The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 11, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1859
Page 4
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""Si..- 1 "^* - -A • ^ I -<„*•* ' OOMMEROIAI.. - • BEPO&TED TOB^THE J>in.v HEWS. OFflOK Of TEE DAILY HEWS, 1 ~ _ The AaeUlde ? i 130,000 Awtriwi soldiers us add to h»T croesed^a KMno. Th« report* had not taa officially confirmed. There had been ao'surtoa conflict as jet The French trooj* were pouring into Piec audit. Tn*<auiy hiid joined Ff«noe mad Pied mont. "** ^ The Brench-Bnsao «lli*nee *r«i dented, bn the Times Wd published the protigiong ofth treaty, cauflng a great puiio on thetondo stock, exchange. / Oonsolfl-Bt onoe *ent down to 88. 40 fai ures occurred, i ',.. .'...„ 'It ires teiegrephea frwrrrafibins sonrces'tha on-the night of the 26th, 100.000 men, under *&•« .aO*»a»a».._."a_'^ *_J- -*^V-» .* W -*•' -.,_.»• " - «"~'^*-> •" —: the Commander-in-Chief, Gen. GruUu! cross ed the (river Tioino in three diTisions, and took the road toward Kovara, and aat they afterwards We w up the bridge <jf Bnflalora. ^TM news lacked official -coufirmation,' and Bom doubts Trere entertained as to its truth. - It was also reported that Austria bad ao- cepted Uie 2>ropo8ed mediation of England and postponed the declaration of war. France had not accepted England's offer o mediation, but said to be considering it The Paris Constitutional and the London Bally News deny the reported alliance between Prance and Russia. The latter says that th document signed is a mere convention. The Times' professes to give the provisions of the treaty, and draws the most threatening consequences from them, regarding tlie alliance as a menace to England, inasmuch as Bussla guarantees the servioes of her fleet in .he .Mediterranean and Baltic seas, in addition to the army of observation on the Austrian frontier. ;; The King of Sardinia had issued a proclamation to -the army, saying he regarded A us tria's ultimatum as an insult, and rejects it with disdain. • The French troops were landing at Oenoa in large numbers. They were most enthusiastically received. The King of Sardinia had gone to join his army. France and Piedmont have declared war against Austria, and-Tuscany had declared in , favor of a military dictatorship. GEKA* BBUAIH—Warlike preparations were going forward rapidly in England. The government had chartered Cnnard's screw steamer £Stna, and a number of other vessels, to convey troops and ammunition te the Medit- terranean. There were rumors that a proclamation would be isEued,calling for 10.000 men for the navy. London, Saturday noon.—The Austrian manifesto is considered tantamount to a declaration of war. Paris,Satnrday—The Austrians have crossed the Tioino, tod hostilities have commenced. This is official. W tubing-ton Matter*. f WASHIHOTOK, May 10. The contract for carrying the mails between New York and San Francisco, and New Orleans and San Francisco via. Nicaragua, connecting at Key West, has been awarded to Daniel H. Johnson of New fork, at §162,000 for a semi'monthly service for nine months from the 1st of October. The schedule time between New York and San Francisco, is not to exceed 22 days, and between New Orleans and San Francisco 20 days. The ocean service is to be performed in good and efficient steamships, and the Isthmus service in good and sufficient steamboats and land carriages Jno. Heart, formerly editor of the Charles, ton Mercury, bas been appointed superintendent of public printing. The frigate Sabine brought home | Commissioners Bowlin and Samuel Ward, Secretary of Legation. Immediately after the Sabin« anchored, the Secretary and Com. Shnbrick tet out for Washington, bearing important despatches. Foreign despatches received here confirm the statements of the English papers that Lord Derby repudiates Ouley's Nicaragua Treaty, for non-conforming to the original un- derstandinging with our government, by which the Mnsqnito Protectorate was to b* re- linguished simultaneously, and the Bay Islands received. New negotiations are to be immediately undertaken. Advices from Capt. Lsvarette, of the Wabash dated Spezzia, say that the four persons who sometime ago committed the outrage on the American missionary family at Jaffa, had been sentenced to imprisonment and hard' lab- er for life. NEW Yotk, May 10. It is sa\d that Mr. Johnson, who has obtained the California contract, acted in that matter ae the agent of Mr. White, who proposes to open the Nioaraguan route in July. The American Anti-81apery Society 'and the American and Foreign Christian Union, both held their anniversaries to-day. Both were well attended. At the former speeches were made by Messrs. Garrison, PiUsbnry, and by Dr. Fnrniss, of Philadelphia. The Treasury reports receipts for the year a trifle over $11,000, and expenditures at nearly $14,000. At the latter meeting Dr. DeWitt presided and BV. Dr. Curler spoke. ' The Treasurer's reports for the year show upwards of $73,000. The Baptists held a special convention to cons ider the propriety of lessening the EMU ber of benevolent organizations in that uc- nomination, with a view to their greater efficacy. Ex-Gov. Briggs, of Mass., presided, and Ez-Gov. Colby, of N. H., was one of the Vice Presidents. Rw 'money market'has undergone n ohaaje slace jejUrday, for currency, the d-maed fUn. exceeds Uw-mpp'y:.' The current rates for «z ctanfe are as quoted yesterday, namely Wf per ceo for Wisconsin Ud£ for Ifflnols. j " , Milwaukee WboleMle marKct. v Irelffkti—8; on wheat to' Su Catharine*, at which price thf Schooner A.:Bradley was.«hart«redt<wi»y >.i Floor—le»s active than on ye*Urd*y, but price* still looking upward*. Sales 100 bWs Double KitraWnlt Winter, (.Whitewater Mill* »' J^TX; 100 bbl. ditto at tfO. Sew ro*k .market totdayy§ Be better on whea and SOc on floor. Wheat—*ales 0,000 bos, late tart night, No. latl.SS f.o.b. To-day 1 car load ditto a'. 1,81 In store; 80 bui Extra at !,«*, 800 bus do at 1,42; $00 bus do a J^*n Jras Mtra No. 1,1,82 In stop; 800 bus. Inferior at 1,18: 180 bn«'«holce No. 1, delivered to bags, at 1,40 • Corn—Mies 135 bags in the ear at TB. - We make the following quotations: Wheat—No. 3 Spring Wheat 1 ^5®1JJO; ,No. 1 Spring Wnekt l,82®i^5; No..t Kxtra Spring Wheat 1,40® 1,45; Club liming Wheat 1,40®1,60, extra; Winter Hilling Eed 1,85@J,50; Winter Milling White Wh«at 1,40®1,80, ectfi,. ' Rye-1,05. i -. Barley—45® 65, doll, Oata-BO. Corn—SO; corn (ear) 76®78. Egg<-9c, doll. Batter-12XQ18, dull. Potatoes—504J65 slow. Hide*—green T; salted 8; dry 14©16; fall trimmed 18. Timothy Beed-I,W^l',Tfi. Kailroad fiscBpn n MiLWAnun * MrasiBBrm BAILBOAD.