The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1944 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1944
Page 5
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lOLA, KANSAS THE lOLA REGISTER. THUBSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 28,1944. LaHarpe Items Wings Within Wings •J .-LAHARPk. Dec. 28—Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McKeever received word from , th'elr daughter, Mr.s. Loren Barker, | u-no ha.s been at Farraeiit, Idaho, tlH' liist three mnnth.s with her hu.s- b:inci. Pharmacist l-c, Loren Bark- ; e:. that he \vri.< .-^ent to San Brune, ' Ciiiif.. Tuesday, Doc. 26, and she : I u:k! little daught'cr are returning | LaHarpe. ; Y* 'Mr. Claude Bembrook and chil- dnn. Betty Jo and Bobbv Jean of; Hutchin.son, .spent the holidays with ! hl-s .sister 'and famJly. Mr, and Mrs. [ Claude Cox and Dale. . i •Cur]). a;ld Mr.<;. Richnrd Bomah ' were dinner ^Uf-:.-, for ClirLstmas ;it the home of Cpl.-Bnman'.s aunt. JvJrs.. Roy Mariia - and family cif Wichita. • They were overnicht yue.sts on Sunday nis ;)u at the home, of Mr. and Mr .-i. Evart. Norton and dauyhtpr Joan, also of Wichita. Mr.s; HUL 'h Boniun. of lola, mother of Cpl. Bonian. wa .s a ill the Martin home for Christmas. ?,ln; Rich -ard of LaHarpe ' and Mr.'--. • Hii '.'li Bomnn returned t <-i then- r'-.'-prr'iivc iiomes Tue.sdii,y c-.i'niny. ' • . . • N 'iivVh::c . :i;irl Fay Verlee Holmes, daush'.i 'r .s of Mr. Ivan H^iini'-s came from Kan-sas Cit.v to .spend Chrisima.^ with their father . 'and ttrandfather m LaHarpe. Mr. Holmes' so:) Bud. is a flight officer ba^f'd a Vitorville, Calif. •'LaHarpr was L 'iven c coating jf f(";f 'l"uesday ni'iiit from the freez- f?i 'j' niisi .and t!ie fir.'-t report of a .'ail lii vt'.Hh us was the nisht n !:M-~!!al. ,l(>hn Barne?. who slipped •r.'i f'jll ahiHit I o'clock in the ,A :ii'.'hi. sufffriiiLT a bad shake up. ^ .Mr.' a(-id' Mr.--. Wilbur Booth and Nlrrl;'. Jram .-^])fnt .Sunday evening ;i' Mr.' aiui .'\Ir~. Walter Hester's j'l Kiiicaid. .Ml-, and \lys. Grri. Toairue. Mr. and. Mrs. Chas. Stewart and Mrs. S '.!."-v*.7: • y. PAGE FIVE Frcioht crewmen unload one of two Navy cub hospital planes dehvered to Peleliu airfield, in the Palati group, bv a huge Commando transport. The 1200-pound plant-s were part of the cargo carried by the big plane on a routine flight from Guam. ' • W. S. Teague and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Ensniinger of Gas City, •were dinner guests Christmas day of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Knepp of lola. Mr. W. S. Teague is still at Savannah. Mo., where he Ls receiving medical treatment and expects to remain another month. Mi-, and Mr.s. Wm. McKeever spent Sunday in Parsoi-LS. visiting Merla Jean entertained at dinner Sunday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Booth of Bronson. Pvt. Buddie Stevenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Stevenson, arrived home Tuesday evening for a four day visit with his parents and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Van Dam and children of Baldwin and Mrs. Lorna Mrs. McKeever's sister, Mrs. Her- 1 Schmidt spent Christmas at home man Scheldt and family. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Dismang were evening visitors at the Fulker'-on home Tuesday evening.' Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Booth and with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pulkerson. Mr. and Mrs. John Ekstrom and children spent Christmas at Chanute In the home of Mrs. Anna Ek- COLOXy. Dec. 26.