The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 27, 1916 · Page 9
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 9

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1916
Page 9
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PAGE EIGHT THE CHILLICOTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION FRIDAY, OCT. 27,1916. S:3ss.s8i| Mrs Hewitt was leader for the day 1 SOCIETY AND CLUBS « and directed the following program: '· 'i- 3 v · ·- s- S S s · S S 4 The .Devolopmoni of the American The Culture Club met with .Mr-, ! Miss Ine^ Duffiolar-Dramatic i'. J Wiley Wednesday a l f c i n c o n j Critic.;,, Mrs J T. Skidmore; Ame~The New York Store ..DIRECTS ATTENTION H A N D TO THE DISPLAY M A D E OF Crochet and Embroidery Work * IN ITS LOCUST STREET WINDOW. Eveiy piece of this display is ILe work of the iirls of the STATE INDUSTRIAL HOME and excellent examples oi their handiwork, and typical oi' the kind of training received in the better class of institutions of this character. ~VTc will sell, solely for the benefit of the girl who made it. anv article in the window not already sold, and will take orders for duplicates of any artieie displayed. The McVey-Barclay D. G. Co. CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI North Missouri'^ Greatest Store. THE NEW YORK STORE Special MonthEndSale of TOILET ARTICLES Far THREE Day Only, Oct. 28, 30 31 SATURDAY, MONDAY TUESDAY A T A\'ooclbui y's Facial Soap Packer's Tar Soap (Julieura Soap · Pond's Extract Cold Cream Pond's Extract Vanishing Cream "Woodbury's Facial Cream linbil'oaui Tooth Wash T-Iyorlonu Tootli Wash ^ Prophylactic Tooth AYash Eubbeiet Tootli Brush Ster] antic Tooth Brush Idea-line Bice Powder Melbaline Face Powder Jorgen 's Ei ce Powder Slclba Talcum and numerous other regular 25c and 35c articles Special--Airfloat Talcum Powder--four odors-while t\TO gross lasts - 5c can. (Not over three cans to a customer.) Pcheco Tooth Paste Hind's I-Ionc.\'- and Almond Cream Pompcian Massage Cream Pojiipcian Night Cream Scmpre Giovinae Doris Kose Talcum Doi-is Face Powder Eutaska Face Powder Da«got Kamsdell Cold Cream Americc Cold Cream and iinmerous other 50c articles Special--Silk Hair Nets, with elastic; black, medium, light, dark or blonde four for Five Cents Special--Page Talcum Powder--best quality Talcum, in handsome tapering box, delightfully perfumed; a ue\v tale that's sure to please - ^ -15c Special--Jergen's A'iolct Glycerine Soap, or the old favorite PalmcHvc Soap--for three days only-bar - - 7 = Special--Quaker Cleaner for cleaning kid gloves, white leather shoes, removing grease spots from clothing, carpets, etc.; fifty-cent size for ,._._ 19c Special Jcrarcr.'s Fine Perfumes--seven odors, regular 50c value--for three days only--an ounce f o r _ . _ _.. ._ . ..29c The McVey-Barclay D. G. Co. CHILLICOTHE, MO. North Missouri's Greatest Store. ican Playwrights, Mrs. Charles More- Mrs Frank Rensch Miss Helen Head; Big Producers, .M, 3S Alca - Bnce at the piano, with Mr Stock Lowenstem Miss Catlia Wella ga\e a report of the First District Fod.r ton lendeied a program of popular classical music Among Ui e out-ot- PERSONAL AND LOCAL ation ot Woman's Clubs, n luch wai ] town guests who wei e fortunate held at Stanberry Oct 1G-17 Mis = Louisa HcBride gave two reading, The r-lub will meet next week with Mrs Elmcre leader "_nd Mrs Bitta will be The J D. club met Thursday af- ferncou with Mi's Bera Kurta on l"f ckenson St. Mrs Porter Lamb i and Mifcs Madaliue Creason of Washington, la, weie guests of the club All enjoyed a good time Tho next meeting will be with Mrs J Mitchell November 0 | The Thetas meet tomorrow with I Miss Irene Cesar Mesdames Edwin Mortimer lin, Xwyman Pryor Yanccy, John Harrah and Hal D McHolland entertained yesterday afternoon with a oug-h to be here for the ·.aeon's lai gest social affair were Miss