— 8,818 bus wheat; CM do corn; 664 do oats; 4dopota toes; 1 bbl eggs; 4,465 Ibi hides; 18,470 do sundries. Eiosirra BI laOaosa* A MILWAITCM Kxnjwan.— 109 bos wheat; 88 do barley; 89 bbls flour; 18 do eggs; 2 live calves;"621 Ibs hides; 6489 Ibs sundries; 8,000 ft umber. IxroEts DcaofOTHE pier Twiarr-rocs BOORS.— 405 tuns mdi; 62 bbls apples; 112 cords wood; 84 dot 3 do tubs; 82 packages; 4 horse*; 12 M lumber, CO H lath; 805 M shingles; 25 bbls sugar, 61 green hides; 80 dry do. LACS EXPORTS COHIJta IBB PASTTWaJTl-FOPB HOCUS-— 0 ton* mot; 60 bbls salt; 50 do lime; 5 do sugar, 1,442 us wheat, 88 'do corn; 8 bbl* beef; 14 do sundries; 92 kgs do; 4 bale* fun. [By Telegraph.j New York Mitrkn. Naw TORE, May 9 Flour—The marke. excited, afid 25 cent* better; lies 22,000 bbl* at 6,40®@6,40 for superfine (tale; 50®T,10 for extra itau;; 6,7o®6,M for luperflne lesterc, 6,°02.T,20 for common to good extra western; ,15®7,oO for do round hoop Ohio. Market closing buoy- int. Canadian flour continues scarce and Hill noml nal; small Bales. Rye flour—3,75®4,65. Wheat—excited and 8 cents better, salei 50,000 bus at 95 for unsound Chicago spring; 1.60®! 66 for mixed lltnols; 1,79® 1,68 for white Michigan; 1.85^1,98 for white Kentncky; l ( 576tl,65 for winter red western; 1,7U or Ambre Michigan; 1,20 for mixed Illinois spring, Rye—held at 9S@96. Barley—firmer; sales 55,000 bush State at »4 (or mixed western, 85 for southern, and 95Q.83 for Inferl rtoprime yellow southern, Jersey and torthem. Oats- -nrmer and In demand at 60@61 for State; 61 Q.C8 for western. Stocks—2d board lower. Mo 6's 65: Va O's 9C>.; Ill 0 Hoods 83)f • Del t Bud 90*, Oumjb 17; NYU 70J4; M CLEVELAND, May 10. Langs ton, one of the OberKn. rescuers, was to-day found guilty- He will" be sentences with Boshnell to-anorrow. ZAKEBTILLK, May 10. Reuben Johnson, the negro who took th lead in "trying to rescue the fugitive slave was arrested to-day. He attempted to shoot Dep nty Marshall Campbell, but his pistol missec fire. The Ohio State Fair Board is in session here to-day, arranging the Premium list, &o ALBAKT, May 10. Prof. Brano, director of the Michigan Stau University, has been nominated by Prof Mitchell and appointed by the board of trus tees, associate director of Dudley Observatory. Prof. Bruno accepts, and will take up hi residence at Albany forthwith. Prof. Mitch ell, director of Dudley observatory, removes to Albany next month. Suicide*. FISBXIIL, S. Y., May lo. Homer Sohepok, of Fishkill Landing, com mitted suicide to-day by shooting himsel through the head. The ball entered one sid of JHB head, and passed out of the other. Hi was found In the churoh-yard, on his father' grave. PITTSBUBO, Jfkj 10. The shoemakers, on the ladies branch in thi» city, and Allegheny City, are on a strike for higher wages. [ want to send my name down to pos terity, and wish you to be my emissary," saic a fond loverto his sweetheart. -'Oh, certain ly," said the fair girl, "I will be your Emma Sarah whenever yon say the word." AOOIBXKT—Yesterday as three yonng,Uds. sons of S. 0. Wagar, F. Barrere and J. A. Wood, were playing on the "Monte rey root," the son of Mr. Wagar stepped upon *! ld ^ P 160 * TUlder Ws feet breaking into the river. No one excepthU could t in the t' when we to press a» body had not been The boy sr«s about nine years intelUgemV The bereaveWn? Gatette. .&'- Sarvey N. Gee a few days ago, fell from the roof a new house, erecting by Mr Mathews, on the high ground south of the Tillage, into the cellar, mlraoulously passing Tttrpagh several tiers of joist into the cellar Wwont breaking any bones, although nevere- ly stunned.— Weyauwga. ' CALL AI¥B — THft— LATEST SEE STYLES t? SE -or- *WS*" r i-*.~f it ww^S, »^c. w ; M 8 9%, do r.uaranteed Saj-i. M C 6 Jhl fiji; Chi 4 K I 60>»r- Ileceiplav. C Prop. PUt*bvrg—TibMtt», Starkweather d (Jo , Agent* , La<JroU6& Mil. R. R. Hock FOB PEB80KB Of THK CtTT.—8 Caambellli , r Kule- mler, £ N Hurd, J B Wilson, P Diets. Poa PEESOKI n THS Ooorar.—T t VTrst A uo , Ed- erton; A M Klmball, Pine Elver, VF K Burlock, Si •aul, J B Ilemerntt, Berlin; J K Field, Berlin; L ins- ale, DuBuqut; C T R<ed, Oconomowoc, L B Oodge, Vsupau, C J Pettlbone, Portage City; T r Wist A Oo, Albion, J J A H Shaubhnt, Mantato; D D au. Superior, Window, Ft Atkinson; A B Weigh er, Rlchlsnd Center; E Bubbard, Si Anthony, W li Jones. Oambn a, W l Newton, Sparta; D F Robinson, Manchester; D P lish, Princeton, Bedford t Abbott, Oregon, Averlll, do; owell 4 U, Decorah; Wyckhoff, Crownsrille; Bjfger H, Oshkosh; Pomeroy, Kdgertoo; Caster Guild's (-tail, Wiuslow, Ft Atiinion, Spencer, Fond du Lac; ra««. Si Pad, SjIvoter t H, Irreen Bush; tlarrhall. ond du Lac; Kin:, Bheboygan; Dr Brown, Shtboygan. I/ Propeller Buckeye- —A'ortA^rn TVons. Co., J. H, t>atc/»rd, A^eni, JU. <t if. B. R. Doct FOB PEKSOHS IB THB Cirv —J D Culrer, J C Mitchell, k Sctiulnlhorn, H J Nazrc It Co, F B Miiea, Jewell ft Ice, A Ounntson, 11 Bosvorth A bons, Siucl&lr A Guu* »on Reun t Rice, 1> A B Foa i LBSOSS u TEB COUKTHT.—Michael Winter, Uori- oo; Ba^seU A- Dllllngham, Micnfapolis, Minn.; Geo H eed, Oshkoah; R Marren, 8t Paul. Minn.; A U Isham, Llem; McClaud A Bro,St Paul; \V Edaon, Bed Wing. C May, 8t Paul; J Bennett, LaOrosie: Perlay Hackett, 'est Cnion; O L rant, Bt Paul, J T Marston, Madlin; Harry Alison, N Wilson, Prairie do '.hlen; N rowo A Co, Waukesha, L B Dodge, Uu'^uu; P V rown, Watertown; W McRUllery. A M 8k«rU, Ripon; ohn Artlchon, do; A L Baldwin, Ollis Latj.;l .p, AJ ady, Neenah; L Bmkh, Cambria, J B Smith, Fox <ak.e; Barch A L«wla, W W Forbes, Portage City; H B Man » Co, Ripen; E 3 Burns, J«.ne>viu,, Rockwell A Lndall, Oconomvwoc; J 1 Millard, Marlceson; Jonei A •ans, D D Thomas, Fox LaJte; A Crosaman A Oo, cand\navla; C A 8umner, Baraboo; li r 1 Wbeelock, couomowoc; W D A Co, Hartford; McReyrA Bro, Jane- ille. Merchandize received at Uu Dock of D. dc Jf. B. B.— ttteamtr Cleveland, May low.. FOB PCESOIB ra THB Cm.—Wla. Leather Co, J H araer t Co, E Hasklni, A P. Cady, W N Blanchard radley A Metcall, B A B E, Mahler A Wenot, W 8 ell* A Co, Aildna, W A Steel, Welli A Hull, J Laldan, W D Bacon, D 0 P, P Dally, Hassett A Uo, o A efijele, H U Alleson, J U * Co. FOB PCCSOXB l< OOCBTBV.