The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 1, 1973 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 1, 1973
Page 16
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MUIOSPORT FACTS Stole Rests (Continued front Page 0 wanted wa» to help a krt erf MtH* pcopte make money. He •»W ttlg Investors were not •Iwtjni appreciative," Mrs. Own h)W the jmy, Wlwn asked by Bus* it she ted em received any kind of return en her investment in Detiy Orw Corp., Mr*. Corn repBed. "No sdr," Two other witnesses, both bankers, testified later in the day concerning accounts and tMM of Morajne The state fisted its cane after that and defense attorneys for the 5T- year-old Moragtte were expected to begin calling witnesses when the trial resumed at 9.-» a.m. Friday. Defense attorney George Pamham did not say whether or not Moragne would take the stand in his own defense. Saying Moragne was "enthusiastic" about the prospects of marketing a numner of his inventions. Mrs. Corn testified that she purchased 5,000 shares (or IIO.CWO in May of ISS9 and another 3,000 shares at $*,«eo in November of 1969. Mrs, Corn admitted on the stand that she had been made a member of the company's board of directors and attended a number ot board meetings. Unclear about ih« exact number of company stockholders, she estimated she once heard the number totaled "around »," From a list of names read earlier by the DA. a number of Braxosport area residents were apparent investors in Moragne's company, located on SH 331 on the road to Surf side, The witness said Moragne told her be had a number of inventions that were patented and that be planned !o transfer them over to Deny Drex Corp. for sates and marketing Mrs. Corn testified Moragne described an ice making machine that vrouM regulate cube site, an oven vent hood cleaner, a rotary bed absorber, an electromagnetic separator for desAlinlijtlfon of wAter, an Invention known as the Palmer process which allegedly would take any soft wood and harden it to a point "a nail couldn't go through." She also $aUi numerous times Moragne told her and other directors that he had A contract for the vent hood with the Hilton Hotel chain, and was working with NASA officials on projects. Mrs Com also said Moragne had toW her he had worked on the atomic bomb and "Mudifd with Einstein at PriiH-vteui I'niversily." Later, at the close cf the state's evidence, Bass admitted into trial evidence documents from officials at the Atomic Energy Commission in Oakndno. Tenn., which stated that it* securitv clearance record* Mike Hale dies in accident A farmer Ftwfurt nun, Mtke Mormon llaie. 33, now oi HtHoJtm. u-4* kjtk-d about 7. IS pnv Thursday i*h«n 4 pin slipped frixr, h» hji!<is and diichiirScd. poitce "failed to reveal an Kttwonl I,. Moragne was ever granted vk>arancf< to work al lh« Atomic Energy Commission," I'mU-r cnyis t'xamtiwtlw, Mrs t'orn atlmtlleU knowing thai *wne invention*, such ai tlw vt-nt hood, was used at a local rrstaurant ami in u<<> at th* ShamriH-k Hilton in Houston. She also admitted being ih« "compUining witmcHii" in another indictment against Moragn* that alleges the tWeixlant slttle ihf mwwy she The wtmian abt> Utld the jury in DlMrict Juitg*> Piul Ferguson's ctnirt that *he retaim.'d an attoriwy ader rtxwin^ a letter ii> Augu^l of 19TJ! frwni Muragne calling a meeting in Houston for dissolution *if 1 Vhy Dtex Curp. Shj- admitted the company w»s not dissolved "t*vau*e papvr^ «rr*r »»-rvvt) im Mr Moragne" at that time. Muragne"* itttvrney 3^)le^l Mr« (Vrsi if slw was that th.» lVh> it* {xtt«!H hail !i> a firrei kisowii a.