Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on December 5, 1965 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1965
Page 9
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SUNDAY, DEC. 5, 1965, Loke^ Chorles American Prts* AASC Foundation Plans Campaign Because of incrceised and widespread interest in the fledgling McNeese State College Foundation a proposal for a stepped up fund raising campaign will be presented to the foundation's board of directors at a meeting Thursday. Harry lluber, finance chairman, said the proposal will include starting the campaign early in January. McNeese graduates and friends in all parts of (he state have displayed great interest in the foundation's aims, he said. Initiated in April (his year, with E. R. Kaufman, a Lake Charles attorney and civic leader as president, the major aims of the organization are to use the fund for scholarship help, financing research projects, and for 1 engaging visiting professors to instruct in special courses not on the current McNeese curriculum. Huber said that the strong start of the foundation was accelerated by a contribution from Mrs. A. C. demons, of Jennings, an alumnus of McNeese, in the amount of $1,000. Mrs. Clemens, wife of Senator A. C. demons, thus earned the dis tinction of being installed as the first life member in the foundation. In order to become a member, a contribution of $50 to the foundation earns the donor a sustaining membership. A life membership is given for a $1,000 contribution. A founding membership result* from a $10,000 donation, Huber said. Other officers of the foundation fund are Cecil Colon, vice president; Marshall Abadie, secretary; and Arthur Lee, treasurer. YOUR HEALTH ion Can't Overtaxed By Dr. Theodore R. Van Oelkn (Copyright 1965: By The Chicago Tribune) "What is a bezoar? Our neighbor's 6-year-old daughter had been ill for several weeks. "The family doctor finally recommended an abdominal operation. The surgeon removed a ball of hair called a bezoar. The physician said the girl had been eating her own hair for years and the mass caused no trouble until it became large enough to obstruct the organ." Some children (and adults) eal the strangest things. They pay a stiff penally when thn material is not digested and forms into a bail that remains in the stomach. There are many types of bezoars. Trichobezoars are composed of hair; phyto- bezoars are made up of tough vegetable fibers such as those in persimmons. The wad accumulates in the stomach and enlarges whenever similar substances are eaten. Hair eating is more common in the fair sex because the hair is longer and more abundant. It may become more prevalent in boys now that the beatle- cut is in style. At any rate, the habit usually starts in early childhood and may continue for years before symptoms develop. Hairballs weighing 5 to 6 pounds have been removed. They are recognized when X- rays are made after the youngster swallows barium. Removal via surgery is the only cure. At one time these accumulE- tions were highly prized as remedies for fever, poisoning, snakebite, and skin diseases. They were maintained mainly from goats and were more costly than gold. Bezoars of this type resembled, but were not as solid or as heavy as stone. Some sold for §10 on the London market. Their popularity as a curative waned when smart operators began to import them from India in large quantities. Dr. Frederick" Stare of London conducted several experiments in 1715 to prove that many of the bezoars were artificial and made especially for the trade. Dr. Van Dellen will answer Questions on medical topics if stamped, self - addressed envelope accompanies request. CHEWING COFFEE BEANS S. P. writes: My daughter has a habit that has caused me concern. She chews raw coarse coffee grounds, retains them in her mouth, and then expectorates them. Is this injurious to the stomach and tissues of the mouth? Reply There is no harm unless she swallows enough to stimulate the nervous system. Chewing coffee beans but not swallowing the saliva is said to sweeten the breath. NERVOUS STOMACH M. F. writes: Can you please toll me the symptoms of a nervous stomach? Reply This condition mimics almost every gastrointestinal disorder. The victim develops abdominal pain, gaseous distenlion, belching, heartburn, nausea, I and-or vomiting. Many foods | are blamed, and the majority I take antacids by the bushel. j FAILING KIDNEYS I A. W. writes: Is uremia al- I ways fatal? I