Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1941 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1941
Page 3
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Friday, October 17, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. STERLING. ILLINOIS Ps ire Thret SHS Championship Teams Represent III. at Kansas City Milk, Meat Judging Teams Leaye Sunday For Livestock Show vocational nenrult'iTal tram* leave for Kan."** Cry Pundnv to reweynt Stf-rUne Twn5hip hieh whoo! and the state of IIHnoiA in national competition with team* from ail o\er the nation. Six of the hnys win RO bv and two bv tram. These 'latter boy?, will EO with the other bov* who attrrtd the national convention of thf Future Farmers of Ampnca at thr .tame time that the national cont«*ts in dairy cattle. Iive5ock, poultry, meat and milk Judging takes place. Vernon Py*e. DwiRht Pterenberg and Ru-vell KoMer are the members of the milk judging team that will compel* Tuesday morning, aeairvst the nations outManding team*. Pyse was third individual in the state contest and Sterenberg eighth. These bov« will score bottles and caps, grade sediment discs and critticisp and score flavor and odor » thi* competition. Four boys are trying out for the meat team. This competition is necessitated because, of the addi- dlMon Of quality Judging at the na- ttonal contest. The state contest featured only identification of retail meat cut*, wl*. re»* the boys must also JiKiga carcasses of light And heavy lamb*, pork and beef and place wholesale cuts of beef and pork at Kansas City. The team practiced in Chicago and Rockford packing houses for this additional phase of the competition. Members working on meals are Ted ficheid HI. Keith Wells, Ray Mellon and Leo Megli. In the Mate competition on identification. Scheid was second and Wells tied Tor fourth pace. Judging on quality take* place at S p. m. Monday and identification will be on Tuesday moraine at 10 •. m. Results, of the contests are not announced until the barxfUet Watfncday evening. This is the big event, climaxing the national FFA convention and Judging contexts. The boy» aim attend the American Royal Uvwtock show while in Kan- jY. M. C. A. Secretaries ]Of Northwest Illinois ! Meet Here Thursday j. F M - .irnm r ry. «isti of tJ-f T. M C. A , C1 *~Hh two croups of th r Wp*in«*,<i'isv snd Thurso'a ra.vd'programs *ith thrm. H" 1 ar- rivevf W^dn'-dav ^vpninsr snd con- w:th thp bcv^' Tf>rk commit- of *rh:rh Rev. Claud* Cummin.* ! t* chairman. I in the dav at t> I ••:r:ar;ps ;ri n»rth- ! wrstprn Illinois. Th r i"f wr** present th^ .« v rrf > tarif. < . from Ke*»nee. Rock Wand and Moline. A noon Hmrh iras hsd after the forenoon meetjr.E. and in thr afternoon the 5fXT« s !anp. t Ea^P exp*»r!pnrps in the vano-jt p:^«.=.*«<k of Tt'.eir work and rere;;ed po'in. 1 * 1 ! from Mr M'lm-' m r rv. HP «ta!pd ;>!nns for the olrirr bovs of tre Y. M. C. A. this year. T.hL^ vrar instead of one st«tp conferrnce of nldrr bo\ - s there will br three sectional on^s. Sterhne will jo?n the croup which meets j at Kewanfe Nov. 28 and will send | a Rood dp'.pRntion as usiifll. This conference will last two days, or ; through NOT. 29. i Mrs. Ferguson Reed Buried Thursday in Riverside Cemetery Mrs. Ferguson Reed was laid to rest in Riverside cemetery Thursday afternoon following funeral rite* at ._J,in the Trouth funeral home and 2:90 o'clock in St. John's Lutheran . church. The pastor. Rev. A. H. Keck, was in charge. Many relative* and friends attended and there was • profusion of floral pieces. The Mioist, Mrs. H, W. Wiles. aang "Hi UM Garden- mat "Beauti- M1Me»f aomewhere." Mra. Frank •rachling was at the organ. , Caxkei bearers were Frank Holtt- Bacle. Jultue Wink. John Reecher, Jlfrad «TMk. Henry Full* and Mylin. The flowers were tak- •n ear* o? "by Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Landis. Mrs. Carter Dauen and Me- Act to Stop Throwing Of Rubbish and Tin •Cons Along Roadside .