The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on August 4, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1939
Page 7
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1939. SEVEN o o o o Events Of Social And o o o o H O TI C JC 1 No weddings. «n*»f«m«nt» or birth announcements will b« accept«d by the Daily Mail for publication unless signed or properly verified. Mr. Montgomery To Be Speaker Will Address Weekly Service At Park On Sunday. The Young People's Christian Federation of Washington County will present another in their 1939 series of vesper services on Sunday evening, August 6, at 6:30 o'clock at the Band Shell in the City Park, Hagerstown. Orla Montgomery, foreman at Brandt Cabinet Works, this city, will be the guest speaker for this service. Mr. Montgomery, formerly a minister, was actively engaged in parish work in the Middle West at Evansville, Terra-Haute, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Grantsville, Ohio. From this type of vocation he chose the work of conference evangelist for his church and denomination, which work he followed for a number of years. Since then he has been interested in "Efficiency Work" both for religion and business interests. Mr. Montgomery's message for this service will center on the theme "This Great Salvation." The Young People's Department of the Washington Square Methodist Church will be in charge of the program and conduct the devotions. Mrs. Dorothy Thurston, president of the young people's group will preside and give the call to worship. She will be assisted by Jack Mc- Laughlm who will read the Scripture lesson, and prayer will be offered by Miss Audrey Angle. The Young People's Federation Chorus will be present to lead the congregational singing and present a special anthem. This group of interested young people has been taking part and will participate in all the services of the 1939 series. While just a new organization in this federation work, the members have won. special attention from all their performances. Here banded together for the love of music and the church, thirty young people have offered of their time nnd talents to help in this phase of Christian work. The work of this chorus largely rests in the hands of the young and capable director, Mr. Beaver Creek Class Meets On Wednesday The regular meeting.of the Ever Faithful class of the Beaver Creek Church of the Brethren was held on the church lawn Wednesday evening. The devotional period was in charge of the president, Joe Grossnickle. Ruth Valentine and Carrie Moser had charge of the • recreational period. "Friendship" was the theme of the worship period which consisted of hymns, scripture, prayer, poems and remarks by Rev. Reiman Shaffer. Those present were: Rev. and Mrs. Reiman J. Shaffer, Jane and Vivian Reeder, Mabel, Mary and Ruth Valentine, Ruth Hollingshead, Madaline Hornebraker, Catherine Harfi-eld, Lucille Stroupe, Genevieve Thomas, Carrie Moser, Marion Shaffer, Joe Grossnickle, Alviu Duraire, Waldo and Omer Harshman, LeRoy Cash, Charles Kline, Ralph Stotler, Jr., .and John Stouffer. ALAS! THE OMNIPRESENCE OF MAN'S SMALLER SELF BALTIMORE, Aug. 4, (#>).—Mrs. Margaret Poole, public library executive, can sit in her office and accurately forecast the end of the honeymoon season when brides discover husbands can't live on Jove. June, the month of weddings, is always followed by a sharp July- August upswing in demands for cook books at the library, circulation records disclosed. Many Hungarian women go bareheaded until they marry, then never appear with uncovered heads. Raymond Long. The special anthem to be iised on this program will be "Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart." Miss Lois Berger is the accompanist. The Young People's Christian Federation of Washington County invites and requests the presence of the citizens of Hagerstown and vicinity to join with them in the remaining services of this year's series. These services will continue through the month of August, and in case of rain on Sunday evening no service will be held. To Put Style Into Household Chores Make Smartly Comfortable Frocks Style No. 2104 is designed for sizes 16, 36, 3S, 40, 42, 44, 46, 4S and 50. Style No. 2815 is designed for sizes 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, IS and 20 years. Send FIFTEEN CENTS (loc) for this PATTERN. SUMMER FASHION MAGAZINE 10 cents extra. All orders for the Daily Mail Peerless fashions should be addressed Fashion Dept., Hagerstown Daily Mail, 121 West Nineteenth Street, New York City. ZEPPELIN SIGHTED LONDON, Aug. 4.—An airship sighted off the east coast of Scotland Thursday was identified Force as the German Graf Zeppelin. The Zeppelin -was about 20 miles east of Aberdeenshire. and was traveling in a northeasterly clirec- by two planes of the Auxiliary Air tion. Each year it has been our custom to offer for your early selection several exceptional values in blankets, comforts and bed spread. The following is a partial list and description of these numbers: Kenwood's contribution is an all wool rib weave blanket, 72 x 84 size with a 5-inch rayon and silk satin ribbon binding. Very luxurious and rich in feeling and appearance. Seven soft colors. •95 Each Chatham's contribution is an eighty per cent (80%) wool "Airloom" 70 x 80 blanket, nine attractive pastel colors nicely bound with a sendee- able rayon taffeta binding. Three pounds of real serviceable blanket for $5-00 Each Our contribution to this August Bedding Sale is a Discount of \ on all regular priced blankets, comforts, bed spreads and bed pillows. Special assortment of cotton and rayon Jacquard BED SPREADS All full bed size, regular price of fro ni $2.00 to $5.00 Priced at Less of the regular price. Any selection made during this sale will be held until October 1st upon making a small deposit. Third Floor Leiter Brothers « WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD Minstrel Show Used To 'live Alone" At Homecoming A Marriage Fixation! "Dear Betty Brainerd: "After having read your column for several years I have decided to ask your advice. I am nearly 20 years old and for three months I have been keeping company with A with whom I am very much in love. I also see B who is a friend of A's but not a close friend. I am exceptionally fond of B. "Both A and B have told me they are in love with me and B has asked me to marry him. B knows all about A and understands perfectly. However A, who knows all about B, does not like to have me see B. In his conversations, A seems to be avoiding about the future but B usually remarks: 'Don't you think we could get along forever?' "I am