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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, May 12, 1859
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W - MILWAUKEE, THURSDAY MORNING, ..M$j% 12, NU.VIBK BT, tn «tn 1 iw Sail/ Paper, paMlshed cTery inorntnt.Mioepl Monday. ~ ~ "'"" Monday,WednertyandFrUar- every Tue*dayn»rnlnf. - ' ; TEiMBOPDAJLTPAPUt, JHUy Paper for one year, payable In advance... .$T,00 i TKKUBOF TKI-WKEKLT PAPER. Tri-WeekJyPaperforoncyear.payaWelnmdTance.W^O ; TERMS "» THE WBtttTPAPKR. Weekly Piper for. one year, payable lo advance.. .11,01 ItATES OF. ADVERTISING III DAILY | Tenline»,orlsw,ofHonparea>nakea«a l naw.' 1 sqnare,l<lay.,i.. .41,00 II square,! month... 1 do. Sdayi.. .. 1,60 1 do. Snontbi.. I do. 8dav«"... 8£0il do. Smontlu.. . • -- I do. 4month».. 1M» 1 do. fimonUu.. 1B.W 1 do. .months... 20,00 1 do. 1 year.... 80,00 do. 4dayi^. k , 8JBO 1 do. 6 days S.OO 1 do. I »«**.',.., SA> I do. -2«r«eU.... 4,00 1 do. ISTTt.ks..... 6,00 ADVMtTlSlNG AGENTS. -166 Mandolph Street,, or* mOuiHftd to rt~ ceive *a*ertiume»tt ftrr tMiand all tktjMtdi Papers qftht IfatOm&t, <j«<f are tkt onr andi CLtraivELT avthorlatd Agents in Hit SorOacttlfor a majority of then. . . . . , . mart •-•"' ' • '' TOWN AND OUT OP IT. H. M. POHEBOT, IDITOR. Itlolcorolo^icai Bcc«rd, for May, 1859 kept by U. H. OARDINEB A 00., Draggiita, I» Spring •treet. ' ' Si.v. 6r.«. 820. . NEAT.—To carry fien in a silk handkerehicf. r£T Tbe wheat crop of Upper Canada is reported as looking well. • H. M. Harkle, a well knbwn lake captain, died at Raoine last Wednesday. • H. W. Phelps has started a new paper called the Gcaette, at Burlington, Raoine Co. ' A Hue Troy bnilt open buggy will be sold at Hood's auction room this morning at 10 o'clock. Cow.—A mad cow chased a woman about a quarter of a mile, in Janesrille, the other day. bat fortunately did her - no injury - An assortment of fine furniture will b e sold at Hood's auction rooms this morning at 10 o'clock. __ f5p» Tbe Hirer Falls Journal say that forty persons have been converted to religion in that place the past winter. _ jy A sou of Henry Hanson, of Raoine, was drowned in the river.fronting his father's residence, on Friday afternoon last. Why is it that we never see any females in the gat-lerf of the Athenenm 7 Is it because the occupants are so 6oj/-sterons, or what is the reason 1 •The N. T. Tribune says Newcomb Cleveland has commenced suit against the N Y. TtHiet for libel, laying his damage at $50,000. FULL DB.ESS PARADE-—Milwaukee Light Guard, Capt. Starkweather, will meet at the Armory at three o'clock this afternoon for full dress street parade QUAT Fixi IK OsHsiosi—Loss ^$500,000 —TMWHOtlBCTrjneMPA.tT : d»THl c OlTr ROTM.—On Taeedajr right a detfrnetto fi& broke out in qihko«h,the pwticiilaw of wktoji riNte found in our telegraph column. Tte flre a jhppoMd to be the work of «n inoendl- •17. ' M -----It will t» Mmemberea tnat lait Febmary w* jnbllghedan account of tbe bandog of two ioUBeiirf prostitution, In Oahkosh, by the in- dlgnant cUlwna, and the conveying of tbe in- teBf twelve girli and a-man, to jail. The bouses were burnt to the ground, and the clothing, trouks and jewelry, belonging to the nmates were aUo destroyed. Aa before stated bj us, the $M«; wewliberated After trial. The next move was aoonvention pf this class of 'artists/' wAloh convention was attended by prottltutea and their pimpa from the neighboring cities and Tillages At this convention, it a said, a solemn oath was made to turn the fity from end to end, before the summer was over, in revenge "for the burning of the two booses aforementioned. The city is ashes, evidently fired by an inoendiaay, bnt who- the incendiary it we cannot yet tell. There is not a store or bust ness .house left.- Onebotel remains out of fire. Four printing offices, all the plaoe had, are in rains,-and the total loss cannot fall short of (500,000. for some weeks the city, learning the threat, kept a vigilant night watch, bat,as the Spring oAvmood. and the wooden buiUir, itcame dry. at povxkr, the watch was discharged JOB account of the expense. ~ 'The buildings •ere close together, and bniH" ot wood. This made insurance so high, ranging from 41-2 to 8 per cent ,that bnt very tew were insured,and the loss mostly local. DAVIS' DBT GOOD PALACE.—It beats the >ickens, who it is said beat the Dutch, who in return beat the devil, as the profane saying •oes, how soon ladies will find out whore the best bargains are to be had in dress goods, etc. Everyday tbe store of J. L. Davis, on East Water street is filled to its utmost capacity, with handsome ladies busy overhauling and rarohasing the most exquisite patterns of spring goods—the glossiest silk, themost,dura- We articles for household wear, the most elegant little arrangements for unseen wear, and ice things generally. From top to bottom in,' he retail and wholesale department, pile upon >ile of the choicest goods are to be seen, await- ng as 'twere tbe sacrifice—waiting to adorn the isndsome ladies Milwaukee is BO justly proud f People say that a little of the root of all vil will go about twenty per cent farther at (avis', than at any other place in (own, and ndging from the constant rush there, it most x true. Their country trade U large, and onstantly increasing, and they tell us that aeir weekly sales are now double what they were last season at Ibis time. All this results rom keeping good goods—from selling cheap, rom being accommodating, from rectifiying all errors oftbeir own making, from representing goods to be just what they are, and from a tib- aal, extensive system of advertising. FVpt la ' EATISO HOUSE—R. Q. Forbes has opened a, neat eating house in the La Crosse Depot, where tbe best of refreshments will be kept at all times. A GOOD MAS ELECTED.