Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 12, 1959 · Page 15
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 15

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1959
Page 15
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THE PAMPA DAILV NEW§ THURSDAY, FBSRUARV 12, 1989 T& UphoUtery, Ripair ft* Upholstery 918 Alcock . ___- fURNITUnri Repaired — Uph-.- Jon«8.v'ft New and Used Furniture. **** gy^" y ' e< '' Jl^^^J^j-j-j-* *H6u$ehold Good* 68 »jk»*»*- 68 TEXAS FURNITURE CO. 210 Korth Cuyler ^I°_lli51? aeon Used Freezers, guaranteed. Hawktns-Khafer Appliances. 848 \v. Foster. MO4'-«S41. 98 Unfurniihid Houtai 98 LARUH unfurnished 2-bedroom house, Attached ftara&e, near Lamar School. 160 fnonth. MO 4-2332. LARfiK 6-Room house, 2 baths, carpeted wall to Wall, drapes, 2-far jfa- rago, big yftrd, lots of shrubs, anten* ua furnished. MO 5-n3Kji. L JKWLy Uccorat'ed, 2-b7droom furnished or unfurnlahed hou«e, waxher Newton Furniture Store .09 W. Poster MO 4-3731 DON'S USED FURNITURE" We Buy & Sell Used Furniture 20 W. Foster 'phone MO 4-4633 ELECTRIC Cfothes dryer. $49.95. Paul Grossman, 108 N. Russell. MO 4-6831. Whittingron's Furn. Mart "Low Prices Just Don't Happen— They Are Mode" 105 S. Cuyler Ph. MO S-3121 103 HM( litttt fit Salt 1011116 Auto Repair Garage* 116 124 Tiro*, Acteiserte* 12 **A* A*J*.*.*«*.**t»-***««*«l.»d**- J»***>»Jt-Jt.»*>«*-».**w»***»*JI'dfc. ' **»*» i,* ,f-*~f**~*J> * * *>'*• «..**^fcJfc*>* REBUILT MOTORS and dryer connection*. MO 5-3305. , 513 2-BKDROOM brick, 824 Powell. $125 month. L, P. Sanford, 7H E. Frederic. MO 4-23111. J. E, Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somervllle Phone MO 4-2301 GOOD 2 bedroom, <'\os6 in on Lincoln Street. $1780 down. Williston: LARGE 2 bedroom And den, carpeted living room, drapes, Built-in electric stove. $14,500. N. Bonks: 2 BEDRUOM brick, tttftched tarage, central heat "" """ H DRILL & SON Bear Front End and Pen-lee _ _ if Vou~Can't""Btop, Don't Start KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Brake and Winch aefvlc JONKS .^•^..y..*. *~*~**^. *> —.j mm*^^^-*'^-^*- —^ central ne.n »L<S,*IJ'J. 4 At A I t.i.» e«. t*i* 1 ft* i NICK S BKDUOUM rock, all carpeted, 103 Real titafe For Sale 103j ttUnch cri gftn » K t, N. RU».«II 114,400. FOR SALK or Trade for acreage neftr I'nmpa: 3-hedroom home, 2 baths, 2 FOR BALK or Trade: fi-roorn duplex, 2 baths and 2-room rental In rear. Call MO 4-8153 or MO 4-4722. LKAJtANCW SALE on good used TV sets. Some sets have new picture liibp. All sets are sold on a guaranteed basis. Convenient bud- got terms. B. F. Goodrich Store EQUITY In 3-bedroom home. Car port, plumbed for washer and dryer. 1029 Neel Kd. MO 6-2C51. HAVK NICK 3-berlroom brick home. Will trade for late model clean Chevrolet at- Ford that is clear for down payment. Call MO 4-3292 or nights MO 4-4742. 'xsjSFti&rssi ]SLi^issAS^iiS^S FOR SALE or trade: 1948 Butck 4-door sedan. Dependable, runs good. 1041 Neel Rd. _- __ - _ DSBD Kefrigeratorff In excellent condition as low as $49.95. Guaran- iced . F I res t onu_ _Store . 