Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 11, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: WEDNESDAY, JAITCTAHY 11 1888. BARGAINS! Cloaks, Shawls, Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed Comfortables, Knit Underwear, Toboggan Caps, Leg-gins, Hosiery, Gloves, Mitten .*• »% »% «*• •** %* Corsets, Bustles, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, And many other Goods to be sold very CHEAP FOR CiSH To reduce stock before invoicing. CALL SEE. SOC1ETIEI* A!«» AMC»EMEVF» TO-KIGHT. Wedneoday Club social In G. A. R all to-night. Sterling Pleasure Club dance, at Gait House—first of a series. Upper dam meeting In Council rooms. West End Whist Club at Mrs. W. A. ilcCune'a. Evening Gazette, Tun KVHHIWI GAZirrm c»n b« bad at »U the ew» stands. Price TWO O«NT«. WEDNESDAY. JAN. 11. BRBV1T1EK. —Mr. Z. T. Gait is mending slowly. —Hogs are bringing from 85:00 to 5:35. —Mr. Elmer A. Tattle has been as- Igiied at Naperville, as night opera- or. —The Young People's Aid Society eld their monthly meeting in the 4th treet M. E. church last night, with In- ^restlng exercises. — — —Nick Qaulrapp, Jr.'s horse Jo« and harley Van Drew's horse, Prince, rotted one heat on the track early ils afternoon, and Joe won the race. —The dry goods and millinery stores hich have agreed to close at 6 o'clock n the evening, will, after this week, lose on all evenings at that hour, ex- ept on Saturday evening. —Miss Henry Robinson and Miss ennle Phllleo will be married this vening at Erie, at the residence of he bride's parents, the Jlov. N. II. G. 'Ife, of this city, officiating. —Th« G. A. B. Post of Erie will re- eat the programme of Nov.,30, at the vrie rink Saturday evening, Jan. 21, 888. If the weather is bad It will be ostponed .one week—to the 28th. —The following are the officers of he Y P. A. Society: John Conner resident, Miss Lillie Kline vice presi- ent, Minnie Tuttie secretary, F. E. Andrews treasurer. —At noon today Mr. Wilbur Blake nd Miss Lou McDearmon were ' married at the residence of the bride's par- nts, at the Bend. They left on a bony moon trip for Wisconsin and will ettle at Greeley, Col. —The Society of Christian Endeavor, if the Christian-church, elected Mr. E, M. Wright chairman, Miss Mattie Frye resident, Miss Mary Zendt vice presi- ent, Charles Sumner secretary and Henry Frye treasurer. —Last night at Chicago the whole- ale cloak house of Albert Elllnger was )urned out entire. Mr. Ellinger's ather resided for several years at Sterl- ng, and he himself lived here for some ime. The loss is 885,000. —Attand the dam meeting to-night, jet all turn out and have a lively time f it. Let some of our talking men make some rousing cheery speeches, ,nd then see how much more money Is o be raised, if any; and see how much more can be raised right there. .—This morning at 0 o'clock thermometers varied from 9 to'io degrees be- ow zero. Of course, we always put own the record of thermometers with n finite fear and trembling, because we know that no two are exactly alike and ach man knows his own la the best and entirely reliable. . —We thank Bro. Queergraln for his ileasant Words, but our modesty will not permit us to suffer them to appear n our columns. If only the blessings f greatly added prosperity may come upon our people, the GAZETTE and Its sdltor will be happy Indeed. —Mr. Jacob Heartz received a cable message from Germany yesterday announcing the death of his mother, which sad event occured yesterday morning. The message was dated 12:10 n Germany and he received it at 1:45 our time. Allowance, however, must be made for the several hours, dlfler- nce in time between the two places. —Here Is the latest gossip about the udgeship question, as taken from the Polo Press: "M. Y. Johnson of unsavory war record, It seems, has taken the nltiatory step to call together the law- era of this district at Freeport, to tell the people who they may vote for as Fudge Eustace's successor, as soon as lorernor Oglesby shall have called an election." —Manager Chamberlin says that with all his bad luck In getting entertainments thU season, he Is not wholly discouraged, because with the fullest assurance from the advance agent that the Michael Stragoff Company will be here intact as they have appeared in all the large cities. He can most heart!y