—A R Jahuuotta, Wankesha; Myrlck A Co., Traverse Des Llou, Minn.; Mclntyre A icldon, Red Wing, do; D 0 Tanner, Whitewater; >odge Neosna; W L Be in, Beaver Dam; E S A A elra, Berlin; Saml Patton, Beloit, L B Dodge, Waa un; CUM Petenen, Racine; R R Roberts, W aupacca obt Paddock, Fond dn Lac; North A Carl, Hasting inn.; Isham A 6, Delevan; D C Pratt, Beaver Dam; Topping A Son, Delevan; M Pierce, Fountain City oomb*. A Bro, St Paul, Minn.; Chapman A Thorp, Ea Clalr; J B Wilson, Reedi Landing, Minn.; Uaune White, Si Paul, do. By Prop. GaUna— Western Irani. Oo , J. J Tal madft, Ayent, M.<t M. R. Dock Foa PEBEOXS a TBB Crrr.—J M Alcott, A B Blan chard, Blair A Persons, Bishop, W 8 Brown, Liionnell 0 Burner, Boynton A fcmith, D A Coe, Caiwell A Oa lord, Candee A Oo, J H Cordei, J Dahlman, J. M Du rand, Geo Dyer A Co, T Del&nj, C Eis«feldt, W Fink ler, W J Flint, Green A Button, Goodrich A Johnson hanford, JJ A Co, Haney A DeBow, J W Hoyt, £ Has kin, Jewett, Rice 4 Co., LeFevre A Green, Morton Fowler, A Melnecke, H J Nazro A Co, Otto A Bro, Pfelster, £exton Bro A Oo, Strickland A Oo, 8 Stone' H Tesch, Warren A Hewett, B C West, Wise A Co, W Wells, WAT, Duckett A B, L Luke, Schumacher Johnston, T ti A Co. FOB Pxsson is TBS CODBTEI.—J Arnold, Portae City; C A R, Fond du Lac; A W Coddlngton, Frlent •hip; Carpenter A Oo, R il Deacon, Uruiumond A Co Fond. du Lac; A Foster, Oolumbos; E Frazer, Woo< land; L Fox, C A S W Jones, Waapun, 8 Mowcry, Men asna; T Mason, Pond du Lac; J L Nennun A Co 8 Anthony, Minn.; Newell A Bros, Ellbonrn 0 t j Petersilla, K Smith, Cambria; J M Bchrader. Bt Paul Minn; Sanford A CowleS, Baraboo; J B tmlth, J Torn] Una, LaOrosse; Yates A Porter, Berlin; J A Hall, Wi tertown; U M Hotctilnson, Osbkosh; B Winterbottom Loue Rock; Gleason * Bros, Madison; D 8 Cook Me Gregor, Iowa; O W Plan, Lone Rock; J B Btorv Janesvllle; Lebrand A Wick, Rlchland Center- M Fuller. Madlaon; L H A If T Warren, Albany J Lin coin, Bhakopee, Sllnn.; F Brick, S Cook t Co, White water; B P JerwUlager, JanesvUle; Wright It Paine Mad.'*«n, 8 Hakes, Bdgerton; A A Carpenter, Monroe L 0 Conner, Whitewater; L M Chamberlain, Prairie d Chlen; A G Hanford, Waukesha; A Mann A Co liadi son, J Sutherland, Janesvllle; Klauber A Oo, MadHon. iesler A Relhl, 0 T Jung A Bro, St Pauj, Minn; E Mar*h,»ayton; M Key A Bro, L E Btone, J.nesvillc Dick»on.4 Wtllard, Prairie dn Chlen; R Koslle, Jane* ville;--«0ary, Brodhead; Diamond, P A Oo, Dnbuque, J W aright, Madison; Thomas Lamb, 81 Paul, Minn. cmvfiD Ueweomb Cleveland, Thel* ^ IrjULJ»SHAsV8«.«XE. I*:; ' t L Oroiu 4 Mfl- f sEallroadCo. J Mpnrsuance«ndi»nrb»of »wr» of »J«ri A tuued ont of the District Ceurt of th* United States for theBUtrlct of Wisconsin, in favor of the saidNew- comb Cleveland, PlalntUf, (gainst the La Orosse A Mll- wauke* Rail BOM! Company .defendant In tne above entl- t*ea cause, Issued for the amount of ,on* imndred-and tWel»e thousand two hundred mnd serenly-one dollars •and Beren^y^lx cents, reooTef«d by the saJdHaiBjlB against tb* said defendant, the JIB day of October, A, D.186?, bjr the judgment at the *aH District Court, tested the twenty-iecond dty of October, A. D. 1857, to me directed, I hare levied upon and shall sell at Public Auction, on Tuesday, the IWxday of December Belt, •at the United State* Marshal's Office, in the City of .Milwaukee, at M o'clock in the forenoon of said day, the following property, to wit: The La Crosse A Milwaukee Railroad and all the Interest of the LaOrosse A Milwaukee Ballroad Oontpany therein, with all the franchises, rights and privileges thereunto belonging and < appertaining, Irjclndlng roads, roadways, rights of way and real es tate of every description, road beds, tracks, lies, rails, station houses and building* and ground*,! shed>,and grounds, engine houses and grounds, shops add grounds, water house* and ground*, cars and appurtenances, locomotive engine* and appurtenance*, more particularly described in the following schedule (marked A.) Also, all that portion of the LaOrosse and Milwaukee Ballroad, known as the Watertown Division of said Ballroad, and all the interest of the said LaOrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with all tr* franchises, rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, including roads, roadways, rights of way and real estate of every description, road beds, tracks, ties, rails, station hcnse* and buildings and grounds, shops and grounds, water houses and grounds, engine houses and ground*, can and appurtenances, locomotives and appurtenances; also, about forty-five thousand bars of Railroad iron, more particularly described In the fol- owlng schedule (marked B.) Also, lota 9, '0 and 11, in block 8, and lots 1, S, 8, In Mock «rfn the Kfth Ward of the City of Milwaukee.— Lota 1 antl 4, in blo«k IBS; lots 1, 2,4,6,0,7,8, », 10, 11, A 18, 14, in block US; X of block l&T, except lot 8 and [0 of the bayou adjoining said block; • >i of lots 8, 9 and X, all of lot* 13, IS and 14; X of iota 16 and 1? and E ^ of 16, in block 158, in the Fourth Word of the City of Milwaukee. (Schedule A., referred to above.) One passenirer depot, one store house, two freight depots, grain platform ind abed, blacksmith shop, three tank houses, machine shop, stationary engine house, palntshop, lumber house, coppersmith shop, Iron honst-. blacksmith shop.turn- abhe, circular engine house, car shop, all In the City or Milwaukee; tank house on irctlon twelve of said Railroad; one ditto on section &£; passenger and freight ae- K>t, at Richfield; one torn table am! passenger anil relght depot, at Bchl»i«nen K i.rvlIle: eninne house, tsnii house and passenger and li eight uepot at Hartford; lagsenger and freight depot :,t Rubicon; passenger anil relght depot and tank hoi: e at Woodland; ditto Iron Ridge; turn table, pa.- engine house and tank I ;er and freight depot at *ralrie; turn table, engine ho. ise, tank house and pas- enger and freight depot at I .aver Dam; pas&engiT and retgbt depot and tank horn and freight depot at Oambrli- tot, turn table, tank house and; passenger and freight bouse and tank house at Por rounds upon which such 1 enger and freighl detwi, >.