The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 11, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1859
Page 3
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. COMPLETE and Klegsm stsoruaenl of fcqhdon and American Hmlr «.nd Toe-th Brushes, :jnst re- . j.M; .- . 80S East WaterttteeU cash di . :city property, fir a inrjt ean remain - • '^r^-JPljJUPB 0 iA : pbnj _ WIneS, tonofpiOCohltal CHn,ion"don Portef, Scotch" JUe.Oongresx Water, ic.,£c.,' Qr»pe - ' ' , l^TJBINS' EXTRACTS. L the new and choice Tarictle* Ijiblns' . os ' , XL sns and T SOAI'S & ,COMPIiETK assortment of Clearer'B.lii •jfltana tosius' Honey Soaps; KousseH 4 Pctere' Sh«v- 'teK Creanii andX3«le'« ShavlDg Compound,for nUcby J»nl '•' . J. M. AlliCOTT. jGADETOXOtt ICE W'lTH A MJUE care for Chapped Hands and Face, Sort Xipn, 'Sunburn, ic., Jko., for sale wholesale and re- B" 10 * J.M.ALLCOTT,, Janl Druggist »nd Chemist, S!OS East .Waterit. n ')***f en >' u *« .f°*. ji'.|engjtimtj at»-Jl»irUittf * I nearSprlng . sivri iCOi'tui 1'im *uthor»»a'to,oller ; H"fqf f2j«lp^,^na' to^ tatia $000 Ju n4..WaRen:Sa^»U^ 1 :perB<fnii.;i)roh' can remalB oin mcirffiise on ihb 1 tirca «,r-.,- . ,• :•• .•-..••^ ..,. .,;r; FOH I W1LL »eU»«ir««Vclini r leSic ; ^f ATiici ha&SJ^tf-the bill, in Uic Second Ward, at li great •facrlfice. It Is iaU /(vntily in try the la of — --^—TT-T —r-^-—-" —.-———.-.-u. v»>..... -.ftlust-'befiolii ot once to raise'money.- . JNO.ll W£Lu :decl6..;..„/:. - ' ...... 18Wlacousliietrecu C O M'JB' £) I an entirely uew apd eplendld Stock of French, liigluih and American . Of Latest Styles, at .1 . B . V A IV T € O T T ' i Cor. East Water and Wisconsin Street*. Having lately disposed of most ol my former stoc exercised rnysoll in searching at the ' astern Markets for all the ; IVew Styles as»<i P Which hive been Imported and mmufnetured since the last panic. I hove>lso purchased a large ?tock ol Ladies' and Gentlemen's Watches, With movements acknowledged as the most superior by the Amtrlcaapnbllc. ^ . • •:• norgo John JUNK ATI BLOCK, Is prepared t furnish plans for ail kinds of buildings at the shortest notice. LEFF.RENCES. J. S. UjL&BtS,. JOB* Ei. ^ILaVklAN, LDHaocx BxoTBca. W. TBWAITS, B. KlkLD, C. E. DAKFOETU, UASFOBTB * PEIJ^KS, Loom E. MACS, C. JOSKS. feb20 E VEUTTUIN3 requtr.'ii for a fall Knd asBorled stock for -. first class Wholesale ami Retail Orac ptore Is fcept by Harrington, and of the very best quality.— "Prices as low ai- any other route." C. HARRINGTON, 1S1 Bust « »ter street, l>irectly opposite the Auctfon Room of the febS Erctmtric Hnd Celebrated CA^PB WALL. J, H, CO.RDES & CO,, W h o 1 s s a 1 o G- r o c e r i,n ^. VKSS BACK Tn "HK1K f<Ll> ST\M».( Jerms. Oul? •». very .little casi.w Le required Jo tUttch^se, some eictllcnt property. .'We will trn<2e,.» l>rjct, liouae *pa lot'ln fieTentlt Wanl, a corner, lot '.uu. .Wlsc<nitiu;jstreet,,acoriicr.lot In.Jfirsi ' Walker's ' ;j-!«. p«n aers ouU-i-arms in .different;! stages ol improvemenl,' and a raflctyx ol ^ y ..all of which, v ^^ for sale cheap or trill .. , o e c exchange foY other property. We am offer *<IIB* rare uiuucemems uow ^a real estate JNO 11. W£Lb jQTia .----••• , -18 Wisconan street. A GOOD f ABU for a honsc and lot, or a-good rscant XI. lot In tho city, i The Farm Is in Waut«sha : TJoanty in a good: neighborhood, 'and contains 140 acres, weJl wateretl and timbered, a good house and barn and s&me froJt tri-es.. A very superior tract of land, und will l> e sold loiy,<ir exolianged for city property as above.— Here Is a rur* epportunity. novl2 J2»O. U. WfLD, It* -Wisconsin utreet. GOODS. 1859 POP(JLAK TKADE. 1859 IN.' s a ud : MilJiBcr; hoods. U cot, call Immediulely and »et them Insured In thi following "First Cltua," old istibllsbed and iiiroapt paying Companies: ' ' "• "•• "'•- '''•'--- "ofWartfonl,ConnBcticat,' ~ r :~" T; - 1 N 0 O B. P O R A T S D -1 K 18 11» . :'" Cub Capital and Surplus,......,. ....»1,S«I,9S« 08 HAKTFORD INSURANCE C'((MPANV, Of Hartfoftl,Connecticut, 1 N 0 O R P 0 K jC T K'& ' t 'N 1 8'1 0 . CiEt.Oapiul anaSurplu»,i.i. tTDS r CS2.