117 S. Cuyler. MCLAUGHLIN FURNITURE" 400 S. Ciiyifr Phone MO 4-4001 The heat mask is widely used in steel industry, mostly worn by men operating blast furnaces. The abrasive helmet is used to protect workers engaged in shot and sand blasting operations. SHELBY J. RUFF FCHNITURK BOUGHT «.- SOLD 612 S. fuyler MO r,.R:MS KOI! SALK: 3-bedroom brick, double lot of luillt-ins, new FHA romrnttmetit. (.'all for appointment. MO 4-77IW. See at 601 E. 18th. MUSTSAC'TfTFlCK 2 bedroom ex- j£.< N. Sumner: 3 BEDROOM, central heat J13.200. Chestnut Nice 3 bedroom, 1(4 baths, nle» carpeting, central heat, fenced yard, 120,500. FOR SAL'fi or Trade: Will take 3 or 4-room house on new 2 or J-bedroom home Henry fit. N. Starkweather Large 2-bedroom and garage, fenced yard. 41,150 down Close In: Two 2-bedroom houses and I two 2-rooni -partments on 100-ft. front. $125 per month income. $8500. W. A. "BILL" ,,v,..,.,.-. Autd Engine Rebuilder 131R Alcock MO^ 4-7362 HT^Iddy Shopi FORpTBODY*SHOP Car Palr-Mni—Body Fork 111 N. Pros* MO 4*4619 Let Ward's, Pfimpa'.i headqiMrter* for guarante.c-d mbiors, replfti« jours today. Completely rebuilt, to exacting specifications. NHW part? used in all vital spots, l.'re-t.pptod *nd 100% right when you gn it. Models to fit all carx 10% down and balance m 18 months Expert Installation Montgomery Ward , 19.10 MODKL A Ford Coupe. MO 4-8234 I 424 N. Wells. 217 North Cuyler _ '24 . QOOD BUY: und gara . . 2 h'droom furnished ^rVdofr 3 . M^K. 5 L?'a? Suar^U^ Use^Tire. All 616 N, Somervllle after S p.m. JONAS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ramblef Dealer— 119 N. Ward MO .i-5106 _ _.. —— -..--->. n>« .-....-S ano prices over 2000 In stork, good Bel- Rlectloii of truck tires, flail Tins CO 700 W. Foster. MO 4-3521. , R~EX ROSE Service, Body. P«rt», Trim Shop 121 N. Ballard MO 4-6877 garage $7500156 FORD 2-d DUPLEX, X. Frost, $1750 down. 8234. 424 N. OWN N. Wells: 3 bedroom andlg—^—MFAD nrfwNf Garland, nice J bed- '%•&*•£ -door custom Wells. V-8. JIO 4- FOR dALB Several used refrigerators. Rich Plun. W. Foster. f 1 1*11 Oil I I Of fll ion. ruimi VIWM**M. T • •-- ,i ^* v " *«.*-'«-•»-' J^iifc^^ 1% ' hed - ™^'-' 2 UEDRKOM brick honie~wlth double | aO Q 1[ y' D ^ w '>f 0l 'own"buBlnesg'bulldlng,! E ' *?,°*'?' _ £inL s< '--^l£-*Lil^ f i-l_ r -?L!l£I£: i leased for 5 year*, with o year option ti l*\ aALli,: EQUITY" in 3-bedroom home, attached j;!W> per month, good buy. hT,,? OI r''oii i eiii-Hne, nice lawn. 18:;l N. Sumner. BEST BUV In town, large 3 bedroom i _"."