The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 20, 1975 · Page 17
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 17

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1975
Page 17
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AS MORE DISCOVER BENEFITS Actions program keeps growing The "Actions" program at Hratonport College, a unifiue endeaver d**igr»ed to fill « number of needs of indi viduaU over 60 year* ol 0ge, hat attracted 430 Jjvticipant* during It* first "jhl months and the program teems to b<? ' tteadily growing at more learn of the program am) IU benefit* Participant* have com* from Sweeny, Went Columbia, Angleton. Arwla, Hrawna, awl the firaiMoporf A/t 1 * £ A tww (tWAjuri «l the program bfgin» Friday at 1 30 pm awl cuntlnue* until 4 » p iii All at tlviltft are Itte and registration for (tic program »UrU at t p in al th* collrge in Ikwm I) Jcil (Jamwt will be held frotn I 45 p m to 4 p in In the lounge The? library will Ix? open from 1 45 p rn to 4 p.m. A "Scrap Croft" clan*, using purtes, tote bags, wastebaskets, candy Jars, cloth flowers arid other (tocoralkwtt. will be held from) tspm to2 iSpm in Room 136 Mrs Vivian Foster i» tfMtrxK'lor lor th*r wrap rrsft da,** A film entitled 'What you ar<" i * What you wrre When" will be prrwtite'd by M I. Viithfi I ruin 1 45 p m to 3 30 p jn u\ by (irraW Kitr>, *ill t*- b*Jd ffucn 1 )B p m to I ti in fUtttn b lea <§?>» Coffw will I*- available frwm 3 45 p m to S p rn in it* snick bar "liwapettuve and (. lever (itlt Wrapping |<J«r*» ' will f* trwr toptc of a talk giv«i by Mr* Fr*drtica Strain an frwn 2 «p m to J 44 p m in lloom b 103 The fir* I of nix lessens In beginning German will bu conducted from 2:45 pm In (loom B 101 Dr. Grant Morrinon, director of Continuing Education at the college, and a member of the Actions Advtwry Board, gave much credit for the growth of the program to itjt coordinator, Mm Edna Ferguson, a long-time public «clxx)l teacher and administrator who came out of retirement to bead the new program "Mm Ferguton has done art w*li«il )t»b of developing and ad- m i n i > t «• r i n K this program." J>r Morrivw said "Her nucces* ts *bown parity by the in creating attendance at ActJotxS pfogram*, h«4d on llw firM and third Friday* «f each month " VIEWING SPECIAL! WITH CABLE TV LIMITED TIME OFFER 2«1 SPECIAL TWO MONTHS FOR IHE PRICE OF ONE Plus "FREE" INSTALLATION Rtgulai Installation • 19.50 C M OR Monthly Smice JL!L FOR ONLY** 1 ** 24.45 4 llmtlrd l«< 'al»lnl»lou'» a am aud olt*r rtpirct l>rv I. Itii CALL 2654788 TODAY! BRAZORIA CABLEVISION tl.l'TK 2M -I Tit Dr. J. It Jackson, prenldenl of the college, indicated that the school hat been "happy for the opportunity" It ha« had to cooperatively Kporuor the Actions program, "We consider programs offered for older citizens to be just a» important to society a,* those offered for younger citizen*," he disclo«ed. "I am efipeclally pleased to have Mrs. Ferguson serving as coordinator of the program Sin* has dcme a tuperb >ob " The Actions program has aUo greatly bertefitted from many contributions by members of it» advisory board, which include Mr* Kern Barneaof (.lute. Mrs .Margaret Israel, Kltxert ferryman, Clifford Ward. all of I.*k.e Jack.«on, and Mr» Kerguwon The adviiw/ry committee ha* provided coratderable input to ihe program rtiatrrl to the way* and mean* to increase the "outreadi" of the program according to l>r Mturnwwi (.