€D HOME INSirUAIS'CE. COMPANY, Of New York City, Cash Capital and Surplus^ ....$l,077,99fl 40 llOVVARn' INSIJRAMCE COMPANY, Of New York. INCORPORATED IN 1846. Oast. Capital and Surplus...... .'... .. $883,060 Sa PIUKMX INSUKANCE COiTIPANV, Of Hartford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Surplus, $419,034 66 LiAAJAit F1UE INSURANCE CO., Of New York, l' sn Capital and Bnrplus^ f2t,9,OCB 33 KESOM) IE 1NSURAACE COMPAJTV, Of New York City, Cash Capital and tturplns 1246,889 £8 CITY F1KK INSlTjRANCK COMPANY, Of ilanford, Connecticut, Cash Capital and Eurplns, $308,831 4S I solicit business for the above aamed Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, &nJ refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the (uture. Policies l«- sueti without delay. IV. I1EHRY UOLI.AND. Agent. Join, UOLLAHU, Ass't. Northwest cor. Main and I) P. MAHEIIJ,LL, Surveyor. Wisconsin its., Mllwanke sept£ i."Ii-~ir" BQOKJBINDKKH. Ffat «iwajri*onhjind In larje quantities. Amain In the neatest style. l . . Her. 91» SA8T WATKB BT., •pro MILWAUKEE. NEW BOOKS tt U T U tt E (Kit, ANOTHtH \VUlt 1,1), GEOKGK WOOD, J, M, GROSSMAN, AJR4 IllTISCT & I I OyjClB-SO. 10 TOKYO'S SFTW NO YES, PLER2HE2M & CO., ement:*, thtlr vriole .ll kiijda of thprt notice a n J on.the mwt llbers r«4 to •fafj.T.j, tfic '-^Ui,-o« of Milwaukee t-irBE Ctfr.VTijT MI Mi the veil known Dairy ot- >i. UAKBKtt, EM,., f a! *r!), r " :el "" i ln S"*ntitiea frota a iiiut to auab- nrl ?.i; 0 « ew " hi ?? t0 ^ «PPllBi, can leave their orders with Meurj. Uonn i Craty, op,,ojit c tbc Wai. k fe^- T.P.AHUOTT, Yankee Milkman. rcM PILGRIMS, &0. Tee Mluiitry of Life, by the Author of MinUterln* Children. N Mela Buy, by M. J. Mclntoih. iiora Deftdc and ilaggls IlUler. The Julia. Prince of the Hoaseof David — new edibon. UvmCJtou'n Af rl a— li mo. tdltloo, Jor ulc|-).jr [fcblilj B, TtKEr * CO. A NEW [VI ATCRK and Hie Spiritual, by Hi. Buslinell i^ The Land and the Book, by W. Bd. Thompson Ihe Power of Prayer, bj ». J. Prime, Memoir uf Stoddard. littler Sweet, by Holland. For sale by K. TERRY 1 CO., 167 Cast Water street. AMERICAN CORNET BAND! CA FT. AIL EX'. .SCOTT, t, E A O F.IL. '' R N i T U KVDB OFVK.SED IN THIS CITY AT GHBAT SACRIFICES, THK NF.XT --IXTV LAY- 218 and 220 East Water Street '. VI' f H l o s s I ', . i TKAM8POK' KA1UIOA.DS. ANY , ;rriJ4"* nulI> ' > "' "' Instruments, from cue to " *&£&£ Iweusy-lwc., for Halls,. Parties, Parades, ^W* Excursions, 4c_, Ac., st reason Mitt. Apply or adiiress Capl. ALD. Sooner at Music Store, 172, East Water ft augll 'iin A i aivoii)-, t :U H<» MUKitAY, i'RIoit Jfc <;c; , eanan'j Macimotlr Uouje yurmshln? Bl.itk, Ill'UOlV STKKI T, »4CTUR*R3 or, IHn DAKJ.KB.4 IS A N C '« III 8TKEN OF THE .\Jutuui Lile Insurance Ct'iupaii OF THE STATE OF WISCONSIN/ for JantmlUf. TO JtfEROHAKTS,AUl.LIN£Iia, JOBBKP.8, „_.. IN RIBBONS, MlLLlNkltT UOOD.-l, AKD UA811 iiC i KK6 IN ALL SECTIONS OT TUK COUNTRY 1'H EC ABU R1BUOX UOUSK Ii6 OUAMBER8 STREET, NKW YORK. JNO. PARWELL. ESTABLISHED 1858. '' V,. have orjjjiaated.a new principle—a uew er» In the Ribbon trade, whereby »« tuake tliis business rt-Ais, atMPl^, A«i. .-,* AS THAT OF BBOWB BIIEKTIBGS. VVkSKLLiORCASHI WE BUY Foil CASH ! We are satisfied with B rat car PROFIT. Ask no Second Price. Have nil our goods marked In PLAIN FIGURES, so that men, woman and child "boy alike," laid receive the si*-- t- value lor their moo,-v. our Price!, lor best 'InOeta li.l.buu*. all , : olurs, are No. 1 IS cts per piece, No. 4 Sonets per piece, " IV If. •• <• -6 7 4)( , .. ..3 ". 2 ISOJs " - "8 874 •• »' " 3 >0,x >< •• - 12 jiu;^ No. 16 fl.4T>$ per piece. WE OJFFKR FANCY RIUlijMi "ALL STtl-ES," "ALL COLORS," "ALL QUALITIES," AT PRICES «fc.PTINQ COMPETITION, AND KOH CASH ONLY. Wm. A. Lawrence, Morris C. Smith, Joniah F. Willard, .