•'; '-an . ., ** ~: . — ,*^,,t.l*. n-r, vn »>a n»i I Hft ft nnrnar Int. i VV" M .T . tllVP^ ,. v. MCMU Used Cars & Qaragt. | We buy, s«H and service all ma?tes. Trailers and ti_» bars for rent. 313 " ~ MO 4-4761. PitACTIC'AbLV New Kenmore snml- aiitfinmtli' washing machine. Also nl<-p 21" Motorola TV, cabinet. Call MO 5-2ri,Vi. 69 Miscellaneous For Sale 69 Thompson's United Rent-Alls "We rent most anything" 12 °. N. Someryllje MO 4-2331 AI "lT"CO N1 ) 1T~1O M N O Covers made to i3 fit any'fdie;" Pampa Tent C: Awning Co. 317 E. ^rown. MO 4-8541. Legal Publication^ Beauty Shops 1840 Transfer & Storage 40 ORDINANCE NO. 514 AN ORDINANCE KKCiTLATINOI THK LIVING IN TRAILKH 1IOUS :.H IN TAMPA, TKXAS; DW1N1NM.TKHMS I AND I'KOVIDINO KOK A PKNALTV KOR VIOLATION: BK IT OKDAINKD BV _.,„... TUB CITY OF PA.MI'A. TKNAS: Section 1. That It shall h« unlawful to oci-upy HH livliiK yuartiTB any lion?* l rilll "r loi-ated In the rfsldfiitlHl tllstri-' o' the'City of Pamp*. TPXRR, as <lffined ky the jionlnK onllnanre of said rlty. Snftlon II. Th« term "houce trailer" "ball In- rlude any portable unit. huildliiK or house not nlinched to « permanen foundallnn HIII! that may tie easily •transported from plare to place. Sfctlon III. Any person violating tbii ordliiaiico <ball lie fined a. slim nol fXi-fi-ninK fii" OH snd eiu-h il'iy of sui-h violation «hBll rmiMtltiHe a separate vIolHllon. PAS8KH AND AI-rKiiVKH on first readiiiK thin 'Jltli day of .Innuary, I!'.''.' PASSKM AND APPltoVKI) on second rcadliiK this 3rd day of February. lT,f* P\SSF.n AND APIM1OVKI.) on third rtiadiiiK this 10th 'lay of Kebruar>. 1JSK. /«/ LYNN BOVI) Mayor ATTKST: If* KALi /*,• KDWIN S. VICARS City Secretary Feb. 12-13 ,_^. 9 a.m. . IB the Dally Deadline for Claeslfied Ads. Saturday for Bun- ; dav edition, n noon. This li also the if a.m. dally and 4 p.m. naturday for About People Ads will b« taken up to i HI-FASHION BEAUTY SALON i Operator tmo Ocne Owen» York. MO I 4-4171. 912 Alcock. -TTl-JX. NiOLL"'S"~Hi'au'ty Shop. Cold waves JO.50 and up. Nell Kvcrett. i S. Pampa Warehouse & Transfer, Moving with Care Ee.vrywhere ^ j69A SHOTGUN Shells while they last at cost. James Feed Store, 522 S. Cuy' T THE AUCTION SALES : Price Itoad MO 4-640»! L 'iI t .',',!;' BUY A HOME FIRST VKTKI'.ANS: Look at. the new Brownine St. and south on Lefors St. to site. Those are nice .1 bedroom homes with garages, mahnffnny rahlnris and doors, forced nlr heating and plenty of closets for only J!)45fl. Total move-In co?t only $2S". J(il a month. Ne«-' .1-hedroom on N. Wells, birch cabinets, tile hath with colored fix- turps, air conditioner on roof. J14m> down aiinl assume loan, immediate BKPUOOM home near Lamar School. liHi'Hue, fenced yard, Immediate possession. Assume -1% loan, payments only M7 mo. $7200. HF.DKOOM on Hamilton. 1'.. baths, year-round air conditioning. $14,000. $1,1,3(111 loan commitment. NICK 2 Bedroom on Magnolia, rooms double g-aranre on 100 ft. corner lot, S. Hobart. II2, UOO. s'ICF, 3 room modern and garaire. N. Banks, 100 ft. coriicr_lot._$4500. 