* tc S»-if«iifk- tVp She laid ">w" and !ha! *h« was 3 (jivnvlvr of that »35.w» in May of 1*70. R*»M said the note wa* patd off, producing cancellH cheeks payable to the bank, four of which wet* drawn on th» Hr*t State tUnk ot Bella Ire from the account of Moragne Machine and Manufacturing Co Under cross elimination, I'arohatn aiked Kvan* whkh bank officer handled the Moragne loan and (ifuincla) statement Evidence produced thowed the transaction «M stgn«<{ by (i C Urown Jr . former prexittenl of the bank, now living in Houston The final *itm-M, ai*o a bank u/Hcul. was K }>*t Kmtnoll, vtcv prt^inienl of the First Stale Bank of BeEUirc He testified that he had had numerous dealing* with Maratp* uver the >c«n and called their relatioRship that ot a "banker and frwoi." MLI rvcutiia ,ih>rw«ti that the bank H.tuvd fdur pwnorui! foam touting IM.CtoJ to Moragn* which were iUt<sniUi-n(ly pj>Ul off by chock* iira*« on River... ARMY NAVY Jo thf itafc. tnavct^ funuturt iruns h* nsittesct to J car iratier (iirked m {he ssreit. wa.-» carrying t»« tempt and ihtr rJ caliber pistol w iu bolster vkfwn the at-viittn! tKcurnxi The bulkt strusi }U!« m U» chest He >•» survived by hn Mr. ami Mrn VV |{. Fnotpurt . a wjfi. MsJir iievt'ft HaleoJ lluuuort. and 4 brother. William Halt- .j! IXiiitts Funeral services will be held a( 2pm i l»n> at and burial wti! be to f at times coKcernrng njwcific artton by thr IVhv !>*•* b«x>rd 3i!thonii«i; Mofagnu to c.xprod hmin (or cwedrvh cc letting up a pcfciic Ifurr.tit iw iak- tjf the- uw *oti«w S?w saui iVtunof at nt rwall ckJditi ot Ibt" varwus !»»i»R 'irt E-.4!]». she Kkrsl N^t Kmnwtt «ai»l h* Mtintat««l lud nviilc iwjj* j» kMKt lo »ift\-f IMJi and that Morajji* »utl bank an r«tim4t«tt on j tatxl in oc a<5<«» I"h< bank i<.win far Unci Hank «f Mw ctsurt rwtfsh 4fi! that ,x f'tftancul h» total at JZJ miUwn. <rf -»hi<ti J!Jw«rv k»i«ls>:< \i-jf tarr-iwoc value af stocltt i;:t! twindti in "not vrry * ban* htm SIMM Hr id id 4tu) that Ih* two '-icn UlitU, bu« tfcdt "I t-r Thir ftnanrut the h.isi» ,'uf ••••«« not Deaths and Funerals SELECTED STOCKS )r*EMM6 QUOTATIONS Robert Eugene Jones I'omplJmrnU oi Thr Fir*l t"r»r|»4r* Vj Dun J.,nr» Amrr Nai'J Int. Arorr.TJkT IfUni 5*3. »•* lord \ta4ur (0 .. . t Unklifl I ilr ln-». . Frrrport Mineral* l.r-urtil .\bXnr> (.ulfDil. . Ituu IKI. IU,u service (or ftcfcrrt KH Jew*. <J, wtH fc« •*tth th* tiovr l-iittfwe«x) Oupri Uurui •*>!! Ixr m I far*. Jorvr* rv«uf'i£ > MJ;< 5!. WI; 4! hr* rrHiVwc* hff «* lie wa.» J shcf forvm4n ((» Ac* Fi j trwtnbrr at liar Count) Gun l.."»!l*c!«r» AsMcialitifl. and <* v tier an '.^ !fw Kwan rwvilic! Sitrvtiws !R«:iuii(» hit •»!!«•. Verrw. oo* .son. H K. Jur-jf* Jr o< f-'! Mjfn. FU . »w <Uujjh!rr, Utwii Ji-jn Jotw<>. 4 (so of Ft MJIWV "hn-r ttepdaughtt rs, t»el>r,i ftamrrvrr (.if israosnj, Vxt* iluiljnJ of lio'jiSors. *r.d Jones of Frre{,<«<rl. tmxhfr Mr* (irs-»'«4 fiurtiu/o irf Kcrrco*! And. i'«o usU'r*. KM) Huih o< O«U- awl K«J>y J?an Watte of (.avion. tfuw f>l . -»tl.l 6r turid «! t J> m. Sunday sn lt*-lhr! Kjptut i"fcti«h fcwf r, mil* tf-* fe* tra Btntw olJwi»ittin{ Burui} will b» m lltx»ptta.l tn i,;» il«w« l!if*».» .Sur-»6«oc-» O K of BCA SERVICE CENTER Betty Edwards FKKKf'OKT wrvtct* (of IMS) NkkoU Kdwarda. .is, d S27 K par«ct».. Mr Mri Jf*w f;»xJS«-« <rf witts st»t«n. fh* fcrotiwri. onw .ifrp»t»tirr. and •SIW J. A. McCormac Jr. ALV1N (or Johfs .