Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 3
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[OR ON SETS 1ECORD Slab Laid in Last pays CHARGE |r\l in piivint; h established bv lying tlnh on yman to the In- ciew it in the |evl s orii jjjf). ?· Mincein. »)nre si 10 dnyi, has 't of stnto slab an three mites Mint, 12,118 f«l tevpn lny.t. The i? laid In one w than 2 mllnn, AtcNeHy. form- tor In luylnj,' cnt Assumption rrews used a 1'iew. tn e;i[ i r d on Koute trtjr wat done "· toc ?lieet, [th 13!W Weit JM r l n t e n d e n t n\ ing pnncs. In the B.iltvn tie^nn It' July 10 Sinn tlinn nns to he liiidKc hullil- i i s t r n c t t o n Trn »· mf,' nrd oprn v**r! fjnni 'llHi o's iltii); store II be open f i o n i will (to In H ^t booths imil RET /e Deliver fay 5c . . 1 8 c . 1 n 1 7c i ! DECATUR HERALD TUESDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 7, 1930. DECATUR HERALD j I J Illini Settled a Death Claim of $1,000 With $50 Payment To Lawyer _. _^ *,, n -- - _ *^ Mrs. Brinkley of Clinton b Her Experience With a Mutual CLAUSES WORK B,v Thli h MAXWKI.I. l l ' )f " *'"'''"* 0|1 with iinitunl Hen- rorowrl/ed bv the ·net- nlvlitoii «( t h u tuae The liwui riwri 1 division JH a- nounrt iHilf ( 'f t l l ! 1|1 'W'Ji'«· (Inns Ininlvont ^ With half the tmitiuil benefit in Illinois, insolvent. THE HERALD solicits information on mutual benefit associations in addition to that which it now pos»e«es, If you ue n certificate holder or have been a beneficiary you nre invited to write ypur experiences to Tho Herald, Mftve you always received your Assessment notices? Htvs your certificate been declared valueless for non- pnyment of DECATUR MEN TO GO TO STATE C, OF C, MEETING UttoreimK to the insurance d i v i - j p ,,on n( the »talr elcpnrtmenl ofluCOI'gC A. Williams Pl'O- uadc and commerce. n lot of j jx)sed As Candidate To holder, »rr in for dfc. g^^ ^^ Tlwlr !n tvnry *ft)' ^ifiillii i.nrl Mi-. t.innl' til«l In fuller t »ii M i l Kiinltti i'l 1*1" a" 1 S« Mi'dtcnl K (.VPI vdii' 1 felt an I Mul mi 1 himl "In there would In- no I.^M of Ih" iniitlliil hcnr-tll l dtirr. i d i i i r i n t i l f H , j ) » i l l r t i ) i i l y ii Hie Illlnl Mittinl U i H e f fltwcHillftn "The t«[i nt in tlil-t fliwltitlon rnUit to "ill 1 Iwniii (n KaS unit tftlkO' 1 IN intii )'.l»lii' -wiylHK 'Hat n o i nM\fn\ pxftpriln(itl»n would tte ncv-j i«niin r,Nih tif "in potlclM (lnnni-i tiT-hll' ( ' · i t l f i f - i t f * wim for J 1.000 · A H Hun wfi rr'(iiln'(l of tti vfnf t\ ,|(,wn mid Hii- venmlflder uf *» In IMVttlflU W" u "' tfl ln l ' lr H"HOOlll- tlnpt foi l«» vr-nii 'I'ciwliirt thfl done nf thill |uit«tl «*" «!0in In the ««· · orlnllnn 1 " nf/li i- mid iithcd nliftilt l,v liujihiMd'-( limtlier Anron «rlnk M Jolnlnjr Wi- tlwmtdit thnt Ui1« n«(,il»t!«n kind of I n i n i f i n r e win ?H thnt ivc cnulil nfford Wo IhOMfiht tiint If f i n v t h l n t c h n p p c r i f i t to nnv "' n n i»lli-i' wniHl helf Hi" "thi-i'i (lot t'i.l tin «I.WW l'«1l*.V The rilinl MutiMil ttellftf ft"- nirliitlnn ncrcptert I'V hrothrr In 1'iw n n hfildcr or member. Anwfl. vvhtlo iWtlnk- «n. Inftrncd (hut l i t niorhei h(«l inXim th« tnHi"l"i, KB rr-hirnwl tn hdljt hike euro f( hi'i RHe f«- iwwixl hut Anron «ol the mftmli" v rerovoMid then hud n nnrt dlcJ "We n"rit Attmn'-i polley to ft dtw tnr (to nlisMd tv dertlh clnlm. but ,et II inn iili«1v tn to' 1 to that of MIB, w. fj, flew, [troslrtont ot the Decaf f r i n h t o v , Stoat, tur Association of Commerce, and nl ('Union, who] least thioe other members plan to derail elttlm of. tittend ths twelfth annual mooting ier '('he «itorv Is] (,f the Illlnoh Chamber of Commerce t i ini-nt iy Mr* in Chicago, Thursday and Friday Tho others who plun to go are, W, Tt Mcllnii[[hey, vice president of the Utteons National Buntt and president of the Illinois Bankers Associations; C.oorge A Williams, president of the Williams Stealing Corporation, nnd a director of tho Illlnola Cham- tioi of Commerce, nnd C, A, Wall, ns- 'ilttant to tho piMident of the IIH- noli Powei Mght