Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on October 10, 1935 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1935
Page 4
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA THURSDAY The Lenox Ike-Table "~~~ LENOX, IOWA VERLIN L. SWEELEY MARY E. SWEELEY Publishers Entered as second class matter. March 2, 1904, at the post- office in Lenox, Iowa, under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Subscription price in Iowa. $1.50 per year in advance; outride of.state, $2.00 per year in advance. Six month price one- half of foregoing. Single copies 6 cents. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1935 ONE SIDED VIEWPOINT An editorial in the Ocean Grove, N. J., Times, attacking Franklin D. Roosevelt's record as governor of New York, drew an' answer last week from the Iridianola Tribune that is quite refreshing. The Times had charged that at the time Alfred Smith relinquished the governorship of New York to Roosevelt, there was a surplus of $80,452,494, but that this surplus had been displaced by a deficit of $44,292,548 when Roosevelt finished his last term as governor. In answer to the charge the Tribune says that Smith's three terms as governor came during the greatest boom in the history of the country when it was easy to pile up a surplus, but that Roosevelt's two terms came during the greatest depression in the history of^ the country when revenues naturally fell off, and declares that there was bound to be a deficit. We have no quarrel with the Tribune for this line of reasoning for it is perfectly true. The thing we are not able to understand is this: Democratic writers excuse a Democratic office holder for accumulating a deficiency during the years ending 1932, but they exclaim loudly about deficiencies piled up by the national government, under a Republican head, during the same years. Evidently what the Republicans need is a good magician to come out for the presidency. Mussolini probably would be glad to pull in his neck if he could do so and keep up his reputation at home. He has the Italians believing he is all- powerful and that the Ethiopian campaign will be nothing more than a Sunday excursion. With credits shut off by other countries and am embargo placed against shipping to Italian ports, he may find that war is a good deal as a famous American general is supposed to have described it. President Roosevelt announces there will be no new taxes next year. These Democrats aren't as inventive as we supposed them to be when they run out of ideas this early in the game. At any rate, the president's promise relieves us of one worry. We thought for a while we might be wearing a meter on our windpipe next year. A Peddler—Mrs. Maud Woods .ner. Mrs. E. A. Douglas and Peggy Ann Royce, a happy little Mrs. K. R, Huff were appoirit- girl—Miss Linnie Heath Jed as delegates to the Presby- Mrs. Goff, a fine housekeeper— terian convention. Refresh- Mrs.. Paul Davis - ments were served by the hos- Rosa Bianchi, the daughter of tess. a vegetable peddler — Miss Emily Nelson The public is invited to attend. Refreshments will be served and a free will offering will be taken. Lenox Fortnightly Club Meeting j Mrs. Jay Hughes was hostess to the meeting of the Fortnightly Club, Wednesday-afjer- noon, October 9. Thirteen members responded to roll call with "Bits of Humor". The guests were Mrs. W. A. Patton of Missionary Society Meeting The Annette Newcomer Missionary Society was entertained j Fresno, Calif. and Mrs. Frank at the home of Miss Ida Grim : Maharry. The program consist- Tuesday afternoon. Twelve ' ...-._. members were present. Miss Ida Grim conducted DO ETYl Miscellaneous Shower A miscellaneous shower was .given Saturday afternoon by Miss Hilda Barker and Miss Mayme Dotson, at the Barker home, in honor of Mrs. Lester West. The afternoon was spent in pla;/hg games. Those present were: Wilma Ambrose, Leatha Riley, Velda Wray,. Ruth Dotson, Genevieve Rogers, Dorothy and Mable McLean,, Hildred Klinzman, Lpla Riley Helen, Hazel and Dulcie Schaffer, Dorothy Morris, Marie Casey, Bertha Stapleton. Flora Eckles, Florence Walter, Florence Wary, Mrs. Dotson, Mrs. C. L. West Edith Barrans, Vergie Daniels, Grace Riley, Elsie Riley, Esther Burkhalter, Esther Morley, Mrs. Grover Bolte and Mrs. Budd Barker. The. .hostesses served a delicious lunch. G V C Club Met Tuesday Evening Mrs. O. E. Bricker was hostess to the members of the G. V.C. club at her home Tuesday evening, when 22 members responded to the roll call, "Garden Hints". Mrs. Les Olson of St. Paul, Minn., formerly