread if >wu Iccp in mmd (hoc lip* from a hea/t «f>cv:«ijU Faintinj n tiviully ntti wrrxnn »»beo: (Here it * pro*oof«J warolas prkxl v>i(h »mp!om> tuch »t pjUJor. tKTitmf. naxnca ami pHWtndt; >\M» c tpcficncxr ooJ? a frw trronA* of uncon»ckHi»n<«, although Ihc t;mpiom» may fc»*t for tome time following recovery; (he fainlmg i» to ctMWwtrton wHh a Ah- tuibint lilaalUm uich at an mjectuin. teeing MixxJ. or }utt plain cmbatravvnenl. THE DIET WATCH By Harriet La Barre How "Desk Drawer" Snacks Can Help You Lose Nibblinf; or macking correctly can keep your weight down. People who work in offices, for instance, can save themselves from eating too big lunches if they have "desk drawer" snacks on hand to curb a ravenous appetite. Any low-caloric cookie (15 to 20 calorics) is a typically good desk drawer <nack to cat about 15 minutes before lunch. Thfci K sometimes called "tci- rnflfic nibbling." Good desk-drawer snacks arc low- oloric crackers, ctxikics, a tvibe of cheese Mich as roqucfort or cheddar. and n low-caloric Kittle drink, since none of Ihcsc foods needs refrigeration. Housewives have the advantage of refrigerators, and they profit best from a Ulc-aflcrnoon "scientific" snack. Iced or hot tea (with an sweetener) is a good accompaniment, has no calorics, and one tea-bag makes two cupv Home or office, liquids-even a glass of water-help to curb the appetite. TEENTIPS By Paul Stciner • liver drcnm about n "diamond?" Although it may point up your concern with money and financial security, it probably represents love or the wish to be loved. • You like to roast marshmallows. but the inside always melts nnd sticks to the skewers. You'll get the gummy stuff off by sticking the skewer into wet sand, which scours the sticky ends, makes 'cm easy to wash. Spectrum/71 SPORTS MINI-PROFILE: Lance Ahvorth Football Welcomes Back the "One-Man Conglomerate" I jncc Alwivlh at the Dallas Cowboys is one of the greatest pa« receiver* in the history of professional foolhall. The only player ever to have gained over 1.000 ) ard* in receptions for seven year* in a row, he atw noldt a record (or catching pjsso jn 96 consecutive games. A handsome .W-ycar-old. Alworth is partial to mod clothe*, colorful lie. and long sideburns. He aho displays 4 flashy Uyle on the field, performing acrobatic maneuvers to fool defensive backs ami pluck passes out of the air. He can leap w high to make • eatcb that be'* been nicknamed "Bambi"... An AII- Amcrtcan running hack at the University of Arkansas, Ahvorth was not considered big enough to succeed as .» bade in the prov Then the San Diego Chargers drafted him in I9t>2 and converted him into a receiver. He >*7»» .won selling records... He was traded to Dallas for three players, bul he and his wife still Call San Diego home. Alworth's success brought him many offers for business investments, and for a time he was known as a one-man conglomerate. He became overextended, however, and MilTcrcd severe losses in the stock market decline. Depressed, he temporarily gave up football. But now he has recovered his old dash and enthusiasm and has put business activities aside to concentrate on his best skili-pass-catching. —By Barry Abramson FAMILY FLAK PEOPLE AND YOU By Shirley Sfoan Fader An End to "Husband Power"? t.ikc ihc old gray mare, "husband 1 power"* ain't what it used to be- but it does definitely still exist! When a representative sample of 776 husbands ami wives was Mudkd recently with the aid of a grant from the Office of Naval Research, the couples agreed today's husband* have relatively kss power than their fathers had. Yet when it comes to deciding such crucial family questions as which car to get. what house or apartment to take. »ob choice for husband ami the possibility of a job for the wife, the same study revealed that husbands Mill powets- considerable influence. Their power is high during the first four "honeymoon" years, hits its peak far the four-seven yrar* of the marriage when women are usually most tied down with small children, ami then decline* year by year after that. Many families ultimately develop a strong shared-authority arrangement. No more than »tiny two to four percent of mar> riagci are ever wife-dominated. PET CORNER By Felicia Ame* Winter Warnings For Your Dog People arc not the only ones moving to the city. The dog population of the U. S, is about 26 million, give or take a few million. Pet Food Institute reports that while a large majority of dogs still lives in suburbs ami rural areas. 2ft percent of alt single-dox bonus an found in central- cilicv That means a lot of pooches this time of year arc learning how to wear city sJickcrs in the rain and strap-on coats in the cold. While the $750 million spent last year on doggy accessories went for a lot of nonsense (monojjnimmcd toothbrushes and false eyelashes), some items arc necessary. A •warm coat for a dog accustomed to an overheated apartment is not a luxury but insurance against respiratory infection. Boots arc also a good idea, especially if the sidewalks arc covered with ice and snow, tee and snowballs, as well as defrosting agents such as calcium chloride, can be very irritating to the webbing between Bowser's toes. HOUSEHINTS By Lee Petine "Are you sura If* unpollutad?" • Crusty deposits in vases? Fill vase with solution of dish-washing compound, soak overnight. Then add a handful of small pebbles and swish. In hard-water areas, use a glass film and spot remover the same way. Family Vft»klv. iV»v«m6«i- U. 1971 '.''•' . t*

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