Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 10, 1935 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1935
Page 5
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, 'poor relief 'cut off. her allowance was HOUTEN MrMiller Owens were dinner guests Muffin* home, Id Mrs. Lester Levi and were guests j Kilby home, Sun- Dse who attended idav convention at Win- Rhursday and Friday f and Mrs- I- G. Ran- attended both days, Eckler attended on ,nd Mrs. M. C. 1 on Friday. nd Mr G. A. Bryant Q J.Vi*" • — i Monday evening from 111, after a three ; with relatives. '^TJflrws ey are nicely located at HI where Arnold will ias "business course and ialter will study art. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Eberle Thursday, Oct. 3, a-baby joy, weighing eight and a quar- ;er pounds. He has been named Donavan Dean. Ernest Hufnagel and Bud Leedom went to Ottawa, Kans., ast Thursday to visit Dick Hufnagel and family. They returned home Sunday evening. Roy Long reports the sale of the Pat Finn property, west of the Catholic church, to Alpha Severn. The sale was made last week. This house is now occu pied by Wayne Denton who expects to move as soon as he can fined another house. Mr. and Mrs. H. Sherwood and Mrs. S. Boone of Kahoka, Mo., were visitors in the Maury and G. A. Boone homes last week. Mrs. Donna Runyon will last Wednesday, where she has I When Mrs. Catherine Cody of leave Friday for Tacoma, Wash., been visiting relatives. I London bought a piano while on where she will spend the winter ""* ^"" " n ""' nv " >0 """= with her son, Glen Runyon Rollv R - Bailey and son M Her address will be 5301 So z - went to Chicago Friday ev- Pine St. ' I enlng to attend the world series ball game on Saturday. Elaine Robinson and -sons „„,.„. „ tsiame KODinson ana ••MJIIW T, « A H y> 5 ame Ric hey, have a fine new truck, aerai- Lucy Gardner and Ed Rutledge trailer desien of Sharpsburg attended the g short services held at the ceme- Supt. L. E. Church, Mr?, tery Monday morning for the Church, Mrs. MacRae, Miss late Mrs. Nellie Quinn of Mary- Trowbridge, Miss Nixon, Coach Recently returned from a nine-month expedition in the ville, Mo. BAKE SALE Presbyterian Ladies at Serve Store, Sat., Oct. 12. Clearfield Events W. B. Reed and Harry Cole attended the Teachers' Meeting at Bedford, Thursday. Self- I Miss Helen Wyant has return- 2-lp ed to her school work as English teacher after an absence of four [weeks on account of sickness. Miss Maude Stevenson is assisting with the housework at H. B. HutcUman i olol/ The Federated Clubs of Clear- the Rev. field met at Christian church home Tuesday, Oct. 1. The clubs are made up of members of the Tom Jamison of Redding was Modern nightly Literary Club,," Fort-a caller at the home of his Club and Kensingtons, mother, Mrs. Jennie Jamison, AiAgAiuijT viuw UllU JXCilOJ.llgUU.UO. "•-—-—> Each member invited a guest Sunday afternoon. so about seventy ladies .were Mr< and MrS- Ear i L each of present. Orient, Frank Buck, trapper of wild animals, told friends he was bringing back 600 new animals and about 5,000 birds. A purse belonging to Mrs, George R. Johnson' of Pasadena, Calif., containing $3,000 worth of diamonds and a dollar in change, was stolen. Later it was returnea—minus the dollar kept by the thief. The city commission of Memphis approved on final reading an ordinance giving blind persons carrying white canes the right-of-way over traffic intersections not protected by traffic lights. Men searched the hills of Chuangchow, Manchoukuo, for la seven-year-old "adder boy," said to resemble a baby ape, ivii . H.UU ivj.10. jjcvti j-n,u,v... ~- SalG. I/O lesemuuj a. uauy ajf-i Creston were Sunday guests at I wllose bite resulted in the death i1 1_ ___- — _ f !