Corp Mr WllliiiniH 1ms boon piojioscd by Iho Deeutur Asnoelation of Commerce to Hueeood himself aw u dlroc- toi of thn stHto organisation CALF CLUB PLANS TO BE MADE WEDNESDAY I Fa mi Will Bureau Committee Discuss Purchase of Livestock W not pny thu claim. Wo hlrofl iwvcr h*ri) In ninton to tw t" tlir- mnni'V The liiwj'er clftlm"1 tin' ni«netntlfn wiio not worth Plniillv die nf«(ilfl(tnn pfllrt th* 1 liiiivcf S.w, of which we ((ot " A f t e r Anion died thi ( ttoriped mnlllnK me, my i imtlcca hnt cunt limed rntilllnK m Y i ti'ihntiil'' Thci- rlnlmeil thftt T ilMn'l p«v nw duet imcti!im(«nt«l T hurl n rll ten to thorn nlmnl- not r*- mklm; the ncltcr-* r'rcvto((« fo A n t n n ' i e l n l i n thi nnuni lutlon hful nullwt hv eottce'i d»i! nij- huihunfl'* tr ^Ihei '* The n t n t k meHidrt hv whlfli the or "ilnr of B r n i i t i i n l hcneflt A*«oel«- tlnn nvoldi the imvinenl of olfilmi I" cltlici hv Koln^ broke nH In the i iii nhove tind thill of ^f I » ^f^tlnl' l J! Rnwlien V elted In Mondliy'i 1* ·lie ef The Hciftt'l »r t« F " clnlm thni the e i ' i l t f k n t n N rhl'l Ilii'oiieli notvji-unienl fit iime^nieiit 1 ' On thlt tnr The Hi i n M w i l l tini-e «tntt llilnr trr flfii j n f u t u r e ^ i t l l i ' l e ^ Prntltln W H I t'f I'.wnpf inv rf nifinv or li"w l l l l l t c i n t f n l l f l c i t l r K . In- with "weniel 1 i"eccpMon« unil of 4-H * ulf conunllLm' of Hie Mncon county ritrru bureau, has been called Tor 8 o'clock. Wflilnoiflnv nlgtit In the tftrm Intreiiu llnl n run rut l e n l ftrp Ihf tf 11]^ i H rhr -tpr-d, ni f lmd* il (lAl^tti.^ u hi- h iiinki' "f I A ! ' l i ill U i ' 'llnr! tt In n T i n \ Itt l r * t ft denlh t l]ilm Mr Knileili'k tn-lil i 'In- Ann i l l (in I S e n v f l l tn c e t t l f l c m n In fiiHiiiillv coin- i»t n twtiefit tmnio of A (' ti|iprnl(ii 1i ii 'It annnrtuMnn nwled ttltli Iliioitn intii thnut:h the I lideMui one of the r i i i n l l l n i nne In licnc- li-ti- He w u i con- !iu.oe1ittin4 thiit were i l i i tubttil i of tecelveri iiMii l;,iiefl! Went d i K i i i i l / n i i o n itifll emeuri net n of MIC rlellm wen In Ihnl ti-\liil mtaliiit pot- Mi R(Mlei](k i i l i l l r i l for n H IVtd Mllfl IVh ! IMS mul ilie police **' (Ifllvi'jcil diitr-i) n.i of M;iMf |i TM* pamir 1 vi-sir Mi Roderlek w(u ""iti (He] nnd killed hv ri cut (it onn. "n Ihe WtilKnh \Iitti-h t. 1 ) '» I 1 ' llodetlcl!, uiliiilntstiutiii 1 rf ""i (iUlm! p i f it ite. Hindi' n olnlrn on "i* Am«iic-in t'.t'iit'CIt L'dmitiUv In C'o fur Si (lift iireiimiriMy On itcriniM i't .John A H«i)- di-nlli by no-Idem The [ot- Ititei xintiiHl bv 1!, A. Ciow- *f ctdliu fianlne]' of the cotnpnny, *»« Ffiirhnl in i(«nnn«« tn the 'him ~ F P.Meilek. D «*ttir fit P»iit air Re John Allen Tlo. In ti't'lvtug tn voui IMet n papo 0) of Plans tot ths rliib foi tlio eom- ln£ year will bo illsciiHHOrl. Nnmes OJ children who with to become tn embers o( tho club hnvc been tnken by! community cltih icndeis abtjut thr : eounty It otheri ivlsh to Join nnd havn not fc'wn \ n t.hclr numrs, Ihey Nlioutd dr) BO by Wodntsduy ntylu, E II. Wnlwoith, faim advisor, snjn. Plfmi for st'Ciulns calvm inuat be nmdo soon, and this probably will he tnken up In Wednesday night's ni 00 tin f. OCT. 14 IS FIRST REGISTRATION DAY FOR DECATUR VOTERS The first refthtiatlon dny for voters In tho November election will be on nest Tuesday when election Judges will ns-iemlile In all votins rJlHlflctM to complin rci{l!trntlnn llsla of all known leKftl voters. Voters may ( n i l nt Ihf- pollins places to neo thut thev nre registered Tho second day of rcKlwtrnllon will lie Oct. 28. On that dny no nrttne ivlll IT added t* the rewli trot Ion list nn- Ifti lite voter niaKt'f a personal vlilt to the polling jilaee. B1FLEX C0.1)AAMGE SUITS DISMISSED Two tUminKe inltn n^ninHL the Bl- flei 'oi porfttlon woi e dlimlsanrl Tuonrtny by Judsc .fnineH S. Baldwin In l i c u l t court, when ntlorneys nuidt 1 hnmvn thnt the Milt* had bec-n wtdoil out nt court. Rotli mill«i Involved duinii for diiniaeen rw H result of. Injuries received