Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on October 1, 1938 · Page 8
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 8

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1938
Page 8
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Page 8 HELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morning, October 1, 1933 SCHOOL NEWS Continued from page one these conditions. Now I must practically quote Lowell Thomas in saying "So long until next week". Seventh Grade News Again we are busy selling subscriptions for the Curtis Publishing Company. The captain of our room for this campaign is Catherine Mae West. The two lieutenants are Msiry Louisa Hignutt and June Hollister. They were given this honor because they sold the most subscriptions in the class last year. As a prize for the room that sells the most subscriptions, after the first day, a five pound box of candy is awarded. We are very glad to welcome James Emerson to our class and hope that he will enjoy us as much as we like him. At present we are studying the Revolutionary War which id a particularly interesting topic in history. Grammar School News The Fifth Grade, under the direction of Miss Bernice Lawless formed a club called "The Variety Club". The officers are as follows: President: Rachel Willis Vice-President: Mary F. Shelton · Secretary: Edwina Breeding The club will elect committees when they are needed. The "Variety Club" will meet in Mrs. B. Ramsburg's room. On Friday, September 23, the Fifth Grade organized a club called "The Amusement Club." The officers are as follows: President, Betty Patrick; Vicc-President, Earl Shaffer; Secretary, Doris Hynson. Our club will meet the first Friday of every month. We will have plays, tell stories, and probably memorize poems. Caroline County Soccer and Field- ball Schedule 1938 September 23: Preston at Greensboro; Federalsburg at Denton. September 30--Ridgely at Preston; Greensboro at Denton. October 7--Denton at Ridgely; Greensboro at Federalsburg. October 14--Preston at Federalsburg; Ridgely at Greensboro. October 21--Federalsburg at Ridgely; Denton at Preston. The members of the teams will be the only pupils permitted to attend the games. October 26, November 4, and November 11 will be the dates for the playoff games between the four high teams. Games won count two points. Games tied count one point. Games lost give no score to the loser. Game? canceled on account of rain give one point to each of the two schools. County Eligibility Rules-1. All pupils who participate must have passed in two subjects counting one unit each, for the preceding semester. 2. No player shall represent any school in interscholastic athletics more than four years of high school. This includes track. 3. No player shall take part in a game until he has been regularly enrolled for at least one week. 4. All players must maintain an attendance average of at least 3 days a week. 5. Each team will have a referee from that town for their home games, the referee's decision to be final. No protest for any game will be allowed after the completion of the game. COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER DE. CLARES "ALL INSANITARY PRIVIES PUBLIC HEALTH NUISANCE" For a number of years, the citizens of Caroline County have been warned as to the danger represented by the thousands of grossly unsanitary privies being maintained within the county boundaries. These hazards can not be desirable to any one, as they are most offensive and during the summer months afford an ideal breeding place for billion^ of flics. These flies, which are a pest to young and old, rich and poor, fly about and have no destination. Any undesirable odor causes flies to accumulate, especially in the vicinity of privies and through this dangerous foci they carry deadly diseases such as Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, etc., to foods which people later eat, especially in the houses that are not screened. Fortunately, there have been only eight cases of typhoid fever in the county since 1-1-38, but there have been many cases of diarrhea and dysentery .which could have been prevented had the sanitary conditions been properly improved. The Health Department is anxious to eradicate