-<r,lomon Hut-Bon, Benj™.inlu F. Piilry , O!,nrlis Norton, James Nlel, Moses Prichard. J. B. Martin, H. L. Dousman. sales." "Light Profits, trt ° f fc " ri " lon '" »n<t "flood Valoe " ' iiOU KS fiOCOHEE ! KOCCUES1J Kew Stjlco ind I'utenu, »t a«nvn, K O l 8J PERCJWI. KiiUAl OttEuIT I'BJO Elaoiin., ouj samples, Hud («<• couvuicod DLOND LACE8, QUartNOS, AC , A-O Our line of these Goods ul n -» v « foil. \v c Uu "Job them at oner for 5 per era! adranc- pnci-« .: nil (jomlfin Plalti PijrnriM." Mai lied VJTTILLIAMi- * ROB1VAT «7ill five iitteiition to lh< Tf renting of ilnuse« Partlef havtt,; Ilous s to Ren".. or n-i^hine to procure tenement*, will pleise cal Rt 19 Wisconsin street Fot sal? lor THh Dwell-ng Hou«r. with lease of tround, pSsSlJ situated on the north east cnrner of Blddie and ;iii£|i Milwaukee streets, om ol the most desirable locations ID the city. Immediate possession E.-y. ftfiPTHVTKLl, Jr. piven. Enquir. of apr8-d4t JUST n ti ,\ .\ &. c K « «$ o v /NOTHEB ENVOIOr OF CHOICK PRCIT, * (M VINO OF 40 PER CKNT ON THERK OOOtlS FROM CttKDir PRICES. Our lnteuli.,1, i. to iiiski. the KiblMln Tr* le *i «t.\p| e ,B rcpmi to prlcei as dmnestfc imoiln To ur, tl-li we must .-ell ONE MILLION DOLLAUS \\ ORTC OP GOODS Pm AM*, rjM i ?h r. the Uni e are Unlou ilen. "No North," "oo South Jauios H. Rnovlton, John J. K Pease, John P. l> xon, , Jl -•!•'• *• Sleeper, l..:.»r.l L Dlmork, :'a, : Nij^'gle, tf. U. Oaliina, John C. Johnston, For Ansun Eldred U. 11. Camp, for Chai'lrd H. Knehn, Himeon Mills L. J. Fanrell. Far Racina. I-, i. li t><.olittlc, George C. S<.rthrup, U. J. Oilman. Far Bel-oil. MitUiew H. Carpenter, John HacS,-:i. Lucius Q. Fikhcr. For tirant Ctnmty.—J. Allen Rarbur For flattfUlt.—Johu H. Kountree. For tilmighlon.— Luke Ptoughton. For A'ew llt^ring* — James It £arne«. ft" WhUfu>aUr. Augustus H. .scorllle, s. C Halt For ShuUxtrurgh.—QeoTf, W. Lee. „ „. ^_ J. A. SLKEPF.a, President. H. W . OoiajLSs, iiecrctary. A. GKABAK, Vice President. H. «. \V1I.80N, Agent, "•Pt» *i Wlnconsin .treet. Milvaakee, Wi,. 1.1FK INBUi.ANCK. Ji'H 1, ..f th, Muiual Life Insurance Company JL ..I Uji ?taie of H Uconsln will me et at their offlot i U,e city of Jsnesville, on Monday, it,t ISth d«r of ' •UJST1CJK IXXJKJiTS. M ANUFACTURED eiprewly for tkat pur p o«e, ,.u iifnrtl qualliv piper E. TERRY t CO. , . TERRY t CO., ' _, .IN, A GALVANIZED IRON BOOUNG Hotter and Conductor Pii* Ais«. a.-e-iu celebrated Ventilators and Chimney C»u» Furnaces and HeguHers, Ventilator.. Ac. fXT~ Orders thsnkluUv received aud in ed to. tint A Signal l*tt>f nilrr. A NEW M)O.S by John B. Abbott The Km|llre ol Austria. Ufa ot Oougla. Jerold. The Mma try of Life MeU Orky. BowninED Fruit, and Fruit Trees. R eT i»ed Edltlo The House, > Mannjd of House Archltectu»«. For sale by E TERRY mi "'^ 187 East Water street. WISCONSIN STATE -AND— C3- ^a. 25 E5 868-69. UOl.LAHN. THIt. WORK CONTAINS THE NAUK AND AD!)UE>S OF EVJJKY PEKSON KNQACED IN HUSINE88 ( > N ,. nul ° wn , 1 "- c o°n' I" U-e State of Wisconsin, frnm \^S the Hhole,»le Merrhini »nd Jobb.r to the .mail dealer. Kepr«»ei tln B I,, tl, tl,e Mercantile. M.nufac- turmfT, Meclmnicn nu,l Praesslonal brancbe.!,! bu- - ne«« alphabetically arranKed a!.d < I AMSIFIDU IMQFH THCIie ISAAC K1NOSLKY & S-TEAM 'r«»K rir NO. s»i BAST WATER siatt-T, UABiAND 8TEAU PIPEM, ' L D1AL OAS, 3TKAJ1 AND WATKECOi,KS, (1LOI!K AND ClitCK »UA(JB COCK;), Atoivyi oo tiautJ, ^ tirKe »fl3ortmrM .,r '• A S » I X i I, |f i > Hum UDI.I: 10 n »orkr. irillk. raaniu -, »T .t ..,, ^nd ipweat prices. itlillard Wll_,HKt M KIKMKK «'<»r. Filtli & Pruir, • M., Kllbo»rul..«-ti HASTir u-rruaa OF ^^•A'l'i; v% !% Ift r 9 .IK ill. H I, LJ .L, I A 11 i.) '!'A H 1 , K s With Dime, Triantrnlar ami Cuntaonii Ones, Balls, *c., ulirny t un l>n-;,| r hand Tahlej repaired at low r.u.-*. upositn Weutem ll,»t«l. my 18 Inf..rmauou relative to BaDks, (showing their CApltal J»u- t.t or k -ani»atlon, circuUtlon, kind and valne of securities di-posil«l,) R 4 il, u »j, and Incorporated companies. v Airricultural »r,.l Manufacturing St.Ml.tlc, of the I ^ialr; a t^ti-tch ,,l th- Mat, by C.-uoneA, a UIHOHCAI -, -- — ,, .... , .,„,„, ="' «' c ' th'f-latr, and a full and comprehensive At.