Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1977 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1977
Page 11
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¥ Monday, December 19, 1977 HOPF i.AHK si \H ('lassified 1\ FURNITURE SALVAGE PRICES. Some of the finest livingroom furniture that can be bought. Almost every style available. We have a two piece couch & chair. Top quality solid oak frame for $88. Terms Available. See Freight Sales Co., Inc. 307 W. Broad, Texarkana. Terns. Open to public 11-8 Monday - Friday, Saturday 9 to 5. 12-74f BEDROOM SUITES MUST GO We will deal on 25 bedroom suites. All styles and finished. These suites include dressen chest of drawers, head board (full or queen size) and rails. Starting at $105 for full set. Terms available. Come see at Freight Sales Co. Inc., 307 W. Broad, Texarkana, Tx. Open to public 11-8 Monday-Friday and Saturday, 9 to 5. 12-7-tf 78. MISCELLANEOUS BRAND NEW ROYCE TOPIJNE CB radio with external speaker paid $180. Will sell all for $125, 303 Margaret. 12-13-fltc WHY PAY MORE FOR LESS, When you can get the best at discount prices. All Mc- Crilloch models. Slightly used Mr;Culloch 850-$300. HOPE OUTDOOR POWER & EQUIPMENT, Third & Hazel, 777-8585. 12-1-tf TRAPPERS - HUNTERS - Top prices for your furs. Green, dry or whole - Also deer hides. Will be in Hope Every Wednesday 2:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Burger Center. Hwy 67 W. Vernon Lewis 214-822-3562. 12-5-lmp FIREWOOD FOR SALE- 7773085. 12-14-6tp 17" ROPING SADDLE $200.00, Catalina regrigerator, equipped for automatic ice maker, $150.00, Portable color television $50.00, Dinette set $35.00 Swivel chair $20.00 and more. Come by I^akewood Estates Mobile Home Park. Last house at the end. 12-15-ttp "IT'S A SONY" Your SONY Dealer in Hope is Collins Electronic Service—1122 South Main, Phone 777-3429. Serving you for 16 years. 12-10-tf ATTENTION HUNTERS & Trappers. Buying furs at Hwy. 29 & Ave A, across from Jumbo Burger. Every Sunday 4:00 p.m. to 5:00. Absolutely Top Prices. John Boyd - Benton, AT. 11-29-lmp : "** J -' —""' ' ' "i j ' *-J <•• <• 7!). HOMES BRICK-FRAME HOUSE FOR SALE: End of Circle Drive on 1% lots, 2100 Sq. Ft. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, CH & A, fireplace in Lr., large diningroom, kitchen combination, large play room, with wet bar, covered patio, large kennel run, lots of Privacy, Moving, Price reduced. Dodd St. 777-4216. 12-13-12tc NEW HOUSE, 3 br., 1% bath, 1 3-10 acres, half brick, all electric, near Bois 'D Aree, 777-3085. 12-14-12tp THREE BEDROOM, 2 bath, large gameroom, CH&A, outside storage building, carpeted, built-in appliances, 505 W. Ave. D. 777-5249. 12-16-6tp THREE BEDROOM FRAME house to be torn down & moved if interested call 214276-6910. 12-16-5tc 80B. BICYCLES BOYS 3 SPEED bike, features basket, 2 horns, a light, asking $75.00 777-6902. 12-15-4tc 83B. BOATS & MOTOR NEE L-CRAFT Boat manufacturing Inc. Has moved to the Hope Proving Grounds location and invited everyones repairs or any other service that we can do for you in the fiberglass line. Call 777-6466, JAMES NEEL for free estimates or pickup and delivery. 11-24-tf 84B. DOGS CHINESE PUGS, Boston Terrier puppies. One Lewallen setter bird doe. 8 months old. Will hold "for Christmas. Country Puppy Farm, 777-2503. 12-9-lmc 2-THREE MONTH Old Labador Retriever, $75.00 registered. 777-5802 days after 6:00 p.m 777-3748. 12-19-6tp ««**«__ .- ss WEARING APPAREL Page El MAKE OVERTURF'S Your Christmas store, the gift that comes in pairs - "We have time for you." 11-28-tf SHOP BONNIE'S DRESS SHOP: Bodcaw for something different for Christmas. Beautiful fashions, reasonable prices. Shop til 7 p.m. & Sunday afternoons. Yellow tag Sale. 12-Mmc DICK'S CUSTOM SHIRTS for all members of the family. Custom shirts will be appreciated for Christmas. 11-28-tf LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Mattie L. Hollingsworth, deceased No. P-77-90 Last known address of decedent: 509 East 14th Street. Hope, Arkansas Date of death: October 24, 1977. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the above named decedent on the 30th day of November 1977. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 12th day of December 1977. George M. Cunningham (Administrator) c-o Dee McMurrough, Probate Clerk Hope, Arkansas 71901 (Mail Address Dec. 12, 19-1977 • KEY - ; , to finding a new job is in the WANT ADS VALUES GET STAR BILLING in the WANT ADS Baretta rubs our face in it THE PRIVATE EYE David Handler Hv David Handler Hi rips (he shooting scripl in h.il(. charges (he director ."mil slams the cuy against a \v;ill. palm pressed against his nose Th;il ain't the way ii happens man," he cries "\<>u- here's hmv it's g<:::;;.i go down you're gonna turn your cameras on any! I'm gon- n;i give you the real thing " This must go on every week How else can we explain Haretta'.' Once an offbeat, rather soulful anti-cop show, it has grown self-indulgent and heavy-handed Hobert Mlnke's ego has engulfed it There are no characters, no dialogue and no plots just Hlake. pummeling us with his guts, his strength, his compassion and his blood rage vigilance-. Kach week finds Baretta's town streaking straight for anarchy. Chicano teenagers are on the verge of all-out gang warfare. Pushers are selling heroin to little kids. Uniformed justice is powerless. Tony's the only man who can stop it. Tony's the only man who cares. And then we get 60 minutes of this swaggering bully-boy of the airwaves doing His Thing. Baretta's Thing is flexing his muscles beneath a tight, short-sleeved sweatshirt and shoving villains around — usually pushing their sweating, snarling faces practically up against the camera. Now that he has our attention, Blake starts in on his high decibel sermons. Looking back over individual episodes, I m hard pressed '.< i < •< .ill a single bit of dialogue In .1 sub sidiarv character which < \ reeded more (h.m torn >'i li\ e consecutive words No sooner has ,1 >\ m pathetic young addict said said "I (Inn i Kno\\. Tony when Harelta screams \ow shut up a minute I see where you're coming from Now I'm gonna deal you the truth, little man And that ain't no tun Hut that's the way it is in this world The real world's bad. man. It's a drag Hut we gotta fight it. Now 1 know if ain't easy Hut I'm here to help you." Turning off Haretta is out of the question I'm afraid (o get too close to the set lor fear of being pelted by flying spittle. As a result,"I invariably find myself nodding off for a while during the show Sleep is after all an effective and profitable form of viewer protest. (If there was a way of determining how many of those Nielsen families are actually out cold, it would set off a programming revolution.) Just to give you an idea of how swiftly the story line moves, one week Tony hurst into a room where a chicano teenager held a rival gang member at gun-point. "Go ahead, man," cried Baretla. "Pull the trigger. You got nothing to lose . . ." That's when I smelled a speech coming and I went under for a while. I awoke 10 minules later. Still the gunpoint scene, perhaps a tad more sweat. "Go ahead," barked Baretta. "Your name ain't worth nothing. But think about your old man and your old lady. They got that name, too. And they're back home, worrying Hope is fading for 17 missin in jetliner crash MOIH.lt I HI AKK: (In .,„ waves His ego has engulfed cup show swaggering hully-hoy of the ;iir what was once an'offbeat anli- ahout you Now I m .ill lor reality in my evenmt: entertainment, and 1 appreciate what Hlake is trying .to tin hut his tactless sell-righteousness negates the show's positive aims An hour of Hardt,i is like spending a night in an alloy with your face pushed in a pile of garbage. i\'d sninicc has a wind-up villain said "I don't know. Tony." when he screams "You cancer every time I cut you out you grow back. If the judge can't cure your kind of cancer, I'm gonna' kill you. You hear me I'm gonna kill you!" The message isn't a new one It descends from a number of vigilante-style cop films of the early-7()s like "The French Connection" and "Dirty Marry." America isn't safe anymore. The streets belong to (he lawless and evil. Conventional means of justice are no longer effective Only an outsider, a man as ruthless and violent as society's criminals, can achieve a measure of justice Hut Hlake has distorted the idea. Kven though his character embraces the repulsive qualities ol I'npeye Doyle and Duly Harry Cal'laliaii, he still wants us to approve of him In fact he tries to force us. The guy's way out of line lie's a reasonably talented ac tor, but it's painfully obvious that there's no role anymore 1 for one find his poslurings obnoxious. And I resent being subjected to his monstrous personal problems. It. isn't Baretta who he's demanding we endorse. He's insisting that we love Robert Hlake. It just don't happen (hat way. And that's I ho name of the tune. iNKWSI'.M'MH KMKHI'IUSK ASs\ i CABOT, Ark. (AP) - Jim Davidson of Cabot, a motivational expert who once was Arkansas' Salesman of the Year, has announced that he will be a Democratic candidate for governor next year. Davidson, 39, said Saturday Davidson to run for governor the most important function of the governor's office was to provide "moral leadership, based on Christian pinciples of honesty anp^fairness. 