and without reserve recommend to every one who attend shows at all the beautiful and wonderful spectacular entertainment that will be given at the Academy on next Saturday night. —Brother Shaw says it will take an awfully awful high dam at the head of the rapids to5back water up in the neighborhood of Dixon; so that we must forego the pleasures of tirat steamboat ride unless there can be dug a sort of canal from the head waters 01 the pond formed by the dam to Dixon In that way the waters will be deep enough all the wej, and our Dixoi frlenda in helping to construct this canal in the river can just imagine It Is a Hennepin beginner. —Don't have any, Brother Shaw "Act, act In the living present." "Trus no future howe'er pleasant." ,'To-day Is thine; tomorrow—God's." And sc we might multiply apt quotations, In proof that the Individual man must no look to the future. A community may because it is perennial; man is mortal Besides, we belong to a fraternlt; whose ouly honors consist in inner con scionsness of being over-worked o over-done. Dante's inscription ove the gateway to Bbeol may b« adopto by the editorial craft generally; "At*n dun all hope," of reward, uulll you ge to hurto. —Chronological! To day is the an- iversary of the surrender of Arkan- is Post in 1803. —Queergrain writes hopefully of the armers' condition; says all they have o sell brings good prices. —The stockholders of The First Na- ioual Bank held their annual meeting esterday p. m. The former members f the board, John S. Miller, Victor chifftnacher, Geo. F. Shuler, R. Chamion and W. A. Sanbom were reeled d. John S. Miller was reelected Pres- dent. —Dedicatory exercises will take lace tonight at Falrvlew (formerly lerger's) school house, In Jordan ownshlp. The school building Just ompleted is creditable to the taste' eneroslty and enterprise of the dis- rict, being a handsome structure, in- eed. The pnncipal of the three hools of Sterling, Rev. E. Brown, Co. apt. Hendrlcks end others have been nvited to be present and take part in e exercises. —It is never too late to do an act of ustice. Unintentionally we omitted he name and description of the toilette f the belle of the evening, at the Leap Tear party. By common consent it as our friend tie Postmaster, W. A. IcCune, whose garniture of gaily col- red ribbons, smiling face, ease and race, skill in dancing, unqualified modesty, personal pulchritude and ther attractions too numerous to men- ion, easily gave him the palm. He ore his honors with characteristic harm of modest manner. —Geneva isn't much for size, but ira Herrlngton lives there. The oth- r Geneva Is famous for having been :ie home for a while of Rousseau and ie place of his religious opposite Calin. But Jim Herrington is more famous iu his own eyes than either of Siese,—the skeptic or the predestina- ionist. Jim's aldermen have kicked im out, and he refuses to be kicked, 'hey accuse him of allowing but two aloons to run in that city and that be as a half interest in one of them; they ssert that he contracted debts for he city without asking the Council's onsent; and of writing the minutes to uit himself. In short, they declare im's ways to be more arbitrary than hose of the Sultan or Tzar, or the ormer Grand Mogul of the Indies. Jim ntimates that his aldermen knownoth- ng and that he had to assume a quasi- ictatorship; that the town was going o the dry-rot, and he puiposed infus- ng new life Into the decaying carcass. But the aldermen kicked hard, declar- d his office vacant and ordered a new lection for Jan. 28, next. Jim says hey may elect another man, but he'll ght them in the courts. Jim is a ighter—has fought with his lists as well as with his tongue and is equally ood at both. Geneva has only been a ity eight months, and some of its peo- ile think a city don't amount to much anyway, and are beginning to long for he quiet peace and serenity of village ays, when there were no Herrlngton mayors, and. when things were as scene and quiet as "when the yEgean wind has fallen asleep upon Hymettus nd the thymy ioles of Salamls aod Eginii lay huog like clouds upon the right and breathless sea." Sorrows are frequently begotten of ambition nd they are children that grow rap- dly. —Come out, out to that meeting to- ight. Let every body turn out and see what has been