>use at Horicon; passen- .' unction; ditto at Rolling at Fox Lake; paisengcr passenger and freight dei >ad cnpine house at 'illd- lepot, turn table, engine 'geCity, together wllli the •u*e* and buildings are ituated and which are oppnn -nant thereto. Ji class passenger cnrs, ^ggage cars, 1C4 Itimite ., SO gravel cars and 17 ove.) One engine boose <e station house al the shed at Pewaukee; oue r ditto at Pine Lake nta- il shed, and one ttatloti itlon house, frame shed, smiUi shop, two water me locomotive engines, ten i wo second class ditto, four reight cars, 120 platform ci. Land ccrs. (Schedule B., referred to . n the City of Milwaukee; unction; one ditto and woo station house at Hartland; 01 ion; one water house, onew ouse at Ocouomowoc; one t Lachttie Ehop, CAI shop, bla ousea, engine house and wo<v: shed at Walertowu; sta- on houtic and water house :it Lowell; station house. ugine and walcr boufte at C<'iumbu.i, together vlth the groands uj,uii winch such hou~s and uuildinfruare sltu- ted and which are appurteti engines, 61 box cara,; ur passenger cars & two bar boul i'/.Cii bui-s ol Rjulroan le la o o'clock p oad Depot,uL blocks 4u and nd about 4^3 barn bl Ralii t lour o'rl, ,-k 1'. M., Uie ta ock in Uie Cit.t of Miln-aok Irun «hicli 1 s! ieceuibcr, lsi'7, at three o bank of the Wisconsin River, IN LIQUIDATION ^K" L ~^ rT j Bargains., in Dity *Soo«h IMMENSE ETOOR, OF —AT- 187 B M Water Street, ' MUST BE CLOSED OUT BY THE Great Bargain* maj be Expecte<K aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CAKT, Assignee. 1839. IV E W 1839. SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! ", JL,. I7r5 East \Val«-i' *t. I7M MISOELIiANEOUS. 1859. NEW &$V FAVOKIT£ ROUTE irrwxxi TBK , DETROIT & MILWAUKEc R. R (Now opened to Lake Michigan.; AID Swift Low-Pretrure First-Clots Xttamem, ''City of Cleveland." & "Cleveland," (thoroughly refitted for this route.) O N AND AJTER MONDAY, April 11, l«i»: Pu- •enger Trains will ran as follows: OO1NO WEST: Night Mall. r. n. Sup. Bridge, dep. •Detroit, depart.. Fentouvllle, arrive *Osw*go, arriye. $1. Johns, arrive Grand Rapi 's, arr. 8:05 *rfrand. ilaven, air. 4:4IJ Milwaukee, arrtv«. 2: u IKX) ihSO lV;6u p. M. 12:10 Mixed. r M. 4.20 i. M. 1 80 b-J& 7:tO 44.' LSO 12:15 r. M. 12:15 •Refjeshmenu. EAST : Mail ' rpr'i Mite t PATENT MEDICINES. = AVER'S ^ CHERRY PECTORAL, rott im p_4pn) CURB or Colds, Coughs, and floaraeness. BxixniiJ), Uisa, 20th Deo, ISM. Da. J.C A«B : I do not hxltata to mj tb* bat nnudj I bar* eisr found for Coughs, Hoamna**, Inflnanza, and the concomitant symptom* of a Cold, is jour Canmi Fxeroau. Its coantant n*« In my practice and my family fbr the lart ten xean ha* shown It to poasess lupn- rlor rlrtnea for the treatment of tbeav complaints. EBEN KNIOHT, M. D. A.B.^MOBTLBT. £90,, of Unoa, N. T, wrltM : - 1 mad your Pectoral myself and In my flunlly mr lino yon Innnted It, and" Vsllarc It th* beat m«dldn« (br Its purpose *r«r put otit. With • bad oold I ibonld lonnar pay twmty-nn dollar* lor a bottle than do without It, or take any. other remedy." Croup, Whooping Conch. Influenza. BpacraniLD, MBS-, 7eb. T, 1S54 BaorHXB Ann: I will sheorfnlly certify your Milwaukee, depart •Grand Haven, dep Grand Rapids, arr St. Johui, arrive . Owtisao, arrtre. .. . •Detroit, arrive. 7-IMJ n -m F. M. M1LWAUKKK, ' NOW n-oeiviog one • e,l mocks til lino.l. t I. h »lll M Il . W ;»<_'•>.N SIN. tile lur^^at aU'l beat i*elecl- tr hr ju^lii to this mantel, to n Unit* t.. lioj , J^MUe l ^ e j . Howl will le.ive Miln | Tor Saturday .NUht's K ,' it tra n wil n T lea ve | 'I rain* Irav« ttrmitii 9:1 , Utpo The Latest Novelties ! Our arrangements ta*t carkrt. h v e.3re tietertnlnej to are such lh;*t »e rit,ii MU i l>J>«r constantly ui ttut- our cj»t..tners THE LAROEdT AMOUNT OF >erty eoaiuerated ID U»t Old SUbjrCl Iv &D CXcCULiOt id previously levied Ui«T erl&lu- MartihaJ'i Office, Mllwftu thereto. Sereti loci rack cam, 10 ha.iv.! car*, cars, *U dump can A jo, which I nhaii, well of .,near the La Cro&ae Riil- in the city of Milwaukee, J iron, which I ihfUi seH ()a>, at I>Ltojuiaii A Go's . \ud about %,'K>0 bare Bvli on Uie I'Ui day of . ck P. M., on Uie wrest riaukCouDty, on the line « Railroad. I'he pru- 'Olb^' Sct.rtJulf H. Will W icd .»ul tr( Iht-sa-Jd Court >D favor of Sclali CNam r A tior ae v r TliK TKLEORAPU LINK is u»w .,p •1VES8. CONNKi.TluNi. AT De-.'I'JtOIT-- HflK\T WhJ f.-r all (...iULd Kar-l—«n;irf- AN .M1CHHJAN .-Of.TIIEKN KAII.Ri>\U LANt> Line o' rft. aracrs i « 4^K A > I» * ' A \ I.*- M .1l«?jiroer fur CHICAGO, A-- , ^ A3' >lll \\ A I. Kl. I —\\u, • U' N' aAILKOAD£, f .r ui ui.|>. riH s Northwest, ar .1 . n tf,j,|.t u.»-r « IM the belt remedy we pocsesa for the cure of whooping oangh, enrac, and the cheat rllssasee uf chlldrm. w« •>! your fraternity In the South appreciate your iklll, and socamend your medicine to oar people. HIItAll CWrfKLTN, M. D. AM03 LKB, K*o,, UoimaiT, U, write*. 3d Jan, 1«M : u I had a tedious Inflnaiua, which couflned ot* In doon til week* ; took many medicine* withont relief; Unally cried your Pectoral by the sdriee of our clergyman. The first doee relieTed the soreness in my throat and lungs . lea than one half the bottle mu> m« completely well Tour oudlcinee are the cbeep«l ae w»U aa the beat »» can buy, and we eeteem row. Ooaar and your ramedlee, ae the poor man's friend.' Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchiti*. W*ST SUsoHraraa, Pt, ?eb. 4, l.isn 8ia: Tonr Ourry Pectoral Is performlne; marT«llnii> ruree in this section. It hae relieved sererel from abinn ing symptoms of consumption, and la now curing * mm who has labored under an affection of the fanga fbr i h.- laat forty yean. HENRY U PA&S8, Merchant A. A. RAMSKT, U. D., A£noi>, Mono* Co., low , wrltee, Sept. 9, 1556 : " During my pnctlce of many j-mn , I have found nothing equal to yowr Cforry Ptetorni r<-r tfTiRg eaee and relief to ootuumptlTe patlenta. ur raring rach ae are curable. " if e might add volume* of erldeuee. bat the moat aon- rlnclng proof of the virtues of thla remedy IB bund in its eflfeata upon trial - Con*nmpUon. Probably oo one remedy bas r*er been knowu wnleft cured K> mnnv and nett dangerona caaee aj tbla. 8onu oa human a!4 can reach; but even to thoee thn Cft^rrj fvtanl afforda relief and onnfert. Aaroa Qonna, S*w Toax Crrr. Mmrcn 4, IS64 I^woa Araa. Lowmu.: I teel It a ilntj and > plounr* to inform you wha« Tear Clltrry FtOorvt hae 4on« for mj wifr. sbe had been QTB months labonng undHr the dmn jerona symptoma of Cananmptlon, from which no «li] w, 'oold pr*cnr» yaTe her much relief. 