Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1941 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1941
Page 2
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GAjjOTEj Fridav. October 17, 1P11 Small Housing to 0ef Green Light From Government Homes Under S6,GQG Art Cloiiified as Seing Defense Needs St. Rita's Court WC©F Entertained in Horns Of Mrs. Joseph Stcirck 'in rfirrTof':• . .. Orrler f»l Forp-iters jm/ovefi a 1 o'clock picrir dinner in I Hi* h"*ne nf Mfn. ,Io**pH C. Pfafr* 1 frr '!:* f•!^/•rlf^t^•OTk Onild. Th* trr- I In pi:i rw ~hl'' Mr^. F, R jh*'.f1 tiieh Tfire, nnd Mf^. ^I'-rr- 1 !! Inw fn 500 AeMha Fifr- erraid hieh and MTV Prtrr • In Mrv Emil .trsnf'.ienft and Mtv Members of Church And Friends Honor The Billman Family Informal Rectpfion Thursday Night et Mefhodisf Church rnn''i ' er«"-n lien'. P-. . ftllocaticms, to r * f 1 e hern held 'in hv thr JSPAB An-.thma 1111- rip r K$ono is to he rrrn«!rl*r^r1 as n d*f*r?<* nere^-Hy The swppptns nrtcrr-v of l!ie rir- . to cost iifworri.': of a?cm-di:ig 'o pirsent lift.* j;i.<t starter! to h* smullpr riMf! ar.d rural area.* in th* interior nf the nation In *n Associated Pre.v rr)p«.^* to The Onrettp from Wsshintston. if is *t*t*fi that new homes are .«!Drin«inR tip by the score in nr"wly divided real estate developments In cities th* country orer. but th? meaning 6f tfii* «r^***f' in home buildln* hA« Men unclear in many locslltir. 1 : Ndw it L* understood 5e* homes if# a part of the tooling up process ef def«fi.^e. Tftia 45S.OOO.OOO.OOO defease pro- imm t* likely to become a WO.OW Ifialf before congress finish«« «p s flroT»ri«t*rt* money fot planes. ttflkA. flhlnA. gtms. ammunilion and ft Wf ttldbiie military man power. And just as new factories and me- ehifle* mtwt be set up In etery industrial community making arms, so td*tuJte homea miH't b« *et utt lor tfte fti«rj who man the jirants. •Ome rnilklers are forecast int that pflvit* rextdentlal constrticttwn for" IM calendar year 1941 mar angre- •tte in the vicinity of $a,«,oOo fiftr the. country «a a whole, wmpur- ed with around $ In IB40. Oovtrnment officials wtlmate that for the year ended next June SO. Ardund 825.000 new family dwell' iDf unite may be erected, an in- «f«Mt of *4 per cent over the pre-> «Mlu II AiOtiUu. Not oflty new defense home build- iflt. BWt rMMNlelint. i«t« fid from fttiflritiM. In fftet, refflOOelint top* M« BOUa« wotk. Ill the MMftttition for defence ho*« mtUrMte, remowiini and re- habtlitetton will M liven lint preference, building for rent next, and fcllidiflf f«r Ml« third. Observer* My thii ftrdef WM defined to pro- du«i the hMMt housint with a minimum of building, and to dlacour* iff «|Meuiatite ««»tttifUori. IB wttteYrt eitiM whert many defense factory workers art llrlflf in trtum aurtoat any kind of houat f« tilt* or MM miinft wtu FOOTBALL! SATURDAY. OCT. It MOIVM. SHYXHNJl Red Cross Develops First Aid In County In Speciil Classes th <! fot t held ifi S. fir^t «kl tHftlrmdn for Fdll* eharrtn, hl« fOiifth nrpt Aid the 1«.