Miss Hazel Feeney, was a guest. The program consisted of a paper. '"T!» Dells of Wisconsin", by Mrs. Harold Gustin; a paper by Mrs. Frank Maharry, "The Evolution of the Morman Temple and Their Ordinances". Bridge was played at five tables and Mrs. Leo Carruthers received the high club score. Refreshments were served. Golf Community Party at Hotel The first of the Golf Club- Community parties was held at Hotel Lenox Monday evening. Bridge was the diversion of the evening. Mrs. A. H. Stephenson received high 'score prizp for the ladies and Dr. D. L. Bare for the men. Mr. and Mrs. John Haigler'each received the consolation prize. Mrs Drain Hostess To M F O Club Mrs. John Drain was hostess to the M.F.O. club Tuesday afternoon. Thirteen members responded to roll call. Guests of the hostess were Mrs. Chas Boltinghouse and Miss May Kilby. After the business session the following program was given- Paper, "A Day in Radio City"' by Ruth Boltinghouse; paper' "How the Quints Are 'Getting Rich", by Mayme Wurster; paper, "The Senora Bakes a Cake" by Grace Walter. The social hour was spent in playing 42 Refreshments were served. P. T. A. Meeting at Mercer No. 7 The first meeting of the p.T. A. was held at Mercer No. 7 Thursday, Oct 2. Sam Austin presided over the business meeting' and .the , following offi^ . cers yere elected } president, Sam Austin; vice president, Harry Fife; secretary-treasurer, Juanlta Wygant. Mrs. Andy Walter and Mrs. ~was a weiner roast. -i evening Entertained for Her Guests Mrs. Mae Moore entertained at dinner Sunday, Oct. 6, in honor of her guests, Mrs. J.' Hinton Brown, Mrs. Eddie Vance, Mrs. Harry Kinnaman and Billy Stewart, all of Los Angeles, Calif. Other relatives present were Carl Moore and family of Brooks, Harold Moore and family of Nodaway, Wayne Moore, Dr. McGrath, Clark E. Moore •and family, and Budd Moore and family. The guests left Monday for time before returning to Calif- Salina, Okla., fy visit for a short ornia. ; Celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary Mr. 'and Mrs. J. W. Reynolds celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary Sunday, Oct. 6. The day was also Mr.. Reynold's 79th birthday. Several friend§ called during the^ay to congratulate Mr. ana Mrs. Reynolds. Entertained ••• Tingley Folks The ladies of the ..Social Circle of the U. P. church of Tingley, and their husbands, spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Glasgow. ..Twenty-two were present to enjoy" trie picnic dinner which is an annual affair. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoover and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hoover were also guests. Entertained For House Guest Mrs. Phil Ridgeway entertained Friday evening as a courtesy to her house guest, Mrs. J. A. Guiher of Winterset. Her guest list included the members of the M.F. Club. The evening was spent playing rook. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. Missionary Society Met With Mrs. Tyler The Woman's Missionary society of the United Presbyterian church met at the home of Mrs. Tyler, Oct. 3. Mrs. Runyon was leader of the devotional services and Mrs. Dave Wilson had charge of the program. Refreshment were served by the hostess. Auxiliary Sent Cookies to Veterans The American Legion Auxiliary packed and mailed seven dozen home made cookies to the veterans hospital at Knoxville, last Wednesday. The meeting of the Auxiliary this week will be held at the Legion Hall and a sack lunch will be served. Presbyterian Missionary Society WU1 Entertain at Tea The Presbyterian Missionary society will entertain at a tea at the church, Thursday afternoon, Oct. 17, at 2:30. A program is being arranged as- follows: Devotional leader ' Bartons Special Music — Mrs W & Lewis Play, "Who la My Neighbor?" cast: the devotionals and Miss Etta Shafer was in cjiarge of the program. The subject for study was In Rural Areas. Miss Shafer gave a talk on the subject. Mrs. John Hearing read an article "Conditions That Have Caused the Decline of Rural Churches". A dialogue "Around the World", was presented by Mrs. Will Bryant, Mrs. Day and Miss/Etta Shafer. Reports were given on the Winterset convention. Meeting Of Chapter FW P.E.O.- Mrs. Mary Moyle was hostess to the regular meeting of Chapter FW P.E.O., at her home Thursday evening, Oct. 3. Eighteen members responded to roll calll with "News other Chapters". Mrs. Walter Lewis gave the report of the Supreme convention, held at Yellowstone Park. The next meeting willl be at the home of Miss Berta Bennison, Thursday, Oct. 17. ed of a paper, "Life's Discon- tentments", by Mrs. Lloy^L Davis. Bridge was the diversion of the social hour, Mrs. J. H| Barber received the high, club score Refreshments were served by the hostess. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Fred Abernathy, October 23. Mrs Chas. Leonard Club Hostess The F.F.C. ladies and several guests were pleasantly entertained at the country home of IMrs. Chas., Leonard, near Corning, Wednesday afternoon. The invited guests were Mrs Etheel Walker of St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. W. W. Walker of Lenox Miss Lois Huntington, Miss Bernice Keefe and Humbert. The Mrs. A. L program con- Seventh District I.F.W.C. at Bedford The annual Seventh" convention of Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs will be held at Bedford, Thursday and Friday of this week. At each of these conventions Mrs. H. C. Hough ton, jr, of Red Oak,, state, president; Mrs. William Larrabee, "jr., of Clermont, General: Federation director; Mrs. Eugene Butler of Des Moines, first vice president, and Mrs. EtheL. Tpwne . Holmes , of Des. Moines, executive .secretary for the Iowa ommlss'ion of the Blind, will speak. Problems of American citizenship, ed>tation, finance, international relations, literature, conservation, safety and other Federation projects will be dis- sisted of a paper, Bible History from prepared by Mrs. O. H. Tyler and read by Mrs. F. E. Holben Bible Quiz was conducted by Mrs. T. J. Killion. Mrs. S. F. Hurnagle gave the selected numbers, a poem The Church's Open Door. Roll call was responded to with a Bible Character or Quotation . Several games of rook were enjoyed during the social hour A lovely two-course lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting, Wednesday, October 23, will be at the home of Mrs. Mary Sweeley. District M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. : Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m. Epworth League, 6:30 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. The pastor will preach at both cussed at the seventh district morning and evening services convention. ^ In addition to | You are cordially invited to state leaders' Mrs. Max Mayer attend these services, •of Des Moines, Mrs. H. C. Tay-I ,The Priscilla Circle will mee lor of Bloomfteld, drama chair-Jin the basement of the church man of the I.F.W.C., and on Tuesday afternoon. :Mfs. Holmes will speak. | A tribute to the late Mrs. F. E. Munger will be given by Mrs. Eugene Henley of Grinnell, past state president. •Social events will include a banquet Thursday evening at the Presbyterian church and a breakfast Friday a^ Hotel Gar- Ian. Mrs. Harold Nisson of Walnut will direct a play on .Thursday evening • preceding Mrs. Houghton's address. G. C. W. Club Met With Mrs. Evans The G. C. W. club met Thurs- UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES Rev. W. A. Thompson Sabbath School, 10:00 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. m.; 8 p. m. Senior Y. P. C. U. 7 p. m. Saturday, Oct. 12, the Aulora Mclntyre missionary society will hold a birthday party at the home of Miss Berta Berini- son. Hostesses: Berta Bennison, Hattie Henderson, Mrs. La Verne Roll. Tuesday, Oct. 15, the Young People's Society will have a Hallowe'en masquerade party at Oliver Turner's home. The day afternoon, Sept. 26, with Mrs. Jennie Evans. The after-'young people from our clear- noon was spent piecing quilt field church will be here. 8 p.m. Miss Jean Saunders blocks. Refreshments were server. The next meeting willl be with Verda Riley, Thursday, Oct. 10. Shower for Infant A shower was given Monday afternoon for Baby Lowell Ray Preston, 9 day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Preston. About 40 of his neighbors and relatives came, each bringing him a lovely gift. : After his mother and all present had admired the gifts, a delicious lunch was served. He has been a very busy young man making the acquaintance of his friends, as close to 100 have called to see him. Those present at the shower were: Mrs. Fred Bennison and Berta, Mae Bennison, Blanche Crough, Cleo Miller, Cora Walter, Bertha Walter, Ann Harden and Gwendolyn, Lizzie Ambrose, Helen Fife, Lena Stamets, Lulu Walter, Myrtle Herbst, Neva Hill and Wendell, Isabelle Lucas, Mayme Stehaake/, Lena Welch, Eleanor Olson, Esther ampbell and Larry, Lulu Steaks' Annis Haefing, Alma Becherer and Wilma, Bertha Gordon and Russell, Cora Herbst, Nelle Preston, Edith Boyer, Jennie Preston, Stella Ferguson, Linnie Preston, Carroll Preston, the baby's mother and