3h« was ftoailll? 6*1! Inn, until Dr. Strong, of thla dty, wbere w« h.7. —m^ tn »^ rt ce, reoomnuuiiled a trial of fonr medlclna. W« M^M **** fjndneea, M wa do your skill; for ih« has ™«^«r*(l from that day. She is not yet aa itrong aa «h« OM*J tn be, but ta free from her oough, and calls huraelf »»»iL Toon with platitude and regard, ORLA.NDO 8HKLBY. o» 8« mm \< i OF THE l'> O U li ^:> 0 A M , 1.0 ' ' T RA'N-" on j OA ti. 1 * .iCtxcJied ''AKCKU? vrt.i ,, 4T.T The \VllU* ll iQ-i aitnotirr, cont*lnln*r Hl*ck an,! ?in- S. Ti3»u--i Bareges, 1>» la"-»-«, Ch»ni^^. i'.\al-i I-»WQ.«, • rr/Kn-lip*. Kot>»- 'df ' Part.-., R.>bc '»' Quill, hi . .ant^i. *<• , Jc. IN ( ) U 1 i .i-u'U I'oinpir. j '* 1% - K . , Tic«-r A rf e lie. 1) i « K nffi- —. . a* October 27, I?s57 M. J.TUUMAI-, U. B. Marsha.! y adjourned to Moodaj , U 10 o'clock A. M., at Ihf •vte, except the talej of ' >edalu U., which are ad- j j, January 4, laa>3, at 2 i ., and WetlOebday, J»DU- [ al the respective )»l*ct-i j octal-doair6w (J.9 The above saie la her te4U) day of January, IS-Sb, " MarBhaJ'a Office, Milan Lailroad Iron mtrntlont^l In ! 'Urned re*p»ectivtlj to M Q< 'clock r. M., and 4 o'clock i 1 . ry 6, 1S»V>, at 8 o'clock p. M enUoned above. M. J.TUOMA?. decl6-dl»wti L'. S. Slar 6 : L *. fpSf The Above i» r,err;-> further adjom aed U. Monday, the 16th day u( February, l!>6a, ai U o'-l^L. A.. M., at the U. H. Marshal's Office,, except the sales of E&ilroad Iron in-:uiiuurd in Schedule U , which are adjourned renpecttTely to Monday, Kebrunry 15, ISatt, at 2 o'clock r. H., and 4 o'clock r. n^an.i Wednesday, February 17, 1S5^ *t a o'clock t. » , »tthe respev. ire places mentioned aburc. Al».,r£ -il'i Office, MUwauket,Jauua.r/ ',.' >b janfr-J •' M J TUOU.US U. S. Mamhal. ' S^V '. '-oTe aaJtf is hereby further adjourned t.. Tliui-ndaj , IStii day of April, l->i-», hi ll u'ciwcL I i.. M., &t Lhu L . Mamhal't Office, Mitwaukrt-, e xcc(..; ] the biL«ea ofK^ui' 1 Iron mentioned in ^chedalc H, | Will b* l\mnd IrKli LU.I-UI-. Linen .miua»k* Napk.1 Tabl. " Cloths, Ci ash, Po> .tfr>, t.'atnbru-s, J^cooft Coanitruane*, V.~- h;<' d-rit**, t'urnint-in.: liovda. Ac. IN THl-:- CLOTH DEPARTMENT TRANSPORTATION COMPA Y K i 1 > ! N \ N I) B CI . I Kl • M IN ) I H .v t i. ti •! 1 i. I N I •{ \ L K * Cbn.n.TnpCK>«, do Dot dtwpalr dH JOQ have triad CUX.UT PrtTTOiux. It li mada by on* af tb« Nwt In the world, and It* enrsai all arrrand TU m»**lt*i of Ita rlrtom — ftiilatUJptua Ledger Ayer's Cathartic Pills. T HE Kl*mc«.i of Ch«mi*rtT7 and M»<Jl,-iD« ha** Own taxed tbntr atmort to produc* thl« bait, motn p*rf«*rt parg»tlT« which la known to m»n Innom*.T*bia proofs ar« ibovii that them PllXfl ttaT* Tlrtne* which nirpaw m aze«Uen«« tb* ordinary m«KUdD««, and ttuU th«r wtn 'in pr«ced*int«di7 upon th* wtaem of all men. Thaj ar* s»T* and plftaaant to ulta, but pow«rfal to cars Thntr p*-n«, t rating prop«rtle* ttlmalatA th« rttaJ a<etiTld«eiof th* N^v. rfunoT* Uia obntrQcdons of tti or^aiia, pnrtl> the M™*!, and ftlp*>l dliiA...ia. Th*y ptlTgo out thaftnii humori whlrh br«ed and frov Hjrt*nnp«r, fUmnlata itojxljh IT iiwr dar*>d orfaaa Into thfltr oataral actl0n, and Impart btmJth , tune with itr«n((th t* th* whola tywt*ni. Not only lu • ih&y cor* th» «»er7-d*y complain fa of rr«ry huly. hot *I«o forKildable and dangartnu dlae*«M*i th»* hav*i hafflmt the besttt of haman tkllL Whila thwy prodnca pow-rAu •ffccta, th«7 ara at the urn* time. In dlmlatahed 'ioa«>*i, th« •Xa>«t and beat phjalc that can be amployad fbr cb.U'1r«n Bolng *nc»r -coated, they an pl««aaat to ta*ts . aad h**tn.( purely v**(?»t»i>J«, ar« frw« fPem any rtik of harm Cnr«n bar*! h*x»a ma«li« which rorpaa* ballef w*r» they net iut> •t&ntiAt*d by men of cuch nxaJtsd potrldon and ehar«rt**r aa to tor bid the loipfcfrin of nncrnti Many .miortu j rlerxT 111811 tn< ' phyniclanj have leat thfltr naai«* to ^rtifv tn the pnhllc tha r"llabtUty «f my ramadlva,« >then h»»»j »f>nt me the atwnraare of thetr 'VBrtrt.on that mi oj a tribute bnmennely to tha r«tll«f .f ai > *• fiave a fln< assnrt^jent f.f .-ilk, Htcll*. Fancy B., . M.awla, ClMh Du<^rt. l.o H..-I Il-ln; I I I.., II ) N.-ti. )••/. 7 r4mtrlln'jk. Br*J<e-t uiiliirk, i«-ctiFelr to Tt.urxlay, April . M., s:m 4 o'clock p • . Mid MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port of 10 Prop Oalena, Bteel, Buffalo, 135 tons rate, ffii bbli dried apples. Bchr J Harbridge, Johnson, Sbeboygan, 86 cords wood 8tmr Gazelle, BatUn, Two Klrers, 84 do* palls, 8 dot tubs, 48 pkg*. Sohr Norway, Jonraob, slenomonee, It M lumber, 60 M Btmr Oily of Cleveland, Stroler, Grand Haven, 8 tan* mdx, 10 pass. Prop Buckeye, Bossman, Ogdeasborg, S8 ton* mda. 4 horses, 85 pass. Schr nth Eawk, Thompson, Sheboygan, 26 cords wood •2 packages. Sebr Bonvemler, Chrtstansen, ManUtee.SOJ U shinglt. Prap Kvurgreen Olty, Chamberlain,-UO tuns mdz, 1 pass. Star Cleveland, Boogal, Grand Haven, 14 t mdz, ifi bbls sugar, 61 green hldss, 3D dry do, 7 bdls pelts 84 pkgs, T pass. ' Cl.JEAU.ED. >rop Galena,Bteel, Chicago. Bchr Serreti Smith, Brandu, Osvego, 1^442 bus wheat Ichr Fanny It Floy, Long, Chicago. Schr Sonvernlet.OhrlsUnsen, HanHoiroc. Stmr Oaxelle, ButUn, Two Elver*. 4 tuns m,l«, 88 bm corn 8 bhhrbeefi 14 Ibi and 8 pkgs sundries. _ ^ £J ih H»wk, Thovpaon, Shetoygan, C Icb.' Trttunr*- *-•-•- J — •^ ' DIED OnToe*a»y, May loth, igJ^JUsT Q AMraLDl aged 4S years. • ', . ', ' .. " Donet»llromth« house of her br<rther-ln4aw, Hor. Me Bdden, WlieoMln .trett, Wetaewlty, at 3 o'clock H. Frlendi of the tuaUy are inTltefl to «lend'wlU> out further notice, '-' " OOLL.KOTION OP THE Vorth Western "rtTl I wfll publlih about the 86th of May, the* f f Uon, Special Property, Banking; '' ft|L^« The work will **. ft win Termj o* Court. Al»o the Bewi andInUreitI«wf of WUcOniln. which are adjouri«-«l 15, I35a, at y o'cWck 8auirdar, April II, liSa, at 8 o'clock r M., >' Lt,c ' ( speclive places mentioned above. Mferthal'1 Office, Milwaukee, Keb 1.'.. 1?3S. l,-l,«l-d 1 awtl M. J. THO.MA8, U. J. Marshal C2*7~ Ttie above tal« u hereby furuier adjourned i.i Tuesday, the lAth day of June, ls&?, a* '1 o'clock t. H , at the U. 8. Maj-Ehal'i Othce, Mtlwaukcf , ex. :pt Uie B&ies of Railroad Iron mentioned lo bob- luie il., vrtuch are adjonrned respectively Ui Tuesday, June l&th, Ib&S, at 8 o'clock, p. m. and 4 o'clock, [i. m., ar.