Peggy McGowan o£ Kansas City, Mrs, Andrew Leeper of Kan=os City, Mi»- Philhps of Gallatin, Mrs E B Clements ol Macon, Mrs. Edw Hoi abac';, Chicago, Mrs Enter of PHtsbui-s; ond Miss Hnrxthal of St. Louis. · * » A - n u m b e r ot guests arrived last evening tor the house-pai ty Mr aurl Mrs. John T Milbank are g i v i n g for members of tho Missouri Writers Guild. Others will come this evening and tho party, will be entertalne'J with a winter picnic given by the Sciibblers' Club. Among the \ isi tors who are well known in. literal-} Orel-1 circl es a-re Lee Shippey of Higginsville, iMo , president, or the Guild Iniraorist, po^t and magazine wnter; Mrs Mary Wood'jon Shrppey, a po-j ® $ ^ $ ^ Q $ ' $ $ $ ·$ s s -j j. Mr. and- Mrs. M. Y. Rusk n ent to Chillicothe this afternoon to attend Raymond l*.naney r who with "Jr imother, formerly Hved here wit M.I-S Andrew Lecper, and now . a house party of a tnend tlie remain- j Kansas City, will come this evenL- der of the week--Brookfield Argus three months' \isit there and in vada. rarty at Elks hall, which included over 150 guests The Elks lodge room had been converted into an S'utunmal Jiature picture in ^Inch j Hallowe'en was anticipated The yellow and black was interspersed -with the red of bitter-sweet green and brown leaves, all of which was most effective The reception friends encircled a table which was most artistically decorated in yellow and black and softly mellowed by an "ular writer of magazine stories, onp of which appears in the November number ol Ain^lep's; Breckeni idgc Ellis of Plattsburg, a novelist of international note, sejme of v»ho?e books have ranked among the v.\ bcs't sellers; Miss Marguerite McO-ow. an oi Kansas City, a contributor ot feature articles t o the Kansas Cit, Stai ; Mrs. M Y Rusk" ot Brooklald; a clever story writer; Mr Rusk, who was one of the speakers at last evei 1 - Mr« Belle Davis ot Ku-ksville and Miss Kittle Longwel of Io\va arc guests of Mrs. Eugene Jacobs, East Polk street T B. Martin returned to Kansas City Friday morning after a shorl visit with relatives and friends hare Mr 1 * Martm and young son, '\Yilham Thomas will remain lor a few days as. guest of the McQuistian, Spooner and Watkins families Mr and Mrs Fred Hawloy an ive.i today f i o m Kama* City, after a £or a Msit with Iriends. Mr. Rha ey and his mother will also ma t h e i r home'with Mrs Leeper in Ka sa.i City. Theodore Grothe and 'Mr. and M Wm. Grothe and little daughte Helen and Elizabeth, are expec Friday Irom Chilhcothe for a s-S visit witk Mr. and airs John Abl Clark. The gentlemen are lather brother of Mrs Clark--Cameron server. · Read the Constitution \ra.nt a electrolier in basketry and old rose. !ins ' s Commercial Club banquet Tins "The Farmer's Romance", a story on evening Fioycl Shoemaker, historical Winter, come from Columbia a tally card, with blank filled with the names of fruit and To?e-l a n d w - D Meng of the Kansas City .tables, made a good guessing game i s t a r sUI1 £ l o m Kansas City. C-eorgp Tor those who did not play cauls In Edward Milbank will also come this this contest Mesdames J C Shelton and T. K. Piatt received prizes--an individual caraff-e and tumble in glass and a comport. Seven or eight otheis cut for these honors 25 tables of ' 500" auction players were grouped most effectively around the room Mrs E Cloybrook and Mrs W. Keath. received a carafie and comport respectively Tor skill at this game Little Misses -Gcrtit. B"0th and Virgin a Botst'ora wore good fame? v,ho fl'ttcd about with tallies, adding ness. Before the luncheon was evening from Columbia to spend the week-end. Chillicothe .members of the Writers' Guild who are membeis of tho are Miss CaUia Wells, Mrs Framk J Eastman, Mrs George Eastman, Miss Veronica Reil. Hy, and Mrs William T. Hamby Mr Hamby, \\lio has been iiaveUng in the southwest., will return