—We are pleased to learn that Hon. John A. Ryan has just been elected President of the village of Menasha,— He is a sound, active influential democrat, and one of the finest men in the State. About one hundred and fifty thousand bushels of wheat changed hands in Chicago yesterday at an advance of JOo per bushel over the prices of Monday. Flour sold at an average advance of fifty cents per barrel. GOOD.—The Buckley's—tbe unrivalled Ethiopian delineators—will give another side splitting, mirth provking entertainment at Young's Hall to-night. Mo company ever drew better houses in this city or gave better satisfaction. Oo and hear them. WHEAT PRICKS.—To-day there was a con- tinned rise in wheat, U having gone up five cents. Mo. 1 club sold active at $1,40 in'store. Extra milling sold at $1,50 to $1,56. There was a single sale at $1,60, The market was active and firm at. the above rates. f. Sibley, of Minnesota, has offered a reward of $5,000 for the apprehension and conviction of any or all of the persons concerned, or in any way implicated, in the late high-handed execution of Oscar F. Jackson, who was hung by a mob in Wright county, on Monday, the&Sth ult . FINS WBA.THKE.—If yon want to aid diges tion, take comfort, feel good natuted, see the "city, and'prolong your life goto Butler & Post's livery stable, -foot of Mason Street, get one of their nice horses and fine carriage, and try a few lioi.i.- .i. •.•.-« This warm,spring-like weather is nice for those who have both money .an.i ItUnre. CITT PfiiHTiHQ.—The incidental printing for the city of Milwaukee has been awarded by Controller E. L'H. Gardiner, to C. C. Meser- rey, who has already entered upon his duties as Ciy Printer. We have no doubt, from our 'knowledge of the new City Printer, that the work wilt be done satisfactorily to all interested. Mr. Meservey's bid was 19 cents par thousand ems for composition, 15 cents per token for press work. ^-"The Bhode Island Cottage," or a gift for the children of sorrow, by Rev. J.C Richmond, i* the title of a neat and very interesting titt>» work, for sale at Herman'*. A sin gular circumstance in relation to this work, a counterpart of the Dairyman's Daughter, was written by a divine named Biobmond; and the •ntrject-of the memoir lived in a cottage four miles and a-half from Newport, on the Isle o Wight—the garden of England. Cynthia Tag. gart, the subject of the work above namjd lired in a cottage four miles and a-half from NewportvRhode leland.the garden of America TOOK a LAST.—A lady cor respondent of the Buffalo Exprtti advises on the tmbject «f wearing hoops and lifting op dresaes, eays: "The hoops should be near together,-aay two or-three loohaa apart, *n< come to within u many inches of the feet o Ihe bottom of the»dre88. A word about tbe .management of dress. In tbe first place, in ., 'g«8*g »P rtalrs youneed only lift the front o > your drew, and in desoending, the back part ofyourjiklrta. The front part of your dress *3*£5riw effort be aoiledin descending, neitb t&&& theliack par*, by. aacendJng.avpair of ^•tato. Do therefore bay* a reform inthUtc klttmoaM^iiibir f on bavehaadleflsly into, of dragging your_ dreu behin 4fi going 4oroiUin,.W lifting it up Ji MUNICIPAL COURT—Wednesday, May 11.— John McHahony, disorderly, fined $5,00 nd costs, or 20 days imprisonment. James Clargo, assault and battery, settled y defendant paying $8,60 costs. Martin Carry and Michael Spelling, larceny, each 30 days imprisonment. Christian Nankl, threatening to injure per- onal property of Ferdinand Eorch, adjourned to Hay 12 at two p. m.. and for want o f 1.000 bail, committed. , Thos. Sheggard, getting op sufficient steam o become drunk and disorderly, was fined $10 and costs, and for non-payment, went up 3d days. Michael Tobin, insane, sent to the poor ouse, a very poor asylum for an insane per- on. James Stein, violating bridge ordinance, ned $1 and costs. John Dili, on complaint of Joseph David, or assault and battery, fined $10 and costs. A QUESTION FOE LAWTXBS.—The Assessor's lanks left with property owners in the city re- nires such owners to list their property for lie currant year. Now suppose, from some cause, no matter what, the currant crop should entirely fail this year and this should not, be a currant year at all, would property owners be egally liable in case they neglect to list their roperty' Who will furnish a solution and romptly settle, what if neglected, may grow o be a vexed question?