<l Thu/uiay, June K, 1S6S, at U o'clock r. •-, at the re«i^cUre ptacea mentioned a^ove. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, April IS, 1S53- aprle-dlatrtl M. J. THOMAS, L". b. Jlar»hal f?S7 The above sale la hereby further adjourned lo Wednesday, the 14lh day of July, IS&s at 11 o'clock a. •., at the U. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned in schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to \Yedneaday.July 14, 1SSS, at !( o'clock F. »„ and Friday, July 16, ISSIj, at & o'clock p. M., at the respective places mentioned bove. a Marshal') Office, Milwaukee, June IS, 1S5S. Jelfr-Hwtl M. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marshal. B7~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the llth day of August, 1BS8, at 11 o'clock r. M., at the United States MarsbaJ's Office, Milwaukee except the sales of railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, August 11, ISIS, at a o'clock r. «., and Friday, AUJ.-UU IB, IbSS, at 8 o'clock r. n.,at the respective places mentioned above. Manual's Office, Milwaukee, July 14, ISM. Jyl6 M. J. THOMAS, L 1 . *. Marshal. jy~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 15th day of tiepLembw, l&SK.alll o'clock i. V., at the U. b. Maraual's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which arc adjourned resjwcUvely t* Wednesday, gepumber !:>, IftaS, at 2 o'clock. r. M., and Friday, B«p- tember 17, lbi>s at 8 o'clock r. M., at the respective places mer ed above. Marshal'; Jice, Milwaukee, August 11, 1S5S. angli-lat .t M. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marshal. HSr- The at :>ve sale Is hereby further adjoui ned to Wednesday, I. e 'J9th day of September, ISM, at 11 o'clock a. M., s' e O. 8. Marshal's Officv, Milwaukee, except the sale.* •*. Railroad iron mentioned in schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, September 28, 186s, at 2 o'clock r. n., and Friday, October l,18iS, at 8 o'clock P. H., at the respective plkces mentioned above. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, Sept. 16, 18SS. sepUO-lawtt M. J. TUOMAS, U. 8. Marsha.. ¥J?~ The above sale U hereby further adjourned to Monday, the sixth day of December, 18£>a, at 11 o'clock A. K., at the D. 6. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except the sale* of Ballroad iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, December 6, 1858, at 2 o'clock p. u., and Wednesday, December 8, 185S, at 8 o'clock p. M., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, Sept. 2!), ISM. sept80-oaw6w M. J. THOMAS, D. 8. Mnmhul. I3fev~ The above sale Is hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 12th day of J uuary, Isi9, at 11 o'clock A. H., at the U. B. Marshal's oilice, Milwaukee, except the sales of Railroad Iron mentioned in the schedule U., which are adjourned respect, rely to Wednesday, Jauo- ary 12, Ib59, at 2 o'clock r. u., and Friday, January 14, 1859, at 8 o'clock P. at., at the respective places men- loned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Deo. 0, 1858. decT-oawtt M.J. THOMAS, U.B. Marshal. E3*t~ The above sale la hereby further adjourned to Monday, the 14tb day of February 1859, at 11 o'clock i. M., at the D. 8. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the aale* of Ballroad Iron mentioned In the schedule &., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, Febru ary H, 1859, at 8 o'clock r. K., and Wednesday, FeV rnary 16, 1859, at 8 o'clock p. M., at the respective places mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Mllwauke , Jin. 12, 1869. janl3-oawtt M. J. 'i UOMAS, D. B. Marshal. EtT~ The above sale 1> hereby further adjourned to Thursday, the 24th day uf February, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. M., at the U 8. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, except the. Bales of Ballroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, Pebru* ar> 24th, 1859, at 2 o'clock F. u., and Saturday, February 26tb, 1869, at 8 o'clock r. «., at the respective place* mentioned above. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 12, 1859. feblB-oawtt M. J. THOMAS D. 8. Marshal. ^*7~ The above sale I* -hereby further adjourned to Wednesday, the 23d day of March, 1859, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon, at th* D. 8. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except the sale* of Railroad Iron mentioned In schedule B., which are adjourned respectively to Wednesday, March 28, 1859, at 2 o'clock F.' H., and Friday, March 85, 1869, at 8 o'clock r. M., at th, rapecS?. place* mentioned above. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 84, 1859. feb26-lawtt M. J. THOMAS, D. B. Marshal 0T The above sale 1* hereby further adjourned to Saturday, the 2d day of April, 1859, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at the United State* Marshal's OJDce, Milwaukee, ex- lept the *ale> of Railroad iron mentioned in ichednle J., which are adjourned respectively to Saturday, April i, 18*9, at, S o'clock p. K., anil Monday, April 4, 1859, I o'clock P. M., at the respective place* mentioned above. Marshal'* Office, Milwaukee, Much 28, 1859. mar2J-lawU M. J. TUOMAS, D. 8. Marshal. J3T" The above sale 1* hereby further adjourned to Saturday, the Ith day of Mav, 1859, a 1 10 o'clock i. •., at the United, States Marahal'u Office. Milwaukee, «x. oept theitale* of Ballroad Irrn mentioned In schedule )., which are adjourned refpectlrely to Saturday, May J, 185°, at 2 o'clock F.M., aad Monday, May 9, 1889, o'clock r. :«., at the rtspective placet mentioned Kohal'i Offlee, Milwaukee, AprU4,tl859. apr8-lawtt M. J. TliOMAB, 0. S. «»r»hal. OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT i '). I X. DRY GOODS AND YANZbE NOTION- H !A P A H J . r. . ITS K-iMjWau-r K. \. * 1,11 3C>?:5>'^ (JliJ. J» T fF. NT It A I. .1) »<.! 1 ,: HI l> A^D FINI, AHT (iAl i.i.KY, 171 Eatt WnUr Street. H AVING secu'ed the asslstaoce of th* oltlrst anil most txpertance-l operator in Lh« \Vest. 41. Haw- sens, (wtioit skill la his department Is ^cll known to many of the cltlzei.3 of M.I vauker.) I am Do« preptrrd tn offer to the public every desirsulc sx> le (if Pk lurei knoirn to tbe cOoiinuniLj at lower rate* &n<l pieculeil In a better manner thuc can )>e done in any o.her e*- tah^shmcnl in tne West. . OUFl'uUD'8 BAGL'ERaEAN OALLKRT, in- EISI Looms. :, It j laJ A Ml aa.