while thr eiitnplulnrLntft ^01 e employed In tho Rlflet (ilnni. Fialntlffi In the snltii w i i r * OeorRr W. Holmefl und Kvcr- tit B. Oftltlnj-. On motions by the plnlntitfH, .fintjtt 1 Hfilrlwln (Himlnwd (ho (tlvoreu rnsti nf JJewcll Hr'iiden nfinlnMt Ethel Htitilan nnd the ^epnritie malnton- illicit neMon brouRhl by Chils- tl"0n amnln-it Kivnn F. Chilstlson, Prof. J. H, Ramon Will Address Schoolmasters .1 It. rtdnfOru, piofensor of cheni- h l i y In Jamei Mlllllcln unlvnr«lty, will iitiiatk to nicmboiH of the Decatur Schoolmnstoi ft club on nojrt Monday ovenltiK ftt 6 o'clock In the Johns HIM Junior HI eh school. Mimibci'fi of the olub will meet fn ttin junior Hlr^h school for a dinner and regular business nioc'tlne to be followed by Prof llnnsom'v talk which will take up a discussion of "Modern Chemistij-" AID' MEETING YoSTPONTil) The reffuldr business mectlnir of the General Aid society of the First Christian church, has been postponed from Tuesday to Thursday afternoon nt ! o'clock, EXPECT 300 FOR LAYMEN LEAGUE DISTRICT MEET Conference Will Begin At 7 O'Clock Wednesday Evening ST. LOUISAN COMING Ttlnity LuUinan Laymen s expects 300 RiiuMta and dclesates" to attend the district laymen's conference Wodncidtiy nl T o'clock. The meeting will bn In Trinity parish house.. This will bo tlic first ol' a seller of Npcclul inociinf-s of dele-gules nltcndlnj; thu ICth convention of the Central Illinois district of the Missouri Synod, opening rU St. Johonnea chtneh Thursday Tho Lutheran Laymen n league H it national oiganlzntlon rompvlsod of laymcu iwd incu'B clubs affiliated with the Misiouit Synod It was founded In 1U17 nnd now bai membership at 3,000 St. Luulioiu to Speak T. G, Eggcta of St. Louis, field sec rctary, ivlll address the league Wednesday on the new laymen's movement, slrossltif: greater stewardship of life, church conaciousnci 1 ), cnar- Itnble onlcavoi t, highar oducntlon, greater, local and national activity. In Its mesent juoBrum of uc,tlvity l.i in- i;lulled tho apon.'iorink' oS the National Luthemn lladla Iloui over a aoasl- to-cousl nctivorlt of bi Ditdcustlng sta- tlona of thu Columbia System, every Thuisdny evening at i) o'clock. In addition to tliH the league o[»'i'iLtcs and miilnlHltiij n tirondcuallnR nt St. Lotih, KKU. llecutlli' (,*(HiiiiUtti'(i Dccntut men In cliaigt' nl mooting uro ^i cojnmlttce fi'o^n ity chuit-h, l-'icl Jcndry, rfglstra- tltin; Mattln Lang, reception, aaalsl- ed bv Cliinmce Sablotny, Martin BoU, WaUlomiu Jordan I l c n r y tioU ig president of the sodt-ty. Mcmbeisl fiom St johunnct nud St Paul's! chuichus niu Httniy Uauman and E.-l vln K l r l n i c f e r , tkrlegutoi Otlwt nicti e.\|x i;led in u ICdwlu I Faitui of D;eLitur f nullonul jirr-u- ileut; [loniy Uoiit ot Itock l.nland plunder In thu Injinon movomcnt untl member *jf Ihc Sytiodtial tjulldltiy cociuiULtuei Cleoiyo Hnrhis of PetiMu, for iiumy ·vcmw iculoivtl illrcctoi, GeorsH J J r e t t h f j t , Sjn(ngHeld, member of (he SynudliMl flnunta com- mlltoi', il W. ilnitlni uf liloomlnp- ton, find t-eoipc Hu|i[) ot 111 1'uluski cltcuil leaders JJoimu-d J o i d n n tif this city Is recoidlnji wcrclnry of, thi! ncttlomil lunguv | Tliu pui IKWB of the Laymen IcaKue's contoioncc If to ]trfcet Ihu oiganlTtillon of the district Rov, C, 3f. P r l t n and Rov Walter Obcrmeyer will officiate at Uio rncullnR, which la sponioied ly Trinity Mcn'3 r l u h DECATUR KEN'GO TO MISSOURI TO STUDY MILK ORDINANCE K li. Caitur, nmnufrci'. Union finiry Co ; Frvd M, Ilhsirdt, milk In- «pd(.tor of the tlty health dejiait- ment; nnd Aiehic Mclnto^h mnn- ivjter Dceatiit Milk Pitidui'ei-t nijo- eluHcn, went U flnnnlbn! j\ln Tues- dav, to make a -(tiulv of t h n t Htv milk oioinnnce They e.xnecL to ret u r n Wednesday. TtK-y wetc nectimpdnled on Ihe til[! by a j ep resell tat I vi! ot the CMmm-i imlRii Milk Pintlucert u'.sorlatloii [ Ilannlhnl. it It undoittood. htif n| model milk oullnanco antl llic DC- .eritur men, interfiled In seeing thnt Decutur In i MilKimrd* | il In Ha milk Niipplv, n