*t . «he lotdl Its Irtsltuclw to th« count* fh*ptef which i» )\ir\ ee«innin| its flf^t did the foiio»ftn| men finished the standard rwur« of 80 hours AJ pBddorH, Charles Heily, O«>ffe Curtis. Dt John Murshall. C. W WtprsrrfiB. flalph C«f)e.r, Itoyd Kim- rrW-1. Jo* bohm. Merle fidlund. Paul KW-r. J. M. ttollnnd. Arlyn Cutney. Donald Wing and Peter Van All of thr.«,A m?n are cwinfctefl *lth the fire department, ambulance vice. or oiher occuiJatlOTi* #hert they may have gerat ive*d of the Information they have just learned. Durlnn the recent Morrison fair. wtwn accWents <K-rurr*d tm the face trncks and there were calls for first aid. their spryices meflltd favdr- aWe comment*. Several of thf* men and 20 others arc already reRlstcred for an advanced course in first aid which Mr. R>min«ton IK b«|ltinlng Oct. 22. He will be glad (o Karn of others interested. Those, desiring the advanced course of 10 hours must hare had A standard course within the past three 3-e«rs. Mr, Remington U llring this course aj »r*cial preparation for th« instruc-> tor 'i course to be taufht by toti* Ham Holmes from Ht. Louis to qualify fta first AM instructor*. thU charrter draws it* atudenU from fiv* mjrroundim comntlH for thU In-* FOREST INI 7 M1LBR WBST Of iTEftLlftO rHONE MOBBISON l«ti TOIIINT BCBWOl. West St. CBiH ttatloH' fttt SUNIAY rUa att ill IfOMC-MADE MM Private 4iBin( for «f to tti -OOOtl POOD BVBBT DAT* Jn th» !<->rs of *h" Fn-ir'h ftrept Methodist rh'irrh » !)«re» niim^er r-.i mftmb^r' anr! frirnfl* «n!h»refl fof'hpr fnt nn inl«fm»! re'-*n':oTi <n hnrinr of Rev prsfl Mrs A:'«in 'nnfl »rt"tr rtaritht^r Bf"»r. Durin« the e- rTi!n* a ,«htrt informal profftm *R^ *ivpn. Mfs. Fn<;ter FiV^. «rfr>mr>tTii*rl hv Mf* rf>e ir.«r1*«. .e*n* a ermip of which 6>!'tht«»d her lis»ener« pre.iifi''n!s of *?i* \nrirni.« church or»#niwitirm« exrre.sserl their «r»- of what the Siilmnn has mesnt to nil the ptia«*>s «f ehiifr-h life d-irn:* (heir Sis years in Bterlin*. A tf»e spirit of comradeship dfirl fellowship rfnipled with symiHltheUc tinder^tundlM ha* always existed between pastor /»nd people and they ie«tp met tint wifh a host of friends wishing them a haprry future. Mr. Ulilman responded, saylflg fh*t he dfid hi« family IrWked iipOn their residence in Sterling a* six vrrr hftppr years and He ie«»e* here only beeaa** the omjoftwnily to serve in a college community offers a challenge that he Jeete he must scrept. T>ie wUfs of the membrr* nf the official boa/d were the hr*te?*es of the evening. Refreshment* were .M-rved from a beautifully decorated table anrl all enjoyed an hour of .