these undesirable diseases which are always caused by unsanitary conditions.. Until the county is adequately sanitated, Typhoid Fever and Dysentery will continue to appear. Considering the interest shown by N E W S P A P E R f l f l C H I V E ® » -- hundreds of parents it is believed that many more mothers and father are anxious to take advantage of this opportunity. If you wish to take advantage of the free WPA labor which is now offered for the c o n s t t u u - tion of privies, you cun do su by getting in touch with your local Health Department in Denton. Every home and public establishment that i- not connected with sewer lines needs a sanitary appiovcd type privy, and must have one. the welfaio of the pubJic demanding it. SAGE OF ARKANSAS TURNS TOKK.VnOU IN NEW MUSICAL Bob Burns' youthful training came in handy when he nod Martha Raye had to fight a bull during the filming of the New Mexican mu icsil, "Tropic Holiday," at the Dentonia Theatre. Friday and Saturday, September 30. October 1. From almost the day he was weaned the Arkansas sage spent his time h u n t i n g the fierce razorback hogs of his native Ozark countryside, and by comparison a combat with a Mexican steer wa= "duck soup." "Little Tough Guy", Exciting Drama, Features Boy (Jang of "Dead End" Vividly revealing the life, laughter and tragedy which thiobs in the hearts of young people of the streets of a big city, Universal's gripping story of modern youth, "Little Tough Guy,'" 1 Monday and Tuesday, October 3 and 4, at the Dentonia Theatre, featuring the "Dead End" kids with Helen Parrish, Robert 'Wilcox, Jackie Soarl and Marjorie Main. One point definitely impressed on the minds of first nighters was that the "Dead End" kids arc a unique group of ac- tors, iind without peers in portraying the realistic phases of youth \\hieh tub through the heart. Nolan Seen As Heavj In Now Screen Hole Gangdom leaves tlie underwoi l i t , invades tho home, and casts its sinister shadow o\er an average A m e i - ican household in Hie new Paramount picture, "Hunted Men," coming Wod- ics-day, October 5, to the Dentonia Thentic. Adolphe Mi'njuii, Anilrrn Lt'i'iN. Ilcr- gen McCarthy In Film Hit Fine, gieat di.intiitic .-filiations interspersed with hilaiious comedy moments mareli grandly acioss- the scieeii of Universal'- John M. Stahl pi induction, "A Letter of I n l r o i i u c - tion," Friday and .Salurdaj,, October 7 and 8. at the Dentonia Theatre. Adolphe Menjou, A n d i e a Leeds and George M u i p h y p t n v i d e the d i a m a . |The comedy is excellent!} taken caie I of by that remarkable pair, Kdgar i Bergen and Chadie McCarthy. j "r.LAIHATOR" CAPTLKES COMEDY A N D THRILLS OF 'RASSLIN' RING Uncle Jim Says stances which suddenly places the" merciless prosecutor in much the .same position as the man who is now. on trial for killing his w i f e . . The release of all the major emotions and I final soul retfcneinlion u h u n the dist i i c t a t t o i n e y liuds that his jeiilou.s -!!.· picions ot hi wife, have been un, founded. Tlies-e are the hiKlili^hts ( l i n t m a t k this powerful picture. Once upon a time, the popular pln.ise. was "more fun than a b i i i i e l of monkeys." Today it's licciniie: "more fun than a ringful (if llers!" Not that there ever ;ue 111010 I than two wrestlers in any one ring, where the sport is taken 4 'sc'iiou«ly." But tho-se two gTiipplers can provide more fun and more excitement t h a n | even the circus. Their grunts :md j irroans, their labored muscular cll'oi is I and equally labored facial contortions j all add up to entertainment of the ' highest possible merit. Blindfolded ; wrestling, in which eight or ten nei- 'soiu grope for each other in the ring 1 while a gentleman with ii padded i pole ])rods them fiom the ringside, Buckley's PHONE 107 Food Market DENTON SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY S K Roll I utter ib 53C Boscul Co££ee Ib Manning's Hominy 2 cans 17c Royal Gelatin All Flavors Our Own Make Country Pork Sausage Ib Scrapple 2 Ibs Very Best Cut Chuck Roast Center Cuts Rib or Loin Pork Chops Ib 296 ' "A ton of good a l f a l f a hay contain.^ about the same amount of pro- loin as does a ton of 15'i mixed , d a i i y feed." |\\ K i l l i n g in m u d , or lady "rasslor.s" j i i i i' nil innd'Tii refinement:; of an :ij»c- 'old .