- November next, at 3 o'clock r K ' penJli. ArtTertiteraeo i ,r the leading business houi Section U,.f the charter provides ». follow,- The i f oll!1 l"«''"'"'» J'-pUte i/or, tinted pi ges, inurlrav ...M^t,,,,,. and bnstnes, of this corp nr »,l,,a .,.„! ,' ^^.^ ^"''^''^ . " M '" r ' ;L «' t ». '" every se-aio. 0 I t tE: and a.etlt, servant, o! ah .1,0 favor : as » ith their tratlc and patronage JNO KAliWKl.L. K. w Janl8-d4m OA.SH JUKBnN BO BK, 116 Chambers street, Ner Vurk, tht iludbu:, R, v . r KB.!, <.ad Depot. carried on In the city of JaiiMville, ai , u ^|, ,,ia trusK-es shall direct, .6 l»r a. the .»me can be il-me. »« i» principal office l>:ited JaDe^vilie, rtpf.t 16, 155S b > order, JOHN C J.,UN8T(l\' J" ! ««5; General A^ M 1 ] . W A I K 1 i K" Ich I ITU «:.«!» Paid rsi. $.O4MH>o'. U.i- U T !' C , B °" 1 " " f r «» oe«'« »tte, hards.,o,rly printed, "'<• I'contalnicg fcboot .11 l,undre,l puiro the 1-usiDr^H rotn .'unity firculAMon. &a b tv.ult . The a,lv.nta w , u,t .|,rlTe Irom IU feDfr.l rrlereor,, thr,,ughoul u,t utero CiiKt, aHurdlni M It ffio»ili, history, rtr-ourctj y "'• (t ! loots r»'. LADIES', OKSTLs-WKV.^.fN BOOfN, XtiOl S »>»; M A d 0 N. S T H K f . T O |i |, .. s i l ,. i In- W rt t ray; I W01.U JL- ClllL . r r I! 1 J :ic III •I.VM'F V( T«»ll t H . W K I N ,, i; K N H^VUFAO It . , « . .^,, l.» . , ^ 1:00 3 •., xiio is i > u i, NU. i+ >i lUNt, aT l> 1> p u * i l •• .A 1,1 ,. r i « u ii >. K i; my 1 I G-. Western (Canada) Railway '11K.> INS ,...,. •-. ,r M tlVlllra. .»,..., . , )i A. f \-< I •n > li N OKFICK: In .HI Iclirll Uulldln^. Mawitriii, WIBU. noes, a trur 'iliil, '. , '. th t a Btalistirl. ut'iiltli, u< l&ct \ ness, 1« of Inestimable v»iue.''»ud"c"an"iiL'r'be"to' ally Hpprrriau (1 La» an.l , A<ltlreta '•I I I fr. It s . I r l'I 1 J-.I.A .N, '• yf.'-l Cllr'-.m I'. » I 41 '» . All ki«d. ..f Ladle,' inidc t, i.r,'._f ID ll . i ./aC i : .N • i \ *. , ,•!••»-<< i.o i; i < • K A i . i rot ,«. LA VTri rLAKMNTON g» 100 barrels Apples, ^jtrkfted Prun); 2(1 \_x boxes of Oranpefi: It) boxes l.eruons; l.OOC Ibs Raspbernes, 1 CM.V Fresb Pi^g and t hurrel.s n' i.r, .! Peaches, all ot which ve art- selling: fci prto^ B-sioniKh- ' Inj-ly low fel.16 | 6P«ctor v €. Zander, H ATING locatrd himself in Milwaukee, otters hit services to tue public Or. L. has served in tin- ' British Army for£ft&en years, iti India, Hurtuah and In I the Crimea. i Surgical case* promptly attended. I Office corner Huron and Van Buren st. XJIW ,,OOKS OF CnrTNTRT LIFE, by Al,^, Car f JL ine r-ifThodlsl, or Incidctitt and Character."froo. Life m the Baltimore OotfreDce, V, ( M Fletcher Por sale by >; ftum'* CO- mllr N<* 167 East U*at*T streeL. nnd ll 1. iil.i..f. F. T.-.WR^EJi I.I', li u • • ua J. P HARSH. ' HAb. GElHBCttG li. L. J-.LKIi K K < T u 1! ." HTK1CKLASD A LX.. Bookucllcrs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin SIXTH V«/Ll MK •»0. ill »'. A. PktKTI.X-s H KHI.EBHAOHT, J..s«rn F Hin JAS. Ml'EKii, (is,. DTI. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! W E are prepared in our Blndjry to Bind MapllilIle^. Periodicals or anything else in the form of li Book., tn neat and durable flyles, r.i low men. I*n2li STRICKLAND * 00 SfHNCECKFL i BKUJVOTiO, COMMISSION MKHCHANTts, Real Estate and Money Broken, NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. -No.4 Market Eqnare, opposite the Old Post mar£7 «REAT The best aasortinert of the finest n»im<». Wlrcr^H'are, Jcwclr) FANCY (iOODS Kver bronphs u, Milwaukee. Jo.t th« tliln ( -for Holl Inr presei ts. Just received verv cheap f..r i-inh _ MAT.-ON A O»no» Office. ATTORNEY AT LAW. HAS removed to .Office, Mr,. 8. State Bank Building, corner ol Ha..-;; '^a-i-r and Michigan «tr»-i<t, M.iwaukce. iiiarSO-<J3ni KB, 1H D lAN*, Cnnrord, Onion, Village, Rebecca and Delaware Grape Roots. Lawtoo BliCkberry's, and Batton E.a*-pberry's. McAvoy*o Superior, Peabodj'f. Huutboj, VTilsonV ^Ibiny Bcodlini^ and Early Scarlet Strsirberrys, at wh- le^ale or r, tail, on corner of East Water and .1 is streets. Orders m.lic ted and promptly filledllj CBAB K. MIUTHMAID. Ag'l Elm Cltv Nursery I>R. H. U. VCTCIil.