M itudylnr? means of dolnj; thtif In nilvhlns on better htmtlln^ methoda anil In oidlnnneef thnt will entowB Will Decatur Get Something Like This? Here Is tho new station of thn Illinois Toinilnal system In Pcotln, :i handsome building, and ornament to the city. The company la planning » new feta- tion for Decatur at Van Dyke and Marietta streets. STATE GAME REFUGES VP FOR DECISION IN FALL ELECTION t h t j A complete copy of au act of the legislature pi ov Id ing for the aoqul- altlon of a state wide system of con- floccatlsm and forest preserves, upon, ivWch the voltiri) will vote in the Nov. \ elecUon, li appearing In Tho Herald m a lognl publication by Wil- liwn J, Stiatton, aecretary of atatft. ', Tho act provides for a 514,000,000 bond issue, and for this reason it 1 must have the approval of the voters of tho slate bcforu !t becomes effec-. live, Under tho net a hoard ol seven members \vlil recommend to the De- Ijiutmont of Conservation a statewide syalein of preserves and recrea- mounds. Tho Dnpaitment of' tax levy. Conservation is empowered to acquire the ground* with the approval of the governor. One fourth of the ground BO acquired wilt be set aside as sanctuaries for song and Ram« birds and wild animals, and be reforested. One tenth of tho ground will be available for campaign and recreational sports, nnd the tern Hinder will be open for fishing and hunting. Hunting and fishing license feos will be used to pay Interest and re- tiro the bonds over a period of 30 yearn, but In case these fees are |n- nufflclcnt for (he purpose, the balance will be rained th tough a direct NIGHT SCHOOL CLASSES WILL OPEN THURSDAY 15 Registrations Monday On First Nigfo of Term iiiplii t eglatraliona for public nnd th« piob- tiblllty of hctwecn 10 and 15 additional pupils, were considered definite cnoiifili asfiiuanee that night achool would bo of icrvicc, that de- cliilon him boon made to oj)on classes Thuiflrtuy night "llcjjlsti atlon In olasBes anil advance preparation for tho opening of the course next Monday night, will be completed Thuisday night when all foreign horn peisons wishing to attend school for tho purpoH* of obtaining their citizenship papers will gather in the High school. Claws will be conducted on every Monday and Tlmrsciiiv evening, at T o'clock, iu the Hlfrh school. The number of touchers who will be employed lor thi.i purpose will not be known! until reglhtratron 1i completed. Tbej tenchem for night school classes will be selected from among tho regularly employed faculty nnd will hn given Mmc additional compensation for this extin work Church of Christ Opens Revival Services Monday Evnnsellst F!. M J!err Of N^w- c.itlle, Ind. preached to art attentive BOODY MAN BEGINS HARVESTING HIS "CROP" OF COTTON Cotton planted by George Jenkins, one mlla south of )3(*ody, in hit* gulden a;) an citpeilmciit, was be I tiff picked thl a week tor the purposo of saving the wed* for planting next year. Mr Jenkins planted only about 50 o[ the southern plants In his flower garden. Tho pods hivve been bur sling open for the IniI week Although Dicie In not enough ot tho cotton to b« of nny commercial use. It Is of line texture. Mr. Jenkins received the seeds fiorn Ben Walker, near Dalton City, whose sister In Texas son!, them to him RAIN CUTS" ATTENDANCE AT DISTRICT MEETING 50 Attend Sessions In First Methodist Church Tuesday Rain Interfered somewhat with Iho nil day meeting in First Methodist church Tuesday of tho Decntur district of the Illinois conference. About j 50 wero present, however Serviws | will bo concluded this evening with an add] ess at T 30 bv Dr. Ezra Cox. of home mis. Evangelistic Services Will Begin Tonight' rtev rt n c«nipfi(.ii »r PiHi- hilrgh, Pn. will ronrlurl Ihc t l i ^ t of 'a sei'lca of evangel Is lie ^ermonn (hi-; evening nt 7'SO o cloott in the FifO MethocllaL ehurcti Hev Mi Ciuii|- liell w i l l prrnch on "Dclinllenesn lr^ Christian Experlcfice." Mr.i Eclnti Salisbury will have eh.ugr of the nuiftlcnl jlrafTDtttl-t The sen'lccn will bo c(*nduelinl ench evening nt 7.30 o'clock. While In DeeUui, Tlei. Mr Cnmpliell will he n (,-uL',t In the pai- sonnRc of tlic churt h. HOARD MKM'fiJfi 1VKHNJ5SDAY Tho Bontd ot Dlicctoin of the Gills' Welfare home, w i l l meet Wed- neiiiny mornlni; nl 9 30 o'clock, In the homo. Abe Martin Says- Monday evonln« In revival bftlnK conducted In the Ohureh of Cliihi, Bfrt Wost King sti eel EvnnfrolIM Zerr discussed the fin I ilx veiieq rf the second clinploi of Tlmothv In his sermon. 