\ltx-H Jr . who tu^fmrd 4 »er»i<rs for < p m (o»ii) 4t t»s* Frotwrg Kuacral M, died L 0. Thomas »j'rt iwUi T lor !, (.» TtKHrut, *», lather of Mra T»i* Krilylon. Ala., man d»-«J Su/sita) iM»y », Tb« lln B*6 Caperton el ChocobK' HJ>OU H^plitt I'hurrh at Liverpool will (;of«lu<« the service Tb*r« »ill be < Kcond iwrwic* hetd jl the Gravr*-Haird Kuectal lltunc in .S«d«n. Kan . where burtal will fottow in the (or the local C HUck. Janurs !.«. lUgnun. Ito6 Wilder. Marshall 1'urctll. Hcrnic ( h*i»n and Wniey '100 rOPEN [ Cnfay Fit KHEST COLUMBIA, TEXAS MOTORCYCLE RACES PfKbce 8 - Noon Rac«$ Start 1 p.m. Ml MMTEUR MOTOCHOSS SUNDAY, JUNE 3 5 Place Trophies in Each Class Minimum 10 Bita To A Class M ff Age Limit Spwtators ?• CMMren Undef 12 FrM With Mult &r tk* rWrrt r»ar ulf tbc tbtnioK >Utf wa me »b*«f. (krW M Ui*> dive into ifar ujamnumUi ArviU b«lr at M wi*. be Uitr* fer Ui* floUJi a» It* Mi"* workmen 41 the i'etrulcum f»riliiy !»•(•« hurvtvont iwlud* hu wife, Sturiev. diughler. Trrn, and MW». Wctxkll and Sammy, til ul Aivitt. father. John A McC«rmac Sr , Sedan, Kan brother. Jerry Mvt'ijftiuc, |ak« Jackson. and luu-rt, Edna (legman and loia Mtlkr, Bay City; Mary Van Koyaa oi lUmUtat. Ksn . Ttititna Weiiner of Kan . and Ntdlne . Itutchimwo, Kan McCotmuc WM a natne of Ixiveli. Okia., and formerly lived in Old Occin. The family Iwiiif u on County Kutd tw at AJtln OES instittation CtUTf - The Out* City Order ui Eastern Star will bold op*o iB»U)l«lioo of officer* »l 7:30 p.m. Saturday tfl Ow Mosook M*i) bcre. (Cunt tnued lioin ("age I • Yantt*. TWQR dimtw. In a tetter to the mayor, Con|re*»nun Young Mid Vantts "stated truit you h*v« * goinl point r«fardiit§ the pr«|MD«ci water iiaodant* in the Uraia* Klver and that the board f**U ft made a mwt*ll* in cla«iiytng ih* whole river a» not fur tooUc t recreaixxi "Mr Yantu tndkated that h« would uh the bo*rvl'» approval to raake the nece*«4ry chiin(e« putting contact rtvrealw» back la the rtvrr a* it ought to be" In hb iTXivffwllufrt with offktab, it* mikyor he WM uivfawtit th»t f»cior* The «t«te agency tad working on the- «tand»M» »ii»ce 1H7, «nd h*tl no rwordi of itandard* on the Hraiiw More then, h* tak) The TWQII timetabte wilt aliempi to upgr»Jp th« river by »»?s,h*MMl "My filing M that by then th« river wilt b# in better *hap*, than it *4» befof* imtotry cam* h«f#." h* MH) "I h^vonooi))n'tiofl ID their Hmetsibk We're wrt thdit thwy incrfaw to an unrMlMifcc k>v«l We item ID Cos... '< MitJiwi^l fr««i I'sge U Mctkfcfi boritef, aci-ort)iiHI la the Ai*oci4lt»l I'tt** i)«rai \K-fitU. Cu*Ual «»• thrtirmafi it< If* be«r<). nv*< rbM«wlay with o*fkiaU ol Inf u, *hkh Ha* t**e hit Thurwliy WM MM , Mid it would Ml IwnlMl M ttm THt fvth«rt ef *« fey the fer natural gai la »l*rtrk (w»«f piwM* w §M uMte *Ml Ul«M "Th* uviim thing w* out *a» that the tw^nk- o< Mb . UK- tiy tf*r W*H», while fc*c.j>ic«if (MI K by | Of ljr Iwity U««f *«ft>« Kivtr Of ttM it |a {MWff, Wtttto Mtrf, M wttt Superporf... Pipeline w<rr« d)jf tcutt (u let becaim 1 ot dtto< co am) (k»xj. Uftttt »iSA Cfei N'okM t'w» ,411 li . *c«3 (A !»)«i iftti >.tne tte* »U11* io ifw A (ikxk |t WVfv a * fHT T&»»-»«l»»5i„ 444 **l *:1}««;*«J to (x* $««r Ttw n««4 to !ur x; nsw to t&* Frmeert u»ns *l lie CKIJ EISAiY POLYtSTtt MVS' TAMH TOPS OU«ABU, EASY 10 CUAH POLY 20 OAUON GARBAGE MO IMH mmtu KM urn

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