nurse, Mrs. Rose Lesher. . •*£• was Aidora M9|njtyre^ Missionary Society* Miss Mabel,: Anderson — hostess to the nieetlng of the Auiora McJ&tyre . Missionary Society, Saturday - J " There was; a» SLf^* .._-^^,,_ jKid« was conducted by Misa Anna Tur- CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:00 Morning Worship 7:00 Christian Endeavor 8:00 Union evening service The October Stewardship Emphasis is on. The Every Member Canvas committee will meet at the parsonage Wednesday evening, evening, Oct. Next Wednesday 16, we have a church supper and a program centering on this theme. All are invited and bring a full basket. Sunday night we expect to have a formal discussion of the subject "How Do We Get Our Money and How Spend It?" Sharpsburjr Elba West died at the state hospital at Clarinda, Oct. 4, and funeral serMJces were held at the Methodist church, here, of which he was a member, on Sunday, Oct. 6, at 2:30. Burial was made in old Lexington cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Akees were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W Newman. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. McArthur spent Sunday at Creston with their .daughter, Mrs. Dunbar and family. Mrs. Blanche Heatherington of Bedford spent the past week here with Mrs. Bessie Underwood. ' Boyd Hamilton of Des Moines spent Saturday night . here at jhe .Chas. Boyden home. Mrs Hamilton, who had spent the , week here, returned home w(th hhn. Mr. Dice and sons of Omaha spent Saturday night here at the Chas. Boyden home. Mrs. Dice, who had been visiting here with her father for the past week, returned home with the family. Mrs. Gladys Vettle and youngest child, of Colorado, who were called here by the death of her father, E. L. West, will spend a few days here visiting at the home of her mother and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Eno of Lincoln, Nebr., came Sunday to visit their son, Lyle. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Whipple went to Iowa Citltsya eew B, E went to Iowa City last week where Mr. Whippje will take treatment at the hospital. Mrs. Mary Brown returned last week from Glenwood where she had been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Daisy Mae Boyer and family. Several relatives and friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. S, Pennebaker Sunday, Sept. 28, with basket dinners in honor of Mrs. Lida Pennebaker's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gundy spent Sunday here with his parents and friends. The Presbyterian ladies aid met at the home of Mrs. Belle Phelan Tuesday. Mrs. Bessie Boydston was assistant hostess. Will and Otis Brown of St. Joseph ,Mo., were here on business last week. Donald Smith went to Chicago last Thursday to visit his brother, Dr. Phillip Smith, and family. Chas. Boyden moved in with his sister, Mrs. Ella Knott, last week. Emmet Rusco and family moved to the Chas. Boyden property, Monday. Sharps School News The South Central Teachers 1 meeting at Creston proved to be very interesting and worthwhile. One of the outstanding messages was brought by Miss Agnes Samuelson, our state superintendent of public instruction, and also president of the National Educational Association. Other special messages were delivered by Governor Paul V. McNutt of Indiana, and by Dr. J. M. Glass, professor of secondary education, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida. On Thursday of last week the high school and upper grade teachers of Taylor county. met in Bedford for a one-day meeting. Mrs. Anna D. Churchill, county superintendent, had secured Dr. J. M. Glass, associat ed with the State University of I$owa, to talk to the teachers on Directing Pupil Growth Through the High School. At 10:30 Thursday morning Dr. Glass talked to the parents and teachers on psychology of ado- lesence. Several from Sharpsburg attended this meeting in view of organizing a P.T.A. here. They were Mesdames Olive Blood, Bessie Underwood, Jessie Cundy and Helen Shum. Mr. Frank Wilkins of Bedford has ' been secured to instruct our orchestra this year. We hope to begin work at once. Upper grade pupils making 100 percent in spelling last week were Alice Frickess, Dora Marie Grimm, Junior Selders, and Maynard Stogdill. Primary pupils having perfect spelling scores last week were Mary Louise Cundy, Hazel Loraine Edwards, Ruby Frickess, and Dorothy Selders. Prairie Star A birthday surprise party was planned and carried out for Charley Hewitt Sunday, Oct. 6 iwhen relatives gathered at his home at the noon hour