Reply j No. In uremia, the kidneys i fail to function properly and i the outcome depends upon the 1 cause. Some types are fatal, : whereas in others the uremic condition is temporary. The : artificial kidney is made to ; order for certain types of ure- ! mia. ONE TO A CUSTOMER E. V. writes: If a person has an attack of mononucleosis, 'can he be troubled again? I Reply | Yes. repeated bouts occur I even though one attack to a ! customer is the usual rule. TONGUE CANCER M. M. writes: How is cancer of the tongue treated? j Reply j By radium, X-ray, or sur! gery. ! Today's Health Hint— ! Obey all traffic sips and I regulations. I Address inquiries to: i Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen Tribune Syndicate Tribune Tower Chicago, 111. Ready For New Signups The Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service office for Calcasieu Parish is not ready at the present to sign ' up participants in programs authorized by recently enacted farm legislation. , Warren G. P.ickett, chairman i of the ASCS parish committee, made this announcement Saturday. He said It was in response to a number of inquiries. Programs for which signups will be conducted probably early in 1966 — include feed grains, wheat, cotton, and cropland adjustment. , Pickett said there are many details to be taken care of before field offices are in position to answer questions about how any of the programs may apply to a specific farm. When the signups do start, farmers will be reminded in plenty of time to file program applications before a stated deadline. Normally such sign- ups continue for about s i x weeks, he said. MORTGAGE LOANS 6% PER YEAR PIUS CREDIT UPE INS, UP TO 10 YEARS TO REPAY On your home, tarm, lot or acreage, ConiolltUt* all of your cUbls Into one small monthly payment. COMPARE 1W6 EXAMPl'f j Mo. Payment* Now •oloneji Now f I*™*™ Call or write today. A representative will tall OH you ni your home if you desire. NO ( IIAIUJE FOR TIUS SKKVKT. AulO Furniture Loon 50.00 10.00 » . 300.00 MO.W TOTAL ............ IIM.08 JJJW.M Monthly payment after consolidation with us only $44.41 a month. PLAN INVESTMENTS OF LAKE CHARLES 1046 COMMON ST. LAKE CHARLES, LA. 433-6935 here's how to make the joy of Christmas last last! choose a gift from our huge selection of HE MEN WAY'S 2012 Ry.-in Street Call HE O-9O96 fornisf»{?rs Since 1 0 9 G Bonus $14.95 Value! Electric CARVING KNIFE With t stnjrle purchase of S49.D5 or more only . . . Powerful knife cuts all food* smoothy and evenly! Stainless Sfecl blades. (Limit 1). • Free Delivery, 150 miles • Free Storeside Parking * No Money Down, take years to pay * Shop Monday and Thursday Nights 'til 9 • Color TV's • Stereos • Black & White TV's • Radios «> Tape Recorders A qif! of yeor-'Yourd pleasure ; s o wonderful way to say, 'Merry Christmas'" Come see the huge variety of gift deas of Hemenway's 1 Big 23" (cverotl dioq ) 282 sq, in, picture All-Wood Console TV 188 No Money Down, only $2.50 o week Enjoy unsurpassed viewing pleasure and smart furniture styling — at a budget price! All-wood cabinet in mahog- any or walnut finish. *\vith trade 19" Spcrtabout Portable TV (overall diag". measure) 172 sq. in, picture Mom People Own RCAVKrtORThJ Any Other TeWTJ»»on_ kudW otCoW All-Wood CONSOLE The "Drummond" 21" (overall diog.) 265 sq. in. picrure. 529 No Money Down, only $6.25 a week Color so true . . . you'll compare it to color motion pictures! Advanced Color TV in a smart contemporary cabinet! Choice of mahogany or walnut finish. The new RCA Hi-Lite color tube delivers unsurpassed brightness! RCA Solid Copper Circuits eliminate old-fashioned "hand-wiring" in over 200 possible trouble spots! See it today. *\vith trade No Money Down, only $1.75 a week The perfect second set for your family's pleasure! Big serene means clear comfortable viewing for one person ... or the whole family! •<s(m •«*•»* ••;•' RCA COLOR Console 8-Transistor Pockette Radio Room-size sound! With case, battery ear- A AC phone. Only ..... 9t ™ > Solid-State FM-AM Radio Instint warm-up! 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Feather aetion tone arm protects against seartch- cd records. Antiqued Colonial maple finish. The ultimate in Solid State Stereo! No Money Down Easy Terms 740 300-\vat'. peak power Solid State amplifier. Eight matched speakers. Complete FM-AM-FM stereo radio. All this and more In a magnificent Danish-style cabinet!

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