«n*r aspect* wf Its c»«»- tnbutloru have tr»clu<k<t •»-ay» lt> involve different rthrut gri«{» in the local art-* During the find right months ijl U>e program, Mrs Ferguson has con^ crr.tralfJ oti proMding a wide variety of »hort cU.a.M-51 utiltung voJuntwrr tejithw* V«Juntt*r» have given a tola I of 140 bow* of Umr s)mf !hf brgimiing of thr pfTjgrAm Mr* F«-gu*on »A>d that lite »nu».! gratifying a*f>«! erf liw iV-% riupmmt u\ thit group is the tight knit membership that is "rarr ^rr> mix-t; about e«ch rfhw ' ' SJ»e alva (<-<-h that the program ha» l*tjrfitt«l frwn the excellent cmeTJiKt and support i! hA* rrcn\«l (r>»m the local a:>d area r«r»'» mrdta "I'rrhap* more than »n> thing ciw. UK- ActtonS program »ho»» older people that the) tun retire from their v*rwu» career* «nd sStll i)f extrcrncl) acini-. Mr* Ferguson *d<k<! "l>«e> cprtatnly are not (c>rr«J to MI idie " Volunteer instructors ar«l the areas in which the) have taught include Jan Cren»hau, director o( library ^ervlcrs al College, who rr*tsi tit iocu on library offering*. Kohtn Carnahan. former dietician .11 Hrazosporl Communtt) Hospital. nutrition, Ijirry Packard. exotic plant* with con cmtration im (be Japan***' Ikntwii trt*". Ikiv Wc*t. wmall appliance rejxiir ar«) Vi WitLwin, bridge Also. Wavlord rlnglish. htxtM'hold vafrty. Howlic Sueherland. cours« is> art appreciation and the technique* (i( Van (.rough and I'lcs&so. Barbara Kogert, a professional model. "The Arts and Crafts of Looking Ik-tter," M S Johnson, a memlwr of the college Hoard of HrgmtA. first aid, Pauline Ki-nnedy, manager of Urato&port H e a u I y College, countvs in beauty aids aiul total Ivand care. Jean SAmmoru, macrame, (Jvorge McCiralli, owner of Plantation lianien C«iiter in Lake Jackson, herb SUPPLY.INC IS WHERE I GO FOR All MY PLUMBING SUPPLIES 132 COMMERCE CLUTE 26M734 gordem; end a block of rrfaterla! aimed at preparing people to cope wfth retirement, taught by Troy Israel and C ft. Frederick*. Also, Jo Shepard, flower arranging, Mr. and Mm. Gordon Nord»(rom, candle making; Dr. Jerry Funk, a faculty member at »rnzo»port College, effective listening, Jack Krmp, a Hraajria County deputy sheriff, "Protection C^n Men;" a section dealing with wills and other financial-legal affairs by .Mr*. Joe ShulU with First Freeport Bank; book reviews by Bill Shaw, an attUlanl profe««or of rlnglikh at the college; and an open forum by Mrs. I&abel Wylie, a counselor at the college, entitled "What's Itappwitng'" Along with, "Survival .Spam&h by Sara Harp; "Know Vtiur C«r" with L'manud Mack, Helen Cole. "Staking Jewelry at Home." Gerald Kiley, Director of athletics at the tVHIegc, iM/inelncs, Mrs Cathy Bittner and Mrs Jeanne HaraUon, courses in itilchery. Vivian Ki&h«rr. "Mrrap craft and "Uartger in the Mfdictne C4*binrt" taught by Harry txiwardi Another staunch sup- p^ric-r ol the- Actions prt>gram during lU firw month* ha* bf-en the lirar/ma County Welfare- Pianninj? Council which pro-i idf<j [unds. for 51 Actions participant* to rnroil in i? different continuing education course* at Brazosport < allege Tntrw cxmUnutng education courses have t*wn o(fcr«{ in aiJditiwi to the regular Actions t>rc"grarn held on Fridays For additional information dhiou! the Ac- ttonS program, contact .'»!rs Ferguson at Hratosport College, 2&V 6!31. extfnsjon 46 MK. AND MRS. H. L. HOWARD Freeport, right, are shown registering for a recent Actions program at Brazosport College. Mrs. Edna Ferguson, left, coordinator of the program, is explaining new programi! that are betng offered through Actions, designed to provide activities and interest* for Brazorta County residents over 60 years of age. If you bought kid's shoes without shopping the ads in Th« Brazosport Facts, you lost both time and money. The best buys in family footwear are advertised frequently m The Brajosport Facf5. . The best place to buy or sell a long me Gulf Coast, is tmmm BKAiuwmrr ^^ . The Facts UTAJUSKfO It I] W FKtfOfT ONE WEEK ONLYt •ten XL-100 ItH IU A XL-It*. IW prrrr&l kolM n»tf rHi»bilui—no <h»i>ii tukxi u. burn out IU \ » bril fMTlujr iutc r\rr —M.-IM uUh Ihr Uarli m»UU pklurr labr (Ur ; df«m«uc»ll> drt*ilrd rokul ptrlurrt ftnd nalur*!. warmrr. marr ;^"- 1 15" diagonal (6 in stock) REG. M 19.00 ItC/1 XL-100 (1 in stock) REG. ^35.95 -a. (6 in stock) REG. «684.95 W ITH COLOR SALE PRICE $588°° SET UP FACTORY TRAINED TECHICIANS (I Only) $77995 REG, S35 With Cdof Trade

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