¥ Thomas Me Cue. highway com- •/•awtoner. nan received numerous jieawuUluta of peraom throwing tin €4Dans and rubbish along the roada ,T«t vartom ptaca«—throughout -ihe "ip. Chariea Johnson, eon- |atabte. has been invectigatinc *nd ^•vpecU to secure a warrant for the •^arreat of a woman charted with ^thrawioc a couple sacks of empty alone UM road from her ear. 'will be prosecuted. Many Complaints on Size of Eggs Heard Complaints that eggs are small is a common thing by discnminat- ina home makers. Bo many *ay they are getting no good sired egg«. The caufe ix a natural one. At this time of tr year the young pullet* begin lays .g. Their *Kgs naturally are small, but a* they grow older the eggs will be larger. Old hens have stopped laying. There is a limited number of matured hens' eggs but sorted as sele-tR/ they are not easily to be had. Some of the poultry and produce houses sort the eggs. The grocery' stores buy eggs by the or •half case from farmers and take them ax they come, by the dozen. In selling them the eggs are put up in paper cartons and handed out the same as canned goods. In some instances a few small eggs will be included with the larger eggs. On that way the small eggs are disposed -of fairly and without too much loss to the consumer. In some of the eastern cities eggs are sold by weight, a system which is being considered generally. Normal hens' eggs will weigh 55 pounds to the case of 30 dor ens. The pullet eggs will weigh around 47 to 49 pounds. Some farm wives who sell eggs to regular customers will cull out the smallest eggs and use them at home. The practice of sending all small eggs to the market dealer is said by poultrymen to be a handicap to the egg business. They compare eggs with oranges. If a person buys a down of large oranges at 60 cents a doeen and at home opens the sack and finds several small oranges that are worth 95 cents a doren this may be compared with a customer who buys a dozen bens' eggs and finds there are six or eight s.-all pullet eggs. Hence the egg complaint. N 23 Selectees lo Be Inducted by Local Board October 28 Unusually Large Contingent to Leave Sterling for Army vo<inif men frnm StTlins-F.ork Pull.* unrl vicim'v '-ill lenve Tuesday mornine. October 28, for the Chjrfleo inrlurtion renter. The men will rnffl »t. ?hr rr>!t.<rurn Monday Rffrnoon October 27 at 1 o rlorX for in5triirtifm*. after which they will be ailorrptl to return until thr morning of thr 28th. they unll report at th^ Chi^nKo <fe North Western rirpot st 6.30. Thp 23 men "Wipftrd by thr Stcr- line .^elective board are a* follows: Walter Charle* Hummrl. EM*s Park, Colo : Robert Clarence Brnt- Ipy. 506 Third avenue. Sterling; Clarence Rudolph Retm«n. R. F. D,; Sterling: Tommy Buford Spraker, 911 Seventh avenue. Sterling: Chester Edward Kowalf-ky. Sciotoville. Ohio; John Edward Robinson, 210 East Fourth street. SterlinR: DeVere M. Tarvin, 402 West Eleventh street. Sterling: John Peter Smith. Lake Mattoon. Ill : Alvirt Ellsworth Landis, Rockford. Ill.: Delbert Owen Sand*. 303 East Eiphth street. Rock Falls: Blotter Frerirhs. 814 If Roy avenue. Rock Falls; Claris Curtis Smith. 1003 1-2 Seventh avenue. Sterling. i William Craig Paddock. 406 Avenue I, Sterling; John Thorns* Mor- rto. 401 Broadway. Sterling; El win Nathan Noeller. 607 First avenue, Rock Full*: Robert Allison Putnam, 605 Thirteenth avenue. Sterling; Earl Clyde BouRhman, RFD, Bter-1 ling; Donald Russell Shlpmnn. CUn- • ton. Iowa: Clarence Bernard Bohms.! «H Avenue A. Rock Full*: Floyd Lc! Roy OHek, $31 We*t Fifth Char!?* F/i-a-in InH : Da!" Hsr.