<>ocial fellowship. Japanese StrtflfHltti ln<ta-€t»in« Post* *o!di"r^ flre shown hftulinff a lish! field piece thromh _ on way to a Japanese Harrison In indn^ChlnH, iti this photo »mu||»fd mtt of tftdo-CHInn. Eritertdintd at Supptr Bishop and Mrs A. C. dood tt\- ruiined mfmbers of ficl*n(* ftldfte quartet and their wives with Miss Ada Lapp and Mis* Bertha Mellin- tfr at (HipptT in th*ir liome Thurs- dly eifnlnn. utroctor a cttirj* Which I* flveh in the chtpter »a»lri| the »»t firit lid show Rcipond to Appeal for Donationi of Clothoi And Shoti for Children Quilp a number of loral citlr^ns responded to thr appeal of thP West Rnd m)««k>n for clothing and sho for children. Bi.*)ior) Lapp, pastor of the church, reports. Muny u* ful articles were donated. There Is urtfffit nfrd for more, however, and it ts hoped lh<7«e having children's ckrlhes to dl-srard will rfmemlTer this rfllsskm, which hfl" a very Inrife number of needy children for whom clothes and shoes will be M godsend. The articles may be f?nt to Bishop Lapp, 705 Awiw K. or telephone him, 1167-R. and he will send for the lartnents. « Sfort Flight South mm J^BwIi^pBwy'O^ W^WW*» XSSffO&Sff&S^ ""'BBS'" k>l'»< MI9CHA AliEK LEON ERROL in Wwdidr 1:1 firman AIIPLARE CONTEST 1st Frli«—I12J50 GM Motor 2nd Prlt*-Gu MoM Airplant 3rd Pritfe-^Tmlcr Wheel* to M Oct. M, at Uw Airfavl lai • «M» Ba*elMr ratkl TralMr, t« left at Alirawt at at tMa atara, mt aaadcb an aate ai HASKELL S in t Tona» §T. SUN, WON, TUES.^i FEATURES! ^MDKI A Truly Great Sequel to "DODGE CITY" TtMV ore letting etwee* •very ety ono* soiactitiis ore fewer, ttry sjow on4 oef whot yo«i wont— •f • roosonaMe >rl«e. 1» BMafc, aaMB al^atkSt aftaatl M4*a .. fWO y Cfcatfam «a«a) aaiaa, ^ 1428 It CfcmMfet lawn Hill 1375 '37 rani taJaf. ««- •9 I V|I1 It. Cfcaytata* i 1275 11 Cbmvtoi naaaVtar — Ohrf*iar 'IT, l-4a«r a«t*i ^4 Satra ^»r their home in the chimney* of the Fourth Street MethO»Hst church during the open season, completed their assembly Thursday evening early nnd soon 'began to pour out for thrir miaratlon to their winter home. The sight of hundreds of these birds circling upward above the. church formed an unuftual M|M. Bike Stolen ot School Wesl*y Brown of Sterllli*. ftoute 3. reported to the local police that his bicycle was stolen from the Sterling Township hlfh school thurs- Luthtrins P!m (or Cimpaigin to Develop Seminary In Mtywood ssnnivrr-! hft* been ' ftnr! put-cl jn'oi anrl of th* Brn'h- 40 ff ftf «?1 .Jnhrt « f. rh'lffh enjrr, r^ ft rl^llrlm^ ir. the rivirch rilnir.^ room Ttuir*- It Wfi<! th»> fif<* ITi**t- ir.e r>f i!'.* 1 fl'.it\imi!-sitit''T va^nn (>;jf-nf-TT*n fi't rt ".'« pi^^^Tit were the Lutheran chiiMi «» Mt Mmrl*. and Mr Power*: 's« th^ af'T-dni- :>rr "-ivsttrr Robert Myerv vire pr^'ldent. prf c if1"d in Mie Bb s *nce of C-eoree Dn-. is T , pf'i'lT!. Orare ht R"v. Albfr* M K"rk. bv f, Jr th? In Ih* 11* yw i* the «n?1 ft ff*l i wt to N» 1 s f'ind for trw» er f!*'vtlopm'-nt of May wood inArv. Go*!<i Will be .<et ff»r *ar And church t« rajs* Sfl. ftf Hnu psri*h. , hood. rally *!. i* tfl b<* * Oft M. *» Ad Sells Chickens I Tb*" value of i m*m* in 1~h* In hi^ tfsltt Mr v>mr nuns! if Christian* hdvr faithf • i hf>mr on eipr r ! 