The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 1, 1971 · Page 7
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 7

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Friday, October 1, 1971
Page 7
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JACOBY ON BRIDGE Ogden Standard-Examiner, Friday, October 1, 1971_ 7A DEAR ABBY NORTH VAK763 . JMT10842". WEST EAST A9543 *KQ8762 VJ982 ¥105. * Void 4-Q863 . . 4KQ965 A3 SOtTTH CD) AW VQ4 + AKJ109542 ••• + J7 Both vulnerable West' North. E«»t South, IV 4* AT FIRST GLANCE .this family room with beamed ceiling, fireplace and functional balcony looks like an. architect's expensive dream. It is used by three children, plus the parents, and provides an entertainment center, plus bar, with swing-but unit—all are covered when not in use. by louvered, fabric, covered doors over TV and trpmpe I'oeil painted bookcase over bar which is a pull-down window shade. Aa left, draperies disgmse. sliding glass doors to patio and slim bookshelves make use of awkward area between doors. The balcony, right was built by the breadwinner of the family who is an amateur painter and uses it :as his studio. The cathedral ceiling is natural cedar, beams stained a dark color and walls papered in warm natural cork. Floors are wide- plank, hand-pegged oak and furniture, Portuguese sheepskin rug and draperies carry a blue-and-white theme. . Horseshoes Ta/ce Ski// By OSWALD, JAMES JACOBY We aren't .concerned with the merits of today's bidding, b'u TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH White Skin Spots Not Troublesome By DR. GEORGE THOSTESON There is no indication that the DEAR DR THOSTESON: 1 have a skin disease known as vitiligo. In other words, I have white spots on my body. Is there anything I can do about it?. Is it harmful? What causes it?—M.R. condition is harmful in any way, except to one's appearance. The light splotches may spread, or may stay the same, or may even go away spontaneously, but since we don't know the cause, we don't know why these "There probably isn't much, il reactions occur. known. It has been injury to the anything, you can do about it. It isn't harmful. The cause is not observed that „.,-., .„ — skin, such as severe sunburn and blistering, can be followed by such white areas in the skin, but vitiligo (vittle-EYE-go) has also occurred when there is no record of any such damage to the skin. Pernicious anemia has been reported to be more common in patients with vitiligo than others^-but in other instances there is no connection between There are drugs that can be taken by mouth, in conjunction with very careful exposure to the sun or ultra-violet light, but it is a tedious and unreliable process. It may no succeed, or it may cause excessive pigmentation in areas where you don't want it, so I think you'll find dermatologists reluctant to offer this treatment except with the understanding that it may not do you any good. the final contract diamonds ' looks fairly reasonable at first glance. South rose with dummy's ace of clubs and led a low diamond to his ace. There was no reason MR. AND MRS. T. A. JOHN I Malad Couple to Observe 50th Anniversary Oct. 9 3* P»ss Pass Pass Opening lead—* K . 2*. Pass Pass Pass 1* 3 + 4 * 5 * Pau Hubby's Cracks About Age Turn Off 1909 Model' Wife we're my re- man DEAR ABBY: When out in company husband' -makes marks like, "I'think a should be able to trade in Ms wife for a new model, just .like he trades in his automobile." Abby, we've been married for 40. years and I don't think this kind of Abby talk is a bit funny. He calls me his "1909 model." I'm not very witty, but I wish I had a snappy i comeback for him when he talks I like that. Can you think of one? —OLD MODEL DEAR OLD: Tell yourj wisecracker that just because a model is -"new" doesn't mean By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN key without giving them a chance to prove they are. DEAR ABBY: Regarding thej pastor whose marriage has gone stale. I am a pastor's wife, and I know how difficult it is for a they can become reacquainted with one another. might also suggest that this wife set an un- minister to be a husband and father to his own family. I have actually asked my husband many times to just pretend that of his improve 100 per was a member congregation so that I could legitimatejy claim a little of his precious time, too. What this pastor needs is not „ new mate. He needs a vacation with his wife so breakable early bedtime. He will find that their lovelife will cent when neither one is exhausted. . I recommend that tfus pastor give his wife the chance a new wife would demand. How about starting with the time the other woman now takes in his office?