— Free Democrat Nice way that to beg currant wine, to ask ho will furnish a tolution and promptly tettle, hat which will not settle inside of three months after being made. If yon want some currant wine, say so, and we will try and get some for yon. BOAKDISO HoUSB FOB THE FBMALI CoL- LBQE—At a meeting last night of the Board of Trustees for the Milwaukee Female College, a committee was appointed to report at tbe next meeting of tbe Board, upon the advisability of building a boarding house for tbe Col- ege, upon the sam* lot where the institution stands. The College opened this term with a larger number of pupils than usual, and is in a most nonrisbiag condition. It is an institution where as good an education can be obtained as at any similiar institution in the conn try. WXIT BCBD ITEMS —The Democrat says that John Toole, living within a mile of the •village,, has juit sold his farm of 120 acres for $5,000. The Phoenix, a German jnper, has been removed to this city. , Farrar thinks of cnanging the name of his paper to '• The West Bender." Do it—pitch into everybody who .'objects, then look out for fun. OB THBIK TKATILS.—Three young men about 18 years of age, were discovered the other morning In a barn at "Racine, who 'said they were from Mllwankee. They were hid under some hay, and John Fancher stuck a rjitokfork Into one of them in getting oat some fy when they, all oame out. ; They were afterwards examined on suspicion of r robbinj thehonseof Father Smith, bnt were discharged, as noth'mg could be found against them 'M*A1>Ainr QBAK»T.—This lady U how stopping at the Newhall House, and desires to form * dancing class in this city. -She has taught the-dancing class In the Troy, (N. 'f.) Female Seminary, for thepaut two years, and has with hw letters of reeonimendaUoBfreen the princi pal u of that well-known and flourishing InsUtn- Uon. . ,*KiTS"c,/:, v,' ,to : yDsUiB.-^-AeiMraay, noon a danghterof X.L.Tracy, about alni years old, was burned to death at the aehool hone* in ihe town of la Prairie, about two mttea. from this ottjrv ^tpUe <St ^^*tmw;h8d been burning and was «upposed toitare. burned ont, when sereral children attending school went to I means the clothes of the little girl caught fire ana though her little eompanioM endeared b aart ber% feswlng her clothes from her, an£ - '- *-rt'upon .ner k she w«> barnedto «ny adult person reaeb«d;her.— ^kU* *i * "^ t *'-;•/:" Ul CurraM «r t luUee of ifteSopreme C6»rt.. Tabular 8U>temeBt of the votes cast at the «lec- titin held OB the first Tuesday, being the fifth day of April, 1859,1n the stveral cocotie* IB the gtate of Wlsoonsin, for an Associate Justice of thn aopiMDe Court: COUNTIEJ- I «ted,no iealto cert fleate .do 'do do do canvas* made Apr. 13 Juffilo.i. ........... . ........ .... Bprnet*, norttorn»..4.. .. ......... O&latoet ....................... Oi... Columbli.rejECted.nottiltoc'Uflo'i Crawford Bodge .................. > ......... Do«r.. .......... ,..; ............. Douglas ........................... Bonn ..... ................... EaoClalre ........... ............. Food dnLzc, icj.,o»nv. made Ap. IS Srant. ........................... Jrecn ............................. Jretn l*ke ....................... low» . . .......................... IftCkeon .......... . ................ ereoDe-ej., oaorau made Apr. 18 Jnnean, rej , DO teal to certmcat' , lit vaao< e ...................... 854 ...... Ml Sl« TO W» 8,-«6 8,782 120 1M «1 28* 280 -, ,.. .. .. 6T« 1 1M 2 14 .. 8o» .. 8.MO 3 8,733 8 51 .. 21 .-' S17 .. 210 li 2,69fl .. 781 1.880 8 fild 1,4M .. 1,105 1,1162 .. SOt 424 1 liaOrosu ............... - ....... , Fayette ........................ LaPolote.uo returns ............. Uanitowoc, rej.,c»Dir. made Apr. 14 ...... Uaratbon, do do do )8 ...... Uarqaetie ...... ' ................. UI Mllwaotee ...... . ................ 6,4K tfonroe ................ ..... .. 661 D)o t &o rettmi... ...*...••> .......... Ootafetxnle ........ '-.-., ............. -WJ Ol»nie«.. ........... ........ : ..... VOT Vplii ....................... ....... « fierce, rej , canra«« made April 13 -\,tk ........................ 4^ 'ortage ........ ; ................ 289 l&cl&e, rej , oanrasi made April 18 * Rlelihuid do DO seal to certificate Jock, do canvau male Apr. 13 St. no leal to certificate lank ................ Shaarana .......................... Bheboygan ...................... Trempeleiu, rrj ,caor made Apr. IS wiuJorth ....................... Washington ....................... Waak«ha ........................ Waupacca ........................ Waushara ...................... Wtunebago, rejected, no leal Wood ........................... H4 1,308 1,044 841 1,448 1.1U «,7S» It T«2 a ""m '.'. •M .. 31S 1 ""ioi "i 60S 1 488 »' 1,688 1,TIO T5 2,102 1.233 3.«88 2,677 l^KJO 2,073 2^58 4M »88 M» M68 33,859 40.MO Prom tbe New York News. WHAT HAS CHANGED toe so T—WH have all witnessed with astonishment the extraordinary and improved change in many>a gentleman and lady who had become prematurely gray ,but who, by some means, had been miraonously re art-Dated. There Is a time in life when gray Laira seem to harmonize with the furrowed !