• nv* vv\ r»(-Viot» "NTl*C _ - -r-rl — .C A 4-V. AM <nii4- Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Stoaks and Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Lester ec j Dinner was served cafeteria the home of her mother, Mrs. style each one bringing a cover- Stella Witter. an( j sandwiches. The program was called to order by Mrs. Belle Anderson; and Mrs. Roe B. Reed intro- ind Mrs. Lee Jacoby and je and their little daugh- I parents, , ee Summitt, Mo., spent j th€m- day and Thursday of feek with Mr'.s. Jacoby's Beach, and other Hufnagel and baby, and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Stoaks drove to St. Joseph, Mo., Sunday where they met Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hufnagel and family of Ottoa- wa Kans., and enjoyed the day »*^»»M^»KW»» "» ^UUAV/AU, ..^i^ &•.*>•together. Ernest Hufnagel, who j the book review, "Lost Horiz- had spent a few days wtih his ons"' by James Hilton. Mrs. returned home with The Sunday School Institute was held at the United Presbyterian church M|nday, Oct. 7, for county workers, teachers, of- aim ivjxs. rvuu J3. iteea intro- * ; /,, • ......oof duced the speaker, Mrs. Jay R. fleers and a few others interest- Henderson of Bedford, who gave ed tS STYLE SHOP — hitwear silk hose, 29c; full bed silk hose, 59c, 79c, $1 See our outing gowns Buggies. land Mrs. J. W. Walter today morning for Still[ Oklahoma,. called there death of Mrs. Walter's -, Geo. Suman.- Burial made at Gushing, Okla., [his mother lives. |y Tyler has been sick for [days. , J, A. Guiher of Winter- sited at the home of her , .Mrs. Phil Ridgeway, il days last week. Call 170M and order Mrs. Bryant's doughnuts for Saturday. 25c a dozen. Mince and all other kinds of pie, each 25c. Adv. ancl.Mrs^ Walter i'Mark" Sluss,', Mfe ;*A: V li. and Mrs. Paul" Davis Mrs. Maude Wells spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Ray |Potts at Stuart. Fred Childs and O. L. Copeland made a business trip to Boone, Wednesday. DANCE AT GRAVITY Tuesday, October 15 Earl Gardner Eloise Bricker, who teaches at Greenfield, visited over the | weekend here at the home of her parents. [MILLS STYLE SHOP—We have returned from (market with a new line of hats, dresses and coats. Every one present presentation very Henderson spoke for some time hen during a short intermis- ion, Mrs. L. E. Church played wo numbers on the piano. Mrs. Henderson then completed her book review. enjoyed the much. Mr. and Mrs. Elsie Grace of Jlarinda spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and MTJ. Will Grace and Thelma. M. W. Palmer, Mrs. Frank Bye, Mrs. Andy Nelson and Mrs. Freeda Bush attended a Democratic Rally at Bedford, Thursday. Eighty-five registered and perhaps 60 of that number ate dinner in the church basement. Dinner was served cafeteria style, each one bringing a cov- and sandwiches, and churches furnishing ered dish the local the coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Olson Siverly and family have moved into his mother's property in Clearfleld. Mrs. Siverly will spend the winter visiting with her children in various places. Mr. and Mrs. [were in Kansas Mills City Sunday El A11U iYAiWi *. ***** *•***»»— I \ytJJ.G 1A* *^t***fc***~ - -v | T- fin Bedford Monday even- | a nd Monday of this week, ouy- |Mrs. Lewis gave the sup- I convention report at the |rd P.E.O. meeting. |ury Boone, who has been veterans hospital in Des. for the past few'weeks, ned home Saturday. .He Ihe feels goo'd although he Bllsomewhat weak and lie lie to get around with the. for the store. Mrs. Maud Wells returned Monday evening from Mound Valley, Kansas, where she had been called by the death of her mother. Mrs. Lee Olson of St. Paul, Minn., came Sunday and is visiting with friends. Mrs. Olson was formerly Miss Hazel Feeney. Mt. Ayr came over and played football with Clearfied, Friday afternoon and defeated the Clearfield team by a score of 3 to 0. A long pass from Gray to Skinner put the ball on the 3 yard line, from where Teale smashed over. The defensive work of Swartwood, Duey and Routh stood out for. .Clearfield, while Johnson and Gray were Mt. Ayr standouts. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. McFar- Mrs. Mary Harvey has gone to Akron, Iowa for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Beatty and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Muir were visitors in Shenandoah last Thursday, and attended the Jubilee at Henry Field's. of four persons. His father put him in a cage preparatory to killing him but he escaped to the woods. "Arthur argued with me, pointed a gun at his head, pulled' the trigger, and shot himself in the elbow," explained Mrs. Arthur Nichols, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to police. Trainer Andy Lotshaw of the Chicago Cubs uses 43,000 feet, or nearly nine miles of gauze and adhesive tape each season] in treating his players. Policeman Theodore Kowaleski, of Middletown, Conn, at 32 has just graduated from High School. He is married and has a ^ve-year-old daughter. Next fall he expects to enter Wesleyan University. ... often tells but half the story The real story frequently is bidden by the uninteresting mass oj matter coming front Washington these days. Wading through the routine news reports is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you want a. comprehensive understanding of what it going on read the i Washing! By WILLIAM BRUCKART appearing weekly in this paper. You will find that this letter contains exactly the information you want, interpreted by an unbiased, competent observer, who not only tells the news, but tells the story behind the news. Mr. Bruckart's long experience as a Washington correspondent has given him news sources and a background of knowledge that make his writing especially valuable to the person u'l;a wants to be really well informed. Did You Ever Hear the Like Roman Fetherod of Fairmont, West Va., has found 2,000 four- leaf clovers in the last two years. Walking three miles every day is regular exercise for Charles Junod, 90-year-old farmer of LaGrange, Ind. Neil Lucas of Dos Palos, Calif., has the hobby of hiding marbles in famous spots about the world and keeping notes of the location of each. ANNOUNCEMENT I have taken the Standard Oil Agency in Lenox and will operate a truck through the country. Phone 11 Windows of famous English .._. .glass in the Yorkminister of land and son Richard of Mi/. Hull Eng have not been wasn- ,, .,..., „.- ,„. .... ' ed forsix cen turies. Caretakers believe that to wash the glass would destroy the mellowing effect of time. A. L. Roll [will be served by the [Catholic Church Ladies [in the Arnold Building October 12 MENU |ked Chicken and Dressing d Potatoes and Gravy Sweet Potato Loaf Beans Cabbage Salad s Pickles Jelly Pie Coffee Ms 35c Children 25 Mr and Mrs. Frank Maharry and daughters, Genevieve and Kathleen, returned home Sat- irday night from Green River, Utah, wlyre they had been vis- ting Mr. Maharry's father. Mr. and MrTTw. E. Boone of Kahoka, Mo., are visiting heir sons, Maury and G. A. this week. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Bryant returned home Monday evening from Illinois where they had been Sing with relatives for Ayr attended, the Mt. Ayr- Clearfield football game here Friday. Richard remained fo a short visit with friends. Mrs. H. B. Hutchman fell. last Tuesday in the kitchen and Police of Columbus, O., have broke her wrist. It was a ser- received a complaint from Mrs ious break and will keep he.- j a mes A. Devine that airplanes om her work for some time. flying over her home prevent her baby from getting his aftei- Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hamilton ' Po i ice have prom- f Des Moines spent Sunday L ed to ^ e if flying schedules with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. | can be cnange d. M. M. Hamilton. UCCAl »*u*w«-o -the past three weeks at,..