-j) r(. I3tit it is 'he "!!{;" mnlch I'etwoon two grupplcrs which ha^ m.idc wiostling a nation-wide etiter- l.-iiiimcnt form. Such a match is pic- ·nrod in "Tlu 1 Gl:ulintor," Columbia cnm.Mv at tlv Kid-rely Theatre Mon- i'tr. Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. .1, I ;:r,d 5, which stars Joe E. Brown as ;'. M ionliiically-froated supennan. "Wives Under Suspicion" Is Viviil Drama of Jealous Love Ji';''ousy, with its ever attendant voinrinco, fear, and conflict, is tbe knynole of "Wives Under Suspicion," Universal drama which comes to the R i d H y Theati; 1 Thursday. October fi. D i u c t c d by .lanic.-. Whale, the film ii( i oduce- an all st:.r ca^t headed by Tail Patrick am! Warr.-n William. A relentless district attorney who has become nearly dehumanized in his driving e-IFoit to ob'ain convictions :it any price. . A wife, whose love s f o w l y tin 11-5 to hate when she real- ises t h a t her mate is rapidly loMng th L ' fine qualities that first attracted her to h i m . . . A chain of circum- B O O K S You May Enjoy IJy (irnlinm Watson Editor's Choice for September. Frances Ludlow Irir tins to say about h i = ehoice for the month. "The most impressive novel of the ! month, to me, is "Dynasty if Death," 'by Taylor Caldwell. It is important j b y sheer weight, both physical and {moral. It is a loiifr, factual, unspar- ' ing account of the rise to power of a munitions king and hi- .successor. 'Ernest U n i h o u r is always most inhuman, even as a boy, in his sintfk'- ness of purpose. Bcfi '·(' he is twenty he i- the real power in Harbour and Bcnichaid. gunsmiths. In a few years lie lias arranged » pooling of inteiesls with Sessions Steel--and in a few more years dominates the firm. He brings in foreign labor at ubsist"iice wages. He buys ·i;i or crushes competition. Loyalty, patriotism, and even love are sacrificed to increase his power. Not a pretty picture, not a book to rend for enteiLiimuelit, "Dynasty of Death" will hold you by its immihuive power." "Big Show", by Charles Cooke, on thu other hand, is primarily a story--to me the most readable of ^ u l l the September books I have sam- Iplul. It is the story of a boy and his dog "Skipper" and their adventures together. It is the training of Skipper by Bob in the back yard f l i c k s that give the two their chance in one of the tiniest in the. world. ' It ih tlie hloiy of exciting peiform- aiitc.s in little country town t h i o i i K h t l i e warm hininiH'r weather. It i- the story of lii st love and its trials and ti i h u l a t i o n s , tlie h t o i y (it a doj?'.s jealousy of a tjii'l. Then m o i e tm-U-., ucce-s t h a t K IH ' S t ( Hob's bead, blind a m b i t i o n , the "greatest '-lum mi earth" and of course, the sudden and l i i a m a l i c disaster... Ineidentalh "l!ijr .Si.ow" is a circ'ils s t o i j , bu! onlv incidentally. I Ihml; you w i l l liki- it if yon like b«y- and ilogs, even il ycjii don't eaie foi eiieiiMjs. The best sellers for the week me: The Yearling, Marjolie K i i i n a n Fanny Kcmblc, Margaret Arm- -tiong. A Southerner Discovers the South, J o n a t h a n Daniels. M v .Son, Jly lion, Ilow.nd Spi'HIT. And 'fell of Tinii', Lain a K i e v . The Dail: River. Nonl^ir and" Hal). The Citadel, A. J. Cionin. W i t h Malice Towaid Some, Margaret Ilalsav. 'I lie ami Buggy Doc*or, A i I l i i n - K. Ilert7.h r. The ImporLance i/f Living, Lin Yu- tang. A K i l i K 'i cup Inittei, mcltc-d 2 table poons chopped green pepper 1 cup sliced mushrooms .'! tablespoons flnur 2 ciip.s milk. 'i toaspoon salt Few C ' l i i n s pepper 2',j cups cooked and reasoned f h i c k i - n , f i n e l y chopped I beaten \'KK jolk - talile poons finely cut pimiento .Simmci b u t l e r with giLon pepper .md imi.,hiot»]iis; add f l o u r and blend; ·uld m i l k slt/wly, stirring; u n t i l blended. Add seasoning and chicken and (ofik over low heal, stirring u n t i l it lioih. Add CKX yolk and pimicnlo iiid *tir 2 minutes longer. Serve on I n t u i t - or hot, b u t t e i c d loasl. f Serves fi). Good Food For Sound Thinkers Poor indeed must thou be if around thee Thou no ray of light and joy canst throw.