>row and the wrinkled features, but men and women not only witness the gradual change i their looks to a "mottled and apeokeled gray," bnt are mortified by the danger of maitfve baldness from the actual losa of their lair. All this demands a remedy, and a safe >ne. We naturally look about and ask, in his age of scientific invention, who stands lighest as the Proprietor and Manufacturer if a real hair restorer—a restorer of color as rellasof health, a bxaulifyer as well as a hair tonic. We find at the head of all'lie iaimants,in this long line, a single individual', ny of the splendid heads of hair along Broadway, onop falling out, dry and grav, when asked "What has cham-t-d yon eo ? " will eply PBOFESSOB WOOD'S RISTOBATIVE Caution. —Bewar* of worth lees imitation?, as several are already in the market, called bj ifferent names. Use none unUss thewor1« Professor ft. • Uwtorative 1» ; /ouis, Mo., and iV .1 iork) are blowu , .. lOttle. Sold by all Druggists and Patent iedicine dealers. AJeo by all Fancy and toilet Goods dealers, in the United States .nd Canada*. To tlie Editor of the ffewt : In jour paper of yesterday morning, I observe a recommendation from the Board of Aldermen to build a oity prison, for tbe purpose >f avoiding " the payment of enormout board bills to the Sheriff of Milwaukee county." The game committee also recommend the payment o the Sheriff of $331 35 for three months ward of oity prisoners to April 1st The reports of the late Sheriff, show that the board f oity prisoners have cost from $1,000 to $1,400 yearly. Now, sir, I simply wish to stake my better judgment, and put it in print, ai a matter for future reference, that if such an in- ititntion is built, the cost to the city will not be less than $8,000 to 810,000 yearly. Ex- >erience shows that evwry such reform has urnished some greedy applicant a fat office at an "enormous" salary, but I suppose it makes some difference as to whom is the recipient of such favors. CENSOR. ; wonras i woitJis r i A jr«t many learned trcallin have b«en written, explaining tie origin of, and elanirylng the wormi generated in the human ijntem. Scarcely any topic of medical aclenoe- batleltectH inofe acute obMrrathin and' profoodtd re»earehi and yet phyalelaoi are tery much .divided la opinion on the tnbjeet, Itoiut be'admlttcd, howfTtr, Uut, afjet all, a mode of, expelling theie wotdM, and parlfjlng the body fiom their preienoe, Is ofmor«ral«*tbaa tb* wisest to the orl^la. The ejpelUng aftnt hai at length been found— Dr. STtanft Jtrmfftige, prepare] by Flemlog Br t. 1» themnch ionght after iprdflo, anil hai already nper. •eded-all other worm medlctnM, Iti tfllcicy being anl- venally acknowledged by medical pratutlonen. gp»" Pnrchaiarj!* gill be carefol to aik for DB. M'LANE'S CELEBRATED riRHIFUOE, m»nuf»ctnr- ed l>y FLEMING BEOS, of Pitttbur^b,. Pa. All other Vcrmlfo, ei in comparlion are worlhlcu. Dr. M'Lane'i .genuine Vermltnge, alto hla celebrated liver P.1U, c»n now be had at, all retpectable drag ttores. A'ont genuine- without Oit tignaivn of [1] m>yl2-d*Blm FLEMING BB03. A>» HOOFLAND. WHICH It the greatest? Hhlle tbe one has exp'ored the a,'mo>t,. icaccutlble mountain rtjk,n« of gootti America, and added largely to our geographical know! edge, the other ba> given bl> »tier lion to the mitigation of bnman Euffcrlnir, and in ui«,Invention of the ta- moni German Bitten, known In tbe country u •'Hoof- land't EMcrt," hai conferred an Inralnible boon up cc mankind. Djtpepsta, Liver Oomplahit and Ntrr oui Debility are iperdlly and permanently cured by thU remedy. For lale by druggist] and dealers med!clne» everywhere, at 75 cefitt p«r bottle. • m»jlS-d»wlm NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. B U OK B fi L. R, ' - -- AT BEST'SBEER HALL, Market Street, North of Biddle, ON FKIL)AY KVKNINCi AND AI/L DAV SATDROtV. f3T~ Call and try. marli-d3t t. HELNEMANN. NOTICE. THERE wll» be a meeting of tbe Offlcen of the Fire Depart- • meet, on ibunday eveauig, ] May lilh, at 7X o'clock r. «., • it Engine Co. No. 2 House. A foil attendance )• requested. may 12 THOS. H. KVISION, Chief Engineer. AUCTION s.tLt OF A T Hool'i Auoilon Booms, No. 4 Spring n , on Thursday morning, M»y V2th tit 10 o'clock, I nill ••II at boction, a geoer^J auortment of household far- Diture. Balei PoalUrc Termi cash. °"yl 2 J. HOOD, Auctioneer (•real Assignee* >al<-. STOCK OF HAUI>\V.4HK, AT AUCTION. W ILL be sold si Auction st Hood's Auction Rooms No. 4, epnns strut, commenting on Frldaj morning, s.1 10 o'clock, and coniinuu.g i rlila/ ev. nm? and Satordtf tr.o.-mog and evening?, the entire stuck o( Hardware (f A. Dorr, I ram vt&lkrr's Pnint. Tbe stock embraces ereiy rariel? o/ £helf U&rifvarr, and every description or i abiDel Ma>>rs an •. Bouse Builders Hardiarr; Carpenter's Tools, teel, Itoojiails, Glas-., to mate ap a well aiio-led stock of Hardware and Cutlery, Sales to be cash oo deliver/ or*. JOHN FALKNkR, Alilfnre J HOOD Auctioneer. ma.) li NOTlCt.. Cm CoHpTBoLSft's Orrici, [ v CoDtrac; Department, slii., Maj 1'^, 196V | T HE rollo«log described provertj In the Third WarJ of the Cltj ef Milwaukee,*olulloo of the Common Council, adopted May 8tfi, IW. wu dec'arrd » public nolsaoce by reitna of stsgiant vatar anrt fllth tberton, and raid nnlsaocr ordrrrd to be abaietl, rii The Nonh X or lot lo, in Uock 6 Owners and agrnts of abov« ^lencribed properly are hereby notified ti abater said nuisance vlthtn thirty days from tbis date, or the ftreet Commissioners of said Th rd Ward v.u cau«e thr tame lo h« ilon« and cbarcetl to the lot,^ to law K L'H UaRIUXER. m»yl2-d8t C»ni|.lr»llrr. NO 1 ICt. CITT COMITSUU.KB'!! Orr Contract Dcp&rtmeo-. Milwaukee,Hay 12, IU! T HE following j«» lulu, m the rirth Hard or htf city of Milwaukee, by rrsolatlon of the Common •- icll, a topted the yth daj of May, 1->MI, w«-re dr- uu-ed public nniaancrs by reason <,f stairaaot va-rr and filtn thereon, and raid nulaaaces ordt-red lo be abated, viz: lots 4, 5, 12 and. 13, Mock T, I'.i. C and 7, ilock 6, lot 2, block 8, within 10 dayi Irotn po->li.-at.ori, ind the following named lot* within £1 dayA. 1 rn : Lot , block 1«, lots 4, S and C, b oci U, l u i, s an.I 9, bluet 4^ lots 1, 2, 10, 11, 12, 18, 14, block 18, lots 4, 6 and C, lock S4; lots 1, 2, 4, B, 6, 9. 