The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1944 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1944
Page 3
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THE lOLA REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 28, 1944. {Octavia Stewart) Miss Bonnie Jefferis vf&s dismissed I^ov St. John's hospital today afteri-'-«»«lergolng a tonsillectomy yestefdajr.^ • p^; VJrgil'.'Ansell of'Pt. Leaven, wo«5ft apent the Christinas holi- l day* : here; .visiting his wife and thelr'-soni Gftry. SLEEPER'MORTUARY. PHONE 72. Mr,> and Mrs. J. F. Humes have returned .from Nowata, Okla., after spending the', holidays there visiting Mr. and Mr;i. George Graves. Mrs. Humes is a Sister of Mrs. Graves. , Miss Luella Vanier has rettimea from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Varner in; Arkansas City. , St. Sgt. Ira Lear, who was wounded in action in France last August, has recovered and rejoined his outfit according to a letter received by his mother, Bdxs. W. L. Nichols, 512 E. Lincoln street. SLEEPER MORTUARY. PHO. 72. PICTURES Religious, Floral f*r any room , of the home SLEEPER FtRNITURE STORE Mr...anil Mrs. R. H. Stewart spent Sunday and - Monday in Kansa.s City at t^he home of Mr. and Mrs, Bradley Whdeler. • Misi Elsie Rush, who underwent a toBidBectomy at St. John's hcs- pltiil : ywitcrday. Wius fii.smi.s.sed to- da?'9nd taken, to her home at Mo- rni.. • Miss Helen Edgerton is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr', and Mrs. T. A. Edgerton, She is secretary to the dean of home economy.'; at Kansas State College at Manhattan. g Tire Recapi^g and Vulcanizing 24-Hoar Senrice On passenger and truck tires —all work done In Tola. GUY OLIVER Vulcanizing and Tread Service PAGE THREE German Attack Eats Up' Yank Supplies {•hoto above, takpn from a roll of captured fihn, shows a long row of American trucks burning on a rpad, as German troops advance dur ing their counfer-oEEensive into Belgium. Snow-Lined Foxholes Are Cold .Comfort Attacking Germans Press Forward Apparently under Allied fire, German troops dash across a'road as they advance during great enemy counter-offensive on Westgm Front. Pho|to was taken from a roll of captured German film. Mrs. Kenneth Litteer and her .son were dismissed from St. John's hospital today and taken to their home in Moran. Joseph E. Reade, who suffered a .'Stroke Christmas eve remains about the same. WAUGH FUNERAL HOME—36. Card of Thanks. WP ^vish to extend our lhaiik.s and nppreeiation fov the kindnesses and .sympathy received from our kind friends and. neighbors during our bereavemBnt'in thp loss of our wife and mother.-^No.ih Hodges and chlld^-on. Mrs. Esther McKenna who has been;ill and confined to her home the p&st week, remains about the same. Mrs. McKeima is the principal; tit Jeffer.son school. Mr.s.^. Hazel Yetzbachcr sijent the Christmas holidays in Pittsburg as the guest of Mr. and Mrs, John MasquBlier and their family. She also visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yetzbacher at Frontenac. W. E. Eastwood spent Christmas day in Wichita as ^he guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Booe. Prom there he went to Ponca City, Okla., where he will visit his sons, Arthur and Royal Eastwood. Lt. and Mrs. Harris Pegely left yesterday for San Francisco, Calif., after visiting Lt. Fegely's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fegely and other relatives and friends. OCCASIONAL CHAIRS Of Ail Types. Large and Medium Eockers SLEEPER FURNITURE STORE No Legion Meeting Monday Night, account of New Year's., A.. D. GORDON, Post Commander . j Mrs. O. W. Winder has received I word of the death of her sister, Mrs J. E. Sanson, who lived at Creston. I Iowa. She is also the step-mother of -•Roy D. Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Young and Dee Mungei- spent Christmas in Wichlt-a where they were the guests of Mi-; and Mrs. Harry Booe. Wallpaper and Sewali Faints LEWIS PAINT STORE Mr. 'and Mrs. Marion Peres of Kansas City spent the week-end here visiting Mr. Peres' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peres and Other relatives; Dinner guests Christmas day of Mrs. Mae KUnk were Mr. and Mrs. Roj' V. Myer of Parsons, Mr. and (Mrs. N. Y. Sams and Mrs. Rowland I KUnk and her son, Rowland Dean of Tola. Christiiias day guests of Mi', and Mrs. J. R. Brightwell. Mr. :and Mrs, Fi'aiik Ch.imbers and family and Mr. Ed Chambers of lola" spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Jaques ot Mound City. Miss'lon;i H;imilton spent Friday night with Connie Higginbotham and attended tlic Cliri.stmas program at the school. and Renny spent Christmas, with Mr. and Mrs. L. E. KepUnger. Qther relatives were alsb present. Miss Evelyn Stout has accepted a position in a col Mrs. Bertha Pos lege at Pullman,; \fnsh., and expects to go 'there alter this semestet. iter is visiting her SOUTH LONK ELM Mrs.'-F. M. Hi.iynk roceivcd the sad iifW'. of t .h" d 'Jti '.h of iier Kiste'/ Anna, Vnduy at 1KM- li '.imr hi Ne- bra.'Jkn,. She nnd .suttcrcd a stroke a -tew fliiy.s before so't ill but a few diiys. Mrs. Herynk didn't get-to attend the funeral. Miss. Evelyn Stout of Cottonwood J^alls i.s .-ipi'iiditig her vacation wltli her mother aud brothers. I was fottunalc- enough to have all my children and their families at liome -Sunday and Monday. Mrs. d:\u?hter Mrs. K;nneth Reed and fiimlly at Sharon, Kas, -Mr. and Mrs. H- R. Reeve. Ruth •.v(\c\ Russell spent tbc J. W. Stout home. Ruth 'came fi;om Kansas City Christmas day at Friday eventag to i mas day with Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Sprague. Mr. and Mi-s. Carl ElUngton spent Christmas at Riussell, Kas., with their daughter Mrs. Gilbert Bpotli and Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peery and Mamie spent Christmas In Oamett with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Carrier. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Stout and Harold spent Christmas in Newton with Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy Stout and daughters. K 'ljend her Christmas vacation.' -;Rev. and Mrs. and daughter of Mrs. Clarence Finland and Miss L^ura Penland sfjent Christmas at F. Penland's. •A family gathe C\in Sarver and jEarl Stout's " mother, Mrs. Bessie i O'-'awa, Mr. and Yank infantrymen hastily dig foxholes mto the snow-covered, frozen shoulder of 3 road somewhere in Belgium as German advance tolls towards them. ", Mrs. Marion Stoui's lather. Mr. Art Rudisill and Joyce Rudi:-All were also dinner guests on Ciiristriias day. Mr. ind Mrs. Wilbur Keplinger iMelvin CanXmack Topeka, Mr-, and ing was held at thie Carl Kulp home Christmas day. Tiicse present were Mr. and; Mrs. daughter Naomi. ^(rs. Maxine Wollen and Jimmy of (Mrs. Loyd Wilson cl, lola, Mr. and Mrs. George :Lord. Mr. and Mrs. Clairon Howarter and cl'iildren, and Mrs. Ina Brooks of ^iwrence. | Mrs. Ida Dickerson spent Christ- There are 64 American Red Cross workers in liberated France helping military authorities care for civilian populations in liberated areas. ArTfRsr iGNOFA C -666 Cold Ptepaiations as ditectgd Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Curtis were j guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Booe at Wichita over the holidays. Where Death Lurks Behind Trees WAUGH FUNERAL HOME— 36. Those who imderwent tonsillectomies at St, John's hospital today were: Miss Bonnie Brown, Miss Freda Bicknell-both of lola, Reta Bowman of Garnett, Mrs. Beryl Clemens of Chanute, and Russell L>-tle of Humboldt. ENJOY CHRISTMAS 1945 in a home of ycnt own. . . . We'll help you realize that joy. . . . Come in and learn about our plan for home ownership which is simple, economical and safe. We'll be glad to explain. SECURITY BLDG. & LOAN ASSO. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cheezem and daughter Anne, and Mr. and Ivlrs. Charles Schulenberger and son John of Topeka visited their parents over the Christmas holidays. Round and Square DANCES .Vt Fussman Hall, Humboldt, Saturday Night, December SOth LAURENCE BABR And Neosho Valley Boys Lt. Walter Johnson, who arrived in England recently, has written home of the meeting with Sgt. Glen Arbuckle in a Red Cross recreation hall. They had a happy evening comparing lola news. L|. S. Marine Leader I«)RIZONTAL itSiketurcd U. • S,- Marine Corps' leader, Brig.-Gen. 10 Symbol for samarium 11 Garden tool 12Qi)ea'aJ^; solo 13 Biblical '• pronoun 15 Wine vessel HGazod 19l5'(Latm) 20 Curl 22 Decays 23 Kpman philosopher 24 False report '28 Ascended 27 Treatise 2(WTGWspapcf '"Xiaragraphs 2!J'Toward SOPalhilily 31 Sailing ;,'csscl 34 Unclouued s'.f 38 Guts 39 Goat antelope 40 Sailors ^ 4VSpinnin.': toys 43 Cognomen 461iato American humprisi 47 Neck part 49 Gibbon 50 Frcsn, 51 Russian city 52 Charged atom 54 Nova-Scotia '(ah;) 55|5fr tte is hew head of the U. S. -. : aviation VERTICAL 1 Celebrated 2 Exclamation •J Cut off supcr- f.'jous parti 4 I'orest creature 5 Stag G War god 7 Disencumber 8 Sun god 9 Universe 10 Dedicate 14 Short jackets 16 Points a \voapon 18 Daybreak (comb, form) 19 Facility 21 Dislikes greatly 23 Civilian 25 Indian peasants 26 Cosmic ciders 44 Levantine 36 Natives of Rome 37 Pitchers 41 At that time 42 Shield bearmg 43 Italian river 31 Swedisli seaport 32 Chaplet 33 Wrap in cerecloth 35 Russian njountain FT ketch 47 Having three parts (comb, form) 48 Also 51 Either 53 Near (ab.) A. M. M. 3-c and Mrs. William L. Orr will return to Corpus Christi, Tex., tomorrow after spending Christmas here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Max Orr and other relatives and friends. If You Miss Your Register Phone 8 between 6:00 p. m., and 7:00 p. m. Only one delivery can be made and that is after 7 p. m. FOREVER! Miss Julia Korehage of Chanute, underwent a tonsillectomy at St. John's hospital yesterday. Two Yanks of the U. S. 1st Army advance cautiously into a Bel- gran forest in search, ot German parachutists, - dropped behind American lines diu-ing 'enemy's counter-ofl'ensive. CARLYLE Card of Thanks. We wish to extend' our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the acts of kindness and messages cf sympathy, also for the beautiful floral offerings received from our friends and neighbors and to the minister during our recent bereavement in the loss of our hu.sband and father.—.Mrs. H. W. Urich and children. Mrs. L. S. Weaver and children, Esther and Ivan, who have been holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Weaver left today for their home in Sedan, Kas. BEDROOM SUITES 4 -Piece Modernistic $99.50 CURTIS FI^RNITURE Mr. and Mrs. Gene Parker announce the birth of a son at St. John's hospital Simday. December 24. They have named the boy Gary Gene. Mrs. Parker is returning from the hospital today to the home Of Mr. Parker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Parker. 314 N. Chestnut. Gue.><ts ;it llie home at Mrs.B. .