—Guests at the j home of Mi', rind Mrs. Vem Wilmoth Sunday anil Ivloriday were: Mr. and Mrs. C. L,. WUmoth. Mr. and Mrs. Edward wilnioth and Norma Jean, Mr. and liXrs,' Avery Wilmoth and children, Mr., and Mrs. O. D. Wilmoth and 3uijlor of Salina, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oiones and Mary and Mildred Pergilsbn of Kansas City. Mr. and'Mr?. Ted Penland entertained at Christmas dinner Monday Mr. and Mrs. jClarence Penland and Miss Laura' Penland of Lone Elm, and Rev. ^nd'Mrs. M. M. Cammack and Linda of. Topeka. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph' Dickerson and children,: Will Dickerson and Joe Osborji of lola were Sunday dinner guests'of Mr, and Mrs. Chas. Dickerson and Glen. Christmas ?ve guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dickerson were Mr. and Mrs. Earl GJUiland and family of Colony, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gil- I liland and family of Lone Elm. Mrs. i Wilbur H(?lnts and Joan of Moran, [Mrs. Helen Norman and family and . Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilliland and Boo. |, Miss BHXy Lockart of Wichita [spent the week-end here with home I folks. Miss ChaHotte Berg of K. U. is spending tht holidays here with home folks. Christmas day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilliland were Mr. ancK Mrs. Charlie Wells and Merle. Mrs."" Dcra Byfield of Neosho Falls, Mrs.J Wilbur Helms and Joan of Moran," Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Gilliland of Lone Elm, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wil-;moth and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tecf: Ogle and family, Mr. and Mrs. E;art, Gilliland and family. Mrs. Helen. Norman and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dickerson and family. '•Mr. and Mrs. Chester Taylor an(i •Valerie Sue spent Christmas at the tiarental Taylor home near Yate^ Center. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bunnel anci Alice Jane spent Christmas at the parental Neunswander home a^ Spring HiU. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bailey weri Sunday dinner guests of Mi-. anC, Mrs. Carl Wilson. Mrs. Rose Lewis entertained a? Christmas dinner Sunday Mr. anfi Mrs. Ed-wiu Lewis and Jane 05 Quincy and Mrs. R. F. Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lewis and family. * Miss Dorothy Lewis has retume() • to her work in the employment ofj j flee at Ottawa, after spending th?' holidays here with home folks. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lewis anil daughters, Dorothy, .Amy and Raychel entertained at a turkey dlmier Christmas day. Those present wer; -Mi-s. R. P. Martin, Mrs. Rosa Lewis*. Mrs Ralph Parish. John Martir^v, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard. Mr, and Mrs. Lloyd Yoho and children Donna and Max speiH Christmas at the parental J. H. Christenberry home. Strom, mother of Mr. John Ertstrom. They were- accompanied hojne by Platoon Sgt. and Mrs, Raynold Ekstrom, .who will visit a ' few days , , , before Sgti Ekstrcrtn 4eaves-Jor his ! '"other, Mrs. Myrtle Moerer, spent base near; Washingtcfn, D. JC. | Christmas day near Ft. at Tlie LaHarpe Panthers play the lola basketball team at liaHarpe Community Hall Friday ' e^/ening. Game starts at 7:30.' LaHarpe: is glad to welcome Mr. I Jones, who has set up a repair shop in the SiUser building oif 'North 1 Main street. ,r Mr. and Mrs. L. il. Farmer and son Stanley, and ^rs. Parpier's the home of Mr. Farmer's sister, Mrs. Kennejh Thomas and family] "How abbot some postwar nccklicsV" J. C. Carrol, a clam raiser hi Seattle, Wash., sued for S8U00 because steamships caused his clanits to shut up. ;Railroads of the U S. alone u^e about 1,275,000,000 HOSPITAL SHIPS American hospital ships are the best equipped ships of their kind each ward complfte with surgical dressing room, diet pantry, utility room, dinen locker, toilet and shower. For the patients who.can enjoy them there is a recreation room, a library, sun decks, and dining saloon. Elevators take bedfast patients to . the sun deck. Modern laboratory, ample X-ray equipment. and a big supply of necessary medical and surgical equipment, a.ssuif homecoming wounded ve.terans the best passible care. The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Romans, and other ancient people, used asphalt, which is one of the world's building materials. Salmon first were packed in can.