\.tt< 1 SrilfiLOX, FORMERLY OF CLEVELAND, O. respectful! v icli-nuj the the nil izcns of MJIiriuLrf that, havm}; .ucated in thl< plrtce, he Intend! practlclnr hi! leasipu. All illieasei to the Horse treated in a roost scientific &t> ie, and general *at- fsction w»rronted. In con. nectic.n -with hu pra. tlce he will Prick and Dock Talli in ii, the most appf oved «.yle; and, l||\ t<! fain the confidence of the ^- public, he refers to tbe follow*.*" Inu gentlemen, who have employed Mr. Redhead many i times professionally In the course of ten years. We feel Justified In sayinK ihat his practice Is si rior to the general rnn of Veterinary fmct oneert UILWAOEKS. John C. Brodhead, Wm. Murray, Pryer & Co., J 11. Coanss, I'-,1,.,TOCI, rii<l S. KM), Prc-sulent. • WALK*TH,.^ i HVI ' ifci.^r' iker, MCu^i-i i»l A K I IN f. A : . . : . . ,-. I !V s | HA T HK undersigned IB prepared to lAke Marine tvjn*j and Pire Risks r.u . rorlnce in jtor,., in U,r tiarll. Wratern Insurance Co., u/ Otwejro. New York, at *» '.'« r»te« as by other reliable Companies The reputation of tlil> well-kn,.wn. lonf established Company rntfllr, 'to public ronfidenct*. IKilUTK) HILL, Anent. " rrq nl • a.-e <.f i: * J t Hill. BY STATt^UTHORiTY, WISCONSIN (*KNKKAI. INSURANCE AGENGT < HAItmt OAK r'lUK I>.«i. <'if.. i Hart/L,rd, Conn CASH A3*KT.J f341,.U€ *, !VOBT8I ATOEKICA* FIR E l^S. I «., llanford, Conn. CASH ASRETS »8W,8M 0« WESTEniV TIASS. FlilK IXS. C-0.. Of Pittsfielil, Mass OA!H ASSCTT8 »20J,699 11 • r '»" "' J lKlt'KLA.SI)« CO ' 'i* K»»; W», r , .tr^, J'IKK'S I'KAK. ».W UAP, showinir thr Itonte to thr(,..|.|R r SIKH, in Raiii,u,ju»t rr-,ived |,y KTKIOKI.ANn i t'O ".. __ . . . >** K».l W.i,, ,, rp ,, / C CHOICE S ilallihut «t HUNN I 30 I A S l an. WA t'Ktr I'Al.l. t>l- 18fiH. »< » i J. u •> -fit » II ; Ncrelolorr. ir:lh th, T a m uiy n^w cu: rp,. t p supe- CO.VWAV FIRE INsrBANCK CO., 47 W ILL find at my cfiice a Register, open to their ID Bpection of Bonds and Mortgages and other e«>- cnritiei' offered for sale. Persons wishing to obtain L-nans or having Bornu. Mortgnfpjorothersecnritlesforsale.niavnrd It to their interest to file f. ttli me then- applications or statement*. C. SOIILiT, ylS Opposite Walter BOUSP. B 0 O K S . O UR stock is the largest In tbe West. We sell every Book mt the Publisher's price. We can furnish tn order any book which exists, either tnthe English or other in&euages. Wt receive new books ac lusuf-d from tbp Press. janZU . STUIOEALSn A CO. Judge Wilson, " Bishop, " Kelly, " And.e^vs, " VUden, James Kelly, a-ESOSBA. N. A. Brown, James 1 OLEVELAVH. Doc!, n. A. Aciley, •• Jl. L. Wright, " M. L. Bewit, l " Resner. Jno. Elrkland, CBtCAOO.| ^m. Dowcac. otraon. C. Bradford. School Win! ha-** tlnnk TI ileiniitid, and s, ien> <i. t ui retail 8TEICKLASU A OO. 12 . & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, Corner Spring and Third itreete, «£ILvVA0K-EE .......................... WISCONSIN. mHE subscribers exeonte all kinds of Marble Work JL for BalWlnga, Tiling for Floors and every description of OBSAirtEJVJTAI- flAKBLF, WOHK.t We have in our vareroomi MARBL.B M-ANTL.KS Of every description constantly on Jiand, at prices ,ranpnc from $16 and npwarda. MONUMENTS AKb STATnAKT of all klinU executed W. J. Gains,, Oeer * Harrirnrt.-)!, White 4 Neirel, O.H.Seymour ••MBSRa OT TBB UO&BE BaEKDtVs 80CTET /. J. K. Curtis, Wm. Patts, Bilas Merchant, \Vm. K. Adams.' ~ Office, KIrby'g L'.very Puble, Mais street • at the shortest notice. febt-dly A. H. LORD t CO, IRON FOUNDRIES. ~£A6LE STEAM —A1O>— MACJH1NE .WoliKfc T»JU-A % €>M & NKKoOilCB, Proprietors. No.. 2»G, 298, 3OO, 3€'« nnd 3(H WKST WATliK STKKKT Two blocks below tlic Ls Crosst R. R. » REMOVAL. INCREASE OF L ADIES— your attention It -now called to the best Etoek of £ONKET8,~ RIBBOtfS AND PLOWERB, Ever brought to ttilwukee, to be ;f«und at B L AN C H A It £> ' S . Yotm .'s uirucu, rwAsrv ST. mpiSl . I.IACBIJ1J5S, SEWING MAOHtK.JSai. That took the & DIPLOMA, HE D0 fat Faroily me, jit