Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 7, 1930 · Page 2
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 7, 1930
Page 2
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NEW PLANTS, ROCKS, SOIL BEING ADDED TO NELSON GARDEN New walkd. novr wll and new plant* for th« Nelnon Park tock wire b«liy put into place thin week by park district garden- nrn und«r tho dtrootlon of J, A. Pra The gttnion will have 400 new nar- ciwiufl bulba, In a wide variety to to planted In the rock gnrden this fall About M)0 lullp hulbu will t» placed nnd about ^00 flirty spilns (lowering bulbn will be added. DOYLE DISCUSSES TAX AMENDMENT IN EXCHANGE CLUB TALK Whnt tho proposed tax amendment to the Htfltc constitution will mean to the RvoraRc oltlien waa explained to tho Decatur Exchange club Monday evening by Attorney Howard Doylo. Mr. Doyle has made a »pe- clal etudy ot thn amendment, In tolling of the need for reviling the present tax laws of the state Mr. poyle said: "Real ea'.ato in Illinois, reprenentln R 4 3 p e r cent,, ot the total wsslth, paya *S per cent, of the laxai, Chattala ir-- lentlltg 14, p*r cent,, pay 9 per cent, of taxaa, and Intan^lblea although representing M per cent., pay only 8 p«r cent, of taxes." About 35 membero of the club and their friends heard the addrais. I Park Distikt Board To Meet October 16 The Decatur Park district board will meet on Oct. It to diicua* lut ther plans for the propoied bond la- BUG and to take up routine problem* incident to autumn In the parka, Anniiversary Sal Z Tune m to * WJBL Tonight and Every Nighl a8;30 and hear Linn Scruggs Frolic LINN SCRUGGS HAVE YOU A LUCKY KEY? There is a lucky key somewhere in Decatur that will open Linn Sruggs treasure chest each day until Octobeer 11. Have you tried your key each day since October 1 "}· Four lucky people have opeend the chest and found stored within many treasurers. IT MAY OPEN THE CHESTI All this week you must try your key each day in the lock on the treasure--each day a new lock will be placed on the chest. Each day somewhere in Decatur someone holds a lucky key to the treasure chest. Those Holding Keys So Far: FnJ Baa, 206! N, Collegt Afr*. Eoa Meyers. I2U N. Oakland A/ri. Rotcoe Rau, Wwtcmbutg, Mr*. W. T. Cox. 1060 S. Maffit Mrt. Anna CranforJ. '1703 Eott WWm. Linen I Sheet and Pillow Sets Htmititchnd sheets and pillow case* with colored end* which com* boxed. There Is ono til in ·IxM sheet ant 2 12x39 pillow Luncheon Sets Rayon and IJnen luncheon Seta In site 3!x3S with 4 ot the M Inch nankin* to match which are hemstitched, Th»y ccmo on in el- ty paatel colors. Table Covers cloths are rcpioiluctlonn «( hand loom cloths In red and white, gold Mtul Credit - th«y fito bell proct In aln Linen Damask Sets Rayon unit linen ttamaak s«U In «Ue B3xD3 with A napkin* lo match, They are horns t Itched »nrt conm in pmctl, green, and rose. Regularly $160, Floor obottnk* My Dearl ... Soc/t a Pleasant Surprise Boblinks Are Now Full Fashioned! Remember how [ unetl to r n v n about the benuliiul silk, the v«nety of color*, the friiar- tint«e, «nd Iho low pnce? W-ll-thc»e re- marknble ho§« hnve new French heels, they ·t« msd*. in the new dull finish, they're full fashioned--and their price i* still $1. Let's Go See the New Fall Shades Paii An individual pnclcnge of lipsticks witti eath pair of hose. Mam fit01 , And Outstanding Sale of Chiffon Scarfs Tut**- i»»*'y ***** ar *"' ft ge ""'' * ill* double width cnlMon, ThHr ltl WHM with dellcato of «or*l patl.mi aro very lovely at. \ The Thrifty Shopper Will Bay Two Dresses at Thk Anniversary Price Every style detail that is found in the more expensive dress is to be found, also, in the Anniversary dress special at $10.61. There