Sunday Tomoirow Mr. and ^ Mrs Milbank have airdiiigcd a p/ersinn^n hun' an'd picnic for their gviests. In thr evemng they will attend a line par cunshinc and p r e t t i - ' t y at tne Majestic, after which thej the luncheon iv;i« ] will be entertained by Mi's Catba EMPIRI THEATRE TONIGHT METRO PICTUBFS CORPOEATION --presents-THE EXTRAORDINARY PHOTOPLAY "Half Million Bride" WITH Hamilton Revelle and Marguerite Snow Special Engagement for Eastern Star Benef S T O C K T O H ' S Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. O R C H E S T R A PRICES 5 and 1O Gen) MAJESTIC AVells. Mr and Mrs Milbank extenj a cordial invitation to t'heir Iriend^ to meet the members oC tlie G u i l d at served each table was decorated with an individual basket of bitter-sweet and autumn leaves, and the l a i g p number of guests were daintily serv. an ODen touse at the home ed by tlie following young women, | Sunday evening from flvo O'clock who contributed to the decoration with their youth, beauty and charming toilettes- Misses Marion Ga'iver, Adelaide McHolland, Holhs Field, ! Olive Barney, Mary Sailor, Georgia Walsh, Mildred Adams, the Misse 5 Grace, Knapp, Hoge, Marian Maybee EJliett. Eileen, Rita. Dunn, I until ten C.incl.v Maiket. The Epworth League of the First M E. Church will hold a Candy Market at the Chillicothe Music Shop on Saturday, October 28th. They wili ha\ e a delicious assortment of cream, Treoie Cesar, Mildred Goodrich, Flor. once Hitt, Sibyl Rej-nolds, Mary Ra. cliel Harris, Altene Dowenstein and l!¥E STOCK MARKET. Kansas City, M o , O c t ' 2 7 -- C a t t l e lecerpts 1,0'DO; market steady tc strong. Steers $5.50 to $11; cows | arad heifers $ 4 5 0 to ^ 9 2 5 ; stock. j ers and feeders $ 5 7 5 to $ S , 2 5 , calves ?6 50 to $10 50 Hog receipts 8 , 0 0 0 ; market 5c to ] Oc lower Balk ol sales ?S 75 to $10 15; heavy ?10 to $10.25; medium $9.90 to $10 15; light i?ft 60 to $10.60 Sheep 3,000; market 5c to 25c higher Lambs $ 1 0 2 5 to $10.75, owes $ 6 5 0 to t 7 S 5 ; stackers and feeders ?5.50 to $10 .Produce Market. Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co., 801 .Locust street, CMl hcothe, Mo : Hens, 14 l_2c, springs 16 1-2 cock 1 - 8c, ducKs 9c; geese 6c; «;ggs 2Sc, butter lat 33c. BOLTjKS A ROGETJS. Dealers in Hides, Tallow, Wool, Furs Bees^\ ax and Feathers. Salt Cured Hides, flat 20 1-Part Cured Hides 19 1-C ?reen Hides IS 1-2 Bulls and Glues at value Deacons ?1 00 to $1 50 Skunks . . . .' 25c to 50c Horse Hides No. 1, lull mane a n d tail T 6 2 " Horse Hides, No. 2 5.25 Pony Hides 3 On No. 1 Tallow Sc Vo. 2 Tallow 7i TITB PIONEER PRODtTCK BUYERS op C5mvr,icoTHr;. ' , SWIFT COMf'AXV ALTYAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES FOR PRODUCE AND CREAM. Tomorrow's Market. HENS PTUNCS 16 COX S TURKEYS IS DUX F F. F 8 EBSE F F. F 6 P S BUTTER 2 6 % EGGS 28 CREAM 33 dwinity, fudge and lemon, strawberry and chocolate taffy a.go solicited. Your patTOn- It ·fOR RENT--Modern furnished rooms close m Phone 435 27-3t FOR SALE--Ford runabout Clarence Gillidette. Phone 182 27-6 Try a C o n s t i t u t i o n Want Ail. 8 Piece LADIES ORCHESTRA IShows 7:15 - 8:30 ADULTS BY SPECIAL A WITH F. ZIEGFJEfjD, JR. --Presents-Miss Billie Burke --IN-- THK SECOXD OF TRE SERIES "Gloria's Romance SUPPORTED BY HEXKY K.GL.1 ] STORY BY MR. AND MRS. RUP i HUGHES. SEE MISS BURKE IX HER \\ DEflFOj HKNrtI BEX-DEL, L CH.E AM BAX/COM GO1VXS c~org» Valued iit More Thun Klein* CHILD 1723 PERSONS Have taken advantage of our Bi $25,000 Clothing Sale and have saved from 20 to 35 per cent on the purchases. Have you been amncg them? / Come to us for your Suit, Overcos or anything You have to wear and we will sa 1 you big money. Ask your neighbor zvhat he saved by buying here. Renscb'Reynolds Go. C( Chillicothe, Missouri West Side Squa IN £V SPA PERI SPA PERI

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