the. WiBconu'.n St4te Fair, October 8, nr eftjr sale »t the , ,_ ( ^ -"»' J*c Vflag Machine Einpori utti YOUNG'S I3LQOK. -oc,tw ISAAC A. HAN«;F & co, COOK WANTED. BOOT)'one immediately, at 261 Main street. HTJiAii KNQINE8, faiilrJTi BAW MILLS, LINESHAPTlNtl, ' MILLQEAttlKG, HORSE POWfiRff I'lLB DKIVINO MACalNKK, BRIDOK, "RAILROAD and HTEAMUO AT OABTINOB, IRON OOLDlffiB, *or Buildings, and erery Tftrtety of Job Wort, In the best manner, and on the most liberal terms. The attention of Mill-owners and owners of Water. Power, Is particnUrly^ealled to the 'TUTTLlji WATKK WiiKEL A« being ty/fet thermos; powerful, aorable and eco- •noroicaim&l ever iBTeoted—not liable to Ret out o I order^not affectedTiy Ice of backwater, and using Icsi w»tsrlt> proportion to the power produced than anv ether Wheel In the market. A descriptive elronlar for warded upon application, free of charge. Of Conway, Mass. CASH ASSETS HATIPDE* FIBE INSrilA^CE TO., Springfield, Mass. CASH ASSETS »S2o,000 CliiAUD FIHC I^K. «:OjnPA.'NV, Of Phlladelpliia. CASH AUfiETg -t284,T89 78 J. W. (,'raiu, A^t-nC, °" ICT -. N0 - *. MARTIN BLOCK, UP iTAIRg, LEDYARD'S AD VERTISM 'TS AOtNOY KOK THh: -OF- Sauds' Pale Cream Ale, CHICAGO, ................. ILLINOIS. I HAVE ronstantly on hand, a fun Bupplj nf thh celebrated Ale- Orders from the Country afid Private Houses must be accomplished with cub Tor ALE AND CAHKS, On the return of Casks, the price paid for them will t>« refunded or allowed for in aocooat JOHN Vf. LEDYARD, Grocer and Wins Dealer, mar84 161 East Water street. Milwaukee. CHAMPAGNE WliVE. "WOET A CUAI^DON." 1 /~k CASJfflof this Celebrated W ne. In qnaru and X V pints, just received by JOHN W. LEDYARD, Ji.irtur^ ol t .,,,,i» mat cai, no: ml II.T«- rrady t i ult,. idvatitage o! KjxUn, an-1 huve bft-n ,-ri»f|e.i u, r^luce U>r ur re kinil. of vunila, wl.icti wr ->,ail c iiwest pnct-s in VTrsu-rB rkeu. We an- ci>njt«otly rrcnvmz addition t, ,n.l will Seep It So complete HI t , [,< abl 1- nil ..i.icri l.,r M,y nmj u f .^ a J,|| CT . iiieri' or Trunk Mnir-r,' Stork, anil wt VVyalso keep an jMorlraent oMienl Ti*a*l Kellses, ^p..kes, Uut», *c., ic au i hav^ conjiAfitl h >nd, or will make to order, auy klnJ r-f' c,i*ch Car" riage, W agon or Team llaror.i ' Oill and see for younielvr,. „. v» t to «el. at »,- "ur atock, e at all time* '. Ctrriage Trim- 3T. 1 «n, j 1 r a ll U JOM-:PH n.\ N \>»i«I.i . 11 VIJ M ^> MA.M.'i.'At I 1 ,.l K i (_ \ u ; No. »SH r.Mt V> ai.r .1. I ,1 ,. r-' tl » l. Uc-lobratcdUnijL ;, rnurei; oy T C »H. .1 -. ,n<^ ,: ' les mr ui ,el! » t |.,» , ltr , ' »Q|trr rnta t. -. : l .'. lr .,r . n 1 W K I. I. K s A II A i. l i -1 i/ i,.jr,; n , r , »JD A.?,. t ....1^^ ., " >p . I i • I I ; )4 I, I 13 \VIS« )1 cj ?u. t -|.- I * -<;>ini!»%ioii ri\iTti> HTA-res ,TI AU8ii \i/-, s 11 F- The Farmer, Loan A Tru,tC,,m 1 '*"" s "•»!-*. - O . <\ O'( 'OK .11 I fi -i t t> V Tl | j A i * Hit I- J . -I r- ~~~Mr|-M!;»7 : t ' I I. < I II I > I • t 5 -i ,!.', The Nilwankre A Superior B. .il road Company, City of Mllvauleo, John Bteonrt, Johann C. A. Aller-ffn^, Christ an iiahm a&d Oottfsled W^otsch. I In the L' S. D;»- }triot Conrt for tli« I District of Wisconsin. n i qulir. FOREIGN AND DU«E.~TK- >RI - IT.S Also, agents for the sale of Klr«- \»,, rUv, NO . I 9 W I S C O > S I ,\ S 1 K K h. 1 f3T lH>mestic fruits of every description r«.eivr,l c > •* »pply n, . J.I*'Q U D' S.J- mce of all coraDetitloo. l«"!8 . , Srocer and Wine Merchant, l«l East Water street. r Hot. H. IS I' A A N , STALLS 9 A 11, .-KVKSTU WAUB MACKKT lluLj-K Vtlit-TAitLICS or MI » m ,J,, , r ,,h -,er r li»,re,l lr«or chirre tn .u, p^n .,, lh , Hteambonti, or oilier pl«c., H . b-paan will ,ell cheap tar r.a,h. , n .i h«nJ «lw»ys Ol- best anj i-arliMt r,v,t,l.i , f. ., u« louDJ ,n thu city. ln . ts SUMMER ARRAJSJGEMfiWT. . - -.,,., ._„„ « H uu Which t*iJ Rill- road Company nas located u. way, and for which DO id Railroad Com- LAYKK HAI81N8, AI>_ K*lirtta frtA <vt.