-.. L H 4i . ULV.V A Ca*wr- aD, i ^ . !> I ' A LD » Kl.L, A „•-• I H . afB- HLIS. ->A «r - j on'\ IKi fc.Nc.. A t'fii*. J. ? CBCHi' t+*tt'. t'AHKK L. J. HiOt.V, ^jiwtu.—. R ii. DejM '.. J. II. ( K AW t OH I?: O. J. H Al.i , i C >. The A^nt bniQw o&med to pl««*.«d to rtu-riUh gratia my AmTtraQ A Jnuuia*, containing dJr^rdoiu (br tb«ir a«n at)4 c*»rtl3--*t«i of their rarea, of tha following nnmplaintj* ~ C"*t)T*nea«, Blllena Ojmplainta, Rh*>amatiBm, Drop*T Rrarthnru, Il«tt4iacbe arming f^om a fr>ui ttoniafh. S »ti •*-«, 1 atllirMUua. Morbid Inaction of tb* Ik>w»ii« fcu .i I'HJU ar^smj tti-r«fr"m, JTatulency, Lorn uf App*»dt»v all rir-» r ^n* *n-l (^atanwma P1 — mna which re>iatr« an «*a>Misii,t in — f!-Hi*>, Srrnf-jla ur Sluy'i CwQ. Th«»y aiao, ^7 ^UI-JT tn^ th»* MO.M! and ftlmolatln^ the fy«t*>m, <*ur« manv n>mpljunU wblcb ft woald not b« fnpp.Ta««eJ th«T -onM r»>a«~K. «arh aj Dnafiir^sa, Hmxtlal Bllndn*>aa, N*ar%j*rls »n,j N-rT'.rja Irritability, D«ranic«ni«nU of the LJ^ur ac<J K i«l D--w«, >> nt, ami other ilnitrM compLainta ai tet nit; (Vim • !<-w «efti> "f th» b«>«t7 i*r obatrnction of tta fam-tt«.n«. !>• n»t b*i pot L-ff by anprtix^rlwd l««J«»n with *im«- >tli»»r pill thf-y majc** mor- pmflt on 4«k for Arm ^ and tAk* aothlnj •it" No oth-r they -an c' TW impart^ with thl* In tta Intrinsic vaine M- rTm»T]»- Th« ilrt want the Seat ahl ther* t« *>r 'h-m, *o-i *Jl«y nh^nJd baTi» It. Prepared by Dr. J. C. ATEH, Practic&l and in»Ijtical Chemiit, Lowell. Mas*. Pmici 8ft Oi. r*« Box. Tm Bom f-»s | 1 . BOLD BY JOII ; 11 B< N. B.— Shij PTI irr M. 4 M R R rnK 1.1 vfu I > i V i G O K A T OK riiKPAlvKD BY DR. -A.Vl-.iRl). • w ri.i*», arnl tiifir , »nJ us-r..--, riuu k 4 Krs. R^ ir.>»«l ,•.-, r. f ONK of th- t>-it '.ntirely tn i ni 1,1 MS »l.:.- : . marl i — lO.n- mj- « 1 - r, ater strr-t, foruaerty known aa Slatr* ?.. 4k M . Su«*. Co. »KO,ir(X) Oil 29.658 Ou CAPITAL.. ..... • SUHPLUS ..... Ofiice, ondvr Mitchell's Bank, comer of Kant Water and Michigan slrrels, illl. VA L'hi'K ... ....... IFASi 'OA'.syA'. Rates of Freight Reduced Again by .\cw York A: Krir I •I KK li J . a» 's 3 K I 3> i' h\\ n* »: .' worn J A. Heifufisieir , Moses HnetiUnil, f*9r.ucl Hate, H. L. Palmer, Si-lomoi, f- H^n-lerf^jD, C. S. L>:iggutl, fj. U. D-uernan, Kdwtn Townseo.i, Adlr j. A. HKLKtNHTEIN.Prcil.lent. O. D. DOfSMMi. Vu.,p re ri<ien!. \V. T. PALMKS, Oentral A«ent. H. o. WEST, Secretary- S. B. DAC4CTT t Treasurer. 1J. L. l'^LMCa f Attorney. marlu Xorthcrn K X P li ¥ T N TIL further notice thr (Jo.'s H :• v' Ht-.A' S S e<i at atori 1st Clas?. 65c. be a.a lollnw* p«r 1m) fri. ^-I t>y 'h^ o i' tl.e L.v G. SOUTHWELL, JK, Carpenter, Joiner and (/outraetur OORNEB 1U1JDLE AND MILWACKEK tiTKEKTS. R ETURNS hb thinks for the patnmagc he has received for the past elfjht years, and woulJ infor any wishing to 1m pro v* the present state of the mar feet, that he In on band to attend to all work tn hxs line, snch aa the erection of DWELLING HOUSES, WAREHOUSES, &C.« cither Wood or Brick, In flnt clisa style! and at prices to salt the times J be has, also, a good assortment o thoroughly seasoned lumber and other raeilltlei which will enable him lo glre entire satisfaction to those wishing his serried. f3f Jobbing and Kepaln done witb despatch. rahW REMOVAL E Y W . F . B A Y fe BaS remored to his old staod, NO. 1*6 BAST3 WATEB NTItEET, (OppoeiU J. K. BonesteePi Dry Ooodtktore,) And having made inch additions to Ma facilities for executing' F I N E ,. IP O R T R A I T a 1 As to enab e him to lay to the public irlth confidence that he Is now prepared to famish them nth every desirable style of Picture known to the community, and at such Astounding Low Prices as to defy competition^ for example, Daguerrolypcs tor 12£ Ci». _ The above sale Is hereto farther adjourned to Monday, the 6th day of June. 1859, at 10 o'clock t.m., at the UnltedlBtate* Marshal 1 * Office, MUwautee, except the tale* of Kailroad Iron mentioned In *chednle I., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, June e,185»,at 2 lO'dock >i «., and Wednesday, June 8, 18S»,»t8o'oI6ckf-.n,, « the respective places men- Mooed «bori. *^ ! IB the sale,of tbefranchises and otker corporate pr»- «rty, the person who ihall satisfy the execsUon, with •U legal fees and expenses thereon, and shall agree to ake inch franchise for the shortest period of time, and o receive during that time all such toll as said corporation would bylawbeeniUledtodfmand, shad be considered the h&hert bidder. > •' ' Marshfl's Office, Mllwaokee, Mar T. 1SS». .majS-lawtt ^ M. J. THOItAB, U. 8. Hjtnh&ll /B.pABDING.' A| «Jr Boarder* can *e accommoaatad FIL,I, SIZE PHOTOGltAPHS For only $1,00 the flnt one, and Wo for the Duplicates MELAINEOTYPES, AMBilOUIlAJPHS Aid inlact every other (trie of Picture, at corres ! ponding low price*. IMPEUlAt, PHOTOCKAPIIS, Colored In eltherfOU or Water Colors, and finished In the highest style o{ tho Art.) *HH STEEI-OTVPE, A new and podular style of Picture, Colored In Oil, whlchl far excels in Accuracy, Boldness 'and Beaut; of finish) any other Picture everoBered, to the Public.— , The*e Picture* h»ve only to be seen to be admired, All who are deilroui of isrlng money ar'» respectfully solicited to eairjand esjunlne Specimens at the Old Bland, •. • No. IS« Eatt 'Water ttrttt, JfUunvkee, Wltconrin. marl8-d8m : S W. ,;.'-•_ | ;P.:p V P.i :•[.... fI\H« 0<ld Fellow* Manual, Illustrating the History, A Principle* and Government of thaOrder, wtththe Ioslri4oUons.and putl« of, evsry Degree,!Station and Office in 04d Fellow«hlp, with numerous iengrav in»; byA»roBB. Orosh. •-.'•.;.•.^, !•.'.-. i ' The Odd Jelldws ; Texl Book, an elncldatlon of tba tlieory of; Odd ?ellow»hlp,.embracing a detail of the system in ail Its braucbes, with Jorm*, Ceremonlei acd id Olas«. lid Clam 4th t'.»«» Sic. 3oc. Merchandise ehippe;! b) t:is roaitf, ..n an.l .tltr the 14th tnst., win t>e charged at these rates irh.tth?r contracted or not. Ap t i» uj J. H CitAWFORD, A<-r.t, Ni?w V.nk t Eric Rii.r ;».!. J. MTSBS, Ajrtnt, 17; Bmaj»a> , N N 8^^ Ship Jaily ir«m Pier », .*-a.- 1 i; v-r. or fcw.t n( Duane street. New Vork. .iprl — iu.h«4w Detroit A: Tlil\*aiiU« K. II. FHKIGH'l 1 T^OB preater convt-nience t* merchants shipping, or A obialninjr mfortnatioa r-laljnn lo FrfJk'ht, an ilfice t^No. a H Iscotism sue t) jj.. co-ed on tiie lit i.f Apni, wher» ordert for enlUctiun r>r dehv-ry of (jTJods will rwJelre prompt attention. The office wl.l be u. -ler ihe •upcrluteodeDCr! of Mr. Fn«w, Apenl for Ht-ndne A Co , Trom whom iJJ nec*jsga.ry mfrtrmmt'on can br .