raised. Now as to wheth- r the whole amount will be'completed n-night or not, that Is another thing. Suppose it isn't, Rome OB Its Seven Hills was not built in a day; and so 1m- lortatit a matter as the raising of $30- XX) ought not to be expected to be con- ummated In a week or so. Several gentlemen have labored untiringly and ndefatigably in this, matter of sub- criptions. At the proper time we hall refer to them individually and by name 1 in order that our people may enow to whom they owe greatest .hanks for this, most 'praiseworthy work Any one who la>ors gratuetously and well for the public good is entitled to thanks. But t is not fair to ride a free horse to death; don't ask these gentlemen who are now engaged In soliciting to keep on continuously. Resolve that the money shall be raised. We trust devoutly that all the work shall be done by to-night; but if it shouldn't be, we see no need for anyone being discouraged. It may all be raised before bedtime; we trust it will be; but If It Isn't, why, then, give these gentlemen who are now soliciting some assistance; H sn't fair to Insist upon their neglecting their business for weeks and weeks. Appoint some others to cooperate with .hem, and keep right along cheerily and cheerfully, in the full confidence of an early victory. Men are successful when they resolve upon It. The solicitors have done well; they have raised a great many thousand dollars; they have t>roke.n down prejudice where they found it and have educated many into supremest faith in the dam and the benefits it will confer upon our city. It has been decided at two or three public meetings that the dam will be a bonanza for our two towns; that being true and all being agreed it is true, why, then, the next thing is to have It. To have It, Is to peg right away and show others that It Is a necessity, and to persuade others to subscribe. The harder the victory the more glorious It is. That which Isn't fairly won by effort, isn't worth having. Let all reflect upon the value and importance of the dam, and let all go out to-night resolved upon an enthusiastic, hearty, successful meeting. Why If it took it month or months to get it, we "Should go right on as strong in faith and as coctideut of success aa though 'twere all done in a day. The dam la to be ot perpetual benefit; that which 1» to lw so incalculably Utripful, U worth long •tru£gl» to win. Fay Tour Tax««. Tax books for Sterling township ar« now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties.are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. The Boston Store leads in low prices, as Is generally acknowledged. The best goods at the lowest prices. 80 Thlrty-flve cents for twenty-five pounds of Paucake flour at the Sterling Mill Co. tf For sale: A lot of fine new No. 1 cutters; very cheap, to close out, at D. L. Miller & Co's barn, by Keefer & Gleason. 81« What I For the next thirty days I will sell Heating Stoves very cheap, for spot cash. H. E. Reynolds. No. 87, 1st avenue, Sterling, Ills. mwf-tf N. P. Young. Proposes to raffle his horse Capoul, Jr. Tickets, which are 82 each, can be had at M. P. Maas', John Lawrie'a, the Gait House, and Henry Stein's in Sterling and Chut Wells in Morrison., The drawing will take place at M. P. Maas' Wednesday, Feb. 22. 84 Any one who is affected with Tetter, Salt Rheum or any itching or smarting skin disease shnnld try Chamberlain's Eje and Skin Ointment They will certainly never regret it. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction If sold by Strlckler & Boorse. tf Where. Did Yon Hay t At Reynolds hardware store; If you want to get steel traps, 87 First avenne, south Of Davis & Webei's Sterling III. mwf-tf f .It will pay you to call at the Boston Store and see the fine display of dress goods, embroideries, flannels, etc., now offered at such low rates that a person will scarcely believe possible they can be sold for. 80 James M. Fitzgerald's Restaurant. Meals at all hours; oysters in every style. Prices very reasonable. Under Keefer's drug store, corner 3rd and Locust streets. tf If you want to see a grand play go to the Academy of Music on Saturday evening, January 14th. "Michael Stro- goff" with all special scenery. Don't nilas It; — If you see a person taking a bundle of goods to bis wagon, you will know if he is in a specially good humor that he brought them at the Boston Store because the bargains offered there put all in good humor. 