is the tunic, the bolero models, the wool lace trimming--and there is a choice of black, brown, green and rubytone in sizes 16 to 44, Third Floor A Spirited Spectator Will Doably Enjoy Attending 'Any Sporting Etienl If She Chooses One of Our HAND -TAILORED @oafe Sho can be one of the colorful spectators--she will find an appropriate comfortingly warm, yet light in weight Wtbhire cont to complete her smart sports ensemble here among these IOV-L :ly cotvts at $25, Children's Travel Prints or Velveteen Frocks $5-95 Special for one day only we are offering these lovely children's dresses--There is a beautiful color combination in size* 7 to 14. Shoe Depths. 61st Anniversary Celebration! This celebration is going over with a ·wallop. And why nhouldn't tt Values in footwear are what we are offering--beautiful patterns, styled right nnd of materials that you wish and at a price so low that you can't retist them, Come tmd aee thew remarkable values. $5-61 Second Floor Brocaded Rayon Pillows These fancy pillows are mode ot brocaded rnyoH In gold, row, vust and red. You would expect lo pay more tot such a pillow, Hii Embroidered Pillow Cases The«« hand «mbrold«red pillow caucfl in new ptitteriut have sold ut one tlm* ai high as $3,40 but thii spaeial offer la M. Linen and Lace Scarfs These 41 Inch lace scarfs would make any hums the more lovely --and now Is a good time to lay In Christmas gifts. A »1 value al 50c Stamped Rug Patterns Many are laying in* a supply of stamped rug patterns. These are real values which would regularly sell at Jl. now. Garment These Tlp-lesTopfram*gtrm*nt bags are of heavy quality cretonne In assorted colon which would ordlnarly aell at 12.98 lor Assorted Stationery This Is a fine assortment ot stationary which would ordinarily sell from M tolSothtbex Tbtre Is only about on* of a kind but yu can. find many real vulurf here. 25c Smart Gloria Umbrellas Small Gloria Umbrellas ot extra quality in all the lovely fall anades. There la · wood shank and the Inside and handles are very selective. Chest Committee Studies Cards of Possible Donors Prospect cards containing the names of possible donors to the Com* tnunlty Chest were ntudted Monday evening by the -mpalgn committee of the Cheat In a meeting in the Association of Commerce office. The prospect cardH were dlstrlbu- ;ed among tho colonels of Ui« cam* talgn organisation. Industrial proi- were Included In the district of the city under Grover C. Pstton Residential prospects were turned over to B. B. Burns, H. H. Core and Attorney Ralph J. Monroe look charge of bank, store and biisincti prospects. ' Meetings ot the campaign committee are to be continued until the campaign begins Isle 'thlt month. burglar Enters Home, Stepchild's Bank A, burglar who robii babies' baliUs i being sought by the police. Rollle R, Graham reported Monday evening hat while he wan away from homi Sunday, nomconen Jlmmcd the front door of his bouse, entered, and stoic n child's bank containing (7 or 18. Also Jl was taken from a puric. Mechanical Drawing Class Opens Next Week Instruction in mechanical drawing will be resumed next week In the I T. M. C, A. Prof. Csrl Head, ot\ university, will havtt charge) ot th claNB, neglxirallong will toe icccptod by A. R. Krnpp, nvmhfi'- hip secretary of Ihe Y. M, C. A, The ctium will meet next Monday tvi Ring. CONTRACTOR ON ROUTE 121 SETS PAVING RECORD 12,118 Feet of Stab Laid East of Newman in Last Seven Days LOCAL MEN IN CHARGE A niw worH'H record in paving l» talleved to have benn enublinTnnj by the paving ITCW Inylng ulan on Roule 1S1 from Niwman to the Indiana slate (Inc. Th« cicw lit In th" employ of Jowtph )·«! A gun, Ed- warditvillo con trnc lorn. conlrBi-.llnB