*hrn»n, ISIS Locust *trwt, !:na; CHfTorrt Fxl*:nr ; Other Cities Propost ^ P1! To Adopt Sterling Plan for Street Work RFT>. Of the 23 mrn to br arp ••R" number?. of Tffi !sv! Jnl\ inducted. 17 jj -year-olds Hospifal Notes Mrs. Nellie Hart has been admit- h"fpital for-ncdi treatment. Richard Nuttal! submitted to a minor operation at the Sterling public hospital Friday morning. Mrs. Harry CuUins submitted to a major operation this morning. Mrs. Ira Pleasant and infant daughter, Judith Myers. Dean Young and Vernon Rasmuaaen been discharged. Mrs. Leo Ridge continues to improve. • AIM. Phone I1Q GROVE'S OUR BARGAIN OF THE WEEK for Oct. 18-24 PIMA BROADCLOTH MEN'S SHUTS Oar/ealalag vatoe paaalili! IhaH aaOared to wrtekte-frea ... BM*. yd aaft far rieated atoevea, Gath- back. White aau>. Biaea 1« tawavgk 17. Try our LAY-AWAY plan for your ChriiUnaa anoppuig! Chkag* Hall OraVHr C* STERLING CATALOG OBBBi STOKE E. 3rd St. IN* STIILL IN G B O O T E R Y THE TALK of the TOWN ADIES' Cal kN Itse SHECULSUE LADIES' Suede Piuupa 12.69 FMTWEM lupin $3.95 NWMI' Oxfw* UM MEN'S $3.45 $3.95 $4.45 IIJI tIJI tt.ll tL» tut "WHERE GOOD SHOES ABE SOU) FOR LESS" STERLING BOOTERY E. W. FESTER fi<.»rl>ng> network brfe-f op *trr»«t* has of improved ^ flftrsrtrd the ' fttt*T!t)of! fff m nwmber of mtmicfpuli- tfe* of r«>rthern Illinrrf*. who *r* swkini mformatfoTi relative to trie type of cofistructlon and the financing of the project. M«"Kibrrs of the city council of Oeneseo recently vi«;- U'Jd Sterling for a conffrence with Mayor Birch and a tour of the Sterline streets with a view of Inaueur- Rting a' ulrnHnr (rt.rwt proj*ft that city. '•-' The mayor snrl three city com- miwion'-rx of Rorhelli* irpr* here Wednesday to make * trip over the streets and obtsin information on thf Tinancint and bonding problem. Enthused by what they saw and the In city official* !*ft for hom«« with Hit I Intention of st*rtlnf « profr*m for a 40-block or mors bl*cktopplnt eft in'that city. Holla rxl t» the name of a country, of a. linen fabric, of a eitv to Michi- r«n and of » district in Lincoln- information received, the RocheUe i shire. SENSATIONAL VALUES IN iMMRMw ^^VULaUH^^ MBBBBBaw H^HH .^BaWawHai ^HH laoHaiaW •^^^^BHBB ^^^^a!aW^^^ •MaVVlani 110111 S^l^^B^HB^HawBa^B These Prices Say "BUY NOW 1 ' as They'll Be Hard to Duplicate When Our Present Stocks Are Gone. Limited Quantities! For Best Selections Be Here Early Tomorrow! Baby Crib Maple finish. Safe dropside Lounge Chair Channel back, with roll Mattress Special Restful innerspttng, in attractive coven. Save! Modern Desk Abundant drawer space. Walnut finish. Real bargain I .,».... Chippendale Sofa A mahogany, frame. Beautiful tapestry cover* ....... . ^^l^wa^Ra' Coil Bed Spring Sturdy, resilient coils. Durable enamel finish Dropleaf Extension Nicely flhiahed. Use. inganiler Chairs Make a nice desk or dining chair. Nicely finished ......... Occasional Chair . . ^^W«€^W Sturdy frame, tapestry eover Smart Studio Solid amok coucti. Sanrietabla Upastry cover .......;... Framed Pictures II JOE Assortment for any room .... Felt Base Rugs Popular borderleu pattern*, •ize toll Choice of colon Metal Beds Well built, neatly decorated. Twin or full MM Sewing Cabineta Has two drawers. Rich walnut veneers. Uaelul n.w Floor Lamps—Choice Junior or bridfe, with attractive baa* and ilia* Cedarlined Chert flmart modern rtyla to rich walnut veneers. Special Prum Top Table Pedestal .baaa. Walnut finish, >•«»••••••• ^^"•^55 A real value | 5-Pc. Oak Set Table and four chain com- End Table Order ona at this low price! Walnut Bniah .... 9x12 ft. Rugi Son wool ptit. iaamlaii pattern fM §• aalactioo ••ftVat ILLUSTRATIONS NOT EXACT DUPLICATES! FMLS EASY W

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