with basket dinners. Dinner was served cafeteria style. Those present were: Mr. and. Mrs. Lute Madison and grandchildren Thresa, Darlene, Lovell and Robert Shaffer of Mt. Ayr; Ed Oshel and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Capps, Mrs. Gearhart Stickens and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fife of Creston: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hartsook and two daughters of Orient; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Maharry and sons John Thompson, Mrs. Jane Hewitt, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Shawler and Margarett Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hewitt and family and the honored guest and family. The afternoon was spent visiting. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Oliver of Sidney, Iowa and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Norton of Malvern were visitors at the Hugh Clipton and Era Duglas homes Sunday. Terren Bowman had the misfortune of getting one of his fingers cut off last>-'eek. Mrs. Alvin Leach planned a birthday surprise on her husband Sunday and was carried out very nicely with a bountiful dinner and very pleasant time by all present. Those attending were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Leach, Mr . and Mrs . Glenn Leach and Joan, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shawler and Vina Lee. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Campbell and son Hall Dean visited in Winterset Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Myrle Lane.. Helen Hewitt was absent from school Monday on account of tonsilitis . Treva Hiley missed school Monday on account of sickness. Mrs. Arta Mar ley and Esther were visitors Sunday at the Charlie Francis home east of Kent. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Leach and Joan were callers at the W. H. Leach home Sunday. John Hiley of Maryville, Mo. came last Thursday and is visiting a few days with his son, Wilda and family. - Thursday, October 10 The Woman's Relief Corp is meeting this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred Holben for the Social meeting, a' sack lunch. Friday, October 11 The members of the H. S club will meet at Hotel Lenox this evening, with Miss Mildred Wilson as hostess. Aid society of the Church of ihrist will meet at the church this afternoon with Misses Ida and Emma Grimm as hostesses There is quilting to be done Refreshments will be served The L.P.G. club will meet ;his evening at the , home of Mrs. Harry Estel with Mrs Jerry Wilson as assisting hos- ;ess. Monday, October 14 The Past Matrons Club wfil meet this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Pred Childs with Mrs. W. H. Madden as assisting hostess. Roll call, Current Events Tuesday, October 15 Salome Chapter O.B 3 will meet for its regular., meeting *. evening.. Refreshments will be served, . , . Wednesday, October 23 The Eeastern a., benefit bria day evening, Masonic haU. LENOX -: Professional! GOODALE Lenoxowa ^ Funeral Directors Licensed Erabali J. H. Funeral Director I Lenox, Iowa Barber-Boltlnghoua c JAMES R. Attorney and CounseU« u Farmers & MerchantsBatn Bedford, Iowa General Practice In All State and Federal' Special Attention Givm, to Settlement ol I Frank Wisdom 0, J.L Wisdom &Kirkel LAWYERS Special attention given ton ment of estates •'?! Bedford, Iowa BEST DiM Ctuftll Stlu JlOlf, WIN "tVo 1 . 1 ! StUDEBAKEII A Delui. Sludebiker Cn.mplon U lh> Cr.nd frlo 't* Mi U| Co«k "*| Conlett—September In 10 November lit. ll. U glvem ,(or du **>."**$( 100 Ward, or t«> on Th, I Llkm Coach', But flour." OM taiJdl *'| •m»h ud merehudlM >ri». mn mho glrea In ihli e«)r ..nlwu T»« r*| lin> the eonleil riile^ Go !• him lodaj for full InhnuUH. Bakt BwjlMng Btllir wil the AII-PurpM« Floor, ilirt i ««J" {"*• >e» whelher r ou i»b. I" pi. .rn.1 o, p«lr,. It qa.lllr -hem «W.k to ralnatM during drew of your CONTEST GOOCH Lincoln, IfW X-RAY EQUIPMENT ADDED T HAVE added to •*• my equipment an X-ray and am now making use of it in checking up on my patients. I will continue to use the Neu- trocalometer al.bng ^TJiSnPRACl with the X-ray. The SlSjuSSg- 1 ?**., N eurocalo meter shows where there is nuw ^ pressure and the X-ray shows exact y«u | bones in the back and neck are displace", n making it easier to adjust them. Neither the X-ray nor the NeurocaW will cure anything. The adjustment;» by the trained hands of the Chiropractor u I have added the Xrray eq better service for, after all, : t patients expect.

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