noncnrn, Ktncv 5«p1,, 27, or In the lanl 10 Jnyn, Jinx laid 19,301 Un] fn-l nt KUU nl»h. or 4tl f«;l moii- than throe mllw. Ot the forcjj-olnft amount, n.118 f»ct were laid In the lost neven dny». The old iworrt fo) 1 pavlnjr laid in one week. id. WS fpt, Inw thftn 2 mi1i«. wan held hy William M«NfHy, focni. tr n«c«(Mr ronirsctor. in laylnjc on Route S nrnr Annumptii)n (n nine-bag concrete m!)te. The K«»l crew. In the nvw vcord on Rout* 111, used The Itouifj 12! paving wn« done by m«n und^r the Jli'»cllinofG»or(jd Cross, 13*17 Norih Monroe sticct, D*« cnOir. William Ktkk, 13Mt Wwi Hlvrvlfw *tr'i*t, wm supTlntcnilcnt In chariot of t h i c n nuvln^ jtnnRK In thft KCK! ptivinK 'iruufnwillon me- of HIP Mcl*«t|j' thnn 1 ('!'* WH. Th i H ili) vt laid fi'om one mile, or July 10, tiW) G o o d Luck! (ect of ptivinif, remains 'o h* Iti'l Tht- KCK! orKftniwUlon IMN bwii dolnit It» own RradlnK, hrtilit* bntw- ing and shoulder fm«mirtlon, T*n mlt*« of tlic new ttftvlne; «re opMi. (tom N'-wninn lo flams It'* l i m p l y l u c k if you've escaped A C U T E INDIGESTION. \Vhy not b« SAFE with BeIUn.7 BELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION K CIIAN»IC» The Essar ficuuty and Barhw all op hai bc;n tnovrrt from (IB North Water attool to 21B Nftltli [Wol«r over Wnlitrcon'* drtiK ·mi'' Th« hurbar chop will be open from 7:30 a. in. until 7 30 In thr evening. The new beauty Khoji will hi- in « Kvparalo room, with itU booths nnd V facial room Included. HEALTH MARKET Eat Wiiely to Be Well Phones t 5343 and 5344 We Deliver 1 30 Merchant Street i\ul * Stop Frem the Tr»ti*ffr lloun* Bargains for Tueiday , 15c BLUEFINS While th»y Ust Found ff% || ·%· | | _ Bulk Pickles Kwvft MlnH Pint . . sweats Dozen JONATHAN APPLES Vlnr i I'tr HI m*. 57c UNIVERSITY PEACHES Fancy California Yellow Clint Halvci ·ltd Yellow Clbif SUced Large Tin (Quantity Limited) Dlini ! Clai $50 Mr*. Brink) TdbHtr Withj WEASEL CL By Thl! I* the t Articles deallnj ·urance, ·net division men* or *rad The Insuran nounce halt insolvent With M»odati»w in According to lion of the i trade and eor certificate Their exporlc In «v«ry way stl n nd Mrs, Loi Washington *t tried to collect Mm, Brink!*/* told In * Medic "If everyone V*nd do, then- tom«M «f the i unee com pun I** the flllnl Muto "The as;ent euros to our ho tin Into Jolnlm medical ««mii (·awry. Each hsrshlp certlfle "AH that w* 11 down and tJ payments. W« lion for two ye of that period xoclttion'a off I hy husband's t l»y, joining. V. association klr nil thiit we ecu that If anythln «», a policy »' Got M5 i 'The IIHnt relation acwp nil a holder or vlsltlnjr ·»· Iea had taken the i to help tnu t Covered but Ai tfc practically relanss and dt "We Mnt Aa Mr. Hs sign* the Wlnl Mut would not pay .1 lawyer her* iret th« monej that the aisoc t* Finally th lawyer IM, of "After Aaroi rtopned mmtllt notices, but c Imsband's. Tl Hdn't pay my hnd written i rrlvtnir the T Aaron'* olatw m 0.11*4 hv not The stock m orator of s, n * 1 on avoids t1 lit either by E raw s.bove. nr JJ. Roseberry PUS of The T (hat the c«rt! non-payment l«»t The Httrn 1i lay In futi datum Pro Rut a rref the ertltlent (ire the term« rtoed, are I clauses, whkl provide n wn ot J, A, Roi f f»ind whe-n le^t a death Mr, Roderl 'ho American jiany, Strlc not a benefit name ot A ( operator*, is nected with thrown Into The Anwr tnont organ Is nual «mergcr ft one dollar l«y holders. Mr. Rodcri policy p«b. waj dellx'crai he same ye *un over and on the Wab R. K. RCK his father's 'he America " Co., payable on i criekV dead ·owing lettei '»y, clftlm «) *a» recelvri i claim: No E, R tear 811 ierlck. In I'opjy CnM ew, ( « I U » t o INEWSPAPERI lEWSPAPER!

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