easy to get along with and so, too, are A and B. I know that if A should ask m© to marry him I would. Do you think A is just handing me a line or do you think he is waiting until he earns a larger salary? Since he ha"s not proposed to me he seems to want too many privileges, whereas B is just the opposite and makes no demands of me. "Should I give up B and wait for A to propose or should I give up A and marry B? I am very undecided as both A and B are very fine- respectable young men and deserve the best. Like all women, I am looking forward to a home and maybe children in the future. "A doesn't, gn with anyone else that I know of. B went regularly with a nice girl whom I knew for a year. Please advise me. "Undecided Pat." Dear "Undecided Pat": The trouble with you is that you are marriage crazy! You have been going with A for only three months. He may not have proposed because of what you suggest, but there is a much more important reason why he has not proposed and that he has not dated you long enough to do so. That both have told you they are "in love with you" may have been prompted by the desire of both of them to please and flatter you. It is obvious that you seek protestations of love and proposals of mai-- riage that it would be rather difficult for any boy to evade such issues. You resent the fact that A "avoids talking about the future." For this I heartily commend and admire him. He isn't going to let you or any other girl railroad him into love and marriage talk until he has known the girl long enough and well enough to be certain that she is the one girl in this world for him. You are not in love with A. You are in love with love and the idea of a home and children—that is all. You like both A and B but .hat is not love. You are piqued by A and your vanity is hurt. You are the type of girl who would marry any attractive boy whom you liked very much. And t that boy kept telling you that he loved you and that you were the most wonderful girl in the orld you would sell yourself the idea that you actually loved him. Then several years later—depcnd- ng on the circumstances—you would look back at the various boys .vho had told you they loved you and perhaps asked you to marry them and lament the fact that you tiad not married one of the others. Don't give up either of these two hoys. Continue to have both of them as your very good friends. So, there is no reason why your friend- hip with them should not continue as long as all three of you live. I suggest you do not marry any boy until you have dated him for at least a year. Your status now is that you prefer A to B. You should \ot give up A or B. Such feminine wiles are easily seen through and your tactics have not worked md arc liable to drive A away from yon. Then you—unless you become sensible and change—will jump into marriage with B or C or D and look back upon A as the one great love of your life. A's possessive-ness anrl resentment over your dating R may he inspired by you. Perhaps he is inclined to act this way of his own accord but I cannot help but feel that you are slightly responsible. Record Crowds Attending Annual Keedysville Celebration. THE BON TON Shop in Comfort GAS IS THE FUEL of Tomorrow as Evidenced by the Use of OVER 2500 GAS APPLIANCES AT THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR Hagerstown Gas Co. Telephone 1010 It may be unconscious on your pan but I uoubt that you have ever sat down calmly and pictured your-1 Homecoming is any indication by If the crowds which attended the second night of the Keedysville self as you are: a 19, 20 or 21- year-old girl so anxious to get married that she can't wait for a. boy she has known three months to pop the question. BETTY BRAINERD. which the success of the affair may be judged then this year's celebration will far surpass all previous events. The grounds in the town were jammed with people last evening when the big: feature was an oper- Send pen name and real name j etta put on "by pupils of the Keem every letter. All communications [ dysville school. But there were are confidential. Betty Brainerd, GSO Madison Ave., New York City. many othei things to interest the crowd. Automobiles were parked along most of the town's streets. There was a concert by the Boons- 1T SEEMS THIS MAN HAD SOME COMPLAINTS hor ° Band. What some say will be the big- MIAMI, Fla., Aug. 4, (£>). — One guess whom this apartment-house owner was talking to: Trains, he complained, rumbled nearby at all hours, shaking the building and cracking the walls. A mattress factory next door sent dust into all 10 apartments in the building-. Power saws at a stone- processing plant nearby went "whee" all day long. A used car lot on. the opposite corner kept a Mid-speaker blaring continuously. Yes, he was talking to the tax board, trying to get his assessment reduced. YEAH! FIDDLETOWN, Calif. (#>).—The mayor here is Dave Rubmoff, the violinist. rest entertainment Marjorie Hillis, 49, author of feature of the j "Live Alone and Like It," turned Homecoming will be presented this evening when a black-face show- will be seen, with an all-local cast. The name of the production is her back on the creed she advocated and married Thomas H. Roulston, 85, chain store magnate. The happy couple is shown at Valley "Eliza Rosewater Jones' Divorce j Forge, Pa., after the ceremony. Case." The Rohrersville Band will play tonight while on Saturday evening the Y. M. C. A. Junior Band of Hagerstown will furnish music. The committee announces that more entries for the parade on Saturday afternoon are being received each day. The parade is due to start about 5:30 o'clock. Ea.rlier in. the afternoon an old- fashioned riding tourney will be staged. There will be dancing and a ground prize each, night. Funds realized by the Homecoming will be used principally for town improvements and either a hall or park has been suggested. Some have estimated that the crowds attending so far this year are nearly double those of 1938. The midway is also proving a popular place. This has been widened for convenience of the crowds. The shows are being presented from the new concrete stage with ample seating arrangements provided. YOU'LL be surprised at ths value* •a-hich are offered daily in the classified ads. Offering You the Largest and Most Complete Assortment of Custom-Built, GUARANTEED FUR COATS if Made of Finest Selected Pelts. if Superb Craftsmanship. if Exquisitely Lined With "Skinner's Satin." if Excellent Variety of Advanced 1940 Styles. Buy Now and Save 25* to 40 Prices Start at All Styles! AH Sizes! AH Kinds of Furs! 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