10, 11 and 12, block i'T| l-.t , block 10; lota 6 and T, block &: lota 6. 7, &. 9, 10, u, block 35. lot 7, block 90; lots 7, & and 9, block tt-*, lou 4 and it, block 28; lots 1, 2, 8 and S, block 1KB, lota 1. 8 and 8. block 85; lot* 12, bloc* 24. N H lot 9, block 11. Owners and agents of al-OTr described propt-rtr are lereby notified to abate »ald nuisance* with n tht ime named above, or [be 3l. Commlss.oocri nf sal.l 5th Ward will cause the same to be don' and cha/gr-d lo tbe respe&tre lots, sccor.llng to law. mayl2-ddt E. L'H. Ii A RIUNER, Comptroller is, i The German service and sermon are >ostponed to Snnday, 8 1-2 p. m , May 23d. RICHMOND. German papers please notice this. A BOAED OF' S0PBBV1SOBS INDICTBD—The Ozaakee Advertiser has the following paragraph. •'Tbe Board of Supervisors of the town of Sankville, in this county, have bee indicted by the Grand Jury, at the last session of that body, on charge of fraud in canvassing tbe votes at the recent election. We understand tbeie are ten voters in the town who are willing to swear they voted for Paine, whilst the returns show no rote for him. This Is doubtless a mistake. Oar republican friends as well as democrats have been deceived by the hybrid ticket got op In this place which had Lynde and Sloan on. We doubt notthey intended aud actually supposed thedlfere voting for Paine and Sloan, bnt those Mfns tickets were pot in circulation go freely that they were deceived. One republican In this town informs as that he had circulated several tickets with Lyndu and Sloan on, before he discovered it. • The indictment will end CBBUT t7a*iE OotD Miirgf.—The following is ant extract from the prioe current, of necessaries at Cherry Creak, which is about seventy miles north at Pike's P*ak : Roar fSO 00 OoSee, per poao* ... f« Bagu-, pef pound . . . • (U Bloe, per pouc4 - ' ?? Tel, per poniw . . . I 00 .Ham, per pound ... 60 Beans, per bushel . • 15 00 Whiskey, per gmlkm . Lumber, per M . . Bipaawi, each Broad-axe*, each Chopping axe 1109 aeo oo 7000 26 00 e oo DB.OWNKD.—A raftsman—we have not learned his name—was drowned last Moniay while helping to ran a raft through the slide of the dam at this place. The raft struck against tbe west gunwale, while passing into the slide, and in some way threw him overboard and he passed through the slide and was drowned. This is the only one who has been drowned in running rafts here.—JS/oourn Mrror. - . ""- • . • '. . ', • . Hanford, Blackmarr A C«., (t4l» HA«EI«OH, HA»rO»D & 00.) ' V-IHABMJBQBIMTIN*-oo., comer <it \J and .Vaio» stnAs, Milwaukee,, WUcoosin. hare fo» sale Ke*I Brtate, Jn w the CUT. of Mllwanlfe,,lB large o asaallTAre«J»iiafl4l»«I<i*««n«Tery Warden h City of aUiliwandprKifai, for baiUica orrealdeno on,«aa termi. iAj*o, small Farna ef ,fiom 6 to8» KIT CAK8ON!! ADV AND NTURE S KIT CARSON, The Wester «f tbe Rocky Moontains, From facts oarrate'd 'by himself. Josl recelred by may 10 STRICKLAND t Ui). NOTICE THE IMSPECTOH OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the CHy ol Ullwankee, In pimoance of An Act of tbe Leglsla- :nre, approred March 17, 1859, hereby ftlrefl notice thai 3e Is now famished with tbe pioper weights and brands for the due performance or the duties of hlf office. By tbe laid '•Act" It is made the dot; of nil persons dealing In Pish to glre notice to the Inspector to hare tbe same duly Inspected and branded before parkin;. Mr. Smith will be found at tbe Ne* Warehouse of Messrs. John Furlong « Son, South Water it.. Walker's Point, where all notices are requested to be left. Milwaukee, May T,18i8. majlO JOHN SMITH, Inspector. Desirable Farming Lands FoU SALK. 1O.OOO • 1,76 TO .8,50 PER ACRE. T EE labscriber otter* for sale In lots to iDit purchaser*, 18,000 Acre3 of choice unimproved lands In Central Wisconsin, at a small advance on Government price for cash. These lands were carefully selected at a very early day and bought direct from tbe United Slates. The title Is Indisputable. They are desirable lots for farming purposes, as Rood ai any In their respective neighborhoods, and are In the midst of noartahlng settlements, adja- eent to schools and mills. Many of these tracts of land are within a few toilet of Yiltkges, County Seats and Ballroa4 Depots. Title perfect. Warranty deeds wUI be glren. Price SI, 7B to .2,50 per * ere. Address OBO. KNOWXE?, "Land Agent," East Bandolph, mayt-d2wA-wlv Colombia Co., Wisconsin. OOLUKCTION OF THE North Western LAWS States ! W E will publish about tbe 20th of May, the Collection, HpeMsJ jfroperty, Banking and Interest Laws of Illinois, Indian^, Michigan, l«wa, Wisconsin and Hlnoeiotav The work will contain four hundred papa, bound In law rtyle. (t will Include all the late Session Laws and Torms of Court. Alto the Rev Mortgage Redemption and Interest Laws of Wisconsin. ITIce $1,60. payable on delivery. It will be told Only by subacriptloos ai the edition is limited. Mr. Wm. r- Walter Is oar only 1 authorized agent to receive sab Krtptians la •Itconfln. He will canvaif this dty. njay»-dlt« i JA8. T. HOCT * 00- SALE. [New. STATE Of WiBCOHSlN, I Circuit Court, Mllvaolree Oo. I 1 Jame* Emott, against Bpbralm Mariner, Thomas Beed, Reuben A. Lamb, Hiram Farmer, The Globe Bank, Ha Jane Lewis, executor and Cphraim Mariner, and John J. Orton, ez- fecutori of the lait will and teJtament. of