1 ; . f M " " Although a newcomer to'poll- 1 tics, Davidson said his -inexperience gives him "the free- dom to be. free from special interests." Davidson is co-owner of a consulting firm that offers self- inijji^oypment courses for businessmen. Davidson, a White County native, is the third person to an- nounce for governor so far. The others are Little Rock attorney John T. Harmon and former Clark County Judge Randall Mathis... ., ,. , . —Support your local merchants. —Shop in Hope. Hope Star I UNCIIAI., Madeira (AIM -- Kescuers searched Atlantic waters \\jth dwindling hope today for 17 persons missing in the crush of a chartered Swiss jetliner off this resort island. Nineteen persons were killed and 21 survived when the plane, carrying tourists on n Christinas vacation trip, plunged into the sea on Sunday. The charter operator said 5<5 of the 5? persons aboard were S\\ iss and one was a Portuguese woman just married to a Swiss. The twin-engine Oiravelle jet from Zurich and Geneva, bound for .Santa I'aterina Airport here, crashed about six miles off (he beach al the village of Porto Now. Witnesses said the plane stayed afloat about five minutes. Swiss investigators were flying to Madeira to investigate the crash. There was no Immediate indication of the cause. Hospital officials in Funchal, the island capital, reported the survivors in generally satisfactory condition. The plane's pilot and two of the other four crew members were among those rescued. "It was very cold and the rescue took too long — 2V4 hours in the sea," said Yoiande Thierrin, who came through the cnisli alive with her two children and later was reunited with her survivor husband at the hospital. "We were found by a small fishing boat with three men inside, but there were six of us and a bigger ship finally took us ashore," she said. The Portuguese survivor, Maria Luciana Ollveira Pult, was on her honeymoon. She said after the pilot announced they were about to land, she heard a strange noise in the wings. "Suddenly I felt the plane hit something and the roof split open," she continued: "Someone handed me a lifebelt. I asked for another for rny husband and it was passed over. For information come by our office or call 777-8841 and ask for Penny. "I don't know how we got into the water but the next thin« we knew we were holding on to a fishing buoy and froM- ins." Her husband was rescued with her. Funchal nir traffic contra! said the plane was in radio and visual contact with ground controllers when it started 1 losing altitude during an otherwise normal approach. A controller said the pilot was told to pull up, but there was no reply. "We tried reportedly to contact him but there was no anstti-i " Then "the plane went off our nulnr screen." H was the second crash In less than a month on the mountainous Portuguese island. about 400 miles west of the African coast and 600 miles southwest of IJsbon. On Nov. 20. a Portuguese Boeing 727 of the national airline, TAP, crashed on landing at Funchal, killing 130 of the 164 persons aboard. That crash is still under investigation. Guard shot man sought LITTLE ROCK (AP) A mnn believed to be In his 20s la being sought by Little Rock police in connection with the shooting death at a skating rink of a private security guard. Officers aald James Thomas Howell, 31, of Uttle Rock was shot and killed by a disgruntled patron who had been ordered Saturday night to leave the Eight Wheels Skating Rink on Ashcr Avenue. Authorities said a high-powered rifle was fired through a partially opened front door to the rink. The bullet penetrated the door and struck Howell In the cheat Police said there were witnesses to the shooting. Between 50 and 100 persona were in the rink at the time of the shooting. SWIFT BUTTERBA TURKEY WITH THE PURCHASE OF ANY OR FUtt SIZE RANGE This Year's Most Wanted Christmas Gift! Come See Our Wonderful Selection of Famous LITTON ovens and ranges! Let us show you how easy it can be for you to make one a perfect gift. . .a Gift to Enjoy All Year! Priced from $278 MOOJI 102 COLLIER „ FURNITURE & APPLIANCE 119-121 West 2nd Hope

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