- Galelburg and Monmouth Grant says corn looks the sec Mr. and Mrs. George Nickel and family spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Emmett lusco and family .in burg. Everett Farrar, of Johnson, Kan., purchased his first car in - ,1918 and is now driving his one Sharps- hundre d and ninetieth automobile. He claims to get a lot of I UJ.lV. -LAV ^»L**»"~ -- « , Rev. H. B. Hutchman IP^ure swapping vehicles preached in the United Presbyterian church in Mt. Ayr Sun- evening, and Dr. Jesse UUj c »*- A *-"*D» *""*•— t J Johnson of Mt. Ayr. preached in the United Presbyterian church here. Mrs. Johnson and son accompanied him to Clar- enormous apple crop tion he __ FILMS~DEVELOPED 25c PER ROLL 1 enlargement, 5x7, free. -Reprints equally low priced. u* •*»•** ••*•»•- * TYLERS' PHARMACY field. The American Legion Auxiliary of Clearfield sent a box of cookies to the veteran's hospital at Knoxville, Iowa, several days ago. The DeWeese Brothers have rented the former Margaret Cooper property in west Cleai- fleld and moved into same last Thursday. Chas. Black moved into the former D. Senator David I. Walsh, Democrat from Massachusetts, has been getting mash notes daily for the last ten years from an admirer who signs herself "Sadie." "Sadie" heard a Walsh speech ten year ago. Known as Oklahoma's "champion family man," J. J. Allen, who reared 43 orphans besides eight children of his own, is still hale despite his 111 years. After saving H,333 pennies in two years, Mr. and Mrs George Calf paid W. Reed RED & WHITE HOME OWNED [RED & WHITE PANCAKE FLOUR i large bag RED & WHITE PANCAKE FLOUR, L 20 oz. pkg. RED & WHITE MILK, L 3 large or 6 small — RED & WHITE PUMPKIN 2 for L 2 1-2 size [ RED & WHITE OATS, \^ 48 oz. pkg. ; ~'—— SODA CRACKERS, ^£;JJVY! ..T.'i.Tv-B".'•<•••; &:*?,'••!: •-•"•*•>••'*• '-. ji _20c 9c 19c 25c J9c 19c 19c proper* vacated by the DeWeese Bros. Mrs . George Lydden and daughters Maude and Pearl moved from the farm to the Property belonging to Pea«, recently vacated by Chas. Black. Mrs Opal Williams of Des oines has charge of the sing- E in a revival meeting in Hop- g She was before her Miss Opal Nelson of fearneld. Her parents Mr id Mrs. Andy Nelson, and Mr -- - Ralph Crew went to OPKUI* one evening last week o visrt and to attend the ser- ,ce. The Ladies of the met in their Sept. arriving home there were left. A »a A s few months ago everyone to <UspW the Sir Malcolm Campbell nearly losthte credit for making more at than 300 miles an ^ Kneed automobile on tne 35? 5 Utah. His speed was announced as a fraction 299 miles an hour, but lat- computatton presi- will be: Mrs Elva Lyddon; vice dent, Mrs. Dollle Berg; W!?&S:'&' ^le Selson; historian, Mrs. Swan. Nellie Sal speed" to have been 301.3 miles. children of the late Mr. jrrs William Rendleman, 01 C^df dale, 111., were uni^d re- after 63 years of separa- chlldren range In age ONE BIDDER will not make a sale, but-ONE MORE BIDDER will sometimes make your sale successful If you have a farm sale and only one man comes to bid on your offerings, your sale will be a flop. One bidder would not make your sale successful. You milst have a whole crowd of bidders who will not hesitate to raise a bid for something they want. In figuring your sale, however, keep this in mind: although one bidder won't make your sale successful, one additional bidder will sometimes do it. The more people you reach with your advertising, the more bidders you will have at your sale. Oftentimes a man will go to a sale and make a number of bids, forcing others to pay more, but he buys nothing for himself. Even if he did buy nothing he made the seller some money because he was there to bid. The Time Table has a circulation among men who not only bid but BUY. In planning your farm sale plan on using the Time Table, You will be money ahead. Results Are What Count I '•I •ft

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