Allison Lewis, deceased, Martha Iiewli, Sarah Lewli, Mary Lewis, Martha HJ .Lewis, Elltabeth Louisa Lewis, Wlllls^a 3. Lewli, Ida Jane junto and other unknown ' heirs ot Allison Lewis, deceaaed, and Ichabod Smith. TN Tlrtue of and parsttint to a judgment rendered In JL aald Court, In theiabove entitled action^ dated March 16Us,1859, I shall expose for wale and lellat Public Auction, atthe Post-Office, in the Pit; of Milwaukee. on ;»atHT«a»» |»DB smm mmj '•! JBiy 185V. at the hour of 9 r. »-, at that (Jay, th* fol- lo*ln«d«icrIbi«l|.rjemH«i,t»irlt: =-i ; -,., "Tbe sooth baJILof lot nanbirsM, nlno (g), to blot* nombdrKtl lUrty-ieren (81), In ; Tblr4 War4, of IboCJtT of Milwaukee, Ooontr of _ MU»»nk*e and Sttterof Wisconsin." ' / '- . iDRed SberlFi Oflce, MUwaokce. March 1», 18W. . Sowiittsi LiDia.t: A. J. LASGWOKTHT, -—•--•- v 8h'H.-»i-Oo.,Wli. OHARJLES QUBNTIN & CO. DR. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, DR. ifOOFLtA-D'S BALSAMIC ; CORDIAL, 'The ffreat standard medicines of the present aye, havt acquired their gmtl popularity only through years of trial. L abounded »atixfac~ tion u rendered by them in all faxes; and the people hitve pronounced t/fm worthy. Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaandlce, Debility or the Nerr.ou* System, Diseases of tbe Kidneys, and all di*fa*sr.t arising frnm n disordered liver or u?tiiknes$ of ih* *tt*mucJi and digestive oroQUJij are speedily and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial ha* acquirtd a reputatwn ntryassiny that of any similar preparation -extant ft will cure, WITHOCT FAIL, the mpst fevers and long-standing Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness. Bronchitis, Influenza, Croup, Pneu'maoia, Incipient Consumption, and has performed thr mvst jftnnirt'iny curt* rver faotrn nl Confirmed Consumption. A fete doS£3 n-lll .;'.-. <!.' ft'i •' rhtck ,//,,/ curr the motl irrrr- DiarrhCEa pr^rsrthuy r'rvm ("OLD is THE B<,«EI.S JACKSOS & Co., \o U^ Ar.-h Strrri. I'l.ila- litlphia. fa., mitl ar* sold ''if dru<j<ji.'>* iintj dtalfTK in inttjirtrtri nrryrtirrr. at 7 "j crntx per bo!tU. T fit 11 ir.n'ur' ' (' M J\fK-loN Jn tflf AII'liiii'f puft'' ihrri -Tlntia'ht t'tj tht yuu inil tind Irrttmony mil c<>r°i ni- <i i,n^ r , t notices front nil y.iri* . , /,^ - .i//,/n. Tfiftf C HARRINGTON, an-i H, BO3WORTH A SOWS. fnr Hooffun.]'* German Blttrri, Milwa.akr«. BY TELEGRAPH. REt'OUTKK POU THE bAll.V .Vfc Destructive Fir* at <MhKo»h.. 'OsfcKosu, May II. Last night ubont eleven o'ulock, a Arc broke oat in the r>-ar of Mark's Enchant:" and Onh koah Hnu.*H The alarm wa« tmme Jiat.-ly jiv- en, hat th« lir~ spread KO rapidly that all attempts to check it were fruitless. It reached Washington and Algnma ats , ttu. huild- inga were somewhat scattered, when it wan *t- feotnallv checked. &ix entire liio.-ks were consumed, threw on each aide of Ferry St The wind win l.lowi*} quite from the Suuth East, and the huiMinif", mostly of wood, hnrnrd so rapidly, that in. >i littlo more tluin an ho"nr the whole wa Over fUtr stock brokers fulled noni.-,jmt,. ed jad 'i-nt> impo riant. Tl)«- net? liiilian loan hail IJIMT dincount. D-rmaoil ,it th« l.nuk ;'ur ninn^r lull it ;hi- increased raten The London H.-rnM, .HI HIM li"Ht in tbork/, that n» lierr^t treaty hiw ti^-n <ii(nr-i) Iwtw^^n Franc*? ami Ru.sHia Tli« Ru.-Jsian.-i mnruly .ilF.T»il to pi i.-» "(1 inn m*-u IH ,tn artnv of oh>«-rvitmn on th.- r'rnriti.TH nf Gallotfa The TimHs, how, v-r, -!:I/H witii r-.-,|,-.-t ',> this tr»aty, WM l.avi- iinthiiu- 'tHnntia. '.n ? tract, it in not \ H^tirwt tr^ut-,- hut w n >xp.-r-i e'l to know in dutail within , w-k -i/'t.-r itn -UK U.lttirn, tliM ni'lin la«t?» ir- .v.- Vnr '..-•/ .ii.l • Jniiht. T)i« Tim.-« I^IIMS uitli,irilati-.-..|y D>-n- n._ TK ,111 i UT. . " '" ' mark hail coni!ln(i>-.l « tr"iitv oin-naiv- i u ,| ),.. flames Tb- Ushkosh,,W mnebog,,, »u,t L'ltv , f j, h F, and tL.- Banking HOI,,H of K.-ll.,^ ,t T,T,f,, , IP, Co., » K r.- consumwl. Th» inmate ,,r tl, P f>h- t T h, H,r,,l.i ; avs \I,,,i,,,a irvl P.r,n.-h,i, jlio It-ij ,u-il lor Sanlina The Tiui^s nf Sntnr'i:iV r-i'^ri'iiu' '^ pr. viou.s -itatHriii'litrt, .a v-i that lii.- til v tn,-.< [,«»•*(of th,. Austrian inn . -ro-s.-l ' n- 1' ,-i:,,. u theirich. »n.l -,.nk p.nltiori n -i.-niv < V-rr- tor^ in.I Mi^ main -irm y -r"w^*..| .1-. • :n. MM'- By all a.vrounU i h.- Vn-4nani i.i.l |.(.TII,.I, -il -.11 .1 riKiirou.s uiov-in, nl in 1 '.;,. r.. ,n •• '-lit !itti« li.iil.l l.ii- l;i i- -. • H .- ir-- I,-- -.. ,1 i- kosh Honsi> lian-ly hnd tirn« to leave Iheir lieiln The Post Olfii-e buildini; wiia burai-d, hut th» ruatld wt-rt* sapi-.l. Tli.-los.H is 7pty heary, prol.ahly u«it less than half » million dollars. Many lost all th-y had But Tery littln of the property was in, aa th« rxpo.sur» was so ^r^-tit. that n., reliahln i-ompany would tali* risks, -xt-ept at very liUli rates, and for this reason, inme \\rut allowed tb«-ir polirtHS to run out without renewing, and i.thera would not insure it all Among tht; heaviest loder-i are N. K Huu-hin- fon & Co , hardware dealers . loat ii.,r» .iL'h them The WAT -lit l goods. The entire walls fell tn the ground N-i uj- rnnc«. Loss cannot Iw less Una 340.iWD — rren.-h w-re u n pr--;;:u--.1 •if tile B'gger & Mill h i.l a *lo.;k ol dry <uod» w.irlh ','. j '^;^ ,," ( '"" They saved from two to thre., th.mrt and dollars Messrs. S. H Cottrwll, Mr. Doe, C E liar- low & Co , .Iry i{o. ils, AUen A Billing*, har.l- , and Pag« & Co , ^rocerlefl, lo^t mostly their entire stock At a late boil' this ui.irnui.