—Voice of Experience For Abby'i new booklet, "Wh«f Trtn- Aqcfj W«nf to Know," scad 51 '• Abby. »ox 49700, Los tn^tla, C«M. 90067. „ , of six < it's better. Then ask him if he's priced a 1909 Rolls-Royce lately. DEAR ABBY: My sister became a and out widow a year ago of necessity she — ---------returned to work. She has two i-lidC Wai H\J i ^.ctowll reLUIileU LU YYl/i.1^. W"l- n*w "" to take a first round finesse. | S0 ns ages 10 and 12. They are West showed out of diamonds | good boys, and have shown and South paused. • (themselves to be responsible LED KING Sand obedient. Now the problem: Then he led king and anofter Mj **£ «&j« to — diamond. East won and bovs a Key to meir returned a spade to dummy's ace. South got back to his hand by ruffing a spade and ran off afraid they might lose it or maybe leave trump squeezed West in hearts 1 and clubs and 'South made hisj slam. "Horseshoes!" yelled East. : 'You played for' a 5-1 club break and gave up the chance to get a quick discard on a good heart." EXCELLENT PLAY South .had done nothing of the kind. • Instead he had made an excellant play and had been properly rewarded. East was marked with six i spades for his vulnerable jump spaaes lor Jus vumtuauie miuu ••- --—— - , overcall. He had also shown up, neighborhood the boy s can stay . i The best solution probably is! MALAD, Idaho —In observ- Temple, and moved from Port- the two ailments. From such small to use -one of the cosmetic some skin areas, (coloring matter) information, you can correctly draw the conclusion that we just don't know very much about vitiligo. In pigment v --^ simply doesn't accumulate, so you have white spots These are more obvious in blacks or people with normally dark skin, but the trouble can light-skinned folks, too. j preparations scraps of your normal skin color. e of t heir golden w edd:ngjage to Woodruff, Idaho, in 1936. Mr and Mrs. T A Mr. John is a farmer and has . make the hand by an immediate normalskincolor. Orlam! a '"' 1 ^^'"': ; °"V • V: , , ; " "„~" S° UUl naa that some people havej Ace" John will be honored by < been employed by the.U&I Su-j, c h a nce and it — ..rnlmit ii11(-«A ctoin I I VirtJ r- f *5T>li IIF *3 t *) n ni"Uin Tl/°)1lCCl|fC£lT'(~'l") I "~~ tOld Ula-i. SUllIt; yCVfcJJt .liC*T^T ..— -- - „ | found a walnut-juice stain | their family .at an open house | gar Co. satisfactory. | Saturday, Oct. 9. jjy| Relatives and friends are I that reason doesn't want to see j a doctor. 586 I I want him to see a specialist but can't seem to make him see the Cherry Creek LDS Ward cul- ™™-D. TYP T-wrKT- v ^ D ?^ ?^J n Nation- for vitg d to call from 5 to 9 p.m. at husband had an operation for " v hemorrhoids six years ago. He had complained of bleeding but no other signs or discomfort. Now he tells me there is bleeding again, but he doesn't Mr. and Mrs.. John are active members of the Cherry Creek Ward, where Mr. John served as bishop for seven years. with four diamonds and one j with. Yd. let them stay with me, club. There was no way to but I live in Brooklyn and they ; live in the Bronx. She trusts |vou. Say something.—Concerned a "Uncle i DEAR UNCLE: Your sister ; should be more concerned about himself tural hall, six miles south of! Mr. and Mrs. John are par- Malad. • ients of three sons and three The couple requests that gifts!daughters, be omitted. Lynn Mrs. 11 h e seriousness of the j bleeding.—TY. ! The bleeding, of course, may jor may not be from the same cause, and'that is the first thine; that should be determined.! 1 Second, continued bleeding in| time can lead to anemia. BETTER AND SAFER I can think of pleasanter ways to spend time than having a hemorroidectomy (I've had one) but having the operation ,(if needed) is better and safer I than not having it. And, as I remarked m the beginning, it is certainly important to know what is causing that bleeding, whether your husband does or doesn't agree to surgery. , A fissure, polyp, another hemorrhoid or even cancer may be the cause of his bleeding. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching, and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this ome. . They are Asael M. John, Roy, Mr. -John is a son of the late Utah; Dennis John, Malad; Maj. Thomas Parley and Annie Wells T ••"" ™ T " 1 ^ T Q " t " n ^rt^h. John, and Mrs. John (Vereen) is a daughter of the late David W. and Susannah Green Morris, all of Portage. The coupie was married Oct. Ft*nrf>rl for 9f*fpfv :ttie safet y o£ her sons than h3r rencea ror oarejy, ,., •> , sho 1H for outdoor i worldly goods, and should fenced .realize that the boys are better » high and a lock not easily opened by small children?) case, she shouldn't assume that they are incabable of having_a M. R. John, Layton, Utah, W. (Meda) -Sharp. . . . . Bountiful, Utah; Mrs. Lowell Murray, , - L. (Dar- JIIE v;uup:c yycw iuaii;=u w^. lene) Jacklin. Lakewood, Colo. 19, 1921 in the Salt Lake LDS I They have 22 grandchildren. (Vona Mae) Dunn, Utah, and Mrs. John Pack up and go places in this light yet cozy poncho! Lead the carefree, casual col- •" ' Crochet granny orful life! squares, join and crochet top A Uwdfccovn •«« ^""^ ** ~ _ newspaper requesting a copy of his booklet, "The Real Cure For Hemorrhoids," enclosing a long, self-addressed (use zip in gray, zigzag stripes. Use worsted. No. S hook. Pattern 568: one size fits 10-18. Seventy-five cents for each, pattern—add 25 cents for each pattern for air mail and Special Handling. Send to Laura ' Wheeler, Ogden Standard-Examiner. ?79 Needlecraft Department, Box 161. Old Chelsea Station, New York, N. Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address. Zip. New 3972 Needlecraft Catalog crammed with the most fabulous fashions, accessories, gifts. Knit, crochet, embroider. Free patterns. Send 50 cents. code), &&\Ji~fA\A\±+ WV«« \ "• •-- - A ' stamped envelope and 25 cents in coin to cover the cost of printing and handling. j Rummage Sale Sponjor«<f by th« Ogden 33rd Ward Friday &. Saturday October l*t& 2nd 10 n.m. tin 5 p.m. To be h*ld at 4O6 25th Street All types of lf«m»! RACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL PERM WAVE 4467 S. 700 W., Riverdole 393-7328 J343 Kiesel Av«. 394-15304 223 Wosh. Slvd 392-52SU OUR WASHABLE ZIP-FRONT POLYESTER STYLES ARE TOPS! 6.98 What a boon to the modern gal! 100% polyester •fops that dunk 'n dry and rarely need to be touched with an iron. Try this great little short sleeve style with your slacks and skirts in white, navy, gold, red, black or brown, in sizes S, AA, I. SPORTSWEAR, MAIN FLOOR Phone and mail orders filled, add 38c postage for each and indicate 2nd. color hcoice (101). JR. CREPE WITH FLIPPANT CAPELET SLEEVES 15.98 If's a cape craze year, and Pageant is inspired to .put a fly-away caplet sleeve on their vivacious crepe. Cefanese Celaperm acetate is spiced with a giant red heart buckle, a swingy skirt and a circlet of banding. Navy or black with red, sizes 5 to 13. MODERN SOPHISTICATES, SECOND FLOOR Mail and phone orders filled, add 60c postage <101). STAY OUTSIDE Abby, the boys get out of school at 3:30 and their mother doesn't get home until after 5, p.m.. and those poor kids have to hang around the building or sit on the sidewalk like a pair of I stray dogs until their mother! comes home. The apartment j building is locked and they can't even get into the hall without a key, I've pleaded with my sister, but she is stubborn. There are no friends or relatives in the OUR MARVELOUS TUNIC FOR GIRLS CAN BE WORN AS A DRESS OR WITH ITS OWN MATCHING SLACKS regularly 13.98 7.99 Boost your school wardrobe with our 100/= acrylic sweafery tunic and slacks set - it's a neat addition and completely washable! In brown with gold or navy with red in girls' sizes 7-14. GIRLS' SHOP, SECOND FLOOR Phone and mail orders filled, add 65c postage per set (1011. OUR FOOTED BUNNY SLEEPER WONT LET YOU GET COLD FEET 14.00 Your body warmth stays locked-in our 100% acrylic bunny sleeper-even down to the tips of your toes! Think how wonderfully warm you II fee! while skiing, lounging, sleeping or camping-outi In pink, blue, or yellow, sizes S, M, L .Also available, bunny sleepers in size XL, 15.00 . = SLEEPWEAR, MEZZANINE Phone and mail orders filled, indicate 2nd color choice and add 75c postage for each (101).' OGDEN AND SALT LAK'E CITY SHOP MONDAY AND fRIDAY .lO'A.M. TO 9.-P.M: OTHER DAYS. (EXCEPT SUNDAY) TO 6 P.M. Use our convenient phone order service by dialing 392-7565 in Ogden area, Zenith 986 in Brigham City area. Mail orders to Auerbach's Box 1459, Ogden, Utah. 84112. Please add indicated postage plus 4V4% sales tax in Utah, FREE DELIVERY DAILY TO SURROUNDING AREAS. •

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