1 1 he i evtva? ^ei vices, ^vhlch bc- Knii Mondav evening, will continue rncli evening for thief weckn. Veterans nf Foreign Wars To Elect Tonight o$2.50 Silk Hose,69c Special Sale Wednesday at Bright's "t ' l!f »t "htfd.n. mld.wolglit l Mvlcc wclKln, full tushlontiil ... · ° r ft insular retail value ·» to KM. All colors, «ll weights,, Go on apodal sate Wednesday morning at 6Pc, Not over five pairs to one customer Blight Brothers,--Ad v, All strangotn with hoodlum hair cuts are belli' held on* thumb printed by Constable Plum. Farmer Jake BenUoy ha» Jest about swung awny from agriculture on' Is gcttln' out holler logs far bantam golf. superintendent tn work for the board slons, Morning services included reports on church activities, Einvottb lenj^ies, laymen's groups, religious edvicatlon, reports of district stewards, and talks on "What Arc the Greatest Needs of the Church To day" In the afternoon Rev, David H. Kendall of the hoaid of home mlsalona t Hiked on cvan£cl|iin nn'l stewardship, and Hcv Glen W, But-; cher of California spoke on missionary work In that HtaU, Supper la to be served Ijy women of the church. ni H M. Pnnott nnd Pnv 1' kcs will he cnntlldtvtcK for eloction 11*1 commander or the VntfrjtnM nf Foreign wnis Tuesday night when Her- belt f), Rvmrui Po^t No. 30, V F. W. oieeH at 7,4f o h c)*x:k In the f; T A H hall on Norlh Moln nnd William iitrcetst A liirwo elnis of rocrutti will be tnkon In atter nomination and election or officers for the coming year have been completed Who will be cnndldales for the other pltices In the poil Hslde fioni the office of commander Is not known, Pi/inn fot tho Armistice Day celebration nnd for other nctlvitlOH nf the V. F W. dining the next month will bn (llscimod and commit tecs Will be appointed, MUST SECURK 1ICRMSK L F. Stlmpson wa , granted permission by the Council, Monday, to operate a gaibngo collecting business, providing ho follows the city nml secures n Hear Arguments On Proposition of Pipe Line Co. E. W. Jokisch, Ed K»Ui and DC.VC PlstorUis nttended tho hearing on (lie petition of tho Panhandle Plp« Line company for permlaston to prpi natural KM across the state, before Illinois Coromladon In Springfield, Tuesday. John Bailey of goody, who with Ed Kater, ID a member of the com mlttno from Macon county that originally opposed the construction of the line, could not attend because Of litnroH In his family. Amend Petltlmt Interested persons from nil parti) e,£ Central Illinois and whose piop- nrty will be crossed by the Itne or Hues adjacent to the propo»ed rouW, were In attendance. Amendment to \V petition was filed bv the company »o that if the pipe line In permitted natural may bo sold at wholesale to o Lack of Right of Way Blocks Route 121 Work State Dcptrtotnl Name Macon Man In Breach of . Promise Suit CONTRACTOR READY Demand* All Wtrk Bt Second l-eola (inrvln ftt«tl a $15,000 brMtch of pVomlve *ull against Cvcll A. Miller ot Macon Tunsdny In circuit court Only the praclpt wan filed, and the allegation* upon which the ault Is founded are not shown, Tlic suit IN filed to the January term of the circuit court. Minn Qarvln is reprcnent«d by Whit ley £t PttKgeraM. Following the avreitl of lllss O»i- vln a tew wteks ago under a charge of embcztlement at funds from the Macon County Supply company, she made accusations that Miller 1* 1h« father ot lier two children, 11)11« drnkd the charge, nut « warrant for bin arrest was tmuet, Negotiations for ihc settlement of the caw were said to be under way, but th* filing of the damage «uft Tuesday