3-bedroom, bath, central heating-, owner trang ferred. must sell. 1101 Cinderella. MO 4-SS27. MUST SKLL %<rtthln .10 days, 3-bedroom home. Consider any offer. Payments $7».2fi. MO.n-3'i.S^. C. H. MUNDY, Realtor MO 4-3761 105 N. Wynne 194S Buick. roadmaster good condition. A good MO 9-933B. WILL GIVE 'Equity In ll'f.O Chevrolet I Impala convertible. Call MO 5-424S before S p.m. ; CASH PAID FOR CARS MO 5-3743 Bob Ewlng 1200 Alcock 125 Boats & Accessories 125 BOAT UKPAmiNG, Marine Supplies, rasey Boat Shop. S. E. of City MO TRY A CLASSIFIED TEX EVAN'S BUICK CO. Bulck • CMC - OPEL - EJlmca 123 North Gray MO 4-4877 RITEWAT MOTORS Home of the Ed«el Automobile 716 W. Foster MO 4-3,' , , carpeted, fenced back yard, 61Rro<vell.St. MO 4-SK76. NEARLY NEW garage, $ WTM. LANb REALTY j 715 W. Foster Ph. 4-.1641 or 9-9501 A. L. Patrli:k._A«30clal<?. MO 5-4080 HOMES BY JOE TAVLOft MOTOR CO. , We Buy, Sill and Trade bedroom, Brick, j 1200 W. Wllks Phone MO 4-C922 . CULBERSON CHEVROLET 810 W. Foster Phone 4-4BS6 UUROHOMES Col. Dick Bayless. MO 4-884* GIBSON MOTOR CO. Studerbaker — Sai«i — Service JOO E. Brown St. MO 4-S418 FOR LEAS AMajorCompony SERVICE STATION DOWNTOWN LOCATION MO 4-3751 MO 4-3571 . .. .. mi on Magnolln. rooms 5JicT;"itTiSmiONTIAL lx)t 50x1' Rood size with extra large N . lce ] ocat .| on . $SOO, good buy. y rcflnlwhed inside and ,, f .,, SA II.-. vi c( , t ot . 75 ft. fron ;oxi40 ft. Vacuum Cleaners 69A cMs, newiy ........ ..... - ......... ..... outside, big Riinige, redwood fence. $!innu. 3 Bedroom on Coffee, 1 --J linths, utility room. J12.RMO. 2 BKDROOM on N. Sumner, newly re!Jnisheil inside and outside, nat- nrtil woodwork, (rarape. $79«u. V~K)LKtS BEAUTY ShTip where hair styling t« an art. Far; those who ITlfCK'S Tl'lANSFKR it STORAGB Free MstmiileH & Insured BIO S. Glllesple - MO 4-7222 S"\vT: TIMK "with a lovely soft, i-nsy to ilo I'iM-niBiii'nt SpeHal. I."...'' 1 ), l.'lty T7liirwKK7\'r.Sha'mpim anil yt ?l.. r >», llnir i-iit jl -".. fold WIIVB with br-tui- tifnl luilr Htylii^, *l.«i. VOBU« TJeau- 40A Hauling Moving 40A Roy's Transfer & Moving Roy Free—20!1 E. Tuke 4-8151 "maknii." Call UH 4-2990. |70 Musical Instruments 70 EVA~S KKAI'TY Bus I'old wi«v«-s $ii.r,n and ni>. Slininpo". w' «"il fiit irii'lii'li'd Dpni-iitor" Kva Hill, l-.blan llprnandi'/. and Aii(ir>' Dlxon. 51."' Yeager. MH .".--t''-''l. 2 Painting, Paper Hng. 42 OIt Papering, painting, textonlng of any type i-iill Md "i-."i39l. Free es- tiiiiHtp.s. Luke Ki.-nnpll. f'llKK K.stniml^.s on dn.-onitlug nei-ds, piip^riiiK, piiiiitins. tttping, tcvion- IHK , etc. JIO 1-li;;iT or MO I-J.M'S. Kirbv Vi^uum TTeaners and all other LA ROE 1" room houne in Fras»T Add suitable for large fnmlly or as 2| family residence, excellent condlt- i inn. 2 HOUSKS on N. Banks. Good comi- property. JSOOO. LARCE 3 Bfdroom In good c-lose-in Uii.'iitinn. [UK living room with wool carpet, dining room, utility room, garage. li'P condition. $10.f.OO Rcul Nico 2 bedroom on Hamilton, newly reflnlshPd Insldu and out- pldr, big living room, gariigR. 511.500. LAK'iK :! bedroom on bijr corner lot on Hamilton, big rarpt'tcd living room with mahogany punelins. at- trartlvp location. FfVlVsADK: Nl'ce lot "Vft. front, BOO ft long—just outside the city limits. ; Price 12,100. I. S. JAMESON, Real Estate .109 N. Faulkner MO r.