80 Dam Sleeting Wednesday Night. The citizens of Sterling and Rock Falls will meet at the Council Rooms at 7 o'clock on Wednesday evening t bear reports from canvassing committee and if the money is all subscribed take further action In the matter, tf John A Watson, the broom maker, being unable to deliver brooms to his old customers at present, wishes to inform them and the public generally, that a full stock of his brooms can be .found at Reed & Son's Feed stora on Second avenue. . 83* If your overshoes or rubbers wear thin at the heel, get a pair of plates put on at P. J. Unkel's. tf What Tennessee Thought of It. The production last night of Jules Verne's great drama, "Michael Stro- goff," was ureeted w ith a good house, considering the counter attractions in the city. Manager Andrews has shown himself a true Interpreter of the public taste in relieving the Intense dram atlc story by the introduction of the specialties produced by the Minnet Carnival company, and 'from the juggling Japanese to the gorgeous drill of the Emir's Amazonian guards, the Innovations were greatly enjoyed.—[Ex. *79 From Deer Grove. We have been favored with some very stormy weather making the roads exceedingly rough. John Sheehnn is the happy possessor of a fine new cutter and two strings of sleigh bells, that makes the air ring when he Is out. John Dolon, of Clearmont, Dak., Is around visiting friends. John Flock and wife has returned home from their bridal trip. Owing to the stormy evenings the exhibition is to be held over again Wednesday evening. The receipts were good Thursday evening; they took in over twelve dollars. Wm. Geary, of Harmon, was visiting at John Drew's last week. The young folks enjoyed themselves immensely at John Devine's Tuesday night, tripping the light fantastic until the wee small hours. We hear the patrons of the Hutton school will be elected to entertain the representatives of the central Exposition this year. ART. Wheat flour for pancakes at just one quarter the price of Buckwheat at the Stalling Mill Co. tf The "C. H. S." is the finest 10 cent cigar on the market The "Velvet" and 97 for a 5 cent smoke can't be beat. First class dealers. C. H. Seloff, manufacturer, tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddings & Co's. Also they do fine watoh repairing, tf -FOB— PEOPLE'S COLUMN. . '-We will Insert three lines In thin col--«| umn one time lor 10 cents, or for 40 cent* a week. Each additional line will be S cent* a single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. von KE&T. M Y residence No 1106, Second avenue. J. T . F. Winters. Mrs. 83« liEBIDENCE of E. W. Edsou and the store IV room under Harwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McCune. tf D WELLINO house, corner 6th Aye. and «h Bt. Apply to Mrs. M. 1J. Krelder. tf D ONT Bleep out of doors when you can get a comfortable house for from six to seven dollars per month, ol F. B. Hubbard. U O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and flnlsht \ In elegant shape. Apply to J. E. Bell & Bon. U FOK HALK. M KS. Sanford's cutter for sale^bj W. H. Howard, n* A CHANCE to make money. J. A. Bartlett offers one or both ol his billiard parlors for sale at a bargain. tf I OFFER for sale my entire stock of goods, with Its good will, on reasonable terms. C. A. Sheets, successor to Martin & Klntzle. tf Sterling, Ills., Dec, 17,18U7. G OOD light bob-sled xnd a democrat wagon. Enquire at this office tf A LE Brewery and fixtures for sale. George E. Hogers, Sterling, Ills. THE WILD WAVES ARE SAYING, AND XIS IT IN YOUR HAT, THAT WAIMTKD. A BO Y IS to 16 years old, as messenger. In the Western Union Telegraph office. . tf Dr I. Rader, of Fulton, Kan., says: "I have been practicing medicine for 47 years. Many times" I have prescribed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not believe it has an equal in the market.', It to a certain cure for coughs, colds and hoarseness. It is a splendid expectorant. It contains no opium, chloroform' or any Injurious substance. 60 cents per bottle. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf "Another large house at the Hay market Theatie last evening witnessed and relished Charley Andrews' spectacular production of "Michael Strogofl." This familiar play has been surrounded by a framework of new and splendid scenery and costumes, and placed In the hands of an excellent company. Incidental to the performance are two pretty and taking ballets, a novel feature in the shape of a balloon voyage, Nelton, the Egyptian juggler; Heulett on the magic wire, and other novelties." The above Is .what the Chicago Even- Ing Journal of last night says regarding the play which is to appear at the Academy Saturday evening. Secure your seats early. 79 A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease take possession. Take St. Patrick's Pills at once. They act promptly, cure costlveness and bilious disorders. They ward off disease and tone up the whole system. Strickler & Boorse. . it Wheat flour for pancakes at 51.25 per hundred pounds. Sterling Mill Co tf To Trade- A well Improved farm in Whiteslde Co. of'140 acres to trade for Neb.—or Kansas lands. Strike quick if you want it, it is desirable.^ tf F. B. HUBBABD. A 50 cent bottle of Dr. Bigelow'i Posttiv • Cure will promptly and thoroughly cure the worst cae«i of recent cough, cold or throat or lung trouble. Boy the dollar bottle for chroulc C&M& rieuantto take. For tale by O. A. Olivw. il()IMIB FOR THE BOYS!! SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! GUTJL.EIfcY, GUTI^ER-Y, CUTLER-Y, HARDWARE & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Klsle's Merchant Tailoring establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. CUT K A.T.ES -ON- Pianos and Organs ! ! UNTIL AFTER THE HOLIDA.YS- Notwithstanding Their (Rousing Holiday Trade Have Still —AT- Fuller's Book Store, Will alwayn Flurt th« Choicest BnuMla of CIGARS"" 1 TOBACCOS •A.T JNO. P. LAWBIE'S. Farms, City Property Personal Property an Stocksof goods For other Property »EO. W. CHAKBKBL.IN.' BOOM 9, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Office open erenlngs. /Come I>own After Map-' per and Sit bj the Ones «r»te and let ns Talk Buatneca. fe b fe b h COCHRAXT SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOB THE— LEAST MONEY All Grate of AT LOWEST RATES. A Fair Assortment of CLOAKS& MUFFS STAPLE \ FANCY '<L<RY GOODS At their Usual (Reasonable Prices. This is good ;"advice and we charge nothing for it. Perhaps you may wish to know how to do so, arid it is easy for me to tellyoa. The first move to^make is to buy your goods.ol THE Bl« Stock; Ho«t Vavormble Term*. WERNTZ CO n (QalttHouM Block,) WBIQHT & WILLIAMS, PLUMBED, GiS t STEAM FITTERS. Come one, come all, This rock shall flea From Its firm base As soon as we. GROCERY Yon will then know that yon are {retting them at the lowest possible turnre. Those who have traded with ns in the past know this well, and we want others to know it We are selling jnst now a first-class BOB SLED At a lower figure than they were ever sold before, and they are go- i g off fast This is rather a new departure for us, bn' v- always intend to keep up witli .'o demands and requirements off.: customers. In adding this new to- '--ire we have not neglected, nordc TO intend to, any other part of our i nnneea. We are, selling groceries of all kinds a LITTLE LOWER Than they can be had elsewhere. We can and do do this, and the why and wherefore of this is that we buy many of our goods directly from first hands thus saving th« profit made by the jobber. Jobbing and Repairing Attended to. Dealers In Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood and Iron Pumps, of all kind. Hose, Packing, Steam and Water Ouagea, Valves, Fittings, Bewer Pipe, So. Estimates made on Plumbing, Bte&m&Gu Job* Mr. B. F. WILLIAMS. Formerly with Wm. MoCune & Co.. btt«nai to wood aud Iron pump letting and repairing. Mr. E, M. WRIGHT, Formerly with ttto Sterling Water Co.. gim bis penonal atUtuUou to &U plumbing, stoua tad gat contract*. OVK JUAMr PALAC1C THE URLY BIRD HATCHES THE WliBM. with too lftia*t detlfftu In Hinjlnj, 8<*ad atul Bracket Lwnue, Buruort, CbiiiuMjr*, fc«. Frloea to suit Uw time*. C*ll tad tee our Uttlo OUnut Lamp no* Xureka Uafttt Vftlra. All work warrnnhn!. You/- ord«j» fc>llclt«i. TRY THE BEE HIVE Aud see if what is said for* ia not absolutely correct. FarmeiB, don't for- f at, we want to sell OB SLED. BEE HIVE

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