wai taken as Indicating a failure of the effort to settle the matter. SCHOOL NURSES BEGIN PRE-SCHOOL SURVEY Attempt To Discover distributing companies In ville, Dectitur, Danville, Clinton, Jackson- Urtoana. Pcorb, Pckln. Bar t on v I He and Euet Feorla Afi ft result of this amendment, Horace McDavid Speaks Before Pym Club Members t ,,_,,,, _ Horace W. McDavid was the principal speaker bctove Iha meeting of ths P. Y. M. club membci'it of the Y M. C A. Tuosdoy noon. Ml 1 . McDavid told members of tho work be I riff done by agencies in thu community Chest and urgod their sup- poit in this year's camimlgn. Coif! trophies wore presented to Oscar Anderson, low scorer and Lou Seller e, high scorer In a recent tournament conducted by the club Guests were Edwin Mclntosh and H K Harvey. Leo Johnson wiJI be the speaker before next week's meeting of the club. ~ V1SCNJSS»AV the Illinois Power company ant! the Contrtil Illinois Llifht company withdrew their objections to the giant- InR of the certificate!). The hearing opened with the pre- ticntatlon of evidence by the petitioning company H. H. McKee, Now York geologist, ti stifled thnt natural gaw reserves In thu Texfts panhandle are sufficient to nerve the cntii'i* proposed Mis i syotem, Including the IllinoH branch, for tho next 39 years at Iftnst This he nald, 1» Ihc ranult of a survey conducted by his company, Inter vl* whit; retltlon* J. D, Fresman, Kansas City, connected with the Missouri-Kansas Pipe Line company, testified ft* 1° validity of leases on gas properties and as to their restrwo gas supply, Dr. F M Furntott, aluo testified, . Additional Intervening petition^ ·we^r" filed by numerous Interested parties and appearance entered by; thofln who already have filed. Including the Caterpillar Tractor company, Feorla, and tho villages at EOlnburff, Rochester. Atwood, Maeon, Palmer, Pearl, Stcnlnifton, Greenville, Bl«« Hound, Ashland and othets, NEW WATER RENT" RATES ARE LAID BEFORE COUNCIL Murphey A Nash, accountants ciw- plovcd bv the city to prcpnr* new water rent rates, based on a reduction ot $40.000, laid their figures before tho city council Tuesday afternoon, In a closed conference, Formal action will follow thin conference in a meeting ot the council, Thursdav, It Is expected, Murphey * Nash have baen worlt- lnr on tho new rate* for aboiit i* month, making *a thorough analysis rf the approximately Jt,000 accounts In the city water department to get a basis upon which to figure the What Preventive Measures Are Taken Start upon the paving of 121 from Dtc*tur to the Macon county line depend* en tirely upon how f«tt M*con county nctt in getting right of way for the road, Gov, Lout* L, Emmmoit arid in lubittnee while in Decatur, Monday, Oeotg« Hoffman, of tit* Hoffman Construction Co., «ucc«wful bidder tor this Job, In ready and anxloui to atari work, be mid in a viirit at th* same time, if tho proceeding! ar» putted through with vpted, he «an work two month* thi* Ml on trading and building bridges. m*t»'« pan Don* ' The state highway department lld all that It could to get UM pav- Ing done this (all whin It tav* th* contract and approved the rout* ·» that tho county rlfhtof-way coni- inlttoe of the board of tuptrvtior* could get the land for the highway location, The object of aptadlnf up (he laUIng of the contract wa* to li*1p In tho unemployment iltuatton, filnco then th« rlght-oMray committee ha* been dickering with property owner* ov«r prlc* and at con* _ rfdcrabli' right-of-way to MCiir*. " ( That hm delayed the «t»rt «t con- School nurses will mart nwrt week | Direction if condemnation ]TOM«J- OB tlt« survey of pre-school children lugs art instituted, the pavlnf can- In 300 Decatur homes in determine [nnt bo don* before th* t*»rly uprlny whether or not preventive tn«ikiuie|nOB,(ion are being taken by purcnta In care of their children up to thfl the Bill tlitt they come under the eye of tlw wwk this public health worKem through C*nM I could begin th* llr. Hoffman ttccatur schools. Nurses will call on the 