The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 27, 1916 · Page 11
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 11

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 11
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THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION FRIDAY, OCT. 27,1916. TAKS YOUR Optical Question MACDONALD F O R OVER T W E N T Y Y E A R S A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful correction of DEFECTIVE* VISION and Eve Strain. Mod ern methods. Reliable Service Reasonable Price. A.B.Macdonalsf EAST SIDE SQTTAEE JVeed Xe-u Jead JLetter O/Iice. Minneapolis, M i n n , Ocl 26--Po-=t master B A Purdy today recom mended t o the Postmaster Goneial at Washington that a temporary 'dead letter" office be established in Aim. neapohs to handle the affairs of the National Brokerage Company, the promoters of which disappeared near- I ly a month ago Thousands of letters for the company are pouring into the Jlmneapolit, postoflice, the result of the com. pany's alleged offer that e~veiy Arom- an sending them ten cents would receive a silk petticoat A consign meat of thirty thousand letteis al- readv has been far-raided to the dead letter office in Washington. In the last tw o claj s foi Ij-.eighr thousand letters containing an aggre gate of $ 4 5 0 0 0 ha\e been received at the postofflce lieie IX RE3IE3JBRAXCK OP MRS. Dr. S. Black 1EPUTY STATB VtTrKKTNAJKIjSJ* Private Cans promptly -answerer Office 841--PHONES--Residence 71" Chillicothe Lodge* NO. 91, I. O. O. F. EVKBY MONBAY "UGH? GEXTL/K--BUT SURE Pihousness, SILK headache, sour tomach, gas, bloating, constipation cjopepsia--all these distressing consequences of retaining a mass of undigested and fermenting food in the stomach are avoided i£ the bowels are kept open and regular. Foley Cathartic Tablets are first aid to good health Do not gripe. Sold everywhere. Now Is tJ- time to lay in your coal ·'or winter Before buying, see E. H, c'Sc or I rone 818. 17-tf C h i l d r e n Cry FOR FLETCHER'S -. - «t --· O R I On Monday morums vt 1 o'clock,' October 23, 1916, Mrs Isabolle Sprague passed to eteinal rest, aftc: 2 years of suffering, dunng which she bore with Christian fortitude ID the going of this kind woman wife and mother, the communitv will miss the gentle hand-clasp, the kind w o i d s of encouragement that helped to cheer so many along life's pathway During her 68 jears of bfe Mrs , Sprague endeared herself to all who knew her She was a devoted chris- Uaa woman, a kind and loving mother and t r u e triend T , There are two hoys and three gi^i- who pioceded her to the gi eat bo j o n d Four son, William, Chailes Eon and John, -uno w i t h their iather, Reev J" D Spraguo, live to mourn t h e gieat loss ol mother and wife The large gathering _ of sorrowing fi lends and the sad cortage that followed Mis Sprague to the Hutchison cemetery told linn dearly she was loved A Friend. Tie Original Malted Milk Nourishing Delicious Digestible The powder dissolves in water. Needs no cooking--Keep it on hand. Rich Milk, Malted grain extract in powder. For Infants, Invalids and growing children.. Pure nutrition,upbuilding the whole body. Invigorates nursing mothers, and the aged. The Original Food-Drink for all ages. More nourishing than tea, coffee, etc. In the home, or at Hotels and Cafes. Substitutes cost YOU Same Price USED IT ELEVEN TEAKS. There is one remedy that lor many yeais has given relief from coughs, colds, croup and whooping coughs Mrs Chas Riotz, Allen. Mills, Pa , writes' "I have used Foley's Hont y and Tar for the past eleven years and would not be without it " ft promptly relieves hoarseness, tickling throat and wheezy breathing Sold everywhere Read the Constitution Want ada --at 5 per cent Interest* Prior Payment Privileges Gill ® Ryan North Side Square DCiMT LET THIS ©ET CONSTITUTION WANTS GET RESULTS Before you buy that READ It MADE Suit consider the fact that it is NOT made to YOUR figure--that i is NOT exclusive in fabric pattern-that it will NOT hold its shape like otfr TAILOR-MADE garment--that it costs MORE in the end. Our tailoring insures a PERFECT, LASTING FIT, THE CORRECT STYLE and a grade of workmanship that is never equalled in the best ready made garments It j s a pleasure to show our suitings and overcoatings for we can sell you Suits at any price you want . If you want $15 Suits I have plenty of them and will guarantee them t o be a? good as any $15 Suits made _ Jess Hasten NORTH SIDE SQUARE Over Heger's Restaurant M.W. LITTON EXCLUSIVE FUNERAL LIVERY Specinl calls mode for Parties and Balls. Phone 343. THE INEVITABLE HAS COME. CONDITIONS HAVE BECOME SUCH THAT THE NEWSPAPERS OF CHILLICOTHE MUST MAKE SOME RADICAL MOVE FOR SELF PROTECTION. IT IS NOT A MATTER OF CHOICE WITH THE COUNTRY NEWSPAPER OF TOBY. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY THAT WE RETRENCH IN EVERY MANNER POSSIBLE AND YET WE MUST DO IT IN SUCH A WAY A3 WILL AVOID THE IMPAIRING OF OUR HIGH CLASS SERVICE WHICH IS MAINTAINED AT ENORMOUS EXPENSE. THAT IS THE PROBLEM THE 3DITORS OF THE CONSTITUTION AND THE TRIBUNE HAVE E3EN ENDEAVORING TO SOLVE FOR THE P4.ST SSV ERAL WEEKS--HOW TO DSOES.45S EXPENSES WITHOUT ELIMINATING ANY OF THE COMMENDABLE FEATURES OF THEIR PAPERS, AND HOW TO GAIN AN INCREASE IN REVENUE WITHOUT PLACING A BURDEN UPON THE SHOULDERS OF ANY PARTICULAR CLASS. THIS SAME CRISIS IS FACING EVERY COUNTRY NEWSPAPER IN THE UNITED STATES. It is not necessary for us to make a long, drama-put statement of facts lelativo to the enormous increase in cost of everything used in the offices of The Tiibune and The Constitution but we do wish to call dfteiilion to a few of the principle items ns,PC! at these offices. "Wo print here a scalo of comparative cost prices, that is, the cost of various items a year ago as compared to the cost of the same items today: NEWS PRINT PAPER (on which Newspapers are printed. . PRINTER'S ROLLERS for Inking forms Cost Year Ago Present Cost $2.50 per Cwt. $6.50 per Cwt. .25 per. .lb. NEWS INK 06 per Ita. LINOTYPE METAL -. . .07 per lb. .50 per lb. .11 per lb. .10 per lb. (These prices are subject to raise without notice and predictions are that at least a portion of them Trill go even higher before the first of the year) You will note that the cost of these items have advanced from 20 to three hundred per cent--news print paper costing us $4 00 more per cwt. than it did a year ago against $1,3 25.00 a year ago. And on every other article used in the editing of a news paper the cost has been increased proportionately. ^Vith these facts staring us in the face we lealizecl that something would have to be done and done quickly, if we were to remain in business. As stated above, we do not wish to eliminate any of the good features of our papers in oider to reduce expenses Both The Constitution and The Tribune are equipped with the very latest printing machinerv for putting out a first class daily edition U T e rhsolntelr must set aside a sufficient sain dirmuilly to take eaie of deterioration op machinery; we must meet a payroll of mor.° $300 weekly;we must meet our obligations pi omptlv eveiv- month in oider to maintain oui ciedit; we must have a reasonable sum left, when all obligations are met, to take care of our own families. Ordinarily it is bad policy to ma ice yoni private business matters public, but in order to convince our icadcis that we are sincere in these malters it is necessary to show iLcm exactly what it costs us to publish, p i - mt and mail a. daily newspaper for one rear: Print paper for one subscriber for one year $2.00 Postage for one subscriber for one year . . '20 A \-rappmg paper for one subscriber for one year .10 Mailing paper £or one subscriber for one year . JO Twine and paste for one subscriber for one year .. .30 TOTAL . .. ' . $2.50 This does not include salary of press feeder or mail wrappers; does not include deterioration on machinery or salary for time spent in changing and correcting subscription galleys: does not include postage on subscription statements sent out or for txpeiise of maintaining a subscription depaitment; does not include cost of stock and printing icceipts nor many others items too numerous to mention. Read that table closely, then figure how much profit the newspaper make on a subscription at $3.00 per year. Up until the past few years, daily subscribers to The Tribune or The Constitution have always paid $3 00 per vear, and yet there is absolutely no comparison between these dailies ten years ago, and today. One feature, in particular, we wish to call attention to is the leased wire news service used by the papers. The Constitution gets daily a complete summary of the news events of the world over a leased wir-j fioni the United Press Association. The Tribune is informed of all current news of the world over an Associated Press leased wire. These two news gatbeiinsr organizations are the largest concerns of this kind in the world--and the cost of this daily service is extremely hpavy. Another feature of paiticular concern to the farmer and .slock raiser is the dailv market reports. Each paper carries a complete daily market report on stock, grain and produce, a set- vice that is indispensable to the farmer, but which is a heavy expense to the newspapers. Tn view of these conditions the two Chillicothe dailv newspapers feel that they are entitled to due consideration from both their subscribers and advertisers. $4.50 IN TOWN WE WILL ALSO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR OUR CITY SUBSCRIBERS TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS LAST BARGAIN OFFER. . 5 O WILL PAY -YOUR SUBSCRIPTION FOR ONE YEAR, DELIVERED BY CARRIER, AFTES NOVEMBER 18th THE PRICE IN CHILLICOTHE WILL ES STRICTLY lOc PER WEEK'OR $5.00 PER YEAR. THE SAME RULING APPLIES TO THIS AS TO THE MAIL DAILY SUBSCRIPTION--ALL ARREARAGES IIUST BE PAID BEFORE THE BARGAIN RATE IS ALLOWED. THE PLAN FROM THIS DATE UNTIL SATURDAY, NOV EMBER 18th, WE WILL OFFER THE DAILY CON STITUTION ONE YEAR FOR THIS OFFER WILL POSITIVELY CLOSE ON THE DATE ADVERTISED, NAMELY': NOVEMBER 18th AFTER THAT DATE THE PRICE WILL ABSOLUTELY GO TO $3.00 OR MORE AS WE CANNOT POSSIBLY ACCEPT A SUBSCRIPTION AT A LOWER RATE, AFTSR THAT TIME, IN VIEW OF RAPIDLY INCREASING COST PRICES. (This applies to mail subscriptions only) NOTE All arrearages must be paid at regular pnc« before bargain rate may be obtained. P O S T M A S T E R S ALL POSTMASTERS ARE RECOGNIZED AGENTS AND ARE AUTHORIZED TO COLLECT AND RECEIPT FOR ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED BY THEM. * J NO REDUCTION LATER NOVEMBER 18th WILL POSITIVELY BE THE LAST BARGAIN DAY. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO ALLOW YOU THIS RATE AFTER THAT TIME: WE ARE SETTING THE DATE FAR ENOUGH AHEAD THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE AMPLE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE REDUCED RATE BEFORE CLOSING DATE. YOU yWOULD ONLY CAUSE US TO REFUSE YOU SHOULD YOU ASS FOR THE REDUCED RATE AFTER THAT TIME. · iNEWSPAPERi MHuHRSEuQjQ^ CON iNEWSPAPERif

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