- a -i..n •<( Mr jt^hin.-ion t '""'^ . wh--n a r e|l and killed h rn instantly tire ,1 -upo. -i.-il in ! j incendiary, ** w,n «et in t*o t,.' i.-— I Baldw:u tCfmernn I,HI rh.-ir lir-rv it. | hut saved lh--ir -itoi-k All !h^ :i^ ticefl, two Kiiiilisb and two ij^ruitu.s, w-r must of their -iiock Nothini; is l-fl or' the l.u.-.m.-«- town but one dry ^',.>,1 st,,r i-lothing Htor*- As *oon w tl,-- rl.imes w^r- yond conlrnl i train was lesp.ii.-h--I l. F »n ! dil Lac? for ii-l. ind in :i r-rv -hor' 1.111- ir rived with engine C,/a. '2 ai.d J -r . a.ti tv hut too Ute to r ndr-r much nd. DR. 30th, drri iV'al iir»-^ o( h--r h' w * hav •• i»-n *; • • th" A.i^iii.l^ .it rti John- LI.'. -I ^>uir* facia i>l .ill. i-'-.t. ' I i.-- -rti ..*• A ii-tri.i of th.- •:'".!. •.'!- r |. t.i. :, fc »! r-** • •[ ;« . -H v •» A.-iM* :nu-C -worti to miiu'ani Eun' i-r :. r CKI.KBRAl'KI) VK R M I trnr' R • ^^"^'1^ "..: - .-•;.«•,; V 11 IX IV I IF U O LL -the Au,tr,,,i, r.,^1 ,,,,,„ ,,l.- iU ,',..-. f--r LIVER PILLS. 11,- '»t;..w:nj ir- u Kr-n.-h T. :itj. i- rf liy th- tiist tr-itv vorxr> HAI.i, : l I 1 I : i I N l • . : . . - •. . i iciuif MomiAV M.iy t >;i R I r k I. t. I • * - K K K ~- V ' • - :: - \ \ ' • - Burlesqne Opera Tiope MI- i r i , \ i'.' •! ' i i >. VV^'l'"- ^'^ If.ivt- ft> call the artcn- r i-'-- tion ut tin.- I i .ult., .ti-ul mor-.- u ',|| r espccia.liy tlic P.'.\ , t i'i.-, i,r' :!.e '" country, ro t\- ., i.; lai rt-nicJi-. -. i.. > • \\\- --f-r -o Dr. (li.iv ll'L.-n. We JM < wh.U tlicrr ot F ran. ! irrrv .,(' ". 1 P It i. i 'I ! ! , - ....' .11 : i. i r' • • • :' i ; • ' • V 1.1! Ml I'll For \\'. : ' \< ' : '.- adniliilsf , . ,1 \. .- ! . . . V:-, factor v K -.!i!'^ i • - ii •• \ • m.ils subji-xt to \\ t.i i i, !.r !T !'l I I S hor I.'itiJUl ^i'l I .1 ; - • ,- V. . .\i i ; , i -. I s, . ' I h^ •• i! t«-r j_ ri t- ,''..-t, ui'-t.. •u K i,«r ! • .u !'i' I h ^ }'. , -. « i .1 1 1 r ,..-- . ... i dii, : t ' Lr 1 1 -I M I ii^ -.-. -n 1 i .- - t l.. -~ pr., fsr ; . - . r-' »•• • E*7 " ' ' • ' t'KOTII- ' Uii' r, but.u D k 1)1 4 <« .. 71) M i <•- . riivn • . 1 tht r-ct-n I l.- 1 ..I.H u. i:;,L. 4 .n, Uu. i. .j .1.1 I ;n..--; :,. 1: ., . ,.-. if Fran.- • u, t li mu :.. ;. l .ii-l.-r .1 i on'.r.i, Li"ii -,i t.-rr- - -v It. 1-- ^ii >j(' '.i,- lr^-ili.-« iliou 1 ;.~"m>- l^>.s thiu i ^.irl.tlu:. >>: Euru^.- t/,-- ar-4l j-i i". j.., -- - i i r --*i.-; •• it .->n * •>•: . 1 - ''u ; •-. '. • • .' MILWAUKEE CADETS ALBANY HALL I rnl.i> i trniia^. '3 .> \ ^Tlii , ,- MM,.I - L.-r l^f. ti 1 Ui-tii ^^i .--^ 01 il i',wii i,Dtii.-^tea.l .,,-!.. ,a»- l:.- F..,.-=. I., j - w .-r - ••-^••ntlti t.- -th.-r ' n Hi-- 1 t|.i T'.^ f,.,:,,«ii.j 1-1 ;» -iini,..:irj or i.,. K:.< . S-vrii 1111:*'^ I r.i.-UvaiAJ : 11 L.' '-li- .i' 'U.» ' • r\ '- - on l.illi«r'' i.. I I li-- n il.'-ll in 1 i- '.'•. r I -r rHjv!i.-dlh- l-ln.-iii'l willi Il3-l>ili >n.I "I: u-mpl Tli- K "k- c-ills tu U..M I [-A.I > i. .•tli^u;^)., an-i -»aV' -vii. U- ¥ - . r i^-.t. . , ha.'-- pr^v-.i j.uir v.\!i>r .'n th-- li- i-1 -' '---vU'.- Kv th- ^i.if --r niv illu-stru 1 '!-* fnth--r Tin-* Mm you wl. h.iv^ lor yi>ur .-<)uirai|.-^ tl:- ii* . ui Frt-nch =o iliera.juiir oum(.11111101.1 .... i.i- t- i.- -•ruay, whom ib- Emp-ror lias snnt :,i *<,;p- "". S, tliC\ .Uf L linvalcd^ | »n.l ri-f^n,| our ju-ti ami cm,ixio4_iMu.*i' K-T make H I U>- Av H : . v.\ i I,. > ' - - of FK\ i ii ,-. ; Al.M , pri'par.ttoi \ ttji.i ,.l;ci t.ik'.iv (. nine, thi-y :<\::\' a sptvdy .tii.l )-> i MI >'• .: r ui; f. As c .|-.v-i it.. -. I,M- r ;• •!•>'''. e mentioned dl^ \'. 'it'll ministered in accordance uith the direction 5 ;. Thur ur.prL-cedcnttd popularity lias induced the proprietors Fl.l XliN(, BiU> I Hr R^, PIT i '•F.I R(,n, I'\. to di.spo^e of t ;t-ir Diug business, in w,uch tliev have been success- i i . ; i i ward Ui victory! Lft uurl)ADU^r>! .H.U.HM - , and never known to (.;•: v. M-M ad- | ynu that ,, ur ^^ llk . our war ., „,,... ^ j Princt-Cariirau haJ l^'-n .ippoini--! l.'--n: G^n of Piedmont luni^ th-- war ", The Sardinians Qa<l retirwi irom ib- I':.- - 1 "' to thn w^st bank of th-- SHsia T i» - jr-a; mass of tbe army, 75,000 strong, * 1.1 i-"ii dt-ns«l aronnil th^ forti»-ss«i of V and irasal", with i svrond I in- ar Ui« foot of th«* Appeoin'-s, between Noso .in.i'.'nii The Turin ,-orr"Spondent ol tb- fiui^ ,i"-,-< : ;' not think tb" Auatriaiis will r-a.-h th- .-apu.-*.' n- Thn fonr-'-v ba-1 b-f-n laid tin,IT w U.T l-v ' IV Ui^-iij oi ;...j cauals ol irrigation, an.l m^ani ; " liad t»^n takeo to rt-n.ier tb^ t«iup»r-iri full y engag e last Twenty Yean;, and tl.f, '.'ill r'uw undivided time then 5 manul.uTiii termuud • their .u...i attention to Afti being del)i. ,\i line's Celebrated V\Tinilii<. T " and L.iser Pills shall coiuinue to nccupy the high position they mm- hold among the great remcdic.s of tin. day, they will continue to spare neither time nor expense in procuring the Best and Purest m itcn'al, and compound them 1:1 t'.e most thorough manner. Addrrss .ill orders to FLEBI.M1 1!KOS. PiltsbDrgti, Pa. ly The 8ar-lini.ui <nv. rimi'-nt h.i.-. appropriated all horses l»-loni;ini< to pr'^ , indtviduals. highest pru-t . ol Tb. (li-tiuctly. .md I-'.- *:.«„ • ui />. .I/V, tlicm.^ (rial, wi* will forxvard |«T mall. l..x linn for . to any part nf tin.- Unitwl thr«iM.