-: in Cork, Ireland, in 18-i&. • Here's a gocd way to start your N'oNv Year savings right now . . . Resolver' to buy all your foods al Safeway in 1945. . White Soda, Ginger Ale 3 24 oz. ftCe ^ Bottles *>V Sgtz Canada Dry Closed All Day Monday, January 1 Assorted Varieties 28 oz. •! Cc PJu3 Deposit Bottle Iw fR£SH pft&om Scfew'ay produca If ruihed from farm to itoro. nges California Navels liiijoy I hrm at Their Best lbs. 21c I OmaiSeS Snclng or Solod. Ganliflcwer \:zTc..l:': i. YSRIS Variety Olives ^BoSU2c Sugar :65c Syrup IT:-^': 'i^33c Hershey Cocoa 'oTZ 2 19c Canterbury T^a ^3 22 C Grapefruit Juice r.r!^ ^c". 30c WliealiesSSr'.........: "514c VaiS R.Bular or Quick PkS- Post Toastles "C8c Cider Vinegar^"" . r:l5c e^ll Sno-Whi>» ToW» Suit 26 oi. "f^ Vail Plain or Udixeti '.. • - PI'S- ' ** 4 Sw»t Ri>d Juic) lorg* Biinchei , Emperor Grapes Tangerines ^:o'p:::; "r. Lemons " BaSte or Candy Them Resolve ID Buy More : V/ar Bonds with your savings in 1945 Lb. 2Sc Lb 17c Lb 9c Grapefruit Pascal Celery Add Flavor to Foods , Fresil Limes ^silZd.:: Texas Marsh Seedless A Rich Source of Vitamin C Delicious Fresh, Stuffed or in Salads i....; Lb 23c Lb. 12d Lb. I2e •' Lb. m 4 Lbs. 2Sc Lb 15c FOOD VALUES No mattar what th* cut er price—Safeway meat l» guoreniMd. Shop wisely—pay no mors thoij ceiling prices—hefp iceep prices down PORK ROAST LOLV LB. 32 L.\RI). Armour bulk Lb. 18c BEEF. Boiling Lb. 20c Steak . . . . . Veai;':.. Lb 3Sc Hamburger , PresH^ . Lb. 25c Roast .... , Veal' Lb 30c Franks . . . Swiff s Lb 25c Kraut . . . Bulk; Lbs 25c Neck Bones • 3 Lbs Sc RICHLY MELLOW THRIFTY PACKAGE Lb'. 20c EDWARDS COFFEE VACUUM PACKED DRIP OR REGULAR Lb. Jar 28< TOMATO JUICE SUNNY DAWN 40 PoiMs Each 46 oz. Can 24< SYRUP Sleepy Hollow RICH IN REAL MAPLE' "16 oz. Bottle 21- tf^TORE goURE: 8 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.; Saturdays 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. PRICES EFFECTIVE December 29 and December 30. P.4NCAKE BAKED BEANS Van Camps No. 2 can 15c FtOUR Tjintry Pride 3 I9c BAKED BEANS Van Camps No. 2 can 15c Chef-Bay-Ar-Du SPAGHETTI GREEN l ^inner BEANS with Cheese & Sauce • Square Meal, No, 2 can 35c lOc Pork Roast Lb 30c Beef Roast Beef Lb. 30c Cheese . . Dried Beef Ea 20c Steaks . . Pork Chops Boiling Beef Pkg Ea. Sirloin lb. 38c Beef Round lb. 40c, End Cuts Meaty i Rib Lb. Lb 34c 20c Gold Medal Kitchen Tested FLOUR CmilCHEO riouR 50 Lbi $2.19 25 Lb, $1.13 10 Lb.: 57c 5 Lbs 33c . Celeryl Lettuce, Mangoes, Grapes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Apples, Sweet Potatoes^ Cauliflower, Parsnips, Spinach, Radishes, Onions. Re^ Beans Blackberries . . Juice ... V-S Juice . Juice . . . Peaches . . Aj^ricots . Figs .... Peaches Apricots lackberries . 2 Cans No. 2 Can 25c Grapefruit _ 4G -0Z. 46-oz. 33c Tomato . 46-oz.-iJC Dried u 34c Dried - Li45c Binck<.--_ Lb725^ White L >i27i In Syrup ';'9fl4P Nd. can _ _ £>y% In Syrup f^f^A^l No. 2Vi can ^.JL^JbJ^ No.. 10 Can $1.33 .^^ORTON'S Sjugar Cure -No. 10 Can 89c j - • I SYRUP GOLD DOLLAR Vi i Gallon Dafli Modell MORTON^ Tender- Quick No. 2Vi Can 49c SOUP LIPTON'S NOODLE Pkg.s. 25c Rate <*

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