300 D«* catur homes which will be chown to represent f.vtiy district and tj'p* ot| fill out a questionnaire with the aid of the parent* which will (tlvn a complete picture of what preventive work Is bolnjt done In the city. Toxin-antitoxin as a ptcvcnilvo of diphtheria, vaccination to prevent small pox, periodic physical examinations, dental, medlcA) anil ollwr , W, C. Fluid, president, of the i utlon of Conmmrct!, Mr, Hoflman ha* hi* equipment rtady and 1M waiting for aome lime. Instend of making * n offer to the thru offer with Ing* In the cite* where th* otter vctirt refund, the right-of-way committee him kept try I tie to haggl* (li pjopci'ly owner* Into malting i Court proceed ings would e quick, Mure way of reaching *. d«- In Ion NO tlm wnik could B«t »t*rtM APPOINTS CHEST CAMPAIGN MAJORS Grover Palton Completes Formation of His Organization Grover Patton, Commwiity Cheui cd the formation of his treatment will be examined In the survey, The ««"*"«""» *«" jwritaiHUji ^countered In build- bring out a t'WtW^to***' ,,, ay,,, WttlU Mot* all of th. ture of P«vcn«ve wmk n n«"tur K *s a whole, authorities IwlleNe.. th " Ht(lt ,i hlnhway deportment to mlopt a policy or not tfittlnc a (ion- tiikctor l«([ln work h«fw« tb« la*t foot of land in secured. Oov. Km- mer«on told Mr. Field Monday, The contract for the route was W ci.rly In Keptenibcr. K Is a ISW.OO^ j job Hnd will furnish a ttood deal nl for unemployed men Decatur Men To Attend National Traffic Meet Members of Die Spanish War auxiliary will have a bakery gulp all day Wednesday In the basement of Gebltart's store. All donations should he In tho store by to o'clock Wednesday morning, A hot lunchocn will be served at noon. Who "Looked Like Rudy" Disrupts School Office Routine Thrills ran through the public school offices in the High school Tuesday jnornlny when the word was passed from girl to girl that Rudy Vallee aat humming the Stein Song; In tbo very outer office of the school system headquarters. Despite the thrills, doubt, bom oi incredulity that such good fortune should come to Decatur girls »ub- dttod the girls In Inner offices when news WM bi one tit to them by a pass- Ing vl iil tor. A peek through partly closed doors, however, banished all doubt from their minds There he sat, just lllte his pictures even to the curl anil the boyish smile. And If anything was needed to further prove hie iden- tity, at his feet sat a case that well migtit contain a saxophone. His dreni wan perfect. His air was certainly tltat of "I Hiss your hand, madam." There was "danger In his c; r «s." And the girls wrere In ecstaty. But romance faded, thi ills died an early and untimely death, and disillusionment fell heavily upon the office when the young man announced as his turn cams thai he was with the country's "oldest school supply house... " In fact be barely received average attention ·» he passed through th* office on his way out, "But anyway, he did look awful much like Rudy Vallee." Xnd any girl will tell nu 10, rates. They concluded their work late last week NOKOMisTOYFiLES $10,000 DAMAGE SUIT Joo Tclepka, 19, through his mother, Mary Talepka, filed suit Tuesday In circuit court asking $10,000 In damages from Forrest Miller for In- Jttrlt.i received last January In an automobile Occident neaj Nolcomla. The TclepUa boy, It In claimed, was walking in tttttc route 16 between Nokomls and Coalton, whan he was struck by a ear driven by th« defendant, and owned by the'defond- nnt's fnther, J, Albert Miller. The Telepka boy sustained a fracture In one leg, It Is alleged. Gebharfs Get 350 More Coats By Fast Express Winter coat business S* going at fast pace at H. S. Oebbart Co.'*. People are buying; getting a tremfndous lot for their money. Qebhart't ooat buyer Junt back from market with more values that will startle the women of this community. Be sure to see the two big specials In tbeoe new purchases; Ono group of women's beautiful. 