<kt» k,__^_ - t * I Nquwter, hftlru &nd whole bo«». A larvelouiut received «t T/*tT»r wj i n ..w..C. •* }anS« Trtiuav UWACBa A 1*11(610 JOHN W. LEOTARD, Wine and Tea Store, 161 East Water street, Milwaukee TURKISH LATAKIA TOBACCO POR MKKKSOHAUM PIPK8, M ANDFAOTURED expressly for Ihe London Clubsl a superior article for Emolcing, just received and '"'. "$%*¥, JNO. W. I.KDY ARD, febl« Grocer arfd Wine Dealer, 161 East Water st. BOOKS ! ° f *^ e Con 9 nesl ° r Mexico, by B. A, ower, by inuh - \J EWARK CIDER, Ohampajne Cider, In quart hot- XI ties, better than half of the Imported Champagne price S4s per dozen. ' feb!9 ._„ _ ntt „ -,. °— o — — ... o« oa om- t any, and all rolllnB stoci, engines, lendets, cars tool, materials, machinery, u ,, aKrM , i ai ,11 other^eT: °' """* to " ld flr " dlrlslorif i i .' t ',' —•••PI fcvi omtu wi»* UIT1B1OD Ol ;aid road, and all rl,hu, thereto, and Interests to be ac- •l.i, J,?" "•:'endan^ th« Milwaukee and Superior Kailroad Company, together with the name a^d functions appertaining to the said first division of jald road •Jl tolls, renks and incom. to be had or l«Vled there- from, and all corporate aod other franchise., rlchl and privileges of toe said Uallroad Company In or to or concerning the same." Marshnl's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., April «,1te8 M- J. THOMAS, On Ud States Marshal, Ohitrlct of WUconsln KJIMOSS, VA« DT«S • " -- - - - > OB "n- april-dtt I' A I'.llllUT*. r K II s, (i U .1 I AXD stay attenuoo puld i.. Rahiaminr _______ __ f 1 u >• p e r R r o I h t- r iff*. , CAKIUAGK ANII URN >. \n \ , ; <fc I'ni'i-r-llii,.^, i » IMITATORS Of WOOD .vND : NO. 39 O fi K I U A S T II A FSW DOORS S AST OF TBS tfABKEl B,-l \h jyS Winoua, Read's Land-.n PRE3COTT, ?T, li'tnt;<- of Tinu , Humi;, »T -fj{ VI >, I. } A V f s . W , UAMILTOS, Oompl'ti Solicitors jyo.yr. , Grocer and Wine Dealer. EWBURO, N. Y., XX Ale, In pints, a fresh lot just . febl » LEDYARD'S Wine and Tea Store. T TALIAN MAOOAROIfl, a very superior article just ranatvari m t " - « n « . ~_._ ***"• iBRW* CLEAVER, W But Water «r7et. r\PPD8ITK THE JAIL. V •f? e *' Thon rtta( by Dexter. mu9 H10ier«3hrtetlanLIfe,t,yBoardman. ir<nd good Book, st \ B. TEERY 4 CO GOOD , CHAN OK. HOUSE AND JLOT FOK SAtE Hgi.reMlrofl this day at HUNS * OROBBI'8. |i»EI8H COCOA KUTS just received u Jk»plS8 HUNS A OROBY'a. HAMS. fcbolce Venison Hams at tl HE underslened will sell hit Bouse and Lot, now 'M occupied as a Tar<n bj-hlm, situated onTHaln st Racine,Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landnc and the R. 4 M. R. U. Depot. The'house Is located on the best business 4)Iac«, and the House as well as the situation of tbe Lot, would answer for any branch If bus), nest, especially for Wholesale Store, -which branch (s already now projected at tliat very locality. Those who ilk« to make * good bargain, are requested to apply »tthe imderslgDea. JOHN BABTEt received at feb!9 LEOTARD'S Wine and Tea.Store. K , I*'" 9 BMOKED BAiMON, just recelTed at LEOTARD'S Wine and Tea Store. t B.BtrMJEk. Shivery At Boarding Foot of Sfaton etseet, (on the River;) by them;-Corner of Hacioe, January S6,1S». |an27-ddin NEW P. n:,Mr.oi,Assrs EOEIT8D by first boitfrflni Boflalo, at roy!9 The Farmers Loan t Trus t Company, vs. Tbe Milwaukee A Superior Rail- District Court o JPf 4 orapany, tie United States fo City o) M Iwaukee, the District ,f wis John Stewart, • . consln. Johann 0. A. Allerdlng, In Eqnlty Christian Hahm anJ Gottfried Wootsch. I T having been referred to a Masurof this Court, by a decretal order df reference made In th's came 01 th« nlneteeoth day of March, A. IU,-18$9, to take an account of the outstanding bonds of the MUwaaiee and Superior Railroad Company defendant, secured by a certain trust deed on mortgage executed by the saw utUroad Company defendant, lo the Farmers Loan and Trust Company, in trust, bearing date first day of January, A, B., 1J36T, and which are a lief upon the mort- *«edpremises described to the said mortgage; an< j of the number and holders of sa^l bonds; of tbe amount due thereon for interest aniMorlDclpal; of the number and amoanf »f • «id 6ond«, which are pleiljed or held as fcjIhUeTSI security fir debls or obllg»ifqni of th« said Bauroad Company, and tbe amount of principal and Interest due npon tbf; debts or obligation! for which tnch bonds are so jjledjed or held a3 security • and alsoi to examine any jof the holders c( iaeh bonds anv ofjthe'piirllesto.HilaWiK, and any-wltnew (hat marbi produced by • D J P«ty Inlerested ln»«tl Compan, de- feidant,: »» * ttoukholder or creditor liereof dr ln : Jh»«»ldmortagebritiustdeed: ' «?"»'i or.ta f ndIt beln^ farther provided In and by-»he sald'or der, that all peisons Jioldtog.or claiming to'-hold ary of the saldmortgsgeBands', either as pnrchsiers' th«Mf In good faith, dras ebllateial security JitTe leaved appear-before^ahi itoter, and tx heara ujlon the maP ttr of such account and examination; i And the matters taftracpl ID th e; i»Jd or<w of reference having been given in charra by the Complainant's Solicitors to the andwiigned, one ot the Master) of tils Court: ..i I :-. •- •-.-'..j -. i. . , . : ; s Netlcets therefore faereby-glTen, to HI persons ebn- cernedthat I, tfae lundcrslgned, shall proceed tfrtake snph examination and account, -snd to proceed in th« T x -;»'^osr^o^isi^eEr,-^..;:;-. ,f»^j$*»fti^awj^^^j,'»' : BDHITA kee,ln;tl» SUte of iWUcomUo.on theslithdaj of Jnnei A.n.,186»,at ai^drcjodc U the fortnton, and nbott' othersabteqn<a»t'd»y« to which Bach •—^---^^ -*W- .frcm..-- N-K1.BON WKJJJSTh Ji. (Late Wttitttr A A-crrtU* I . 10B WEST WATKK MTHEfT fTHOLB^ALI DKALeaiH .UiO. dlstlUej gf-Pure gpiriu »o.l iteal I HUtti; A JONES A- WH. . _ ui ^ ^De^jjAnd and Insurance Agents A C.'., n streets. Ale) rose'j OFFICE corner 11.00 A. U., - O T It A I > 5:tl6 P vmif tt Jin»vll ,. i 30 I' M , M».iu.i f. M. ; l>ralrle dn Chl^n 'f.-flil f ) icctin? ir.ih in- Pr»ine .lu Chie in f'OI Plck.-U, vh ch ^Jv- Criirv I n ,j-t th^ ir-lvil ol tns •* - 0 P .M TVvt vv r s -»n . Arriving .« J 10-00 f M ' AJ a/iy other Route \» \ r .« IK I-'E! 1 M.\Jr-.K i 'H - ,,!,,„,,. , |K , L »",! >., . ru ,v -a . ^..^ WILI.I iM li-J -'I Ju JKiiVIS. LA CRCSSE AND MILWAUKEE KAll, AKKANOKM HINT. jya aoaaar 'f'vaa —,. ..A .< of fees TEA* Ai\l» COFB-'EE.S, —AT— ICoberl Guruvy's TI WESTEUN TEA STORE 174t EAST WATER STREET, Retail prlleBs from 10 to 25 per tt'lower than inv itherstorein the city. Ooffee Soasted and Ground oj %. ?£"*? fe SK j^s.'-'^.r? 1 »« U '^ '»• u«. • = . e aolB«. St.Uoia3nKoW>t Remember the number 174 g»«t Vftter fe, SeaBHta. ^wing's Q| d Btore. ^T2i Jb PLANKK, MAKEIIS5. ^Sr STREET NEAR MARTIN SSWav- ept constantly on han< for salo. WALI, PAPEIt. KESP A.SO:ab STOCK OF BORDERS ETC., ' - ttO ^^r^ tij trtai U wholjsaJe, or Vihi pabf B»tt«tiU;i«T«ry low rales. .. •" ITBIOKUMD * 00, «.'MT*.n STATES MAIL d. i? VI'Kr-,> .t.V£> O.ViF ALL KAIL KOCTE. To 1,A t'KOSSM HI. 111.- I I-I'S-;JI .1|I>>IVMI>|<| UIVKK. On *ml after .ilontlay. April '^5th Two Through Express Trains Daily, l.liAVK MILWAUKKK ITKOM DEPOT FOOT OP CHESTNUT STKKKT, AS rouows: *2:45 A. .fl. aod t9:45 F. .11. Tralha arrive at Milwaukee at 9:3O A. M. AINU 3:3o l'. M Close connections ar» mada at LaUrosse. tlie Mm. . . , ..avr uiul -fi^"u4u.i. Dttr?aStai«>h Hail Liue i'I Su-uiucrs lo i- from St. Piim nod inteimediate point*. Hr Passengers, by taklnu this route, writ ,.ve ItiO uides In distance anil IS hours time, from Chicago or Milwaukee to La Crosse or St. Paul, <,„,, » n y other route. ' •Mondays exceptcd. t Sunday j ex, Milwaukee, April 24,1859. EbWlM IJ 'P' 34 Manager. Lumber Vessel* for Sale. Sch.oner Fashion, K4 inns Schooner O. Mewhall, 190 tuns. i?oow Schooner Rugby, 163 tuns. The above vessels will besojd at T «ry low prices for sitlsfaeiory security. Good title. . TAYLOB * JEWETPr TlV,(5 "«-««» l=«ck.t a: I .i J*. P-i«s,Mi(;.T the N.,nh W. w f t m.i . _'.;.'> i M J.v-i r Moon,-. >i ,",,.,. r T , IMMMt TO V. lt . ""««« constantly an Ii»id. HTJNH * OUR i ION t-:uY T O t) H tin H u A C f » 3TIUOKLAND t CO. 4 LCOHOL W p« at. at Mauuftwture'i "^ ^^ price.

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