-,'.331 ' B. E. FERRELL AGENCY , 109 N. Frost MO 4-4111 or MO 4-7663 23 Mole & Female Help^23 42A WANTED MEN and WOMEN TRAINEES PIANOS 'VURLITHEU AND KNABK -hoov,. from fHEKRY, WALNl.T, " BISQFK MAHOOANY. MAPLE. F.BONY. AND BLOND OAK, KUOM $:.S» Brni-h it Freight Free. Suitable TVrms WILSON PIANO SALON 1221 Williston MO 4-6571 3 blocUs E. of Highland Hospital L V. GRACE Real Estate 'lOSVj K. Foster Broker MO 9-9508 In-: F. B. -Tollett. MO 9-9831 : PATSY R. XKWTOX <-3792 3-BEU11OOM brick on Beech Lane. Low tlown i)aynient._^lO__S-S439. LOVKLY"3-bedroom. near Stephen F. Austin and Senior High. JSOO down plus loan expense. i utility room, BOOTH-PATRICK Real Estate' MO 4-:r,os 195S PLYMOl'TH V-S 2-door. Heater, Powerfllte transmission, 4,000 miles 1957 FORD V-8 Falrlane 500 2-'door Hard Top. Radio, heater, Ford-O-Matic transmission .. 1954 CHEVROLET 4-door. Radio, heater 1953 CHRYSLER Windsor Deluxe. Radio, heater, automatic transmission 1950 PLYMOUTH 4-door. Radio, heater , 701 W. Brown PURSLEY MOTOR CO. $2395 S1S95 5595 $495 $69.50 .MO Work 42A| Ll.X'; lob and «slie»lo>< l-IIT'i. 43A Carper Service 43A ir.S'Ti DlHCOunt on Kug cleanhiB. 9x12's I $:.. All carpets cleaiiPil. work guar- I anfed. MO 4-S.'ISl. U. W. Fields. MUSICAL- INSTRUMENTS; PIANOS ' land In Car- Gray Counties. List" with m« for quick sale. S. K ROACH, Realtors., Texas, P.O. Box 14S, Phone 3721 • - • ' PAMPA. TEXAS 71 Bicycles 71 105 Loti 105 MACHINE OPERA 1 Day •- Sic P«r " na 2 Day» — 27 o per line per day 5 Days — 22o per line per day 4 Days — 21o per line per day 6 Days — 19o per line pc" day 6 Daya — 17o per line pet day Monthly ratei $2-'& P«r ' ln « P w month, (no copy chang*. Minimum ad; three 6-polnt line. The New» accepts respormlhlllty for orrorB on the flr»t insertion only fleaflllne for ad cancellations. Mainly Personal IBM MACHINE TRAINING Persons selected will be trained In n prccram whlih NKKU not in- terfen) wilii tirtJelH job. If you ciiiHlify, imlnliiB can b» fi;.i»n.-wl. Write tMdav to -Job ' InilnlnB rii,porluiiiti.-«". '"o .Mac-bin,- Ac. -'mutants Tluinii';: A.^ocmtlon. itux H-2. f/ii this |.:i|ier, Ui'lurm-d attachfil i-Diipiin. Name ........................... Trimming. Free e«t '.mates. Call MO 5--t3ll. Lowell SaUer\vlilte_ ._ TVPI'f <7f 'rreM",Servb:e"."Ci\il Mo !i-!l.1. r ifi. Curlr-v Hoyd. VIRGILE'S complet« stock repair servii'e 'J'ifi S. Cuyler BIKE of parts SHOP I one day] 7c Misc. PH. MO 4-3420 Livestock 76 Complete yard esuihllsbmonl. Roto- tllliii(f, sod cutting. Heart. Top soil. MO y-9i)in_ LeroyJThonibiirB. _ VAIif) "iintl lianien Rotary Tll'.'nK. leveling, seeding and sodding 1 . Fr< o _ei£UniateH _ Ted_Lewls. MO __ 4-691(1. FOR SALK: 2 reRlstered Jer.'ey milch rows Moth luxt fre.-h. CM Vcrnon Turner. :'»2-J-l. McLean, Texas, between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. 