--II. W. Suwall. Fear ye not the reproach of men, neither be ye afraid of their revil- ings.--Isa. . r il:7. Tho Master's injunction is that we pi ay in secret and let our lives attest our sinceiity.--Mary Baker Eddy. SUPPORT Russell W. Fluharty For Register Of Wills At The General Elccl.ion Tuesday, November 8th Your Consideration Will He Greatly Appreciated (Pol. Adv.) CLOVER SEED CLEANED We Have Just Installed Up-to-date Clover Seed and Sued Wheat Clc.ining Equipment At Our Elevator in Sudlcrsville LARGE CAPACITY QUICK SERVICE LOW PRICES Seed Wheat Cleaned..® 3c per bu. Cleaned and L'uckle Removed (ffi 7c per bu. Cleaned and Treated for Smut n) rc per bu. Our Dccncklinj,' Machine Removes the Cockle. Be Sure to Sow Clean Seed Wheat and Clover Seed. Timothy Seed Headquarters Si'p Us Itffore You liny Yiiur Seed Wheat SudlersYille Supply Go. SUDLERSVILLE, MD. OUT! RETURN Wilmer Fell Davis STATE SENATE 6* Jfti Record" 1. Voting and working against the Gross Receipts and Sales Tax also working against any increase in real estate taxes. Favoring a tax on luxuries and incomes rather than on necessities and sales. 2. Continuing the policy of awarding scholarship!; on merit only as determined by competitive examination. 3. Reducing Baltimore City's share of the gasoline funds from .10 to 15% (It was formerly 20% until changed MX years ago) giving them a §1,500,000 instead of $3,000,000 yearly. 4. With this $1,500,000 yearly, straighten, widen, drain and slag or stone the dirt roads of the counties. "Make Caroline's dirt roads system similar to Delaware's." 5. Modernize our state roads system through out Caroline county. This can be done in four years if no gasoline luxes arc diverted to the general treasury. 6. Enabling the motorist to receive his auto tans at the court house when he pays his taxes. 7. Representing the county in all it's agricultural interests' and voting the farm program. 8. Continuing resistance lo the domination and control of the Legislature by Baltimore City interests. 9. Reduce expenditure in government rather than increase taxation. (Pol. Adv.) The Remaining Bankrupt Stocks Of Sam Bear's, Ridgely, and Cherry's Inc., Salisbury T T7i OF THESE STOCKS TO WHICH OUR 1^ REGULAR GOODS Has Been ADDED TARTS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th SAVE UP TO 50% ON YOUR NEEDS YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS THIS SALE MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Regular $1 $1.25 Values $1.50 $1.95 SHIRTS MEN'S HOSE Work Dress 9c pair MEN'S 55c TIES Hand Made - Fall Patterns Men's "Robust" WORK SHIRTS Grey or blue 470 Anvil Sweet Orr 770 Men's Genuine Horse Hide LEATHER COATS Rep;. $11.95 value $8.37 Heavy Shecplined Fur Collar COATS $15.00 value $9.97 U. S. Raynster RAIN COATS $3.27 Sells for $5 Everywhere Hood or U. S. Knee BOOTS Special $1-99 All Wool Flannel Jumper Shirts 7-14 97c 14-20 $1.97 Regular 25c 35c DRESS HOSE 17c pr. 3 prs. 50c SHIRTS SHORTS 17c pr. 3 prs. 50c Regular 25c value MEN'S WORK PANTS 97c MEN'S DRESS PANTS $1.97 $3.37 Values up to ,$4.00 MEN'S SWEATERS Coat Style 97c Men's Dress Sweaters $1.47 All Styles and Colors Regular $2 $2.49 values MEN'S HEAVY OVERALLS 97c Sweet Orr $1.27 FALL PRINTS In all New Colors and Patterns yds 25c CHILDREN'S SHOES 97c Black Brown BOYS' DRESS OXFORDS $1.77 Reg. $2.50 val. Sizes to 6 MEN'S WORK SHOES $1.97 Emlicott-Johnson and other known makes MEN'S DRESS OXFORDS $1.97 Black and Tan MEN'S BETTER SHOES $4 and $5 values $3.97 Solid leather soles MEN'S FELT HATS $1 $1.69 New Styles Shades MEN'S RUBBERS Work Dress 77c lioy's "Stifcl" Longics $1.17 Boys' Knickers or Shirts 69c Lakes' "Full Fashion" HOSE 33c pair 3 prs. $1. Slight Irregulars "International" Hose 47c pair Newest Fall Shades LADIES' HAND BAGS 97c New Fall Styles NEW FALL HATS $iup Black Navy Copper - Brown UNDERWEAR SLIPS GOWNS AT BIG SAVINGS Girl's, Misses' and Ladies' SWEATERS Slipovers Coat Styles 97cto$l.93 WOMEN'S FALL SHOES 97c Strap Pumps or Oxfords BOYS' SWEATERS Zipper and Slipover Styles Sizes 28 to 36 97c to $1.87 AH new fall colors styles W E C H A L L E N G E Y O U T O B E A T T H E S E P R I C E S ! BEAR'S STORE, Ridgely, Md.^ Sale At ^WEST'S DEPT. STORE, Denton, Md. ·IWSPAPERf

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