-frrt po^lapi- «|.III'|-H ..r ..n,- vial .,f V«*rntlfup> for f.mrtfpn thrw-WTit «tnmp-* .Ml nnh-r^ Irnm Otnada most bo ocuunipanied by twtnjty r»<nt-t t-Ttru. ~ • • 0. HARR1NOTRN, WhalCTile and Betall, Agent, »ad il'Lane Vermifuge PI1H. "" " ' 4JA1, L A\D SEE : —THE— LATEST STYLES — or- -AT- D|JTTO|I'S! .- | MOUSES TP RKNJT. W Ejarratereral Brick and Frame HOOKS to rent ob very renonable terms. We b»T> also for sale »TMt^u«ntltj or real eitate,. co- slstlng of Houaea, l.ot'i ImproTed and onhnprorcd Vtrou, School Laodi, *o. • W« have EO acres Dear the Oltj, with Honae, Barn, *s~ forth* sm*llretrt of $60and tazei. *; j eEKGOKTlCO., mayl' SM Xast Water itreet. NOTIOfi I B hereby: gtrea, pnnuant U) «ecUon 10, eiiuter 118 Retiied Statute* of the State of Wluooiln, that tke Grand andPeUt Jurors forihe Jane Term 1BS9, of u» •Jf»nlclj>al Court, JJllwaakea Oeonty , will b» drawn ««the!»wi.&e«t8,on Tuteday. H»> «, 180», at the heat of g ?. «., of ih« dar v «t .«».•; ea o ?. «., o v .«.; ^u Boom,] on MtU. lUeet,! Ip.tfc* B«T«nth Ward, pity of CUrlt oftBeMoaJclpsJCoart. '• • 16 poundi. Thf nfws Piedmont anJ France u conflnn^d Grand Duk« r»fiis«l to .ibdioatn but r«tir-,| to Bologna, after throwing himsrif upon ;UH pro(«?tion of th- flv^ givat pow-r-< The I'.is- an army id 15 000 strong. ill \3 said that Victor Em.irri-1 h.i.t ' Q mada Dictator of Tuscany.—Thn Chaunt^ oiuadnm. win.-h lad gone to tha M«iiterraneiin, was '..• \— :in mediately recalled O n tb» • ship« of thn line wprv placed in c-otni^Hion It is staU-d that the French'and Russian m;v ernmenta have lately be«n procuring implies i>f charts and surveys of the En-lisli c." and English stalfnos in th.' Mrtliterranean and havp likHwisobwn AK«K«I in niakmu Ur«- j K ( v H^IIM- i. , -t 1,1,1 > •,. pnrcbagM of coal, irrvap«?otiv« of pnu> j J> u,,,,,,, N ^ ,....„.. .. .-, ..', L._ ! 'h^ «uhr in.I 1 -ir-:i t -. *l *!•* ,,r —t II U also estimated that an -xt,<n.iiv» .ir.ler • ^""^^ rt '|".'"'r'-, > '- 1 'J' 'l-.V'i', • -\'\ * > --' "r . for charts had b«?D rvceiv^i from th^ Spanisli ; J k '. ;l li^,',,,„',,.'! 4 ',",., .J',. ' ,,,,.,',..' , „, Kovemmfnt, and the Infrrsnce was .-^pmti ,r, in- K-y- «."-i K.I *• •< •'»' - woUld throw htfrseil into th«.-armies of b'raii.-^. ' '"^'"^ '^.',''.7 ",,',',".'""' " '"""' "^ " . a gun-boats of light draught, and , n 'J r n l( ' r * r '.,\ !', r ,."",','.v'^. -,'<,',, ''-,»i '.some vessels of larger s ze, wer« building on j ,,i ,,, ,, v>tl llul ti«:iiuiu the Thames, for the Spanish governm»nt. Large ^nantitles of ammoiution ami guu* ', ^ '*• "• ' <WU3 ' 11U ." < \ 1 tl were being shipped to (Jibralur and Malta — j J\'^ wh H° Uou ,;. m ''vl.„'.',!;„,.,. ".„, i',", Qen. Williams of K»ra, was appointed com- j month. ,-.imm.-ncin,t s..»- m i>^r u^ u ^ crlf ,i mander-in-chief in Canada. j I^J™' ".^ hnt ^ r . "'",''" 'jta"^".'"iii!l:'h" l v> l v« The quarterly rotoms of emigration from '.oun'oudTu'cur^bio't>' y """*'"' * r' . .r on,i,i-t,,rih ipay, eral jeara. 1 ^e .iiseaaes o( 01 Mr. Morphy had aga'n played siuiultaneou* i lf tbe Mircrinxa IT five of the most exp«rt memb.-rs of 3'- |'"aemrabe'r', tii.u thr Uui-t-.t .1... James' chess olab, and won his game j ui UHK,:!! ir uuciu^s. w lit- ui 14 out of the 22 battalions of chiuisj-uri irt- '• ' taken HI icasuu, >n U.IKM >r- to form part of the army .of the Alps. Qeneva is to be occupied as a base of operations, whenco they can thTwat^n Austria's left Hank, and there is to be another basis at Susa, which will be also fortified, and mad* it general depot for the troops that arrive through the AlpinH Pass. The French troops experienced some difficulty in passing Mount Cenis. 4000 men wire employed in clearing off the immense tuxsaeH of mow. It was expeoted that by the end of thu week there wonld be 80,00a French troops in Italy. 4. large operator on th*..Exchange, named Roberts, w«a deelared a defaulter, and hid lia- bilitiei were estimated at £500,000. Returns of the Bank of England show a de- owsae of £40,000 ia «pwie. Th» steamer Persia sailed on the morning of the 30th ult., oonssqoently her advfrea are not so J»te as those via Qalway, which were to noon from London. . . The panic on tte London exohanga waain- ^lle villa tveeil, not u.-xv—\,.-.lHj , u .'i -,\>-«v rr .v he J ui^cr ->f It-lay 4 --, l - s Dr. Knapp will he »i hi» K.KHU.-*. N-wriAii II.-..-.. 'rom Monday mum, Juut: . ' Ji, n.l 1 V -.lucs.Uy .1 >• . Jane 15th. ConsultAtton rHlEH- k A> OROI.'VA.VCX: fa 4ineiul An Orillnnnor -ntltlt-.l • »n Or.linsni 1 - ..r- ^onbiin* :rm .luliei .»f 'h.- City *s^es»..r. . Ti I il v i, L the .tompeusatinn .if the City -tnd ^Viirtl .t4*,-^M..r ' ^a^^etl April ^1, i »., '.SA9 The \laynr in.I C"mni.ui C»«ni.-.l ,r th* i',Iy .f \l . traukee, Jq.or.Hin ad follnnr^ I Tho j cund SL-CI ,i entiUc.l "An Ortlluanee ,[ Vu the City ABsenaor nad lixln« the .-..nipeiisAtioii < - City hereby ameuJeil Waid Assessors," in to ruaii u April Tho salaries or compensation t« "" i>«' J '" '*• w ^ r '' Assessors for ill trri'.e •* r-.|Ulr«l J< Ihfin hy the lir.j- Tiaiona of the City Chiwtrr. or tit «njr Urdiaaaoo .1 -.he he City Common Council «h«ll be .» roll.i To eath W»nl .Issewor tlje < af tw.j HundtMl 1.. »eo i Tha provU on< it »njr Ordlo»nc» heretofore isseit*«hiuh m»y conflict TiUl this Or.lluiiiicu »r« \ UBKJiAN L. PAGB, 11 B. B. LlBCH^jUlty Clerk. sfevi. -, ^X^A|^

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