104 Forms for Rent 104 QU^NTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor/IJ^HHFSSy 1 -and' Gray "Ifi JlllEllPM !>lll(T. Ml* 4-2.123' *•..,.n.iu^ I imt twlth m» Hloria Ulanton—MO n-lO":: Velma I.PWtcr—.Mt'i O-HS'i'i Bob Smith UPS. Phone M<> 4-4460 HdPii Kelli'V M<> 4-71«i; Jim nnili\\---l(e.«. MO S-,1294 Qiip.ilin \VillJaniR ™__' ! _5 S - M ( > 'i-S^H —CONSTRUCTION STARTED— Select Your Home Today $8250—FHA $250 DOWN—$60 MONTH j 3-Bedroom Homes With attached garage, WJxim-ft. I^ots. In the new Kelstsr Addition Dunham Const. Co. Go out S. Barnes to McCulloiigh lOii^t to Situ MO 5-3332 Day, MO !>-OS93 Niles K. A. MACK TO BUY inn FOOT Corner lot — 1900 Dogwood MO «-3724. Pets _. garden plowins, post holes j If-vellliiff, roto - tilling. J. Alvln K<>evc». M(J 5-."'l2;i. ! uR SALK: Turkey your yanl. MO ^-Sfid^. ___ fertilizer for MO •t-.?4(iS. MONUMKNTS. ilellvrrc-.l any w hn •> }:t5 unit up. Furl tiranile A: -Marl.l I'o. Mil ,'i-ifi2'.'. ._.-,.-.- Speciol Notice* ^^5 Addreti ••••• City Hr§. I worK Ph. 'lan. Fur free P.. O. Clem- BTAl'i-'FHH IfetluPiiiK : demoiiNtralbMi cull Mr «„!«. _M_U a-r,310 ur M..»:_. ________ Lucllle'a Bath "din:c iurklfch and Steam Baths. Swedish M!m*a>!e He- _^iiclng.__l.'.:"l_ Al.-i..;k. MO _r,-l2l2. __ Pampa Lodge No. 966 420 West Klngmnlll Wi-il.. K'-li. i I. 7::;n p.m. In I , lI'-.-' I. Thiir.i.. l-Vb. r.'. M XI. U.-«i-f.-.s I'I id«v. Feb. n. S:"" P m- Pusl Mu»li-r's Niiiht Vl»ltor» welcomt. Memuern urged to friiialri I'anip. laryt li'K'il I''"- Cu. Aiif '-'*' '" i-xpi-rirnre tun i.i^ i-Xpi.'l irlne iir.' a ue Mini i|unlifi run, .-. Slain Mgr. '• Ft. U i.itb T. Ti-sas. FINISH lliyli" Si-houl vr tii'-"' at hoiiu-. Miar* lini'-. nisbfd, diplmna avvanli luinbla a.'hooln. H»x u" l.inil..'n 48 Trees and Shrubbery 48 ! ""'BRUCE NURSERY " ; uiiil mowt complete nursery stock In the Coldtiii Spri'ud. 26 niileu DOUtbc-aNt of I'anipa on Farm Kuiul 29L_rh. 6F2. Alunrrt'il^jrVxas. TUHUS TruniiK-ii. I'nnipU'U' shrub cure. Yards roto-tilk-.l, leveled, utc. \\'. It. Alil>'h<.||. MO ''-.'1167. 1 J ' N " BUT I L'ER"NURSERY" 1XIK! N. Ifnlmrt I'"LANT .\ti\S, NIMV ^lupineni of bar<> iniii HIM--, flim.-ring .shrubK. fruit i trees. SUill n lawn noii yardrti snp- pli, -. S', I U Fiistt-r. 49 Cess Pools Tanks 80 _ rTi^rillTi^sTnTir Toy Fox Terriers, Cixk.-rs. IVklngese, Daclishound, Chihuuhua. The Aquarium. 2;iH Al- Ci.vck. ^, 83 Farm Equipment McCOHMICK l''arm Hquipment Store, fur International ].art« and equipment, i-rice Roud. MO 4-7IM. liKNT latf-niyd.-l .ypewriiir, adding, uia'-hiii* or .•itl.'uliitur by day, week i in- iiKiiitb. TrM'Uy Offlre Miii:hlnp» I • Cunni:Hi\. rimnr .Ml' .'.-.".H». 113 Property to oe Moved 113 FOR SALE: 7-room frame htilldlnK to he moved. K21 S. Russell or call MO 9-9039 or MO 4-SS64. FOR SALK: 4-Room modern houae, lots of closet and cabinet space, hack porch. 2-Uoom houxe. One 12x14 room and one 12x23 room, large garnite 11x22 ft. 2 Lars* chicken houses or stora?