0 »f- g^ h!;> Wylnt T.-" f-ntir" in* H'nav hv a r; *«*. S)t»i1 in hi'f f?»s > :vi':>;«. S' --niri and 'S^TI Mon Mr Poorr< w,i< j Mr Ke: k Mr Ptrse r « of the rll'l! rlrivp "=rinji to Mr. KerU ii th? From »!-«> f)f th* wntlft tli^y hftv*"i not The mr'ttrr nf personal re<rwn- ..Mbiiity for right iivin* and th* riurv, trt int*reM hPifMwr* and frt*ml«j of th? 5*mlnary were outlined It ha* assets of three-fourths of a mi'.-| lion dollar* but neM« further f!' 1 - • \eiopment and *ddiiirm<; to the fac- ' i " Mf " sf ' nwi * m(l1 "" 1 Hr»* on *Ii! te control h* th«- HH•synod-: * m»»«»>r of An Interesting and verr on the «ut).i*Tt of the hy Mr. Ptm- Me explained that this year Is the 50th anniversary of the theo-> logical initiation of th* United Lutheran ehurrh ih Mat-wood,, the Chicago Lutheran seminary. It wan. (minded In iWt Hrkl Is one of the of the. denomination in the United Slate*, arijj is tiie most centrally located of all. In the SO tear* of Its eal „..„ JKW younif men hive tant forth Inlo the minisitt of the United Lutheran rhiijrh A thrfg*yegf course Is In- TO I.OOfc tOt'M ARftT VIMI RfJMliHy t M K » NAT * MKAl'Tt *t?rllN| tht*tr« R A1IIO BEAUTY in rot RS TOt 00 TO THE '* CRYSTAL. Pfrmanentiv 3.80 4.00 100 MO IINOKK WAVK PHONE 240 Crystal Beauty Shop lit A ««4 •WHi Stftif, Sterling *«t««0l RAiiei SElTR'S VOL RK ALWAYS WELCOME AT Daniel's BOCA COltfLBTBLT FAMOUS CANDIES ir»«ii atM all fk« I CAA4UM at ttaniefe 4 . Mr*, li«»«r'a. Mr*. Schrtffl'i, Me ... *il kt**n their fravcal «htelHf • eees. AIM * Krt *f «lr »wt» can- 4le« ...••« Ulfr apples. TRY OUR Htial Nut Ice Cream SATURDAY NIOHT atr*«a tnm I to • p, «L • CttfCttftt AMI MOtttMAM MMMLCS •AKBBI awiaa BTEAR WITH ramm raitt SUNDAY II te I P. M. CKItktn HinTiili Sw«ttt a*efc tt^tft MNteM wttk Nobelt Pajtmn •V Wltt«M Be conifortibl* te- ftifhl in tt>M* pajaniM with toft, pliable Na» »ai«t ROCK FALLS PACA-PERU TOPCOATS TNI MRFECT COMSI NATION OF STYLE, LONG WIAR AND VALUI Silky alpaca, lustrous mohaln and fin«, sturdy wool ... that's the secret blend that makta this Topcoat so luxurious to feel, so easy to wear and so call** to hard uaagt... in new set-in sleeve, fly front models... in new blues* greys, browns and camel... aee them ,.. you never met a finer combination of luxurious «le, fance and real downright thrift A WAftMm IHOi. IUCCCS8 with fTUAJT CftWt* * IUQCNC MLUTTC • JACK OIOMC TOMAS « HAWTV OA¥ENrX)ftf lra«a^.eteaii •at ra*B»*lai MM t)J|4|S£ •cirsaAL noaa to SKUCT raott , Twii City Mater Ctrp. aiWM Arita I. «M Ma* «. I STIMD TBHT1E Roy Reftra in TOIFNG BILL "MURDER AMONG FRIENDS'* An Kxdtli Thrjflir! Plenty a-f Otfcer llefont Topcoats, too, trow $14.ff to $40.00 "Mill" $5 Feather light ease— smart style and long wearing stamina ... to give you America's moat called for light weight hat, in new shapes that's bound to flatter you. Clothing House MVINTtIN IA1T THIRD

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