-X. Hill and Marjorie Christmas day were Mr. and'Mr.s. Russell Hill and Jimmy and Mr. and Mrs.v J.*- C. Glass. Mix^ Kiithryn and Patricia Brainard of Manhattan and Miss Mary Dean Brainard of Wichita are sending thehohdays with Jheir parents nnd si.ster Mr. nnd Mfs. J_. R. Brainard anri^Ohve. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie kivjett and Mr. and Mrs.^ Marion Tomaan and Gene had CiiVistmas dinner" at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil" Kivett. Guests at the J. W. Higginbothani home on Christmas day were -Mr. and Mfs. Floyd Higginbotham and children, Mrs; Con Higginbotham and girls. Mr. and Airs. Fiank;Cham­ bers and chiiaren.' Miss Marjohe Hill left Wednesday to spend the Cliristmas vacation in Kansas City. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Powell and Ivan and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Powell were quests Cliri.sHnas day ol Mr. unci Mrs, Earl Sm'ith of lola. i Mr. and Mr;; Fred Foster spent ; Si'.nday at the Geo,i'ge Harris iiome. Je.'5,$ie Webei- of Kansas City visited over the holidays with her .si,-.ters, Mr.s. Walter Kettle and Mrs. Cliff Kelly. I .Miss Marie Smitl.i of Wichita spent j Christmas with her i)arents Mr. and'' ; Mrs. Earl Smith '.ind sister Mrs., i Winona Powell and husband. I Mr. and Mrs, E-/erett Loomis of • Pryor, Okla.. spent the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Fied Foster and other • relatives. I Mr. and Mrs.- frank' Chamber;; I visited Wednesday evening with I Harry Dunlap who is ill at the home ; of his parents Mf. and Mrs. Alta [ Dunlap of lola; ; Miss lona Hamilton of lola spent Wednesday night with Betty Cham- Ibers. Mr. arid Mrs. Floyd Braswell and family, Mr. .and Mrs. Ted Green and children of Chanute were vacant sears—wasting vital rransportarion that could be ased for •war; •workers, service men and women, if you are planning an essential trip — phone or visit your Santa Fe Trailways buS' depot in advance for up-to-the-minute information on; bus service aiiywherc. ASK YOUR AGENT! — he can fell you which departures ere less likely ID be crowded. TRAILWAYS BUS DEPOT KELLEY HOTEL . Phone 7.5 Afemher, NationtU TtatlwayM Bu* Syattm OUT OUR WAY Tuberculosis death rate of, South , CaroUna was 43.7 per 100,000 of the population in 1939. BACKACHE, LIfi nUNS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of TM Kidney* U backaehs and leg pains are miHog you mi«a«iilito, don't jurt corn plain and do nothing about them. Nature majr ba waroine you tliat your Udneya need atteotioa. The Udneyg are Nature's eUef -way d taldns czoeea acids and pouonoua ««ste out of tba blood. Tbay tielp moat people pan about 3 *irtbe U miles ol kidney tubes and Slten t doatworicwdUpoJsonousmstenutterstays in the blood.'TMsa poisons iiMiy start oaggiog bsekrhwi, rheoaatio pains, 1^ pains. Ion oi TMBtDd energy, getting up FiUMaedneeMh^^'BiSmte on* waste, fcast^ba bl«gd. Get OMttVfiih, 9 . V _ . or bladder. forOoan^ »<nrar40 viflheip y WELL. VOH GOT =^ SIDEBOARDS'-THERE.' \ By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDIJJG HOUSE NOW IF VUH OMLV HAP ATOP OM TH/CT THIMO I BtLlEVE \ \ V HE'P HAVE A L\TTLE ' \ DlFFlCULTVVlMTHROWIM' THE DMUV OUT yt wc u t. >«T. on. with MAJOR HOOI^ 5AV,TWl6£S ,Ll6TeNi TO iTMlS LETTER J*6IR.V0UR. N^DLDV 30KES FlNi^LLV MPW/E P0160MEt> ME-**- VJWEM; VOO DUG UP.THNT OhiEr ABOUT M05T 6Mfi '5l-lUP6 BEINSG C^USED I^OT AT TIUE- \MWeEL, £&DMETWirviG IMSlDE Me SMAPPED 1 H^V£ I^EClOEO TO eHooT WWV NOT GIV/E OUT \MiTl-\ ISiSTAMGE. COLUAC / BUTTOK^S.X GNESA WVAN TH' CREEPS/

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