*, located on J. B. Bowers lean*, 9 miles south of town, to be moved. Can he »e»n after 12:00 noon anytime. Priced at 112''". MO 4-;*S5. SALF.: Ap~ariment iioune to b* movd. 2 bedroom) 1 , living room, kitchen and bath ?&!»'*. Located si P.nnavlsln. 2 miifs we.'t of Corner. See W. R. Lawrence. PhntKi BR i- 21^ Border or TRfmnnt S-2073 St'nne : t. 114 Trailer Houses \\ i ilf Co- I. Amurillu. -: ami l'H>ll All ' I - I' 30 Sewing 30 .___ _________ AlcoMici Anonymoui _ Ell^-yj?-!: 7 !. 00 _________ KU Home Heducm* Plan. For free demonstration, vail \ ICKI »\ "- liams. _Mo_ :L5*6_1_. ..._ _____ — - "NOTICE TO PUBLIC I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself, from this day, 2-11-59. PAUL Mt'SORAVK l j hi>np_.\|i i -I -'-'"l.'i-.. ?rl '.'.V.fA".-! '-'-.''• BllLTrf LU : TTTi..NS.s -Button hoh's. Alteraliuii-s. rirott tiew Shop. 1V-H Murkei. Xlu l-7^2n. A J S. PKST CONTKOL COT KAI -FI.F.AS --HI'IT K.M I' .Mo 'J-'J,".i- for fi«;o i-.-tlnia 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHS BRICK Gl HOMES $451 TOTAL MOVE-IN COST $89.68 MONTHLY HOMES OPEN DAILY Foil RENT <>r Sale: tr.r,l»T» I'ost Office mnbil* Trailer ... , .._. TaAlLERS"" Hank lint*s BF-ST TRAILER SALES W. Highw-jiy_«0 Ph. MO 4-S2SO riuV'ATK^Sl'Ai'K fur Trailer house, per month. All bill* paid. Out . . ..f i-iiy limits. -VJ.Lllr.IAL ' . houxe, "Srli e(|iiitv f,.r J3UO. Spr \V. i':u-.HI «' l'*aini>a TrKllar Hark. U rLir"TlTCTiF.":i7~fiH>t SjiiTiairTrHl'lor (M -j i.fitrm,in liorntf in north ca.Mi ,,i norili pan of i'it>, MO 4-349S or J.i7 I!. Hrown iVv.i HKKAT LAK'F.S HI'xtK' tratlrr !,.,,-,• liir xalr in- will traiig for H liiiii>.-. line in lake difference. MO l-l It". _ V\ ILL TitADK Trailrr House for fur- niUii-f "i eijuiiv in ^-bedroom horn*. MI . .i-.;t'i7 tifli-r a:»<i p.m. . _ $0 Building Suppliei 50 - (i-UKMSHKO apm .menu M and up week:v Ulllt paid. Sea Mr*. Mu*lck a; 104 E. Tynif. MO Appliance Repair 31 FC 10 Ust & Found 10 34 WASHER SERVICE, will repair, rent or sell Automatic washer*. 1121 Neel Road. MO 4 -si i« : • ****' Foxvvorth-Qalbraith Lbr. Co. MO 4.74-33 PAN HAN DUE LUMBER CO. ALLIED PAINT 420 \V. Foster M'"-> 4-6SS1 Ub 34 of SOL I'D Gray female \V»lmar»n«r. months-old, lost on south tide __tovvn. MO a-4002. . LOST' Dark brown female Screw Tall Bulldog, lost In Skellylown. Keward. CallVl J"J1"_^^^^_^^^^^^ ij^JMiiBiNi Qppoffynififi_13 w nFlTlANCUniCUBTTY For Qyglified Men or Womqn To »*rvlc« unJ c.ollr..-t from cljfttrcllt! -- '" , , ., ,. per uiolitll pobsll'lc. *ull i'i' Pill tlm*. must h»ve s«rviceiit4<f tur. L! , buurs u wetk. and |Ja'J 6.1 In tr.i75.0u | rt-guircU. Must b« ul»iir to ijt-ylii Imuir.diu.lely. U'ritt-. giving particular*, to Nul'u.nal Mfg & Iii.