->i-tamfd W. R. MUIR, «en'l tfup t ru t t c nd«-nt. MUwaukee, March 30th, 1S59. Aprl-dlta A: .Tlil. Railroad. E| ^* iuiclersl(me-1, havtn? been appointed ngenta Tor the collectiou and ilelivery of Krei^ht for this compa,o/,beg to Inform merchants 4n<] ottiera thii a-n office (No. 8 WUconsin street.) opened on Uie lal uf April, fhere order* can be left, auu will receive prompt at.ention. uur authorized coUectors win receipt at the warehouses of ahippervt. Information respecting Freight uansporution on thia Ur.o can be had by *p- pUc&tlon *U the office ot* Mr. A. PHEW, Afeni. lia-INDRJK Jt CO Milwaukee, March 80, 1S59. i pT \ .i '; j.n.1 pr- from rsi irent'y. sn'i each meil will oar? t«-ly ny tn it* /<ITUT . ev-thr *nt th« t« »nd" One Pertr -tnJ .H ^ /*>i»«*r, (n.I i , ^ ttiUit>u* li/f' fRtCB OSI DOU.J B FIR »''TTL* STANFORD, Proprietor, No. (^4,^ Ur->a»tf * i r i v I'HKVK.N ' i'K« VKN i Jyi N I, \V T R E A T M K NT \\f. r n t. CHANGE OF TIMEO N and after Monday, April 4th, trains on the Milwaukee, Watertown 1 Baraboo Valley Railroad will arrive In Milwaukee at 11:33 t. M., and depart al 4.10 P. v. arp3-dtf S. B. FARE REDUCED BY THE NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD! T HB Fare between Dunkirk and N«w York by the. New Vork It Erie Ballroad, wl I be »J,60 until fur- tr notice. «P'10 J. H. CRAWFORD. Agent. QEBS, 1 . R. V 9- ' f NOTICE. pmoK OP Biauop * oo., MORGAOEBS, 1* Posusaion o»Mij_ t Cniciao a. r Milwaukee, April S, ISM. O N and after April »th, 1359, and uritll further no- Hc*, no person Is authonsed to make purchases, orccntrjict for materials for the Milwaukee and Chicago Kallroad without a written order from the undersigned. Bill* will be paid monthly and account* will not be continued with any concern that neglect* to render monthly bills. 0. B. HALL, Gen'l Agt. Mortgagees. aprlO ' J. T. MOODY, Master of Transportation. Wa&hingr Compound. 100 ifAMILIES NOWlUSING IT. H BnOKMINSTKR would respectfojly announce to . lie people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, that he now offers for sale, a preparation known as . one half COMPOUND. foond t0 ' «>««>« beilCompound «<> w»mnt*d not to inju^ . B * Iu "*«' bmll e half tb« soap and labor now employed TBo rollowlng Ladle* have tested my pre pronounce It the best in uie : Mrs. r^TXB Tusz, JeQerion street. • •Mrs. atC.ocna and Mr*, a. E. R«AO, Third street. _ f or nl» at Dr. Aleou'j Drnr Store ana at Maxwell** Grocery,; coiner Spring and Third Street*. t&T f»io» — 5«o per gallon; ISe per quart. - preparation and MQU Ixtra gamilj tlva al on hand, lonlidi'iitial Medical Adi in A T the BulTaJo Private Hospital— entabl shed 'nr 'i cure of Syphilis Seminal Weakness and tha jecr Infirmities of Youth anil Maturity, by Dr AMOS Office, corner of Mam and Quay SON, llulTalo, N. T. streets, (up italn.) A MOST SCIENTIFIC INVENTION An Instrument for the cure of Genital Debility Nocturnal Emissions, more properly known aa .^em Weakness, Ac.—-can be permanently carefl in from fifteen days to two months by the n?e of this tnstnimea', whan used conjointly with medicines. YOUNG MEN TAKK PARTIUCLAa NOT1CK. Or. AM03 i SON take pleasure In announcing itiat they have Invented a most Important instrument for the cure of the above diseases. It has been subjected to a test by the most eminent physicians In l^oodo-i, Paris, Philadelphia and New York ; It ha* beon <fccl*nd the only useful Instrument ever Invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the genltil organs, caused by the secret habit of youth. Price ten dollars by mall or express. A CURE WARRANTED. Dr. AM03 * SON have devoted their attention ex- claalvely to thl* peculiar class of maladies, ind the relief they have consequently been enabled to render their fellow creatures, Is fully talined anil gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients and others dally arriving In town from, all parts of the country for j the express purpose only of consultations, »hild their exertions have been crowned with the mo»t ilgual advantages; yet from what U>eyhav« experienced In en- | quiring Into the causes of those infectious complaint.', ; (from their most simple condition to that of i ha most dangerous and Invetarate,) they have always enter- ! talned the possibility of their prevention and len-oual, | and likewise Invariably found that the mmt itorribio I and malignant forms of disease cooldr almost 'Invai lably I be traced to one of the following causes: Ignorance, neglect, or the 111 tffcct* of unskillful and Improper treatment; therefore, Da. AMOS* Son have succeeded ! In discovering, In the selection of their remedies, a j safe, effectual and cautions course; omitting a:l coin- ; blnatlon o»' remedies which bear au equivocal character, as well as thoia whose premature or Injndlcloua application might be productive of bad consequence* tu the hand* of private Individual*. In short, the laudable end of thetr remedies Is the lessening of a great mass of hamaa ailsery. by the alleviation, relief aud prevention or those grievous afflictions that are in reality UH> secret foes of life, anil which, while they so extensively surround us, call aloud for our skill and aterference tn their extermination. COCNIBT INVAIJM. Pcr*ons in any fut of the world may b« successfully •treated by forwarding a correct detail of their case, with a remittance for Medicines, *c- AddrasOr. AMOflA •OV,(«ra«r lUin and M.T. J»aI-<Uwi» T.4 M.tllKh r .<r . i j4 MARKET -<r. 114 MAKKsT »r . 114 MARKET if . I.Ill I - I.Ut'lS OR. .on M.I., riucrly ut Toronto, C. \V . u..w . '|, w %J ( > ^mint-nt <tnd *ki "fui .ju-rrnr , •• . F Y F \ N 3> T l M I Ni,. W Hoii»loJpJi. winter »f Dtrn -.,,.. *tr-,-c ^wtvricfe? miracles In ttie -.v^v or r^stonuy LOST S/tJl/T A.V£> UBARIXG Dr. C. trthm the Unt fn IH-^D blinj for omntl* while others, nfio (i» mcnt. The beat jiroi»f »« t eint-,1 is, ihat he '.- ., ail pert* of the t-oantry cariy received ca3*»s. No fee Is reqmrtM, for an No W- !i--en rec> ti*nv iii whom *v* h^d their iveU cur •• w (jr lly r-vi irum (l)ieaiti »>r .pinion — . be bad (7raXi3ai.

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