125 »t)k lined fporl coats for $12,75 and one group of (BO, gorgeously fur drtss COaU at (36.80. Visit OebhoHs Wednesday and In- Npect these and other coat group* Ask about the Oebhart L»y-A-Way C. in whloh will b* In ehurRc of th« Chent campaign In'one-fourth of the elty the last of this month. J. F, Ganger will assist Mr. Patton as lieutenant colonel. Majors named by Mr. Patton will be a» Moow, R. F. Peterson. J, S. *-ay, H. C. Caswell, ROM Lloyd, R«v. Ralph Monroe, H. M. Core, and B, B. Burns, the IhrM tcmalninn; colonels In the campaign, have not yet announced the nam-s of their comptet- charp* of traffic for th* fttaley company. Z, C Snell. district freight tt^ent of the Illinois Central railroad, nnd M. W. Trott. In Charge »f truffle for tlie Mueller Co,, will attrtnd the snniMl niMttnit of the Aiiocttted Traffic ClulH of America in Atlanta, Gn , Oet. 8 nnd (t. Mi*. Troit left J'tacttur last weeli, und Mr, Biirwell and Mr, IMiril Hart- ed Monday c\'nlniir. Th* last »w* w*ff Joined tn J«tur by Ray Wertman, ifcnetal nucnt of the C, * I, M., nnd Bnm Husstll «f the Penned organisation of majors »y]vanlu, I'eorln, for th* trip. Routine work of pwparlnp; address. » Mr Bum(k)) ,, ,, dtree tor of th« and pledge carls for the opening of A(M!(M .| §W(J Traffic Club*, tnd Mr. the'campalirn is itolnit forward In W i S|w| , ,,,,,] Mr T ,,,,it m as deUfatM Community Client otflce "nd*r the, f| . om th ^ Tv(in iwlwi ffluh ^ jj,. direction of Mrs. Flotenco McCon-| ca ( uv nell. chest director, l p . l-te-w, supfrlntendent of the WabMh. and head ot ths Community Chest campaign *hls year, has been busy with Interviews nmonit the prominent m«n of the city with whom plans for the campaign nre 1e- ing discussed. 200 BLOCKT*MAIN OPENED TO TRAFRC Blrt ft Drisroll opened 111" SCO iloclt South Main slr*et to traffic Tuesday rooming. Italn Monday nlffht and TuetKluy, stopped nil outdoor construction work. Resurfacing with asplilt on South Main street In the and the laying of concrete of Cleveland avenue on tho ttttma' Recess Circuit Court ?erm Until OcL 17 Following thn W*dn««duy cJt-cult court will be (n r*«M* until Oct. IT. Juilgo Janwi A, Baldwin MM Tuesday. Tin* reccst will *ll»W Julffi Baldwin to attend * prtto* wtifernncf In I^itnvlDf. Ky» H ft ileie(ji\to from Tlltnoto, an ippotnt. mcnt which h« wwrilly r«««|vrt from Oovemor L, t* Ernnwreon. Decttur Delef »tion At World Series Rttnra improvement, was stopped. Operation* of Blrt Drlscoll another men wcrp of for the buement of new National Guard armory had to be stopped after one day of digging wan done vlncc nnnihtr delay caused by motor trouble. en '·Little Twenty-Seeond" thn Twin Boyi Are Born To Mr. and Mrt. H, Harmon Twin boy* wero born tn St. Maty'* hospital «arly Tu*sday morning to Mr. and Mr*. Harold Harmon of aw North Colltg« avenu*. Mr. and UM. Harmon have ono other chfkl. Before h»r m«rrl«f* to Mr, Harmon, Mr*. Harmon wa* B«rd4ll WftlUltt. their uft«i' in h» elty lv»ll, T««ady. th* wdfld Mt)«" taeiwe«n tho Cardinal* «inl Athlellco In St. lx»ul» Monday. Attttn \V. Wftgitontr and Clyde r.yon uho were (tmon(t those from Dfeavui' in the grandstands during lite «»mo, L ,)onn Wylk, |r«ldonv of the Three-) )!«jtu*, al*o saw Ow Athl*Uc« lake Hi* ttenie In llw Iwi inning. J. HOUSE IS F. Wood nportcd that and l«ad pip* have b*en *t«[«n from the houm In 312 But Wood «lr**t. LOCAL NOTICES WMver Tlr* Co . «1rMttn* Tlrn, Dam* T«iUli Half-Halt Good Muni*, A lot or Deoatur (olki wanUd cit* cumber* and tomatoti. Ut' P. B Moom Bout* e, dlMevarad tbtowfaen he advertlMd hi* (or iaK A Mtnu ·d In The Herald^i "Good Thlnn t* Eat" column helped Mm to Mtl all he hdU 4 Special Sale of New Hats, Wednesday Only, at Bright Brothers Just focelved from our N«w York office, and of a type that ordinarily sells at J3 to ti. Velvets and Ptltc, In larfe and imalt htodilMs, with clan or the Otbhut ten-pay plan. untMually «nart, Jauntr Ua*i, YouW want ono-- or mor«-- whtn fov at thorn, and thu^ro prlead ipaetal f« Wednesday, i^' B*oonl Vtoor. *"· . B* h«re «arly- Btrffht Brvtturt.**

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