-ti Ibiit - iny Company, 5b46 Miitoit, I)«tllHA t, Ttxas. C&M TELEVISION 25 N Somervill* _Phoiis MO 4-3511 UN I TED t ELE VISI ON JilJs'. Hobait _ __ _ MO 5^5502 "For"i!eiiablt;"TV Service Call QENE & DON'S TV SERVICE \v. b-u.ter PI. : MO Aiit»niia .Service. New anil U««il An- teiimtK (or suit. 1117 Varuon Drive. MO i-407_0. C-J-rwe VVlnjf. H»wkini"Radio & TV * 57 Good Thing* to Eot 57 FRESH Dressed Pheasants located at Welding Shop VVhlU Peer. TtT 3- ORDERS taken tor home-mad* and oakes. MO 4-7549. Mrs l)orrls. 63 Lqgndry 63 IDEAL STEAM LAUNDKY INC. Family bundles Individually washed. Wet wa»h. Uou«h dry. Family fir- i'l.XTKA larw ifjoins well furnished, pruate Uilh. bill.i |>nid. Call 4-S705, liniiiir« jl:» N'_ Slat kweailier. "ill.klNi;"" "~A.-~S 'room. il<-au with t,le;tm beat. i|uiet. no pt-l.-, i;o drink- ins. :>i.^ K. KlngJMiiill. Bills iKiid. -ROiiM. private b^th, TV antenna, w-ather and dryer, bill* paid. 415 N. • \\ i'si. MO .'i-."-67S. n.M fiiriusl-ed apanmetjt. Ceil- ' n-atinx atid refrigerated air. 415 . Halliii-,1. lii'ii'lrw ':c - - <ir ) i! f-huu.M modern K'lrag. apniimeiu, . no pets. Mil t-'M2"-. CLI-'AN"2" room furniahe.i armrlint-ni, buth. Couple only. Hills paid. 7"4 N. ' ilniv M'. i 4-iSl7. HKUIIuiiM moiicro furi.Ubfil. bills mill. Apply al Toms I'lace. SI2 E. • ral i^ hi and .omes panipa's leading". quality /ipirrie. builder mo 4-3442 puiil. Ap , Frederic. , 5-lt6Vi'M Call 117 8 f*arn*» UAi'TiVi'TULKVLSii'JN repair «IAJ. c ; on iinv uiuke ..r m<..lel. l» 10 .!j'. 1 (iuvmK» i"! lul(i.-» itiul parts. Anli.-n- i nus ii.sulled. Fant and rtliabK-. Time pajmeiils. MuiilB-Jiiitry \\uiJ Al* ' 4 " ti f •' I • . , . : WASHINa ic Tu~ lronlntTii.25 dojen MO 4-2251 ! mixed pi«ct«. vAirtalm » »p«ci»ity. 72U N. Bank*. Mo 4-filSO. riieiu, \VAXTE1) r»il MO .. tl.i.M' _ furnished apartni • y< L.y.'.'?: 'il'' 'V th -H(H )Si iuo(li.'rn f ffu-u-iu y w billiijmid. II*_N- I'urviaiK-e. lTT» >M~Tiii>(ii-ri~fm-iiishirJ ap^ti thient, t»ills uai.l. IniiUiri.- M'-AtJam* Cafe. U'liite Ucf-r. 'r«'Xii>. Applioncei 36 i'OR Expert fluor waxi/ijf #nd cleaning In i'wur hvrr.B of business MO 4-»2i)5 A-l U'ii.iiuvv C^eftfiersi. r5froSlE TAX Refurns. Ar.uratc ami fusl mrrs lii-. J I' WdtMiii. lu::j TV*APPLfANCE & SERVICE 3os 3- cujicr «.3L' : l-i^^- 364 HeQHog.Air Cood : ^364 "^"bVs'MOORE*TIN SHOP _ "~LlNKN "Svrvii.-i-, wet w:i-vh dry. t'Ut finish, pli-k-up und dcU\try/lU!_N. Hubart. MD . 9- HoxTvii iluiic in my ln.-iu*. $1.00 tn, mi.\ed ijitcts. Abo baby isc-tiing by hour vr duy S42 K. Locust. Mu- .. . .._ -J uviirimcni, iifivale !,aih. li2J N. 11. ~ 96 Unfurnished Apartments 96 mo ffTiVxiNil lu.n. I "i,V"a.r,ud_11.3» "» d&ztii bring aoii« In njv h^nie tu Steelly- VI 4 room dup't* I '.ills p.iid, Aililt.* only. iffc« St. M< 4-74oO No uftn >1O U7 Paper Hanging •l.Mj »n-J £ U 3 i 3 i! t ** r " i. I>j»r. 600 N. Ph TO IUY SILL RENT OR MIRI TRY A CLASSIFIED AD PHONi MO Place Your Ad by Phone A NEW CHRISTIAN CHl/RCH IN THE NORTH WEST SECTION Of FIRST MEETING MARCH 1st PUCI of wttt * T * DATI BROTHER HAROLP STARBACK OFTHIINOIAKSCHOOt W SEDONIA, ARIZONA WIU BE THI MINISTER IF INmiSTIP WRITf : hons*. i

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